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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 10

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 10

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

DECEMEZR 7, la17. OaklanD tribune FRIDAY EVENING io Lr pulUo ty the an-i i-yria Th? r.vintrr-reV" of the overthrow of the Russia. provMortal srovermr.ent, according a iniblemess-age received MANY STARVING XKU" Wc T. Thuiflnds of men. ovuert chi! Iren who Pffil SEES Si!" UK fH FK the fatuls by the prov lor ire nnuiiri.a and tt the Mr, rVt ot anJ in Ar- u.rb iiu Ui-loushhy -Smith. American cor.s-il K-issian Caucasus, an.l the nifi i las FFSH STRIKE V.W.C.A. Hostesses Fill Want, FATAL EXPLOSION Mr tVue it i Y. TV. 0. tjilk ott what U-i --e -afc jtfiv jit totj ii i i to ra te ti'S in th at- Team (V kn i to A'. TCf was reached the day o- 1 that I la to -it tt A. Mr. the drive total tor Jfl.i' Gift. 'J the t-'at: I e- "I i te 7 ir.el.gation 1 te.t.ic cot.d ted touttiy officia'' to-dav sri'o a isc of the whivh estetuat afteinH.i Peterson, a in. tier, 3ti- feet undemrounj in the tunnel of the Kast Hy Water Comi-a vy'jt San I'atdo reservoir. Accord-. ats to ea woikir.g in shaft the- ex-j pltfVn tt ust have been due to a delayed hn st oif a charge just aa Feter- 3" catioeery tiir it it for' Kim No. 1. at Lewi. Thou it it 'u been ct.t,ed lur two eeks it b-en a reeiation tu'everrne j4 to the auunt tof eervie oh it a t-vu ab to ren-; dt-r. I have le a in army L'e ever itica 1 iJ a ciiiui aid it a f.iat suggested that they establish auch a thm aa a hostes, ho- at a military T. T. A Strike which kr piants in the ik-leas goven.met.t so avert it. iN-turns en ttnw vet received l- e- F-ed Schmidt fro -it l-oiisvuie. in. Kmhus, Ivy ton and Fast St. fault the men are unanimous the-r 4elre to a The D'f are among her re' en or' the t-fcour day iv. Si per u.v ore fir a'! and nd r-r t.nt in lit-1 It aJ i rw i aon maa apnroachitie the tunnel end. Mr. T. IN-Haid cJTin. 't for team 19, lke At the of the I'. t. y) itk. who in c'nara- of the V. C. house, at take, nave an ui- camp, thotisht it iwluk. Even today 1 could that my old, retired. I'eteraon a killed insiantlY. Ftye th-r men er walking in the tunnel toward the nUn-e where the explosion oc- urrmi. hut were toi far away to receiva urmy uncles pu tur me as going around corners soliciting i-itw. nu tarn- i ern was workinc for fcatea. if? urine or soniethuig of that ort. iVrland A er. contractors on the joh. OfO AT OPFNINCL I a years old, and accord ne to Uwood. has no Iwputy Coroner K. r-Utnes in thia country. IN BOXES Fine Linen Writing Papers, manufactured by the country leading stationers, put up in various forms, specially for holiday gifts. Ohriurnacs Stationery de Luxe with red border and stamped with spray of hoily, most appropriate for writing t'hristmas letter. Bos of it idee; and envelopes Bos of sheets aiwl envelopes fl.ttO Two dozen Correspondence Cards with red or gold border Sl.TS Pine gift box with it sheets vt cloth finish, paper, two dozen cards and i-N envelope colors pink, while, blue and tan ,....91.25 Kurd's I-HtttieUo, plain aad deckle edge, various tints. In verv attrac- TTve-boAys 1.0D anil Lad lltird Kcsimental envelopes lined with' contrasting color cards H. CVPFU. CO. i "Shortly before, the I'anip ew a hous as opened a busmeaa a Seattle II. CPWF.I I. CO. ri 1-Z7- said. 1 have r.o sjn.pithy with aU this SNOW IN OKLAHOMA, sentimental 2h tvKurdins l.ostsaa BARTKS VU.t.E, IVc. To of sirow covers northern Okla- I houses Young wucien ate trying to tod- I mchea i jUie fcovs skhu the natiuti ta trying to make fighters." 