Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 31, 1966 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 31, 1966
Page 4
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I I Mil I ll l I I I I I I rVHlLE YOU WAIT -KCYS- MADE AT THE ALGONA Coast-to-Coast Store 4—ALOONA (Iowa) ADVANCI MONDAY, OCT. 31, WS nip Algona fifth Shrob Martin Almquist, Shenandoah, ha.s a EuonymUs, or "burning bush" shrub which is more than t,wic2 the usual size for such a bush. It measures more than 15 fcot in diameter. t< Joe Downey WITH 25 YEARS IN THE HEAT BUSINESS IN ALQQNA WILL TAKE OVER THE EFFECTIVE MONDAY, OCT. 31 Effective today, Oct. 31, I will take over the meat department at Sjogren's Grocery and invite my many old customer* to visit me there; It will take a week or two to get things arranged and'organized and I hope you'll bear with me. Stop' in and say hello — I know we'll have a fine department to serve your needs in the days ahead. • .,• ; — JOE DOWNEY in after 14-13 win " ' ' ' :A ' M First Downs ______ 18 14 Total Yards 304 206 By Rushing _._. 188 1&9 By Passing _ __,. 116 9 Passes Attempted _ 18 2 passes Completed __ -8 1 Passes Inter, by ____ 0 0 Fumbles Lost _____ 3 1 Penalties _ .... 1_ 3-13 2-10 - # #•-- >••;; •; • ' A sticky clock, several near free-for-alls and a sensational gued the locals, A 4 fin* down focals could have had maybe ft I*'. ,.,..»., a i -. • i *-.'._ _„_"• i_. .*•'... j _-, •. _»i .» .. u. _-. K. a . . J i a. LL ,.i iiajij^i; *.*i A* A. A 1*1 A drive early in the s«cohd qutf " Algona goalline stand were the! remaining. NORTH CENTRAL CONFERENCE (Final Standing*) W L T Humboklt 6 0 1 Webster City 61 Clarion 3 1 tewa Falls . 331, VLGONA 241 ftampton 250 feagle Grove 142 Clear Lake 160 1 Results Friday " ! Webstar City 52 Eagl,e 1 : Grove 0 • Hiimbold't 33 Clear Lake 12- , .Clarion 0 Iowa. Falls 0 M Algona 14 Hampton 13 eyed the stick' and ball for ? most a minute before'awarding Algona the ball with 2 minutes' highlights Friday night as the Bulldogs closed their, 1966 season on a winning note'with a well-deserved 14-13 victory oVer Hampton here. \ ; ' , •'••'•• .... '•.'• .; Tht win ended AUjona'*•; •men with a record *f 1 rit* torlaa, 5 lotos and I Ha. Ba4t' of all, Alfjona'ft 2-4-1 word earned tho locals a fifth place finish in tho North Central! '' Conference. "' •'!; ••>: -< •;"'• •*• >•. ' Although most of the scoring was in the first half, Algona led 14-6 at the intermission, most of the, excitement came in the final minutes after Hampton hid struck, for one touchdown w}ttj 7:42 remaining in the game and were marching for the winning score. -. : -.'. ".'•••-.'"' • ';'• ."v'r>/'. •'•• The visitors, minus, their fine runner, injured Bob Pattpn. were on the Algona four-yard line, fourth and one for a first down. Then Larry, Munger rfnti Tom Jones teamed for a brilliant effort, submarining tinder Hampton's Steve Grant to spill him short of a first down. ^ IT WAS SO close that officials There was still plenty of ac Won left. Bob Farriham picked Wi the Mimpiofl _. when Jim Van Dyk* fell oti tht loose ball. And it was about then that th« clock startedMM* ing up. For instance, Algont rah nine plays to start the second quarter before it wis notlcex) the clock hid moved Just 40 seconds. This fact didn't teem Imp*, tant it the time but It turn* ed out th«t Alfwte §tt Its second, touchdown with IS seconds loft In tho half on tnift 0fflC0 fM)t*MMf* AlytfMI fumbled twleo moro In tho second period, once on tho Hampton 26 and again on tho Hampton 31. , And the visitors lost their fine runner Pattori about this time. He was the leading ground gainer in the league .and had jots" of speed. He injured,an an 'kle after an'18-yard sprint and returned only for a- kick the rest of the game. Tom Claude pounced on Hampton's only bobble of; the night late in the first half and Algona took over on the Hampton had someone been able to the 100 in 10 or 11 seconds. To be i good baliclub, Coach Keith Christie and his staff are going to have to find that some' one next season. ITATI LINE CONFERENCE jtncoln-Centeal rhompson Armstrong Swca City Sentral up two big first downs, the first 1 41. Four running plays put the your worm •.