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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 8

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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SOD AY IZn 13 Ala cm limn' "IIUS" II M.illlUii mn Food oNIay Be Sent Before Troops Needs of Allies First ForU. S. LETTERS CLEW TO PLOT DETAILS Tjv 70 HOLD MEETING EI if TYASHIXGTO.V. Nov. The IMlltlee cf the f.rt Increment of the in i fiiiMiiin ii United States to ue it -ehlps to ten! food instead of soldiers.

Dr. Alonio E. Taylor, the administration's repreei.tatie on the Th Salvation Army today win hold a N'ETW YORK. Nov. 10.

tVtai'j ef the Plana of Wrln LHn fnr th fnai.r- Rational army not reaching Franc fsr at leaat ix month loomed Urge today when It became known that the allies' demand for food, roai and Iron ara so strong a to forecast tha War Service Leegu Bieetasg at th mu-aicipal Auditorium, whea a mulcal program featuairg airs, addreeaes mi CCTIIADV Eer riot, of last year to- III I I I I I I I I tweer of avaiiaoiet oceaa Tonnage ro uii Luiuniii gatfte wkH information relate to the rorwara here that the war tLj vtncilt on found tn the poMMatM of -Gen- Liam M.ltawe In revolutionist by Lieuter.ant-Ceiccel pro. vlnelsi officer for the work of th army la the west, and other special currbers will be featured. The meeting wUl be held at 1 o'clock this afternoon. The full jthet tranaportattoa instead of for I troop. I A decision on tha question wliLreat L.

IT rreted here eev.ral weeks ago, and program for the affair follows: Invocation; barltoi solo, "liy God and rather Whll I Stray." R. Lundgrea: marka. Lieutenant-Colonel H. Lee. In ene day abort of twelre month largely on report expected aoon from tha Alameda riant of tha Bethlehem 1 American mlseior.

now abroad and cki.kiuu. on fruit being assembled by Food Shipbuilding Company. Limited. Udminmtntor Hoow to tu launched Jta twelfth steei steamer o( gTAin and otheP foci pro from the yard on the Oakland eMu-iduct available for export in tha ary. Thl twelfth veaael a steam jl'nlted Slate and South American.

hip of 000 tons dead-weight capao- Present indication, are, the 'food administrator belfe, that tn Twelve Days More In Oakland that sell Tomorrow Wc Launch a Spectacular Drive On High-Grade Suits NEWEST tJJ. HIGH- Including models BUSTLE Jth liM WAISTED SUITS MODELS Values to $75 wc uw iu inbTvmfni vi me auuuau Army ia training camp. Plana for the second draft would be affected by the postponement of the removal of the flrat Increment from camps, but since the cU3er--apaclty is muafa greater than helr present mad public today by Willi am J. Flynn. chief of the United State secret service.

At the same time. Flynn gave out copies of artfully worded letter which Thomas Welsh, a British ubtect attempted to deetroy when taken into custody federal authorities en the ar- provincial officer for Salvation Army work tn California and Nevada, aha Presentation of chairman of meeting tty. Ill feet Ions. 41 feet beam ana Ey the drift until song. 8haU Have th Oak-laad songsters: recitation.

"The Whltling Regiment," Mis Lucille Ferris, accom food situation, particularly In En- ......11 i tww wmmuiiK-nwni, secret aerv. France and Italy, will force the draw 22 feet. Inchea of water. Itjand, christened the Komulua by Mr. 1 agents say.

have furnished much in panied by Margaret Flake; song, "Se formation of value la their Investigation lected." Swedish Baptist church ma! quartet; violin olo. "Adoratloa (Bor- of the ramification of Flna Fein operation In th United Stat. MCLLOWES UNDER BAIL. SM MATEO Fjarne Lindvlg, a European opera mater of note and the wife of the aoa of the Hytnal owner of the wee-ael. A.

