The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 27, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1895
Page 8
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?*:%.' mm W. J. Studley, Druggist, BANCROFT NEWS. Chicago F, S, NORTON* Dealer^ in LUMBER And all Kinds of Building Material. & Not th<.W»Mef a *«**« ditfttt Mitiid. ;...;..., 6 ..... .... 11 43ftrti W&f . f>fn «Sbt....S IMffl 05pm IOWA, 1898 conducted by J. A. 1395. When in need of Hardware, please call on me and get prices. J aim to keep the best, such as Garland Stoves and Ranges, Baker Barbed Wire, Heath & Milligan's Paints, Etc. J. "W. DON'T-TAKE ANY CHANCFS Abstracts of Title. Our books are thoroughly complete. None but experienced ^tractora hasi over written a word In them. Owr work li done by competent persons, and IB S^aivtoea. ^od work will co«t you no more tlian poor. Bring your work to n" and yon may bo '*u>e you get what you pay for and take no chances. J^-REAL ESTATE FOANS. FARMS ANT) WiLD LANDS. HAY & RICE Opera House Block. Algona, IOWA. C. L. LUND. ESTAWLISHKD 1880. J. RYAN (Successors to 0. L. LUND;) Real Estate Dealers, Alpia, \Ve wish to announce to the readers ot the REPUBLICAN that we IVave exli-aowliuary facili- dealing anil if you want to sell your property with us. . . ... t Waste any time tii listing I.UND & RYAN. Against Fire or Toriiadoes ? Is y( ' ; in case'of'deatji, V)>|aft5-fifei ; policy^;i Is your family protected, a solid company ? If not, A. FRECH, Of NEWS 'POINTERS, C. A. Wilson will return next' Saturday to Ames to continue his studies at the Ag- rlcultural College. J. W. Biakebrough is working in Anderson's drug store. A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Swan In Seneca township last week. John Schmcher's little boy fell out of a hay mow last Friday and broke his arm, but is doing well. Miss Ella Wolfe is worse again and it Is not expected that sho can live but a short time. A man from Whittemore,named Morris has rented the Tallman Hotel and will move over In abbut a week, and will open up the hotel about April 15th. He comes highly recommended and will no doubt bo a valuable acquisition to tho town. A. L. Mathing, of Lomars, has been hired as a barber by James L. Johnson and Is now on tho ground. Ho Is a skillful workman. A bcncilt was given the actors In the Tomllnson modlcino troupe last night. The boys wore pretty hard up, financially. Jay Qrover was In the city yesterday. He reports all as being well in Portland. The revival meetings at tho M. E. church continue the balance of the week. Mrs. C. II. Johnson has a now stock of spring Millinery on hand. Another ticket, has been put In tho field for the city election next Monday. Tho tickets now in the field are as follows: First, Caucus—Mayor, S. W. Callanan; Recorder, \V. F. Laidley; Street Commissioner, Wm. J. Oalllon; Treasurer, candidate withdrawn; Councilinon, .A. J. Berryman, C. E. McLaughlln. Second Caucus—Mayor, J. B. Carr; Recorder, W. F. Laidley; Street Commissioner, Jas. Whalon; Treasurer} candidate withdrawn; Councilihcn, A. J. Borryman, C. E. McLaughlin. The only fight is on-Street. Commissioner and Mayor, and a* all tho candidates are good follows, the 1 town wlll'not suffer, no nmttor who is elected. • C. C. Thompson"- was .'very *ick Sunday and Monday with erysipelas, but is now much bettor.' ' ' •-'•••• Harry Wilsou did not accept, thn ckalr says that iit'$50 per shppt. Tho boys here will accommodate IVf.iriiri h'is : last' proposition, also, and. -.