Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 15, 1922 · Page 27
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 27

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1922
Page 27
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I I FRIDAY EVEXIXG Da&IaijD Crj&une DECEMBER 15, 1922 . Chief Ordcredlo Inspect First Plti& WASHINGTON, Dec. 1'.. FWi-Btory eaon , faded out with the. asblng J lumiriM1 aud llifsliSe' Wortea f.ow are In vou. Here's . red-hot ember straight from Fire thief Vun,, f the Distruir of cortfTnbia, who voucna for the truth of tha story but discreetly wthholJa the Identity of thou concerned. .J?n.; n!rht recently the fire de- togwM ,j:e6in4ei alum tor a rather serious fire. Upon arriving at the aseae.ot the blAe several fire piuf s ver found to t out of order, resulting in a fifteen-mlnuto delay lu getting the flaaisa under, co; -ol. " Next day tlie own council xtt to consider the Are-plug question. Followed then oui hour's deliberation, , , r . With ft hrnfodnA tnljinintl.. - fUtlllt? h mpaf!nn I ha ...,mM passed a resolution directing the Purity Inn Candy Factory 719 WASHINGTON ST. Xmas Special in Our Make Candies Xma$ Plain -Mixed and - ' OA lb. Old Fashioned Broken Candy. ...... , Made out of 1007,, pure cane nuifar. No glucose or other substitutes. Guaranteed not to fc't't alickv. FONDAN CREAMS, ' or lb. 40c lbr Delicious, Soft and Creamy, , Our Famous . CHOCOLATE CREAMS Hand rolled and hand dipped, made nut ' otbt best ingredients viiiuuiauic, $1.50 and five pounds net weight M op for ....... Jl.OD Pure Sugar Candy Canes, 5c and up We Ship Candy Everywhere. We Keep Open at Nights. Very plug two toours Coro Ac ie jse iUjt it tu in good shape. High School Officials Ban Booze at Parties HORJJELL. N. T Dec. s Pither Mm? or high chooj tlasi parties roust go'. ' That is the sdlet X rMndpsJ Albert TuUls, f Homell High Bchool. Tho uJtlmaUisn ot Prof ear or Tuttl. follow ih ducatlona authorities' discovery hat at a re ROSS MARKET 518-520 Eleventh Street PJiont lakeside 27M Open Daily. Free Delivery. Fancy Artichokes..,. 4 forJ25 Sweet Potatoes 4 JUi. Jo Car Jen. Spinach i ' .3 lbs. 25C Southern Tomatoes... Z lbs. 25 Hell Pepper Ib.Jde White Onions ......... ..lb. 5 Hubbard Sqnaeh lb. 3 Cream Squash ...ea. J Genuine Lot Angeles Irt LETTICE, each lUC Large Fancy ., f. g C AVXIFLOWER ...earh 1 0 C Fancy Bananas dos. 30t Orange doz. 30K00c Suokist Lemons .....,(100.254 Crape Fruit .......... dot. 45 1 Cooking Burbankt Bkt... 404 75e Rack ,..,..,......M..S3..i3Q Best Nevada Bufbanks Bskt 654 Bok 1.25 Cwt. " V.... $3.25 1'Tier ffewtawjB Pippms Bskt.,.704 Bo S1.70 Blue piamond Spitrenbergs Do. .304. Bekt 81.10 Box S3. 