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Wednesday, November 16, 1898
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i J01jOJ i VOL. II. OTTAWA, KANSAS, WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 1G. 1898. NO. 311 WOULD LYNCH 1,000 NEGROES. BRECKINRIDGE IS HEARD. Washington, Nov. 16. General J. GOL. BRYAN ON THE ELECTlOJi SOME VERY M BLOODYMFRRY fiTSflN LUIS Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 16. Mrs. W. H. C. Breckinridge, inspector general of criticised the the United States army, Felton, whose speech brought forth Editor Manley's reply in his Wilming conduct of the Santiago campaign be- frn Attempt to Arrest Soldiers Leads ton paper, resulting eventually in the Declares That the War, and Not Silver, Was the Issue. fore the war investigating: committee negro editor's enforced departure from to Six Deaths. idseph Chamberlain Very Explicit as to Nile Valley. GREAT BRITAIN CLAIMS IT ALL. he rsorth Carolina city, is at her home near Cartersville. Concerning statements that Mr. Manly 's editorial was MONEY ISSUE IS STILL ALIVE. COLORED TROOPS GET DRUNK. written in reply to her address before ! the Georsria Agricultural societv at Santiago, Nov. 16. An incident oc Tybee, nearly two years ago, Mrs. NEWS IN BRIEF. New York, Nov. 16. A cable dis patch from Libertad, Nicaragua, states that a revolution has broken out in Salvador. Webb City, Mo. For the first time in the history of zino mining here, the price per ton reached $36. Forty is anticipated this week. The highest heretofore was $34, last week. Strasburg, Germany. Count Stol-berg-Wernlgrode, a captain of cavalry, has been cashiered and sentenced to forty months' Imprisonment for fatally stabbing with his saber a sergeant named Schienhardt, in September last. St. Petersburg. The frozen surface of the River Suchona at Valictustying broke while a number of people and vehicles were crossing the stream. Twenty persons were drowned. Ardmore, I. T. At Foster, north of here, "Kid" Williams quarreled with W. D. Luke during a poker game and curred Monday night at San Luis, Felton yesterday repeated portions of about twenty-five miles north of San the speech and made some sensational statements in confirmation of her tiago, which caused a great deal of ill- yesterday. When asked his opinion of the result of the campaign, he said he thought it was consistent with the character of the men who conducted it "what was to be expected from the limitations of General Shaf ter. I think it would have been different if General Miles had been in command that it would have been more satisfactorily conducted. I think he has more of the spark and genius of command than any man in the army, and I am sure that if he had had charge he would have been in the front rank." In his testimony yesterday, General Breckinridge dealt with the campaign in Cuba and the transportation of troops to that island. He had, he said, gone to Cuba as inspector general, ar feeling among the Cubans and consid views. erable annoyance among the United In addressing the farmers at Tybee, States military officials here. Mrp. Felton said: "The crying need of women on farms is security in their All the colored regiments are en camped in the neighborhood of San lives and homes. It is a disgrace in a free country when rape and violence Luis. They were sent there virtually ;-et them out of the way because of are a public reproach and the best part of God's creatures are trembling Manchester, Nov. 1G. At the National Liberal Unionists' conference here yesterday, Joseph Chamberlain, secretary of state for the colonies, made his first public speech since his return from the United States. Mr. Chamberlain, who was much more explicit on the subject of Anglo-French relations than any of his colleagues in the cabinet has been, said it was the "hope of every friend of peace that the French withdrawal -from Fashoda is indicative of their acceptance of the principle of British control of the whole valley of the Nile, regarding which, there cannot be any discussion whatever." Going on to recite a "series of unfriendly acts perpetrated by France in other quarters of the globe during the last ten or fifteen years," he said: "If better relations are to be established it will be necessary for French politicians to abandon tactics whose the difficulty experienced in managing them. The colored officers seem to Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 16. Colonel W. J. Bryan last night gave the following interview relative to the late election: "While I do not understand that service in the volunteer army prevents a soldier from expressing opinions upon political questions, 1 declined to take part in the late campaign lest I should be accused by partisan opponents of attempting to embarrass the administration. Now