The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 13, 1895 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1895
Page 4
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TEACHERS TAKE COOSSEJ. #' Large and Enthusiastic Cdnveh- tion of Kossuth County Mild tfi this 6ity Saturday—V*tidu*fM#iiti«i Questions of School Insttuction and Polity are Debated—Convention at Bancroft in May. : ' _„ County Teachers' convention, held in Algona last Saturday, was a booming success. There were upwards of one hundred teachers p?]esea;t f and the Sigh School fo$m,was ' : ed. There were niiine'rou.8 read, but these only introduced topics treated, and opened the wa; animated discussions, which erally participated in. The' interest shown was deep all day, and more young people took part in tfae.aebatefii than at any previousimjeetitt* *-**•-*paper was read questloW } and then came sharp discussit.-.-,--_ , T . ; .-.- r .,,- r ., morning, as t6 whether; ofe not. di» narians were born * ait<L ' *^ *^ faculty or acquired inclined to the ability was a not be much wanted rigid had occasion'' of discipline. Prof. E. read a ceived and Diet witjjLApproval, which was evinced by the 4ebate and com ment Wfcftch followed. ; Prof.;^i$b|irdi does mot believe in teaching by ^mita tion. . He would ask jjueations.,witch ifrdepend,ent didttict „ fcitowtof cation, appeating in the Courier of Friday, oter the signature of Geo. E. Jlatke, Esq.., President oi the boatd, bat 'ia that, impression we were not mifltakett:. ,*, .- - .•...•.... w jtix 'I'UiB JL^LJL r Be- GottRilSttMJttdet the above cap* ioii ttie BMftratiOA» asks the above question. As a member of the school board I desire to say, that the estimate mad.fe by the school board at the time of joating notices for the annual election nade a mistake, in this, they omitted ,o take into consideration the $2,500 ,hat will be paid in during the current ^ear. It was their purpose to ask only ,he amount necessary to pay the out- itanding bonds, of 14,000 and interest 'or two years which will be flppfoxi* inately $4,370; there is now on hand about $400 and the levy of a year ago was $2,500, making $3,900; so that only about $500 additional will toe requited, and that is all that will be asked at the election. The board Would not, as We understand the law, be warranted, in evying more than enough to meet the lUtstanding bond without announcing he purpose for which it Was wanted. ; . Gteo. E, CLARKE, ." >;,-.;,. Pres. School Board. •j;%lth the present valuation of the Ind.e1t>endent district a mill and one- give the amount requited, ^_. ; _..._ „ . and our school levy can be ititjdbWn 4 3-4 mills. ELECTION. fr .Ticket in the Field— E. B. But- and e^fiipiby'ojther"means of securing; an intellfgent expression of the thought. Chidren must be kept interested in, reading, if they are;: to read wijm expression. They mu^t be taVKhfito^pro- nouno| all hard Words befpie ttjp fda< ing begins. .;> •?,. . ; ( i \^, $.. .,&, ,1, Pro$! J. R. Byers, of Bancroft, very interestingly discussed '' The tion,'£and at least 25 took a parbir discussion which it provoked, which was the most extended of the convention. ;'.'if permitted the teachers would have given the entire day to itj. Hortdn and many other |tl agreep with him that when aj oiffi subject was before the class it be exhausted, even if more time taken to do it than that allowed regular program, Many favored