Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 8, 1918 · Page 2
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 2

Oakland, California
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Friday, February 8, 1918
Page 2
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2 FRIDAY EVENING oraiD 10 HUN SPI List of Those on . the Tuscania (Continued Froca Pf 1) of this Intensified the watchfulness the gunner on the destroyers. As soon as news of the attack had fceen flashed, destroyers, tugs, minesweepers and trawler rushed toward the cen. but een with this rescue fleet the loss of life would probably hate been greater but for the eool-liese) and di.-x-tplme of the Americans, i Second Officer Lyra of the Tus- Coast Men Believed Aboard (Continued from PaStt Many East Bay Families Are Awaiting Word of Loved Ones ranla, who wss paved, said the insrii-ini "toh.ivcif snlendnllv and rnaintained perfect discipline through- j out the ordeal. AMERICAN NERVE LVMKRICAN TO EN1 j The Americans' nerve did not he.ert them after thev lad I mi taken ashore. A powerfrllv I'Hilt )oung guardsman from Wisconsin, fho had been r Inuntng for over an hour In the Icy water before being picked up, grinned cheerfully from the blankets into which he had been rolled when he got ashore. , "Well. 1 guess I've got enough i awimmlug to last me for the ! re-st of my life." I Asked what the men did when the torpedo struck and the ship began to settle, he scratched his head and declared: "Well. I guess mot of as were J- wondering liow cold the wator was. Then enme (f the fellows ;l started up the Str-Spnslol i lUntBsr and w ail sung like hell. ' An Unconfirmed report reached Jiere from Londonderry that the submarine which sank the Tuscania had tteen chased ahd fired on bjr a de. etroyec, but whether or not fhe t-boat was gunk or damaged Is not Known. J Before making off the submarine fired several torpedoes at the destroyers hut all missed. Only the masterly seamanship of ths British sudors prevented the torpedoes from Reaching their targets, however. All day Wednesday survivors from fhe Tuscania Wept arriving at Irish and Scottlrh poru. AH were received with a warmth of hospitality that deeply touched the hearts of the men from oversees. Homes "were thrown open to them fend hotels and Inns were opened w ide. Home of the men were In bud shape from shock and exposure, some of them being from the Inland districts of the t'nlted State and never having been on the ocean before, but under the ptfmnlu of the warm dry clothing nd hot food they soon regained their Cheerfulnom and Indifference. Lieutenant (ienrge X. Hall of I.os corporal, S-tviadren, San Two Kmdrd and Thirteenth Aere Sq ia iron. Orcutt. HrlFEON. IOX.U J., corporal. One tiundredih Aero Squadron. A'snre U. nisTOX. HOT 1I corporal. One Hundredth Aero Squadron, Reading. IXtil l lMKT. PFI-BFTtT F. private, One Hundred and Fifty -eighth Aero S.lti;idrn. 8anta Monica. lf;llM. ELMEIt A- private. One Hundred and Fifty-eighth Aero Njuadrcn, Ceres. JU"K-OX. XOAR, sergeant. One Hundredth Aero Squadron. Lo.s Anseles. jinKT. jruvs One Hundredth Aero 9' Francisco. JFMUXS XOAIle private, One Hon-dredth Aero Suuadron. Lt Ange- JOHOV. IFnOvV rrivate. Oae Hundred and Fifty-eighth Aero Sciisdron. Oakland. JOM:5, lil XMi A., cook. Ta Hundred and Thirteenth Aero Squad ron. Armies !. JOFS, HXM L.. corporal. Hundred and Thirteenth f'Uiadron. jiilfimi, JAMES, private, . Hundred ' and rirty-eignm Hnondrnn. arls:ilUo. I.AMRF.HT. I.F.MJE K., private, One Hundred and fifty-eighth Aer Pnuadron, Ssn Bernardino. MMSFT. KAItfj, rook. on Hun Cre-ith Aero fiisdrnn. Alameda. LIM1 DUtlCK. corporal. One Hun dredth Aro Mijuadron. Holllster. LOIlli. ELM Fit U, eorporal, One Hundred and Fifty-eighth Aero JJ'ttisdron. Fresno. LEWIS CHAKLE9 A., private, One Aero Two Aere One Acre Angeles and Lieutenant Wallace. Patterson of Cleveland were among the last to leave the sinking transport. They remained en deck stowing soldiers Into lifeboats and when they finally slid over the aide ef the Ship they found themselves In the last boat. ' A (ne serious- mishap marred the