The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on March 6, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1895
Page 5
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&'•' V HEBBPBBUOAH, ALBOSA, IOWA, WttgfrlaaOAlt, MASCM 6..1M8. ALQONA REPUBLICAN LOCAL MENTIONS, Judge Quarton's court opens next B3C*fty» ?h& Grange store is in process of re- It is now G. L.'Galbtaith's turn to aptead the feast for the fife boys. Mr. Daily, of the water works, has beeft ill with pneumonia for several days. j« L. Sonar, Esq., goes 4 to Britt, Saturday, to act as a judge, in a declamatory contest. Thete was considerable wheat sown duriHg the last days of February in Kossuth county. The County Teacher? 1 Convention convenes at the High School building Saturday, at9:30 a.m. Revival meetings every night at the free Methodist Church conducted by 8, H. Lewis, Evangelist. Jas. Orr, whose reputation as a painter and a paper hanger is not excelled, has a card in this issue. G. L. Winkler has quit the Cylinder . creamery and gone to Rodman to serve in the same capacity at a higher salary. D, A. Haggard had a big sale up in Emmett county Monday, and so missed voting for himself and the library tax. Zoa E. Wartman and Miss Ethel Burlingame will be present and sing at the Athenian special program next Friday night. The young people of the Baptist Church will hold their regular monthly social at the home of C. J. Doxsee, Monday evening, March. 11. See the German Knitting Yarn that we are selling fo'r ten cents per skein. Was wet and soiled, but is practically as good as ever. The Grange Store. E. C. Tuttle rang the flre bell yesterday morning, with less than his customary clothing on. Charley .Nolte rang the bell of the Congregational church. •The annual independent 'district school'election will be held on Monday afternoon. The gentlemen whose terms expire are Capt. Win. H. Ing' ham and J. W- Robinson. • <• County Auditor Calkins has received,from the Auditor of State no- 'tice'Of the amount of permanent school funds 'apportioned to Kossuth county for the year 1895, $1,056,42. The Northern Iowa Normal School , will hold-a five week's summer school, beginning some time in June. Every teacher ? 4# the country should arrange to spe,nd]their summer'in school. Mr. Durdall departed for'the east last Monday in' the interest of the New England Clothing House.' He will return with a large stock in the latest styles and novelities of the season. Mayor Barrett, of Wesley, was an Algona visitor yesterday. He brought the news of a victory of the waterworks tax. Both men and women voted.- The former gave the water works.24 majority and the,latter 20. 'Several inquiries have cpme to the REPUBLICAN in - regard to 1 clubbing > rates with" the! St.iLouis^GJfl^e^Deino- Craf, one of the'brightest papers in tW cou'ntry'.' We'can supply the REPUBLICAN and Globe-Democrat for $2.30. l't is expected that Henry Simpkins will establish a new laundry if suitable quarters can be secured. The old plant was a very efficient one and had an immense business. There is an undoubted demand for such an institution. "Mrs. R. F. Hedrick, who is spending the winter at Asbeville, North Carolina, writes that she has seen more snow, -there during,the .month, ot February than for;thf last, fiv.e years here. She will probably not return before June. .The.teachers.are' again reminded of the County. Teachers' Convention to be held, Saturday at the High School building. The program will be found in'this paper. No doubt this ,wiU, be an interesting and serviceable meeting; -- ' News comes from Des Moines ^hat Miss Geneveye-Wheeler, the 9 r year-oW daughter of Mr. and Mrs, W. W. Wheeler, recently had her collar bone broken. She was riding, a, safety when she fell behind 'a horse,, .which, kicked her with the result, stated. Thos.