The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 20, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1895
Page 5
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ALt*0lfA, IOWA, MMHHMIiiiiittU ~ ' MlfffiONS. Great time this, for spooks. Watchman, what of the night? See the ttutchfnsoH Family Saturday night at Call's. There is more than usual inquiry for city lots this spring. The .birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs* E. W. McMufry, is reported. A. & Taff, of McClain, Illinois, is the new occupant of the A. W. Moffatt farm. file Hutchinson family at the Opera House is the special order for Saturday night. J, B, Williams has received notice of the allowance of his pension of $6 per month. The voice of the wild goose is again in the land. They travel nights to make time north. The Armstrong Journal says that John and Bobt, Gallion have rented Cant. Jeanson's farm, We perhaps are not as thankful for bur mercies as we should be. We havn't lost a man so far* Mr. Lund says that with fires in the night and tuberculosis by day the eyes of the world are upon us. Theodore Chrischilles takes the place of J. B. Jones as Vice President of the Kossuth County State Bank. Mr. Chrischilles is the first man to have his loss adjusted. It was paid in full, and he got his $800 yesterday. To-morrow is the vernal equinox. The world is swinging out into the zone of green fields and balmy breezes. The Burt Monitor reports that Mina Millis has sold his place at Belmond and will move back on his farm in Portland township. Anybody who wants the latest and best maps of Kossuth county, in lots of 100 or more, can be accommodated at the REPUBLICAN office. The theory of spontaneous combustion in the case of the Heise fire suggests the query why it never spontaneously combusted before. Some fine music will be heard at Call's Saturday night. The Hutchinson,Family have, a good reputation as a musical organization. Bev. Walter Walker's subject for tomorrow night will be: "Our Inheritance, its Greatness and its Dangers.' It will be at the Baptist church. The fact that all of the insurance companies are taking all the Algona risks they can get at the old rates has a tendency to quiet the nerves. Bev. Walter Walker never addressed a small audience in Algona so far, and he is not likely to do so tomorrow nigh'u. He is one of Algona's favorite sons. Alderman Vesper rounded up three tramps last night near the JTorthwes- tern and brought them down and delivered them to the tender care of night police Hunter. On Wednesday last the State University graduated forty-three young men from its medicaldepartment* and^one of those who bore .off diplomas wa<s Will Bowen, of this county. • ""-''' N Harry Dodge lost no time, in the butcher business on account of the fire. He was established before daylight m very satisfactory quarters in the C, &> Heise building, on Thorington street., It is said that Barnet Devine, having bought property in Pomona, Gal. ,will go there to live; Whether rightfully or not we do not know, but Mr. Divine has frequently been quoted as the richest man in Kossuth county. The springterm of the tforth^ Normal School opens AprU,£6 ; ian4,con tinues ten weeks. 'The work is specially arranged for teachers and those expecting to teach, and all such should welcome the opportunity and make the most of it. ' i""'•' The retiring Mayor refers in his report to an unpaid bill of Surveyor Tellier for work" on Park Avenue. The Surveyor, however, states to the BE- PUBMCAN that the bill was paid soon after the work was done?; so we are $59.69 ahead. Guy Taylor came up from Algdna on his wheel Monday morning, and be had. not much more than got here when 'Charley Slagle bought it of him, and henceforth will not depend altogether upon the railroad for transportation, -rBurt Monitor, «, . ' 'Mrs, Editb Hutchison and youngson v . will g? to Louisiana next month to join \ Mr, Hutcnison, The household goods KAavealready been shipped,'and,the l&aily will soon be permanently estab- IwSiavon tbe rice plantation. Their ' rei^ei&e. will be close to the bayou by wMseiv&ters tbe plantation will be ir« mated, w% where fishes and crpco- , Tbere was lowe apprehension that ; m insurance juo»pani6s would either Cancel their Algona 4sks or refuse to t write any new fnsuranw^putthey bave 'lone neither so far. Insurance is nat- " urte-brisk at tbe old rates, and »™ are receiving tbeprpmpt 0,'K, tbe companies..