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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 21

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 21

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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THURSDAY EVENING tfAtlCIT 30, 1322. Oak I an Cribimc WOUfiDED STATE mnmvrm GOOD GUT WOMAN IfiJURED AN FRANCISCO BROKER'S RADIO Farmers' Still Passed From Farm to Farm Senator Compares Shipping Board Men To 'Giggling Girls' MEET BY FALL GIVEN FtCESTHMIl SHOOTING CHARGE HERE MAY 26-27 APPARATUS HELD Wife of Dentist Who Shot Concern's Plant Is Confiscated On Order of Federal. become serious. Kvery orchnrdist must look to his orchard. We do not mean to say that the crops will tie a failure nor even that the pests whi gain an unusual foothold, but wo" do mean to say that neglect on thf, part of orchardlsts may easily lead to disastrous results.

"Professor Home is making the survey with me in order that the nioit effective means of combatting the pest may be discovered. We will make a thorough investigation of results of previous treatment of orchards and ill probably- vary Him Accused in Reno of IntenJ to Kill. AY WARD', March 80. A survey of the brown rot situation in Southern Alameda county was started today by. W.

T. Home of the plant pathology department of the University of California, and Russell T. Robinson, county agricultural agent, in order to uevise best means of stemming what progrt3 Lie brown rot has The critical period has arrived, according Robinson, in this year's life of hj pest. "Weather conditions for several days have been favorable to the brown rot," Robinson said, "and in some Instances the disease, has named a foothold and Is now making headway. Should damp, heavy weather continue the situation may ENID.

March 30 (By International News Service). And now the "farmers' co-operative still." Prohibition enforcement officers stopped its convivial tour through Garfield county today and were looking for two expert distillers, "master minds," the natives declared, "who could do more potent things with a little sour mash than Edison can do with electricity." The co-operative still wound up its tour at Hayward. It had much territory yet to cover1, but had "worked" on five different locations In the eatrr part of the county within a week, officers taiJ. The. outfit moved from ane farm to another1, much as the threshers do In the harvest season, "running off" the "roasting ear punch" as corn liquor is politely called hereabouts on a percentage bssu.

The farmers supplied their own mash and wabed their turn for the "joy ma kers." PAN FRANCISCO, As the result of a warrant issued by Assistant District Attorney Uobert WASHINGTON, March Board members were compared to "glcglmg shop girls'' by Senator Dial, Democrat, South Carolina, in a brief address in tho Senate today criticising the board. Stating that he bad noticed that the board was asking Congress for ship subsidy legislation. Senator; Dial that there were "no government officials who look on their duties as lightly as- the Shipping Board. When they were before a Senae committee recently, Senator Dial said tha. board reminded him of "14-year-old gigshng school girls." In view of the way the board i conducting its business.

Senator Dial said he was rot surprised that it was asking fnr a ship subsidy. "Instead of looking or business they tied up ships and kept them from doing eaid Dial, adding that he was opposed to throwing away any more money on such an incompetent set as that board is our course considerably. Every orchardlst must help, but each year 1 Supreme Court of State Sustains Opinion Cive.n By i i Judge. MARTINEZ, March 30. Decision of a jury awarding damages ot 17500 and subsequent action of Su- perior Judge A.

B. McKenzie cut ting the award to IS00O In suit Instituted by Mrs. Alois Melnderse, of Richmend, against Fred Meyers Sid, the Water Company for personal Injuries is upheld in a decision rendered. by the supreme court, according to word received here today. Decision of the superior court was reversed by the appellate court on an appeal taken bv Mevers.

Th every orchardlst is confronted by that demand. With good, clear, sunshiny weather the danger will practically disappear." upon Information collected by investigators who have been witching thfl place closely for several days, police lata yesterday raided the offices ot Afteigood it Company, stock. brokers, at California street, and contlscated a unique radio apparatus. The apparatus, according to police, was being used, to flash market returns and. secret Information of Elaborate Plan9 Under Way To Entertain 100 Disabled Heroes of War.

The disabled American soldiers'of tho World War will hold their State convention In Oakland next May, uncording; fo advices received by the rhamber' of commerce today. The convention takes place on May 26 and 27, and will be attended by approximately 100 delegates from all parts of the State, -including men from the hospitals and vocational training schools. L. B. Gross of this city, chairman of the entertainment commltiee, is making elaborate plans and is e-celving ready co-operation from Oakland people.