-P. Baird and family, of Story countv, arrived last week and at once took possession of their farm in Cresco township wbich-Mr. Baird bought several months ago, known as the Bradley farm. Mr. Baird is one of those substantial men of whom the more any community'has the better, ' Some inquiry having been made in regard to club'tates ^ with' the Rural Life, a very popular newt arm Journal published by Matt Parrott & Sons at , \W t at§rloo t we \vill state .that advance pa'id subscribers of the 'REPUBLICAN Will be supplied at 8Qc,'The-regular subscription pr}cejs,$j,OQ. ' The &tnenian.Wteraj7 Society of the Normal School will give a special pro, gram in the Normal baUding. next £n, lay night. Some of the best musical talent ofthe eity lias been secured, and no one who can spare ten cents .can at- ford to miss it.' Exercises begin at 1 and Liticolfi. He was a brother of Mrs. Rev. Bornard. who received a visit from him while in Algona. The REPUBLICAN is in receipt of a postal card mailed at Burt which said: r 'Please send my paper to Burt, Iowa." That was ail. The signiture was missing. Unless the writer thereof should chance to come across a copy of the REPUBLICAN containing this item he will wotider why iio attention is paid to his modest request. The papers say that Judge Thomas, at tHe last term of the district court in Clay county, in the case of Oliver Woods vs, the Davenport Insurance Co., ruled that a mortgage placed upon insured property without the consent of the insurance company, renders the policy void. Policy holders would do well to note this fact, as it may concern many of them. C. B. Sarchett and S. J. O'Neil arrived home from their trip to Missouri last week, and report that they werefaVor- ablv impressed by the country. Mr. O'Neil bought a one-third interest in a lead mine near Aurora and will settle there at once. Mr. Sarchett expects to go into business in the same town. He says the northern men are coming in there in large numbers. It was a great stroke of enterprise on the'part of the Courier, filling t\vo solid columns with interviews on the library tax. It got the paper before the public in great shape, as it did the men interviewed. Some of the latter were placed in a very uncomfortable position, and no doubt they resolved that if they lived through this thing they Would never talk for publication again if they knew it. Did any one who attended Sunday night's mass meeting fail to notice with what grace, and yet what force and effect the ladies Who took part presented their views? Could anything that could have been said have been more to the point and more telling, and yet have been presented with more womanly dignity than the addresses of Mrs. Horton and Miss Durant? Both of these addresses were models. Facetious remarks by the Germania Standard: J. C. Raymond was up from Algona Wednesday and did a little Work in his line of business. The 'Squire finds 'considerable chance to 'dispense justice in our town,as we quite often get puzzled over some knotty problem that nothing short of professional skill can'-settle. 'Squire Ray- imond never fails to restore tranquihty, 'and deal out justice to the satisfaction of all. Jointkeeeper Gallagher, Germania's contribution to Our jail boarding, outfit, has been at Emmetsburg the past week, in charge of the sheriff of Palo Alto county. He Was taken over there at'bis'request in order that he might be near his son, who was hurt by falling from a train near Cylinder while drunk. The younger Gallagher appears to 'have been a passenger ot the well known and liberally patronized road on which his father was a conductor. If past .results are to be considered one might suppose that the farther the son was from his paternal a'ncestary, the better he would be off. defense, Which, whether right at wrong should have been acquiesced mby ton prosecuting attorney, but he had rested his whole case on what was objected to and sustained, and like an unskillful general, neither had a way to retreat nor defenses put Up to check the en*my. The case was won for the defense at this point, because the prosecuting attorney lost his head. His opening argument to the jury showed this, for instead of showing up the prisoner, he turned all his vindictive spite on the defendant's attorney, who only laughed at his opponent's weakness. The case was very quickly decided by the jury in favor of the defendant. Had the plaintiff exchanged places with his attorney and managed the case himself we believe* he would have a good show of winning. 