that theelec-tion is over, I shall exercise a citizen's privilege of discussing the returns. "Compared with the election of 1896, the Republicans have gained in some places and lost in others. It was not a sweeping Republican victory. On the whole, the result is not surprising, when it is remembered that the administration is just concluding a successful war. "While a majority of the soldiers are probably anti-Republicaa, the management of the war has been entirely in Republican hands, and the strongest arguments used during the anq afraid to be left alone in their homes. "With due respect to your politics, I have little or no control over their men, and officers and privates are often seen drinking together, with arms around each other's neck and behaving Williams blew Luke's brains out. riving at Tampa June 5. He had observed casually the preparation for the disembarkation of troops before the expedition left and had concluded that say that whenyou take the negro into Williams is in jail. your embraces on election day to control his vote and use liquor to befud St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 16. Mrs. L. M. V. Stevens will succeed Misa Wil- in other ways not calculated to inspire respect for the American troops among they were quite inadequate. dle his brain and make him believe he the Cubans. "1 made no report, however, ne said, "as General Miles was upon the is your mr.n and brother; when you honey-pnuggle him at the polls and The trouble began in an attempt to ground and could observe for himself.' arrest two soldiers for abusing a Cu Ex-Governor Weodbury suggested ban workman and stealing his hog. make him familiar with dirty tricks in politics, so long will lynching prevail, because the cause will grow and in that the battle in front of San Juan The outrage was committed on the object has been to embarrass British Normas sugar plantation. Lieutenant policies in quarters where the French might have been iougnt ana tne victory won within eight days of the landing. General Breckinridge replied Jose Ferrera, chief of General Wood's crease with every election. And when there is not enough religion in the have no interests to protect. I refer gendarmerie in that section, a Span-lard, but a Cuban sympathizer and a "when pulpit to organize a crusade against this sin nor justice in the court house especially to Newfoundland, where, despite the fact that the French fish that the victory had been won General Toral's nerve gave out. ' This, man whom General Wood knew to be ery interests have declined to a com he continued, had been the war of all able and courageous, attempted to to promptly punish the crime, nor manhood enough in the nation to put a sheltering arm around innocence paratively insignificant point, the de make the arrests. lard at the head of the W. C. T. U. The election was held this morning. Mrs. Stevens, the new president, has been acting president since the death of Miss Willard in February. New Yoke, Nov. 16. Josaph Jefferson, the veteran actor, whose illness has prevented him from keeping his engagements at the Fifth Avenue theater for three weeks, has withdrawn from his contracts. His sons, William and Thomas Jefferson, will play the parts of Rip Van Winkle and Bob Acres. Joseph Jefferson's illness has developed into a mild attack of pneumonia. He will go to the South to recuperate. Seattle, Wash. The steamer Centennial has arrived here from Hilo, Hawaii, bringing an account of the wreck of the steamer City of Columbia, which for two days and nights tossed on the ocean, Gradually breaking up. others when success naa been won in its earliest stages. He believed that The soldiers, who belonged to the and virtue, if it requires lynching to the war was the Lord's war and that Ninth immunes, escaped. Some, thirty protect woman's dearest possession this wonderful success was due to His mands of the French have continually increased and their interference with the development of thi3 colony has increased. "At the present moment Newfound colored men, wearing the uniform of supervision. The time for the battle from ravening, drunken, human beasts, then I say lynch a thousand a the United States army, attacked the campaign was that a Republican defeat would discredit the Presidcnl in the eyes of foreign nations, while his commissioners were engaged in making a treaty. "It was not a trial upon the issues now before the people, but a successful plea for a continuance of the case. The people have not accepted the gold standard; they have not fallen in love with the plan to give the banks a monopoly of the issue of papt,r money; they have not decided to retire the greenbacks; they have not ucirrsndered to the trusts. "These questions were fi-roed into the background by the declaration of war, but they must be