The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 13, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1895
Page 1
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ib.. . •'.• '•••':' • .•": '•••-•',' i-~ *:'-''••'. -".•-:• * -Wi ..'H k;(' f VOL KDS&OTH OOtTNT^ Jt&WA, WEDNESDAY, MAHCtt 13,1898. NO. 24 '•; 'I,!' A pound of the genuine article, not Wesley, Whittetribrt *nd Bancroft *ti4 e«iftittMi' &• t>ay With ; ; 4 -»).•«• '1' At •*>">. nas retame S* v . nfeV t ; - fo The city elect'lo'n last .Monday' was the hottest fight ever khewh here. J. B, Carr is a very popular business man, '.but. the younger element wew very friendly., to S; W. Callanan and elected hltn by 38 majbr- ity. There was liolll feeling on elthef side but it was a firm, iqutyfe, h6toest/8tli i uit«ie for votes. On Street i. Commissioner" this, fight was still hotter, the candidates be}tig : Wm. Galllon and Jas. l 'Whaien, the presf ent Marshal, and the l.attpr was elected by t'he remarkably sui'afl ' itiajbtity 'of ih'ffee/ 1'here was no contest on the balance 6ftH6 ticket. The vote on each office was as fbl-u . ' • . 'I 1 •,••,/. .8 lows: ;. ' '• - - '• '-• Mayor— i v '-•• S. W.Calianat^ J. B. Carr . . . ; . i I . . :. . . . : ........ . 9^ Recorder — :.:•"•' W. P. Latdloy ... v ... ..,,.. . ..... ...... 214 tttilversallyagfeedlobeft jti8t dfie. The mvlfder was one of th« most bratal in the of cfitie. The law of Mintiesota J. E. Blythe will r^iffo ffoffl thii ttifthahlp of the i-epubllcan state c after the coming coventlon. While there are some who want to keep the women in their "spear" if they have to lock the door, thftf e are others who Would give thetti still larger fights. The Buffalo Center Tribune is one of the latter., It says; , . W he quefttfdh s ei ted on Monday nds for a city lib upon rary. . ;.It being a qutStfoh under the present law la which the women may particlpate.they .Were out in force and exercised tnelr new . pnvilotfe. We hope the day is near when their flfhtg^lh this respoct will not be abridged ana, they may vote upon every proposition toT which the men are entitled. 130 Street Commissioner^ • W. J. Gallloh .....,.,.....; •jv^. Jas. Whalen V; .V 1; Councilmen—' '.,. . . ' If/',•;. A. J. Berry man •. • •....... ..........<.. 221" '' ' EDITORIAL SCINTILLATIONS. Buffalo Center Tribune: Algona cit- 1 The total vote'cast;was fe^ the largest known bore. T AT WHITTEMOKE. 'Champion: ^Election Is over and and tranquility 'agaln^reignB/ ^t bulent .spirit, "• Virh'idK arose,'' flapped: •;•$£( '' ' ' ,. r _ ? _._„__.,,-- hovering around - -^.... day^ijas'spent itself or vanished into,tll$i' alr'Srid : 'ho"brie now kri6ws,from whence ^ came or whither ill went, f So'far'as Vi' have'been able'to 'dVc'eftafri' •: ^.i.- .»,• i'-> «£ _ _A "\i ? J-j.' V' . t '• iio-uy ^Mpyo&.vaiu . «llt3i.' tMf^x^-f-ff^., issu'pplfed by imaginary ones. and Complete Lin&iif ,No ; c&use ''ha^' yet shown itself to-prove that each and every candidate, on either ticketj did not haye thq,.J?»st interests Of thetdyvn at heart., poljtfca. were iJot...In'.'it. Hepce we conclude 'that » alked abroad 'in our midst In'day- HghVanil has disappeared, hiving done as little harm, as such ijbings itfsujally 1 accom- p^llsh^" We do 'hot b^l'lbve 'jiWof 't'he can- ,djidatesjeally wan'tcd th^ offices, but after. |,fe8ikvJCcl,fiw4*«J»ad put them up, tbose friends strained' every ;ner..yje,'ito them from' being knp,cked m* ^.'i** Jl ^.-t • .