-.wo again-predict' that 1 Sundstrom will carry oil' tlie honors of tho shoot. Ufrto-Sf, Feb. 25, '95. Mrs. Bulffef is ylsitiht Mrs. Wheeler. We did Hot hear the place of her residence; but presume, Decofah. Cofa Gtoddets is recovertag from ati at* tack of the grippe; August Dan has fen ted Jhls place to Mr. Heftleyj and will mote to Butt and ettgage iti the Agricultural Implement biislftoss. The services at the Herman school house are said-to be vef'y good,—preaching at 10.30 ahd Sunday school after. Mrs. Barr Is improving very hicely from her sickness. . John Fox has moved to hear Swoa City. Mr. Cox has moved to the Judge Bishop farm, and Mr. Mulhalr to the Holcomb farm. Herman Dau has bought the " Old Ferris Farm," of his f dther. Herman is an industrious and deserving young man, and all are glad tosoo him permanently settled in our midst. Oscar Naudaln is now settled on the Brahm. Watklns place recently purchased b*y him. Wo hear that Mr. Watklhs has purchased a half section in Swoa. Hay seems to bo lower than farmers anticipated, No. 1 hay soiling for $4 In tho stack. Kossuth county seems to bo well advertised and not offering Very great inducements to new settlers. With drouth and hog cholera, if every other farmer must losoOO-per cent, of his cows, we had all better go to Western Nebraska, whore we can get help and sympathy. A great many .think there is .some "blue sky" around "somo'ars." Robert Le'ason is now a resident of Union, on the Chas. Sarchott farm. Jas. Rcibhoff has a sale on tho farm near Burt. Mrs. W. F. Jonkinsuii has the grippo. An old fashioned candy pull was bold at the'Rico homestead. All report a jolly tlmn. Some of our yoiing folks frerc at Webster School hoiiae Sfltidfty flight, the Bancroft fteglstef: fhe new creamery will be the model of all nortbef n Iowa when completed and once mot® ift operation. The building will be 48xf*Ci with 12 foot posts; the lumber bill alone, purchased at dealer's prices, amounts to Stoo. The contractor doing the work is an Armstrong gentleman, Jlbson, who put up the model school house in that town; his contract calls for the completion of the heW creamery ih twenty days, and it will take liy«ly Work to handle thn 34,000 feet of lumber in that time unless the Weather holds unusually fair for this time of year. The outflit to bo ptii lh will be brand hew and flrst'class throughout. si. f-. itAeGAftr>. HAGGARD & PEEK, to saftrt. fiBAL A, J>. OLAKKE «fe 00. MM LOAM. on Dodge stffcfet, Algona,: fofr*. 0. CALL, HKA.L tiSTATto ANb ABSTftAVf OJWtfii Por information tti regard to land* In North western row»,i#fH6 to hiftt,^ . Alftd&a, l OftOu S. OLARKB. $40 m MONTH SALAE¥, 100 energetic ladies or gc.nts Wanted to canvass. Above salary guaranteed. Call on or address A. McClihtock at Brltt, lown. & ATTORNEYS AT ALGONA * - - - - OHA8. A. COUHNOtJtt. IOWA. le'iige.'mditlbned last week and say IVe wants a series of three shoots at- PLUM CREEK. PLUM CIJKEK. Feb. 33. Emil Black, who lives on the old Dunton place, had seven hogs.killed by a North-Westoin train on Monday of last week. Five were killed outfight and two died afterwards. Dalnel Rice has been having hard luck horses. Last month his best horse ran a nail into his foot and died, and later another was killed by running into a wire fence. A number of others were badly injured. Any one'.who want; to see a number one lot of hogs should look over those of Daniel Rice. He has about seventy in 1 his herd.'; Only two or three are over one year old., and some nine months pigs will wejgh,800. ...''.'' The sick of this community are slowly improving. •'-.•- U; Therp willl boa Boyle,a.nd Smith con- gprt at the Rice school house Saturday ' the following companies for your consideration; This is the strongest line of companies in any agency in Kossuth county and does the largest business. All city policies are issued in Bancroft and can; be had on-short notice. We can do a more careful business because we devote our time to it, Creamery and threshing machine insurance a specialty, . , ; Merchants and Barilcers of Bus Moinos Anchor of Creston. Dnouque Fire and Marine- LIFE COMPANIES. Kockford of Itpckford. State of Des Molncs. Capital ofDes Molne.s. The total assetts of the above companies is $366,678,181.08, according to the Auditor's report of Jan. 