-Jgyiaently, tbe-in- 8\)ranc§ men do not expefij-Algona to —jraed rlgbt away, ° , bably bad no immediate"'c*on* „„ WWw West TJnJon.Wtewy, bfolwas ft. remarkable aomeidence Goetcbs adopted boy, ? */efl on tte Bigbt $ tbe itsstwbiQbeigi^^r 9.30 a. m. and 7.58 p>m.; freights south, 9.80 a. m. and 2.48 p. m. Many Algonians will pleasantly remember the fine concert given in the Court House a few years ago by the Itutcliinsofi family, ah'd will be glad to learn that they will appear in one of their popular programs at the Opera House Saturday night. The company is madeitp of sons and daughters of the original Hutchinsott faniilyj who seem to have inherited the gilts of their progenitors. The Hutcbinsotts do not render classical ffittsic, and -thete are a gf eat many people who like them the better because they do not. 1 hey always please* How people Will lie! Think of that yarn they ate telling on Mr. Bowyer, How he rushed into his store as the flames were swallowing up the building in great chunks,withput proper mitstica- tion, and yelling wildly. "Boys, clean »er out," and suiting the action to the word, as all good players do, grabbed an eight-day clock, marked $9.50, and sent it whizzing through the front window. It is part of the story that that clock will never again keep the time it did as it made its way into the street. It is singular how a fire assists a lively imagination. The Spencer News records a marriage at that place, last Wednesday evening, in which Algona people will feel an interest. The bride was Miss Josie Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alpheus Johnson, of this place, and the groom was Mr. John F. Thompson, of Burt. The wedding took place at the residence of John Sutcliffe, and the ceremony was performed by Bev. B. C. Glass. The couple left on the evening train for Dakota, for a visit with relatives of the bride, after which they will return to their future home at Burt. Sexton is decidedly on the boom this spring. Frank Hume, the new mayor of Wesley, is putting in a lumber yard there this week, and there is serious talk of a bank and other business enterprises. Mr. Laage will have charge of the lumber vard. Frank Hednck, the station agent, says there was more hay shipped from Sexton the last year than ever before. Mr. Hedrick deals in hay himself and has a large barn full of it baled and ready for shipment. August Studer, the genial proprietor of the general store, says he is not complaining about business, and the whole town wears an air of prosperity. The Hutchinson Family, "Tribe of Asa," who will give an entertainment here next Saturday evening, are a continuation of a famous family of musicians and singers. They have been recognized as possessing rare merit ana as being expert entertainers by the applause not only of the nation but of the world at large for half a century. The press compliments they have received during that time would make a large volume. They have an ancestral pride to sustain, therefore every entertainment brings out their very^best efforts. At Call Opera House, Saturday evening, March 23. Prices 50, 30 and 25c. Mr. Henry Kronk, of Armstrong, was an Algona visitor, Wednesday. Mr. Kronk feels quite at home in Algona, having done business here at frequent intervals during, the period of tWenty-one years since';he settled on our northwestern border. That has been a prosperous period for him, taking it altogether, though some of the time the fight was up hill, but he is now the owner of a half section of land within a mile of the thriving town of Armstrong, half of which is in Kossuth and half in Emmet. He has 300 acres of it under cultivation, and every year he harvests,immense crops, mainly of oats and corn, all of which he aims to feed to stock, for shipment., Last season he put up a large and comfortable residence. His possessions are now free frOm debt. He is- yet in the very prime of life and his success m acquiring a competence is only One inr stance of what thousands are domg,.,all about us. When ie opened up his farm Algona was the nearest railroad point, and neighbors were few^and rar between; -Now^he has a nice little rail- toad town within a mile!;of his dOor. Everything is coming his way now. In fact, his experience gives, a .color of truth to the somewhat optemistic saying that everything comes to him who waits, .'•-.',.' •',,..; ;.• ' - '!_•-. •' .•'' COUNTY JAIUONDEMNED. the Grand jury fceport the County jail in a Explotable Condition, and Ask the Court to Condemn It. It is Damp, illy Ventilated, Without iSew-< ej and the Ait Reeking with Stench, the County tJoafd Must Act. At the conclusion of their ordinary duties for the Match term of the bis* trict Court the members of the grand jury made personal examination of the condition of the county jail, and sub* mitted to the court their findings, in the following: We the undersigned, members of the Grand Juryi desire to submit to the Honorable Court the following report of the condition of the Kossuth County jail in the basement of the Court House: First—We find the room in which the cage is located to be damp, illy ventilated, without sewerage, and the air reeking with stench and in such a condition as to imperil the