35 MM At Washington ami glay streett " Z w " -- waaw " - m pallwE THIS 15 THE ONLY TWO-DAY-AArVEEK FREE MARKET IN UAKLAND 11 liNTKANCES TO TIIISUREAT BIG MARKET: 5th St.. 6th St., Washington, Clay 125 TENANTS PLENTY OF COMPETITION BIG TIRE SALE-SAVE MONEY! Guaranteed Tireg, all new and Af N. S. CORDS, 33x4, ClQ fin strictly first class ....4Uoff reg. $30.00. Special ......... Oli.UU N. S. FABRICS, 30x3iJt $7 Cft j AU '? botti Fabrics and Cords. rep. $13.00. Special Ol)U I Get yours while they last. Toy Special at Notion Stand I eRiley', Ham and Bacon Stand - 74 Maih Aisle 14 MECHANICAL TRAINS, $1 A A Eastern Hams, Swift, Morrell'i OAl - reg. tL50. Special 3I.UU , r A , , , ZHC STRING TREE BEADS. C and Cudahy , pound -WZV CHRJSLVSTREE OltN AMENTS, """" Eastern Bacou, Swift., MomU'. i A reg. 5 . Special 3 for DC and Kingan 8, pound rwV CUT RATE GROCERY XMAS TOBACCOS Middle of tii Murkrt Velvet or Prince Albert, 16 oz, XMAS CANDY SPECIAL 'iX'ii 'H xw jaV ! ! ! ! !!$tis SSgJM. ':B: :: : : : mt $1.15 i.tf almonds. mv..; Van Camp Havana Cigars, Box of 25 tjl'F.t'.S T.I1;V M)AP, lmrs... ............ 2rt to Cfi- Uqv of 10 1 flrt M AM M MIIiK, .1 ran 25 lT J I 1W . . ...... . .-. yil.W CAMPBELL'S tomato hovr, 3 cans '.25 Union Leader Xmas Lunch Basket ;.. 75c LASHER, OIL STAND BILL BROS. the Cheese Man Washington Street Entrance POULTRY DEPT. California lull Crctyn Chceso n!I ., or if.- 250 Inmrose Oil, gallon $, 35 Stricll fresh j -- Pcadero Crcan, Cle- Mazoh Oil, gallon.1. .$1.55 RaucU Eggs, do?..,. DOC Ti.." Calif- 01ive O". gal.. $2.50 Frh killed nftd milk-fed Sharp 1 astern Chcdder Clmrsc'. Roasters and Fnera. Q Q sMib;:::;:::-.::!gJ martinelli 1 ib... ............ Ooc Owdiod Hone,, ib... !0e ; POULTRY DEIT. Graiu-fed Belgian OA Eitratted Honoy. In pint and . . . ,u lcu wc,b,aH Jir Quart jars. n; ...'J0e Pressed Roosters, lb ,.25c Hares, pound tJUC Alau Strained Honey, lb .15c Live Roosters, lb ..... J 8C AUo nice ht. f Fat. Duckt FREE! FREE! . ' 27 Philip Kessel 27 Xmas Gift IVENS, the Florist 2000 pounds Sugar Cured TrnTvVTfnn,11; Clay Slrt Entrance BACON-r-,, OC i aAEISDK CHRISTMAS TREES per pound ........ Z5C rrruh.TB r2.5?, , HOLLY WREATHS Sugar Cured Ham Butts- i roe with purchase of hit f cal- r........ , .- low bottle Brown'. Cilery BERRIES regular 35c OP 1'liQM'hate WUOIX'Silf. and PfiTAlL per pound ,,; . . , . . aC3C PUMPKIN, Del lO SHRIMby10i PEAS, S. & W. 1Qr Monte 2'28. ... pack, 5-oz. tinZC Brand . ....... t R. & R. V M:M Ml HEINZ PUDDING plum pudding Mince Meat . nr I , rig or rlum i Joul v::::;;::::: none-such ...... ..nc Medium Tm ,.;.36C 3 pounds . . . . . . , .T. . . . 78c Heto, 1 lb, 22c; 2 lb. 42c Large Tin 65c 4 pounds ..........$i.05 , , . Se. '.l7ic DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE SUNMAID RAISINS Crab, NOA S'llceil Buffet 15e Kmlh-ss. IS.ouiK'c 12U.e H. B. brands... . i..3C Sliced Xo. 2 tin 234 e KewlcHl.JS.ouncc 12!ie . Pimientoe&7" 1A fllced No. 2 tin f)e Cluster. lS.ounoc .........14c S& W ........lUC Grated 8; V. Buffet . . 1 2 ,i C CIuMer. 9 poundi 'iJOe Tomatoes, Del lyf Grated Ko. a tin.. ...15e Imperial Cluater, CiiAK Monte Solid Pack. . .: lTCt r.r.ted No. $l Mn;.v,..17H -Ib. fancy ick....l MRS. EMERY Member of the Houi-ewiieV League, to LrJ1 ru tlm high cot of livina, lelh freth mCi t,-'try Market Day, one. at a-dozen clieapec Uu'vhol;. jVbll, LARGE U1ITE CAHltO COl'" VALLEY RANCH EGCS. doren'. ... PO'jC FISH DEPARTMENT l reh Cooked large. Crabs, each 35c Fresli Cooked Lobsters, pound. ....... -40c Fresh picked. California Shrimps, pound 40c Large Lantern OyMerc, dos..,.. 