Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 31, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1966
Page 6
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ADVAMC6 M6NBAY, Cross plans fund drive in the county Harry L. Maw **«• Mrs. Martin , The tragedy of the -Belmond .tornado brought close 'to the •residents of Kossuth County "tire awareness that an organization is needed at all times to stejpin 'knd help in a quick That organization, best equipped ,by training and tradition, by '•years of selfless experience, is the Red Cross. •.However, Rad Cross is not just ah "emergency crew", wait. ing for disaster. Red Cross is a "positive forward step toward the bsiterment of all miinkiriid.' Services to the military and families is equally ,' high otii its list, and with increased commit* . ••*.-. . i j -. • <-.•. ' . i to.aid,in. tMS iciivlty, Also, the fifSt alfl tinainittg ih eotihiy higli, schools is ii:b% • tin* 4 ».-i . .'j' -. -- • 4.«_ ' *"l^j.i .i1:*iiLij'*V 'i.^.li _.'_! of Los Alamos, N. M., visited a aye witn his htdther, Mrs/ . Martin. . . • ' , • , Johii Mai^j sbri of .thfe rfafry ' defway, with first clas|es ul&d at Garrigari .High StJi'661 and Ti'fonka. The HoTfnfe Service is hoped to be Mded this year, if funds are suf ftcie'M. At the meeting at the.'. Algoiia Hotsl on October 3rd, 22 of the wbrkfetrs were given prfelimihairy instructions on conducting tihe fund drive. At th'e tiiMing 59 of the 70 ditty bags for Ohristtflds didribuitlan bvaitseali were' tutti- tnenits budget overseas, for 1967 the was national set at a minimum figure of $9,t)00;o'o6., tin/ addition, the fegular fund re^ quirem-ant-'for 1967 was 'set for •' > For tlifl 1 : first time" in, three years a drive , in the county area, outside of the UniteSt Fund Drive afea) will take , place. "Hie localVgpalvfor Kosiuth Alias/; be&n set at;'^,(K)0;; FjrbAi this local moneyibbmes the direct services .to our b\yn service- i men and their families; In 1986 numerous service families haive beeii ] aided ^throHigh our . oWri |local"^chapter; The swimming program, teaching the- youngsters of Kossuth Couiiity to swini >'• is under Red Cross auspices,,and it is hoped to expand thi^ sery- ^ice by Instructing more teachers Mil in m 1111 ed in; SaifesecJtitHitiy, , .„.,._.„- Cbuhity ovsrsubMibfed the num- bir bf bags 'fe^liirtiid, and these were fte'ilivered tb.Mikson City by Vtrs. Robert Bickert, local ChaptST *scr(' for overseas'. The final , tb! be packed snjt. kickoff meeting will Be tNbvferaiber • .7th at the Algona Hc'teii'lii attendance will be Mr. Mafyin^Hitiii^y and Mrs Arlene Patzwald, both of whom .."',...;-• _ •, ' . . ' -i J.. -A.'. • ' '.r . ... - _ ... , . served; long; hours ih the Beil- 'rtbrid^^wwi•.•^•-t!i[e : ••dlri've will be i6th:toi7lh,anditi hoped the residents of Kossuth Counly will- pespond with their usual generosity. Wesley visited Sunday evening |,l' >fe» hotoS 6f Mr, «rfa Mrf George Glawe. -Janice Widen of .Duibuque spent a i&w days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Widen. Ec.rl Chambsrs and Clitford Meyers sp:m,t Tuesday to Saturday in Mo.ifcania and South Dako* . Sf the sthbdl, wks Selit tb tfes. Wolnes Monday as b member of ;he American' His'ddt y 'tfaM to patt in the United Natibns ' " a on business.' Mr. and Mrs. >per.it Friday ; Lliy At the home; of 'Mrs. Emily Worchek, 'Guth^ie iBenter, a lily bloomed ,iri her ard last monitlh , and had large white Easter 'liljr blossoms on display. i 11 n 11 n i M-M i u 1111111 ANNOUNCING Opening of GEORGIA'S CAFE (FORMERLY DOLL HOUSE) ' '"' '' ''.' '.'.. • ', • "•'""•" ><! v../ v- ' . .• November 8th Cindy Bilbreiy and Lon Foresi of Fort Dodgie were Sunday visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gjer- sted. A group of friends visited Mrs. Annie Walker Saturday aifter- noon in honor of her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Widen, and family of Owtatonna, Minn., spent the weekend with relatives and friends. . "Mr. and Mrs, Donald Cook of Kanawha visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. John Baboock. Jean Fleming of Des Moinas spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.'Henry Fleming. ' Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Marr visited Sunday with his mother, Mrs. I Nellie Marr