health of its inmates and the officers whoso duty it is to care for them, and also those in the Recorder's office who are in the room immediately above them. Second—Wo find it an absolute necessity to let the prisoners outof the cage into the corridor a part of the time, and the officer In caro of them has to bo among them in the corridor, while performing his duties, thereby exposing himself to great risk from personal violence from vicious and refractory inmates of the jail. Third—We find further, that the Jail in its present condition is insecure, and that it is only by the constant watchfulness and care of the officers in charge, that prisoners of a vicious and hardened character and skilled in the art of burglary are prevented from making their escape. Fourth—In conclusion wo desire to say that upon a thorough Investigation given the subject, we feel compelled to state to the court that we consider the present ar ullt3 liUUlu UlluiU »» O v v*i*«J*viiV/*. v*»w j,/» ijfcjv^** u v*m. rangement for the care and custody of the prisoners entirely Inadequate, and that common prudence and humanity and a decent regard for the reputation of our county require and urgently demand that prisoners under the charge of the county he placed under better conditions than those which at present surround them,and we respectfully recommend and advise that the Court proceed to condemn the present jail as being entirely unfit for the purpose for which it is- used and to take such other measures as may be necessary for the security and proper care of those unfortunate ones whom the safety of the public require should be placed under restraint. G. S. WRIGHT, Foreman. C. A. EBICKSON. . GAL WILSON. B. W. VAN DOKSTON. J. O. PAXSON. After the grand jury adjourned the BEPUBLICAN reporter interviewed the foreman, Mr. G. S. Wright, of West Bend, in relation to the impression made upon the members by the examination of the premises, and he stated that all were completely surprised, as they were wholly unprepared for what they found. Restated, further, that when the question of 'building a jail was submitted, he voted against the proposition, having at the time no information as to the need of such an institution. He had inquired of the other members of. the jury what their attitude had been j'-ah'd' found that with one exception all had voted against: it for the same reason, but that those who did so would vote and work for itjif called on to vpfa now, as he would himself dq,-'<'-The;other member said that he did'not vote either way, but was now heartily, 'for a, new jaU- Mr. Wright says that he could not get the stench of the jail out of, his clothes. He had no doubt of the laWf ul'author- ity of the board of supervisors to go ahead and build a jail, and he felt sure that they v sho)ild at once, do so. . f threw it at a calf standing near by, but failing to hit the animal the end of it Struck his brother, William, aged 12 years, in the ear and penetrated fully five inches into the brain. The brave little fellow pulled the rod out himself and ran to the house, telling his mother that he was certainly going to die from the effects of it. A doctor from Buffalo Center was secured, but on that gentleman's arrival the boy had become unconscious, the doctor stating that he could not possibly live longer than a few hours, and during the night the life that had but a few hours previous been so pfbmising ebbed away despite the most earnest and loving efforts that were put forth. The funeral was held Sunday and was one of the largest ever Witnessed in that neighborhood. The bereaved family have tlie heartfelt sympathy of their many friends in this sad hour of their sudden and untimely affliction. Meeting of tbe JSTew Council* ALGONA, Iowa, March 18, 1895.— The city council met in pursuance of law, for the purpose of organization, Mayor Haggard in the chair. Members present—Vesper, Wadsworth, Pettibone, Ferguson, Henderson, Nicoulin, Sayers. Absent—Magnussen. The mayor then announced the various committees for the ensuing year as follows: Waterworks—Nicoulin, Wadsworth and Sayers. Finance—Ferguson, Magnussen and Vesper. Streets and Alleys—Wadsworth, Bayers and Henderson. Printing—Pettibone, Ferguson and Magnussen. Health—Sayers, Ferguson and Pettibone. Ordinance—Vesper, Henderson and Nicoulin, Fire—Sayers, Wadsworth and Ferguson. _ Settling Committee—Vesper, Ferguson and Wadsworth. It was moved and seconded that a committee be appointed to make purchases of all materials and supplies for the city, to be known as the "Purchasing Committee." Carried. The mayor appointed upon the Purchasing Committee—Wadsworth, Vesper and Nicoulin. Moved and seconded that the council adjourn. Carried. D. A. HAGGARD, CHAS. A. COHBNOUR, Mayor. .City Clerk. ~Af FIRST INVOICE OP Our $5.t Which was so popu lar last year, will