launching of lifeboats. The second which was swung over the side of the Tuscania was ) caught by a furious gust of wind and a powerful wave and was dashed against the sides of another boat which was filled. A hole was clove In the first boat and several men were badly hurt it wm announced that arrange ments are being made by British and mertcan officials, Jointly, for great inlliiary funerals for the TuscanU's Ue.id. . The csrUalu of 'the Tuscania was Peier .Mrljean, not J. L. Henderson, the Times says. -Captain McLean has been In service of the Anchor line for twenty years. i An efflrlnl statement issued In London early Thursday afternoon said thnt Captain J. U Henderson was In command of th Tuscania . CWf to extra charge for CREDtT-NotMn ofl for cs&Mp CLAYeSt.I3c!&I4,!! AND BIG FINAL felhllF m Hundred and n.'ty-e.ghth Sviaadron. Ponca. WKK, JAMES t, private. One Hundred and Fifty-eighth Aero Squad-ren, llanfjrd. LTITA. JO"Eni J.. private. One Hundredth Aere S-juadron. Tell ac ha pi. M rE". WIIJJAM W, private. On Hundredth Aere SVjuadron. Berkeley MerniX LD. Su-ptien, private. One Hundredth Aero Squadron, Oakland. MARTIV. irl private. One Hundredth Aero Squadron, Falacia MFBFMTH. t;LEX H-. private. On Hundred and Fifty-eighth Aero Squadron. I'lshop. MOonK. MAKIO.V C corporal. One Hundred and Fifty-eighth Aero Squadron. Los Angeles. MctXIY, IK I... private. One Hundred snd nfty-elghth Aero Squadron, El Monte. 5fEcnXl. CIlAnlJ: private. One Hundred and Fifty-eighth Aero Squadron, Herkelev. McAET. CIIAKLES P.. private. One Hundred and Fifty-eighth Aere eqnadran: mother, Mrs. Katherlne Haley, f.n FYanclwo. I'AHTHY. WAKHK.V K.t corporal. One Hundredth Aero Squadron, Lo Anceiea. MtMJHrV WILDI'R A., private. On HundredtiAro Squadron; mother, LouiM Moore, Sun Francisco. Mil I.I-K, H.lJ Vl J.. private, One Hundred' and Fifty-eighth Aero Ktuadron; mother, . lira. Veruna flhsy, San Francisco, MtHJJJR, KDW1.V private. On HunSredth Aere Squadreti; mothef, Mrs. Louise Moore, San Francisco. .Vit.I.E. EHIN, private. One Hundred nd Fifty-eighth Acre Squadron, Emeryville. OsmtA.NDEJl. CHARLES 1L, corporal, One Hundredth Aero Squadron, Oakland. PHOHFVS, ILATMOXT W., corporeal. On Hundredth Acre Squadron, San Jose, Fit Klt)RD, JAMES 0 private. Two Hundred and Thirteenth Aerb Squadron, Oskland. KH;i;s, S AME EL I'., private. One Hundred and Fifty-eighth Aero Hquadron; cousin. Mrs. Anna fllggs. San Krani'taco. IWAV. HTKI'IIEX W.. private. Oirf Hundred and Fifty-eighth Aero Squadron, oskland. 1 HAISEXEK. WILLIAM II.. private, Two Hundred and Thirteenth Aero Hqusdron, Corning. UKIITEII, Ptlll.lt', corporal. One Hundred and Fifty-eighth Aero squadron; friend, Mrs. Josephine i' ore, r ranclsco, HlTLtlMiE, UVV, corporal. Hundred ahd Fifty-eighth Squadron, Fresno. SIIIU I.EUlUiE. E'., privste. llandredtit Aero fequadron. ianu. SIloltT. HEMtV V:, private. Hundredth Aero Squadron, Hebron. eiilOlllltllHiK. II 1 1) El. I A, cook. One Hundred and Fifty-eighth Aero fquadron: Inia- Heach. SMI1II. t HAItl.E.e, II.. private. One Hundredth Aero Squadron: Angels camp. fe.vn.jj, fxi.LEX n.. private, One t)ne Hundredth Aero Hquadron; eatiroy. . SEX DIN. KARL K., private, fin Hundredth Aero Squadron: Llndsev. HTKIULEIt, AITILLA X., private, one nunareuin Aero Squadron, r reaericKsnurg. WTEKH, HEJl'P O., sergeant. On Hundredth Aero Squadron, Mo desto. WANMMAX, ARTHINR 10., private; Fswtene. Al KFlt, Ciai DE W., private; Los Angeles. --- VAUGHAN TO TOUR WASIIINQTAiV, Feb. 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FREE LESSONS To every man in the sen-ice we offer free instruction. New Piedmont BATHS 24th and Vernon, St Pure Ocean Jf'atcr. VjOpvn Daily, 9 A.'MAO P.M. rarents snd relative of about thirty men from the east hav cttlse wn wer on bfrd the divered transport Tuscsnls asstill atisiovisly waiting worn 01 men fate. Out of thirty-three fen rrom fiakland. Herkeley. Alameda. KmeryvUle, r.li hmond anj Pan Leandro only four are ted anoTi the known survivors, ilany of the other will probftUly he rerortsil today In the revised lists or .survivors, but until these official reports are g'ven out hy the government there will be more hour of heartsick waiting for mothers snd fsthera cf the boys. Th four men from this slds of ne bay reported on the early list of known survivors are Private John B. Fleming and Mutenar,t Frank Wsker or i's- Innd: Private Walter Rlsley of Aiameaa and t lfutenant Hex Arnold of Martines. 