th( idea df having a certain number of recitations take place i during a certain timeJlutfWould give special stress and .time to one today and to another tomorrow, etc. , It a|peared'also t&K * believjB that grea| Hjarm lowing, those tot sy,$5»ip no lasting good B__ Prof. DTK. Johnson's p«^er <A 11 Methods o£ Teaching was will received, learn £bout the ment which is being placed before the public., It seemed to have many •cates Ejiuong the teachers. «-..,*rf.,V*r l l'i «with t^o pieces angly rendered by a dase of ten girls, with M|ss Randall at the or|?aa. "Methods mar," |y Prof. F. CL i temore^drew forth tiae moflt exciting <debate|j^f the session. Many «egardei the subject, as a. -veiy, ;<djp«wtt OJftft«to teach. |S. H. Mctfttft, Miss " A Bancroft, Miss Zellb^fer^ofci etaa lo^a Normal School and a score of otjters denounced Harvey'« as siot a standard work and as being behind the times. Eeed A Kefr6gg y i Grammar had the greatest aunbber o: advocates. While manFlaidtiae^ame of poor teaching to the tex$$Q use, many others thought flie^i laid Wiktiii the teachers thenaselYea, cause they disliked : the '5tt and bonce were not qualified lit*) teaeh if|. Prof, Bower believed in consultiM many text books OB tfae same ob|eet and taking the best all* A fate was taken and a majority favored |»i» views. The majority^ bow- ever, denounced the measure at fusing, and toe source of mijch evil since auibbora differ';in the t^ms;- p; use fop th'e flame thing. Prof, Cilly, the Norina,!, closed the ex a lecture on Meneuratipn. He bad very large supply of with which to illustrate and be was very jnteyestf^g, p{ the ki»4h»d ever before^,b>en by our teachers. The next meeting will be held in at the' c»W of SAVES on the Republican It» •#$*$ 'tf . „ Wben calling 8tte«tioa; lii^V y appjesred to be tfepfa 0 ,^,! bause {ana largely jn'excees of aa mawd up@D it that co«ia lawfully be ^IPjIsF *^ RS*ai .rflfeV:., -rff rli^fij ff-i i-'-1ffjfe7tWn4*iir/-Vi1 i ' in'' i i i Ti'ti i ftflltin I''' IhnTn l'Wn..lJl-'- —- g •'— * ' '"-•-V Beputy Stitt Vit&iflAriafc , plies the Tuberculin T«*t to W. A. Chiprti&n'e Httd ot *'.- I' ' ' ' '. '• '" •-' .'":. Me Fails to Derttt Any Tffttft of tHft Dread DiseASft in Any of thft Cows.— A eoftii»Ut€ Vittdic&liSft 6f E, J. Gilmore are Elected. ia had a very quiet school eiec- Wim Monday. There was but one :et; in the field, which bore the names ^ '~ Gilmore and E. B. Butler and ed all of the 124 votes cast. I'he estimates for the teachers' and intingent funds were voted, and the adftd estimate for school house pur- !s^*500, was voted without opposition. The levy for school house fund Wl"be"cW"dbwnTrom the' presehnevy betweep 4«and 5. milla. Tbe menvelet? ted will be valuable additions to the board. As for the retiring members, Capt. Ingham is. at'.,,.present in the south, and^ it was known that be wrfuld not return ia time to; qualify if elected. He lias fteen a painstaking member and has performed valuable services tojthe 'independent' district in «thA erection-of the^school building and the beautifying of the grounds. Many 7Mt. Robinson desired him to »...