1 asked him if hs I wcmkl unlit ilie house i otiened to a quire; and paper to match Sealing Wax Sets in all the appropriate colors. Jo SI -5 and he -ttted tt befws hs-Bdemud I what are doitig. On tha of! (the hostess house (us thousand lieools 4iuMJe4- through ht 4X 4 took iars of -hundred tamilles df soliiiets in the camp and 3C wumen 1 Ch is tm as 1 ipp Kod used the rest rooms, three of ers i4Ulte 111. We also cared for sixty ch.ldien in the nursery, a hile their mothers wees niesi- tog soldier husbands in the teceptlou 1 looms or on the ground. Wa located For old or young for man cr maid, there is no gift more appreciated than an attractive pair of "comfy" slippers. for Gifts Women's Slippers FELT JULIETS Very pretty with their fur-trimmed tops. In Nothing wiU give more rleajure to every memfcer of the family than a Kodak. We have all the latest models direct from the kodak city. cray, black, brown, wine and red and red Children's Gift Books The Last Prlncsss of Oi, bv Frank Baum, it.35. The Story Book of Science, by Jean Hem i Paler; WOO. The Red Indian Fairy Book, by Prances rtikiiis Ctlcotl; (i.U0. Niqhta with Uncle Remus, bv Joel Chandler Harris. A new holiday edition full-paKe illustrations in color, and other pictures and black and hile, by Milo Wintei 3.0v. Rip Van Winkle. Illustrated, in color, by Arthur Pat bin: 2.00. Ths Way ta Wonderland, ly Mary Stewart, tllnstrateif in oior by Jessie Will-'os fi rith, I2.0S. Little Peonle. page Illustratiotis In rotor, tiy 11. tllebcek Mair, Happy All Day Through, page llliistra lions bv Jam! I Scott; $1.50. A Little Bo of Old-Time Verss, by Sidney Crouch; Jt.CO. My Very Own Fairy Stprlss. by Johnny illustrated in color by ths author. $1.00. with leather soles and heels. Pair $1.25 sixty -turee men for friends whs had been unable to find them and in a camp of thirtv-Hve thousand men, and is no easy undertaking to locals "Privats John Siiith' without knowing what company 01 branch of the aervlcs he is In. tur bureau of Information is ad-m tted by army officers to bs an ini-men assistance in located men for Iriends or relatives. Army officers say that one of the important features of our wotk is among isinng families, that If they what is dons lor the in en they go home slisfid "with th- londitions under which their sons are living. In this tamp of Sj.ooO men there are it 1 tflephons girls ami pt women in the hostess house, alt of Hie women That ore in ths and on i an have no idea haw much the men appreciate seeing a Woman occasionally. APPRECIATE FAIR SEX. WATCH 1 TVOMEY'S I WIKDOWS I lT $4 $42.50 Jo 1 rA si its jf HP IP ki No. IC Autographic Kodak makes pictures 2 912 ami 917. No. 3 A Autographic Kodak. mukes pictures 814x5921.511 ami 925. No. 3 A wltii F. T7 len, 9 2 llrownie I'amcrns. -little cousins of the kodaN to $14. Vest Pocket Autogj-aphlc Kodak's With best lens, S12. No. 1 Kodak Jr. makes" pictures S1, x44. 9-11 ami 912.50. N'o. 1 A Autographic Kodak Jr. makes i-pictures .913 ami 913. FANCY FELT SLIPPERS In light blue, loyal blue, old rose, lavender, wine and red; silk ribbon trimmed and with OC quilted inner soles. Pair vl SIESTA SLIPPERS Prettily trimmed with silk pom-poms and fitted with wool inner soles. In liehl and dark browns and Cjl Hfl Kravs and roval blue. Pr 1 I Christmas Card Headquarters Thousands of them displayed on Mezzanine and Main Floors. Appropriate designs and sentiment. PERSONAL GREETING CARDS. If you haven't ordered them yet. do so at once. Exclusive designs originated in our own shops. Misses' and Children-' Slippers SIESTALIPPERS- In pink, blue and red. with wool innersoles "I a gathering of soldiers In the Y. M. C. A. building not so very i liii'tj ao and my talk was sandwiched in betaeen a couple of bones of mat hes. When I got through ths men cheered and oce of them stepped up to nte and uek'i if he slit KhaWs hands ith me as I in the first woman he had een In fUe monlhs. The purses in the ihuse liosp.tal are also greatly nf the hostess lmue, and whenever they have a little time they come to he host- i ess house in order tg ge I'om the hospital atmosphere, get some lest and rei-reatlnn. C. J. TVOMEY Merchant Tailor 433 13TII ST. at Broadway Books for ounp and Old Fountain Pens of liest Makes 95c SMITH