(t. >&} '$ '(•• The chaiicts are 9 to 1 that cattle coming into your feedlot have roundwornis. Even tlie healthiest looking animals are probably infested. And blood-drinking roundworms do a lot of damage yearly, About 250 millions dollars worth. Just how much could it be costing yon lo feed roundworms? Let's say you have a hundred bead of cattle Say that they're only, lightly infested with roun'clwonns - 300 eggs per gram of feces. That's lip to 6,000 roundworms per animal. Over 105 clays feedlot time rouiuKvorms could gobble up more than 6'J> gallons of blood per head! And here's about what it would cost you to maintain the blood level of your stock:' 52,8 Ibs. of concentrate worth 528 Ibs. of hay worth .: 264 Ibs. of grain worth $2.11 6.60 6.60 $15.31 per head A f ','* ."< A i.i i It's costing you about $1'5,31 to feed UIQ \\'orms in one head of beef over 105 days. Or §1531.00 : for 100 head, v - • Just one feeding of the new CO-OP Qtltle Wormers will take care of round• worms. Thiabendazole does tlie job, and it costs you about a dollar per head for yearlings. This excellent wuriner coinus three different ways - As cubes, pellets or crumbles. have the facts on safe, sure worming. S|op in or give us a call. r • ^* .COOP caltle larmers with Thibenzole* Whittemore Go-op. Elevator HOBARTON BKANCH . M CO'OP and Sun Feeds For Top Performance CO.OP Gasoline Fuel Oils Oils and Lubricants Call 5*5614 one on a seven-yard burst on third down. The Bulldogs then stalled out the game, picking up three first downs in all, ! ine. During most of this action the field clock stuck and was unstuck, again and again. Confusion reigned but there was little 'Voub't Algona's race with the clock was hampered. i'; '' Then fists started to swings •and a player from both teams , was ejected., But the Bulldogs t held on to the ball for the win. • *','.' "'••'• - ''. .' ' - ' ] Hampton took the opening iickoff and marched' 54 yards n 11 plays with Grant bulling iyer from the two yard line, tfitti four minutes gone, thex tors had moved for a quick score and it looked like another, long night. ^ But the. Bulldogs put on drive of their own and with 3:25 eft in the quarter, got the iqualizer on a three-yard drive >y Steve Waller. Bob Farnham's run for the point put Algona in o the lead 7-6 for the first time since the Clear Lake game many noons ago. Waller and Farnham ran well n that first drive and the Bull log offensive line opened up luge holes, as they did for their runners most of the .night. Algona amassed over 300 yards and over half was on the ground. A, 28-yard, pass to Gregg Betts also ate up a big chunk of yardage in the spurt. AFTER THAT, fumbles pla- ball on the 30 and then on third down, Betts worked himself in he open on the Hampton 4-yard An interference penalty was called .bn the play but Algoria didn't; need it. Betts caught the >assvand eluded the defender to ;et in with the score. Reidinger an the all-important point to make it 14-6. ALGONA MOVED the bal the third quarter bu half dozen touchdown runs this Burt vVoden-CL W 6 6 5 4 4 ; 1 0 L 1 1 2 3 3 S 6 6 - Results Friday Armstrong 27 TJtonka 0 Lincoln ;* Central 40, Swea oty'7 " Thompson 52 Woden-CL 0 Sentral 51 Burt 6 Games this week . v Wednesday Titonka at Woden-CL Burt Woman's son Will be hostesses to the at the are and MEET XiO(i chapter No. 3S4 of sigmaAPHi m«t sept,, Helen Haas. LtattM w€ij? Irene KodaSch and .. Ofiicefs tor 1966-67 a« follows: Inna Dee pres.; Jean Haas, Vice.; Dertice {jook, jsec.; Ruth Jorgenson treas.; Helen —_-- jfma Dee Cook, o.ty 1 council. Zeta Xi met Sept, 20 With Lavonne Peer. Marvel Sherman was hojtess at the joint October meeting. Katie Anderson and Dorobny Zeigler were hdstiesses ot Queens J>a.nd Festival Day. Xi-Ai chapitr met^Oct, 18 wita Pait boyiuJ. LessoniS were oy Marvel ohcrman and Jan . Roger Lcmmon was guest speaker. Next meeting is the home ot Ruth isov. 7 at jorgenson oncn well in several Hampton suddenly camo alive after .a short Algona kick and starting on the Bulldog 42, went the distance in five plays with Dick Anderson going the final three yards. The point-was good on a quarterback sneak and that's where it ended, 14-13. Or should we say that's when the fun started? Algona again got lots of 100% efforts. Roger Barr did a fine job at quarterback and the junior tossed eight Completions in 18 throws. Torp Claude caught four of them to give him 21 for the season — just one short of Jack Williams' and Dale Teeter's modern record of 22. Larry Munger and Claude played fine defensive games as they have all season. End Don Hagen did some good work as - Burf — 'The Burt Woman's dlub mcit Oct. 24 at Ruibh O. Patterson's, with