The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 20, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1895
Page 7
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ItGOSA, fO^A, \VtSD2«.8»At, MAfcCtt SO, ISO'S. I *'tt tfrafc aft uhusual flo&d ei bleed to the head," saM a young physician who was sutatfiofteel to attend a VV-G- fhan frhtt had been overcome at the tnatinefe. "This vu&h," hd continued to th6 new shorthand reporter, * 'contested the hypertrOhhied tissues, causing 'iheift to close the lachrytftai fluctS, exciting thft tear glands, so that they secreted & surplus 6l water. i'he duets being closed the teai-s overflowed." "Then her condition is hot the result of the emotional lines of the lier« in the play?" asked a young woman whose eyelids wfere illuHi- tftit6d< *A JECT LAST SUNDAY, i'alit Tft6 often go together, fceffnlh trotn 8*cafiflg If vou at-ft Bufterihg the tottures of rheurria- lis'm, and seek the aid of Hostettefs Stomach Bitters, Which will e*pel tuft i-heumatic vif-us ttom yottf blood. Kidney and mftlarinl cbitt- plaints, cl.vspftpsin, constipation, neuraiRia nfcd biliousness are nil relievoc! by this sterling and comprehensive family raemcine, Which Should be kept always on hand tot emereencles. tett Seine Selected *ft>t& 78:25: "Man Dtd ttftt Angel's fft6 tcfttfttic State Jn Itfhltfi feet this NeceiMty fofr fcftft!»ly X. The Modern Mfg. ttiglifli— Oh. deaf, there cotnea the Children, Imtistget.P'idooiitof the room. Visitor—Do you feel afraid to hate him with the children? Mrs. Highfli— Mercy, yes! fie is 60 bright he'd be taking up some of their rude ways nefct thing! Whett a man hag more than he Wants himself, be makes a woman welcome to he has left, KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and .enjpyjife more, with less 'expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure^ liquid laxative principles < embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with .the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without wenk- , ening them and it is perfectly free from everv objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every . package,jalsQ the name ; .Syrup of Figs, *' arid being weir informed, yoli will not accept any subati'teste, if offered. l*8t year we commenced an elaborate plan of advertliinK, hut before we were half through. Ol'K ADVEIITI8K31KNT8 DISAPPEARED. WhyV liccausi-MR MKKK OVEHWHELJIK1) WITH BUSINESS. There was but one thing to do- withdraw tho advertising and devote every energy to filling the orders O M te W tt A T risky Would be the undertaking to tell just what was the rimnnft that fell to the Israelites in the Wilderness; of what it was made and Who made it. The manha was called angels' food, but why So called? Was it because it came from the place where angels live? or because angels compounded it; or because angels did eat it; or because it was good enough for angels? On what crystal platter was it carried to the door ,of heaven, and then thrown out? How did it taste. We are told there was in it something like honey, but if the saccharine taste in it had been too strong, many would not have liked it, and so it may have had a commingling of flavors —this delicacy oi the skies. It must have been nutritious, for a nation lived on it forty years. It must have been healthful, for it has been so inspiringly applauded. It must have been abundant, because it dismissed the necessity of a sutler for a great army. ^Each person hadaratiohof three quarts a day allowed to him, and so fifteen million pounds •ware necessary every Week. Those wsre the times of which my text speaks when "man did eat angels' food." If the good Lord, who has helped me so often, will help me now, I will first tell you what is angels'.food, and then how we may get some of it for ourselves. In our mortal state we must have for mastication, and digestion, and assimilation, the products of the earth. Cor- poreity, as'well as mentality, and spirituality, characterizes us. The style of diet has much to do with our well-being. Light and frothy food taken exclusively results in weak muscle and semi-invalld- ism. The taking of too much animal food produces sensuality. Vegetarians are cranks. Reasonable selection of the farinaceous and the,.^solid ordinarily produces physical stamtn'a. But we have all occasionally been in an ecstatic state where we forgot the necessity of earthly food. We were fed by Joys, by anticipations, by discoveries, by companionships that dwindled the dining hour into insignificance, and made the pleasures of the table stupid and uninviting. There have been cases where from seemingly invisible sources the human body has been ..maintained, as in the remarkable'case of our: invalid and Christian neighbor, Mollle Fancher, known throughout the medical and Christie^ world for that she was seven weeks without earthly food, fed and sustained on heavenly visions. Our beloved Dr. Irenaeus Prime, editor vilh which we were flooded. B wo aid, and handled with teuonnble promptness a most unprecedented year's business. WITH KNUKtiKU KAOT OKIES. IKGKKaSEI) FACILITIES, '.AND TWENTY BRANCH HOUSES FHOJI WHICH TO 1)18. .