The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 13, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1895
Page 5
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1LGON1 REPUBLICAN A. W. Stfribaen ft » ¥ —v- ^ .fniSlstheiadntliin Which hobddy should be sufprised at the weather. People who knew it was going to snow Monday night were not disappointed. and Mrs. Quarton rejoice in " ft'gtri baby f which d t ate% » i tbs i_, ffdM tfriday. , Bf. Ir g^Glasier has just moved Into the Balbfaith house,,twd doors north 8f the KePttfltioA^ offlde. ' * ••*< .»J Cletk Crose issued abarriape license, dn Wednesday, to Herbert W. Ogle and Lois Gray, of Bancroft. H. A. Jennings, who has recently re* moved from Burt to Swea City, was a RBPtJBLicAN caller yesterday. There will be revival meetings each evening this week at the Free Metho* dist church, conducted by S. tf. Lewili, The Baptist ladies' Missionary Socl^- W M.41I *« n _J. «.1H»—-H^^rf't rllinhlHr. let, Mist Wettfict fttftam»i^»femfe 16$ MJS| JSBte Walke*. Mf. BerLMc 1 . Omeri, John Nichbls, Mr. Albett Olstrs, Miss FMfltfis Swfefrey, M*a. Batf&ra Smith, Tbley Brothers, Miss Hattle Tasdenialker, Mr. OJrln Caulking. The GerWftia Creamery Co. elected S. F. Smith president, Ed. BosenaB secretary, E. O. Fitss treasurer, and Michael Christ, Wm. Sfafader, ^ohn Sinttb, John Heatland, 0. 'fr Monsofi, August TorMne and L. Gingery direa- tors. 4t dancing patty fi'CdutTHoUBe Waii limited as to -iff attendance, but; twHm* ty will meet with* 'MM C Saturday, March 16th, at 8 o'clock,, Bev, W. F. Barclay dedicated a new 186,000 church at Mason City Sunday, The church is said to be one of the finest in the state* The name of the postomce just across the line in Palo Alto county has been changed from Fairwill to Fairville. It was a happy thought, ,, The Whittemore Champion ^ays: Charlie Bossingham has sold.'his iht&- est in the retaurant^busi^efs tojJVl» A _ _ and pTeased"the d"ancers very mueh. 3> E, McMullen, of the Wesley-.porter, was a visitor in Algona ott Mon* day. He info*ms tia that he has leas* ed the Reporter for another year. The paper under his management id a live exponent of the interests of Wesley, Which is receiving j.due recognition GALlfttinUWiNWttLL/ Count? Auditbr F, B. tifftttt And Mist Sadie L. fitawdl tfftit& in " - instant, the BBttrstioAS Was compel led to omit the Mine of the bride, which it ean now say* was Miss Sadie L. Bonwell, of that eitt* The wedding took place at the residence of the bride's t>a* rents, following, whieh.Mr. and Mrs. Calkihsitdbk tn6ir;?dep;ariure at otfee home m the l Mcintyfe .<nouse, recently vacated^by Dentist Bist,-which afMtds very pleRaktfib 4uarters; vJChe bride is a graduate of the State University and has for several years been the prine> pal of the Blue Earth City schools* Mr. .Calkins has raised himself still higher Itf the estimation of the people by the good Sense and judgment he has displayed in the choice of so cultured a ady as his wife. bright aM intelligent ifef attd in fact all the mm that ffiMe IB* IteMtfci? horses •famous, afid 'hia 1 b!