Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 6, 1920 · Page 39
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 39

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1920
Page 39
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JUNE 6. 1325. alii It 3 Cribunc SUNDAY M0HNING . '0 r' u I i ( i J ... 1 ... a V t . A Ml If - '? 1 V- .., i i 'V 1 A w V i f T ' 1 t,,3 nlx L. 4V", i IlAILPRESIDEfJT MIS HO F-IICIEIW The number of miles tf railways abandoned during th last three yeirs has been jrreater than the ttumtbullt, according to SL M. Fel-j ton, president of the Chicago Great i "Western RaliroadTTho .is testifying before the . interstate. Commerce Commission In hefcajf of the appH-fatkm of the Westeriv roarts for a J4 per cent increase tn "rVeJuh't rates to yieid them a net cperatir.nconie t S per rent, Felton's testim'ony sanimaries the transoortaf ion situation and th, reasons back of the rai!roaJ:"p!ea ' for n, rp-aI1ustmenr. He ail: "It is exsential to the welfare of the American pubh.- t!iit the pro-1uc!ion of is agricultural,-rrranufar-turinp. mining and other" Industries hal! le substantially innrense.i from year to year,. This increase of pro-lin-tiot! must be Kreater in proportion than the increase in population Jn a conniry havlngfis (teoRrapiiical ml top'ofrrnphir.il(haracterlKti4'!i of the ("nitfii Statesihe needed incrse In trfiliiction -Is almost absolutely dependent, upbti "a' cn i espotxltnsr In- -rease ofri:roa4 trnnspoitat Ion. 'The f.iriKPr cannot continue to in- rf.ist is crops, the coal niino'op-rator cannot inng Increase the out-juitof his mine, the-manufacturer -!) not increase his output unless tSiey j-an get , c qnatantly Increasing railroad transportation., t'ntll wlth-Jii comparattcely recent years ' the Increase in the rapacity-of our-rati, road noin.aliy TTcpt pace with th "increase In the country's productive cjpjiuitVv- ' - . ou ( tvniTlos ( IIAVGK. 'There wet e'nieg when.'the Rt owth of .the railrOHiTs out stripped the growth of the productive capac. Ity f if the country niid this has been In the., past partliuilarly true in the territory wct of the Mississippi, river. This condition jiiowever, no longer exists. m Data showing "the. growth and amount of -railroad traffic " handled reflect the fueft that there has beert n enormous Increase in the productive, rapacity of the country within recent years-, but thev do not tell the whole story because 1 think It ruav he nafeiu said that at no time within (lie last three years haves the raihyas l,Pcti nhlp satisfactorily to rtandle all the traffic which the in- niistnes or the. country have offered thein when the industries have been working jinywhere near to their capacity. The result has been that In all periods of large production- there liave been i-omplsiuts from the large producing Industries- and ruany of these complaints have been only too well founded. It is IttipoHfdhte to obtain reliable i aHstic-ns t,i the present prod.un-IKe capacity of most of our large ' Industries but in almost all cases where such information, is ohtalnuhlH Jt shows that large increases have taken place sirio-s pre-war days and that such ihcreases are still rontln-tiing- On Ihe otiier hand very' little has been done, to Increase the), rapacity of Hie railways. The number of ' riiiies of r.at!was abandoned during the last three yt-nrs has been greater " than number built. v (o(iii:s uititi:ui i). 4 "The number of locomotives and freight cars ordered during the tuor tlian two ears of goiernmetit control wouiil barely suffice, to re. place the number ordinarily received In. ft. year. The Interstate Commercs t'onimifilon statistics show that there was an actual decline of U'Otj In the number of locomtlves In serv-,ln 131S, andean- Increase In -the mimber of freight cars of onlv ' 1 4 2 :t Hnd.uhen the iilatlstics for 1ftlStMre (t-,'H!lde thev . doubtli"-s will show - that in that "n,ir there was frfrtlner I fle.