at Superior. Mrs. Emma Oxley was a Sunday dinner guest of Mr. amid Mrs. William Erdman. . Mr. and Mrs. August Studer of ';WllllHlllllllillllllllI!llll!II!lllll!!lll!l!!ll!llilll SERVING FREE COOKIES & COFFEE 9 AM. — • 11 A.M: — 4 P.M. Fran & Georgia Fitzgerald n 111111 n n in i MI 1111 urn 111 nn i i 11 MINI n M't. Ana rtfrs. William Wood are spending a cotip'lfc of \veeks with their daughter and family, Dr. and Mrs.'Ray Gill at lows City. Mr. a*hd Mrs. frrShk RockwOod the fUhierai of Sam fct Belniond oh Wednesday. He" was a brother-ih-law of MrS. ROckwood. Mr. Crabtree was, one killed in tH§ tornado. Mr. and Mrs. Garfield Gouge of Cedar Falls spent the weekend with her brother and. wife, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rockwood. Kenneth Robinson of Ackley spent the weekend with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B Robinson; Mr. and Mrs/William Robinson and Debbie were Sunday guests and Kenneth return de.home with them. Jane Nail of Des Moines spent the, weekend with her mother Mrs. Marion Nail. Mr. and Mrs. Mick Will oi Marshalltown spent the weekent with his parents, Mr. and Mrs Fred Will: Mrs. Esther Kouba and Mrs Lydia Martin drove to Correct ionviille on Thursday and return ed home on Friday. Mrs. Lucille Johnson who has- spent some time there returned home with them. David Hauswirth of Des Moines spent the weekend with his Charles Riggle Saturday with fir. iand" Mrs. George tllggls at Shellsburg, Iowa. Mrs. Richard ybungwirtti uh" sUrge'ry at the Mercy hospital in Mison City. A sort was born Oct. 17 to Mr. Mr& boh Sloter, at Marshalltown, weighing fflb. 9Y4 oz. Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel Sir. visited; Thurdday at the 'Haniry, Gprnibn home in Clear Lake. Mr. arid ; Mrs..Jerry Krapper of HutchirisV Mr. and Mrs. John Oxley and Mr. : and Mrs. Robert Skalley. and family" were Thitirs- day evening dinner gUfeditsiat the home of Mr<i.. Can Skeltey ih hbfir or of, the biftHtiayi Of•, MB. Rob- iL'i'l Skelley ( and John Oxlay. ; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robuck of Rap&lje, Mont.; are viDitintg at .the home of Mr. arid Mrs. LesfeV Hash. They, came to attend, the golden anniversary of the Hashes- "'..'"••.',.,: ; . '.''V ;! Mr. and Mrsi Myrbh Crahi were Sunday dinner guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Miner Giawe. Mrs. Harold Schwab was released Saturday from ,the Hancock County Memorial hospital following an auto accident. parents, Mr. Hauswirth. and Mrs. Charpel yisiteid McCullough of Ft. Dodge visited Sunday afternoon at the Edwooii Geary home. v Mr. and Mrs. Val Moore and sons of Humboldt visited Sunday evening at the Kenneth Wagner home 1 . Mrs. , Tjeran Nerem several days 'with her Mrs. Lydia Lund at LuVerme. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kraft and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Timdall Jr. were Sunday evening visitors .at the Dale Yeoman home. Mrs. Tjeran Nere : m attended-a shower last Monday night at the Lake Lutheran church near Rein- wick for Miss Vicki Nerem. Sunday visitors with Mrs. Christine Caskey were Mr. and Mrs. Leif Rierson of GraeLtinger Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Bratrude ol Fenton, .Mrs. Minnie Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. Oral McCullough'Of Forest City. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Knoll of Belmond are parents of a son born October 20 at the Belmone hospital. Mrs. Knoll is the for mer Donna Gray. j Mr. and Mrs. Roger dimmer tile bills more man and SONS, of „.,„„. Kurt ;Sohibhtl of Thoinifon/^vere weskenid guests at the Bernan Spanigler home? On Sunday they were all dinner guests at the Ga ry Schichtl home at Thornton, j Sunday eventing dinner guasti. at the John Oxley home were-the Tom Meyers of Hampton, Ethel Be&r, Mrs. Harold 'Oxley and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jur gensen. The dinner was in honor of the birthdays of John Oxley and Tom Meyers. . Conhiie Lawrence of Britt spen, the weskend with Mr." and Mrs Phil Puffer. Mr, 'and Mrs. Duane Thomp:oh, Douglas, Don and Patty, .of Sioux City, and Mrs. Verns Tho than they should? •/ s-f*;**; They might, if you have to borrow the money to pay them,, (Repaying that loan will cost you a pretty penny in interest charges.) But if you make a habit of saving-with us, with the people who specialize in saving, you will liave the money when you need i' The difference between borrowing to pay the bills for your baby or spying ahead and getting earnings on your saving? could furnish the nursery Saving mikes the different! Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Accounts Fully Insured to $15,000 Save From The 15th — JSarn From The 1st SINCE 1917-ALQONA, IOWA All Savings Accounts insured up to $15,000 by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation mp'son of Ledyard were Sunda> aftern oon- visitors with Mr. and Mrs, J. Z. Zweifel. Mrs; Nettie Escher of Peoria 111., spent Tuesday to- Fridai with Mrs. Ethel Halligan ; .Howard Nims of. Sc. Cloud Vlinn., spent the weekend with liis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Nims. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Widen and family of Owatonna, Minn., Mr and Mrs, George Yeoman am Vfr, and Mrs, Dale Yeoman am Family were Sunday dinmner vis itors at the Robert Mitche] home. Maynard Yeoman was an afternoon caller. Mr. and Mrs. Tjeran Nerem visited Sunday at the Terry Ner em home at Decorah.- Mrs. Ner em attended a shower for Vickie Nerem at the Grand Rec. Hall ! Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Puffer and family of Algona visited Sunday with his parents, Mr and Mrs Phil Puffer. Gary Williams and Roger and Mrs. Jessie Romp of Cedar Rapids, spent Thursday to Saturday at the Lee Wiliams home. They came to attend the funeral Friday of Tom Formanck a t Duncan. Mr. and Mrs. Oral McCullough Boyd and Melissa of Forest City visited Corwith friends Sunday afternoon and were supper guests at the Lee Williams home Mr. and Mrs. Elwoocl Geary and Pam were also supper guests at the Williams home. and I will inherit $10,000. We do not ntsd this money at present and thought psriittp* -that, leaving Ih9 $10,000 Intact, we would do 'i>tter investing it together. We Iready have a mutual fund /hich Is holding Its own well. I m leery of buying stock!, would like to buy land. But then re wbuld have the probtam of ayini taxes. We want to do omething besides buying bonds r letting th» money sit in the ank. What do you suggest? A. With three people involv- d, yodr fir;it problem is to gat 11 three to agree on the way the money is to be invested. If you ihd; yoti have 1 different ideas, '.nan I think yea had batter di-' le thi6 money and let each one it it as she wishes. Inflation ; bsing the threat course at the Army t'ort Sehocl, Ft. Eustis, Va., Oct. 21. Durittt the 13 4 Week *wks twined,ini ( ( hlaititatt«'or s, I think it .is important for you 6 invest in such a way that you ye an ppip'oirtunity for appreciation bf, princial as well as irowth of income. You can do his in real estate, of course - if- j fchiow real estate investing or you have a good adviser. However, right now the stock of iftarty of our best oil, public utility and industrial companies an be bought at bargain prices. This is something I would not gnore. Q. My wife and I came to the United States eight years afttf. n our former country we saw psople work hard all their lives o save some money and in a few years, with inflation, they ..uddenly had only enough to ive a i few weeks. We will retire n 20 years; have our house paid for, plus a piece of land valued t $4,OCO and $3,000 in savings. A broker is urging us to sell the and and invest in a mutual fund. Can you advise us? A. I am in no position to advise you about the land since I know nothing about it. However, I would like to suggest several things for you to think about in. helping you to arrive at decision. ' Through our history both land and stocks have been a good way of keeping pace with the inflation that has taken placs in our country.ivThe^ability,ofnyour laud to do this depends on its location and its potential use. Maybe your banker or a real estate man can give you an idea of what he thinks the land will be worth ten years from now. The fund you mentioned; in your letter is managed quite differently from the majority of mutual! funds, sinoa it engages in a great deal of buying and selling of securities and is, in effect, a mutual fund trading account. Its record has been quite sensational, in that $1,000 invested in it when it was organized in June, 1958, would at the end of 1965 have been worth $10,024. There-is, of course, no gU'ana,Kit;2'3i that this kind of performance will ba co'ivtinued. I suggeot that you get Arthur Wie&enbarger's book, "Invest ment Companies," fjftflit yO'Ui local library, It gives the records of all major mutual funds and should help you make a wise decision. 