The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 13, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1895
Page 7
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AtOOKA, IOWA, WEfaNESPAlT.j AN ALPM4. •t JAS. M.tatje PlbB fi IB f*A« fcftUtCHEB.' *ltfa ft fttp6»'t«» fih* Me* feiperlence and f«ili tb* fttftl CSnfft it ifio 3K)B1»Y8AND OfflLS; fron frrom Alfeetiftf Miehigatt, Argus. ftftve Ibiig khoWft Mr*. JaJ. Mr of fidii& feaplds, Alpeha County, i BKfe Mel toe-eft «t sad; cripple, of her ffiehdS know the story of fifef recovery; for the benefit of those Wftd dd not fre publish It to-day. Eight years ago she-toas taken w.ith ftferlrous prostration* and in a -few ftionths With miiscular and inflammatory rheumatism. It. • aftected • her heart, theH her head. Her feet be* tsftme 60 swollen she could wear hoth- itig on thefti; her hands! were drawn all out of shape. Her eyes were, swollen Shut more than half the time, her knee joints terribly swollen and for. eighteen months she had to be hold up to be dressed, One limb became entirely helpless, aftd the skin was so -dry and 'Cracked that it Would bleeds During these eight years she'"had been treated by a score of physicians,, and has also spent much time at-Ann Arbor under best medical advice. All s'aid her trouble was brought on by hard, work and that medicine would 'hot-cure, and that rest Was the only thing which Would ease her. After going to live with her daughter she became entirely helpless and could not even raise her arms to cover herself at night.' The Interesting part of the story follows in her own words: "I was urged to try Dr. Williams' t>lnk Pills for Pale People ^and at last did so. In three days after I commenced taking Pink Pills I could sit up and dress myself, and after using them. • six weeks I went home and commenced working.' I'continued taking the pills,' untlLnow I begin to forget my crutches and can go up and down steps without aid. I am truly a living wonder. ; , "Now, if I can say. anything to induce those who have suffered .as I have to'try Pink Fills, I shall gladly do so. If other like sufferers will try Pink Pills according to directions, they will have reason to thank God for creating men who are able to conquer that terrible disease, rheumatism. I have in my own -neighborhood recommended Pink Pills for the after effects, of la grippe, and weak women with impure bloo,d, and with good results." • .- Mrs. Todd is very strong in' hetf faith ' In the curative powers of Pink Pills, and says they have brought a poor, helpless cripple .back to do her own milking, churning, washing, Lowing,. knitting and in fact about all of her household duties. Dr. Williams' Pink 1 Pills contain all the elements necessary to give new life and richness ftp the blood and restore ' shattered nerves'; They are for sale by all'druggists, or may be had by mail from'Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, .Schenectady, N. Y., for 50c per box, or six boxes for $2.50. • DOINGS AND SAYINGS. at ih6 i*oi«t tif ft, tilth, Fo*fefcd Hi* Son t« Jttitiljt F*t>m a Mn*t—E!ot>linnU Fecit Ing Untile*—A Cnttitittfe t*ig. As 1 walked the deck wrapped, to the eyes in a waffn overcoat ami protected by a huge sou'wester, 1 thought of the thrilling incident which occtir- rod on the Constitution when she was' lying in anchor oil a.prcViolis occnsioii, oft' a, milder coast than the bleak shores of New England, it was in Port Mahon, thett one of the Mediterranean., stations, .of oxlr. cruisers, .Commodore Hull, was in command* He had. with him his son*, a bright* active lad of teti ol' twelve. ' , ' '"..' One niornig when the,, coinmbdbre" was on shore, (the boy began to'play with the pet * monkey of thfe crew, The monkey suddenly snatclid off'his cap .and Started up the rigging .with nfnuses the child. You sec a llttto naked black cHlWl nttfim ttftf fefit higff, standing on the' elephant's bare back* ftnd taking it flown to 'the water to bathe, and shotiting all the time ill tho most unbecoming terms of native