* IHIBCTK Ol'R GOOIM, WE CAN ROW CAKE FOR ILL WHO 1 COUE. Last year wo could not reduce prices because we were com pelled in Konie way to limit the demand for Aermotor goods. We would have been satisfied with lower price*, lint why create • • demand which we could not supply! We have made the heaviest purchases of steel and material bought in America this •tear, and at unprecedented prices, and have nnrde terms to dealers which enable them to make unprecedented yrices, In quality, character, variety, finish, and accessibility t» full stock of goods and repairs, we aro without competitors. In our plan of advertising last year, we proposed to furnish a feed cutter under certain conditions f or $15. For reasons stated above wo did not complete (lie advertising-, and the feed cutter was not,put out. Wo now propose to nmke the following manner: We will announce In this paper, our HEW AI.L.S|F.EII VERY SUPEKIOU FEED CUTTKII, woirni $4-Oat$1O cash with order, f- o. b. Oliicago. Only one to one person, he to furnish addresses of ten nefelihnrH who ought to have something in our line. Cut, description and full information retarding it will appear soon ,We especially deair'- eatctmlce prices for win tioit on the port of tin great, j jo added to prict it 910 clew dealer, TV ot tun proper price and arti- Hour titedt'and you , we, and always have been Bewuto ot the prodlgiou are enabled to have special, thus reduce thf hand laboi the material and hying it . tecame Ute cost of labor put Ml) that it i» not :worth pom* $h» iBrgest.dejlers m the material,' of'courte, he-'i tleel • galvanlted-aftepconv (tilting and flued),- tanks, extent has this become true, the price pf our goods (and unie > pf. our business renV | • .that FOURI.AKOBW; caution you against faying •<jnlll outfit*. Tlntrmpta- dealer to overcharge it ' tin legitimate profit to the wat j/ou get the cle, irrite vt of k , „ protected, >Ye helievers in low prices, .output of cur factories we tools for each piece, and on it to merely pirking up down again. So small baa on the mHterlal which we I' ntnlionmg. \ We have be-, Immaterial/in the'Wintry; 1- ing'made up in the form of I 1 pletion windmills, towers numps, ele., To such an and to such an extent has on tliHt account (he vvl< , dered competition Irniioi- HIUIV/I iim rut/.* •.•..MO I*.«*»M.wI* C.IM.JEKJIH AKIv Rl.YIKu TIIEIK TOIYEIW OK I'S THIS YEAR. THEY 110 IT BE. CAD8B WE JUKK TUB ONI.V ABSOUJTEMf KEIUBLE AND it | A»Pco»n.ET« _____ , T , These concerns aro wise, for, even though (hey may nut furnish the best ot wheels, tho wheel will Jinye the best oil _ tup. ,.. To" S ypur'jnVnii and"»dd'r«s"s,"and (hoii'of"your sijhborii who may need something in w line, and thereby do them » good turn) Th° Aermotiir Co. js ono of the most succesi- |p| business enterpri«e» which hw heen launched Jn recent diflies.. Ip succeeding advertisements nil) lie disgusted apd made jtfear the line» on wh|«Mh»t WWW", \m b««.worked put, It was done by » farmer » boy, A weftl hllpwlnj s( these ad. tertisemepW m »» »»»K$A' !?«"? °^. er .'5!. nlel ' • ¥.V »J5fV«'"'' i' *UU.llfflBl& ii ',< ftf-' and theologian, recorded the wonders concerning this girl. Prof. West, the great scientist, marveled over it, an.dy.Willard Parker, of world-wide fame in surgery, threw up his hands in amazement at it. There are times in all our lives when the soul asserts itself, and says to the body, "Hush! Stand back! .Stand dowp!!' I ; am at*a banquet-where no chalices gleam, arid no viands smoke,' arid no culinary implements clatter. I am feeding on that which no human hand has mixed, and no earthly oven has baked. I am eating "angels' food." If you have never been in such an exalted state, I commiserate your leaden temperament, and I dismiss you from this service as Incompetent to understand the thrilling and glorious suggestivenese of my text when it says: "Man did eat angels' food." Now, what do the supernaturals live on? They experience none of the demands of corporeity, and have no hindrance or environment in the shape of bone and muscle, and flesh, and hence that which may delectate our palate, or Invigorate our poor; 'dying frames would be of no use to them. But they have a food of their own. My text says so. There may be other courses of food in the heavenly menu that I am not aware of, but I know of five or six styles of food'.always on celestial ...tables when cherubim, and seraphim, and archangel gather for heavenly repast; the mystery of redemption; celestialized music; the