4 Next Thursday evening, March t, Will be the closing night, and an oratorical contest is on the program. Thei?e is complaint on all hands nst the-''state of things," and ono --- DEATH Of JOSHUA SHAFFER. Joshua Shaffer, of German township, died at his home last Thursday evening, after an illness extending over about three months. He had for several years been troubled with piles and fistula, and had become so reduced in strength that he Was in no condition to bear the surgical operation found to be necessary. Blood poisoning and pneumonia Ultimately set in and were the immediate cause of death. Mr, Shaffer was within a few weeks of 54 years of age. He was born in Maryland, of Pennsylvania German ancestry, but settled in Illinois, where he was married to Miss Sarah Isenberger, daughter of Henry Isenberger. He came to Grundy county, Iowa, some twenty-two years ago, and subsequently, along with a colony of his relatives, settled in Kossuth county, and opened the farm on which he died. Mr. Shaffer was a member of the M. E. Church, and led a consistent Christian life, doing good us he had opportunity, and winning the esteem and love of all who knew him. He was a true man in all the relatives of life. He leaves a wife and one son, Wm. Shaffer, twenty-two years of age. The funeral was on Saturday, the services being conducted by Rev. Haun, of Burt, and the remains being laid to rest in the Buffalo cemetery. TEACHER'S WILL MEET. The Teachers of the Public Schools of Kossuth County—Saturday, March g—The Program. A teachers', convention has been called to assemble at the high school building in Algona, at 9:30 a. m., Saturday, March 9. Following is the program: History—Methods for making the study most effectual.—Prof. G. F. Barslou. Wesley. Reading—How best taught to secure expression.—Prof. E. W. Richards, Lu Verne. The recitation—How can better results be secured?—Prof. J, R. Byers, Bancroft. Penmanship—Quality and method. —Prof. D. E. Johnson, Algona. ~ •• - - -Methods, obsta- Resolved, That the street commissioner shall make the following monthly reports: One showing in detail all material on hand at the beginning of the month, all material bought during the month, and all material used during the month, the last to show in detail how much was used at each public crossing or on highway or alleys, and also how much and what was used that is charged to private property and what property has been so cliarged. Another showing in detail where work has been done, and where it is work that should be charged to private property, report shall show how much was so (barged and that it has been reported to the proper county officer. These reports shall be returned to the chairman of the street and alley committee at least two days before the regular monthly meeting, and it shall be his duty to check said reports with that of the preceding month and with all bills presented for payment for material referred to and he shall certify to their correctness by his approval. The above reports shall be filed in the office of the city clerk. Carried. Moved and seconded that the water works committee be authorized to purchase seven suits of waterproof clothing and seven pair of boots for the use of the fire department. Carried. Moved and seconded that the Council adjourn until Saturday evening, March 2,1895. Carried. AMBROSE A. CALL, Mayor. CiiAs. A. COHENOUU, City Clerk. ALGONA, March 2.