abusive language. On arriving at the water the elephant, ostensibly in obedience to the diild's command,- lies down and enjoys himself, just, leaving a portion of his body, like a small island above water, on which the small child stands and yells, and yells all the more if he has several companions ol his own age, also in charge of their elephants, all wallowing' in the water around him. If Hie child slips off his Island,, the elephant's trunk promptly replaces Him in safety/ The little, urchins ns they grow up, become first mates to .mahouts, and eventually arrive at tho dignity of being ^mahouts themselves. — Pittsbm-g - 'Game "Warden ,Atwobd .of Maine thinks he has a .great disease: the doctor diagnosed it as "dacryocystos- yringokataklelsis." The claim that .Utica is the only city in the United States with W toll gate within its boundaries is demolished by Allegheny City, Pa., which has 'two. In Turkestan if a wedding engagement, is broken, the girl's parents must either return the lover's,gifts or mbstitute^another daughter,- ifi they- '*"fcfr V '•',>'-,'" " ' 4 "> .The gypsy mpth, which is taking possession of New England, is an immigrant from France. It reached New England in 1870, and has since' multiplied in an alarming way. , 'Worshipers at the United Brethren church in Bellprove, near Lebanon, Pa., were startled by the report of a pistol. Two disorderly young men were examining it,in church, when it was discharged, and'one of them was * shot in the arm. Miss Morrison, the San Francisco girl who was recently graduated from the medical department of the university of California with the highest honors of the class, had the pleasure of receiving the ringing applause from the men she had defeated when her success was announced. There are fifty lobster smacks plying along the coast of Maine, and thirty-seven of this fleet find a mar- ; feet for, their lobsters in Portland. It ' is. estimated that they landed in P.ort- land during the last twelve months "4,000,000 lobsters, for which the deal' ers paid not less than $320,009, CHARACTERISTICS. it, The boy pursued, and after a^lively cli'aso succeeded in .recovering, the call, which he hung triumphantly on the topgnllart yard arm. and then sat OH the yard to rest himself. He then took it into his .head to "shin" Up the main-truck. This- is a. small .wooden (lisk..iwhich caps -the top of a mast; it has shcnvcsholes through which run the halyards tat hoist tiler colors to the masthead. The truck of theConstitutlon was perhaps a scant foot in diameter:. Having reached 'the truck, the fool- hfirdy- lad proceeded to clinib on to it and nctimliy. stand upon the truck., perched in iho air ISO feet abo'v the water, In European men-of-wai'. the •stays'-reach-up the truck, and sailors who hare tried this perilous feat have been able to get. down, by nteftfls of the'stays.' But the",.stiiys of the -Constitution did npt reatch within five or six feet ot ! the truck, and tiici'e was no possible wny for the lad to cllinb'dpwu, His 'death, appeared inevitable. -The •whole ,.0rew stood aghast-with horror, evory instant expecting to see,the 'boy. lost ,.hls balance and fall,. when be must be crushed upon the di*ek. In the meantime some one on shore carried to Commodore Hull news of his son's perilous position. •' The man •who had quailed not when the balls of the enemy's batteries sung about his ears, trembled : now. He sprang, in to his boat, and'ordered the crew to pull off the frigate as if for their lives. On reaching the ship, lie ordered a musket to be brought, to him. Having cocked it,• The commodore aimed the gnu at his son. and fiercely shouted: "Jump, or I'll shoot you!" The. lad hesitated a. moment; then, perhaps for the first time fully realized his awful peril, he gathered himself tORther and sprang out to clear the side of the 'ship. With the rush of a. ha/.vk diving on its prey, the boy plunged into the sea, fortunately feet foremost. As he rose to the surface a. dozen sailors-plunged in to .bring him on board. After ascei-t aining that his son had received no serious injury the 1 commodore took him in to'the cabin, where, K it 1 ,is,'said, after certain ( paternal ad• monitions, the-lad received some time- •ly and wholesome corrections.