^"l . l ^ i A *• £^ "*" this useful improvement. It Wilt in- hatoce property values far beyond the cost of construction and maintenance. Beacon: The Council Bluffs Non- pariel quotes Secretary McFarland as saying: "The arrangement in our section of the state is to throw the support of the Tenth and Eleventh districts to wntcliever candidate shows the great- «8t-8tfength outside the northwest." This, nay be considered a very pleasant arrangement on the part of the candidates, or some of them, but it Would be interesting to know by what Authority such An "arrangement" has made. The Sioux City Journal the charitable view thatthe Sectary has been misquoted. It insists at there is no such arrangement. " :The LuTerne News says of our re- cftnt fires: These fires are a little expensive, but they have proved to be a good thing fpr Algona, as the burned districts are always built up with, j^jrick and morter. *' '" /FIJV X1XD .OF, GOOD BUTTER OR FRBM EG&B, GALL OX > ':K-K' OVBlt t AL QOJfA STATE BAXK' , Abstracts ofTitle, Rpal Estate, Loans, v» -. *.; . • • Insuranee. Foundry and Macttfe Shop, VMULLICA & OHNSTEDT, Props, "\ye do repairing of all kinds: Vlfoto and /?brass casting^ and boiler work done on rt notice. Pipe and pipe fittings and brass gobds of a'll kinds in stock. We are here'to stay. S)»op east of Katherford House. , HSf Mail orders promptly attended. , , -^—• & OHNSTEDT, Algona, Iowa. Alices, .eifeept= - Street *&om^8}0ner. ,\6ne> ''f^A'b-A4- urn'4i nnA Wrrt+'t* fttA nni ^Av.4-U A nfO^M. , . , icket won and'it l[ld np^ Jor-.the, office gained may be considered tfie^alaer's loss. ^he votesw,as as follow^ : Mayor; Hatch «3;JBoyi«56. Councilmto, Hahn ; 17j Mc- ^Donnell'61j Farley 60;' Swftinson 58,'Treasurer, Hatina 64; Lillib'ridge'sp. Recorder, Paul 51; Yale 64. Street Commissioner, 'Thompson 92. . ~ ;„ > WATEBWOBK8 AT WESLEY. ,, The election -last Monday was the most there" DID YOU KNOW WE KEPT • • • * • Groceries- Queensware- Glassware- ( CANNED GOODS, ] DRIED FRUITS. ( FLOUR. WHITE AND DECORATED. j TABLE SETS, /WATER SETS. Agents for WHITS* SWAN" FLOUR. LANGDON & HUDSON. PROF.KENT^ LAKE. '' The United States government has refused to give a patent to Prof. Kent, 'of Ames, to the land formerly covered by. Lake v Cairo, whjch the Professor recently secured from Hamilton county Joy'quit afialfm :de«d, and which he has ad drained w,ltb\,ajVle^.o|§9pvertlng, Brow pp'i|^A»'^^. »——*Jl if*f liJt *' !t** *4 Spurbieck & MANUFACTURERS AND PEALEIIS IN We will save you mousy on the following : Bslttng of all kinOt-Uftttur, Qiwdy and rub' cowpWe gtQ9Kot»niliWW'».»«PP»e» ; GAf PJpe wjfl.flWni'i i eiobe Y»lT*» ; aU ktuiB, of Steam f lUlngs, Hoie and Ho«e Fining* ; Oils of all ktndi, We h^e A l»rge rto«k of Oylta- Gr«Meafpee|»lty, Large s$09k of other goo&B loo nwneyowi to mention, Fwfcory and ( sHpply Uouse nsw 0, «J N, W - C V|«e-Pf?»i >». RwWer, , Smith, Aia'^CM THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, IOWA, g4Ft'J?Al«, $50,000, QASH,( ^exciting ever witnessed in Wesley. motive power being the waterworks question. The" people living and doing business in the central part of the town were almost united for the proposition, wh'ile those living on' the outskirts and the less enterprising were solidly against it. As -the ladies were allowed to^vote on\he proposition they turned out. in force, mustering 98 votes. Mrs, 6, M. Butts and Miss Leona Hopkins led the opposition, securing by their personal efforts a majority of the votes