1,1894. CRESCO. . '" Oi'.ksco. Feb. 35— Oscar Dutton spent; Sunday with his parents. ... i Littio Lillie BoSven has boon sick the past few days with the grippe, FIRE AND. TORNADO CO.S Hanover of New Ysrk •'" FJre Association ot Philadolplim. Northwestern National of "Milwaukee Equitable of New York. Mutual Life of New York Fred 1 Arnold spent. mother in Algona. Mrs. Eva, Kelley and Sunday with his children vis] tod with Miles Sabin and .family -in Lotts K. M. Kiclimoiul, Pres, H. V. Smith, Vice Pivs. A. B. Richmond, Cashier. O. ,r. ' , . , Cash. Farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank li A.HCROFT, t incorporated-under the laws'of the State of Iowa. None but home capital inverted, , IzedcapVtal $80.000. irorolgn and domestic exchange bought and sold, and a general banking business tranSted. Special attention uiven-to collections. Insurance written, steamship " w e H S K(n ? ORS-ft! 'Wtichmoml, N. K-i Sheridan. A. 1!. UXftmena. H. P. Smith. Maynp'c. K/Mftlloi-y,.!. N T . PIO3STBJB3K, Land, Loan, and Insurance Agency, Crook, Saiiirday . and Sunday, -return-ing homo Monday. Wells Curtis'returned to, his homo in Bristol, Wis., last week. Ho likes Wisconsin '-better than Iowa. " A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. A. ;E. Dutton, Sunday, Fob. 34.- Mother and babe tire doing as well as could bo expected. : - Mr. and Mrs. Loon Bush and little daughter spent the fore part of last, week with Goo. Hackman and wife. •A few young friends of liosa Parsons gave her a surprisoThursday'evening,. All report, a good time. " •'• _ The Irvington school closed last week with Miss May Edmonds us teacher. -She bad'a very excellent program which- WJR,S •'enjoyed by all present. The Irvingtpn. people all speak well of hor teaching abilities. • '•' . ; Mr. Sam MulUair and Miss Ida Thornton, were married Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 1895. Tho bride is a daughter of J. E.. Thornton, and the groom, is . a. very respected farmer of Cre'sco. The best wishes of all go. with them in their now life. <.. •• A sad. accident: Mr. James Stewart, while helping saw wood at Walter lian- ey'.-j, Monday, got his band nearly cut off by a circular saw. lie was clearing away sawdust from tho saw with a short stick of wood and in porno way got his hand against, thn saw, nighk, ; $ind it is expected tluit thisj will close tboseason. ' Fred- Miller . and .wife and son wore among those who attended the bean'sup- per, in Algona on Washington's birthday. They reported a groat'success. Clearing.up the clyclond timber In'the. wood) is one.of the principal Plum Creek industries at present. : , Jasper Maudsley and wife have arrived h,ome from Canada. . .There will'be an oyster supper next; Friday night at the home of Daniel R'ice, 'All- are.invited. ..-',." ''•'••' : Will Hopkins., took his little 'jnrl. two years old,.to Iowa CityJ last, Tuesday, to secure an examination for what was variously pronounced to be diseased joint 'aud rheumatism. Saturday evening- a card was received from Mr. Hopkins stating that nn'examination had been-made and the trouble found to be dislocation of 1 tho hip joint. He expected to remain there With tho girl for about a week and then bring her homo. Young Norman May no, who has been interested in .trapping, wants to buy furs. ,i. Wm. Heater, who has run tbe Clark •Gplfln place for the last three years, has rented tho J. R, Davis farm, in.Fonton township,and will move up'there this week, .. Ed Slmpkins' woodcutter, Patterson, is an expert in tho business. He x would 1 be willing to wager big money.that he can chop four cords of cord-wood in one day, COUNTY AT LARGE, SWea City will vote on the question of incorporation on Saturday of this week. , The people of Wesley will vote at the city election next Monday on the question of bonding the town for $5,000 for the establishment of waterworks. Our county towns are pushing to the front. Tho