O. Lindvtg. of Nor. way. Before the completion of the, chip it wa requisitioned by the United State Emergency Fleet Corporation and taken over from the 1 MeHowes, said to have keen com wskl), Mrs Ruth Stelner; vocal solo, "Have Tou Done Tour Best.

My Brotk-rT (N. L. Rldderhof). Mis Clara Anderson; reading. "Th Drama ef' Benedict Arnold." Mra Ira N.

Allen; collection; doxology; benediction. SEEK AGREEMENT Oil PRISONERS IS TOO mander of a considerable fore of reve lutlonhit during th Dublin riots. 1 at liberty under ITSflS bail, charged with obtaining by fraud a seamaa' paaeport on which It is claimed Intended shipping en an EnglLth-bound vessel In order assist In another Irish rebellion." HlRRlAGE UCDUU That another -uprisrng was planned for wner. J. R.

Christy, manager of the Ala tneda plant, supervised the launching the resKeL la shipping circle Joaeph J. Tynan. Pacific coast manager of the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Company, Limited, I being congratulated upon the a Um not distant la Indicated, authori SAJf JOSE. Nov. 10.

Fifteen Kindred people this afternoon saw San Mateo high TT ASHINGTOX, Nov. United Slates has opened negotiation with Germany for an agreement to rnvrn treatment at rtr1atnera of war. scn-x win th rugby champion, ship of the California InterschoUuiUe Fed eration on what Referee Bobble Don of achievement of bmldmg a great hlp-ijhU Is heln- dona not only to secure yard and launching twelve large ve-the het possible condition for the el from It In St day. He Is also American prisoner, but to show how being congratulated on putting the wr.n German prisoners- in the United Romulu lnt the water within aev. I State ar being treated.

ties believe, by a closing entenc tn th unaddresaed letter found in Welsh' possession. Tn urging discretion in th wording of communications, presumably from Sinn FVIn agents th fnlted State to leader of th movement tn Ireland, this letter said: "Th gam 1 so high and there is to much at atak te tae any risk, and you must use extreme caution when writing. Always refer. In future, to he seanfear enty working day from the laying of Cinn aiTTI Ir W. CtlM.

aaalsa. and Helea ti.tter. 2t, Hayware. CJBLSEN M0U.XI Utt lariwe, SI. lea fiiU' ii'-J.

awt Kirea atoUaer, in), Aiaaia. CUkAarE 1AITO rtia 14. aad U-'l' R. K.u.v. 1.

botk of laWUMCI BOkaEa Willi. Uwnm. 12. Hinfw.

Swim, IT, CeatrUl. aziaOMAkDEftaElf 4)iaf K.hwa. ST. sad Unum Aaderwa, Saa FriKim. Ml'inElI-Clnrte.

reterM, A'f-Hi IT. NMt 0aklaa4. rERIT DICKIT-Rjaiii ft. Perry.

a. aa Lorniu. nicker. 2i. kola ef l)klA SCHINOKI WEkSIk-Rrt A.

SrkWM. H. 1.1 and tin a neater, XI, aAlaal. 10L1II SCO IT A. knller.

s.4 Ad.i ct r'. iwlk ef IMALLCOICS OACMIg DIh O. SiaalleMb. Brkr4.T, anf K'iBf f.

Uaaaaw. 21. Sas Dlef. HIILPftgHIItM-Ckkrle. H.

Bklelda. S. sas mnclK-o. aal Kill. B.

BAwlde. SS, Olklsad. TPENFB gHITHEk 4Ihi Tner. la, ss4 alarf R. Bmlrtier.

Wtk Prk'ly. WHITHIT SUTIB BUS Welteey, (, Baa IraacUKe, aa4 kliaaSetk Ain, 2T, Oaaiau. Already, through the Red Cross In Geneva, th United Ptates has begun forwarding necenmrles to AmericSn held In Germany, of whom there are now more than 100. It Is realised the keel, xnla is an enviable record In steamship construction. Under Tynan' direction the company Alameda plant 1 being con tinuously extended.

