The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 6, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1895
Page 8
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W. J* Studlsy, Druggist P« §, NORTON, Dealer in LUMBER! And all Kinds of Building Material, BANCBOJFf 4 IOWA, MAKGtt 6,18&5 187k ,1895. When in need of Hardware, please call on ine and set prices. I aim to keep the best, such as Garland Stoves and Ranges, Baker Barbed Wire, Heath <fe Milligan's Paints, Etc. *T. DON'T TAKE ANY CilANCFS Abstracts of Title. 'Our books wo. thoroughly complete. Norn; but exporieucod abstractors has over n a word in them. Our work is done by competent persons, arid is guaranteed. work will coit you no more thnn poor. "Bring your work to us ami you may be you got what you pay for and take no chances. JST REAL ESTATE FOANS. FARMS AND WlLU LANDS. HAY & RICE Opera House Block. Algona, Iowa. (C.L.LUND. ESTABLISHED 1880. J.J.RYAN. (Successors to C. L. LUND.) leal Estate Dealers, Algona, Iowa, We wish to announce to the readers ot the HEPUUMCAX that we have extraordinary faclll- Jt'.os for the selling of fartns and unimproved lands In Northern Iowa, und we Invite everybody <wl»o wishes to dispose of their property, to call on us at our office in Algona or to correspond. As soon as spring opens we nave a large nurabfcr of customers from the eastern states wno are ready to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonabje.prlces. We belleya in fair •deallna and If voti want to sell your property for what it 13 worth, dou't waste any time in listing with iis ' Yours respectfully. LOND&KVAN. lot. Fire or Tornadoes 'i Is yonr family protected, in case of fleatJi,l3y a,life-policy in a solid company? If not,. . r nrircnHLi,- ^ Of the BANCROFT INSUKANCE AGENCY, submits the following companies for your consideration. This is the strongest line of companies in any agency in Kossuth county ; and does the iilargest rbilsiness. All city policies arolBsueci in Bancroft and'c^n be had on shorl notice. We can do a more careful business because we devote our tinu! to it/; Greainery and tlireshing ma oliine insurance a specialty., ; ' : '" " ; ' F1RK 'AKD 'r 1 *Htino7i!r 'ot'-No.w Ymrk,' •.'•' .. . .; ;.' Fii'o Association pi' Pjij'l;uH:-lphi:\, Northwestern Niiti .Rockford of Roekford. State p'f DCS Moiiies. ;: Capital of D'-s MoiiV'.-.,. : j ., M ihv .. ,.„... ...... ...... rs uMite; Moliies Anchor of Grestoii. ; ' • Dublinue Fire ami MaThu 1 of Diiljin'iiiK, .'. LIFE COMPANIES. of Ncsv-York. uMiitual Life of Now Yur The total'assetts of tlie abbve companies is $366,678,181.08 according to the Auditor's report of Jan. 1,1894. •it. M. Kiehiiioiul, Pres. M. V. Siiulli, •' S'H'i? J'j-n.s. . .A. li, ; Uicl)U)oiiil, Oastior. (''. .1. I.eniinder, A-ss'f., 0;i,sl Traders' Savings Bank liAKCflOFT, IOWA. Land, Loan, and Insurance Agency, Established 1881. A 1 wge ii«tt of wild laruJs for sale, Iflapjoved farm§ and villag vproperty for sale or rent. Farm loans on long.time ami iHw'rsitos o? interest. Ofllccs nt Bancroft and Swi-'ft City, Iowa. R, M. RICHMOND, OALE V AT THE OFFICE OF CITY LAND AND TOWN LOT insurance GO. BANCROFT NEWS. Chicago & ....'