Austin M. Keeley, member of Company 1), 316th Engineers, who was severely wounded by shrapnel and ho carried a piece of steel close to his heart for months, is State commander. Frank ls State vice-commander. In addition ta the plans for the State convention, local members of this organization are making arrangements for Oakland day during the national convention of disabled soldiers to he 'held in San Francisco In June. Special bouts will bring delegates to this sldo of the hay and representatives of the army anil navv will be on to receive them.

RENO, March 30. With her hus-banrt here to testify against her, following a visit to his first wife snd children in Yisalia, the trial of Mrs. Nannie Goodnight, wife of Vr. C. II.

Goodnight, has started in the superior court on a charge of assault with Intent to kill. Dr. Goodnight, formerly of Oakland, was shot and seriouslynvpunded by his present during a domestic quarrel In his dental offices. Dr. Goodnight's recovery was slow and the physicians in charge of the decided to send him to the home of his first wife In Visalia.

The trial started yesterday with testimony by C. II. Updiko, civil engineer and county surveyor, who produced sketches of the building; Dr. A. R.

DaCosta, who attended the dentist, and F. Collins, who testified that he sold Mrs. Goodnight the revolver with which she did the shooting. Charles Lane, an eye-witness to the shooting, today began his story of how Mrs. Goodnight was ejected from the office in a "friendly scuffle" and later returned and began tiring through a door, behind which the doctor had taken refuge.

PLAX EXHIBIT BUILDING. HAYWARD, 30. Plans for financing the construction of a building for the permanent housing of the Eden Township Farm Products show will be outlined afa meeting of the finance committee Friday night, according to M. J. Maclnison, chairman or the committee.

Madison has chosen W. T. Knightly, manager of the Hayward SCHOOL NYSTKM LAIDED. II AY WARD, March grammar school has been placed first in the state by J. C.

Schuttner, assistant director of physical education of the state board of education, following a tour of inspection here. M. L. Benson, superintendent of the Hayward grammar school system, said today Schuttner declared the local grammar schools are was then carried to the suprem GASOLINETANKS' LIBIT HOSED ASilUrilillE branch of the Hank of Italy, W. shown not only in class work but in Haley, cashier of the Bank of Hay court by Mrs.

Meindersee's attorneys Mrs. Meindersee was injured when she fell into a ditch dug by th water company and alleged to have been left unguarded and without a warning light at night. She 'was badly injured and suffered considerably from nervous trouble alleged have been induced by the accident The court in its Judgment als granted Mrs. Meindersee costs of appeal and 7 per cent Interest on th the results to the Individuals. and A.

A. Oe.Melto, assistant cashier of the State bank as his committeemen. Other plans for the campaign were worked out today. Letters have been prepared to be. sent to every resident of Eden Township Bureau Benson told of the success of a rn of individual work adopted by the schools here which has greatly increased the quality of work if not only the students with higuer standings but has decreased the number of failures.

The plan wn devised by'l cn.son. Ir.uiwdual lessons sections of different problems judgment from July, 1921. IntSittiatior and will be mailed early next week. PIEDMONT AVENUE Win arithmetic and sub Jitney Hits Machine; "What is the best way to wash and dry feather pillow's?" Prepare a quantity of lime water in tho following manner; Thoroughly mix one pound of quick-lime in each Celluloid buttons will be distributed boosting the plan. At the mass meeting of township people to bo held in Native Sons' hall April 19, the Hayward grammar school orchestra will play and other entertainment features will bo given, it is planned to make the meeting a gala affair and the "biggest boosting proposition this township lias ever seen." marts.

Information disclosed a receiving station bad been installed on the upper floor and on the roof of a building on the northwest corner of California and Kearny streets, ftot far from Aftergood Company's offices. Charges against the firm of embezzlement are pending, having been made against E. E. Eorden, manager, by Miss Bella Gilmofr, of San She charges wrongfully dlvertl $400 she gave him to invent. AGED WOMAN, MISSING FOUND IN SAN JOSE Three hours nfter she was reported mlssliig to the sheriffs of-Vice.

Mrs. Emma Eittlefield, seventy-four years of age. was in the hands of the 01 ice fifty miles from her starting point. Mrs. Eittlefield was misying by her daughter, Mrs.

E. N. Snyder of 1505 Myrtle street, shortly before 10 o'clock last niglit and a little before 1 o'clock this morning she was In the sheriff's office in San Jose. Mrs. Eittlefield told the police in San Jose that she used to live" at Morgan Hill and took the trip for pleasure.