«Sd may be traced in part to Kentucky, the ftc- kjfowledged horse center of the United st&tes. "Not otiiy has he r the- Kentucky breeding but is a descendant of " Lexington," the best race horse that ever trod American soil. Histmrivaled pedigree will appear ne*t week as we are forced to leave it out for watt of spaee. Kortie, and is going onto a farm. The ladles of the A. L. A. will meet With Mrs. J. W. Bobinson March 15th, at 3 o'clock. There will be a program and a pleasant meeting is anticipated. There is some agitation of the proposition to establish fire limits and shut out wooden buildings from the burnt district. This has become a serious question. >''» VA V 1 Miss Tillie Cramer spent' Sariujay, With friends in Mason City. l k _She'\dld j not return home itt-ttfnVto teach Monday and Miss Myrtle Putsch bad charge of net room. TheDes Moines Register remarks; The town of Algonavhas.becqm distinguished as a place jot t bKnt,., magazine readers. >*ItUS a-dlstlni worth having. %i/ J. W. Hay will soon move into the Cowan house now approaching completion, east?,$0f.'WiK.Fejrguson;!*} riM*, Sample family will move into the house • they wUl>vacate.<.i'< -1 W '••• •• &. >»W x& The Wooster restaurant, which was rendered homeless by the fire; has been comfortably housed in the Rutherford sample room building, where it is already doing business. Arthur Button, who had been Independence Insani^ Ajylum f< months, returned nomeTastTh ' He is apparently much improved it is hoped permanently. The repbrt" of, the i Ch,. on the milk of his branded • cows claring it wholly free from tu germs, has strengthened ML ., belief that the cows are aurigh .,, W. Wheeler waj^n; A&ou,, - cr , few hours Friday. He reports that bis daughter Genevieve is recoverin^Batis- abroad,as one qf, the'finest towns in- KolsutijL V-%. •;: i|> i '• > ''•"••• v ^. HVftiiey waft the first man to draw blood from an insurance company on account of last week's fire. C. B. Matson reported to the Aetna that he had sustained a nominal damage, and by return mail he received notice to have the loss estimated and to pay it, which he did, afcd the company is out just $9.50, besides postage stamps; -- u Un.cle'''Benjamin .thought to figure afta representalfve of the stern majesty olthe law itf bringing the burgM Antz beforeihe Barxtf inflexible justice, but iThe ^BM^Mtteltdr ^'cbtotticles the ttfarriafe'pfM*. ; ir,ames P. St&w and Mlsf Cora B, PafniiJ second daughter of Ben Paine, of that place, which oe* curred at the home of the bride's bar* ents, Wednesday evening last, Rev, Wm. H. Kelley performing . the ceremony. The groom is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Stow, a young man of good prospects and popular. The couple will tfo to housekeeping in Port* -land ,,;townshipi'',;.wb,ere, they/ have a he couldn't get his man out of jail. f'Uncle'? Benjamin figured that it would be a bigger job to get Antz out Of jail than it was for Mr. Hunter to get him in. It was a little come down for that officer's dignity, but he felt obliged to yield to the higher prerogative df his official superior, or words to "ia$ effect. queer blunder was made iuthd tTDMOAN's report of the vote for r br in the second ward, the Vote for Ray<rw^JAeJpfH>ut at 99'instead of 29,' th^correctfigure. The error was due to a mistaken reading of the poll book; and^fallure to verify;the votes. Appeared from the figures given that fHafegard-'failed tb carry the ward,- fieri in fact he had about 60 majority. .It is due to Mr. Raymond to say that he dijd- nob authorize the use of his name. / Th0 repair shop which O. H. Good- rich'has established. in on,e Qf the jCpwIfcs buildings Across the the R^PUBLiCAi^ cfflGfpt? is beKinnibg to receive ^proper ^jrielpgBiitlonl »s'«''vec praiseworthy enterprise. Mr. Goodric is a skillful mechanic and machinist t variety of Work. He -.tPfeR&ONAt.* Mr. Mallory, of the Buffalo Center firm of Mallory & Hoflus, was in Algona Monday. Archer Hucthlson returned to his work in Louisiana last week. L. J. Rice went to Eagle Grove Monday. ' lies, of fidvermore, had .a* .V.