—The city council met in adjourned session pursuant to adjournment, Mayor Call in the chair. Members present, Vesper, Wadsworth, Pettiboue, Cordingley, Maynusson, Hutchius, Nicoulin; absent, Garfleld. Moved and seconded that the City Olerk draw a warrant for $140.00 in favor of W. B. Quarton in full settlement and compromise of the Wheeler claim, in pursuance of his offer of settlement and compromise. Yeas-Vesper, Wadsworth, Pettibone, Cordingley, Magnusson, Hutch- Ins and Nicoulin; noes, none. Carried. Moved and seconded that the city clerk be authorized to procure a statement of the costs in the Wheeler case and draw a warrant for the same. Yeas-Vesper, Wadsworth, Pettibone, Cordingley, Magnusson, Hutchins, Nicoulin; noes, none. Carried. Moved and seconded that the report of the committee to settle with officers the reports of the Mayor, City FIRE SALE! We Intend Closing Out Our Entire Stock Damaged by Fire and Water sessment of property. It is lucky that the equalization board meeting has not gone b'y. That is the place and time when all these little complaints should be brought to the attention of the council. If there is favoritism and tax-dodging it is the priviledge and the duty Of any man knowing of it to bring' it to the attention of the officials. The REPUBLICAN will further equal assessments in all proper ways, but it has 'little sympathy with men who scold oil'the'street corners, and do nothing to. make things right. PERSONAL MENTION. Mr. and Mrs, C. M. Davenport have gone to State Center to visit friends. They will return in a short time and take up their permanent residence in Algona. ' Chas. Everett, who graduated from the Normal'School under Prof. Gilchrist, visited in town a short time last week. He graduated from the law department of the State University last June, and is practicing law at Independence. He made a good run for county attorney last fall on the democratic ticket, stumping the county, and running several hundred ahead of liis ticket. C. W."Schryver, of Burt, was in Algona Monday. Owing to failure to get his house at Carroll at the time expected, Mr. and Mrs. Creed were obliged to defer their departure for their future home till this week. Mr, and Mrs. A. P. Hall. arrived home from their extended visit last week. They visited Philadelphia and and spent some tjme at Akron, Ohio, They have reopened their boarding house. Clerk and Superintendent of water works, be accepted and the reports placed on file. Carried. Moved and seconded that the city officers salaries he allowed in the following amounts and warrants drawn for the same. Ambrose A. Call, mayor : $50 00 W. L. Joslyn, city solicitor 5000 O. M. Doxsce, treasurer' 40 00 Oh as. A. Oobenouri city clerk » 33 33 F. H. Vesper, councilman , 20 00 .Tos.W. Wadsworth.councilmau ; 18 00 L. 1C Garfleld, councilman ., 18 00 S.I-I. Pettibone. councilman 19 00 Wm. Cordlng-ley,councilman.... ........ 2100 John T). Magnusson, councilman , 10 00 D.H. Hutchlns, councilman 15 00 J.F. Nicoulin,councilman.. .• 18 00 , Yeas. Vesper, Wadsworth, Petti- .bone,.CordinKley, Magtiiisson, Hutchins and Nicoulin; Carried. Our reputation for selling G-ood G-oods is well established. See the prices we are now making and be convinced that WE MEAN WHAT WE SAY.. .» re«i the purchaser of the v H, 'Conner. farm, armed Friday b two, cars Qf,Qattle,«orses, waobro- - 3f. » W*J **«** *»vwwtfv«*i T\f^"~i_ T"T -• iT~ I*T fx ? fy came tbrpugU to passenger fc'ata, Jr. • arriving ateoyt tbe'same time. Mr, | ! '•''>'« ZeYgbrle fc-Q'm BMsJone., JAyingstOR . WEST UNION The 1 meeting of the •West Union lit-was not BO largely attended as of the week previous. The evening was' very dark. and,, a strong norfu wind was blowing, which doubtless kept many from coming. Jt?)sa curious fact that if the evening is ngt toe very best, mpst of tbo9e on the pro. grata conclude not wany wUi be owt, MQ they'remain at liome, whUe,.perhap| tbeloule is filled to oY«flwwi& »nj the-alienee s disappointed at got well prepared program that Whittemore. , , •• _ . The Professional Teacher—Pnn. Florence Claypole, Ledyard. .General exerbises—Prof. Hugh Connor, Burt. Arithmetic—Quantity and quality.— Prof. W. H. Dixson, Algona. Mensuration—Illustrations with ap- rmratus.