She was undecided as to her mode of travel, whether on the stage or the train. She wore a number of valuable diamonds and bail some money. Mrs. Snyder went to San Jose today to bring her home. irr gallon of water required, and let is I MEET In order to remove tb legal difficulties in the way of Installing a Hi, 000-gnllon "gasoline tank at the rtew Diuant auto plant and similar industrial plants, the city council this morning passed to print two ordinances, one raising the legal limit of gasoline tank capacity for factories, nml.the other defining garages.

The old statutes treated factories hikI garages alike. The new stntule will limit the capacity of garages to the present 10,000 The council also another hearing In the proposed opening of Fifty-fourth street from Telegraph to Shattuck avenues. Some time ago a majority of the property owners protested, but many withdrew, leaving the pia'testants in a minority. Hut it wis found that the law does not allow withdrawals after a certain time, and they were held to be. Illegal.

Hence, though a minority protests, there is legally a majority protest. The case was put over another week. The city" engineer was authorized to close Arlington avenue from Fifty-seventh street east of Grove. liids were received at noon for dredging the quay wall, and for improving Engine House No. 4.

Merced I. O. F. Wilt Welcome Ketterlin MERCED. March .10.

Next Sat tirday night Merced Lodge, I. O. O. will greet Grand Master D. Ketterlin of Santa who will be royally entertained.

As a special feature the first degree will be conferred on candidates provided by Snellingand Chowchilla lodges. Th work will be performed by the Merced degree etafT, one of the ablest in the state. The evening will close With a banquet and toasts. Largs delegations are expected from Tur-lock, Snelling, Chowchilla, Le Grand and Mariposa. Merced Lodge has chosen the following delegates to attend the grand lodge in Santa Cruz In May: V.

T. Arlege, A J. Goyotte. C. A.

Mcintosh. W. J. L. Wegner and J.

E. Williams. The latter has also been recommended for district deputy of this district. jects in grammar are given different bl cuts. In this manner, Benson says the brighter students are permitted to cover more territory while die students with lower averages rue given a greater Incentive to work.

"In one class of 56," Benson said, "10 students did a year's work In half a year, one did a year and half's work In a year's time, and only two failed the class. Such re? suits us this have been obtained constantly, and as a result more and more of the teachers In the schools hero are adopting the plan. It is a means of giving individual audition to every member of the class, regardless of its size." SAN FRANCISCO, March 30. Two women find one man suffered Injuries' today whona Jitney collided with an automobile at Oak and Baker streets. Those hurt were: Miss Margaret Ilvlob, 112 Bculnh street, injury to buck, cuts and bruises.

Miss Iillian Atwood. Ii25 Parnassus avenue, cut and bruised. Fred Shuffler, cut by flying glass. All of the Injured were treated at St. Mary's hospital.

Shaffler was Inter booked for reckless driving. Ills jitney hit the automobile of J. Bachrun of 880 Mis- stand until all the undissolved lime is precipitated as a fine powder to tho bottom of the tub or pan. Pour off the clear liquor for use. The number of gallons to be prepared will, of course, depend upon the quantity of feathers), to be cleaned.

Put the feathers into a clean tub, pour the lime water on them and stir them well in it until they all sink to the bottom. There should then be suf-ticient of the lime water to cover hem to a depth of three inches. Let them stand in this for three or four days, then take them out and drain them In sieve, and afterwards wash and rinse them well in clean water. ln-y on nets having a mesh about the same size as a cabbage net; shake the net occasionally, and the dry foal hers will fall through. When they are dried beat them well to get rid of the dust.

If you have several CANDIDATES ARE ASKED. HAYWARD, March 30. M. G. Hlggs, chief of the Hayward fire department, and Joseph Brandon, traffic officer, have been mentioned here as possible candidates for constable should Albert La Cunha, present constable, decide not to be a candidate fore-election.

Neither Brandon town talk says, could be prevailed to enter the race against La Cunha. A few ardent supporters of Hayward urge the entrance into the race of either Riggs or Brandon in addition to I-a. Cunah, arguing that with tiiree San Ieandio candidates in ihe running in that section of One of the largest and best attended meetings of the Piedmont Avenue Merchants' Association yet held, took place Monday. The association was recently organized. Gilpin is president.

Ah In lieyers, vice-president, and I. Van Every, secretary-treasurer. Following the meoting the members went to a local candy and We cream parlor, where light refreshments were served. There are now .03 members In the association. Better street lighting is one of the accomplishments of the organization, it slated.