heavenly picturesque; sublime and colloquy; eternal enterprises; saintly association; Divine companionship; celebra- tive Jubilance, Th.ere is one subject that excites the curiosity and inaulsitiveness of all thpse 'angels.. ;^t, ..Peter say,s,< "Which'tfiing the-^nerelB-deSire'to look into;" That is why Christ exchanged a palace for a barn? Why did he drop a scepter from his right hand to taKe a spear into bis left side? Why quit the anthem of the worshiping heavens to hear the crooning of a weary mother's voice? Was a straw better than a garland? "Could it not have been dpne jn some other way?" says angel the first, "Was the human race worth such a sacrifice ?" says angel the second, "How could heaven get along without him for thirty-three years?" says angel the thir4. ''Through that assassination may sinful man-rise into our eternal companionship!" says angel the fourth, And then they ajl ben4 toward each other and t«UH ftbout It, and guesp about }t, and try to fathom it» «wi prophesy' concerning It.' But the subject is tpp bJg, ana they only nibble at it. They qn)y brea.K off i piece of it, They only tasj^ it, They just alp into it, Ana '^hen pn<? angf} pries; f'Wqrthy is the k&mb that was sleiri!" Ana anQthey says, "yn, .Ana another says, " with ft thro«6ti all tnese gallerlefc. f aft* it among all the hotels, as well a§ among all thfe palaces of the greAt town. Give all nations a taste of thia angels' food. NoW, in the emerald palace of heaven, let the cup-bearers and servants of the King remove this course from the banquet, and bring on another course of angels' food, which is Celestial Music. You and 1 have seen at some concert or oratorio a whole assemblage to whom the music was a feast. Never anything that they took in at the lips of the mouth Was so delightful to their taste as that Which they took ifi at the lips "f the ear. I have seen, and you have ueen people actually Intoxicated with i weet sounds. Oratorios Which are always too protracted for those of us Who lave not had our faculties cultivated n that direction, were never long enough for them; as at 11 o'clock at night the leader of the orchestra gave the three taps of his baton to again £ tart the music, they wore as fresh and alert as when three hours before, at 8 o'clock, the curtain first lifted. Music to them is food for body, food for mind, nnd food for soul. From what I read in i dy Bible, 1 think celestialized music ••.vill make up a large part 'of angels' food. Why do 1 say "celestlallfced music?" Because though music may have been born in heaven, it had hot all its charms until it came to earth and took a baptism of tears. Since then it has had a pathos and a tenderness that it could not otherwise have, possessed. It had to pass under the shadows, and over stormy seas, and weep at sepul- chres, and to be hummed as lullaby over the cradle of sick children, before it could mount to its present altitudes of heavenly power. No organ on earth Would be complete without the Stop, "Tremolo," and the stop, "Vox HU- mana." And no music of heaven woulc be complete without the "Tremolo" of earthly sorrow comforted, and the "Vox Humana" of. earthly sympathies glorified. Just take Up the New Testamenl and find it a note-book of celestialized music. It says Jesus sang a hymn before he went to the Mount of Olives and if he could sing. on earth wltt Bethlehem humiliation close behinc him, and sworn enemies close on both sides of him, and the torments of Qol gotha just before him, do you not sup pose he sings in heaven? Paul and Silas sang in midnight dungeon, and do you not suppose that now they sing on the Delectable summits? Wha£ d_o the harps, arid trump'&'G', and choirs o Reyelation.suggesit, if not:riiuslc?'Wha would the millions of good singers and players upon instruments who took part in earthly worship do in heaven without music? Why, the mansions ring with it. The great halls of eternity echo with it. The worship of unnumbered hosts is enwrapped with it. It will be the only art of earth that will have enough elasticity and strength to leap the grave and take possession of heaven. Sculpture will halt this side the/graye, because it chiefly commemorates the forms of those who in heaven will be reconstructed, and what would we want of the sculptured imitation, when we stand in the presence of the resurrected original? Painting will halt this side the grave, because the colors of earth would be too tame for heaven, and what use to have pictured on canvas the scenes which shall be described to us by those who were the participants? One of the disciples will tell us about the "Last Supper" better than Titian, with mighty .touch,.set it, up in art'gallery. The' plainest saint by tongue will describe the Last Judgment better than Michael Angelo, with his pencil, put it upon the ceiling of the