Bancroft Register says that veterinarian Ostrander had a trance case last Friday. A large, fine looking cow belonging to John Wesley was in what seemed to bo a deep sleep, and no effort on tho part of the doctor could arouse her. She ate her feed and was evidently all right at milking time the night previous but could not be roused she next morning. The only theory for the strange condition is that she must have eaten some weed or herb in the hay that produced an effect similar to that, of chloroform, only more lasting. Tho contract for .carrying the mailfrom Swoa City to Eagle Lake has been l«t to II. A. Catlin, who makes three rortnd trips a week. F. M. Whitman let the contra.-t on behalf of Call & Cowles. The retirement from business of.Mrs. 8. Gray, of Wesley is announced. The Gennanla Standard sny« that, B. F. Smith is out again this week rushing the land business. Bon is tho man wo want for the-business and many are coming to this point under bis litflucnco. Maybe revive'-the-work and keop the wheel cm the move. The Hurl,, Monitor says -.that cards are out for the marriage of Miss Agnes Stow to Chas. L. Phelps, which happy cvent'.ls to take'place today. .... . . The Knights df ByUiias of.Wesley gave a big banquet ancl ball Tuesday.. evening of last-week. "The- literary and ..musical program consisted, of a reading of ."Poor. Tom,'' by Mrs; Frank Heal, rocltationof "The Polish Boy" by Mrs. A. J. PoirMn, QEO, R OLOTJD, (Sucuossoi- to W. B. Quui-tott) Attorney and Counselor at Law, IOWA. Olflco over Kossutli County State Bank. SULLIVAN <fe MoMAHON, ATTORXfff8-AT- LAV'. I'ostoRlvo BlocK. ALOONA,IOWA. E. V. A TTORNEY A T LA W t Money to loan. ' .. . AlKonu, low*. J. 1,. MONAR. II. II. FELLOWS. BONAR .& FELLOWS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW Collections will rouctvcjirompt Hooma 8 and 0, Alffona Si Site Bank Rl'i\g. Brunoli office at .,.'„. ,, ^ rnm * Wesley, Iowa. 'ALOOftA, IOWA- DANSON & BUTLER. AND LAffJ), Collections a Specialty. Office In (jardner .Uowies new lmllillu£ AlgOIIH. : , , Iowa. ATTORNEY AT t..)iin.H and timunuice. Special attentiou to collections of all kinds: Offlce over Ulirisch.llles' stove. AlRonii, Iowa. L/K. GAKFIELD, M. 1)., .'n/I.TSlGJA2f AND SU/tQEOX, e o'h 'State street, Algoua, I«w». M.J.KENEP1OK,M. D. OliUie over Taylor's*ntorn. Established 1881. A. large list of wild lands for sate. Improved farms and village property for sale or rent. Farm loans on long tune and low,fates orlntorest. at Bancroft and Swen City, Iowa, : : • R. M9. RICHMOND, >•, QALt AT THE OFFIOU OF LAND AND TOWN BUFFALO FORK, BUFFALO FOKK, Fob, '.if> 'U5, Frank Winter closes his school in the Iklttijlcy district, tliisj week, Friday, Alick Clay, of Mason City, is in-Port' land on business, Mamio Davlson spent Saturday itn<T Smidivy at her homo in Bni t. Miss Emma Brown, is quite sjck with pleurisy, Miss Edna Buttoi'tiold visited at Uuffala Fork a few days lajs(, wook, Mr. and Mrs. Kosler v^oicu ovor tho birth of iv little daughter. /.insurance Farm Loans ^ R, M. RICHMOND, Jas. Stowe is having a fine new barn built on bis ffivm In Portland, W, <J, DiiYisou has been putting somo re •pairs on bis bouse the jwst week 11, Juln has go»'o to'CUicago. 1., |,o make I* visit In whil6 gone, Walter fc?mlth,, whp » a $ * ie(m J1 Sgii»S well for J. Froeuwi, lintsbod it and canie liomo last Friday. There will bo adauco at Uwiry Jiurt- BURT. Feb. 30.—Harry Pa'lzlel will move out to tbcNafus farm Thursday, ami Mr, Nafus will move Into Grandpa Iseuborg. or's house bore. : Brahm Watklns moved U> .'Hurt. Saturday. Mrs. C. S. Colliu Uas morning glories in blossom. Who can boat that? : Miss EHl.s,.fromMoody'§ school in Chicago, Is holding revival "services In tho ME; church. :, Mrs..E«geno tollier and Mrs, Walters, of Algona, came up Saturday and visited with Mr. and Palylel, returning Mon T) day morning. . ' ' Tbo school pxerclses on Friday .