Jt has also brought about, through the co-operation of Com I TO ATTEND V. C. MEET. slnn street and was thrown to the sidewalk crashing into a telegraph president of the Hayward pole and throwing the passengers to of. commerce, and A.

the pavement. 1 ho machine wu aj u- Lec secretary, will attend the complete wreck. I meeting of (lie Hay Counties Oham- i of Commerce heais In San the township the vote might be L.O'C.dS. IMOW LaOff i Friday, Lee announced today Hiifticiently split so that Hayward could get both positions. This, the tins win io ine nrst ornciai visa TlBMLEQ TWELVE FLOORS conservatives declare, is by io means on the program.

Taft Would Speed Supreme Court Work WASHINGTON. March 30. Enactment of legislation which would increase the discretionary power of the Fnited States Supreme Court to review cases would enable th court to catch up with Its docket and to dispose of Its business with greater despatch. Chief Justice Taft today told file House Judiciary committee. He urged passage of a bill to re-deflne' the 'Jurisdiction of the court and of circuit courts of aiMt'al.

old bu curtains they can be sewed together and made to serve the saraj purpoie as the above mentioned net. "Is Bert Williams, tho colored comedian, still alive?" No. He died recently. The TRIBUNE Information Bureau will answer all questions of a general nature except school or legal problems, debates, trade and fliin names and queries as to tho time of day. On Military Field UKUK HLEY, March 30.

With Kiilf Micks and complete "sports" mil fits, women on the university have invaded (he military drill field of the college men In order to practice driving and putting. As a part of the training offered by university, the women may elect to study golf, and the military field offers the Uost. practice spot on the campus, Members of the college faculty huve also availed themselves of the fielrf. uml it. nrjielles "tee" and SAN FRANCISCO, March 30.

outside Hayward by the president ana eerelaiy of the reorganized chamber. Lee announced today that II. A. Linthleum, G. V.

Williams and L. P. Hass huve been appointed on the auditing committee of the chamber. The forum committee, to arrange till meetings, includes W. W.

Haley, W. B. Kammerer, L. R. Rosenberg, Mrs.

L. Dillingham and Mrs. H. I'. Angus.

j. GLEE ClitK "concert. HAYWARD, March 3 ti. The women's glee club of Whittier College will give a conceit tomorrow afternoon in the' auditorium of the The breaking of a cable attached to missioner Harms, new traffic laws and the erection of safety stations, anil has also encouraged now firms to locate in that district. jealous'ghost that wields ax shocks canada EDMONTON.

Alberta, March 30. A truculent ghost that wields an ax when in a peevish mood was reported today from Forestburg, a nearby town. According to local belief, the spook is the ghost of a former mine owner named Turner. After her hushand's death, Mrs. Turner married again, becoming Mrs.

Edall. and this action on her part put the ghost In a particularly bad humor. Mrs. Edall said that the spirit suddenly appeared In her home wit Iran ax in its hands and chased her all over the house before ghostly exhaustion put an end to the pursuit. On another occasion the spook is said to have appeared to a gang of miners.

All the men except one fled. This bold spirit threw an ax at the ghost, which reluctantly drew off. apparently de-hating i its mind whether it would be wise to stay and give battle. srspEcr in co i ut. HAYWARD.

March 30. Thomas DeVanoy, arrested on a charge of attempted burglary, will be arraigned before Judge Jacob Harder of the justice court here today, DeVaney was arrested Tuesday evening by Louis Silva, night watchman, as, according to the authorities, he was attempting to force his way Into the home of L. II. Podgers at. Soito street and Sunset Houlevaid.

The man was seen prowling ahout the house by neighbors, who phoned to Sllva. FORMER RESIDENT DIES. HAYWARD, March 30. Thu of Mrs. J.

Elliot, former resident of Hayward, was held here yesterday afternoon. Rev. H. .1. Winsur, pastor of the Methodist church, officiated.

Mrs, Elliot died in San Bernardino. She was the daughter of the late A. R. Gould, a veteran of the Civil War, niece of K. R.

Larnpher of Castro Valley, and a sister of Mrs. M. Gould of Hayward. 'SHINE' DRANK UP HAIR TONIC, IS BARBERS CHARGE Peter MatriolH. bootblack, worked In a barber shop long enough to.

lose faith in the efficacy of cWiain liiiir tonics as hair tonUC but long enough to believe greatly in Oleic efficacy as thirst quenchers. Today he was placed on trial before Su-wrior Judge, Lincoln S. Church on a charge of entering the barber shop of Robert Jarvls. 4H Twelfth street, where he hud worked, and drinking several bottles of sure cure for baldness. Martiolll was arrested by Patrolman J.

