The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 27, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1895
Page 5
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'''' 7 "" ' ^vf-£¥ill « •ft!''!, ^ fe'^ IV, iLQON A REPUBLIC Ali LOSAL MENTIONS. Anton Bohft lias a public sale ofi Friday, We sfaouid alt go and heat- Johnson figham* Yes< Itw teiruLicAfr is in f aVdr of the Hbtaiy. Us city election is the special order tot tse*t Monday. Chris, Heise has begun the work of f eifiodelittg bis block. Mr* and Mrs. Will Mtillica ate the tofdud parents of a girl* , fais week has given us some very delightful spring weather. We ate to have a second presenta* tioh of Faust Thursday night Jas, Taylor is advertising a coinbin- 'ation sale of towels and linens* The ladies will rally at the G. A. it Hall Friday afternoon to talk library, Thursday evening is reserved for the supper at the Congregational Church, It will be a patriotic duty to go and vote for the library tax next Monday, 0. C, Hall moves to Ledyard this week to take up a farm m that neigh» borhood, The flowers that bloom in the spring tra la, don't get the start of the Wigwam, ha, hal Ex-Senator ingalls, of Kansas, has been secured for a lecture ia Algona early in April, Alex, Peddie, of Emtnetsburg, will conduct the services at the Episcopal church next Sunday. See that line of coffees at the Opera House Grocery ail the way from 18c. to the best in the land. John Goeders ift receiving new spring and summer goods daily by the load. Call in and see them, Faust will be reproduced at the Opera House to-morrow night: It is a great play, by great players. The ladies should all vote next Monday. They don't know Whether . they will ever have another chance. The thing to do is, first to vote the tax, then to make .the library one of the great institutions of the town. Studley, the druggist; has been overhauling his store room and putting in a new lot of shelving for wall paper, The'children Of the pnblic schools enjoyed a half a holiday •: last Friday, on the strength o'f Washington's birthday.' ' ••'•• ll ' -.'•""•'/'•' " . ; The Grange Store is irt full blast. ^It has a very good location in the Cowles building opposite" the BKruBiiCAN office. LonKuhn has jbeen hauling stone for the foundation. for a residence, m Geq. C. Call's new addition, in East Algona. , ",'. . Will Hopkins lost a' fur;poat between town and the Milwaukee, depot last Thursday. The finder can leave at this office. . ''••, ,.•;.'•' ". ','••' .. . The lecture on "Midland Literature'? to be given Friday night by Mr. Johnson .Brigham should be listened to by everybody in: Algona. a . , The lecture to be delivered Friday evening a* the Congregational -church, t ,by Johnson. Brigham, will be* some" • tiling not, to;be missed. ^ The reading rpom will be Opened Monday, election day, and will serve •as headquarters for the ladies who are working for the 'library tax. Eev. A. McClintock,:of .Britt, conducted the Quarterly Meeting services in the Algona M. E. Church, Sunday. Bev. Kennedy going to Britt.- There -will' be another of those charming suppers .served bylthe ladies 1 of the Congregational Society. It is down for Thursday evening-, from 6 to 8. Will /Hopkins got home -from Iowa City last night with'hisJittle girl, whom he took to the hospital there. She was found to have her hip dislocated. The farmers Of Kossuth county will put in their usiial< crops this spring. They will not plant -their cows. That suggestion has, been turngd.down, , ; Miss Jesso.mip?) Jonps :will go to Britt in a few days to take the place of a school friend, who v is assistant principal of tbe'public school there. There will be a union meeting at the Congregational church Sunday even* ing in the interest,, of ^jthe. free, public library, There will '.,, be, .numerous speakers. , ,"',''. Bev. Kennedy, of 'the M> E',, Church, performed the wadding 'ceremony at the parsonage, Wednesday evening, f or Mr. Samuel Mulhair and Miss Ida - Tborn.tpn, : , , . (/ _, „,.,,;; c ,,...v „ OnJSunday, Marph & , at 0?,3Q , p, /, m., the YVP. B. Q, & g,iye>..a 'Home .Missionary program in the lecture ropm of the Congregational ' Church, All are OQfdjalJy invited,! . ; . , .; • . Ther§ Is renewed .agitation of the el' eqtrjp light project... • AJgona ought to be wgH to<J UP withjb^nmminatfon this esaspn, ana it* is npt; too eaply to tegin agitating f OT it. < : The'mfiwuerade dance last Thurs, evening at. Glare's, -hall, was a .e '/"l ' ISv*.' 