—From "The Last Voyage of the Constitution," by S. G. W. Benjamin in St. .Nicholas. The This story is beyond .-doubt original' to ^a pan in its preseht fflrnv -but' It bears remarkable" resoinblatice to' aii- .pthe.r, celebrated judgmebt given more ..than .two thousand years ago on the. other side of the world. About a century and ah alf ago a wo- inn who was a servant in the house of a daimyo had a little girl born to' her.' was inconvenient i'or her to have the child with her in the. iliiiiii- yo's 'mansion^.-mid sp she put tlie lif'tle one out to luirsp with a woman in tho neighboring village. The child, grew to be very intelligent, and the foster- mother, who was a heartless'woman, thought she saw an .opportunity to earn money through the .girl's services, and determined to keep her. Accordingly, when the'mother's term of service, expired, and sho oame to get back her child, the foster-mother treated her claim as false. the child was her own, ..and utterly refused to give her up. ' 'So 'at' last they cniiie'before Oka, the town magistrates 'of Yedo, who, aftet some thought, ;hit upon a novel plan of deciding. He placed the child between the two mothers, had each' one take an arm Of the. child, andLtheii' ordered them to pu'lll -He c'orild then tell, he^said, which one deserved -to have the child.' The foster mother, thinking only of winning, pulled with all her might, 'but the true mother, full of her affection for her child, couldn't bear to inflict on it such brutal pain; ami she let go as soon as. she felt the other womo.ii pulling. "The child is mine!" .exclaimed the foster- mother, triumphantly. .*Not so!" said Oka sternly; yau arc a pretender; this other is the true mother." Then the false mother confessed her deception, and begged for pardon. The people, when they heard of the'judg- ment, were full.of admiration for the .penetration and sngacity of their great magistrate.—Harper's Young People. •An Oxford county, Me., judge and .farmer,-fond of a joke, sold some land i ',to » neighbor, ( 'Now," said the judge, -*-;$* y° u bad my brains you could do ^'eomeitbing a>farming." . "How would ^you use them, spread them on or put ' them- in $be hill?" queried the other, . ' A TbP mscmy W9» Conn., clergyman , offitjiated'at a funeral some time ago, JnbJs prayer, be said; • "Oh, Lprd, we The$ for having watched over tb'ese times of hardship, -when is imminent and no,busi« ggss bnt tbat of $e undertaker's was long, wnd tbe old l\lMy w'ifch fkipMid ghawl tbwfbt to *'""' '••"" tb e time'by ft conversation , tailor-mude girl wbp s»t witb ^ in tbe city?" a^efl the •^yes, , Work there," pn. the giri, and said nothing 1 , "Mij?bt J self wh^t you wovk ^'lilSUrea; 1 '/ hl9'8ejnj«4 (fU§» Q? «w»»"pwnw»4 at »< »y of A Cunning; Pie- My neighbor has a cow. lie also has a ."mother pig and her little piggies six," and thereby hangs the story that I am about to relate. One little pig was not so large or so strong as the rest, and he was jostled and crowded about until he could get very little, to eat. He could not grow like his , mates, for his r appetite , was never appeased. He squealed his protests loudly into the ears ( .of his selfish brothers and sisters, ,but not one of them gave heed. Even the mother fcould not, or would not, remedy the injustice,- and poor piggy went on struggling, lighting squealing against fate, seeming to grow smaller and thinner every day tinti! he was spoken 'of only as "the little runt.' It was. very evident that he- would' be' far in the rear when his /mates reached pork-barrel dignity, xraless there came a change. The thought was hard for a spirited pig to endure, and as his kin would give no relief, ho set about finding a remedy himself. Like all earnest searchers, he was successful, and presto, what achauge! Ouy piggy ceased to squeal, his