1l. Ploog as he was climbing out of the shop through the transom. Hi breath carried an odor prevalent in Peoria before America became wetter, and he was exhilarated much beyond what is usual from such exercise as shining shoes or climbing over transoms. Jarvls declares Martinlli drank enough hair tonic to provide him with a fur-lined stomach. Martiolll has demanded a jury pass upon his guilt or innocence.

Board Asked to Find a block, supporting the elevator rope in the new Standard tdl building, SaiiHume mid Hush streets, shortly before, caused a temporary elevator eo'ntainlng two laborers to crush from the twelfth floor to the main landing, seriously injuring both. Both may die. They are P. Dahlin, 17S Third street, and A. Anderson, Onoto street.

They were unconscious when picked dp and taken to the Harbor Emergency hospital. They suffered broken arms, legs and probably internal Injuries. i high school. Whlttier's club for this The bureau Is open every day, except Sunday, froth a. m.

to 9 p. m. if answers are desired by mall, stamps must be enclosed. Quickest results can tie obtained by telephoning to the bureau. If you have any problem of a general nature to solve ask The TBIBL'NK Information Bureau.

Lakeside tiOOO. CHILD KIDNAPED BY DEMENTED WOMAN SOUGHT WGODBCRY, N. 30. (By the Associated Press) Two searching parties were form-to today to search through the pines and thickets of South Jersey for 7-ycar-old Ida Kramer, be The annual swimfest will be held tomorrow night in the Webster street pool. Many special features will offered.

Miss Phoebe Burritt, who Is convalescing from a minor operation will return to the association nest week. Miss Jean Rutherford has returned from Fresno where she assisted th local association with its financial problems. "Kreen" have been constructed west the administration building for the I'so of the professors. Child Attacked By Unkempt Stranger C. .1.

Ilnltin reported to the police that his eight-year-old daughter had beenjured to the beach nt tUu foot of Fourteenth street and attacked by a stranger. The -only iii'tior. that the girl was able to glvi the police was that her assailant was poorly dressed. The girl is tiin lot the care of Dr. J.

C. llollls. Ilulten resides at 1043 Willow street. year nas received exceptional praise, and it Is expected that a remarkable cone rt will be given. The conceit will start at 2 o'clock.

The entertainment will bo open to the public. MRS. TYLER, TO HE HOSTESS. HAYWARD. March 30.

Mrs. F. Tyler will be hostess at a bridge party at her home near Hayward Friday afternoon. Elaborate arrangements tor the affair are being mud 34 New Policemen Receive Their Stars Thirty-four new Oakland were inducted into the depart ment today by Chief of Police T. Drew and tomorrow they will be ofllcially assigned to their duties after a brief address by Commissioner Frank Colhourn.

PI CE OFFICER Rpndintr Rennrted The new men have been certified i IS UNDER FIDE ENEFIT VETS by the civil service board and will lake the places of the twenty-four policemen who have left for various causes in the last three months. Some of the men passed tho civil-service tests with perfect ratings. Patrolman Thomas W. Palmer, who has been a temporary police To Have Resigned UNITTD FRFSS. EASED WIRE TO TRIBUNE.

LONDON, March was per-usuntly rumored here today that Lord Reading, viceroy of India, had resigned. No confirmation or denial oi the rumor could be obtatned. Reading, former chief justice, wts In sympathy with the recent Indian demands for restoration of the nizcralnty of the Sultan of Turkey and revision of the Sevres treaty. lieved to have been abducted from her home Saturday by a demented woman and taken to this section, which is rarely v. sited at this time of year.

The demented woman is said to. bo a well known figure in Woodbury. She lived in shacks erected by "berry pickers In the thickets. Authorities said that she had become demented after losing a child the ag of Ida, antEoften came to the butcher shop of Ida's father, Isadore Kramer, where she lavished affection upon the child. Miss Esther Tannp nbaum, who had been arrested in connection with the girl's disappearance, was released last night.

man for a long time, becomes a per-1 EAT RAW MEAT, DRINK BLOOD, IS SAVANTS ADVICE BUFFALO, N. March 30. ''He HM per cent meat, drink the blond of thn slaughtered animal mid gnaw (lie bones to the marrow to attain the best degree of physical perfection." Such was the advice given to delegates of the Erie County WVimen's clubs today by Albert Sy of the University of Buffalo, who spoke on food values. "Civilization has caused the average human beingNo' become too pampered." declared Dr. 8y.