35c' A CHEESE ""4 flest MilKT ?ti-!it. lb t... Irob Butter Milk. iinrt St the IU I II KM I I K s'l' tli, Wn-lii.i-i.ni St. Milt-. '20 7c The Nut Factory STAND 69 V PURE HONEY, OA Candied. 2 lbs. .... OUC WALNUTS, Calif or. or-nia,(Bew crop .... DC HORSERADISH roots or Fresh , Ground 10c cent JilgU school Junior-senior clasa party not tw t ifyt youth lu-fJuhjed in too tnueli illicit hooce. Tha revaleikca , ilrlnkinf among local hoys and Klrla Is claimeo o tia alarioln. and has reBultea In the tnosing ot one pub iio jiftll, ,. 1 . ItiM MfiihrfflfMril.iiiiil r"iii liirffiiiin.FiiriiFr iii'trr ijfJ'iiiiti -yaui Ml. 1 V ail x ' x . (Ground Floor Tapscott Building) Tale advantageofthese the next six daysZ They are Julely quality merchandise, dinner shopping here and get greatest savingiu - special market .prices anyof the same every day, on abso-Pian to do your Christmas the Lest of every thing at the DepL 8, Ash Cigar Co.. . Cigars an4 Tpbaikn Dept. 9 Coney Drug, Co. Drugs and Toilet Articles Dept. 10 Hensley Brothers Fresh poultry and Eggs from Our otto ranch. E$tr Eelcts, dozen ..... 60 i Fricassee, pr b. ..... . .35e We take orders for frraui-fed turkeys for th holidays and j;ivetbem personal attentlonr : Dept. 12 Skaggs B Meats ana groceries "DEL MONTE TOMATO UUCE 5e Per .can NEVADA POTATOES 10 pounda for 19C 1 ' NEVADA SAGE HONEY Pints. Pure Sage Honey. 35 Quarts, Pure gage Houey.40" MEATS Prime Rib Roast, lb 18i - Tenderloin Steak, lb 216 Leg Spring Lamb, Ib....30; Lamb Stew, lb. -...106 Dept -15 Ocean Products Co. Salmon Trout, tlb. ..... .HSi Halibut Steak, lb .'".85?' Filet Sole, lb ...23 Crabs, Lobsters, Shrimps and " Oysters for Sunday dinner. Dept. 18 The Oak Cdffee Store 'Oak Flavor Wins Your Favor The Proof of the Pudding We served 5000 cups of coffee during our opening weak, 4999 nald it u the finest coffee they ever taited. Tlw other party was-dat and dumb and ws expect him to writs us. 1 lb. Golden Oak Coffee., 1 Jb. Silver Oak Coffes . .gj Jelly filled and iced Cookies, l pound ge Divinity Creams, J lb. , . .gje DepL 22 E. S. Sweet Candies We are making a special of Christmas lllxed at 2-"e 0-We atuo carry a full link of the famous Miss Saylor's Qio-colates. up Dept 23 E. Del Porto Oregon Spitxenburters 6 pounds for .2od Pippins, pounds. 25c Pry Prunes, lb .....15 DepL 25 The Broad-way Delicatessen Saves Vou Money, Time and Enerjt Delicious coid meat!, salads, sauaage, smoked fish, cheese and relishes. , Worrell's Eastern Hams, half or whole, lb.. . . SJ 26 t Worrell's Eastern Sugar Cured Bacon., per lb. J 40( French Breakfast Sausage, per pound .JKJs Dept. 27 G, Alonzl Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Dept. 28 Domestic Supply Co. ; Carrying the distinctly superior Torrlngton Elactrio Cleaner Dept. 31 Monte Santa Bake Rite Bakeries MQcha Cakes, regular 75c Special 59c Devil Food Cakes, regular 45c Speclal .' 