1 ifin tnr more of . th thirty-lttree Men from the Kast Pay cities believed to bt among those who were on the Tus-canla were ehHM t the local recruiting headquarters. 9M ttroadwsv. bv sergeant Patrtt k Pepper, who Is In rhsrge. It ws throiKth Sergeant Pepper's complete oMre records that many of them were located ABOUT aNGINtfM. Mvtt h worry was occasioned parents and relatives of the men enitsieo m " . ..i. Kv ih manner which tli Hats were given out and tolsv. An esplanntlon 01 t!on, showing that a large part of this snxlety, while unavoidable, n now swept aside, was made todejr by 11. u. Fyd-n, captsln In the h.nginsr n- serve t orps, of th department enauwrr office of the Western Depsrtment. H said: "The Twitieth Kngineera troresTrp, the nucleus ibf which was obtained from among menskilled In logging ana e-wium operations In Cullfornls, Oregon ana Washington, contains sis hsttsnons 01 l.wm men each. Owing to the large number of companies snd bsMsllons, It Is very probable that there will he sev-eral companies of the same letter, but forming part of different battalions. So that If a man is known toJ In Company F l the Twentieth EngliiiVrs, and Company K Is located, it may not mean thil the man is In that Particular company "This ret'meht wsa mobilised st Camp American Cnlvemity, Wshington, TV J-., miller the rommand of Its rnloned. W. A Mitchell. We have no knowledge here ss to the compsnles to which the men fiom t'sllfornla were assigned, a ths only swlgnment hers was to the regiment. Snd they were ptsred in the various compsnlea sfter srrlval at the mo-blliiatlon camp." ONLY aOMt ON TUSCANIA. Ai a result of this difficulty In locating fhe men of the various units -there I still doubt about a number of th engl- neera and members of other units who enlisted from the Ksst Bay Titles, snd who are known to have been In ths nnlts, parts of which were on tbs Tus-rsnla. Among these are the following not reported In yesterday's list: Edgar U. Ilrowneli of Oakland, enlisted last Aueuat In th aviation corps. formerly employed by East Bay Water Company In Herkeley. 37 years old. M Florence Brownell, his Wife, removed to Los Anseles In August. Earl Lindsey of Alameda, enlisted In aviation rorpa August It. and was sicned to squsdron reported on board Tnscsn's: 19 years old: hi sister. Mrs. Edward Ellis, lives dt '1M4 Endnsl ve-nc.e: he wss formerly employed In th nubile srhools of Alameda. Harold P. Adams, 401 tTsddnn Road, Oakland, son nf Noah Adams of the Noah Adams Lumber Comnany. manager of th Winters branch f th lumber company, II years old; last wrote from Hoboken, N. J . savin he expected to sail soon for France. BOOSTS FltCRUlTINO. Recruiting was stimulated tif -the sink ing of ths great transport with th loss of American troops, according te reports from ths army recmftlng office on Ixith eldas of th bay. Th campaign of 'rightfulness launched by the German mllltarv leader to hold back America In It aid to the Allies hs bad the opposlt effect of that hoped for by th Kaiser's Sdvtsors, It wm believed that It Would result In keeping men from offering their services, but early return have shown that the opposite is the truth. Testerr'sy' reports showed a banner (ay of enlistments In th St'th Enginser, Five of the fwenty-one who enlisted fame I from Oakland and Herkeley. Those who spplled for voluntsrr en- I llstmsnt Into th ervlce were Ony An ' tfrews, 201 Msrket street. Oaklsnd; John , Henry Schweer and Cart. f. Man. both , of Oakland: Osrar I.eroy Oarlh-hs, tUO ' ard street. Paul K. Rawlins. KS Rose Street, Berkeley. i Charles E. Marcellls, private In the : 1 SStri sero snuadron, was barely eighteen . when he enlisted November 10. Th boy , lived with hi parent". Mr. and Mr. Ford M. Marcellls. 2MS Wheeler Street, Ber keley, wher the family Is" well known lie aVe his occupation as that of clerk. 