... ..9 liam ..... ?ayff<3lght...:il «sm *ay freight.... 8 isam pftssenser ------- 4 08pm fftSsenpter .. ..205pm Conducted by J, A, NEWS OF THE Wesley. Votes Watet WbtkaSdftds—the Ladies Gonttibute theit Shatc of the Majority. terns of interest from Neighborhood Cot* respondents. WESLEY, WESLEY. March S.—The 4th day of March, 1895, is a day that will lotig be re- nomborod by those who took part In the justness and pleasure of our city election. The election of officers Was quiet, there jeing but otic ticket in thefield. For Mayor, F. Hume; for Recorder, J. S. Gallagher; for Assessor, II. McCutchen; for .Trustees, Ed. Kunz, F. M. Bacon and M. T. Ash, and for Treasurer, F. II. Carey the men elected. We also voted on the question: "Shall ve boiid tho town for $5,000 for water works?" which carried by 44 majority. The ladies took part in this election, 98 of hem coming out to vote. Thoy showed their usual enterprise by their faithful vork, and not one ticket was spoiled. Flf- ,y-nitto of tho ladles voted for and 39 against tho proposition. There Were 347 votes east. A few of the ladies worked very hard, some for and others against. The winning side were jubilant, while the lefoatod party take their defeat very qulet- y and philosophically. Wesley was a isy place last night. The winning party turned out. en masse, and the booming if cannoiv, the firing of guns and revolves, tho ringing of bells, the too ting of lorna, and big noises of every variety tes- ,illod to tho joy of the winning side. Hurah for water works! Tho next thing of public interest to bo voted on will be a new school house. Then .here, will be some more fun. Ed. MeMullon is a Mason City visitor ,od ay. . Mayor JJarretf. U doing business at tho Hub. Business is Improving in our town. A great, many traveling men are'Stopping '.re. and 'they are : selling lots of goods. CRESCO. CHK800, March'5th.—Miss Carrie John- sou's school closed last Wednesday. AlbertMcClellan,' who has been very low with pneumonia, isslowiy recovering. His'moUuir, through constant watching and worrying, is also nearly pros.traltod with insormiUen't fever... . ^'.,,V ' Al. 'Patten Is inaking" great destruc(i(pn iivthe S; <: H. Potter timber lot. "Some one •'Miss M'uin 16 s 'Anton common hov brother Chester'sis'torc 'at Irvihgton, Monday: *a.s 'doput.}'""ijost mistress .and clerk." ' ' '• '' -' : ""•" : '"*' , "' "'" ,.''^' .' -Frank- Millorj 'tiio gcntloman vviio. woiV- otT'tlio'-Fry : f arm'last, year, 'tia's incvral.".'.'i p Sextbh. : ''' ;; ' '•'' ; " •'• '•' •;" ; Loroy iioAveu solil twenty.-ffiiir hogs to Will 'L'acy one-day 'fast-, week,' delivering twelve at Irvingto'i 'arid "twelve at Algona Thoy brought, the snug sum of §140. • MI*« NolHe Kaestnor is kindly 'asylstiiipr and i'.wing' for thesiek in 'tlifr family. ••' •• - : • >'-• '" : : Mr. iKihn's sale was quite well attended, bur, the horses' sa'Ur-very low." -Runidr: arii dial, Mr. Bonn and daughter* will gr toJll. ••• . . "• ' '' ";••' ?iii'. and .Mi's. 