Within ninety of the largest and finest American troops Increase on the battle front, more 1 "iaw win mrm Santa Clara admitted te be aa Irregularity and mplayt by Ban Mateo. TUe scoiv: San Mateo 1. tXn Joes 0. The scors of the game waa made four mtnutiM before the cloee when Oavin Hunter of the ftatt Mateo fifteen 'took the ball while offHlde fuUy five yards and ran yard for a touchdown, which wa converted by Hlrschey. Referee Drn failed to the off Hid play, which wa made behind hi back.

Th decision caused considerable discussion, and Don filially stated: Jos was defeated beyond a doubt by an Irregularity and mtsplay made behind niy btck end which I failed to tea Had I seen th play the score couldn't have counted." The game was on of th tightest ever played here. In the first half with San Matee on the offensive the Ban Jose player defence was nothing short of remarkable while In the second balf the Garden City men mumwed San Mateo' be In operation there and in thl shop will built the turbine to equip the I toih" Oermaij prison earrtpa. veel. to be built at both the San', 7 Francisco and Alameda plant of the I th 1 Mn company everv tieceiislty and eomfort. have the I( I act unlikely that -the payroll Privilege of their rank.

They at the Utter plant will tncreaa to nl'rv camps and 19,000 Persona. 1 recently on of th prlwner sending i i a letter to hi prospective wife In a I do and If poanibl to not mention hi name at all." LITTER CXEW. Portion of th letter, authorities say, gtv ground for their belief that Welsh waa en of a number of messengers who brought orders from leader of th organisation in Ireland to their agents In this country and returned with word as te the progress of operations her. Welsh is tn th Tomb default of ball, charged with violating th trading with tha enemy act. DEATH SHIS BIRTtir Broadcloth, High Grade Sergei, Tricotines and Velours Elaborately Trimmed With Furs These Suits reflect a charrning refinement that it appealing jwf to the most discriminating taste, Hio I ne reaton for elling thes newjiigh-grada ReaSOn u'ts al we have only short time in Oakland and must dispose of all our merchandise in a hurry.

On Sale Monday at 9 a. m. You vlll fully appreciate thu opportunity if you step to our TvindoWi tomorrow morning. I Germany, wrote that the pay would accumulate during Ms Imprisonment wmiM nnf nnlv narmtt him TO WATCH AUTOS ADAMS October th wife ef Oesrge A in m. a eaughur.

KOTTEMDOkr T. to the wife Hpdi-v HottrBtkirf. a aoa. Ixt Of Stolen automobile Will wnrew I to ntlre fm tna mn kti iiiM goal throughout, their ofinlv only he-, KOUM- Nmraibaf te tae wife ef Joes Ionia, a litMxiitrr. a.

te the wife ef Tesw- a ra rETEltOM-NoTeajiMf to ta wife ef ltmeton i Lou F. Agnew and William set them up In ft little business a Bmith In the future when uch case ar weH ''t- MST' Photographs showing the comfort-L Mnspector.iabl, surrotindlnx of Interned Oer- LVimT riB Prisoner. In thl country have jJh" ni forwarded Germany by the Jetepk RoblMon were formarly on that War Department from th Pfate T- partment and a neutral agent Thev Ing broken th on time whan Ban Mateo cord on th questionable play. are Intended reveal the expectation of the United State that alrollar con, lderation will shown American snldlers and sailors who may be captured by Germany. IRK SI PLANT ILarle.

