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The Macon Telegraph from Macon, Georgia • Page 28
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The Macon Telegraph from Macon, Georgia • Page 28

Macon, Georgia
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THE MACON TELEGRAPH: SUNDAY MUKNING SEPTEMBER 16 1928 rwavt MAN NARROWLY ESCAPES DEATH MUSIC AND MUSICIANS By The Censor DAHNKM TO ATTEND MEET VALDOSTA Ga Sept 1B-4L Uarnea pnatmaster of thla city -1 Iravaa Monday tor Aehevllle I to attend the annual convention the National Asaoclntlon of Jcst-masters Ollier South Georgia Mau maul era who will attend Include Mrs Roddenbcrry of Thomaavlllar Mre llrhnhcrry of Albany Will Adams of Fitzgerald and Dumpier of Adel FARMERS ARE AIDED ROCHELLE Ua Hrpt Ths past week of fair wcallu-r has aided tha fermere of thla section materially In tha gathering of their cot ion Tha gins hsvs had a full week'a tun Practically all other older cotton is open and I ha younger cotton nearly open accounts for ths fact that the season will be over almost ae early aa waa the caao lout yeer 1 A SUCCESSFUL SIX NOW WINNING-EVEN GREATER SUCCESl CCESI TRACT OPTION NEL'UHKU SPARTA Ga Sept Accord ing to authentic Information al though the name of the concern hae net been given out a large paving construction concern has taksn an option on a largo tract of land In this county along the Samleravllls road which contains much granite so that they may use tha atone for crushing It is said that tha granite la In close proximity to the high way which will he paved first through this section from the Greene county line through here to 8andcrsvllla and connect with paved road which Is contemplated from Macon to Louisville by Mll-ledgevllls snd Sandersvllle REVIVAL MEETING KN1I LOUISVILLE Os Sept 13-Rcv Marshall Jr of Louinvlllo pastor of the local Baptist church and also pastor of the Gough Baptist church has closed a week's meeting with the latter church when he did the preaching The membership of the church was increased by the addition of nine new members who were baptised at the close of the meeting on Monday afternoon SCHOOL UNDER WAV BROXTON Ga Sept 15 A large school building is being erected at Ambrose All material le an tha ground end It le expected that the work will be completed In the next few weeks The building will have 10 rooms and modern BIINNION MEETING HELD LOUISVILLE Ga Sept IS-Hrs Julia Stewart of tha Slats Baptist Mission Board has hern In the lfephslbah association this wtek of which this local church la a member doing work In the Interest of the Stats Mission Board For the work aha mstla Louisville headquarters In Louisville aa tha guest of MraE Willie of the local Jdlsslonary SO' elety who bus assisted her this week In visiting the church at Da vl shore on Monday at Midvllle on Tursdny Louisville on Wednesday Stapleton an Thursday Augusta on Friday and Norwood tonight MOOKK IS CHOSEN SPARTA On Sept 15 Congress man Carl Vinson of Mllledgevllls has named Moore local newspaper man da a dnlrgnta from Hqn cock county to the Tenth district congressional convention In Augusta nn Wedneaday Sept IB Ths convention will be held at tha Richmond county courthouse at 11 o'clock Congressman Vinson has many friends In ths county who will also attend the convention He has represented this district without opposition fur many years DELEGATE IS SELECTED BROXTON Ga Sept 15-At a meeting at the county executive Commltte'- held for the purpose of naming delegates to the state convention Dr Lott was chosen A Braxton was named alternate Boston to point out that he and not Mayer was the first to bring Paderewski here- managing the noted first five tours of the United mates and Canada while the Steinway company furnished the financial backing Mr Gorlits is now 74 years old out id stilt a concert manager What is termed tha first Negro grand opera had Its premier at Palm Garden in New York City last week The music Is my Ilk Lawrence Freeman a Negro composer The work is called "Voodoo" and is described as Illustrating 'typical Negro life in the days of slavery while the music includes spirituals chants arias tangoes and other dances among these a ritualistic voodoo ceremony Jnzs is said to play an important part In the opera It is scored for an orchestra of 31 pieces and a cast of 30 singers all of them being Ne gro artists Edward Johnson ona of the tenors of the Metropolitan Opera -company and who inherited the costumes re-mulnlng In Caruso's wardrobe through the generosity of Mrs Caruso has made a gift of 823000 to his native city Guelph Ontario for developing musical talent among the school children of that city In his letter to the Guelph board of education he states that he will give 83000 annually for five years if the board will authorize and organize a music department in the publlo schools putting the opportunity to learn music according to recognised modern standards within the reach of every child regardless of class creed or color Needless to say the board passed a resolution accepting the offer thanking Mr Johnson and appointing him an honorary life member Two Tires on Automobile Blow Out Simultaneously VALDOSTA Ga Sept Strickland president of the Strlck land Cotton Mills and of the Strick Innd Hardware company had a narrow escape from serious Injury yesterday morning when two tires of his automobile blew out at the same time and his car ran amuck Mr Strickland was on his way to the Strickland Cotton mills and while on West Adair street snd Just after crossing Toombs street two rear tires blew nut The car skidded and crossed the sidewalk and ran Into a yard before It could be brought to a stop Mr Strickland escaped with a few bruises although those who witnessed tha accident thought he had at least suffered serious injury until they saw him come out from the wreck without assistance COTTON HALES ACTIVE JACKSON Ga Sept Since Butts county's first bale of cotton of the 1928 season received Monday from the farm of Hodges a good deal of new cotton has been sold on the local market This year's first bale was a month later than In the 1927 season when the first cotton was sold on Aug 11 There has been a marked decline in the condition of the cotton crop in the county for the past two or three weeks This was due to excessive rains and to weevil damage for Gaitl-Cassasxa CARILLONS in ycariy growing more numerous with the widespread appreciation for thsse rhroiiuttlu bella that maka a city patiae and llalen Laat July a SS-befl ona bell or each of the United Blalce-waa dedicated at Louvain Thla waa a gift from American engineering societies to commemorate their membera who fell during the World War The MOOOO carillon Included a clocK DC- neuth It and both were placed In the tower of the University of Louvain which aleo waa replaced by American aubacriptlona and from which Its mclodlea will float out ever the country The carillon la not a chime It does not ring or peal It la really a musical Instrument consisting of a 'aeries of chromatic fixed bells hav-from two to six octaves of notes The pilch of each bell must be perfect necessitating a craftsmanship among bell founders that hue obliged America to depend on England for IU carillons none ever having been produced here The carillon-neur plays with his hands and on foot pedals much in the manner of the organist except that small levers Uke the place of the black and wbiu Ivories Each key or lever is connected by wire with the clapper of iu corresponding bell and the cariUonneur may play with the utmost delicacy of expression or reach a loud-toned climax There are now about 30 carillons in America and there are others soon to be dedicated One la being raised at the Mayo Clinic Roches ter Minn and the Masonic Cathedral of Indianapolis is to have one Trinity church in' Springfield Mass is dedicating IU today and another which is much closer home will be dedicated In December This one Is in the Florida bird sanctuary at Mountain Lake Florida and is the gift of Edward Bok The Park Avenue Baptist church of New York City has the largest carillon in the world its bells numbering S3 By consulting the newspaper visitors in the various large cities of the country can often learn In advance when they will be able to hear certain programs which are usually of an hour's duration except before or following a church service when the playing lasts for about 80 minutes It is in passing through the low countries of Europe that these towers with what -Victor Hugo called their "sUrry music" are moat frequently encountered and where they are at their best wiyi cago and is believed to be the first which has been announced Out 28 Probably the two greatest pieces of choral writing done by Schubert were his Twenty-third Psalm and his Mass In flat These will comprise the program Elias both Itethberg of