„--- -^- aother. term, but he concluded that he had served long enough. The duties of the position are more or less exacting, and the responsibilities are gceat, inasmuch as the dearest jj, " 9 f»f everjr home are involved ^ njluct of 6'ur schools. ; The 'sthfe tax is Jtouch larger\th«i (all. the other taxe* nut together; but there is no iblaint. The people desire: that this uld'fee so, because their "hopesJ,c6u> tered in their childr&i depend in such * Fg«' Boeagiure -upon' the- character *oi ie schools. A BURGLAR TRAPPED. Jitti'iiprto Rob Walker Bros.' Store Ends the Capture of the Burglar. iut one o'clock Monday morning itch, and Andy presence of a gh>r ia the Walker Bros, grocery rej^aud after securing ceinforce- !enls and putting the doors under Hunter and Charley Walker entered the store and captured him. The burglar, who gives his name as ;as discovered 'behind [.flout 3 sacks in' the back the store. He offered no resiet ance, hi« anxiety seeming to be to obviate unnecessary bloodshed.- —When MlscovewJd , l»e ; exclaimed "Don't Shoot,'raifdpqt iip uis h»ads expcditi- volver. He baa entered through the transom over (the rear door, getting up «n the storm laouse, and pry ing the win 4owiopen by means of a stout chisel ^bibh he ;hid«ePurQd. along i^ith an- «h'erbnej by breakiag through the back door of Jas. Orr's paint shop, A fine overcoat and a pak of gloves he ' ontppdftbe stoqpa h^use. Once '-" tie tiled to brestk' open the/back give Mm an easier exit, buj ed; and'was penned' 1 in when the officers closed on him. He had broken •open the money drawer^imashing it into frits* but got but a few pennies for hjitpai^j,. He was searched, and on ni^'rpferaon was found three gold watch ea, And three peeket books, but only a fe*r cents in money. He was lodged in jail ^nd Monday forenoon was brough beftwe Justice Clarke for preliminary Y^hen4>e waived examination was bound <wrer to the grand, jury, Some time ago W< A. Chipwan took steps to have hia cows tested for tube?- culosis, but when Mr, Lund's herd was gone thrMlh with'such destructive ef* !ect he lost a good deal of his enthusi*. im 1 for scientific .experiments, and Would have been wiiting to let the mat* ter drojju But the Stale board of health apparently has great faith in the tutier* culin test, and sympathises with Prof, Stalker in his uncompromising advocacy of it. The board evidently does not propose, to let pass any chance to apply the tuberculin test so long as any; mrt of the appropriation to cover the expense of injections remains undig- mrsed. So last week pr,,E. E, Sayeirs teceived from QoVi ;Jackson a peremptory command to test the Chipman. cows, and 'taking With him Charley McCall, a recent graduate of the voter- nary department of the State Agricul- turaVCollege, he went up there last Friday and spent that day and the next making a careful test. There were ten cows in the Chipman herd, and seven of these were tested, the other three being with calf and so not liable to the reactionary effects of 'the tuberculin test. The seven tested were found to be entirely sound, not one of them showln' feverv The result is r^as- suring.tqithe farmers of thecounty aqd will put at rest any suspicion that the> tlairy' 'herds of KosBUth are genej?- j$]y in6ctijate<3( 'with tuberculosis. It te|ids to show that the average country bird ;is sound and healthy. & y k , pas>oH.