-wore a elocJde<i success. Tbe scholars in the pri- ma,ry room did especially well, Charley Laage, of Algonp, was on'our streets Monday. Frank'41Jen is on Uie sick list. While out horseback ridipg with Bother boys, Sunday? Plarence Pftino' Icicked on the leg and bftdjy bruised. ' QCO.JCoffin went to Bancroft last' nlglu movo Qeo. Grubftin down bore, bas hired, him to worfc Uis fanu. the song •"Madeline^" by, Mrs. W. F. : Bar con,'t)f : Renw.Ick<-and 1 .a' song-,.-"Over, tho Sea", by Mrs. Stitzol X. Way. The Algona orchestra enlivened. ,lhe banquet with cboicevniusic-iind played at. thc.baVI. .The Reporter':.;ys,i,he entire, nffnir was a splendid success. • ' ' . • , • 1 The following is the. Jiur.t clt-ix.ons.' .cily ticket: Mayor, O. 11. Richards; -Recorder, E. J. Murtagb; Treasurer, (J. R. Wightman:. Assessor, .M. ; H, 'Staddard; Street Commissioner.,.J..Q. Isenborgor.ahd Councllinei),. 0. P. -McDonald and L. C. Smith.- .:.••- ' ..' Gernuiniahas gone dry; The repeated raids of the deputy sheriffs at last rendered the business so unprofltable there was no alternative close. Tho last raid was made by Deputy Bruitson, who entered the. town quietly and made a bee-line for the ••'dlvo." '. That the pla«e was closed never occurred to : him, and'be grasped'tbe" latch and sprang for\vard to got in and "ketch 'em in .the act,"—but the door was locked. 'Tis said the thud of tho unexpected mooting between 'the sheriff and. the door attracted tho attention of people across the street, and one wretch gnyocl him and asked foolish questions about getting left sometimes, etc. Onr officials are entitled to a vote of thanks for at last closing Kossuth's only open saloon-—Bancroft Register. N The Monitor status thai Ernest Bacon and family will not go to housekeeping for a spell after their sale, They will board awhile at F, II. Psvine's until .they decide upon something definite. M. PEIDE, M. D. Office ovor Go.eder's Olotning Store,Iowa L, A^SHEETZ, filled. Deals In paints, OIM\ books; perfumerief), etc. 0»>r. State and ThorlDgton sis. Algona. Iowa. IOWA, !oS|>. m, WHITTEMORE •: •> - Regular Office hours 8 to 12 u, HI.. Over Wichlcr's Furniture store. , Be.?(dence noith of trauif. A. L, BIST, D. D. S Local anaesthetic for deadening pajn \\\gums when extracting teetb. E. S. GWVSIER, D. D, S. DENTAL ROOMS Over the Algoua State Bank. ' ATTENTION aivBN TO Tbe,b,estof modern anaeathetics to make all operations as painless as pqg; Bible, ' : ORIGIKAL NOTICE,. State of Iowa, Kossuth Comity, District Court, March term, 3895, E. S. Ellsworth and L, E> Jones against David Freeman, Olive Freeman, Phoenix In* stirance Co,, Bradley & N.icoulln, nnd W.M.Stewart. To David Freeman, Olive Freeman, Phoenix Insurance Company, W. M, Stewart and Bradfey & NlcowUn defend' ints, You are hereby notified that» petition of the plaintiff in thembovo entitled act' ion is now on nle \n -jSje ofiftcoof the clerk of said court claiming of you tbe sum of One Hundred Thirty-five ($135) aollavs, ' *Vt tb'e rate of eight per cent, " Optober F, K, SAYBBS, D. V; M., was *£ 4tf2) SVKSEQtf,^U.^0^^^.^ •»ra interest of eight per ftnnvjm from tUe 36th •«!»/, of A, I*. 1892, less JSlovcn and sijrty droths aollai-s paid, and Fifteen, dollars as attorney's fees herein as rn.pu.ey due from the defendants, D&vW Ffeeman and Olive Freenuvn, and as wUnossed by ibeir prom* isspry note made tp plaintiffs by saw de* fondants Freeman for' said suni of One Hundred Tlilrtyflve <W»V dollars; tdsQ asking the fpreclstiro of a mortgage v«sv4e by F, ' - Manufacture? 6|juja deajev in Harness and M+ 1 v i\ ,'jl On Real Estate, HQKIi! &,#&'•- the N H ^ (7) Rango county, iie of sthll, in hat no person FKNTON, 8G,—MJ*' Wk° \VoisbrftU a4de4 anotUpr building to |»is cb ickons \vlll be satisfied wJliU Ills lj»st tewar, llejjs be UMld, tbe aecoia a»y idisftlcfc, the fiojaii p%v|6«n b,as

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