-L_«_ nBt ^ da y ; ~ i'A'ttorne ligalbus'iL- H. A. Pal; Stow-Patte? Br. Keneflck arrived home yesterday from Marshalltown, where he had been for about tiftrtf&fcr,.' V:V.' v i : . F. S. Verbeck, the noDularrepresent- fctive, of BarnBar great anti-truest? town Tuestlaf, ' •? 3 »*fejattendfi'd the f a!t vBurt last. weeTc. jpindfer, the 3e fouaders v .was in i^- 'iUVJii-i'Ll..!!.. 'iCi . meeting of the Co_^ V .v«yw6sheid yeliterda, consider some improvements that ham. been agitated of late. Without reaching any conclusion the meeting adjourned one— 1 " ' "' '"''"" ' 1 TMJr™***"*' **M'] >S ^ " •"^n»^~~""^~r~ •—.— j n~ — -' Md Whatever else may need his atten tidn.'.proving a serviceable -'member of the community. .„.., :. ., The Courier hits the nail squarely on the head when it says: Itthe city Council has any authority in t> wreck of the bulimnft Goonian Idt ftuj|htetOToe ordeied torn down. Aoh'lmney stand- enfcy»BV6 feet in the air, remains ng and liable to tumible-Mer at' any i'time and might do great damage when it goes down. The building is beyond^repairing andioughfcjitfff $>$s&: movM. Lot some action *--'-•-- ' *-• the matter, f Judge Quarton's court lorei than organize and ^day printers into puwhasing.s^me^f,those handsomenew#fibeK^ '•• '•''••• - -. "'•" J. C. Blacktord-.ttormerly, cashier of the.Firt NatidnalSank Of-Algona, has accjipted the treasui:ership,.of .theSipux (Sity Engine and Irrftt' Works at LeedSv sjisttburb of Sioux City. .v.. Capt. and Mrs. Wm. Hringham and Miss ! Cornie left for Florida last,wed.T. riesday for a shorttrip. * '"'' •"•' ,•• Mr. Geo. Woods,j4|iMUford, ? .,w.aj . a, Visitor at the Normat Sbhool last Mon- iday. Mr. Woods Wft8 a student of -the Normal last year. '""' Miss Anna Longbottom, a teflS^her in the West Bend schools, Spent ftdayTjs- *«*« the Normal tblstfweek*? She was |prmal student for several terms. v WEST UNION ist of J»honfca at .; v f ftttd Watericso ti : . in view of the interest- which has Men from time to time-expressed in Algona and neighbor towns in the matter of telephone cdnnec"tidhSj the" re i cent test at Waterloo of instruments intended for long distance comffiuaioa- tioti will have an interest; to. Kossuth county readers. The Waterloo courier, tells as follows of the tests, which, would appear to have been Wholly sa'ti* faetoryt Theannouttcement'that'Wat- erloo and Cedar Falls would put in a new telephone system has attracted the attention of a great .rnany, different companies manufacturing telephones; and today two machines, the'Phoenix and the Gerson. were exhibited and- tested here. The Phoenix is manto factored at Indianapolis, Ind., .and is represented by E; ! E. Ifailey. of Chica* go, the patentee, and 2. : Paris, of In* dianapolis. The Gerson is made at Philadelphia,, and is represented by E« Stevens, train dispatcher for the C. G. W. R'y, and one of the incbrporatbrs of the new telephone company in that City. -..-.• .. . -f :..••',-•• : • '-.., This forenoon these machines, together with the Harrison 'phbne, Were submitted to a critical short distance'test; between-Br. Bennett's office arid resid* ence, a distance of about six blocks., A Phoenix was placed at either end, of the line! Mr. Yaxley, the patentee of the. inatrumerit/operated the end * at the: doctor'a residence', while the still srnall voices of newspaper reporter a^nd others were poured into the othoC, receiver. ' Mr. Yaxley'cbuld be distitibtly heard, Whether whispering or 'standing several feet from the'transmitter and his.back to-.the, transmitter. Then ..the Wires at the office were' connected !