The Burlington Hawk-Eye from Burlington, Iowa on March 23, 1932 · Page 9
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The Burlington Hawk-Eye from Burlington, Iowa · Page 9

Burlington, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1932
Page 9
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•• , A.*" THE BURIINGTON HAWK-EYE, WEDNESDAY MORNING,.MARCH 23,1932. BIG SISTER TEA TWO By LES FORGKAVE WELL., Av-S LONG <°^ I'M MEEOEQ 'ROUND Tv-MS AN)VMOf?E I KNOVO CAM DO. I KN5QVv> ,WEV-L! COME (Kl! £.Ot> INT*. MY BUT r'M GLAD TO ! WHAT'S MAKIK1G VOU LOOK SO HAppy p W& AMD If is JUST AND BECAUSE' r IWVITEC^X' IWDEEO MVSELrrye,QW30GUT/jMNOr BUSY. WE'LL. / I DONi'T "SUPPOSE >ALL'CEPT ^ souktoovXivr rrt-UNK A LOVE TO <SEE YOU, MRS. . VOOQ. LITTLE so cozy AND ALWAYS SO CHEERFUL.* WITH VOO TO -re A PART VAT ABOOT -THE NHCE-ST I've mg, by Ctatral PrgM.A»«)cUtion Jng Let the MID-WEST PRINT SHOP Solve Your Printing Problems. "Where Good Printing Is a Habit" Main and Columbia Sts. Mid- West Print Shop Big Dividends Hawk-Eye Classified Advertising Rates Telephone Your Want Ad To The Hawk-Eye. Call 54. -. If.- .ttr — Two cents a word less 25% >nr nru1 one-half c^nts a word a i'nr arU'tTlisements paid with r within ten days from date !!:?t insertion. Minimum .charge .-"fits. On.- dollar n lino a month. I'isplay rbiHstfled charged at tho " ot 1 TO r-ont.s a column Inch. Ono 'h minimum space. No discount. .i'i r.iii tf-N'phono your want ad !.. Tl!.- HiivvK-ICy« and bill will be S.T.I ti. you LI onc«?. charged at tho : ,-. .,? :' c-ntN a word, with tho no- !'i!!..f. that L*S?o discount will bo -':..-,\-.-J it' naymont Is muclo within '.•-'.. dny? The 25% discount makes •!'•• r>it- <•»£ find ono-half cents per •,v,vj, !;. fis-urii-.c- tho numbpr of words •n \.nn- ml all words which are ab- i'-. ; v!.-.t^<l, ,nll Initials, numbers and .,,j,|,...,4 S ,.., i n the ads are counted us :"•;!! \vordH. !vi.-h nd must, carry nn Indication ,i!' uh.'tt t!n> nd Is Intended to con- v .-. All ail* for renting houses 10'iM? heuln "For Rent." All ads for t 1 s'il~ i-.f tn ore hand I so must begin ••!•• ,.- S;il*- etc- T'I.-.SC wno <lo not want their r.nin^ or telf phono number to ap- OO-T In thft nd may Imve re-plies *fir<t tn Tho Hawk-F.yp. The Hawk- l'v.> will mipDly tho number and w\! mall replies to the ndvertlser, '•t il.-Hlrf-d. All ads wUJ be charsred for with the exact number of days thi- -vd appears. If fln ad is ordered fo- sl\- days and tho merchandise Is .'old In one day. the nd may be frrt'Tod discontinued and charge bo i- .,rt" for only one day. MI nd^-crtla'Tfl are urcred to tnk(» ft'J--;..nta|?o of the 25«$. discount. \Vii-n you pay cash with the order or i-a.y' within ten days, the rate \9 or:" and one-half cents per word. A .'« not paid for •within ten days wlil be charir«d at the rate of 2 ?•/.-( per word. LOST AND FOUND LOST—SUNDAY. FA1RFIKLD, C. B. & Q. depot or vicinity, leather key container and 8 or 9 keys. Name, address back container. "Will party who found them return to owner or Hawk-Eye at once? 2-18 LOST—LADY'S PURSE. NAME ON T IN- slde. Ph. 1118. 