'Alex Tirown were called U B u'r C : 1 as t T u esd ay to' see. Mrs. El 1 a Tiy t h ors, nee Wolf who isiiot"e'xpccted r to live. •]\[)':-".'Eva Kelloy and'children also, Mrs : JW (:'. Taylor, mother "of Mrs 1 ; ; Il'iittic ,Chnbb,'s'tarted -Monday o'ye"ning''fOr Ohio 'Mrs. Taylor goes to Newton Falls to visit lit>r sister,'and Mi-.s. Kelloy goes to Marri 'otta wliwvMr. Kolley is empldyeii' in- 'a mill. They will make M urrietta tlie'i'r.'fiH- Teachei>-"Geofge» you tnay ieii the chool which is the best stoVe in the wofld." Geo.fge—"The best stove in the world is the d^vMt stove." Teachei—"Whj'?" George—"Because, ifla said so." Teachet—"Well, George^ how does out ma know?" George—".My tna knows because she ms used a JEWEL stove ten years." Teacher— "po you know what stove, your ma used before she got a JEW* £!,?» George—"She did'nt use any. She was just married then. One night be* ore she Was married, pa went to see her, and he said there wasn't anything oo good for he?, and, she could have tnything she might ask for, and. she aid, 'Then biiy me a JEWET. stove to cook on.' " ; Ah>x ('•Jiilingh'aiu is working "Hrowii. . .KiJward Sabin is working 'for 'Jurnoi '.Su-wart, those days', Mr! Stewart's ' hahc lis getting along as'well as could bo'exi'iee't : ed ! . _ ' _ ' .'. ;••••" PENTON. ' :••;• KK-yro.v, Murcli 5.—Win. VV.iiisbroU i putting up a now hog barn. ^Vill is r[gh in it lo. 1 raising hogs niul that Is' the wuj i,o got rich. ••: Willis Talhnim, of Uuncroft, wns on om streets last week. .'Ioo Shutter his sulo bills out' fa MarcUS. 1 }.', " " ' Jlable Bros, hauled tholi 1 lumber las yvook for u sha-iity on tho land they rent erf at Fqrsytlio, 1 Ed. Chl'ischilles is improving his place a lit'tk. Mr, |vliiig|oii.ofer, of VVtiUto|«ore, .wa>. vislving'..his'•'spij-jn»|aw, our i Frank lUiily, last week. Thoy were woi pleased with this country. Mr. Kllnglo liofer is welcome here. FORK, K, March y.--Polor IChi^ of Ohio, js visiting relatives in tills vicijii Hy ut prosont. • ••-.:•• At< the school meeUng in tlie .Muuly; district, l j otor Oovorn wus ttlecfced for ( term of (.hix'o yoar,s. Mr. mid Airs. W. A. Uadendoril uuii soi visited in fortiaiui iv (W days Just wook. Misses EnmiuJudn, Edith Pavison y,«< Myi'Ui! Fox wjll close their schools in Port Uuitl,t)ij8 weel(. .. '' .! E. p. |3dUy w,u,a in Algonu on M(»uiay-af this week. . ,,<.•. a fv-w 1 days ut T. week. , Washington Bates •• > ."••• ••• • • • \if •., • •-••'>.•,•». Stand Op And Reeite," "Itoyoii think your. et would baft with her drfitVEt, it she cbtild tiot get anotbei-f' Geotge---"Ko taarta, t heard hei tell pa she saw iri the paper that thefd were 2,500,000 SEfWfit stoves and fatiges in use, and if she was going to get married again there would be 2,600,001 in use, for She would be sure of always having one JEWEL in the house." Teacher—"George, you have i-ecited n perfect lesson, you may go to the head of your class. Just one more question, George. Tell the. schdol where-the JEWEtw stoves and ranges can be bought." George—"The JEWJJL • ..stoves and ranges can be bought at C. M. Doxsee's hardware stove, where Mr. ,'Winkle used to keep." ' ' •0, M. DOX8EE, WINKIE'S OLD STAND.'It Is Atos Thiatime it is NEW DESIGNS IN= CHAMBER SETS GLASSWARE, TABLEWARE/ETC. ALSO OUR LINE OF. Jardineres. Don't fail ^o look tl^em over; they are.spmetliing'entirely new. ipg^ Capdi^ fo r ; 5 u p" ^° Cpippar SAHBICIAH5, apdtto ClAUS r THE N.KURBANR