sides expanded in a most suggestive manner and he began to grow fnt and sleek, "I wonder what does ail that cow?" complained Fawner J, one day, "I feed her well, but she's been drying up for a week or two, There's something funny about it, too; sometimes she gives a good deal of milk, tJiejJ nothing at all. • What can be the matter?" But the mystery was solved when piggy was espied sitting evect as any milkmaid and, minus the bucket, milking as energetically. No wonder the cow mJlk; no wonder the little rvwt gi'ew fat, Then the sniart Jittje pig', was shut np, but he would find some' hole to crawl o«tj and ns I lo'ok from 'my window I often see my neighbor's cow searching for corn in toe stajk'flelcl, closely accompanied by her foster' enUd,-^ .Kfiys' ta Tlnjos, A Tuinc Croxv'a Booty. :He boldly pillaged the neighbors round. A woman -who lived near once caught him pecking at a pot-chceso she had made, a.nd put him to flight. He returned, and stole a.downy little chicken, one of a brood that belonged' to her. He' flew"'home with, it, and. laid it upon the ground. but alive and unharmed.' There were plenty oi' young chickens running about at horno but .Tim liover touched one of these'.' Anything bright and shining pleased his fancy very much. He. had no scruples about taking what did not belong to him. Like a niiser, he had a. hiding place for his treasures, and he was very careful not to go to it when he was watched. One day it was discovered in the barn quite by accident. Among other articles that he had secreted were found nails, screws, beads, bits of broken glass, and best of all a pair of earrings—and this grand collection was. the grand result of months of patient thievery! It was very uimcult to keep a lead- pencil in his vicinity. When he stole one, he would hold it in his claw and peck at it until the cedar wood was split in twain, after which he would remove the lead. If some one endeavored to take the pencil from him, he would dodge about, making desperate but ineffectual efforts to swallow his booty whole.—Malcom Frazer in St. Nicholas. ,.. .. , 'fWliidy, „... |^$om ft ti9p|t|lWj^|'^ m » PSW T<wrtl**B - Bullies, Tbe-wtele ^miiy of the ujabout be» co»ne, ae'jt were, parasites to tbe elephant, by JV^QBJ ttjey.earn, J h 8 ye ,moJftW ^yste^atjcHy ynder pf flttbe fiu» «f aa ^epAaati tot AVith tlie There is said to be in Indiana a boy who hears with his fingers. When-he wa,s nine years old he had a very serious illness, which left him perfectly deaf, For a long time the poor little felloAv led a most unhappy life because he could not hear what -was sa4d by others; but one day several months ago, AVhle his mother was conversing with a visitor, he happened to place his hand ou his throat, and observed that while his hand vested there he could hear perfectly, Later qn he tried the experiment with others, and discovered that by making use of the sense of touch In the ball of his fingers he could make up for aJVthat he had lost by the trouble which hsid befaJJen his ears, The result is that h^o is a much Iwppier lud than he' ever ex* pocted to be again, although fte fincte It a.wkward In some cases to have to put his fingers-on the'throat 1 of his fHepds who happen to be talking- him, Hard to Keep Straight. •She (on her voyage) — What is that place down there? • , He— Whyj that is the steerage. She— And does it take all those people to make the boat go straight? THE GREAT GEKMAlTcOFFBE JJKRKV. Coffeeat one.eenta pound, that is what it costs to grow it,good coffee,too. Some say that it is hetter than Rio. This •we know, while" in Eurppe last summer in search of seed novelties we ^ of ten drank this in hotels in France, Holland and Germany. Thirty- five packages earliest vegetable seeds, $1.00, not 3 cents per package. Largest growers of farm . 