6. T *tn a widower, recently retired, with sufficient income to live on. What should I do with 100 shares of Monlanto Cheml* cal Company stock ^Ihav^ bought over the years on fin option plan?''-;;' ^ ^•':;'^,.!v^: '•'',• A. I certainly sea no need for you to dispose of the stock. In the'-last 10 years Monsanto has increased its sales and earnings per share at the rate of about 9 PET cent a year. This is an excellent record. Because of this and the fact that you sa'y you, don't need the money, I think you should hold onto it. It would seem to have 1 a g6od chance of becoming ; more valuable.; •••••••••«•••••••••*•••• SERVICEMEN rotor troo? and cargo hehcop- tar. ' '••••. •'•••• Frdirick namtd "Pianuf chairman 4 Don Frederick 1 of 'Algbnft hte been rtartied « Kossuth Cotiffly Chairman Of the* Iowa Retail Hardware "Peanut bays';, No- Verilbfer I*l9th. This waS announced today by Allan Urness, Regional Chairman of the Hard' ware A^sdciatiorii : .< , During I'PeSniit bays" partici- Bating IRHA hardware stores will offer people all the peanuts they can eat, providing they leave the shells on the floor, In return, they will be invited to leave a contribution for the program of the lovfra Association for Retarded Children: A portion of the funds will be allocated to research in the name/of the counties taking part. The remainder will be used to promote facilities, training and education for the 84,000 .mentally retarded in Iowa. *• ?SiSiSS rthn\y<* hdmfid court dno <J19* Buengef was appointed executor.0, . dhV brought Iri the county within 5f the steond of thereafter. Notice indebted make district court of the sold e WSW = W^ffift ._ to Sold «*tate «'Vf^ undih ""'•-• • «-— July RICHARD BECKER , WICHITA, Kan.—Mr. Richard N. ,Becker, son. of Mr. and- Mrs. William ,L Becker, Heritage Home; Baiicroft, ,has • been se- Iscted .ior membersliip in the Wichita State University Singers. . This choral orgainzation is a select group of 60, vocal music majors -at Wichita State. Meris- b;3irship in the group is by'audi- tioh only.' JOSEPH KAHLER FT. EUSTIS, VA. (AHTNC)— Private /Joseph H. Kahler, 23, •soil of Mri and Mrs. Alva *hi* notice" (uniess otherwise" allowed or paid) such claim shall thereafter be for- eV Datod'th!i 20th day of October, \966. . Helen Buenger < .;. Executor ot sold Estate West Bend, Iowa Address \A/inkel «. Wlfikel Attorneys for said Executor Algona, Iowa . Date of second publication 31 st dov of October/ 196o. ' • ••. SfffNOTNIM AMIMCAV MAC! MHHM SAVINGS BONDS 'raiMWMMWMNlM' A. GUESS WHO? •eeeeeee»»»»eeeee»»ee»eeeeee»e»»»»eee»e»e»eeeee» Advertist in the Advance Largest PAID circulation THUCKUS We have the Truck; Operttor'fc Triplicate Freight Receipt Books te comply with Bwl* MT-54 of the |»w« State Commerce *- SOLD BY-, ADVANCE PUBLISHING CO, VOTE FOR MERTIE H. HUBER Republican Candidate lor COUNTY RECORDER Received specialized training at Hamilton Business College, Mason City fen years experience in Titonka Savings Bank Experience as bookkeeper at Burt and Titonka elevators Widowed with one son, Gary, student in Burt High School RELIGIOUS CENSUS MAUMU SUNDAY AFTERNOON, NOVEMBER 6 If you are an Algona resident, one of 200 workers who have volunteered for this census, will visit your house. This is part of an all-denominational survey to establish accurate records of church membership or preference. If you will not bt at home on this dateV please watch this newspaper next week for a special form to be filled out and left en the door of your home. Churches providing workers for the census ere: St. Cecelia's Catholic, First Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational, Trinity Lutheran, First Lutheran, First Baptist/ St. Thomas Episcopal and Naiarene. Your help will be eppreci- itfd. Please help to this census complete and accurate. ALGONA RELIGIOUS lepresenting the fhvrcbjf ol

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