$tb the Ger'son 'phonei they still being.con- nected With the:Ph06hiX at-the'* resid- .ence, and about the same results were Obtained. The Gerson-and Phoenix were also connected, at they,office, with, ttie 'Harrison to the TeslderiCeT^tlr th? results were not so good, probably on accotinTot the conne&tibriaf ' *'' ; ' "' £be Phoanix exhibited here today, is designed to talk any distance up to 100 miles, and up to 1,000 miles with extra wr-app.inm.of the wire. ,', v ,'.„ , Watertw) cbnT^sed wif^'' Qel!wein ( shortly' after "the passenger'*r.r;jj.y r ed this, forenoon. Mr. Steyens, who arrived on Ih'is train, immediately , attached H his n.,«tfnn tncitxiiVnavif- fn ""41 ''PnflfBll t.Plfi. f,' 1 '. £^' The great singer Nordica is billed to appear in Bes Moines on the 24th, find it .will be a matter of pleasurabf"- est to Algona that Miss Kate will play first violinJ$$Eif thirty-five pieces. The special program given Friday night at the Normal was jrcpn success. The haUjyasfpackedwl people, and $18 wa^»ken;4n. ^iTh ercises weie of JrtSign "ordw, ano^l ' present were well pleased. After all, there was a «eep laid scheme back of the opposition to the '. IlbraryJtax. ,W*'*Q9mfai$Vfyn up, and the jjuspicfon Is confirmed TW* T ^._M. _ _t>J t .*._ . - V...I4JC tVa . on closing exercises oil the West ^ MW - Literary Society were held ^Thursday evening, March 7. As ^an Oratorical contest was to pfeorit called 'o\it 4 full hdi •'" "" -'-*' J WUVV^ktAM^ • ^- *«.VVM«*'*•"» •"" -W7-—— *• — — ™ • — er agiainst C. A. WTatSon 4s pn trial to r da'yfTThis is an action bri a> landlord's liment for rent, cQmingifpnxjiear. itrong, and numerous ; ' witnesses present. It wiU,Teguire.a.da^ :;and \\f to dispose 01 this case, in which .Ivan., Jt .McMabon and Geo. E.< Clarke are the attorneys for plaintiff and defendant respectively, and the trial 6f Br. Felling ot r "'- J iring an abortion, Geraon instrument" to. ••"$ ''Pp^ail .Me,: '. giaph wire, on.the west side, andhao » |. nice i'isit With r ttie agent at Oelwein.' Others in the depot here "calledupon" the-Qelwein gentl.eman> Despite the']. •disadvantageS'-Of a'wite,lor tjftefteaTis^j' *"'sdon of telegraphic ''messages., t^a&f, . jrds came with perfect distinctness, I* ByjtheB^ni^ meiins, and with the ordi 4 ^ narylGerson 'phoneay Stt.Paul and Oek " ,180 mile^ y anart^feoniiiiu^icated leach othtir last Sunday,•wrch"gratf i lults. Oelweinhas'adopted the its .oforerecess'WaSfIvlin.alWrfal, . disting of declamatio^ifijfwwjf..etc? * Jt any 6ne doubted he Was Irving Unaer the good old democratic times At- long atgoJbe would have had his douBtt dispelled when the co" up to make up the ( lara was the anj Was iexpected!" •oould ea»j" audierice. contained less thart oi^e,, amount asked for. The;presl< took the floor p > n-.YWasf;«aken gsv 'Three ft-: gonaa >PD andmovt oougW.a thiK 7 about, face on M xampla His goods, .which have ty-cmra screew. nia goows. .wmcu u«vv been stored here since bis .departure, ^irew Bhip.ped a few flays --* " K/ " '' Supervisor. B, F, Smith • wiljl ™. WK aucttoiHsale *t£ls placei nearj PTi rflUIVAf, *p«" ^t •• •*w»»*^>«»»-*^ H.I ••-—w—' -. ™— '» — —-— more; Sunday afternoon, attending the funeral Of Mrs. J.». Martin, a lady •"" years01 ,agft« ! '^9<"i^f.^ ajtricliten wi'~ iralyflis while at a social gathering, ime^teemileBinJthe.poUntrycWett* nesday last, and who died., o$ Friday «r. .',„ - ! Ttfe deceased was married tine five ;ean ago, and, 1 Wp'rior marriage sur- jriye her, two sons and one daughter, the litter being Miss Mary Bates, a •teaaher'near Whittemore, 'Mw. Mar- ieigWbor,,and ler/ntimerous «*fw»* w»»^r ••— "••, * settforth the J lfOhe nttnen' Bbciiaty VHLA* *UU&'*'V*j;) '*** ^^w%«»**' ~,.r*»»»fj , "—-— -— ( interested iiPburnew teldpiibne §*hecfe€ Wall present, and participated in the tes|. He was well pleireed With'what the 1 instruments, could .do v as- well- arf werefall others who witnessedlihejiest^ Them are many excellent.'telephones ->*H6 market, and our local 'exchange'; illh^va no difficulty in choosing.;% ->^unless it be the difficulty.