-h}8 case this wee nt*is » young j^erman alxiu.t 5 .feet 6 n height; and- -about 150 pounds in weight. He hftsa sandy complexion and a red mustache adorns bis otherwise «»ib«>|^faee,r He 1 talked freely 'to his cantor Hnd claimed to have a con* federwtftf-iJip was outside , and go away, mwis Ifajft v trtarm'. He : claimed there were two other aien who were go ing through one of the banks the same night, Jp sftid^be foar ca^pae, ( down from Baifcroft on Sunday, butnfopHcit confidenee is not placed in his stftte- . rtsi J[)aUy and mghtwatcb 0* -W Hunter went over to Whittempre e»rjly Monday morning and made ^n ^rre«t on suspicion, fipding a youpg man who ans;were(i io the discriptiott pf Ibe f ^ iedged pamper pf Ant?, The njl^yfa brought 4 pver here on the 'morning passenger and soon established bis identi ' Y M Herman H^gg. He bad ju?t cojwi ,QWB from Ba«erQf tr where he b« |)een visiting a friend, and was, on his to'gbeldon. Special ehoe sale at Goeders' for 80 ays,, fa sure.9n^ look at our log ot shoes and prices. MOBBTTO'MAKOH e»t ana tb@0p.ers dc» To TK'e'City. Council at Its Laat i -I •••'.-"f>s... < Meeting. , -'• -.'.; I.-') 1 REPORT, j ! •'"'. tin or.wate"r;rjt5'n.t'.ifroui Nov. i,. 1894; "" | -V* ,7 dl' statfern*w Mr Collet- . n REPORT. SpU'nt'Ojr iw( eoniinjtt^ this otal..~ 201 81 . 600 800" . . rBsontbs salary..... " heoity.. v ^ vs »4 v ; $ "-. -:v ,:v,,:, -*- RBPORT. v-VS •*> 23 3 895.— brtfee'A. Gill, Mayor-io account Algpna: ''- .'?*, to ..*et), 83. i' . 181. ••; .?:?.'.••••••: .:;• -CORTBA.. .book also stows license' to 5f. flt^bblns June 6j IBM, on Treaa. Oearb, nBoiiey'hftyiritr bteefl 1 psld'to him. Also Jmn ; abbotingr.guUery, KaOO; , money paid to ' i paid Satapson on contract \JB, 1804...... , W5000 pj^1d"Samp6onDec.4..„,,. 20000 i paid Sainpaon Deo. «, toal ' . .contract...,,,.,.....,--.. 189 " " r...-., 876 frqifl Counts: A441tor.,.. ,«150 00 ttom. p.M.,*^,?. R'y... 80000 arranHobttl account.... 4 44 |35t 44 , «- (r v,ieve ttie^blll Of Suirveyor Tel- .lier.foir making special survey to coo- Wfcitb requirements of 0. H, & p, ft; 3B«€o,,- land MlmiH>lnK work everbeen acted upon, I would sit that In Jttstfce to h'im this ac t should 1 . be .^llovire.4 or he ehouW of the feasdo why it bats jep giUqwe.d,, :ybe survey of the RtftifaeestjroateB for the work by 0, B, Hutchtii8( has been set. P.rf TO, {KLcUeflj All t.he money Irawn by in'e of the f 150,00 appropri- the city Ja the account of $4,44 -.atyjQBr iftstvflaeettng for re» e deeds,, etc,, and the amount naM|0r gewer tiles to Hamilton Bros, " :x •"" • >' .." - a--' I • AV'4. OA^4 Disk Harrow will ncrt ffl&fee ypu wild, but delighted U you wish to keep up with the titoeg get one:, They are alltbe go, gold by . M. ao4 g. •" a specialty of collections JJalf our carpet samples g9netbefir§l . Still ft ^ood assortment at the 1 If you waot fine a gib. Thursday, Marc 1 4, . ' '.•'•• - , • . ;.-••• ^ '• >^^ ^ ;. ': . : •. , . . * % Black Dress CoPd Dress Black Dress Silks. :>l'd t)ress j 5,000 ^yards of the 'latent styles and best qualities, at 5 cents. ^."V.'.",i ' ; :v'v ,' ' 4 •«! . iU '"> ' '••• V' ?''£ >>:;> '£ "«"•'•••••.;<•"••••'• ' *''•' ' 5 '*' '' ' Pnt ? m flannels^ 1,000 yards ;'-c$.extra good vaiue,-at l$b^ ' •''"• f •'•«,000' yards? of 'Dr^fl^^itig 4 .,. *!•• * .•• ; " -.'.. .'.;-"vv: -7».'.-•',,• ,": '•:(•,"••' , hams. 5;OQO yards 'ofr apron •.»!.'. .iiiHi« Shoes for Babies. w& *™ P%7 es !§ Collars and from 15 to SO'i ever befo^, ^&^jit& :fhe public ii* to ]. well seleqted Istpofc Youra \itiiMiU'fath'i;- -..jj; • in all tlie a- lower tliilri immense and •V Vi /••'M,l *'.' V' • ""•" ^^,,v".; ; ^ ^L/»' " v V *> r'M •,•;••, i < f>, X •„ < , 'i. ' > : "<,, ' .-,> jyv 3'H • i,,,-^^A>«*^^^

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