Vatican. Architecture will halt this side the grave, for what use would there be for architect's compass and design in that city which is already built and garnished until nothing can be added; all'the Tuilleries, and Windsor Castles, and St. Clouds of the earth piled up not equaling its humblest residences; all the St. Pauls, and St. Peters, and St. Izaaks, and St. Sophias of the earth built into one cathedral not equaling the Heavenly Temple. But music will p".ss right on, right up, and right in, and millions ir heaven' will acknowledge that, under God, she was the chief cause of our salvation. Oh, I would like to be present when all the great Christian singers and the great Christian players of all the ages shall congregate in heaven. Of course, they must, like all the rest of us, be cleansed and ransomed by the blood of the slain Lamb! Alas! that some of the great ar- out of my iviouth." But tfi* angels ift heaven have no stolidity or unrespon- slvenpsa. There is one thing that agitates them into holy warmth. We know that absolutely. If their harp be htmg up on the panels of arttethyst, they take it down, and with deft .fingers pull from among the strings a canticle. They un In to their neighbors on the same •olden street, and tell the good news. f Marlam has there cymbals anything ke those with which she performed on he banks of the Red Sea, she claps them triumph, and there is a festal table pread, and the best of the angels' food s set on it. When is it? It is when a man or woman down in the world Who was all wrong, by the grace of God la made all right. (Luke 15:10.) "There is oy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth." Why are they so happily agitated? Because they know what a tremendous hing it is to turn clear around from the wrong, and take the right road. It is because they know the difference between swine's trough with nothing but lusks, and a king's banquet With angels' food. It is because they know the nflnitc, the everlasting difference be- tween'down and up. And then, their festivity is catching. If we hear the bells of a city ring, we say: "What is that for?" If we hear rolling out from an auditorium the sound of a full orchestra, we say,; "What is happening here?" Anct when the angels of God take on jubilance over a case of earthly repentance, your friends in heaven Will say, "What new thing has hap* pened? Why full diapason? Why the chime from the oldest towers of eternity?" The fact is, my hearers, there are people in heaven who would like to hear from you. Your children there are wondering when father and mother will come into the Kingdom, and with more glee than they ever danced in the hallway at your coming home at eventide, they will dance the floor of the heavenly mansion at the tidings of father and mother saved. Beside that, the old folks want to hear from you. They are standing at the. head of the celestial stairs waiting for the news that their prayers have been answered, and that you are coming on to take from their lips a kiss better than that which now they throw you. Calling you by your first name, as they always did, they are talking about you and saying: "There is our son," or, "There is our daughter down in that world of struggle, battling, suffering, einning, weeping, why can they not see that Christ is the only oh who can help, and comfort, and "seve?" That is what they are saying a^out you. And If you will this hour in one prayer of surrender that will not take more than a second to make, decide this, then, swifter than telegraphic dispatch the news would reach them, and angels of God who never fell would join your glorified kindred in celebration, and the caterers of heaven would do their best, and saints and seraphs side J by side would take angels' food. Glory be to God for such a possibility. Oh. that this moment there might be a rush for heaven! The Spirit and the bride say, Come, Rejoicing saints re-echo, Come; Who faints, who thirsts, who will* may come; Thy Savior bids thee come. HE U. 5» Oovgrtirtient olfi* ciaily reports ROYAL Bak* ing Powder stipirior to all others in leavening strength* (tlulletin jj. It is the best and most economical* ROYAL BAKING POWDER co., ids wAu&t., Ntv/-yoRK. The ttny of Maidcnd. "Grace and Minnie bave quarreled and fcro both miserable." "No, they have made friends and are perfectly happy fi£tin." "How'doyou know?" "I saw them both crying together." .Catarrh Can Not He Cured With LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they can not roach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a blood or constitutional disease, and in order to cure it you must take internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, nnd acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall?s Catarrh Cure is not a quack medicine. It YPO.B prescribed by one