BROTHERS 13rh M. between Broadway anil Washington. and chrome elk outer Very attractive gift. Sizes 5 to 10 Sizes 1 1 to 2 $1.00 MEN'S SLIPPERS isxartmvnt f.ood ijuality-, Mtuh rute Vrrj Ltirpp. riccetitly a mother rams, to it her son who "was to leave for Frame the next eihe had an opnoe tunitv of Kid Slippers Sallind Out EILERS MUSIC CO. Selling Out spending two hours with her boy at the hostess house, where she I A would have had to walk around the parade grounds or walk the Mreeta in order to visit him. The Y. W. C. A. workers at the hostess houe are Just mm a part i the nillltarv as anvtlunif else which is giving Felt Slippers Choice of two attactlva Hyles: Warm felt sllppera In Muck only, Willi felt 7C Pair i oc (Irav ullpl'er't with wool inner polos n'ot chrtntil elk outer Hood nullity, warm and cntilfnrtahlo. I'rlre $1.25 and $1.50 tin nlo In ilio I'ttoire nf nnr (ti lei: Tan kid slipper in T'verett atA le. Oood value tf fur. pair ipl.aiO Taav kil slippers of better tinalltv in oirrn or fljl "Tl? Kxrrettflvie lU.u'k and tun kl.l 0 AA allpior in two jityleH V'V' Tin kid rtnmeox, gncnl lonk-Ing Hnil cotnfotttil'le Pair $1.75, $2.00, $2.50 alii or comfort to our men. 'tins thing which the men reem to appreciate greatly is the xur within the hu.lding. I'tittl Mu have seen store only. khaki and olive rliab day after day ami the dull liTeless gray 'of army bjrrfyiks, vou cannot appicoiate how nuuh the olor and homelike atmosphere, nf the hostess house appeals to the soldirs. I have talked with nnmv of the fiiMier boys and (hey are united In saving that If tlte general public could "pnreelate haw ninth these loi. tilings are ntrlh-ut'ng to the happiness and contentment of the soldiers we would have t.o diffi Bargains in Shoes I Jay, 11th anil 1Mb Kin-rla. Onklnnd. Latest m.m tea i I Improved gpifc tt- culty in raising sufficient funds to build them In every army ramp." II. f'apwel! also addressed the work, ers and said In part: "The Y. W. A. workers at these hnste.s ttnoses are d'tng for the youni; 1 1 er spirit of the soldiers what we e- pet-t the HeeJ 41roes nurses will be nV. i log Inter on for the wounded bodies. flayer- lmm Ideal Gifts For Christmas Ihfvge of ou who read the last iiirssnge of l'ns4ent ilson could pnt do otherwise thus thank voor tod that you ate an Anmrii an; that yon are f'gtittng a real inse and that a man of ll vl-(ill is at the head of this nation. "It an In pirntion to us to -eel that nor patt In the world war Is not for what we ran get out of it in glory, land or other military achievements, but are fighting for a cause nd It la the duty of evervone of us to give everv aid and nmfort possibly ran to the nova- who are going to the front In that war. run you Irtiamne anvthlng which would 1 1 titr.lntte more to the comfort, of one v' our bovs thin bavins a place where bis IsitltiK mother, sister, wife ir sweet-hearl can meet him. talk with him and I rianos 'Hf 'Within VmA i csV i I Reach MM tM j) -at, I I I 1 a il Rhat tune t'-iev may with him b-fnre leaver Tliete no douni that war Is hell nnd if we ran get a little Heaven Into it through the efforts nf the women then we must do everything to make that little bit ef IJesven possible." An appreciation of the hostess house at Damp Lewis and whnt a plsre It lis in army Ufa Is given, in a letter I e. reclvafb-'iiv Oakland bv a irnd of Kenneth Adams, a weli-krowoi oewpapr man of fian Knfneiscn, Oakland and Sn'. ramento Is. xuW a sergeant in DUY "Is. GNDEStrucTOj AO 0 ACE I'M th- mil tiirv illce at I'anip Lev. is and willing of the ho-ttrs house he Paul. "l'e ferrrtl'V et tiw-wsien III To-day this mornine special drive commences upon the remaining 67 brand new latest Colonial Instruments well worth beautiful figured mahogany, oak and Model Player Pianos; 83 note We Are the Agents 5 At ldtt a trunk that an lo trmtrd to prt r.iM-tents (Iotination in perfect aafrty. ran open anil tAe a preed cuit from a frrh an! a if it