Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 25, 1922 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1922
Page 3
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xiESDAY EVENING OaklanD Crfoune OCTOBER 23, 1922 STAtJFORD HIS OPEII Sfflll FOR ITY US' Social Service Board Rules According to "Wishes of Student Body. STANFORD UNIVERSITY", Oct. 15. Drives for . charitable funde through organized campaigns and personal solicitations will be limited hereafter to one each quarter on the Stanford campus, in accord ance with a decision made by the Social Service board at a meeting yesterday. The ruling is theresult ticw of Bko While Diamonds and Credit Our Wrist Watch 51 GE !; ; ;downV RPlfe Solid I4h White GoW-S39.85 THE Venetian is an extra small, solid 14K White Gold model; Italian period design, hand engraved and fancy Damas-keene dial. Sapphire Crown. 1 genuine Ruby and Sapphire jewel movement a line timekeeper. You will be delighted with this watch, as it is one of the very newest models. Pay $1.00 Cash, then cnly 11.25 a week. No interest, no extras, no tax. Same price cash or credit! Eyeglasses on Credit, tool $1.00 Mail Orders Filled! p Any article sent for free Inspection. No aoney needed. Examine It In your own I home. If satisfactory then send iVfient. Pay balance weeniy or Write at once, giving mraei oi soipo iirma with whom you have had an account, or ether references. Your credit is good with us. no matter where you llve SEND TH0 COUPON. Fill it out and mail TODAY. 22 Years of Service Official Walch Inspectors S. P. of sentiment expressed by the student body through Us executive committee, who recommended to the Social Service board last week that drives be limited in some way. The Social Service board formulated a system for the conduct of these quarterly appeals designed to give full opportunity for all worthy enterprises to call upon the members of the student body for financial support while protecting the students from unexpected and too frequent caHs on them. The system now fn effect is expected to lead to support of worthy causes as well as to protection against embarrassments. Once each quarter of the college year, including the Bummer session, all organizations which select that quarter for their campaign will b,e given an opportunity to do so at a stated time. Early each "r. a list of organizations planning campaigns will be made public. .The sentiment of the student body will then govern the, action of' the Social Service board in ' granting particular organizations the right to appeal for financial support. " "The Perfect 100' Diamond Rin$s. INSlbEErLEE Jen hrs SlSoMarht SlrvAr SAV Diamond Set Wedding Ring, Set with 7 Blue White Diamonds On Credit Terms of Only Then Pay Only $ 1 .00 a Week T'HE kind of a Wedding. Ring that every woman 1 wants! A beautiful PLATINUM FINISH ring, In 0e latest square design, artistically hand engraved, ot solid 18K Bellas White Gold, platinum finish. 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Gentlemen: Plaase send, prepaid, without any obligation on my part, for free examination, the following, which If satisfactory, I will keen and send payments as advertised, otherwise I shall return It to you at your expense. (No money needed. Please send on approval . Your Name -... Address ...--...---.--. first pay- montmy. ' Railroad City References SIIIG CORONER'S JURY Policemen Absolved of Blame After Posse Details Pursuit of Pair. "After listening to a number of witnesses, Including some of the bandit's victims, and officers in the posse who caused their.' death, a coroner's Jury today, following an inJuest, filed a verdict to .the effect that William McMahon and Henry Schaffer, killed . In a postol battle early Sunday, met their death while resisting arrest, and that their slayers were Justified. ' . One of the principal . witnesses called during the probe was Patrolman Charles B.. Jennings of the eastern division, police department, who shot and killed McMahon after the bandit had him covered with his pistol.' The slayer of SchafTer is not known as all of the posse, composed of some half dozen officers, were firing. Jennings told 'of starting from the Eastern station under command of Captain Thorwald Brown to hunt down the bandits, of the meeting on East Fourteenth street, near Ninety-second avenue and the gun battle which resulted in the bloodshed.--' i. ' Other witnesses were some of the bandit's victims who were robben by them before ihey fell before the officers' pistols. ' : Hallowe'en Frolic to Be Held Tomorrow 'AJl preparations have been made for the Hallowe'en frolic to be given by Laurentian Institute No. 70, Y. L. L, tomorrow evening, at the Berkeley Tennis club. The committee has completed unique decorations. The committee In charge comprises Miss Reglna Monzo, chairman; the Misses Teresa Schmltt, Jgpss Duddy, Edna Armstrong, Jose-plioiie ' 'SfWarthy, Irene Duddy, Aileen and ClS Hennessy, Rowena Traverso, Teresa Gillespie, Catherine Stapleton, Ava Lehan, Marion Selby, Grace Duddy, Patricia-Rear-don, Margaret Faulkenstein, Marie Herbert and Margaret Huber. - Warden Indicted When Prisoner Dies DENVER, Colo., Oct. 25. Warden Frank M. Kratke, of the Denver county Jail was Indicted by a county grand Jury today, charged with "assault of a prisoner." The indictment grew out of the death of Alpha E. Ransom, an invalid, who was sent to Jail in default of a ten dollar fine assessed in police court. The true bill charges that Ransom died from injuries received during a brawl in the prison, in which Kratke and other intervened. ' Ed Allison, a guard at the Jail, also was indicted, charged with. assaulting Ransom. Send for Free Diamond Doti FRANCISCO , $1.00 Down! 