Sue. I DEATI-lTH ItAIXrE la tLU eWr. hoveaiher 1S1T. U-xf Biaikle, aauv ef VaUaje, Oakland Store SAN PABLO AVENUE, Opposite City Hall Special Values in 9x12 Axminster Rugs WASHINGTON -OAKLAND) VTH MARKET SAN FRANCISCO The Entire Sample Lines of the Famous Kenyon Coats in a Sale at Prices That Average Half Street and storm coats, motoring coats, transparent rubber raincoats, evening coats and every exclusive coating material, every distinctive shademany lavishly fur trimmed and silk lined UVERITORB, Nor. 19, Th local Plant of th Coast Manufacturing and Supply company was closed today la re-spent to the memory of Mis worth, founder of th fuse works, who died Tuesday- at his home In fUmsburg, COnn.

13 la-worth came to thl state In 1ST and established th second fuse factory en the western The plant wag located on what was than known aa Damon's Tending, at th foot of Damon avenue, and what Is now Sixty-sixth Street In Oakland. Deceased leave ft brother, John Ellsworth, of Oakland, former Superior judge In this county for many years. Judge A. J. Emery snd family have taken their departure for San Francisco.

The judge was recently appointed to the position of paultry husbandman in the 1'. S. Bureau of Animal Industry, and will leav shortly for Washington, D. to recoelv his assignment and lnstruo-tlons. Because hor a striking resemblance te Maurice Ooff, th escaped Modesto murderer, ft pedestrian ws picked up On tha highway near here Thursday by passing U.

S. secret service operator and brought to IJvcrmore, where ha waa lodged In jail. Sheriff Davis of Stanla-laus county came down yesterday but stated that the Imprisoned man wa not Croff, although he resembled the missing fugitivs in many ways. Charles Smith, a well known Tassajars farmer, and his son, Louis, figured tn an accident her yesterday while engaged In hauling gravel from tha bed of a creek near town. They were approaching the pit when the team became frightened and overturned the heavy gravel wagon, pinioning th younger Fmlrh between a fence snd th wagon bed.

snd badly bruLelng him about the back and face. Th eMer Smith was thrown ciear of tha wagon ami was uninjured. Th Injured boy was brought her to th of. nc of Dr. J.

K. Warner for treatment. The Independent Warehouse Oo. of this place has received an from th TJ. P.

government ralMng for 1S0O tons of IJvermor valley hay, to be shipped Immediately to Camp Kearney, Linda Vista, where It I said there are 15,000 hones to fed. Th order call for US ear, and with, th scarcity of cars that pr. vails at present the warehouse company Is having a hard time making the ship, ment even though it is a government order. Tc are showing some beautiful Axminstrr Rugs in mottled mixtures with plain and Nsrsjo band borders. These rugs harmonize well with almost any kind of furniture and ran be used in any room in the house.

They are equal in quality to the regular pattern rugs selling at $33.50. WHILE THEY LAST km Ire lioada.r, Xmimbf 11, st a. at to i-kaiMl ef Ue Callforai BlceUle I'ttaiatorjr. ft.atais sr. si U.

(kajwl Julln. OedMU, XUO WeUter sueat, eecM of 2 In itrML CV8HIM0 I Oaklaofl. Vtnmb 10, IV 1 Utrf Allr. Oikklag, blo4 wife Utf H. Cuaaiug.

kiBS vntktr mt k4 brti C. ia4 I. f. Mis. l.

11. l.llll.; a aim. ef aga4 jean, uuulLa, i 4aS. maris mj riew tke remains aatll 10 a. Mondar, Karwabar 11, al kMr lat.

wl-4iic. 1U.M atrMt, Barraneata, Oal. ru-aarat strUtlT print. rusiUf.1? flW'a 911 FT Is Uaklaa4, Nartsiber 10, 11T. Mar-siH-rit.