1 . and tbe crpwa wag large • 3? be, gcbpol board heW n gbt; bjjt as}4? torn reports Secretary flnancial p;^j i'rfv; The. »pn04) ejeetipn p| airectprs pf Ix'.tb.?;^ e M d ^ JPwSSM.JI*. — trow for theBobefts-Maftin Cotnpafty^s Fanst. It is a notable coincidence that mmv&t Mdftmpfe erMitable dra- iaatic ptoduction than this Company gave us. There will be but one .general city ticket in the field ttext Monday. The democrats failed to nominate a ticket The only contest between candidates will be on aldefmert in the First and Third wards. The republican ward primaries held last Wednesday evening nominated candidates for alderman as follows: J. W, Wadsworth in the first, Wm. K. Ferguson in the second, C. W. Bates in the third, and Dr. E. E. Sayers, in the fourth. The outstanding bonds of the Algona Independ District amount to $4,000. They Will be paid off in full, it is expected, this year andttevt. That will knock off 6 or t mills from the tax levy, We give the full financial statement elsewiiere. The BtePtiKLicAN is informed on ail-sufficient authority that J.H, Crose, whose term of imprisonment in the Humboldt county jail expires today, will at once begin teaching, This is the right thing to do, and Mr, Crose wilt be found to be a capital teacher, Justice Clarke heard the case yesterday afternoon in which W. W, and D. W, Simes, of Grant township, were charged with stealing 80 bushels of oats, D. W. was discharged and W. W. was held to the grand jury. There was a crowd out from the north, Every Algona man should interest himself to see that nobody is missed in the census enumeration now progressing, We don't want any bogus names and there is no danger of our having any such, but experience has shown that many are liable to be over looked in the count. There is a marked subsidence of the tuberculosis fever. Kinety-nine farmers out of every hundred have made up their minds that until they have some reason for thinking that their cows are sick they will not call in the horse doctor. In the meantime, neither man nor beast is wasting away with consumption. The LuVerne News says: A happy wedding took place at Irvington last Wednesday, the contracting parties being Miss W. Dutton and Ora Brown. The bride is a daughter of a well known and respected family of Irvington, and the groom is a young business man at WestT3end. May they enjoy their'full share of happiness. The arrangement in regard to voting next Monday is that the men will have the city and library vote on one ballot. The women will have only the library proposition on theirs, and all will go in one ballot box. The library ballot will have printed on it "For library tax," "Against library tax," or equivalent words, and the voting will be done by marking a cross in the square opposite the one is desired to vote. A well known republican of Union township writes to suggest that in yiew of a misunderstanding as to who is the republican committeeman for that township, and with the purpose of preventing trouble in the future, the matter might be adjusted bv a meeting of the republicans at the Herman school house at; the time of the township school meeting. It is well to get these disputes" out "of- the way and avoid head-end collisions. Ernest Bacon was in town Saturday posting bills for, which is to come off next Tuesday, March 5, at his Portland township farm, one and one-half miles east of Burt. He will sell without reserve everything movable on his well stocked farm, including 33 head of cattle, a lot 01' good horses, and his complete equipment of machinery. Mr. Bacon will run a free buss to and from B.urt for all those coming from