—Prof * A. J. Lily, Algona., ' The exercises will be enlivened by vocal music by pupils from the A.gona schools, conducted by Miss Agnes Randall. COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS. Detailed Reports Required! from all City Officials—Other Business, ALGONA, laT, Feb. 23, 1895.—The City Council met in regular session at the office of the city clerk, Mayor Call in the chair. Members present: !\ es- per, Wadsworth, Garfield, Pettibone, Cordingley, Magnusson and Hutchins. Absent, Nicoulin. ,. ^ Minutes of last regular and intervening special meetings read and approved- The following bills audited and approved by the Finance Committee, were allowed,* and warrants ordered drawn for the same: Weitgenant Bros., hardware $13 40 Thos, Uailey, pumping!*, ..-. 3*0 Upper Des Moines. publishing proceedings ot council six months 7 50 A. Anderson, labor , 250 JamesLucas, labor .. •••• '•;».•-»'V^' A, F, Dalley, salary and leather for S, P ^tebb'ins, street work'. '",'.'.','.,'. '.'.'.'. 4 00 0, M, Dailey, repairing pump 500 A.Hu^WnspCooUecting water Ve'nt.V, 10 00 Wm. Miller, lighting lamps 1500 0,M,Doxsee. hardware 1» 87 J. A. Hamilton & eo.,lumbe.r , 589 Yeas, Vesper, Wadsworth, Garfleld, Pettibone, Cordingley, Magnusson and Hutchins. Nays, none. Carried, Moved and seconded that the follow ^resolution be adopted; Resoled, r«i?-.i_ A-IT «. V\xv1 fl \-r\rf /\v till n Have you seen those Disc Harrows at the Wigwam? They are the latest thing out. , The Light Brahmas stands first for fowls for general purposes. D. S. Ford bas a few roosters for sale. 22-23 THE GRANGE STORE. -AT- That t«e holing of public outdoor auction sales be forbidden on, or within one block ot £tat§ street, exceptad- jojning the court hope square, Car* 1*1 fid ^ Moved and seconded that the following resolution be adoptea; Resolved, That the superintendent of tUe water- w0rja,an4o£tKe are department be reqwirjjl to make tne foHowjng mopth- iv reports; One shewing m detail all n A SItb/beginning, pf aH material bought during material ujed dWM $i e mnM o» nana at ' n§ sjjbwjng in 4f $'ail what material a See that line of canned goods at the Opera House Grocery. Olives by the pint, quart, or gallon at'Langdon & Hudson's. If you want fine coffee ask for those 21b. cans at the Opera House Grocery. New spring and summer goods at Goeders' store. _ See that 18c. coffee at the Opera House Grocery- _ _ Parties wanting hides tanned for robes would do well to correspond with Boyer Tanning Co. of Witerest, Iowa. Send for circular and price list. 23-24 XSreat cut in prices on odd suits for the next 10 days at the New England Clothing House. _ Rock salt for stock at Langdon & Hudson's. Chase & Sanborn's famous Boston Coffees and Seal Brand Tea for sale only by Walker Bros.— 18tf Have yov ever seen a Morgan Spad- ing.Harrow? Farmers are going wild over them. The Wigwam has them, Syrup by the gallon, 3§c at kangdoa & Hudson's. _ _^ That JOc table of canned goods is the attraction at Walker Bros.— 18tf WE make a specialty of collections, Cloud & Haggard. Half our carpet samples gone the tot week, StiUa«ood assortment at the Grange Store. Speqjal shoe sale at Goeders' for ' SO days. He sure and looK at our me of shoes and pyiqes. __ \vs TOWELS AHD LINENS. 30 Doz, all Linen Towels at - - 1 Turkey Bed Table Linen worth 30c, at l JAS. TAYLOR. : s , Abstracts of Title, Real Estate, koans, and ipsuranee, OFFICE OVER ALQOXA STATE BANK Foundry and Macta MULUCA& QHNSTEDT, Props ffitfK; sSp ^8t4fe e JS^ oll8e> •I , Lever , earth, They challenge the world. Ajfc foy'^^e afeoaale,' ? at the Wigwam, sale nest weefcat.Gped ",i$ i,,» ,!'rt*H •\\fty r work dono'flu *$j stock, W»W "ff \ '.-vX^fSl Without cfcaw of cam. All meals g$p$& ft^M^' i»g oSw. Fafi°e ctanringwa ' ffilT»i«rS flft nfir8are riin tfrough evening was ow 08 (ColWeral g^V^SiSWwi' - ^ • • • ^''^*7i ^><4cfiSa5'l»* il,r>oo va\'\n liVa* imrlfii'St'nn £iitt!Ri'.4J& Ji .-,." "•^*,'"'?^" , v mmu mmmL&m fe^WE%«fe4il.,',

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