WATSON Vn.LE,"'TVlarch A hearing will be held before the police committee of the board of city aldermen this evening of charges made of alleged improper conduct of Patrolman Fred 11. Cunha of the local-police department. The hearing follows a refusal of Cunha to tender his resignation several weeks ago when requested by. the police committee. Cunha wilt be represented at the hearing by Attorney George W.

Smith of Santa Crust. City Attorney A. W. Sans will represent the city. Cunha has been accused, it is stilted, of accepting money for protecting illieit sellers of liquor and also women of the underworld.

He denies the charges. It is said that affidavits tending to substantiate the charges will be Introduced at the hearing. SAN JOSE, Marrlf 30. Menibers of the Palo Alto Hospital Welfare Association have formally launched their Yffns for their first annual grand ball nt the Elks' hall on the night of Saturday, April 22, the affair to bo held for the benefit of the Welfare fund of the association, to be judiciously loaned to ex-service men at the H. S.

public health hospital at Palo Alto by the disbursing committee of representatives from the welfare organizations functioning there. The association Is composed of 40 representative fraternal, patriotic and civic organizations in this city. During the past year Its work has been of large proportions In aiding the llsaWed st Palo Alto. The Inst premier vent staged by the association w)is "tag day," held last Armistice day, and through which SUM'EtT ARRAIGNED. Rock P.

Valley was arraigned today on a charge of burglary before Pollen Judge Edward The preliminary examination was set for April 1 1. On March 20, he is alleged to have stole, jewelry valued at. several hundred dollars from the home of Mrs. K. U.

Lukens at 1 ti Jack-hbn street. Work For Jobless Appointment of a bay cities unemployment committee to cu-urdi-, nate nil local efforts to ohtiitn positions for men out of work will result if the resolution forwarded to the state labor commissioner 'it. a meeting last night at the Si. Francis hotel. San Francisco, is heeded.

The resolution was drafted following the meeting of the industrial relations association, which considered measures of unemployment and its prevention as the result of co-ordination of state-wide activifies. The speakers included A. B. C. Dohrnumn, chairman of the mayor's committee on unemployment Walter G.

Mathewson. state labor commissioner, and James W. Mullen, editor of a labor paper. if the resolution is followed out an additional committee will be appointed to work jo-'ntly with the committee which may be appointed by 'he -jjie to find a solution of present Duarte Put On Ten Years' Probation Theodore huarte, Jl, of Sin Ee'in- iro. was placer! on probation for years today by Superior JudiC Samuels on rvcununciulation of the prohation office.

He was barged wait a statutory crime against a ear-old crippled rl lias to make nuiiicut patrolman. The other thirty-ihree are: William E. Frederick H. Bai beau Leon M. Carroll, Albert W.

Anderson. Joseph E. Wurdaelt, Elmer A. Yfinnke, Walter Weibati. Thomas D.

McGuire, Jesse Jackson, George Wurthman, Nelson C. I hi, John E. Warren, Gilbert H. Hickman, August D. Pcirce, William V.

Shaffer, Chester Hutson. George F. Slutun, George B. Morrison. Maurice J.

Kennedy, Leland S. Trowbridge, William E. Perry, Uobert D. Hunter, Howard J. Bobbins.

Hoy A. Newman. George A. Ellenberger, Dennis B. Busier.

Alphonse tMeyi William T. Bonnell. John Bonis, Eugene S. Fiiulkniv, Belaud E( Eamp and George A. Ga'ukroger.

SAVANT WANTS BIBLE EDITED LIKE A PAPER CHICAGO. March SO --Modern civilization netds a new Bible edited along "newspaper lines," D. M. Vance, of Wooster College. declared before Die ijational coin ention' of the "Religious Education Association here today.

The new book, according to Dr. Vance' should carry headlines, s-uh-heads, editorials and news It should contain the same old and new testaments. said, but should be "put up in a sivb- i.i meet the nccdi Of ThO "We should not lie so fastidious. Ve discard the most nutritive parts of a creature. "The same 'practice is true of our preparation of vegetables.

Raw potatoes, raw carrots and sugar in its natural state are included in the cannibal diet." Comfort Station in City Hall Basement The lower floor and basement of the city ball will be remodeled immediately to provide for a downtown public comfort station. This was mi-nounced this morning by Commissioner Albert E. Carter of the public End Rheumatism, Weak, Lame Back one of the biggest crowds of the Students Keen Ranks i. 1, tarn kull I Which is REALLY Better? 7 or Win at does a 7 To mortgage actually bring you when all things are considered? Is it better than 6 net? When you loan on a mortgage you have these items to consider: Taxes Brokerage Loss of interest on account of reloaning Discount if you need the money and have to sell your mortgage Hazard of loss in a score of ways. When you invest your money in this building and loan association you have these advantages: You get e'i net.