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Marshall, once a candidate for county . clerk and editor of the paper, as plaintiff, against E, Ware, one of the directors. Marshall is suing Ware for money he claims Ware owes for advertising in the paper. Ware is contesting on the ground he should receive half rates as a director and beside the paper owes him money advanced by him to the extent that the paper really owes him a difference of 29 cents. Asked how It was he had brought tin suit Instead of the publication, Marshall said the claim had been assigned to him. "Who assigned the elalm to youT" he was asked. "The business manager," replied Marshall. "Who is the ISuslness manager?" - "I am," was the reply. . Then it developed that while Ware was out of town, Marshall's friends on the board of directors had voted to bring the suit against him. Marshall declared that Ware had later assembled his friends on the board during his absence and had them vote to dismiss the suit. Then it was found that the by-laws of the organization were lost and it could not be agreed what action could be taken. - Judge Pulcifer continued the case until November 15 with orders for ,all the directors to be in court to thresh out the question as to whether the suit waa brought with proper authority. $153,111 Collected For County Taxes Rushing business Is being done In the office of Edward T. Palmer, county tax collector, this being demonstrated by the fact that $163,111 had been collected on the first installment of county taxes since a 'week ago Monday, when the bills were ready. Of this amount, f 29,085 was collected at Hay ward yesterday, where Planer and several deputies were on duty at the Bank of Italy branch throughout the day. Louts Kennedy, county assessor, and deputies, were also on duty to Straighten out any complaints . regarding assessments. . The total amount to be collected in the county is $7,170,648, represented by about 130,000 bills. Permit Taken Out For $32,000 Bank The Oakland Bank today ' requested a city building permit to construct a one-story brick bank at Coege avenue and Ocean View Drive, costing 932,000. P.J.Walker is the contractor. $6,000,000 AND NO WILL. ALRESFORD, Eng. D t, n i 1 Coats, cotton goods manufacturer, who died without making a will, left more than $6,000,000. OF ill SUIT mm mm EflSTflAY CM UNVIHI.uTnUIUIILO DECLARES DRUM Bank President Predicts That Emeryville and Other Cities Will Lead West. EMERYVILLE. Oct. 25. Emeryville and the other titles of the Eastbay are on their way to become the manufacturing center of the entire " region west of the Rockies, comprising, eleven states, and containing a population of nearly 8,000,000, President John S. Drum of the Mercantile Trust Company of San Francisco told the members of the Emeryville Industries Association at a luncheon here yesterday. The country west of the Rockies Is now for the first time In history capable of becoming a self-sustaining region, with not only the necessary resources, but with a population large enouph to Justify and make profitable the manufacture within its own borders of all basic products. Drum said. Not only Is it now possible for the West to support itself from Its own manufacturers, but this course is being made necessary by increasing railroad rates, the speaker declared. WATER AND RAIL AID. , Because of the favorable combination of water and rail transportation, climate and other advantages to be found here, the great industries, and the branch establishments of nation-wide concerns, which are arising in the West to supply this huge unified market west of the Rockies, are to a large extent locating in the Eastbay, Drum said. What the Eastbay neeas to ao in order to brlnff about the cen tralization here of the bulk of tne iast night he said he was not in manufacturing that Is to supply ' sympathy with any great prepared-the entire West is to develop its x neBg that Europe would be mad own manufacture of pig Iron, cot- , an(j m0ney-poor by the end of the ton textiles, woolen textiles and j war .. Continuing, Lane added a shoes, the speaker declared. few observations of his' own. Drum, whose bank, the Mercan- . ,.The army an,j the navy are so tile Trust Company of San Fran- I Mt and gtereotype(j and tand-pat rlao. recently established a branch in imeryvuie, was i s i?,VroVBn7the ag: sociation yesterday In honor or , - - SfTbV SpToJti.rB.SS- Ml asleep at our meeting today. fey branch of the Institution. The Mars, and Morpheus in one." Again program consisted of vocal solos by o his brother. February 25, Secre-Nelson McGee. accompanied by , tary Lane wrote: tmm wthei Irvine, and recitations I "On Friday we had one of the mo iwt."j - by Miss Emma Knox, who was also accompanied on the piano by also accompanied Miss Irvine. CONGRATULATED BY DRUM. Drum compnmeniea uie wnj- : to whether it was true that the vllle manufacturers, more than ; w,ves oI Amerlcan consui9 on leav-seventy of whom were present at j lng Germany had been -Btripped the luncheon, upon the fact tnai , -v-j i-, .n m kov. a they had been among the first to discover the advantages v.. --- - eastern shore of the bay from a manufacturing standpoint, which had lain almost unnoticed for 35 years. Ha also said It was srflne thing for the community's future as an; industrial center t0 have suclfl financial facil ties " were repre- oufby ?h S eersTatve i located here the American Bank, j the Central National, ana we an of Italy. . . "You on this side of the bay, with your industrial snd commercial future, are entitled to have the same banking facilities that Ban Francisco has," he said.' "In fact, from a ousiness point or view, an oi ;t-"" I suggestion that we should work ur nltfniP'oot hatred again of a million .rnnnd the baV. In the largest sense we are one community, working for the development and welfare ot the entire metropolitan district." , , , .. , Alfred McKenzle, head of the Industries Association, presided at the meeting, which was held in the cafeteria of the Virden Packing Company's plant at Park and Harlan streets. - CityTakes in $1700 At t(0ld Hoss" Sale Monday's sale of old automobiles, tires, sailboats, rowboats, ' street swepers and other articles brought $1700 into the city treaasury. according to City EnglneerW. H. Harmon, who declares that the corporation yard Is ' now cleared of most of Its old Junk. Everything was bought up except a horse-drawn rfr, which will be retained for use on oil macadam streets. - . Oakland It's the Wonderful Bargains 4 in School Shoes Girls' Patent Sally Sandals Siz 82 to 11. $2.95 Sizes V2 o2, $3.45 Royal Shoe Co. 4r ' With Every Oakland, Thirteenth and Washington purchase Wilson's War Views Told In Letters Sent by Lane BOSTON. Oct. 25. (By Asso-f elated Press.) A series of history-making letters, describing In detail the American war cabinet and giving an intimate picture of Wood-row Wilson as he appeared while presiding over the secret meetings of his official, family, was made public yesterday. The letters, written by the late Franklin K."Lane, secretary of the interior in the cabinet of President Wilson from 1913 to 1920, have been collected and edited by his widow, Anne Wintermute Lane. The correspondence reveals, among other things, how the President frequently lost patience with the tremendous problems confronting him, and how at other times discouragement crowded him to such a degreei that he was prompted to turn bitterly upon his advisers when they failed, to agree with him. The letters give a description of Wilson's attitude on preparedness before America enteredthe war; tell how he regarded the 'proposal to arm merchant ships, describe his opposition to anything approaching the "code duello" spirit at a time when the United States was neutral, and then, when great questions were pressing for decision, tell how he encouraged his cabinet to talk of trivialities while he went along on his own counsel to solve the huge problems lacing his administration. Vfcrf' "The' President said he didn't wish' to see either side win for both had been equally indifferent to the rights of neutrals," Lane wrote to his brother on February 17, 1917, commenting on a particularly animated cabinet discussion. PREPAREDNESS VIEWS. On the subject of preparedness, even a few months before the-United States entered the war, Lane quoted President Wilson as being "not in sympathy." Writing again to his brother, February 16, 1917, Lane said: 'At our dinner to the President that -I am altnost hopeless as to moving them to the wise, large and wholesome Job." h. wrote. "They ! nrfl envtarneri bv red tane worpft most animated sessions cabinet that I supose has of the ever been held under this or any other president. It all arose out of a , VArv Innnpanf fmoeHnn ' mln. ne tect w'rWng 0 the,r flesh and gub i ,nr,tnH n aII,.. InJ mUI.. N. Y. BREAD RIOTS. "Lansing answered that 'It was trim. Thn T nalrari Hmiatnn ohmtt i .v.. v--nrt r(nt. , Nsm vnri Thi. ud t0 a dlscug8ion of tne greal prob,em wnlch we had been afraJd raisewn ghouIdn.t wc -d our ships out with gun, ami convoys? Daniels said we must not ; t."ujr wvum u uau6iuun (Think of a secretary of the nav.v telling of danger!) The President said the country was not willin;, that we should take any risks o: war. I said that I got no euc-j sentiment out of the country. "TMa tha PrAetflnnt ' tnnlr o t, -""" - - no sucn luea, out i ieit mat in . democracy the people were entitle to know the facts. McAdoo, Houston and Redfleld Joined me. Th President turned on them bitterb, especially on McAdoo, and re proached all of us with appealing to the spirit of the 'code duello.' We couldn't get "the idea out o: his head that we were bent on- Two Petitions Put Up Before Council Two petitions were received by the oity council today and referred to the proper authorities. One requested the indorsement by the council for the bridge across Car-quinez