the Metropolitan Opera company who sang the title role In Strauss new opera The Egyptian Helen at IU world premiere In Dresden Inst June will be one of the principal artists on this occasion ns will also Marion Telva and George Meader There will be a chorus of 103 voices and as In past years the orchestra of the Metropolitan Opera company will accompany the singers through the courtesy of Mr The National Advisory Board of the Schubert Centennial of which Otto II Kahn is chairman will cooperate with the Friends of Music in malng this concert one of the moat outstanding evenU of the centennial which will be celebrated throughout November The culminating week of the centennial will be from Nov 13 to Nov 25 with symphony orchestras throughout the country performing all-Schubert programs ess More than 1000 communities lacking orchestras will ha provided with radio phonograph and motion picture facilities for Joining In the International Schubert Centennial celebration A complete supply of Schubert records and educational literature will be made available free of coat to groups or organised music lovers clubs etc Programs for appropriate exercises will also be furnished for schools colleges clubs and moving picture theaters Individuals or groups Interested in taking part In Schubert week will receive any of the educational material by writing to the national headquarters of the Schubert Centennial in New York City a a Americans are coming into their own In grand opera Announcement is made that Miss Margaret Everett a native of Knoxville Iowa has been engaged by the American Opera company for the coming season Miss Everett is a lyrio soprano and Is fresh from the European opera houses where she has been singing in Germany and Italy for five years She is a pupil and protegee of Llli Lehmann and also studied in Paris with Guilds Valda She is also a graduate of Rockfore college Chi- Success is proving it "Chief of fhe Sixes In the tremendous lucceaa which Pontiac Six ia enjoying is ample reason for designating this great General Motors car of the Sixes' Never has any new car risen so rapidly in the ectimation of motor car buyers for during the first six months of 1928 over 136000 Pontiacs were the largest volume ever achieved by any car during the first half of its third year in productionl This great public acceptance tells more of what Pontiac offers at $745 than even the most complete listing of such features as Fisher bodies 166cii in engine the G-M-H cylinder head cross-flow radiator foot-' controlled headlights coincidental lock etcj etc! Come in for a ride today and learn why( its sales sweep ever upward 2-Door Snhn $741 Coupe 8741 Sport Rnoiltter 8741 Ph 8771 Cabriolet- 8791 4 too Solan SOU i Sport Landau Sedan 8N75 Oakland AU-Anwricun Sit84! to 8126 All price nl fac-tret Cheek Oakland -Poni'ac delivered price they include limmt A'lnJUnf chargtu General Motor Tima Paymeat Plan availahit as minimum rale PACKARD THE BEST PLACE TO BUY Used Cars The first three days of this week the cars listed below will be offered at an astonishing: sacrifice Be sure to see them before you buy elsewhere 1927 HUDSON SPECIAL Paint upholstery and mechanical condition perfect 1926 HUDSON 7-PASSENGER Carefully used and in best of shape throughout STUDEBAKEK Recently overhauled and an exceptionally good buy ESSEX Oversize tires and driven less than 4000 miles A REES PACKARD DEALER 613 Third Street Macon Ga Telephone 1337 The snug comfort produced in a closed car by our seat covers to say nothing of the added charm fo neatness as well as protection to clothing and upholstejy together with our low prices make an irresistible appeal Drive by select your material apd let us figure on your job For this service drive to our Plum Street side (454 Plum St) and call for Mr Cain or phone 100 See us for Ever-Clean Seat Pads Wedge Cushions Step-Pads Motometers Mirrors etc FRANK ROBERTS Inc 9 Phone 5951 Macon Ga 713-715 Third Street PONTIAC SIX PRODUCT OP CTNEHAL MOTORS artist from her state to win a principal place In an opera1 company James Madison Tracy who was probably the laat surviving American pupil of Frans Liszt died about ten days ago In Denver at the age of 91 He was born in New Hampshire and went to Germany In 1861 Upon his return to America he lived In Boston Rochester and Dea Moines and then settled In Denver where he founded the Liszt School of Music in 1900 There seems to he