a distance, and will serve a free lunch at noon. There is some prospect of the inauguration of a kindergarten in Algona. It is much desired by many who have children just a trifle too young to go to the 'public school. It is possible that Mrsi Lilly, who is familiar with the work, may organize one. Of the Kindergarten State Supt. Sabin says: "The kindergarten is no longer to be regard : ed as an experiment; it has established itself in public favor wherever it has been tried, Leading educational men and women regard it as an essential part of a good school system,. Its in" structions are calculated to shape and mould childish character at an age when it is very impressible, and when it is most in need of right direction. While the money expended upori any department of school work is money well invested, that which is expended in the earlier years of a child's life undoubtedly is most powerful ip shaping his future life. The Courier says the bottom has been knocked out of the PJumley will case, which it looked as thongb we should have forever with us, It says; The TJ.S- Land office at Washington has knocked the bottom clear out of any title the 'heirs qf the late S. I. PI urn* ley may jmve bad in the Plumley home StQad/nearCorwith. The heirs some time agp attempted tP prove, UP and Geo. UPS, pf Cormtih, ap<> as ft.cpntest&nt. and the reqeiv PWee jnDep Homes e hews. The pwtfthat t&e traxtf up as a 1 hom§« pd f^ith, and »ot as a spec* , re,68iYeF ;puje.d was not §uf» . An'appeal was taken to the ment at Washington, and deci§iQBOftherec.ejYei?at; Des has begji jgusjainfid, The hp, wmtf9Wg9toMi«B,Pe« a gentleman wb9 has been living on the Jgo4 for «m@, He has also spent jn b«Udingp,P,n ing ts'P&KA; CTpp. *tfae m w the. court Taylor's. TOWELS AND LINENS, 30 Doz. all Linen Towels at lOc Turkey Bed Table Linen worth SOo, at 17c JAS. TAYLOR. Grand Closing Out Sale! The undersigned will Lave a public sale one and one-half miles east of Burt, commencing at 10 o'clock, Tuesday^ March 5, Without reserve. Must be sold even if sold for a song and you sing it yourself. — 33 Head of Cattle — j. uuug, growing into money. 6 Cows; some fresh; 3 heifers coming three; 4 yearling Heifers, 1 six month old Full Blood Shorthorn Bull C alf, 1 Gradeyedr- ling Bull, 2 two-year-old Steers, 3 yearling Steers, 6 yearling Heifers, 7 Calves. v ^^."nrr(^ s \"cr3c^j"Trr|c^ -(^T-C^C^TT^ ^SS* ^rJ^MJ^^^r iiiJm\VKT-jJ_-l----Jhxil.r ^M^l ' ^^&r^^^r mJLmm*J One span Mares, 2 1400 Ib. Mares with foal, 5 and 6 years old; 1 Hambleton- ian Gelding coming 4, 2 Mares coming 2 years old and 2 Mares coming 1 yr. old. FABM MACHINERY—3 Lumber Wagbns, 1 2-seated Buggy, 1 Piano Binder, 1 Biding Plow, 2 Stirring Plows, 1 Walking Breaker, Corn Planter, 2 Seeders, 2 Mowers, 6 Walking Cultivators, ,2 Hand Sbellers, 2 Drags, 1 Fanning Mill, 1 Hay Slide, Harnesses, Shovels, Forks, Milk Cans, etc. HOUSEHOLD GOODS—1 Cooking Stove, 2 Tables, Bedsteads, Chairs, Dishes, Lamps and many other things. . A FBEE BUS to and from Burt for all trains for those coming from a distance. LUNCH AT TERMS— Sums of $5 and under, cash; over that amount one year's time, on approved securitp at 8 per cent. 5 per cent off for cash. BACON. D. A. HAGGARD, Auctioneer. the month in Illinois and Indiana, arrived home Monday.. He says there are plenty of snow drifts in Illinois yet. •Germania Standard: A. Payne, one of Algona's hay-dealers, was in town, looking after his interests—Auditor Calkins'was up-from Algona Monday visiting with old friends. Buffalo Center Tribune: Louis Lessing, the veteran furniture dealer and undertaker of Algona, was a business visitor here yesterday. A. W. Sigsby, of Burt, was a caller at the BBPTJBUCAN office Monday. Burt Monitor: Mrs. Ben. Winkie was up from Algona over Sunday visiting with the family of A. W. Williamson on the Lem Stockwell farm. ; Wesley Beporter: Miss Josie Pettibone came down Friday evening from Algona and spent Sunday wit her sis- .ter, Miss Jennie. ; , Capt. Hoffman, of Webster City, called on Lieut. Chubb and Capt. Haggard yesterday. He