The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 12, 1966 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, May 12, 1966
Page 7
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Company "F", The Forerunner Of Guard Unit Off To War In 1898 BY MARGARET DURANT Material (through 1903) for this article was taken from the history of Company F as recounted by Lt. Col. Thomas F. Cooke in an article written in 1904 and published in the Upper Des Molnes. Additional material was taken from R F. Reed's history of Kossuth County. My sister furnished a little from remembrance of the Spanish-American War days. ALGONA'S COMPANY F Muster Day recently for the local National Guard unit,.and the nearness of another Memorial Day, bring to mind Algona's Company F of many years ago. Company F, like the Bean Supper, stemmed from the Civil War G. A. R. post. All Civil War- veterans knew the value of even slight knowledge in regard to military routine. It might be said that Company F was "lathered" by the local G. A. R. Company F was organized in July, 1889, to fill a vacancy in the sixth regiment of the Iowa National Guard. Of the fifty original members only two names (those of Haggard and Naudain) are now familiar to Algona residents. Only two members of the company had previous military training, Thomas F. Cooke and Ben W. Haggard. Muster took place in the old Kossuth County .Court House. In the election which followed, Cooke was elected captain and Haggard first lieutenant. Algona young men considered Company F membership attractive. The summer encampment ol the National Guard furnished means for getting away from home and meeting young men from different communities. In those years a summer trip was not a matter of course for every-' one. Company F, by that time a member of the fourth regiment, received its first call for active duty in June 1894. The Pullman Employees' strike had spread from Illinois into Iowa. The situation in Sioux City became so serious that an appeal for help was sent to the governor of Iowa. Several Iowa National Guard companies were alerted,. Company F among them. ON STRIKE DUTY' When the troop train reached LeMars, a Catling gun was put on a flat car which was pushed ahead of the engine as the train proceeded to Sioux City. At the edge of the railroad yards the strikers stopped the train and threatened the engineer's life, Sergeant Mike-Walsh of Company F volunteered to fun the engine into the yards, but it seemed better to do otherwise. With part of the troops as a guard another detachment, with bayonets ready for use, forced its way into the union station area, By morning trains were leaving the yards on schedule, but the strikers continued to cause disturbances for several days. Company F remained in Sioux City more than a week. Under the command of Capt. Melzar Haggard they proved themselves worthy of National Guard mem* bership. INTO WAR WITH SPAIN Company F's second call to active duty came In the spring of 1898 when the United States declared war on Spain. The day Company F left for camp was a memorable day in Algona. The high school and grades of the public school were dismissed so they might inarch in the parade which followed Company F to the Northwestern depot where the company entrained for Des Moines. The high school had a special 'interest in the occasion. Three high school boys, Edgar Winkel, Walter Tellier and Clarence Yetter, belonged to Company F. Although on the surface this was a gala event, the Civil War veterans understood its true significance and regretted that they could not take the place of these inexperienced men and boys. Not long before the beginning of the Spanish-American War Company F had again been transferred'^ The 'company went to camp as a member of the 52nd regiment. Its personnel represented Kossuth County, not merely the Algona area. SENT TO GEORGIA Company F never saw active service. They were sent fo Chickamauga Park, Georgia, and remained there for the duration of the Spanish-American War. The heat of southern summer and unsanitary conditions resulted In an unusual .amount of illness in the camp. Company F was a cause for anxious thoughts in Algona. The Women's Relief Corps resolved to do something to lighten the disheartening situation. They sponsored a benefit entertainment that was given before a capacity audience at the Call Opera House. The proceeds were Company F to be