-lrrie In the note hcr-finitil i 'loco tliotivex and freight i uts. I'urmg gox.crnineitri-ontiol not a itigie pjissetigei- -tr was ordt-red. H-iiert the rHiiw:js h ere -ret urtted to pilvate operation toe rat and loin-tnoiive tmildetn tei (oact icallv oitf of orders for f-qti.pim tit fur (Iotiii-n Itc use and hile r oii';idit'H ble orders have l-eti piai fil -ii(m Uven Horn! I'-Ulwav cotnlianit M have been obliged by general tmrtiii-ia! coiuiuious and tmrertatni v as to the -future to oifer tn placing or orders tor romp--, ment which - thev - Know Is - iiiiily J needed. The result ! that the ai- , radv urea' disparity berween thi'j productive rnptirltv of the rnun'rv-1 PMi Its railroad t apacltv i continti- I lug to Increase. 'iliere Is hut "lie I way to remedy this condition "and pi-vent the. tllsa slroii re-suits to I !'Iti'-h. an (irfrepnsJon if e'. f-u , on. tinqance of 'H w(Mild l.-a-l Ti.;..--., : to ina.: a large Invesimnii" .to ian j t oads attractive, in view of ' i - lo.es of lodu,!,.,. ami "re...dj r.poit.d i ."Me Mil and tlts of f-.eni.Ilts etiteritig nto , .. ,,' -,, ,. , " r.,t'n,.d omstru-'io, 1- it .a g. . l','' .'V. - ' "', ' ut.gi-a thai a- re'iiiti or nx i I r-..i' thatl. the est U-JFvelr demand; nd Is in it jC.au lit 15 ppropi lateiy M.io (ul Lout, tor the luolt;it lorn t.f t jn d'H'ute M W Mll.ll'M.I. MIDI I) "The construction of a- lure mount of new mileaKe ijrieeded In the Western territory. 1s)k hsrdiy rece,ary sipl)iui,e that this ftilleiige. will not, hh built tin, ens thre In a fair prospect of reasonable re lurn being earned ution Die tiddl. tionl Investment and that t-l e pros-' pe.-t, of a fair return tc-lng earned' upon uoh Investment wld depend, IJpon the relationship bet'eef' the 5 t-final level of operation expenses 1 tfid of rates. ' " i "Taking the plant. s It stands to-!ay and the labor operating rondt- ' (Jons as they noejigt, 4f traffic re. j Siams normal, it n my-nplnton that no sirfiftantial redue'lons in -operating experif.es - can h looked fur In -,be. Immediate future and it Is u ;'n Immediate future that tills cae f'.ites ni.rn the c'dil of the roads e restored and thev are able to se-ture the necessarv funds. The pro-tism odopted before the war by tmnv of the lines of mib'Mtiil.ii'g ravy power for light pow-r,, of r. u nig grade, of substituting, new sodun rfpp lances for o d, wpl be e-unied and in rourse of time re. tubs-will be peured,.-but rohlng tubstantlal- ran be accorn plisbed In he l-nrne ''la'e future Wh ether the roiiiuie of business !!! Increase or rease ls purely a matter of upei-u i-tiort. The Commission cannot xith f'e!y regulate Us aojustrnent in . .,.,n4Ut, hj -uiiipt.on tllher us to li' rrtli- lniiiifK or Of teael ( o', ' Tokvo has 1 1 ) isps. it It firms nuklnf halt HOTEL SAVOY on the southeast corner of Fifteenth and Jefferson streets, which has been purchased by U. G. J' a 7 " Glenncouhiv pTtalisitis'ari' intvstment in Oakland property. The hotel teas ouned by l.L. and V, P. Green of Butte, Mont. The purchase price, uas $175,000 ami the transaction uas handled by Will J. Laymance of the Laymarw Real Estate Company. , T I I ', KO' l.-.,-Mvl,lA j . . ,& I e vvh . . ' e w - 1 ' ' - NSN NEW HOMES AHE NERH COMPLETION HOMES CONTINUES With home construction pro-g,taineH. under rfay In Its three tracts. the K. J. Henderson -company is making ;i great effort to iteep pace, with the J-;nHtbny demand 'for new re.sldeimes. Ten bimgalbwH, of Colonial deslrn ami etttfcodylrig the most modern ronstrurthm featn'res are well on the vay to completion fit Haveneonurt, one of the 1 lenilcrsoii tracts Mhn-h- is proving very popular among the pcrions employed In tbojni.P., f the Heed ' Company during many F.-ft Oakland lnt!ustrlti.lplants. j tn p.,t month In tlio Claremont, Hlmllar activity W . In progress - in j Berkeley hill find Piedmont. districts. Richmond Annex and l-:ict tt i.