faced tfcain as . soon as peace is restored. The Chicago house where Lieutenant Ferrera was, was, however, short enough. Yet it must be remembered that the dis week if it is necessary." and kept up a regular fusilade, killing "Since that address was made the Lieutenant Ferrera, Antonio Roman, crimes and lynchings have decreased an old man; Emilio Betteran, a boy of tance between the battlefield and Siboney was less than half a day's march. While he considered the result as marvelously commendable, he 50 per cent in Georgia," said Mrs. Fel 17, and a baby, and wounding several ton, coming to the present time. "The others. Two soldiers were killed in race destroyed by the whites in did not feel that General Shatter was the affray. self-defense, unless law and order pre- above criticism in the conduct of the (ieneral VV ood left for ban Liuis on a vail in regard to the crime of rape and her machinery disabled and the water campaign. He could not believe the special train. He has offered 1,000 the lynching that follows. pouring into her. Through unexcelled reward for the names of the men who "When the negro, Manly, attributed seamanship, she finally reached a dock result was a miracle, but he ascribed the outcome to the fact that the army was one which was capable of meet- idid the shooting. in the harbor of Hilo, where she com' the crime of rape to lewd intimacy between negro men and the white women Eye witnesses of the affair say that in sr all calls. "JNo matter now it was two gendarmes who are wounded are expected to die. The impression tantrled up ," he said, "it went to vie of the South the slanderer should be made to fear a lyncher's rope rather than occupy a place in newspapers.' tory." among them is that all the soldiers be General McCook asked General longed to the Ninth immunes. Lie Breckinridsre if he had visited Shafter land is seriously suffering from an intervention which is of no advantage to France although a serious detriment to the British colony. If the Fashoda incident only serves to disabuse foreign statesmen of the erroneous conception that the British will yield anything to pressure it will be a blessing in disguise." After referring to the "thorough and complete sympathy so noticeable between the mother country and her colonies," Mr. Chamberlain continued as follows: "What is of equal consequence, our American kin have began to understand us better. - If we have had differences in, the past I "Believe they have arisen entirely from the want cf proper mutual understanding, but now the Americans know that in their late trouble our hearts went out to them, and they heartily reciprocate our good feelings. "I shall not attempt to predict what may follow this better feeling, but I may at least hope that in the future the understanding of which I have spoken may be perfected, and that in the face of that understanding we two may be able to guarantee peace and civilization to the world." tenant Ferrera behaved most pluckily, in his tent when the latter was ill vat and-even when, dying- he ordered his M'KENNA-KERENS. St. Lotns, Mo.;TTov.17.-Miss Kath-erine Kerens, daughter of R. C. Ker Santlaco.' B'reokinridere replied that men to aeiend tnemseives. lie was he had done so. shot while outside the house and try "Did he then offer the command ing io persuade the men to disperse. ens, national Republican committeeman from Missouri, and Lieutenant Frank Borneman McKenna. United of the army to you, as has been re It seems that the soldiers had been ported in the press?" drinking in the tcwrn and that a crowd of them was easily crotten together to platform presents for public consideration certain vital, economic questions. That platform has not been abandoned by those who indorsed it in 1896. It will be reaffirmed in 1900 because it gives expression to the hopes and aspirations of a large majority of the party. "When, the Democrats, Popnlits and-silvor Republicans favored Cuban independence they understood that war would give a temporary advantage to the party in power, but they were . willing to risk defeat in order to aid the people fighting to be free. "Neither can the election be regarded as an indorsement of any foreign policy. Until a treaty of peace has been entered into and the terms made known, the people cannot pass judgment upon it. Whether the war will raise any question of sufficient importance to turn public attention away from domestic problems remains to be seen." In regard to the Nebraska election he said: "A light vote was cast in Nebraska, but the fusionists have elected General Breckinridge replied: "I would very much prefer not to answer pletely broke down. Topeka. The Kansas commission which had charge of the exhibit at the Omaha exposition has closed up its business with $4,000 cash in hand, this being the balance