3oYp T. . Orenfell, privat In th t5th sero sousdron, Is th son of Mr. Mary W'elrh of 1 Nevln avenue, Richmond. H enlisted In Oakland. November It. H was only 1' years old. Stephen W. Pysn, ?t vesrt rM. ' Brtrgfe tn the aero squadron, lived at tSl Market street, Oakland, with .his mother, Mrs. Msrv Rvan. He was a mechanic HIS enlistment was on November tl. Claire P. Griffith. Private, loflth aere ennsdmn. lived st fa' Eleventh senu, Oskland. H tnlltd August f. Hi fa- f A Cb&s .Osixavdsr (Continued from Pae 1)" now are corgrecated. The fgure. aa sent through th Stat deirtinnt. were as follows. ToMl on borC Tuscania wha attack ei. IJ$T. Total re.-cued. !Jt. Total musing. 11. Total number of Aoierlcan soldier lost. 71. Tutal number officers saved, tt. American soldiers and crew members In hoepiula. Members of TU'-canii" crew missing, WAfT!OTON. Feb, I The War Department today toog prompt meae-uree to allay the fear of relatives of the Tuscania victim that their dead might rest tn a nameless grave by announcing that alt bodlee re-rovered most probably will be Identified. son f Jt. Mortoa of the Morton Jewelry Company of thle eity, and artillery officer, who. It Is believed' from letters received by friends here, may have sailed on the Tuscania. Mrs. J. K. Sotipham, of S3 Perry street, an dd friend of the family, received a letter from Mr., Morton on February 4, In w hich she said that her lun was about to embark: for Europe. Mrs. Bcupham. who la an officer of th locsl women" auxiliary of th Grand Army, Is awaiting furth word. YOrXfi AT EXLl!TMET. Adolph Koe. private, Engineers Corps, wa only tl rear Old n he (ought to enlist October SI at the local recruiting tatlon. H had a difficult problem to get himself a cepted, as he wa on margin of belnf under weight. He finally wa ar cepted in the medical servlc. out wa later transferred. Hose lived with hi ' parents at 142! Mnetietn avenu. 1 his father being Joseph Ho. The , recruit was born at Irvlngton. Archl C. Gillette, private m tn One Hundredth Aero squadron, Is SO years of age. He lived with his sister. Miss Alta Gillette. 22 Cambridge avenue, San Leandro, until his enlistment August II at th Oakland recruiting headquarters. Bruce O. P-owrlng. private in th Grove street. Berkeley, are anxiously waiting word of their mn, Alien n.. Sorrell, a member of Company E, Twentieth Engineers, who Is tjelleved to have been on board the Tuscania. A card postmarked Jersey City was received last Saturday by the PorreJls from their ?on after his departure from anhington, I) C. where he was In training. He enlisted In Company E. Twentieth Engineers, just before Christmas. He w a graduate nit - :v: Perkeley High school snd for several ! me iiunnreuin ero equ.ui.m. .w Francisco lum- , son m rranunn nunn, i '""""1 end cypres atresia, rite norn at 3021 East Nineteenth street. Private Bowrlng 1 14 year of ag. lnpljnt of the engineers. John A. d, kho wa with him, was aiso d, sjcordlng to the cable. Wood mtlllve In the Nanta Cfus moun-s, , In the . rear of "Wrights' Oakland and Alameda County boys I tho were on board the Tuscania.. - J therls Roland N. Griffith, 213 Mono street, Fresno. Griffith Is a chauffeur. II years of age. Erin Nagle. private, isih areo ouad-ron, lived with his mother, Mrs. Mary Miller, 10.1 Forty-sevuith street, Oakland, until he enlisted ss a gas engine espert Xovsjtuher 15, at the local recruiting station. He is thlrtyCve year old. CAPTAIN'S Wirt ANXIOUS. Anxious Inquiries by his wife have failed to elicit Information about Captain Roy fcott Havnss, of Claremont, former division engineer of the Atchison, To-peka and 8anta tt railroad, who Is be. lleved to have been on board the Tuscania. Mrs. H.ivnes and her baby are living with a relative at 232 Fulton street, Berkeley. Captain Havnes entered the engineer' training school at Vancouver, Wash., last July. II wss soon afterward transferred to the U5?h Engineer at Han Wego. It left for New York on his way to France on January IS. and was then unattached He wrote to his wife from New York say ing thnt h knew to which engineer' division he would be attached, but could not tell her. Ilia last letter from New York was sent on January 24 at which time h said hs expected to leave. Captain Havnes was with the Atchison, Topeka and Bunta F railroad for seven teen years. The Hayne bom IB the Claremont dis trict Is at I f t'plan. ' . 