was on bis way to Burt. Howard Bobinson is back from Des Moines, where he spent the. winter at a business school. . W. L. Jbslyn, Esq., is just home from a six weeks' visit in Illinois. Druggist Anderson and wife, of Bancroft, were the guests of Dr. Morse on Sunday. Grant Bamsey is in Chicago, D, L, Driver of Burt was in town yesterday. He will take charge of the Burt creamery the first of March. The report comes that Supervisor Barton is confined to his home at Lu- yerrje, by illness. . After a brief vacation Angelina has again taken her stand at the Opera House Grocery ready to make the best bread in town, Mr. and Mrs, A. P, Hall will arrive home from their eastern trip Thursday or Friday, March 1st, they will open tbelr boarding bouse, , you seen those Disc Harrows at the WJgwam? They are the latest thing out, , fail to see the wool hose ,we are Bering for 400 per pair, No cheap shpddy gopds bought to sell at » ipw price, but genuine all WPQJ bpse, fine a»a good, sucb as our trade has always demanded, and usually sp}4 from 8§Q to^Q«, now going M only ,W pents. Men's, women's andoWJdrenfs, Tbe. Wgut; Irabmaa anOB first fpr wjs foj ggnwal purppsea, ,J) t 8. 8 a few rp,P8t§ys |oy f ale, MQJfBY. fJmmBr*? T »r-*w s^iTMyy* tn*':£?p> SP-V^^-^S. np^B-i"t v Vi^ •jf^^vr'n^ '> TEACHERS WILL MEET. The Teachers of the Public Schools of Kossuth County— Saturday, March ; „,' , 9— The Program. 1 A teachers' convention 'has bepn called to assemble at the high school building in Algona, at 9;30 a. m;, Saf urday, March 9. Following is the program: " History — Methods for making the study most effectual.— Prof. G. IT. Barslou, Wesley, Beading— How hest taught to secure expression.— Prof. E. TV. Richards, Lu Verne. i The recitation— How can better results be secured?— Prof . J. B. Byers, Bancroft. ;Penmanship— Quality and method. —•Prof. D. E. Johnson, Algona. English Grammar— Methods, obstacles arid remedy.— Prof . F. C. Bowers, ; Whittemore. : : The .Professional Teacher.— Prin. Florence Claypole, Ledyard. , General exercises.— Prof. Hugh Connor, Burt. Arithmetic— Quantity and quality.— Prof. TV. Hi Dixson, Algona. - Mensuration— Illustrations with apparatus.— Prof. A. J. Lily, Algona, T.he exercises will be enlivened with vocal music by pupils from the Algona schools, conducted by Miss Agnes Kendall. , ,30 Ibs sugar for $1 at Walker Bros.-tf Hew spring and summer goods ' at Goeders' store, See that 18c. coffee at the Opera House Grocery. HQJOrMADE BAKING, The W, H, M, S. will sell fresh home made baking a£ Brownell's shoe store Saturday afternoons and evenings.184 The largest line of ineh's, boy's, lad' ie'g and children shoes ever shown at Gofers', • _ Chase & Sanborn's famous Boston Coffees and Se»l Brand Tea for sale on ly by. PPB'I; fprget we selU ing seasonable goods at greatly eel prices, we are pffpying sppqjal ducements on flannels and underwear. You make HP mistake in buying IIQW, even fpF nest winter. . Haveypy eyw sees a ing HawQw? Farraers aw Tbe Wjgwaw Having made settlements with the insttfance companies, we now offer Mire Stock n . . OF . . Dry Goods, Crockery, Fine Chinas, Notions, Etc., At a Great Sacrifice to. Close Out the Entire Stock at Once DAMAGED GOODS- WILL BE SOLD . . e • s of Cost. Come and see us on North Dodge Street, opposite the REPUBLICAN Office. THE GRANGE STORE. loolrat this Trunk] 34-inch canvas covered '' iron bottom; hard-wood stays running lengthways, flat top, finely fitted inside; wrought iion corners; best brass hasp lock; would be cheap at $10.00,. » our spring price— Knives , TTNTIL MARCH 1ST, WE U will place on sale a good substantial, two-bladed pbcK- et Isnife, fully warranted, at f This is an .opportunity to- get a good strong knife at a ; small cost. After March 1st',,, t you'will'pay 60c for it—the \, ; regular price, Cqnie in. and •.; , look over our Pocket Kpives* !. Scissors and Razors, -• $# We have Swedish Razors-the best in! the Market * i ! * ' Try our-High Grade, Winter lubricating Oil, 'it don't Fj

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