- 1 .nop. j .Appreciation by outsider of Oak-twu o'her Hendernot, tracts which !'ii,nd' ideal home' conditions .Is (it-have the, advaniaijo t.f l.fitit; -local Cil -j :t ribnted t,y the .rotnpany 'as being HdUtieMt to .uitliiMrlnl reutris. , )nrgidv responsible as the IhdiiH- Pidargeil corm rut t ton work . ltiHal nroKres here, for ftekUfid's in- tieitie considered in i;iorimoinrAniex as n result r.r Jlic oeeoing to tno Southern- Pacific company of a rlKht of way running the' entire length of the tract on which the company proposes the 'Immediate extension- of Its electric railway lines, from its present term Inns at Albany thin. ugh to Kb lYmotid.. This rt ill tneini direct local ner.Vire. ftom fcim Fraricl..!( to Ttlchtnond over t lie electric system and will be patrlcu-Jarlv Ix-ncf ichi l to .an . l'tancl.Mco workers uliu rwl.in In . 1; iebmond Annex. LAND BEING SOLO s i ioe nf me rich t-irniluir trio's tif t!-.. Atatn thai ian ! e rea- lied In a quick run . from ii.il.lind and the l!.ithav di'trict In fetieral H the priqieHv of Hie Holland I.smd com-panv iii i larksburtr, f:fHeu tiijo-s mhiI liu ct of io i amei.lo. . - ..41-.-, 'Hie rim to Hie norland Ijtnd com-pmiv ttact. yli.-h thoi!;li tooluUttVyl onlv Ui r ce n h oil under tntcn-xim' cultivation. W on'v two aiiil" half hours Yrom onktnnd bv the Kan l -ra iictco. .surra inert to . electric. of tlto K'.onu a. res of tlm fertile land already sold. 100M ban been pur--h;ised hv men of l.ii.iAtjjtperlctirA In the -pi-oductlve river - sect ion who -I l.niiW the bent land 'llo y are nil j noilnrirr monei-. 'Hip roll is n deep t-eilinierit nvlxed wi'h the d4M:m tin.: - Ve;'el(it MoT of I Cltturle-I. . ' " -1 v More Oil Wells Opened This -Year Than Last tiiiiw pieven tl"W write I'll 1 well! v V eel; I I -1! It "1 A. rcompaied ih ln( ty:,m.,M 1 1 . ........ i .... . t ' a ! lie w i ci i p fl i 1 1 I .war.. w li li, I the ciiine- d.r, lb. Ti"-! for wilier phut -oft Una week numbered 29. , ( ..mp.ned with eighteen d u l tmr . t ho pieciuns Wei ll. ) earn tot.il to )! ii M X ; total to same 1,ite bis', veiir 417. ' I ui ,eiritiw or redlining lobs thl .ee( luiin hei ei) . Zi Uf . compared with 1 '! d'irinc the' preceding weel; Total dale this, veur :i;jj.. total to 'tiino date m.i r , ,'j X Ve. fibaiidone'l . this week numbered 1 . ih i "jtnp'a rnl with f, during the i ju.e.fcjj.fjmij week. , Total1 In dale this- "fear 9iV tutkf to sawie -dnf- liisi. vea r I. ft. www Phmp f)ftxi (14 DOWKEt CLASS AND PAIS! CO. iM otiriuu rv.o UA.M FAOl HKRa & J0BBEB3 - - 308-370 '1 wrlf ih St li-l tnd piiirllmifrt tor JOn.V 1XI;1 Co it l'li,,,.psi, .... ft fit ind Viin ub Makcri tio't 1. Fine Upholstering W.CmpU: Viikmii, rri-,.i taaMmkit, R. J. HUNTER fin Tchvrsph Ate. OakleB4 171)9, kUtllsk4 IW7, HIGH- FARMING BIG DEIVIAMD FOR . Xfl. abatement In Kastbay horns demand.--! Is Indicated, according to the l-'red i". Kced Ileal Estate co.nVtn' which bns been one of the , most, ac- tlvo realty agencies In tile, tremendous Oakland hotije,, ...luiujn. Home of the exclusive type fi,r heing sought just as freely as. the, moderate priced bungalows,, nnd a number oT these larger deals have been f'otisutmita'led .through the of- creased, iiopirht'tlon.snd home growth. ' Of particular Interest Is thn fact j pointed out by Heed that many In-: land farmers are purchasing homes In ttaklatid for their residences dur-j li i g the fda.'K farming months. ; $92,000'in Building Permits Are Issued A summary of building permits IsMir . by the 'building department of Oakland for the week ending Wednesday; June 2, follows: , ( lllKSII IC.-ll lull of ,No. j l(iitldlni" Permits. Costs I ll H. Dwellings . .-7 j;0,C!l5 : 1 K. .Itwelllngs I R.000 2 H. Ann rtmen.fs -1 1 3,r.oil . l" ' 7 Hi) ;i : :. i . 'i n - : to f.oo 12 . .'