left out of about $22,000. The railroads of the state put up $15,000, and the commision succeeded in raising between $7,000 and $8,000 by county and individual subscriptions. Peking. Li Hung Cbang has memorialized the dowager empress, bogging to be excused from the appointment to consult with the viceroy of the province of Shang-Tung as to the steps to be taken to prevent any further overflowing of the Yellow river, pleading age and infirmity as his excuse. He had a special audience on the subject with the dowager empress and the iatter, while thanking him for his services to the throne, requested the Chinese statesman to proceed to States army, acting captain in the volunteer service under General Brooke, and son of Supreme Justice McKenna, were joined in wedlock at 5 make the attack. that question. You should ask Gen The Independencia calls upon Gen eral Wood to relieve General Ewers of eral Shatter. Such a conversation as occurred between General Shafter and myself on that occasion is not of a character to be spoken of lisrhtly. I o'clock yesterday afternoon. The wedding, which was the most brilliant of the season, was a semi-military affair, Lieutenant McKenna, with four of his groomsmen, appearing in full dress uniform. Many persons were present. fail to see how a reply from me would promote the object of your inquiry. his command, claiming that he is "absolutely incompetent." The paper says also: "It is contrary to all justice to send here as an army of occupation the cutthroats and murderers who, ever since they came, have acted worse than the Spaniards ever did. These men are so bad that they had been sent to a far-off town, where their You want to know what General Shafter did, not what he may have thought of doinsr. If General Shafter GIVEN AWAY BY A WOMAN. Topeka, Kan. , Nov. 16. B. H. Macke or H. B. Eckam, he used both names, has not repeated the conversation I ought not to do so." misdeeds have culminated in butchery has been arrested at Gallup. N. M.. the Yellow without delay. TARIFF FOR CUBA. Washington, Nov. 16. Robert P. Porter, special commissioner for the United States to Cuba and Porto Rico, has presented his report to the President and secretary of the treasury. and slaughter worse than even Cubans have been accustomed to." and will trial on be brought to Kansas for a doaen .different criminal "As a matter of fact, he did not sum the command over to you?" suggested Governor Beaver, to which General Breckinridge responded: "No, he did charges. The capture was the work of a girl cashier at Albuquerque hotel, Miss lne report submitted contains about not, and 1 do nnt tmnk tnere is any New Yobk, Nov. 16. A dispatch to the New York Herald from Havana says: Beyond building temporary docks on the Marianao beach, nothing has been done . to make ready for the American troops. Considering the number of commissions and officials that have inspected and relnspected the entire state ticket and carried the same Congressional districts that they carried in 1896. If Senator Allen is defeated for re-election it will be be cause Senators are elected by legislators instead of by the people. If a Republican Senator is chosen by the new legislature, he will go to Washington MAIL BIDDERS COMBINE. Washington, Nov. 16. The post- 60,000 words and goes very fully into impropriety in my saying1 that he Lizzie McGrath. Eckam had been office department has discovered the drinking and talked to her about Kan the financial and economical condition could not have done so." of Cuba, analyzing the budget of that With this the matter was allowed to island for fourteen years, showing the drop and General Breckinridge was ex- existence of a combine of speculative mail contract bidders looking to the sas. She told him she came from Topeka and he told her he had lived there as Eckam. He had registered as the camp sites, dodged the yellow I to represent a minority of the people sources of income and the causes of cused. control of the bids and evasion of the fever and fled at the appeaVanoe of 50 cent war tax imposed on their con of the state and to thwart the will of the majority." Macke. The girl notified the local au thorities. Several years ago he was tract bonds. Some weeks ago the department was approached with a view agent for an insurance company in the that disease, what has been accomplished seems insignificant. New York. The 130th banquet of the New York chamber of commerce was held at Delmonioo's Tuesday night CAROLINA RIOTERS TO GO FREE. Washington, Nov. 16, On the recommendation . of assistant United States attorney in Columbia, S. C, Mr. Cochran, Attorney General Griggs has decided for the to ascertaining its attitude on such or- South and spelled his name Mackey. ganizatipns, and prompt notice was expenditure. There are some supplementary