used in any way that would mean comfort or pleasure. The War ended in August, but it was autumn when Company F returned to Algona. Homecoming was a joyful occasion only to an extent. Edgar Winkel, the youngest member of the company, had died at Chlchamauga and death came to several others on the way home or during the months that followed. Company F's attempt to help "drive old Spain from off the land and sea" was futile and costly in terms of death and permanently impaired health. But Company F carried on. It was reorganized with a small membership that gradually Increased. Among the new members was Lester J. Dickinson who later became United States senator from Iowa. Occasionally there was a transfer from another National Guard company, for instance, Lieutenant Clarence Wallick, whose death by drowning in the river north of town, was a definite loss , to the company. BAND GAINED RENOWN Company F's 52nd regimental band became known as one of the best military bands in Iowa. From earliest years Company F made an excellent record as marksmen, due, in part, to'a good rifle range that stretched from the end of west State street across the river flat to the west. The Company F rifle team were winners of many prizes, among them the regimental trophy for two consecutive years. In November, 1902, Company F was transferred to the 56th regiment, Iowa National Guard. The following April the 52nd military band became the Algona band. A trend toward younger men and boys as members brought several high school boys into Company F. Among them Ralph F. Laird is noteworthy because of his continued interest in the National Guard, in fact a part- time career, In 1908 he was BRADY Field Cultivators\ with true 6" or 9" shank spacing <- . MODELS . |4 - *>* -^>j. rw*/.. ^^ '.A.,'.-^" ^-.A^ FOR EFFECTIVE WEED COMTROL AND SUPERIOR SEEDBED PREPARATION Pick any one of 3 Brady Field Cultivators to fit your own farming needs—and then watch this rugged brute go to work! You get exact €"• or 9" shank spacmgs, to accommodate all size spikes and shovels. Each model is expandable—in sizes from UVV up to 33W- Hydraulically adjusted depth control for smooth, uniform seedbed preparationT-for deep, effective weed control—and, for pasture renovating and summer fallowing. Here's a rugged field workhorse that promises to cut cultivation and tillage time in half. Come in And Ask for a free Pemonttrorion On Yovr farm BUSCHER BROS. IMPLEMENT "elevated to battalion adjutant with the rank of first lieutenant. He later served overseas In World Warl. The armory, originally a skating rink, was a cheaply constructed building. Many years of hard use had weakened it until it was in poor condition. Company F was notified that better quarters must be provided if the company was to continue as a member of the Iowa National Guard. i MUSTERED OUT, 1910 Algona was a conservative town, especially In building projects. Capt. Lawrence Hutchins and others in the company made every effort possible to interest someone in constructing a build- Ing for use as an armory. Their efforts failed and 'on June 8, 1910, Company F was mustered out. The importance of nationwide military training was at that time not realized, although a world war was only a few' years ahead. The disbanding of Company F' left a blank space in the local scene. For over twenty years the company had been a colorful and effective factor In community life. Rated as one of the best drilled National Guard units In the state, it lent military importance to public occasions, such as Memorial Day. It ranked with the churches and the public school in representing patriotism. Community life and methods of warfare have changed greatly since the time of Company F, but perhaps Company F was never permanently "mustered out," merely took leave of absence for awhile. The spirit that motivated them motivates our present day National Guard unit. Algona's Company F should never be forgotten. Picnic Planned By Club In Portland Twp. PORTLAND - Four Corner Social Club of Portland met May 3 in the home of Velma Nelson. Twelve members answered roll call. Guests were Mrs. Gertie McColmon, Mrs. Minnie Sperring and Mrs. Sheldon Bengston and children. Mrs. Bengston will be a new member of the club. The meeting was called to order by the chairman, Wyona Harms. A picnic was planned for the second Sunday In June or June 12. Each to bring a hot dish, dessert or