against it, while MesdamesPior- 'son and Eddy* and Miss LuellaMcpherson did excellent Service in favor of the proposition, The total vote being 222, with 44 majority for waterworks. When it became known that the proposition carried, anvils were loaded and fired off, reports of firearms, horns; tin pans' and everything capable of producing noise was brought in to active requistion and every body indulged tn<a general jolincatjon. • ^EP HOT AT MJVEBNE, The News; Last Mpnday's ejection was one' of the mpst bptly contested that has ,'e,ver taken place In IwuVerne, and, while the result shows that Jt was not; even dose, a great deal >of hard, woric was done on both sides, The vote wa? >Ue largest ever polled in Lu Verne, every vpter in town voting, 'The m,en elated are aU good men, and, as. shown ftt the polls, hftye the confidence pf the people, md we'B'ope to see kuyerjje, prpsper Curing their admin- istratioQ, .FpJlo'wipg ia tl»§ ticket elected: Paul FjPPbuw, ma.yo.r-; H- If'. PimmpftS, re- aordei-; B, F» Bwrtl? and peter FJgJ» c»«' ' |wl}>rto, ftad Ww, ' ' ^stopjny^aper'XdQu' .. it." pis request wastoheerlullyjcomplfcf. ed with, and an-houriaf teyward-weeaHfe the fQllp^ *-- ' '* ---— • " ^ months' uiuuuuo, 0 m#*WLpUJ.yUt,i,,,, rod;anothec,Ji6u 1 r ttib^ma The town-jrecdived'a $S%ie the" next- morning, • be paid' 75 fits, tot nls team' in the barn over night?'and wen$'home°> satisfied. \V[e/got a .dead beat off the, list and his .family^ mustrsuffer, the.logs of what the.cost of the drunken spree amounted t6. There is quite an element in this country of this stamp that would make elegant fertilizer if ground up, but no one on 'earth knows of other use for them.—Brltt Tribune. PREACHER AND EDITOR. , A preacher came at a newspaper man in this way: " You. editors, dare not tell the truth. If you did you could not live; your newspaper would bVa failure.'" The editor replied: "You are right; and the minister who will at all times and under all 'circumstance's tell the whole truth about his members, alive or dead, will not occupy bis pulpit more than one Sunday, and then • .he will find it necessary to leave town in a hurry, The press and the pulpjt go hand in hand with whitewash and pleasant words, magnifying little virtues into big ones. The pulpit, the pen and the gravestone are the great saint making triumvirate." And the great minister went away looking very thoughtful, while the editor turned to his work and told about the surpassing beauty of the pride, while, in fact, she was as homely as a hedge fence,-—"" Parties wanting hides tanned for opes would do'well to correspond with Boyer Tanning Co, of Witerest, Iowa, Send; for circular and price list, SiS^-SM Wbite comb honey at Langdon <S Bucjson's,, Spring Styles Have Arrived!- They are beauties; yon will miss it if. you fail to see our new stock. It is LARGE— We have an assortment to choose from and many exclusive styles you ! will not find at any other 'PHIOES-— You can depend they are right whemyou buy, of AND GENERAL BANKING- $m^ J» % : apnei; TT|,— — 1 T»—'_ — S . l*£1 , Irow this t|me on, e && Jft J« TAS, A, QRR, J . t t t t PAINTER NMTOGUW. WALL Juet^the thing fqr, % cfee^p t>o<?k "It Is Alwaf-s tete njw s$W* W, n -&W e v7 T 'i"-";f "»« *.T it-"vit- ' AU%;tha|,to»ory south pf the 'i}n.gty»8eYeB (97) JeJuithB laareio? M»^ be W ai TWstimeit 10 NEW DJSSiaWW OH AMBER SETS, GLASSWARE/ TABLEWARI^ &WQ OTO m® Qf,

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