.':'(', 1 f-. WiimIm A Stullles. l-:b'. ttc. ign Addition . . . Jllterat ions, rejiulrs . . . Totals ..... . .60 Jsfi- 26 Oliver Plant People Have Picnic in Marin The emplosees of the' Oliver Utjjiu facturlng. company under the :. n or ineir organimtion, tnn TWtinl "c.outudl, hi.ent Memorial luiy "tit Pnradls'e I'nrk, Mnrlrt cotintv. . peveral hundred . guests en-loved the dancing, sanies and sports, while the office, force beat Win shop ul i :i-i i. ill. . iiiiiffl1 BAY CITIES TRANSPORTATION CO I)iIt host service between Oakland ml San I rani ixco, nixkinj conne tinni wild all teiuner. Peirery 5eri ( o in Tjulb(lY Cille. bf n OnLlaml-Phone Onkhiml 127; bin lroncuio-.Sut'er 3X2i mm 111 mmm Worki Ttl. Tt 471 471 i-m rtd. ntrv, Tnft III ET kTlTAL 00. I.trrt Htork, . Itt Eiillp.il. Prdmnt Surtlri Slift Milll Wnr of rnrj I ok r I pt Io rmr-Blr. rurltiht. Itrul SUinptm, tn'trrirrttern l tl Kim . Peom awl l'tnit i hln.nyi, rati Vuiutcet. M'iufiii ltirfi of fen.lut lo t'l . Tl't I mi llrlrll f"i Silting. ISOl Ht0 t; i,t ont it,, dir. UtiOi tn4 Rn - t tbla Avau Otklinit, Cti.- Straub Manufacturing Company tENEHAL MAClll.MSTt. rr wnt cohth&ot work i twtlif. t"rrpU. fMlllttM far tuning ;i tulcilf HrEUlAt MACKINUT tno tlUNlCAL ATfAlAIViM f til ld. UBfne(nrr( l lnitnatrlal mmi Mining Marhlnrrr. "flaar" Aaatjlasa Oaaarauri, Sullntrr a laau ParlaUa Jn, Walllial, tlui, r U. -.. lo JPhUim lornl,! asj , tuapiata Um af vaidlag Saaaaaarlw, Otfle Workja riflk ! lhaatnat )., Oakliiai aN tllklaM Ititt, BUS FOSTE COfJ'GERfJS THAT AID PRODUCTION Desplta tha voluminous -comment carried In eastern and financial Journals regarding the necessity for stringent restriction , of . bank - loans, to conform to tha obvious duty resting upon all alike to abstain from speculative Investment, little or no occasion has arisen In this city for thej exercise of such, limitations. Hankers on this side of the bay are feeling" no embarrassment by reason of unwarranted applications for money. It seemingly being accepted by all that now is tiot the time to tax credits for any avoidable expenditures.. The steady 'flow of credit Into legitimate channels proceeds uinterrupledly, according to local bankers, the general healthful tone of business being maintained In all lines, liuslness conditions appear to be more- nearly stable here tftan In localities where sensational expedients have been found necessary to maintain business reputations. The banks report a gradual, evenly felt, progress, toward normal conditions, in, Oakland. : - In building lines constantly in creasing activity Is noticeable, In-numerabhK structures, large and small, are being rushed with all pos slhle haste, a'like for homes and Afilacea. f -business Vacant prop erty la being -converted to business purposes wherever available for such use. In many cases high-class buildings are supplanting out-wprn structures erected! In, years- post. In scores or outer instances, in widely scattered centers, one and two story store buildings, usually of superior appointments and architectural excellence, are being erected. Money for improvements of this rasa Is readily obtainable at banks of the city.s. in Industrial lines, too, there is a distinctly favorable attitude showV by. the banks. Production, the prime n-ecesBlty of the hour, Is especially encouraged In financial agencies f all kinds. Wherever money Is heeded to promote legiti mate Industrial activity It is prompt ly rorthcomln compared With the average ae- UXlty of the-coutViryoaklatid makes. most .Imposing Vio n.5s, igh xylnir"-. The H Foo Has Turned the Minds of Many to Investigating Farm Lands for Resident Farming or Investment THE HOLLAND LAND COMPANY. In a few months has sold nearly 12,000 of its 20,000 acres of riv,er bottom land, 15 miles southwest of Sacramento,- in some 60 holdings, and has done so by SHOWING THE LAND. If You Are ACTUALLY INTERESTED - - - In farming or ia XanaJands. as a safe remunerative enhancing investment, we will arrange a VISIT AT 01 K EXPENSE. t o YOU WILL FIND That SOIL. IMOISTl'KE, CLIMATIC AND DRAIN-A(JK CONDITIONS are as nearly perfect as nature provides. That the HOLLAND TRACT fronts on over thirty miles of navigable water, with frequent low rate boat"-service to Stockton, Sacramento and B; Cities three growing centers of rail and water dis- ;" 'tribution. " - - ' - That the location is within a conveniept marketing radius of half-the fKipulation of the State. That the San Francisco-Sacramento electric line will. get you from the Bay Cities to the property in ' . 