-* ?5 — sen different makes Wasviinder to— r .^~.-r.~^-•--- 4 - «d,|asit had promised^ fa|[tWnUy. to |g^y« as prizes $1.25,.flX» and'75c.| and contestants *ka4been-laboring hard to win the prizes and that the society was fill, honor bound to fulfil its^promteesi;' The^atvwafyflgain passed and itulthe. •amount coltebtfid'was short ^oOc* I This Was About to lawaStttonh into a liast great effort of persuasion on that mon- eylesa attdienee, *?When • fe; gfencfeman handed him the^balance.iloVwake^p Special-linen gale next comnjeinsing Monday morning, at ' .^Walter Walker. Bey. Walter Walker, of Elgin.111.. ;ive the third number ot the 'Bap- idlefll Lecture course a%^he;Bap• SG % Thursday r^vepjlngt V -: last yeai*, will , DO' a special this season, it will bis ai ... much stronger anii^- HA 14 y !TkU't3Ji 1 ; e¥t Vwl5>»hewTfSe1fal „ ;;of bis famous Chester White ho, ' i a number of horges, inclu ; trotters, lof :«, a ing for over rF»—\ ^'" ",^^*~ rrr V "" "t" r ffJ ^rf^ t \4 «i« the fillwau^ee Yoad. Sr,,«4lbraith had been working'hard all d»y attending to .numerous. de*aiV» «* business. the required*' It must ^' not- be audienc se „ dbllars. Now inferred that the ...up. , not be ampy- repa; by the speakers, ttWtheyl^th-eyWere'living under, a hard time? i$mtnJ$raWpp;; a.nd . wbeii, instead of counting dollars as of yore, they had to count the pennies, and as» pf ,tue,|arm had taken ' a tumble as well as the democratic J»R; Jis subject will be,,. "Qur ance, Its Greatness and Ita iBt_ = Walter Walker is;tob well ktaoW^to; the pe6p» of Algona to make itneces-' gary to assure them that a rich treat is in store for tb«m. Hi? Subject is/we- of Intenae-'intBiresttoieVery. American citizenfrandit-will weft repa/n etew residentMtt Algona to'Tnake an eflqrfep hear hi« lectwe. On-account of sick* nessBr, StrkWand, of Sioux City, wa» unable to fill his -• engagement k last month, but wfll here later. f Black,gofflt^a-specialty at? Taylor's. • t;v,»<» 1 >"l ' ['i i> ..a •/•" ,V ' *" •*'* ** " ' '^ « . > * ••' '/ ! 5 5'',". < f 'i >v , 't t -tf «. M f\ •-""• • ' h ' ' _ V ''""'Jmmi ' •'"'"> ''1m '-VJJH. '' J-'"-'- Damage^ fe^ Fit^j ana .Water ',\C ,>,• :3 Ji' W* a«? jnafong.extremflly low prlcw, on Fancy China, Granite and Glaw ware*; W e want them to go» and ( at ou« p^ices^ t^fef will go. .The 90 IbsiBMgar for jl at Walker Bron^tf F.g?roeri «re. going wild Tbe Wigwa&j .fi.w th .. ^._ t , outfit with a new stiff bat. w»gt» fee held »ttbe Methodist his wife had preceded him - - - '---^- given on the y^y^y •VPf II w^T7 =-3~n T-.TI™- - • TI n T-»- *•-£ dent of the depto quarter, with whom - - - - r ~>^Backer Biehmond, of Swea Qlt/, was jweiety pjr«8Wf»l! -a k Jarge tfin?Uory to draw waffna^ndUionpf Syri||>l>ytUegaU9n,869 „ Fred DftYl?, two., meat and most accop have charge pit 'f bat }a table of canned goods is fte; ' of c^ned gcrods iQllyes by the pint, quart, w/ gftilo^ .»< j&W>0«^pgj^^ r '/ * * ! ""f > & VJratVB* la A *»!»*» L- / -' V' omenon lasted three ,. gW yftom bowse. New,« l^n at ooce, ' • i *rn—*S-.'Ji^«l« **.* /^»«,A«A4iiw'A**»"i'-«rowowilt«ii^ teaftWilii^ Al»JMi«ilt» <^jt j,i» A j»*««*«*fci "]^"i ; *''l' -.'•''"' .' i'' »Jp,* *W« *.* '* <- f VWSU1RM **5555£i_y^^<»l. r^'^ Cb'ttae ^SaSiK^D^'famoujB BfiSton 0-oocls prices

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