U. iup7, k.ira4 Biotket ef reter "4 rial lui7, satire ef Uarre, Eraaee, agl 47 yr. Renalas st Ike ekapal ef Orast MUler, 1871 Kiai rmttteeatk atrwt, esraOT ef Twaa. ty fourui, Kaat Oaklaa4. lat.rmaat rirlTau, Uoiy Crgas C.swtar, Mea4ar OAIDIKIl-Is Otklana, Rorenber 10, UI7, Jaisee Th.

which Oaralnor, keluTed ku a.t tt r-ni Muaan Usrdlaw sag oVMo4 fa'kT' of lllliia Muasua, Heir Conaway an4 Mlrtant Belle GardliMr: slle ft la-4Jaa. aii 75 tsars, sweihs, 11 itjt. srrricea aa4 iatWBMBt srirate. XlndlT emit flewww. CAECIA-ln Berkeley, Nvnmber Bteve Uircla.

fatber of Mrs. M. R. Walaara, Mrs. J.jhn Beat and Aanie Aanflera Uarcla, ana ef Juioa Oarria.

broth-r ef Mra Fl-r Trill, Mra. rraacis Halt, Mrs. Mare Pedtet snd 1. B. Cards, a siember of California Aerie 14.42, T.

0. and tnlr.ll; tusrt No. TRIJ, A. 0. r.

satire of a II-foraia. aied it years, 1 Bwitba, 1 gays. t'rlenda ar. reawtfully larlied t. altead th) funeral aervicea ilondav, a.vemr 12, at 1 SO jt tke rhaiI qf Kdward B.

Miliaiia toaipaay, 24.14 i'slegrsph annua, Brki-ley'. HARRIS -In tkla rltr. Smewner IS IT, Arthur L. Harrla. blod knshaad ef Bartki lUrrla, a aatl.

MiaaHHMti, Fleada sr. reepectruily enlted te sttesil the fooerai arrrlrea Monday Borslnf, Novaai-ber 12, at 11 e'elock. at tke at Albert Urewa Cempsny, M4 llth itntl, Istanant LTl HAS la Cklra'to, Dr. taaat Llchin, be-lorl kuaan4 A alalia Uckaa; a satire Uvtrt UaaMl, vwsiaoy, eg4 7 years sad mwhe XAKTMORT ta this eltv. rrmhrr 10.

llf, Htary Marrmoat, dearly beloved kuabaBd of Aane MarTtnout. loving fatkryof Ra. k-r and leo Marymnat, a aitw. of t'oiaal, ad S4 era. avwttka and da.

runeral sorrlcM atrtrtly prlrste, Woeeaker 13, I1T, at lo-aclork a. ttom kls lat. rrldnc. 74.1 atreat. Plaa omit ftowva.

MiDOBOnOH Irt Oakland. Normttee IfMT. Oorfa kelov knahand of BaJI. MrDoa-onik, Iorln aoa of Marcarot J. and tb lat.

Jobs M.Donoufk, krntbor ef Aaai. Haln. CAarle. and rraak Mciuoagk saUee ef CaMfnrnla. rrlmda are reapeetfullr lirrlted te attend tb.

fuaoral ore her 12, at lock s. from tb parlor, fi. James Dniter, 2M TVIefrapk arwine, at Twentr-sersntb at reef, theoee te It. mavis d. galea biir'k.

where a requiem aiaa. wll lb pel ebratod for th. renoaa of Ma aal, at t0 e'riwk loterjient Bt. Mart's rm.try. tAKDiERO In ikla eity, NimmH i(rlT, Alfred Baadtwrs.

fcelorad kuabaad a Teekla Bandherf, broths of Carol. Ida and km ma Sandbars. aarir. of Swedes, aced 2 yea-, Pnseral eornees Toeertay, Mormbar It, 1917. at I a.

at tb. parlor, at Jama Taylor, aorthat eerna llth sod Jafftraoa BtrMta, Oakland. CaU CAD OF THAltini. We kerwwltk eitend mir k-artf1t thank mr many frlonda for their aysiptbr nd floral fferlnea mi tk. orcaaloa of oflr recetlt tl.e loan of tir holnrrd a on and Sent her.