21 'z hours. - 4 - YC3U WILL ALSO FIND 'Hi at you'ean motor, to Sacramento in ?,0 minutes over a concrete highway. c That the great Sacramento River, , whose many tributaries stretch into the high Sierras for water and eroded : soil's, has for ages back deposited through -overflow? countless layers of fine sediment, w richly ntixed with rotted vegetation. Tliat now, after three years of aeration and improvement, this incomparable garden soil is offered in tracts to suit, at REASONABLE PRICES AND ON 10-YEAR PAYMENTS. . YOU WILL FURTHER FIND That almost .without exception, farm owners in older adjoining tracts have become independently wealthy and their lands are not for -sale. ' - AND AFTER YOU SEE THtS-FAVQRED LOCALITY You will tell your friends who would wisely diversify their investments or whose boys may want , to farm, or who themselves are "going back to the land," to investigate this property and. buy at once, for where there are hundreds nowV thousands will prosper in not many years more. It will then be : ' too late to get the land at first pricesr" THE HOLLAND LAND COMPANY . Invites you to visit its property. The trip 'can be made from the Bay Cities Jn one day. Inquire for information lit any of the following places : Sacramento San Francisco Clarksburg apltel Nal'l Hank 10 Baaaame H. f'keae Iter 3113 HolMinc t)eenlK unit Jl fhoae Main IM Four Big Stores'' - Grow From Small Shop in 3 Years 4 1 w v -t. : ..... A. If.,, rJ! I i J 1 ,0' y'fc i 4- I A.. PEXCOVIC. who has made j four stores grow where but one j J grew brforv. . . j Chain ofJVormal Drugstores Shows Meteoric Career , pf Their Founder. How the chaln of Normal drug i stores grew lo three years Into a big institution with fou establishments out of a little shop hlch A. Pen- dovlc purchased for $600, is one of! the Interesting tale xohnected with I the meterirlc rise of the P.encovlc in stitutions. : After working as a drug clerk for fifteen years, FencovleX saved J500. 'He walked the streVts of Oakland for a week aftet qhittlng his 1ob. looking for a place 10 buy in and then purchased a store for SfiOO .Eoinr $100 in debt. In fix ..,V. 1-A a ...aL-incr UuqlnPHV nft.V and had bought another store, A short time later he secured the! Normal Pharmacy, at Eighth an Washington and ha just-opened -tip his bicccst store at Kleventh and Broadway. . Price of Or d Products Ike Tona oa the I'rnprrlf Tel. Holland I,an4 (a, llradqaartera FACTORY PLANS SHOW GROWTH OF EASTBA1 CITIES Mueller Brothers, sausase mpa-facturers, are just beginning operations in their new plant on East Fourteenth:" street, haying placed new equipment of the latest and most approved type at their. service. Their product being a highly specialized one many thousands of dollars' worth of high-cost mechanism has been required. Frenzel-Payne company, successors to Harbaugh & Krenzel, have taken over the old properties of the Kamnna Candy company, at Third and Addison streets, West Herkeley, and are installing . grinding machinery for the reduction of copra. Krenzel. a recognized authority on the handling of this Oriental prod; uct. recently returned from a two- Beautiful Portion of Lakeshore Highlands i I :-f . t- ".nT.-tJ-..-: ii?M: MR.' tt '.' ' - ' I! ----- z " - nurnMU&L-?:i ; s hi ave. id i Yri CX ;tet:I&Y,ROUT&-U ' ! MJ$ )),; i Ml LOCAL: and " j I : If 'mm 1 ; ' c CENTER op PRESENT -Xr WW l s. ; i - V'X BUILDING ACTIVITY "Hk '-A ' L Sri- - ' . xiwvA vw Via xjw m i WitC the rapid completion of development work in the upper section of Lakeshore Highlands, a delightful short motor trip through this wonderful residence park is offered by driving through Trestle Glen to Grosvenor Place, following Grosvenor to Hubert Road, along Hubert Road to Longridge and out the main entrance bn Lakeshore Avenue. The present building activity ti Every Five Days A New Home Starts , s centers around Grosvenor Place; Hubert, Road and Longridg During the week it is a scene of intene ictivity. carpenters, plasterers, bricklayers, grading gangs, cement" workers and allied crafts' rushing work to meet the