COMPANY- M. F. <t. f . HAGGARD SEAL mnn ^ MttBDnm ALGONA, IOWA. &» D. OLAMRE & 00» * JT & J? «/" fr ft a i*d f JJ^J\vf* -/rft/rfli/i O» Otfffce on Bodge Street, ( Algbnfi, fo#ft. >. a tiAi£, ri/sAfc j&srATfi MJrjdf^a^rt^/iC'f oftftvR Pdftntornaation in regard to lands itf , Northwestetn to«ra, write to mw, thortngton street. Algonft, CHAS. nr.o. ft. or.ARKR. CLAttKti& ^ TTOmSYS AT LAV?, ALGONA - \ ,- • .. * . IOWA, GECX B (Successor ttt-^Vi fe. Q.uartoii) Attorney and OoutiBelor at Law, AtOONA, IOWA. Olllco over KnsstitlrOomity Httito Tiank. SULLIVAN <fe MoMAHON, ATTORj\ f EY8-r AT- LA ff\ i'ostofflce HlocK. , IOWA. E.V.S WETTING. ATTOR^Kf AT LAW, Money to loan. Algona. Iowa. .T. 1,. UONAK. U, II. BONAK «fe FELLOWS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Collections will receive niwunt attention. lloomsi 8 and f), Algnn&SttilQ BanU Rranoh office at • „ ' Wosley, lowu. . ALGOtfA, DANSON <fe BUTLER. LAW, LOAX8 AMD LAND, Collections a Specialty, , Office li» Iowa, S." 8. SESSION 8. ATTORNEY AT LAI?, touus uucl Insurance. Sucutal attei>lloi> to collections of all kinds. Omce overohrischilles'.store. Algona. >owa. L. K aARFIELD, M. D., 1 PHYSICIAN State street. Algona, I own,. M,j. KENEFIOK^M. B.^ OIU(!« (jvor Baylor's store. AlgDIUl, low a . PRIDE, M. D. pfllce over driedcr's Gtoinmg Store. " : fowa ;' L. A. SLIKI .p STATIONER, Pritfinrlptlbris lillud. Deals ifa" paints, ftria. • books, porfuuieries, etc. Opr. State and TUorington sts. AjKoria'.Iowa. Regular Office hours! 8 to j'a a, »»,. H lo o p. in , Over Wlchler's Kuviiitute stoic. ,.,. •'_•' . . . • : • 'v.jlcsljlettce nor^i of tnictf. Mi 1 , and Mrs. W. L'. (lidding* and son Freddie, visited at Krcd Rlngsdorf's Saturday and Sunday. Tho sick in this vicinity nrt'uli' Publisher's Notice, * ij fo. i Will Unvl-iin ljus moved lo his I'ann on the Buffalo. Miss Emma Dixsun is somewhat Improved and was tukc-n t'o her homo iu liaticroft last Sunday, Hugh Connor and family were In J'ort- liiud last .Saturday. "Mr. and Mrs, Wm. lilakoboan,, ,ot .pan- croft, spout a day at Mr. T''an'ow'^1asj, week. ' T. A- Hutlerlleld, ofJJun, wusjj) I'ort land lastMonduy. iWeiicrgevic ltKlie8,or gents Wtintutl to cunvftss. Above salary guai'auteed. Call on or address A. MeCll/itock »t' Pritt, l«\va. . ' 1 li^yo uulimitecl monoy to joau o« long or sliort Mnie. AND DBltUNQ of §U«li*8 tofeQrJwf ot- .«PttM8«l»Pd flf o ALBION, '» D-.D. S •/liocul anaesthetic for <Tcadenin(: puin 'in [inns when,oxtmctjnB teetfi. • . .,- • ; 'E.V.SJ. GLASIEB; D: 0; s. DENTAL ROOMS .Over thp Algous State Balnkj / ij'JSCU^ ATJ'KN'riON- GiyEN TO/SAVlJfO The'best of ropdorn anaesthetics used to make all operations as'pajnte'ss as rtos- nihlo ,i, , " / For the couve»jiier}£e,o£ subscribers whose place of doing busi ness is in sojne other to\vn in the coun- ' ty than Alffonn, an s>rrangeine'n£ jlip SLAGLB been ro^de by the publisher wjiei- on subscriptipn any one of the Fanwors' untl T 1 Hay ings, Bank Bvirt W«ITTBMQPB — BanK. HQKiR ft, BBUN^QM foy the year in fc}»b / gd l ibere P ' v»tei!, giyen is jnaiJe \vitli any who; way This iUT view to fi,t W^Sv iBi $Ui })e given prpoupt fttto$jQ« ij. 'fj... i^

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