again be a special feature this season, only it will be a much stronger and— THAT NEW MAP. The BEPUBLICAN has begun printing a new edition of its map of Kossuth county. This map shows the railroads, the railroad towns and the .townships. It is just what all land dealers should have. It is printed either in tints or in black. Prices will be given on application. All the townships having now been named, the time has come when a map of permanent value can be made. ^ _ _ , BIG HORSE SALE. Saturday, March 23, at , Norton & Smitb ? S livery, Algona. These horses areinVgoo.d condition for farm work ; and weigh 1,000 ; to 1,500 pounds. A year's, time without interest,: if paid wneu'We. - i J. W- DAXZEI<I- ? , . . - '/• _______ — j .. ,.-,'.,. < If you .want the best coffee, buy those^ 2-lb. eans at the Opera House Grocery; •H .- — — - : — — . Every sack of Ceresota is warranted to give, satisfaction. Walker. Bros. OF NORMAN COLLAR. The Bancroft Begister gives_ below tbe news of the marriage of isorman Collar, one of the first settlers and one of the best men in this big county of Kossuth: "Norman Collar, one, of the earliest settlers in * this part of- the county, and Miss Stella May, Bartholomew, of Elmore, Minn,, were united in marriage at tbe home of Mr, an,d;-Mrs, James Wbalen of this place on Tuesday, March 5, Bev. W,*Ykaidley officiating. Tbe bride is one of southern Minnesota's best young women. Tbe groom, known'most favorably to Hearty all north Kossuth citizens, needs no word from us, except congratulations, which we join all'friends in extending to tbe worthy couple." " WAS A PAP AD. Wesley Beporter; Tbe people of Alzona made a senous mistake in defeat; ina tbe library proposition. Tow, us ot e| W«/b|ye P«Wic libraries, anaRyattendanee.upon $bem it *« wonderful u bow many young * have been beJpefl P»» n *»* e — ina«; The people „„,,• tbe proposition to levy i i,tfaeJateele45tiQP< VYI .we -PERSONAL M. J. Walsh,, the popular Burt hardware man, was in town last-night'on his way home .from Emmetsburg, where he had been visiting. !' Miss Cora Setchell-jsin Chicago, buying goods for the spring trtfde. Miss Pannie Moffatt is home from •Grinnell for vacation. She spent the winter at Grinnell studying in the musical conservatory of Iowa College. Dr. Keneflck's bfotber,' from Belmond, visited in Algona over Sunday. W. TuGillam, of Dubuque, visited at D. A. Haggard's this week. He is a cousin of Mrs- Haggard and was a pw- ne'er Dubuque business man. He is now traveling for a Dubuque wholesale bouse and is a pleasant gentleman to meet, • Bobt, l>, Farr; representing tbe Hutchinspn Ifajnily Concert Company, as adva'dceiiagent, was in town Monday. He secured a daje for Saturday •evening. Metear Haggard was in the southern part of the staie last week on real es- state business, ^ ' Pearl £ugh returned from Winona, Minn,, yesterday, where be bad been attending a jeweler's school. His friends are glad to see bim again at bis old place in Bowyer's store, 1 ' -SJmmetsbnrg 'Beporter: A, Gilmore, of Algona, came over Saturday night, 'spent Sunday witb bis sister, Mrs. a, j.^CroseiOf tbisojtFt He returned home on tbe Monday morning train, ;. ,'TMrs, H, F, Watson, of AJgona, was the guest of Mrs, J. JP« Groie tbe fore -ialt of tbe week.; Sbe retwpned borne Wednesday evenmg. C, B« Matson, of Algona, is in town 7, He is building a bouse and ^ W8fwmj|tb,ervrH§; ,sed tbe ne leet,« Have you seen those Disc Harrows at they Wigwam? TWy are. the latest thing.ouitj. .'. ...".-. \ ','. ',.._.; : ' .Chase & Sa'nbOrn's famous Boston Coffees and Seal Brand Tea' for sale only by Walker Bros.— 18tf_ •my. Groc- Ectiridmy at the Opera 'House ery. -T¥ best Steel Lever, Harrow on earth." They challenge the world; Ask for "The Glendale," at the Wigwam. ' ''"'"'" ' MONEY. l " . I'Have'unlimited money to loan on long or short time. ' ., Wbtye comb Hudson's.;.'_. .^ honey at Langdon& Black goods a specialty at Taylor's. We are making extremely low prices on Fancy China, Granite and Glass ware, We want them to go, and at our prices they will go. Tbe Grange Store. ,A,few dossen of those wonderful' lOc, Taylor's. Have yov ever seen a Morgan Spading Harrow? Farmers are going wild over them. The Wigwam has them, Fine percales and zephyrchecks, 5c., at .Taylor's. Syrup by the gallon, 8S5o at Langdon i is tbe Tbe largest line of wen's, boy's, l children shoes ever sbown fev , »W'mWgvQ»B4MaEpwby ^ W^AfippaflU-epi^ttaipw *'- ww :fl^^.,a% _' .TianntoaittJtAi'",\. • . ->> ^rff'.s*^?. -\ >&.'*£: JOB BAIS. New. alt Goedere' w i W* at pw |OP ;TAYLOR, The Cloakman. >t% Intend Olpsing Damaged for selling G-ood established Our reputation G-oods is well the prices w e and be cp^vinced GRANGE B! %m7, , TWIA. >^^ i» !„•.' b&f n'-f • , V/ *> ' , ^l^i, ', >-%. i-,tl^,>ll ^m

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