Vera Bradley assisting. The program was. on "The Challenge of Caring For Others:" An article on the problems of birth defects from the general Federation Club Woman drives 'fizried/ Then was^giveaby• {felen. Smith. Jim- Sellers, field consultant or the Iowa Society'.for Crippled Children, showed slides and told bout Camp Sunnyside at Des kfoines. Joel Chiipman who had attended this camp the past summer, told of his experiences here. Mrs. R. E. Webar and Mrs Art Menke, Bancroft, for the Eas ter Seals, were guests. Nov. 7. Rochelle Scott, Ruth CLINT YOUNG "Bulldog Guard" did lots of others — Camp, Dreyer, Young, Jones, Miller, But if there ware big play it was the Munger-Jones tackle that killed Hampton's drive in the final minutes. This was a great individual effort and saved all the marbles. •-, --A . The season .ended .just about as most folks figured it would Algona could have Won s couple of other games and in fact, was outclassed by only one team all season — Webster City Besides the Lynx. Iowa Falls was the only team to beat Al gona by more than one touch down. .. .. : .'"'." ,,•••.'.'.';.' .-•••':,' Some rangy sophomores and a number of veterans will give Algona another representative team, next year. If Rich Black who has missed three: straight seasons because of two broken wrists and an injured back, can stay healthy and provide the much-needed speed, Algona could surprise a lot of folks next season. They don't lack guts, that's for sure. But without a doubt, the UMM MOTHD JEMME • • • — RENTALS - To complete our real estatd service, we are adding the list- ing and showing of rental property. If you- have property to rent, or wish to rent property, con- tact ; . . • . • " :! ' : MIDGE KUESTER, Sales PHONE 2M-3271 Cranston, the brownies Wet<* will meet alter - .. _, school hottse ihd.odliea-'for 8a£/ftte North fowA Courted Ci»nlte& tot leftde** Wiiljk neld ftl We Hkel Hantdfd in Ma- soA tky Nov. lt>« f PARTY MONDAY The annual Halloween party will be hem at tne Legion inatil MtMiuay. aupt. Urucc Oainstoui is cnail'iiVn wun me usual pro* gram iht ; luttDng a movie, judging M autum^ *»*d awarawig pnz- ' Clarence Andreason of Neosho, iVio., si>eiU ias>i weeK visiting rel- in butt and Algona. MOO- CHANGES STATIONS Airman David Rasmussen, son of the A. L. Rasmussenis, is stationed at Amanlio A*B, Amanl- lo, Texas, training as a supply specialist. He completed his basic training at Lackland AFB, Sain Antonia, Texas. He graduated irom Burt high' school in 19ft V attended Iowa City and Simpson college in Indianioia where he received bachelor of science degree in business administration in June, 1965. He entered the service soon, after. TEAS ARE DATED Several membership teas will be held throughout the county by the Kossuth County Republi can Women Monday, Dec. 5. Lulu Hawcott and Senna Clifton will be hostesses to a tea. Mrs Joseph Skow, Wesley,'will review a book. All woman in the area are invited. GIRL SCOUT MEETING A Girl Scout committee meet ing was held Oct. 26 at.Mrs. Rus sell 'Patterson's. On the commit tee are Mrs. James Fries, Mrs oay gututs at the Haroi<l Andrea-, soa * were the Alvm Andreasons, Algona, Ciaivace /vnturea&on and WIN. Qeiia acutt. Guests Tuesday 01 Celia bcott were tne Harold Andreasons and Clarence Andre- Wednesoiay at Alvin in Algoiia were the i, Clarence An- areaisons>nd Mrs.- Celia Scott, « Mrs.''Donald Patterson attended tne I. S. 15. A. convention in Opines. They also visited soa' John at Kemper Mill- tary Scnool in Kooneviile, Mo. George Patterson, who. has oeen. flight in&truucor at the air school iii Norman, OKla., spent several days at home belore euir taring setVice Nov. 3 as- National Air Guard at LacKland AFB, San Antonio, Texas. 0. E. S. Past Matrons club cancelled the tour because of conflicts. The next meeting will be Oct. 10 at Ellen Holmgren's with Jessie -Miller and Erma Pratt assisting! ;Tne program is by Lulu and tonel Dremmel. The Legion and Auxiliary meet Nov. 1 at the Legion hall. Hostesses are Genevieve Graham and CeJia Scott. i; C. B. Cniprftan is a patient at Merby : ,h5spital,'in Mai,on City. Richard i'taik him Oct. 24 for oo- servation,. N ' CLOSE-OUT 660 CORN COMBINE OH ALL BRAND NEW 1966 CASE - TERMS TO SUIT ALL - - Implement Co. RICKLEFS & GEELAN REAL ESTATE ALGONA, IOWA By George They've Got It! DELIVERY TWICE DAILY Phone 295-3762 East End Grocery Alg«n«,

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