86 Specials on Fruit and Honey Cakes for the holidays. Dept. 32 Young & Dryden "Tasty Tater Chips" and fresh, luscious Doughnuts Dept. 33 Alpine Creamery Company Best Melba Creamery Butter, per pouearT7TT . . r.T. .'54 C Best Ranch Eggs, dozen.. flic ' Califorhla and Oregon Cheese, per pound ;. ....,30e . Tillamook Cheese, )b....40C Dept. 35 . D. D. Atkyns Walnuts, Diamond Brand No, l ............. v...33c Brazil Nuts, this year's,, 18e Sunsweet Apricots-11-ounCe pkg. ...... . SOtf B. & R. Peaches Mb. pkg .......,40C EAST BAY GROCERY 55 SECTION 55 EAST BAY MARKET TOMATOES, 1 0 1 w 'LIMA BEANS, 1 fU . Three P Brand.. Solid pack LITTLE PRINCE BRAND I THREE P BRAND IV 1 ' LiltU Prince rparnps Meibai .rHv,. Lftrge Tin Shrimp Cluff S Brand . 12Wc Old Dutch 7V2C Chili Sauce libby s . . 25c Vegetable Salad . . 38c Fruit Salad ??r PEACHES 1C- Xittk Prince 1 "fal,Fir.t Call 2U. Raisins, Table . . 18c Sun Maid No broken stems ' Seedless Raisins . 12V2C Calymyrna Pulled Not the Adriatic 25c D J 17 Bon Ton OO Kaisms and Ties " oSc O IS oz. pkg. Walnuts wiation . lb. 29c 1000 OTHER CUT PRICES , WAere Your DOLLAR Hat tu Old-Timt V'ala , ast ,w m mm Free Parking No Time Limit 19TH AND TELEGRAPH Nursery Lounge Rooms MARKET DAYS WEDN ESDAY and SATURDAY SATURDAY SPECIALS He Is Here-Hello Kiddies! Meet the Original Santa Claus at the East Bay Market Wednesdays and Saturdays and tell him what you want for Christmas. Front Coffee Stand C(VVtV The Best In wl IaU ike, world lb. 3.K.S1 srv All goods direct from Plantation Importers Coffee Co. Bettermaid Section Bettermaid , K7i -Butter, lb.U5k Fancy Ranch Eggs extra large, 5gc dozen Section 7B Swift', Morrell'i, ( Puritan ,101 Hams,' lb. . . Eastern Picni Hams, lb . Eastern Picnic 1 71 POULTRY DEPARTMENTS, SATURDAY SPECIALS & White Leghorn, (small) Fricassee, pound ....... " 30c Pon Honor Grocery "We Split the NUktl" M. & II. Milk, 07-3 eans lor ............. 61 V "Crystal White Sosp, OC 3 bars for LOK, Thite King TaEbiof, Alt Powder, package f California Walnuts, OO JS'o. 1, lb.... .-a Dried Aprkets, - O A n No. 1, lb JWL 20c .... 20c Dried Pears, No. 1, ft........ Texas Alinondu, lb. American Meat Co Saturday Special Quality Meats i Young Muttoa, )C m.ll Um. lb Shoulder Roast, 1A lb. VW S..............,'.;:. 8c Loim and Racks, 22"JC fel"m'-.isc Rump Roast, t 7 lb. II C Rolled Prime Beatt, 0c Boiling Beef. 0 g Dried Pruit Stand; Section 147 Adriatic Figs (new crop) J &. 42c Calamyrna Fig (new crop)- I .lb. . . .jt . .,. . . . 20c 5 lbs. ............00c Seediest Raiiins (new crop)- lib. . ......... ...15c 5 lbs. . -. 70c Fancy Cluster Muscat Raiiins, I lb. ............ 20c 5 lbs. ........... -90c EAST BAY GROCERY Saturday Specials Tomatoes, solid pack, Little Prince Brand 12c Peaches, No. 214, Little Prince Melbas. , .25c 4 Shrirno. Cluff Brand 12 k Peaches, No 2JA rirst Gill Brand'. . . Tv". 15c Uld Dutch Ueanser ........ . & tor loc Vegetable Salad, Wellman Brand something new, large tin .... ...... .38c P. P. P. Lima Beans .10c Libby Chili Sauce, large bottle. ... . , . . . .-25c Fruit Salad, Little Prince Brand, No. -I'.., 22c Hobbs Meat Co. . Open Every Day W MILK VEAL Stew, lb. ........12VxC Rolled Roast, lb.. 22VWa25c Shoulder rtoast, lb...,,15c Young Pig Pork L!n Roast, lb. ..........25 Shoulder Rosrt, H......15 Legs, smill . .....I.. ...22 Butts ...25e Sirloin Steaks, lb.........25!' Tenderloin Steaks, lb,....25 Bottom Round Roast, lb..20d Station 7 v ' Meadland Butter 1 lb. .......... S2c 21bs. .....L.;.$i.03 "One try means a new customer" MACK'S S Kraut and Pickles Camp Firs Olirti, piaU.2tX6 ' Camp Fire Olivet, quart,, 50' . MnvonnnlAe. IK FkO J Thousand Jil, Dresing4b,.60- - direct from university A. VAN ERP Norway Sardines, pore olive cil . ... .'. . . i.i.. ,..,.10e Peanut Butter, lb... ......18s Ripi Olives, pint... ...... 13e Mayonnaise, lb. ...... ...QQ - Hominy, lb. , , , -,t, . . 7J Holland Herring in kegs, per keg 91.45 . Section 9 Golden State Butter Special Saturday only while it lasts Fancy Bupremo t-imburger Cheese, per lb. 20C Fancy Oregon Cream Cheese, per pound ............ -0C Fresh Hayward Eggs Xmas Week Only 100 Scout Runners (Hand Cars) Regular prices $7.60 and 18. Special at $5.40 and $4.90 At Hoefler's , 'At Schaefer's A special demonstration of Rose Thorn Witch Hazel Cream will be held all day Saturday at Schaefer's. Moving pic- tures will be used todem onsiraie tn proper use of this cream. Miss Rose Thorn will be here in person 'to demonstrate the superior qualities of the cream. This demonstration will be very instructive and a cordial invitation is extended to all ladies of the East Bay section. - . Christmas Gifts' Nothing more appropriate than a Fern Palm, Blooming Plant. Prices are right at LOMBARDO'S EAST BAY FRUIT CO. SPECIALS Pntjifn CJl-lb; Basket ...... 45c roiaioes 40.1b. b ...... ... eo Taney Nevada Burbanks. ( 100-Ib. Sack ..-.-'. .$1.75 Sweet Potatoes, 10 lbs. 25c APPLES ( B&ikett .....w....65c VBox ..,.,,......$1.50 Newtown Pippin (Baskets 65c Oregon Spitzenburg Box . . .. ......:,. $1.50 Figs, new crop, lb. . ' . . . 15c Hubbard Squash, lb. . . . 3c Del Monte Seedless Raisins, 2 pkgs. 25c Alligator Pears, 15c, 20c and 25c each Newton, Spitzenberg, Gravenstein Apples, 6 lbs. . . . . 25c Big Special Sun-Kissed Navel Oranges Free Delivery on Orders 50c and up WOMEN'S EXCHANGE Best Home-Made Pastries Layer Cakes from 35c 1 $1 Home-made Pies (including Mince Pies) , ,10c to $1 Best Cake Doughnuts in Oakland, per doz. . . -25c Leave Jjour Chrislmas Orders Early. TOYS! TOYSI TOYS! Special at Wholesale Prices stand 76 CHRISTMAS SPECIALS Specials on Christmas boxes of Fancy Cookies. Low prices, SOe, $ 1 .03, $.25 or at gtore, 2529 Telegraph avenue. Phone Oakland 4301. Beautiful Xmas Gifts- 1 Star Touring Car-also 6 Bicycle will make somebody a happy Xmas Ask th$ merchant Clacsiiicd Ads Brim Results in THE TRIBUNE

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