tremendous demands for building sites and hom "in this,' the. finest part of Lakeshore Highlands. , .,,f"' -- ' ' " - "' -""'... - .''"yv'-iC"1 "" - : t Words cannot portray the beauty of this part of the property. The building of homes here is now sufficiently far advanced to give an idea of thef wonderful setting for the splendid typeTjfHiouses being erected. Reserve one of the htime being built. hould they not meet your requirements we will build according to your needs. Beautiful 50-foot builjj if g sites for sale as low as $1250. Terms -10 per cent down and the balance at 1 percent a month. Lakeshore Highlands is the only permanently restricted residence tract in the Eastbay cities, y r- Anyone will be amply ifepaid for a visit to Lakeshgre Highlands by seeing the finest residence district which Oakland can boast in course of development. ; , ' .-;. See Lakeshore Highlands Sunday Tear out the man shown above. Make' the motor trip. By street tar transfer Jo the. Key Route Lake'sKora line, getting off at Grosvenor Station; the Park Bbulevird car, getting off at Mathews Avenue (Great Western Tower suK station) ; the Lakeshore Avenue car, getting offither at the entrance to the property (Lakeshore and Mandana) or at Carlston Avenue and Mandana Boulevard. From San Irrancisco takt Lakeshore Avenue KeyNRoute direct to Grosvenor Station in Lakeshori Highlands. 1 OMU An Owner" anil Ioelopfri Trlrpli'mo lAkewldn 4110. Tract Offlre I.tkelior snd Mandana jfThe years" stay in the Fhilipptne Islands, where he, went to acquire intimate knowledge of the product. I . Announcement is rtade that the C. A. Smith kuriiber company plant at Hay Point is to bev re-erected at one. A loss estimated to reach a quarter of a million dollars, in values destroyed, recently consumed the machinery of the main buildings, with several freight cars and two million feet of lumber. Plans jaii-jicimstrm,-t lonJnxiii ile. xonaidar. able extensions. The Ceramic Porcelain company of Berkeley has begun rebuilding of its plant, recently destroyed by fire. Work is now .ItvXull swing by the American Dredging company's forces on the south side of the Western Pacific mole. Preparations are being miKle for "considerable trackage extension and warehouse space. Contra Costa Laundry Company is making considerable extensions of facilities in Its plant at Fourteenth and Kirkham streets, under the direction of Manager Charles C. Smith. It Is now authoritatively ( announced that the rerent shut-down of the Standard Oil building program at Richmond, was due " to inability to secure tegular and sufficient "deliveries of cement and Approach to : : : . . ....,.. v. :. - ... ...... i : ; ; .: ' under the famous Leimert program of Walter H. Leimert Tract Offlca Im tha only one opn on heavy structural parts. Railway congestion la' said fe be responsible for the situation, with no prosptct of Immediate Improvement.-.iO' -TOO men were laid off and trie prospect is that construction may not t resumed for six months. The plant involves an expenditure of $J,000, . 000. . -. t The ummerCorTstruetioh company has just begun installation of electrical 'flev;ator3f or the Certain-Teed Products company;1 RiohnYotid -plant. This new unit, when placed in full operation, will be employed by the concern to supply Its entire Oriental and Pacific Coast business. Heretofore this output has .been derived from the company's Kansas City plant. Incidentally this firm 1 known as one of the world's greatest advertisers, in Industry. "SOFT - DRINK" HAD KICK. SACRAMENTOJune 6 For having a case marked - In Japanese which, when translated, read "Contains 16.8 per cent alcohol, first-class saki, known throughout the four seas." Al Kairaara. a Japanese ; who operates a soft-drink parlor In Walnut Urove. has been fined J!50 when arraigned in the Federal Court. The liquor was found on the "soft-drink-' premises. the New Co. k.w m.'isrx 157 Mnnfjr'Mwry Street Tclpplionrt IHmiitIbh 551 telephone) lakeside 974. Sunday), s

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