reports'yet to be made. Mr. Porter examined, both in the United States and Cuba, some 500 witnesses, all of whose testimony is published in the appendix to the report. Mr. Porter also submitted for the approval of the honorable secretary of the treasury a complete revision of the tariff in the form of a new bill, which TWELVE KILLED IN A WRECK. TO THEIR OLD STATIONS. Washington, Nov. 16. General Merritt will resume command of the Department of the East, with head-quarter's at Governor's island when he returns from Europe, and General Shafter will go to San Francisco to com given that it would be regarded as illegitimate. Notwithstanding this the department authorities have found Kingston, Ontario, Nov. 16. The present to take no action in, tne case of Tolbert, collector; recently shot in and, in point of magnificence, exceeded the previous efforts of the chamber. Three hundred and thirty covers were laid, and every place was occupied. Among the guests of honor were: Grand Trunk railway express from Montreal to Toronto collided with a that a considerable number of these bidders or agents have gotten the riots at Phoenix. Cochran re- lawless bands have freight train last night. rjTwelveper- will be examined by the exports of the ported that the mand Department of the Pacific, which together, formed an arrangement for treasurv department, and. If approved. I dispersed, and sons were killed or fatally injured. he has decided not Eight Hon. Lord Uerschel, Attorney he relinquished when the war began - r a. a. v opening their own bids and selecting The accident occured at a place to send an agent to the scene of the These assignments are to be made will be promulgated by the President ostensibly the lowest for filing with the department, suppressing the disturbance. With this discouraging and take effect at the port of Clenf ue- General Griggs, General Miles, ex-Viee President Morton, ex-Minister to Spain Woodford, Paymaster General . Edwin called the Diamond crossing, about two miles from Trenton. The express which was due at Trenton at 3:35 a. m. statement the attorney general finds others and thus saving the revenue gos, December 1, that boing, in all probability, the first important post to himself compelled to suspend the oper Stuart, U. S. N. ; ex-Congressman Has ran into an open switch and dashed in accruing the government from the large number of competitive bids come into the possession of the United san, Carl Schurz, Seth Low, Bishop ations which were intended for the nunishment of those who have mux- to the freight tram. States. Mr. Porter says: Potter, Horaoe White, St. Clair MoKel- "The Spanish tariff was made bv I derously assailed federal officials. way and Murat Halstead. ELOPEMENT ENDS IN MURDER. Public sentiment is said to be so Spaniards, lor bpain, in the interests whether hostilities arc resumed or not, as both the officers concerned are satisfied to make way and give younger men an opportunity for active service in the field if occasion requires. General Shafter will reach the retiring age of 64 years October 16, 1899, and his wish to end his military career in his adopted home on the Pacific slop will be respected. General Merritt can advance no further in rank before his retirement, on June 16, 1900, as his immediate superior, General Miles, still has five years to serve. TO REFUSE OUR CONDITIONS. Thob, Iowa, Nov. 16. F. E. Fred- strong in the Carolina's against any ALL BOYCOTTS ILLEGAL erickson, while eloping with Miss process which will indict white Dem Madrid, Nov. 16. According to ocrats for the persecution of white or semi-official statements here the Span Anna Swanson last night, was shot and killed by the young woman's father. The latter had followed the Lansing, Mich., Nov. 16. -A decision was rendered by the Michigan supreme court to-day which, in effect, declares negro Republicans that the author- ish peace commissioners will maintain lties regard it to oe almost an their present attitude in regard to the eloping couple and had been shot at by Frederickson. He returned the Philippine islands and will certainly a boycott unlawful and an unwarrantable menace, intimidation . and impossibility to punish the offenders by jury trial. In fact, the department not accept the conditions of the United fire, killing his daughter's fiance in States. Further, if the discussion of the Spaniards. That seems to be the only principle in it. On any other theory it was inexplicable. . In adopting for an exigency measure the rate of duty which Spain levied for her own commodities, the United States acted wisely. Those rates were, however, full of inequalities, and were not levied on any sound principle, but on the 'heads Spain wins, and tails Cuba loses idea which prevails in the whole fiscal fabric. It was found that the only way to remedy