soma dispute over who first brought Paderewski to this country In the death notice of the late Daniel Mayer noted concert manager the New York Herald-Tribune stated that Mayer Was responsible for tha first appearance in America of tha Polish pianist Now Hugo Gorlits writes from no' hills to obstruct the sound waves which under these conditions often travel several miles Scattered over Holland and Belgium are the finest-toned bells Carillons are as much a part of the life of theae people as re their flags Folk-songs that have floated down from these towers for centuries are regarded aa having cultivated thfctr invincible devotion for the native land and a general appreciation of music There is even today the popular belief that the appeals from the carillons were fundamentally responsible for the topping of the last German advance Among the first of the New York concerts to inaugurate the nationwide commemoration of the centennial of the death of Frans Schubert this fall will be the concert of the Society of the Friends of Music Inc and RslaM AUTOMOTIVE HARDWARE Corner Tools Sporting Goods Radio Third and Plum Streets Macon Georgia' THE WORLD HAS A NEW AND FINER MOTOR CAR Special Six Soslan coring the Hears greatest Successt of Distinctive Beauty Thrilling Performance Amazing Economy Buys this Twin -Ignition-Motored Salon-Body Sedan An avalanche of approbation and sales has followed the introduction of the new Nash "400" More Nash cars sold in July than in any July of Nash history-more in August than in any month during the 12 years of Nash success Study the Nash Six Sedan illustrated and you'll see why It has the new Twin Ignition high compression motor for reliability power speed snd economy like you've never found in any car None but cars of very highest price have heretofore offered the twin ignition type of motor And none hot cars of exceptionally high price ever have offered you the beauty and craftsmanship in the new Salon Body of this sedan You will -also find this Nash the easiest steering easiest riding car the motor car industry ever has produced The wheelbase is a full 116 inches And Lovejoy hydraulic shock absorbers are standard equipment front and rear And remember too that the price covers full tampers spa re tire nothing mere te hay delivered at your door Week after week and month after month the Bigger and Better Chevrolet hat wept on to greater and greater heights of until today it stands acknowledged everywhere as first choice of the nation for 1928! Never has any Chevrolet enjoyed such overwhelming public for never has any low-priced car provtdeJ such an outstanding combination of distinctive beauty thrilling performance and amazing economy! Its beautiful bodies by long low and racy and finished in colors that re-veal today's mode for smartness and are far in advance of accepteJ standards in the field of low-priced cars Inside and out they prove anew that Fuher craftsmanship is a thing apart! But Chevrolet performance is no leu Ira pressive than Chevrolet beauty and style At every speed up to wi Je open throttle the Chevrolet valve-in-head motor deliv ers its power with a certainty that is a so smooth and quiet that it is a sheer delight to sit at the wheel and drive And never before was a low-priced car so easy to for the steering mechanism is fitted with bail bearings throughout the clutch and gear-shift lever respond to the slightest touch and big non-locking 4-wheel brakes give a measure of braking control that is mora than equal to every occasion Come in and see the car that has won the approval Pf more than three-quarters of a million buy ers since January 1st Leans for yourself why it is scoring the greatest success of this great automotive year! The COACH $585 tiGGpl teens JV 1 VIMS a a ana TV ittiMs SKLm 695 DO Dr Track 520 (CWmCMM Ilskt DoUan 375 (CkamiiO hi) aSprij4e Vfli Mbchigna 4(0) (T letade tha Ills rid 1st Hot or Cmr IVdn TWhmla4tfca Um kndtia mmdh-atm rfcram IMPORTANT FEATrRFA-ro OTMFKK CM IFaff-f TMIE1T alLT Shan tuning radios 116-foch wheelbase Salon Bodies Vanity cbm and ssaBktng Twfa-Ignkioa amor Loralnr shock abwwhcn 7-twria makihft New Arabic top Cram Om-jmcc Salon fenders set leather monnted Body robber insulated bom Nub Special Dnign Crons fninn and mt hampers A ELMS Hdho Macon Ga DANIEL-JOHNSTONE MOTOR- CO 517 PLUM STREET PHONE 717 ra quality AT LOW ST

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