1:1 cm .no time. Walter tt. Hlsly of Alameda, on of the Alamedans on th Tuscania w ho was saved, had a series of exciting adventures, terminating In the torpedoing of hi vessel, lnc he Joined the service a few months ago. Risiejr reported nrst to Fort Mcoowell and was sent from there to the vicinity of Washington, I. C, before being equipped with his outfit. On the way across the, continent to camp at Washington the train Kisier was on got safely over a railroad bridge which collapsed almost Immediately after the train has crossed. While In camp he was a spectator at a big military fire a short distance from hl camp. Then came the irtp across the Atlantic and the submarining of the troopship. Ttlsley was originally a carpenter, but for severaJ'years worked as a pressman on a San Francisco newspaper and as an automobile meohanlc. He took up automobile . work after he was registered for the draft, aa he wished to tit himself for automobile war work. Then came the op-portunty to Join the Twentieth Engineers and he enlisted. His brother: Earl Rlsley, IS also enlisted and Is with the naval reserve, but ha not yet been called. Charles Manlep, of 1301 High street, Alameda, whom friends believed to be on the troopship, probably was not on board the Tuscania, as he U a member of Company B of the Twentieth. B company did not go on the Tuscania, according to war department announcement. This news also tallies with word sent to Alameda by Walter Rlslev from the Eastern camp. Indicating that a part of th regiment had already gone abroad or moved before Rlsley' company went. Earl L-lnday, believed to have also been on the Tuscania." hsls not been heard from by hi relative. He was I at Mlneola when last heard from and expected to go acros at once wnen he last wrote. He Is a brother of Mrs. Edward Ellis of 1514 Enclnal avenue. Alameda. He was In Alameda High school Just previous to. the breaking out of the war: The mother and elsters of Hugh P. McAvojr are anxiously awaiting new from McAvoy. McAvpy wa at Boston and no word has been received from him for three weeks. Howev'er, he Is with the Twenty-fifth Engineer and tt Is thought likely that he Is already In France, McAvoy Is the eon of Mr. E. McAvoy of 1114 Clinton avenue, Alameda, and da the brother of Mrs. Jack Fklnher snd th Misses Margaret and Helen McAvoy. Mr. and Mrs. 8. H. Sorrell, HOT years was' wlth a 8tn ber firm. He Is 33 years of ng. " Ira F. Brown, of the Twentieth Engineers, has been saved, according to a cable received by his parents, Mr. and Mr. Franklin Pron, 314 Forty-first avenue, today, following the landing of the Tuscania survivors. Brown had left Oakland with an early continent of the engineers. John A Wood saved parent tains Station Corporal Donald J. Henderson, of the One Hundredth . Aero Corps, another Alamedan and the man who Installed the first Liberty motor In an airplane, may nave been a hoard the Tuscania, according to his mother, Mrs. J. P. Henderson, of 142 Fountain avenue, Alameda. When last heard from young Henderson was in New Jersey and planning within a short time to leave for Europe. He! enlisted In August. Grave fear are entertained by the friends of Lieutenant Harold Morton, mschlnlet. He enlisted In th aviation service August 10 at th Oakland recruiting station. Han Christian Jensen, a local car penter, who formerly. lived at Thirty-second and Adeline streets, and who . .i.r! enlisted In the Engineer Corps In Ie cemcer, is cenevea on ooarsi. nm uncle, H. H. Kroman, of Seventh and Webster streets. Is awaiting word. Jensen Is a property holder In Oakland and was well known In labor circles. He Is unmarried. "William W. Maden, son of Flhert Maderr. of 1114 Oregon trt, Berkeley, Is believed also to have been on the Tuscania. 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