the inequalities, equalize the rates of duty, improve the administration, and to reduce the stantly. of justice has been advised of the practical impossibility of securing an in does not return to the limits of . the ILLINOIS COAL DIGGERS WIN. dictment or the identification of the HAS THE P. & G. BEEN SOLD? Kansas Citt, Mo.. Nov. 16. WaU street had a rumor to-day that the CM cago & Alton Railroad company ,has protocol, as viewed by the Spaniards, outlaws. the . Spanish commissioners have de Chicago, Nov. 16. The Chicago-Vir- Washington. Secretary Alger, after conference with Adjutant General Corbin and Major Shaler, of the ordnance bureau, decided that the United murders ana intimidations m cided, in spite of contrary reports, not North Carolina will come before Con made arrangements to buy the Kansas to sign a treaty of peace. It is also den Coal Company has acceded practically to all demands of ' the striking miners. The company agrees to pay States armories have progressed with I City.Pittsburg & Gulf. The 6tock of the gress in contests which the Re learned from the same sources that publicans have decided to make, complete accord prevails between the the union seale of forty . cents a ton the manufacture of Krag-Jorgensen latter road suddenly sprang into promi-rifles to a point where he could under- nence yesterday on the stod exchange take to arm the entire army with this and it advanced to-day 56 a share, to rates of duty on all articles of general Spanish government and its peace for hand work and thirty-three cents for hand work. ana tne f resident in nis message will, it is said, call attention to the outrages, strongly condemning them commissioners. , weapon. consumption was practically to frame a new tariff. The tariff proposed reduces all duties about 60 per cent on and recommending vigorous action for PATTI TO WED AGAIN. London, Nov. 16. Mme. Adelina the old Spanish rates and will average the protection of citizens in the right ONLY SIX METEORS AN HOUR. Maryville, Ma Ernest Alexander, a Mary ville young man who recently returned from the Klondike after having of suffrage and for the protection of Patti-Nicollni announces her betrothal San Jose, CaL, Nov. 16. The met- federal officials. to Baron Corderstrom, a Swedish noble fully two-thirds less than the rates now exacted by the authorities in Cuban ports in possession of Spain." eonc display oi Lieonias, occurring take place spent four years there prospectlng.has man. The marriage will only three times in a century, was ob . Bucklen's Arnica Salve. tThe Best Salve In the world though all the advance was not maintained. Yesterday ' 7,500 shares were traded in. The transactions were still larger to-day. TORPEDO BOAT DESTROYERS.. St. Petersburg, Nov. 1C. The government has ordered the construction at the Neviky shipbuilding yard of twenty-three torpedo boat destroyers of the Sokol type. The Russian torpedo boat destroyer Sokol is of nickel steel and aluminum. next February. for served at the Lick observatory on Sunday and the ' two proceeding nights Salt Cats, Bruises, Sores, , . Ulcers, IT ABSOLUTELY HAS NO EQUAL Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped th frequency not exceeding six met eors an hour. Photographs were taken Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin and all others who claim their3 is as good -as BEGGS GERMAN SALVE f For external piles, cuts, burns and bruises, old sores, eczema, and all skin diseases BEGGS' GERMAN SALVE stands today without - a peer It is an old reliable remedy and if nsed freely "wounds will heal without a scar. Be with two telescopes and the tracks of left for Liondon. ne naa a naa. cxaim in the Klondike and hopes to enlist the assistance of a strong English syndicate to develop it. : Washington. Negotiations on tha proposed reciprocity treaty between this government and Great Britain relative to the British West. Indies have come to a halt, with no present indications that the treaty will be con-eluded in the near future. Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed white meteors were platted. The meteoric display has been closely watched for. It has recurred ; about every thirty-three years. The observatories are imitators. A fair trial will convince anyone that there is no preparation yet discovered, that stands even Ttrnmnlino will nnrft n f nid while TOU to give perfect satisfaction or 'money j refunded. Price 25 cents per box. careful to get "BEGGS" and be sure of have prepared for several weeks to sleep. No cure, no pay. 23 cectj. C. L. Bse!ier & Co sale by all drug For Sale by Kaiser's Palace Pharmacy an equal in allaying pain and in its healing qualities. a speedy cure For gists. take photographs of the display. and J. B. jLockwood, N. Main St.

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