of the best physicians in this country for years, and is a. regular prescription. It is composed of the best tonics known, combined with the best, blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous surfaces. The perfect combination of the two ingredients is what produces such wonderful results in curing Catarrh. Send for testimonials, free F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O, Sold by druggists, price 75e. Halls Family Pills, 25c. A sluggard takes a hundred steps because he would not take one in due timu. Home-Seekers' Excursion. The Chicago Great Western Railway will Bell excursion tickets to western and southwestern points February 12, March 5 and April 2,1895, at one regular tirst-class fare plus $2.00 for the round trip. Tickets good returning twenty (20) days from date of •ale. Further information regarding stopovers, etc., will bo given on application to any ticket agent of this company, or r,. F. H. LORD, G. P. & T. A., ' Chicago, 111. 1 ho NMHIIM. Caller—Why do you call your nev* maid "Japan," Mrs. Jones; isn't she Irish? Mrs. J.—Oh, yes. she's Irish, attd her real name is Mary Ann; but Wd think the other naino more apprdpri'* ate; she seems to have such a grudga against china, you know.—Life* Don't tt? n Clam. "Oh!" cried tho clam with sadness, As he slowly closed his eyes, "I'm well known as a 'Stick-in-the mud,' For 1 never advertise. " —Printer's Inlt A society has recently been formed in France, the members of Which ara bound, under the penalty of a fine, never to shake hands with anyone unless with a gloved hand, "as tha practice is contrary to health." The rich man's foolish sayings pass fo wise ones. The birds are beginning to hunt up tbeir steadies. life '!-, 'lysimF&i- i*l \ v\ ;: p.] $ o >,S : ; OU R E ,:K'OR N'- ' fc.v.!tiJHl!;I:f:taVI!l:l!l:ii/.1iMWflai/fl^teif tists of sweet sound have been as distinguished for v profligacy as for the way they warbled, or sang, or fingered the key-board, or trod the organ pedal. Some who have been distinguished bassos, and sopranos, and prima donnas on earth, I fear will never ping the song ,of Moses'and/the Lanib, oy^-put ,tlie l\p of. theHrmnpet 'with 'sounds of victory before the throne. But many of the masters who charmed us on earth will more mightily eharm us In heaven. Great Music Hall of Eternity! J4ay you a*l I be there some day to acclaim wlien the "Ifallejujah Chorus" Is wakened, As on earth there have been harmonies made up of other harmonies, a strain of music from this cantata, and a strain of music from that overture, and a oar from this, and a bar from that, but one great tune, or theme, intp which all the others were poured as rivers into a sea, so it may b.e given to the mightiest soul In the heavenly world, to. gather something from aH the songs we have sung on earth, which have been 'sung Jn'ftll the and roll them on jn eternal symphony; t>ut the one great theme, and the one overmastering tone that shall parry aU before }t, an4 uplift all heaven from pentr&l throne to. furthest g» r e of pearl, an4 tp highest j?aps^ens of amethyst, will be, "Unto Him woo washed us, frpm our 81ns, in Rls. QWIJ blood, ana made u§ - Kings a,n3 priests unto tnd.the k§m.b; Jo Jftjp fee glory}" Will be jnanna' g^jjgji fpr gll to feed. on. That sfiU be _a "# " * t * •Now. In ,thP sRwsW PS ISP* pf hejiyen, th. e eup»bear?rs t ao4 f«i;v^^,fij the .^enwye, (MB'^tirfi? fim, i^e ^n- jt%Qd*Ktl» Jagt mati' m% m 4i JJ»'AMWt^Jto £uMnj,M§B ># ||,e - J " ^whteft.*. i»i«8l" hnftHw- - 1 » M1 -"'«' A. HappT Reunion. A remarkable romance in real has just been rounded off in Oregon. About twenty-nine years ago, .James Hard* went to work'for a farmer named Arnold, in Jackson county, Oregon, and a few months later married Arnold s stepdaughter. Soon after, trouble arose between the two men. Arnold took his daughter away from Hard, and when Hard went alter her the two men quarrelled, and the result was Arnold was shot dead and Hard fled the state. His wife secured a divorce and remarried. Her husband died a few years ago. Three years ago, Hard returned to Jackson county, was recognized, arrested for the murder of Arnold and sent to the penitentiary for a long term. During his trial, his former wife visited him frequently, the old love revived and she worked her hardest to secure his release. She circulated a petition for his pardon, and. after two vears her efforts were successful and Hard was released. Recently the two were reunited In marriage near their first home. Heroism of Medic U Men, Doctors are among the most self-sacrificing men in the world. They often put themselves in danger while in attendance upon those afflicted with infectious or contagious One can always find a doctor who will take any case, however dangerous it may be to himself. Many a doctor risks his the-practice, of his