straits, and the other petitioned against the proposed move to compel the inoculation of all dogs with anti-rabies vaccine. The bridge petition, according to the officials, will be answered favor- ' ably. ROYAL for SHOESmzz? Boys' Solid Leather Tan and Black Blucher Lace Shoes $1).95 sizes 10 to Sizes 1 to 5i&..?3.45 Sally Sandals pushing the country into -war. Houston talked of resigninj after the meeting, McAdoo will within a year, I believe. I tried to smooth them down by recalling our past experiences with the President. We have had to push and push to get him to take any forward step. He comes out right, but he Is slower than a glacier and things .are mighty disagreeable whenever anything has to be done." NOTES ON DAILY LIFE. In addition to his voluminous correspondence, which included letters to virtually every person of importance in the United States, Lane made many notes on incidents Occurring In his daily life. Among these were copious comments on the cabinet meetings. In ono of these notes, dated March 1, 191S, he said: v "Yesterday; at cabinet meeting, we had the, first real talk of war in weeks, yes, in months. Burle-sowbrought up the .matter'-of Russia would "we support - Japan in taking Siberia, or even Vladivostok? "Should we Join Japan actively- in force? "The President said, 'No,' for the very practical reason that we had no ships. We had difficulty In providing for our men In France and for our .allies. ...(The President never uses this ward, saying that we are not allies.)" In a note dated March 12, 1918, Secretary Lane wrote: "Nothing talked of at, cabinet that would lnterest-w-Hiation, a family or a child. No talkW war. No talk of Russia or Japam Talk by McAdoo about some ttllls in Congress, by the President about giving the veterans of the Spanish war leave, with pay, to attend their annual encampment. And he treated this seriously as if it were a matter of first importance." "Yesterday we had a cabinet meeting," he wrote under date of October 23, 1918. "Ail were present. The President was manifestly disturbed. For some weeks we have spent our time at cabinet meetings largely in telling storlds. Even at the meeting of a week ago, the day on which the President sent his reply to Germany his second note-of the Paris series we were given no view of the note, which was Already in Lansing's hands and toas emitted at 4 o'clock. Germany came back with an acceptance of the President's terms a -superficial acceptance at least since he ppprnl to the cabinet yesterday." I aaanaafap r i nmn 11 i ip um SIX MODEL STORES Dobbs Hats Be the Man you Want to be Dress like him, anyway Then Feel like him Let Roos Fall Suits help. : Plenty of variety. Surely good style. "Roos" means Quality. Prices low on account of big, big wholesale orders for Six Big Stores.. $33 $39 7 $47 Roos Moneback Guarantee HART SCHAFFNER fine Second-Class service to JAPAN---CHINA PHIL1PPSN1S r va ((ainifidiiafii Pacific Luirarious second cabin service on the four great Empresses giants of the Pacific at about half the cost of first cubin complete luxuries and comforts fortnightly sailings from Vancouver, British Columbia. To Japan 10 days, China 14 days, Manila 18 days. FuitW Inionutloa from local Knmship ifwti or F. U NASON, C. Aft. Pan. Dept. Can.diia PaciSc Rilwiy,67$ Muket StvSn FranciKO, CtUL r local iteamihip afonti. 'rA' BUSTER SHORTS BIBLE MIRACLES ' " Retired Pastor Renounces Faith Upon Which Christian Church Founded. NEW YORK, Oct 25 (By the Associated Press). The Rev. Samuel Davis McConnell, once rector of Holy Trinity church, Brooklyn, and for half a century a widely known clergyman of tne Protestant-Episcopal church, In a book published today, renounces the faith upon which .Christian churches are founded, dismisses as incredible the miracles recounted in the New Tes-''ament'ahd' defies1 the' divinity of Christ. Tho"jacketofthe book bears the following: "I have been for 50 years a minister In the church. I entered the ministry with enthusiasm, believing, as I did, that the church was the one organization In the world of divine- In&tituUoiwthat JLowes its origin-to Jesus Christ and that he was : the son of God. I have, been reluctantly led to the conclusion that none of these things is true." The church, Dr.y McConnell be lieves, nas in it muuu mum i ganism than the life of Christ, and nnA-fa V. n ntnnV ' 1f Tint Til fl t of usac, k. ta.tb .'. . ' the ceremonies of the church, are far older than Christ, some of them springing, he says, from the time of primitive man- Dr. McConnell Is now living In retirement near Easton. Md. The known facts of the life of Jesus Christ, Dr. McConnell says, in a chapter, entitled, "Jesus of the Gospels," would fill less than a column of newspaper space, .and that far less is known of Him than of several other personages of the time.'"' - . Dr. MrConneH's- explanation, of. him hnnlf la tirifif. ' "So far I have been silent," he says. "I wanted to be sure before speaking. Fifty years is surely long enough for, consideration. Now I openly avow my convictions and leave it to the church to do with me as it sees fit." if MARX CLOTHES Sri i ; r i r - f - D tl f

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