had just rome from' the t.uhjra. Fany to park and iinpat ronveiiienrea and ments which you would not caorifire at any prirr infinitetly better in appcaranrr mottled walnut cases, equipped with all the latest improvements, including transposing device, superb imisn, correct aeiiarn, and. most imponam oi an, i sm bouse at luglit l.d fi any hour. I wish that vfot lo'ibl ('' loiiise It i c. bv the V. ('. A Their wives and sweetheatta liieir husbattd' and lovers amid cheerv, hotnev inlrinii ilit ss The place artis-l adv furnish lb 4 with omfortalile wn-ker chai-- Theie. are two huge firpla ea, a re. eptioii iiK where the men gather wllh their loved ones and a large smoking room where auch a Kay and I sit with pipes and ten to the alngimc of the men. What -talent there is heie. singers and men whn -command tie Piano, mandolin, violin and ii'ar. Kay. Every instrument unconditionally guaranteed. nd tbe price is only Wonderfully easy payments. Deposit $5.00. Arrange to pay the balance during 36 months. 12 rolls of music included free. Also appropriate bench to match, free. Libtrty Bonds accepted sn-e cash, and with libtrcl premiums. A satiric of $20 1, ltd arldltloml SRvinirs wfcrn rrorf caa Is (innd Ij have een the I ot ss house otner nigni. I That ksgtvhtg night Ho.nehow th inn-'. va lliffcrect" nat rlttht Mn who, I laren ami, ust rate he-n thtnk- Practical Xmas Gifts This Yeaf. In Accord.ince W.lh the Times, Will Dc Popular Over Fiftv Models of WARDROBE TRUNKS AT $20 AND UP to choose from 'Can It Be Smashed? frtmnly Xothins is -Invulncrablr, but Its construction is different from tiny Other andf the maker says in his trunk insurance contract New Trunk Free! if imashed, Durned or sunk while ta route. Free Repairs for 5 Yejirs Many other grands, player pianos and uprights r.h sacrificed. New encs, $137, etc. Some slightly uted one, and numerous good practice pianoi, $19, $35, $46, etc. P.rnwrl Pinnoft New and latest molels. also srvercl tued ep-s; nearly1 all the famwis "mSVl tn3I3 half A uperb Kimball only $590; another. $460; Hazelton Art Grarxl. $736; another. $-f50. Btitifu! Baby Grand bend for Player Pitno. $900; another. $683. Even several superb Chickerirg Player Gran is at confidential, bona-fide Latalots i t-. i reductions. Easy terais aa wanted. 4 Upright PianOS An almbst efldles variety, new ones and used one. Deckers, Chkkerrngs. Steinwayi. Weber, Knabe, Pool, StnJ for Catalogs Lester, etc All of them at tremendous and never-to-be-Kad-again reductiont. i of nej that thev bad tiof us with hefte: old songs such as I re mem ber my; mother singing ten years ago." He Just Had to Have a New Suit Put he did not have the money, lie went to i'JIKHRV'S, bought dandy double-breasted, with a Welt all wav round. There sre lots of other kind if yoiiidnn't like I. t'onserva-tive as Well novelty models, ami ItKjuding all of the renowned makes, genuine Autopia nos, IJecker. Lester, Krantch 6t bach and the nations tiprente achievement, the Chkkering De Luxe. The used player piano we are closing out at $300 and others only $290 are simply wonderful for the price asked. AH others at astonishing low prices and cn easy terms of peynert that will te-any-rcasoaable buyer. Player Pianos Send for Catalogs duality Tiiinlr tm Banp denies 0t sle rtree are tfce eask prSeea. ae rleea to ryln es tttsie, saaltnal simple Interest. Veer eSsre, Is here aw te eteee the creat alft ef waste ll yr kerne. meaths iVsIre la stkleij te pay the kalanre 4d on vsrv easy tonus a jew r.str navtnKt nt of l.lfeertr tlnain lakra ti pren'tie-. are Liberty ftokfis lakra pren' Mrae eask sisaaents. tars--shewn. thelial.ince citi a ntlie rt pi- iia. 1 I.pilies' store. I 13th In at 148 San In Sn Francisco at 973 Market Street Under Central Bank Broadway and 11 th St. EILER.S MUSIC CO SELLING OUT Joo office of The TRi Itt'NE is now located at 14 Last Santa Clara a.enue. Thon San Jose 475.

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