MRS. MARIA LAWRFNCB AND FAMILY. I I 25 EASY PAYMENTS 10 OF FOR CASH 1 The same quality Rugs may be had in 27x54 inch Equal in value to $1.00 rugs at $2.75 Oakland Furniture Co. Northeast Corner Twelfth and Clay Streets LINE FOR CONSPIRACY LOS ANGELES, Nov. 10- Julian Trens and Frederick Pato, brother-in-law of Colonel Esteban Cantu.

governor of the northern dlntrlct of Lower California, were sentenced today In the federal district court to ten months' Imprisonment In the county Jail and fined f2B00 each, upon their conviction of conspiracy to smuggle arms Into Lower California, LONDON', Not. 10. Plans have been approved by the committee of Lloyds register for a number of non-propelling barges and ft motor vessel to be- constructed of reinforced concrete for British and Scandinavian was or tsUTa" We vIre to eiin-e our tkanks a ew many friends lir th. heautlfnl floral offer-Inta and worda of armpethy la th. low our balorxf hnaoaad, fatka and brotaer.

MARIA DM rSAAA. Madc to Sell at $25 to $85 NOW $12.50 to $45 Tlie purchase that hundredi of Oakland women have been waiting for. They're -ample coatj only one of ft kind and what luxurious creationi they are. Materials are Velour. Potn-Poro, Durella.

Broadcloth, Bolivia. Silvertone, Zouave Cloth, Loop the Loop and rich, beautiful ouedes. Nothing more smart can be found at anything like our special sale price. I PHONE FRUITVALE I IT Are the I'ndVtafcer JTfcn Stand I for Cotf on All Funrralt I coastal trades. Plans of other rein- forced com crete yeseli of large carrying capacity for certain sea trades are 1 under consideration.


The majority of i th Vallejo ber who were en duty at Camp Lewis, are now cn thMr way to New York, according to word re- reived here- today by their relatlre. It PRICES ABOUT HALF $12.50, $16.50, $19.75, $29.75 to $45 FUNERALS Including Cs.ket, snd Free $55 Heerse, thspei, at 0w as is expected tnat the toys will on their way to France before spring arrlTes. LAN VAI.T.EJO, Nor. 18 Followin a meet- HOME Continuing the Sale 5 .75 lna- helj nt the Y. M.

C. A. Homo lat i 14 Continuing the Sale of Women's Suit's at $18.85 $24.75 $29.65 oi bilk and berge Dresses at Mrht Iwtween the city council and prop, eny owners it was derided to assess tho property In the northern street Improvement district aecurJing to frontage. COMMERCIAL ENGRAVING AND PRINTING DEPJ. Lakeside 6000 PHONE FRUITVALE 26 mq-rDrvri casket.

rMBAlKra-o. HEARSB ANU UMOU8LNv AT HOME UNDERTAKING CO, 2900 East 14th. Street New Costume WnicTB Children's Rain Capes .49 I.J lO CWetU Crep cune H.rb mi, .1 i i I They're of exrri qualify ribberisej sateen made with matching ftoevl in red snd nsvy. Size 6 te It years.1 TO HEAR BISHOP. VALLBJO, Not.

tfc Right Rew. Blshor W. II. Morebtrtd will preach at 8u Peter's chapel at Mare Island to. morrow morning.

In the afternoon he win addrese the bluejackets at the Eeav-man's barrack a. AID BED CROf5, TAT.T.KrO, i.t?i Carpenfr. rVrtr1Hin TR'titpea, nnd rrlnters locals and the Val'elo. Trades and Tjriot Council hare all made donation during the nest few days to the Red Cross Chapter to help pay for tbe Gb.ri?unu packets fo oldiera, oeiati taiiy beaded and embroidered; $10.50 down te MIJflSTKRS. Send The TRIBUNE to the boys at the front Your gift will be rebcription rates, no extra charge, Phone Flt-RCE, "Marrying see "mtn.

Istera," phone directory. 43 (th st; pUaom Oakiauv iMi aUso-fuseralav ela. VVVw, f..

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