salad and sandwiches enough for your own family and own table service. Ice cream will be furnished by the club. There will be no July or August meetings and the September meeting will be held in the home of Lonie Van Hove. - o - LAD PASSES Brian Beardsley, 9-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Orln Beardsley, died Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Myrtle Fitch Stiltz flew out Sunday morning to be with her daughter, Mrs. Beardsley. Brian was the great-grandson of Mr. and Mrs . Ray Fitch. - o - Mrs. Johnny Harms entertained in her home Saturday afternoon, in honor of her daughter's 7th birthday. Classmates attending were June Hanson, Lori Banks, Colleen Stevens, Deb Haase, Patty Reimers, Sheila Angus, Donna Wagner, Brenda Jergens and Debbie Pannkuk. Also present were Shari Angus, Meladee and Verde an Mawdsley and Debra's sisters and brother, Denlse, Dixie and Dougie. The afternoon was spent playing games and lunch was served. Her birthday was May 8. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thompson and John of Minneapolis and Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Thompson of Burt were Mother's Day dinner guests in the Edmund Larson home. Mrs. Edmund Larson, .Mrs. Ray Fitch and Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy, all of Portland, attended the Mother's Day tea at the Doan Methodist church May 5. Guest speaker was Mrs. Wortman of Lakota. She gave a talk on the Holy Land which they visited recently. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Becker of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Trenary, Kenneth Trenary and Richard Dugan of Maryville, Mo., were Mother's Day dinner guests In the Harold Becker home. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Harms, Mary and Norma went to Fort Dodge Sunday where they were PLANT NEW GENERATION PIONEER. HYBRIDS Of course, you want TOP YIELDS and PROFITS from your corn acreage. Pioneer New Generation Hybrids "teamed* up" with today'f modern corn cultural practices will do it. A good selection of adapted varieties is available right now. We'll gladly help you select the ones that will do best for you. Henry Schroeder - Lone Reck Walter Vaudt - Whlttemore R. I. Mawdilty - Algene Apron Steutty ~ AI0ona Ted Hoover, Sr. - Algona Mother's Day dinner guests in the James Harms home. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Champion and family of Swea City and Mr. and Mrs. Phil Carlson and Kimberly of Algona were Sunday supper guests in the Jesse Harms home. Mr. and Mrs. John K. Harms of Titonka, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Harms and Marvella of Britt and Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Peter of Burt were Sunday evening visitors in the Johnny H. Harms home. Mrs. Howard Sparks took Mrs. Ruth Sparks to the Mother's Day tea at Doan Methodist church, Thursday. Mother's Day dinner guests in the Howard Sparks home were Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dlmond and Daryl Sparks of Britt and Mrs. Ruth Sparks and Dean of Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood and Randy were dinner and supper guests in the Eldon Wood home in Algona Mother's Day. This was in honor of the first communion of their son Greg. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ruse, Leroy and Steven were Mother's Day guests in the Dwight Ruse home, bringing a decorated cake for Stanley's mother. Mrs. Robert Wood, Jean and Randy were Saturday evening callers of Mom Kennedy. Mrs. Ralph Carlson and Valerie called on Mrs. Wood Tuesday. Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy had a phone call from her daughter, Mrs. Richard Samuelson of DenveY, Colo., and the Bud Tlenans of Mason City, Mother's Day. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Skilling were Mother 1 * Day guests in the Ray Fitch home. Mrs. Ray Fitch was notified of the death of her brother-in-law, Harold Stevenson of Britt. The funeral was held Wednesday in the Boughton Funeral Parlors, Britt. "Every man must do his own growing up, no matter how tall his grandfather was." Cancer Crusade Nets $84.25 At Ledyard LEDYARD - Mrs. Gilbert DeBoer, chairman of the Cancer Crusade for the town of Ledyard, reports $84.25 was collected by Thursday, May 12, 1966 Alaona (la.) Uppir DM volunteer workers. Assisting Mrs. DeBoer were Mrs. Glen Burrow, Mrs. Mary Bashara, Mrs. Henrietta Dontje, Mrs. Dennis Weringa^Mrs. Ray Sorenson and Mrs.' Kenneth Menke. Mrs. Melvin Logemann, chairman for Springfield township, reports that $64 was collected by Mrs. Cecil Pingel, Mrs. Everett Johnson, Mrs. Arden Runksmeier, Mrs. Elmer Anderson, Mrs. Henry Schaumberg and Mrs. Lawrence Brandt. - o - EASTER FUND Mrs. Bernard Rellly, who was in charge of the Easter fund drive, has reported that $64.25 was sent in from the town of Ledyard and Ledyard township. - o- NEW OFFICERS New officers for the Music Boosters for the coming year will be president, Mrs. Joe Ingebritson; vice president, Mrs. Orvllle Beenken; secretary, Mrs. Wllma MacKinnon; and treasurer, Mrs. Merrill Hagedorn. The 1966-67 officers of the P. T. A. are president, Kenneth Reese; vice president, Mrs. Lowell Underbakke; secretary, Mrs. Edwin Dontje; and treasurer, Mrs. Wm. Bauman. At the P. T. A. meeting the spring style show was presented by the home economics classes and the Industrial arts department also had projects on display. The boys were also in the shop explaining and demonstrating the equipment. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Leon McCoy and Becky went to Ames to spend Mother's Day at the parental F. J. McCoy home. Rev. and Mrs. R. B. McCoy were also spending the weekend there from Ohio. Kenneth Thompson and Jeffrey of Sioux City came Friday for Kenneth's mother, Mrs. Geo. Thompson, to spend Mother's Day in Sioux City with her three sons and families. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Thompson and family were at the Howard Thompsons Wednesday evening to help Kevin celebrate his birthday. Dinner guests at the Busch home fot Mother's Dfty and also tor Juliaim's birthday were Mr. and Mrs. Altlfi BMCh, Mrs. Edith Busch aud Bob and Terry French of Netada, lit. and Mrs. John Richardson'and family, Mrs. Wllma MacKinnon and Nancy, Mr. and Mr §. Mjton Busch and family, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Busch and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Sorenson, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Runksmeier and family and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reese and family. Members of the Ledyard senior class returned home Sunday morning from their class trip to Chicago. They left Ledyard Wednesday evening. Accompanying the group were Supt. Gilbert DeBoer, Mrs. John Richardson and Mrs. Kenneth Beck. Mr. and Mrs. Burton Johnson were in Wisconsin last weekend to attend the wedding of Richard Morton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morton and Cynthia Jean Phaneuf at Stanton, Wise. They also attended the reception and spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morton and returned home Sunday. Mrs.Chas. Fox and son Tom of Algona also attended the wedding. The Junior American Legion Auxiliary will meet at the Legion hall May 14. Mrs. Lou Junkermeler and Mrs. George Thompson were coffee guests of Mrs. Christie Hinrlchsen Wednesday. Mrs. Fred Junkermeler was a guest at the George Meyers Mother's Day. IN ARGENTINA Mr. and Mrs. John Scott, after serving with the Peace Corps in Peru, have returned to South America and are stationed in Cordoba, Argentina. Mrs. Scott's mother, Mrs. Ethel Miller, Grafton, reports Mr. Scott is now employed by the Smithsonian Astrophyslcaf Observatory doing research work with satellites, solar flares and other phenomenon. A man owes it to himself to become successful; after that he owes it to the Bureau of Internal Revenue. The Finest GRADUATION GIFT Look Them Over While Selection: Are Complete — Lay One Away If You Wish Smith-Corona Sterlings •77.79 Professional, office-size 88-character keyboard • Exclusive Page Gage'™' •Full- length tabulator • Quick-Set'™ 1 margin stops • Rugged all-steel construction. Smith-Corona GalaxleHs '97.50 The world's fastest manual portable • Jeweled main bearing • Optional Changeable Type'™ 1 • Exclusive forward-Glide top deck • Natural-Arc action keys • Smith-Corona Page Gage'™ 1 Smith-Corona Electra»llO electric portable. 1919 NORTH MAIN AIGONA SEED CORN • fvtrtttAcktrsen-Wiflty •Rtfltttrid Trrtemjrki of Pioneer Hi-Bred Corn Co. OFFICE DESKS, FILES, FILING SUPPLIES, OFFICE CHAIRS, DESK ACCESSORIES, AND A HOST OF OTHER NEEDED, USEFUL ITEMS UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. Office Supply Dept. Ill E. CALL ST. ALGONA, IOWA

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