Exempt from all local taxes and from income tax on amounts up to J500O, There ts discount or broVer. kimi Any- you want vour monev you can have, be entire amount or any part Of it, together with earnings to date. tour money Is safe. We have been in business 41 years. Our assets are over $700,000, Our tminev is all used to Joan to horn owners who re, 'ay it in monthly installments.

We have Dover had a loss. Vou can lnvcMany amotiut from. I to JlCOtra in this association. over our list directors -men whom you know. Find out more about us.

Call here for any Information, or writs or phone ior Act today. ALAMEM COUNTY LGYN ASSOCIATION Building and Loan Association) for Ihe ball, and the ticket wale will Or JCtiOOl IJlSrrtrf 83,600 PENCILS ARRIVE FOR BIG SALE APRIL 29 immediately start, already being on Old St. Jacob Oil will it op pain and stiffness In a few moments lit the headfMuirters of Ihe American Legion here. A A I.K, March BO. Turning training in bookkeeping to.

practical use, the students at the Union high school are now keening the books flniHmmfrtt CnnfmJ I 11,0 school district. Recently the works department. Tb plan- )uertii-4b-44in4H4iiHenl of the old police drill hall in the ritv i tv i. i-Ajig. i-a.

'II Sjx hundred and fifty pms-- '( i peiu-ils bave arr.ved at the mn- i on April -it. Pencil Day. fur the I l.adie' Itciief Soei, ty. Airs. Will- I iam Thornton While TV general i chairman of thejUfa.r.

assisted by Of Liquor Defeated .10 tlie youthful bookkeepers will t'Tf1 n'Tfti'ttrr. "Hiblicul liter. it uro should bo stressed. Young America is totally ignorant of good book as it i now written. Something should be done immediately to acuiiaint them with its crtat N.

March DO; Premier Koster's plon for adoption of a provincial system of government controlled liquor Bales In place of the present prescription gvstem has been rejected by his hall basement. It moans, according to Carter, that a special entrance will be cut Into the city boll on Fourteenth street and a bridge across tie present sunken area, there. The police lockers and storeroom will be moved to the southeast corner. Architects are now perfecting the plan, according to Carter. make a financial statement, showing receipts and expenditures for the fiscal year.

In this work the students receive an Iruenseyl practical course and at the same time a thorough insight Into the business of conducting a school district. sup port er In the legislature he Indicated today In a statement on the i Stop "dosing" rheumatism; It's- pain -only. St. Jacobs -CH -will stop any pain, and not one I'heumiitism case in fifty requires internal treatment. Rub soothing, penetrating St.

Jacobs light on the tender spot, and, by the tinn you say Jack Robinson-out comes the rheumatic pain and distress. St. Jacobs Oil is a harmless rheumatism liniment which jiever disappoints, and does not burn the skin. It takes pain, soreness and stiffness from aching joints, muscles and bones; stops sciatica, lumbago, backache and neuralgia. Limber up! Get a small trial bottle of old-time, honest St.

Jacobs Oil from any drug store, and In a moment you'll be free 1 from pains, and stiffness. Don't suffer! Rub rheumatism away. Advertisement. outcome of a caucus held last night. ON Ml'HDEIt t'HAUGK.

The premier's plan va patterned MONTRKAL. March an. Profes after that In force in British co- I sor J. A. Moriu of McGllluvy, charged lumbla.

lot-Uicg-il. CIIII.DKFN GET EST VI E. MABTINF.Z. March Probat of the rst.tte of the la'e Mr. Rita Gomez, who died at Pinole Monday night.

Is i'l a petition in Su-perior Court today- by two sous. Manuel J. and Cli.irles J. Gonu: The estate consi'ts chiefly, of property at Pinole and Rodeo and is valued A will bequeaths the estate to six children, DOPE ADDICT I I l). Wing Sing, ji Chinese flshei ftian.

was today limfi $-5 by Police Judge Edward J. Terrell for violating the State poison act. Sing told Hie court that he had been smoking opium for the last thirty-five yours. He told the court that he was leaving for Alaska next week? MITH-BITE ENTERTAINS. Oakland Chapter of the will entertain 1100 guests ut a smoker to be held at the.

clubrooms at ltii'2 Harrison street, tonight. Entertainers from loading theaters will finish features for the evening's program. H. C. McDonnell Is chairman of the entertainment committee.