profession, Many a one has fallen martyr to duty. Two years ago, when cholera threatened this city, scores upon scores of doctors and medical students hastened to offer their services in the hospitals. ket plague come upon any place, ana there is rarely ever a lack of doctors to contend with it. If few of them were not 'desirous of attending the Chinese leper who recently died here, it was because his case was hopeless from the first, and because the disease might .be spread by any one who came in contact with him; yet this leper was not left without medical care. The community honors the medical profession, who risU; their lives for the sake of the community, The squirrel monkey has a larger brain in proportion to his size than any animal except man. Send Tor It. It's Free. Everyone who is dissatisfied with his surroundings, who -wants to better his condition in life, who knows that he can do so if given half a chance, should ivrite to J. Francis, Omahn, Neb., for a copy of a little book recently issued by the passenger department of the Burlington Route. It is entitled ''A New Empire" and contains 32 pa?es of information about Sheridan county and the Big Horn Basin. Wyoming, a veritable land of promise towards •which the eyes of thousands are now hopefully turned. 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In a single sawmill in Washington state two women work on shingle machines. II the Baby IB cussing'i'eeth. Be sure and use that old and well-tried remedy, MM. Wufstow's SOOTHIKO SYBUP for Children TeetWDJT- «) There are but six buildings in the world larger than the Texas state capitol. "A. O«p of Parks' Ten at night move the bowels in the morning." A Bank Failure. AN INVESTIGATION DEHANDED. A general banking business id ejone by the human system, because the bipod deposits in its vaults whatever wealth we may gain from day to day. This wealth is laid up against "a rainy day " as a reserve fund —we're in a condition oflienlthy prosperity if we .have laid- away •••sufficient' capital to draw upon in the hour of our greatest need. Tbere is danger in getting thin, because it's • a sign of letting down in health. To gain in blood is nearly always to gain in wKolt- some flesh. The odds are in favor of tUa germs of consumption, grip, or pneumonia, if our liver be inactive and our blood impure, or if our flesh be reduced below a healthv standard. What is required is an increa'se in am germ-fighting strength. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery enriches the blood and makes it wholesome, stops the waste of tissue and nt the same time builds up the strength. A medicine which •will rid the blood of'its poisons, cleause and ,-ijiyiKorate* tbe"greKt orRitn's-'of 'the body, vitalize the system, thrill the whole being with new energy and make permanent work of it, is surely a remedy of great valjie. But wlieu we^make a positive statement that 98- per'cent. Pf all cases of consumption can, if ( taken in tue ear'lv stages of .the disease, be CURED with the "Discovery, ".it.seems like a bold assertion. All Dr. Pierce asks is that you make a thorough investigation and, satisfy yourself of the truth of liis asseition.. By sending to the World's Dispensary Med-- ical Association, Buffalo, N. Y., you can get a free book with the names, addresses and photographs of a larip number of thosfi cured of throat, bronchial and lung diseases, as well as of skin and scrofulous affections by the " Golden Medical Discovery." They also publish a book of 160 pages, being a medical treatise on consumption, bronchitis, asthma, catarrh, which, will be mailed on receipt of address and six cents iivstauips.^ A Pittsburgh went to his physician not'long ago complaining of a. dull ache in his left arm, We had never b^a , but thought Ms pain m« 8 t that malady, After «es,c,rib. It, the doctor ?ai<J; "You ride, to | |A man is known by the money he keeptl Ely's Cream Balm WIIX CUKE CATARRH Centa. '*••& 4,n; 'J^ W.N.U.—D.M —1183 ^-±*^^^*-*^**-**^^*s^*^r*^-*^^er+~r**^* _„_„_ T When answering advertisements kindly' mention this paper. , , made to cure HAVE^YOU FIVE-QR MORE COW&f another year at po great a toss i jjaf mng IB now tue only profitable feature of AfcTrioultwre, Prpperty con- <Juote4 it always paya well, a»4 WWkpftt.yoHj, X°u need a Separator, aod you need the TBfJST.wthe "Baby." >11 styles «wa capaQjttee. Prices, $76, Upward, geud fpr new 1855 Catiuopwe, THE DE LAVAL SEPARATOR CO., Brunch Offices; Sintral Offices; , IW* 14 CORTWNPT ST,« NiW ten Wrt Hi P«r ttowft I ^," "That la ths $? f^l. yw an how a P aro & b« J * »» position, iwS i$ m jjjpfe ^•qcfwttip "" **r«JJ!f*** a* •R(?*« i tr 'iif&p&fnir j rJ-'-*"4-*•-«-¥ *i<w l&O^Tirat^ j^fiSPC^io iS i ?w7 ii ¥S. '*fi jim faraprty pr«(ww}p«4 *$<?«;&&§, Ml ^• Y.\W \ I

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