2-18 HELP WANTED— MALE STOP LOOKING FOR A JOB. WI3 will pive you steady employment managing our established in Henderson county, Illinois: Requirement: Late model oar and good character. Answer this ad if you aro ambitious and wllliny to work hard, S, F. Baker & Co., Keokuk, Iowa. WANTED—SALESMEN, AGENTS Funeral Notices j FUNEKAI HOMES B. A..Progh.ft Son DISTINCTIVE PUiVERAL SERVIC» PHONE lU. FOB SAIA—UVESTOCil. t s^ J **s**s*>s* t ^^^tS'~i* t 4**i^r****f*^^ FOR SALE — 3 FARM MABBS. Jefferson St. 901 247: FOR SALE—CO HEAD GOOD WHITE Uaby Chicks, Poultry and Supplies face steer calves, dlfttown, la. L,ML Sater, Mid- MAKE THIS MODEL AT HOME The Hawk-Eye Daily Pattern FOR SAL,E —S SPOTTED POLAND China gilts to. farrow last of March and first of April. Also 2 boars. J. H. Coppes, Yarmouth. Iowa, 244 Bills 239 FOR SALE—Rcg-lstered Hereford Bulls MKN WANTED TO ESTABLISH AND rarvglni? In ases, 6 to 22 months, conduct Rawleltfh city businosa Hi Priced according to the times. Fort Madison. Mt. Pleasant, "VVZipello J. Comtek, Mt. Pleftsiuit, la, and New London. Reliable hustler .;• .... .•_.. •. - • •>......._ •J_JL — can start earning $35 weekly and increase rapidly. \Vrlto immediately. Rawlelurh Co,, DepC. IA-9-V, Freeport. 111. ; 243 FOB SAJLE. EXCHANGE—FABMK z * 6 BABY CHICKS AT POPULAR PRICES from flocks that have been tested for B. W. D. All esgs dipped In Iodine auapensold to kill disease germs on shells. Incubators disinfected with B. K. Custom hatching 2 cents per eg-g-. Brooder atoves, poultry supplies. Free circular describing: our Exhibition and Production Quality White Rocks and horna, McAllister Hatchery. Mount Union. Iowa, INSTRUCTION RAILWAY~MATL CLERKS. STEADY •work. M<>n 18-35. Commence $158.00 ; month. Paid vacations. Experience unnecessary. Common education suf- | flclent. Pull particulars with eamplo For Bale or Exchange Farm* located In southeastern Iowa, belonr- In«r to clients of mln« at reaaonabl* pnee» and liberal t«rm«. Fraud* W. Walter. Attorney-at-kaWi Iowa 8tat« Bank Bldg.. N^w London. la. 14 243 BUSINESS BABY CHICKS, SPECIAL PRICES — 15,00 per hundred for Leghorns. An- conas, heavy assorted, and |6.00 per hundred for Plymouth Rocks. Wyan- dottou, Orpingtons, Mlnorcas at 1 hatchery. Chicks hatched from accredited, blood-tested flocks. Miller Hatcheries, Keokuk. Iowa, 247 STARTED CHICKS— 1-3 WEEK OLD, big- boned healthy chicka while they ronchinir fi-pp Annlv tndav anrn Atl- ^O'R SALE—RESTAURANT IN GOOD I j a Jt at day old prices. All from coacnJnp_rree. Apply^toclaj^u^Aa, town on highway 34. Will sell cheap bloodteated stock Iowa's Finest dress 115. Eye. care 230 or any part of fixtures. Address 171. care Hawk-Eyc. 248 WANTED*—TO BUT Chicks make more profit. Lonsdalo, Wlnfleld, Iowa. Richard 247 WANTED TO RUY- old. Ph. 13-F24. -PIGS, FEW DAYS 248 IFOR SALE—RESTAURANT LOCATED i In rivwr town of 1200 population. Also on hard road. Priced reasonably. Write 170, care Hawk-Eye. Chicka and Custom HatchtnR at Miller's Hatchery. Reasonable prices. Ph. 2J32-W. 2421 Gnahn St. - 234 WANTED TO BUY —HOGS FROM 50 : Ihs. to 15n lb«. Also 100 bushels corn j >e delivered at 30c bushel. Phono , FOB be 3128. STRAYED 2<? ; FOR SALE—EASTER BUNNIES. i 4056. 247 RIBKETS SUPER QUALITY CHICKS and cuctom hatchlwr at hard -time prices, Chicko every Mon. and Thurs. Rieke'a Hatchery, 1918 Mt. Pleasant St. Burlington, la. Ph. 3833. 