'seeds as oats, grass and clover, corn and potatoes, etc. , in the world. Early heavy yielding vegetables our specialty. If You Will Cut - This Out and Send It with 15c postage to the John A. Salzer Seed company, LaCrosse, \Vis., you will get free a package of their German Coffee Berry seed and their catalogue. wnu Goblets with stein and stand like those we use to-day were employed in Troy, 900 B. C. _ lliopathie Physicians Cure any acute disease in one treatment (cure or no pay), chronic in a few. Write for free advice, DR. JOHN SHELBY, Sheeley Block, Omaha, Neb. , This advertisement will be changed monthly* _ ' A man may run into debt, but be seldom comes out at anything faster than, a walk. The Jttodern Way , Commends itself to the wejliinformed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest manner and disagreeably as well. TO cleanse the system and break up cp}ds, headaches and fevers without unpjeasunt after effects, use the delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. _ Distance seldom Jends enchantment to ft job of woi-fr that is poming. I belieye Piso's Cure for Consumption saved my boy's life last summer,— MRS, Aw.u» PQWT-ABB, jLeBoy,'Mioh,, Got, SO, '94, If we - tbpugbt of ourselves as others think of ws, we would sit up nigbts wonder ing what we were born tor. _ , The Proof of the rnddlnc. B \ The Norwegian bark Lorenzo.which recently arrived at Pengacola, had a sample of the strength of the swordfish.' Through the metal sheathing of her hull, then through six inches of planking and penetrating the inner ceiling- about' three inches, the fish had driven its snout or "sword," the result being a leak which kept the crew at the pumps for, six hours a day. Tho sword was about two and a half . inches ,in ..-circumference at the point and five inches at the end where it had broken off, the piece being about twenty inches long. M'gtakeu Identity. Big Injun (admiringly)— Me like pictur' 1 College Man (proudly)—I thought you •would. Big Injun—Heap pretty squaw! College Man (wrathfully)—You old heathen, that's a portrait of me when I belonged to the football team. Some men have more elbow room than head room. , pr y«1c^ is cents. quite ft numjjer of people wbo coileet musical instruments,'. M~en. bave been known tP pay troroen4Qus yipjins pf rare, nj&ke, n^ever pjftce tbese ipstrvwenta in collec" Qt sncb tbings. PftejPt Cupid is attempt^ to *'1 footpad who never WE GIVE AWAY A Sample Package (4 to 7 doses) of Dr, Pierce's Pleasant Pellets To any one sending name and address to us on a, postal card, QNCB USED THEY ARB ALWAYS IN FAVOR. Hence, our object in sending them ou( .ON TRIAL, ™JggSS^E^4^«te I Syi-siulaatwur. 15 adjudioatUijj olalina, atty since. IH.E SCALPER 81 pages, 2c. All aliout making money In Grain and Stocks by "scalping the market" on margins of »20 to »1,(IOO. Best method yet. All scalpers mak» money. LAKSIKG & Co., 112 O.uincy St., Cuteaao. W. L. DOUGLAS ' IS THE BEST. AKIN&. . CORDOVAN; FRENCH&CNAMCLLCO CALF. |4,*3.%P FINE CALF&KANGAROa $3.50 POLICE, 3 SOLES, Over On* Million People wear the W. L. Bouglas $2f & $4.Slioe8 All our ahoes are equally satisfactory The prices are uniform,—stamped on sole. Prom $i to $3 fayed over other mak«s. • If vour deader cannot supply you we can, FREE! ToCHRISTIANENDEAVORERS The Convention City. A IJ ' absolutely ( ure Coated Tongue, Poor AP.'petite, Dyspepsia and kin* derangements . of the , Wveraud powejs, 'sow? substitute sai b? "fast <** good The tfttMtttt? , wfr. $*, dwkr If$$,'}$jt, i ;•, <", •";'•• ;\. ' .- •• * -'Jww; '4^0UT^ V t, to, to $t The Passenger Department of .the Bi& Four Route has issued a very convenient and attractive Pocket Qujde to the City o< Poston which will be sentjfree of charge to aU members of'tbe^Yoim^ People's Society of Christian Endeavor who will send three two cent stamps to the undersigned, Thil Pocket' Guide 'should be in Jbe.,'; 1 "" eveyy member of Jhe Society whQ piAtes attending the Utb Annual • tion, as it shows the location of -" IJotels, Cburobes,. Jnstitttttenst w .,„. -, Amusement, Prominent p^iidings, gjrset CarWBes,et;o., et;9.. "Write sop^/as w»9 1 WINE OP M V.-H A J v'ZTf']""?'' / ,. ii rt , ,:.?}^^ : "">i-/C ^"*'^«i ,/) r

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