I by a fellow faculty member. Profes-i Mir llermann Walter, with attempted murder vat a summer camp in 1 ctuinty, Quebec, in August, truths." i IVORY EXPERT'S MOTHER URGES PRISON TERM Earl Harris' predilection for the "bouncing dominoes" may land Kl'M In Sail Quentln at the request of his mo'ther, Mrs. S. E. Harris." Harris, colored, was arraigned today on a charge of burglary.

When Harris was asked by Su- i perior Judge Samuels what he had to say for himself, following his i plea. of guilty to the charge. Bar- Dredge To Complete Work Oh Boulevard Mrs-. Fredrick Muhlner, Dunn in Alameda and Mrs. Charles Butters in Berkeley.

Committees are being named dally for tho annual benefit ami captains and their lieutenants will be assigned their posts this week. Letters' are now helna mailed to all local merchants reminding them of tho work being quietly carried on for the benefit of one hundred little children whose only la the home sponsored by Jihc dies'' Belief Society. Miss Matilda Brown is president of the association. MAN'S BODY FOUND IN BAY. SAN FRANCISCO, March 30.

The body of an unidentified man about years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, and attired in a brown suit, was found floating in the bay near Pier No. 7 today. Marks of identification had been destroyed and the pockets were empty. The discovery was made by Tom Moore of Nineteenth street. The body bad been la the.

water about ten days. 1921, today was acquitted by thj jury in the court of King's bench. Walter alleged that Morin had put parls green In his well. After a short layoff, the small municipal dredge in Lake Merrltt today started to fill the mud lands behind the rock fill of the new Harrison boulevard, on the northwest army of the lake. Packard Twin-Six Here IjA grange road fixed.

HICKMAN. March 30. The road from Roberts Ferry to La Grange will now make travel a for SUFFERED TOR EIGHT YEAH As soon ss this worg is ne Rheumatic pains, lame back, qrt muocies and stift points most fre dredge will start work on the south ithe road has been greatly, improved end of the lake. Lest there be com- i of late irml is now smooth and hard, plaints of apartment house folk at Formerly it was one of the worst the nolae at night, it will only work P'eces pi nignway me county. 563 16th Street quently can be traced to overworked, weak or disordered kidneys.

Daisy Bell, R.F.D. 3, Box 234, Savannah, Ga writes: "I was suffering for eight years from pain in the back and could mm wnrlr Knf elsrht hours ner dav. I ris declared he had riotlilng to nfter. At this point Mrs. Harris vr.

me forward. "Your honor," she said. "I wish ou would send him to San Quen-tm. He can learn a trade there. and may ye he'll Ret over trifling ways.

All lie does now Is shoot craps." Harris, in reply to his nio'her, dociare'd he has a trade, that a tailor, but admitted he doesn't BLOODED DOG LODI, March 30. A. P. BohmVr bemoans the death of his Prize SS00 CAMP PLANS ADOPTED. MARTINEZ, March CO.

The Chamber of Commerce has adopted ground plans for the tourist park to be opened on Smith street and as soon as ft few remaining details Kre OKFIt KH AND DIRECTORS n. H. Itorke. Matgr Richardson. Henry Hck.

Henry Panlcr, Arthur T. Kbrenpfort, It. A. Lsriner. H.

K. itfVxvn, John G. Mutton. D. MulUr.

CITY MARSH SUED. John Glavinovlch. Albany city marshal, was made 'defendant in a suit for $2500 filed by Mrs. Lena Larson toitay. Mrs.

Iirson charges Gl.v. inovieh Illegally arrested HARBOR WORK RESUMED. GENUA, March UO. Work in the "Boston bull terrier, Tokay Torpedo. F4 He nurchssed the animal, one of lh harbor here, which has been sus finest on tha coast.

In Bellows Falls, i completed work of' preparing fcave taken Foley Kidney Pills, I can do all of my work." Foley Kidney Pills have given relief to thousands who suffered from, kidney or, bladder, trouble Trythem, Bold Everywhere Advertisement the pended for two weeks by" a strike in 21st and Webster Sts. nHaiuiimi nasi Mini Inn in Inn piilum gu 'Vermont. tw ii ni 'n thy with tion, and that be wa unnecessarily workers at Naples, was resumed 10- was continued two weeks to permit a further investigation. cost him $800. On Its arrlvalit to'ok nouncement sas the park will be sick and died within a short time.

I opened to the public on May S. rough to her. dy. I.

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