221 PH. 246 FOR SALE—EUGENE PERMANENT STUAYED— JKRSEY COW. LEWIS! Wave machine. One and two chair Cook, Danville. la. 247 barber- fixtures. N. Main. J. C. Darnall, 215 244 Masonic Bulletin FOB RENT—HOUSES * FLATS FOR SALE—MANURE. FOR RENT—MODERN 6-ROOM LIGHT; attractive apartment. Garago, 914 ' North Sixth. Ph. »30-Y. PH. 1606-T. 239 FOR SALE OB TRADE FOR RENT —MODERN FIVE ROOM. :•;: r)",v—Maundy Thursday, ..•'.•T.-monlal 8 P. M. i: ,!! M m-t. G:30 P. M. ' YOU CAN GAMBLE i •'.:• Uamble. open Sun. mornlngre. 187 FOR SALE OR TRADE — 7 HOOM house. Garape, Close in. Ph. 3B25. i mo'dern house with garagre. chicken 246 house; lots of fruit; garden. Will — take small city property on part FOR RKNT—SEVEN ROOM MODERN t payment. Inquire 712 Barrett St. WILL HAVE A HATCH OFF EACH Tuesday. All eggs dipped In lodlno euapenBold, an expensive treatment wlilch kills the spoors or germs of the two worst diseases of poultry, coccldtosla and B. W. D. This la worth a lot to chicken raisers.* W» meet all legitimate prices. McKea- Poultry Farm, New London. la. 214 BAXTER'S SUPERIOR CHICKS FROM bloodtested and. high production flocl'B at from 7c to lOc each. Got chicks that will devolop into profitable flocks. Baxter Hatchery. Mt, Pleasant. In. . 210 FROCK FOR VERY BEST PATTERN 2308 STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTION DIAGRAMS GIVEN WITH THIS PATTERN By ANNE ADAMS When a little girl makes her very first appearance at parties, her frock must be very lovely and very becoming. So we suggest this adorable model with graceful cape collar smartly scalloped. The bodice is slightly fitted above & perfect love of a skirt that is flared just like big sister's best dress. There are two pert bows at the shoulders that add a demure touch. Sheer cotton or crepe de chine will be nice. Pattern 2308 is obtainable only in sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. Size 4 requires 2',i yards of 36-inch fabric, 3% yards of 1- inch binding. Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15c> in coins or stamps (coins preferred), for each pattern. Write plainly your name, address and style number. BE SURE TO STATE SIZE WANTED. THE NEW SPRING FASHION CATALOG IS NOW READY. This beautiful, colorful book offers 32 pages of chic, authentic Anne Adams styles for adults and children. The newest frocks for afternoon, evening and sports wear, exquisite lingerie, attractive house dresses and adorable kiddie , ^ models are featured—all personally! P<> und Dabv chosen by Anne Adams and all fash- | ionable, practical and easy and inex- . | v/Iff/I pensive to make. SEND FOR YOUR *»7«*« COPY. PRICE OF CATALOG, FIFTEEN CENTS. CATALOG AND PATTERN TOGETHER, TWENTY- FIVE CENTS. Address all mail and orders to The Burlington Hawk-Eye Pattern Department, 243 West 17th Street, New York City. Freshman Class Entertains Faculty and Students At Yarmouth Special To The Ha\clc-Eyc. Yarmouth, la., March 22. — The freshmen class entertained the entire high school and faculty at a party, in the gymnasium of Yarmouth school. Games were played and later refreshments were served. A good time was enjoyed by the fiftylfive members present The local spelling contest was held, Delores Carlson winning: She will represent Yarnfouth in the county contest at Burlington. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wiley and children of Winield visited with Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Dillavon. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Elkins and Chas. Slater were in Oakvifte on business lately. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and son Rolyce of near Winfield, visited at the Chas. Mason home. Gerald Dillavon, who has been a patient in hospital at Burlington, has returned to his home here. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Watkins an<J children and Allan Parrott visited in Winfield at the Jameison home. Mr. and Mrs. Oure Dlllivan and children of Crawfordsville, visited at the Cleo Hollingsworth home. Mr. and Mrs. Carol Lessinger are the parents of a ten and one-half house. Reasonable. Garage. Wator paid. 1600 Agency. 246 246 FOR HEXT —3 ROOM FURNISHED apartment. Modern. Close In. Gariieo. Ph. 373. , 2*6 WANTED TO BIT1—OWNS Gwrnblo buys all runs. Railroad and Bus Time Table •dulrt of Burlington Route tralna 1'iriinpton Transportation bussea H out of Burlington, effective . IP32. MX A(;o, niTm Mnln Lin •'•I" N'o. FOR RENT—PARTLY MODERN FIVR j room houge. Inquire 912 South Fifth, KEY MAKING. _^^_ ^•v-^^N^Ny^xXX^^W-W^^'^W 'and koys. Shorty Gamble. FOR RENT —FIVE ROOM MODERN apartment. Heat and water furnished. Ph. 1515-W. , 222 J W. Topplnp * Son. Rea! Est*t«.. Fourth Floor Elafeld Bid*. * Westbound Arrive 5:27 AM Depart 0:40 AM LOCKSMITH OF LOCK AT H. F. Myers, ill Waahlnjrton St SJ ! : H PM 3:16 PM '•> r'.ily 2:67 AM 8:11 AM 71 J'.iiy ex. Run., .11:30 AM 11:40 AM i:si-isi-!i westbound leave dally at •: '• A M.. 1:10 P. M. and 6:15 P. M. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Real Bargains In Radios, Pianos, Vic- trolas. Easy terms. Guest Plnno Co. Main Line — Raw* l '•"' NVl - Arrlvo f"."y .......... 12:36AM 1'-'l!v- .......... 8:20PM I "i!!y ......... , 2:33 PM r-.tiy .......... 3:36 AM Depart 12:50 AM Business Notices j Attorneys F> M M ' 2:05 AM ex. Sun... 1:65 PM "•i f-nntbound leave dally at G'45 11:16 A. M.. 4:00 P. M. and 6:10 f Jr Urn P Poor ' Poor & Beckman Second Floor Elsfetd Bid* 2:05 PM Beckman "rROCREDINGSOFTITB CITY COUSf- CII/OP TUB CITY OF BUR- MNGTON, IOWA Meeting No. 199, February 29th, 1932. Council present. convened; all members Permission granted Home Oil Co. to construct driveway leading Into property known as Lot 924-B Orvg- 71 An Ordinance amending ordinance No. 15S2 It being an ordinance rola- tlvo to the designation and the establishment of certain arterial highways, the placing 1 of boulevard atop slfms, also dangerous Intersection signs and amber flashing- beacons at certain street crossings and intersections was adopted. On motion and second the Council adjourned. „».,, Approved March 3rd, 1!>32. Pl B. G. MARQTJARDT, Attest: Mayor. ROBERT SCHLAMPP. City Clerk, '? *°' Arrive Depart I Tilly ox. Run... 7:20 AM n,-ii!y ex. Sun... 8:20 PM I "lily ex. Sun... 2:60 PM H(irlln K fon-Carthnire-Quljtcy '•'";• N'o. Arrive Depart ;„ r>-il y c^. Sun,.. 8:40 PM .' fniily ex. Sun. ..10:30 AM It-Line—Worth honnd 7 l . n Xn. Arrive Depart ' '"'My 6MOAM \\ I'"lly 2:30 PM .'? ! |; <ny 8:5gPM >•'- r.villy ex. Sun.. .10:20 PM & HH1 Law Offlco Fourth Floor Eisfeld Bids. Wilson & Jackson Third Floor Tama Bide. John J. Soerley C.C. Clark John Halo Jt '"" grorloy, CJark & Halo 40fi Tama Bids. Telephone 252 LYMAN E. COOK, <07 Med. Arts 166 Insurance K-Llne—Southbound - Arrive ex. Sun... Depart 8:20PM 11:20 PM 8:40 AM 7:10 AM Typewriters, Office Supplies REPAIRED. Phone 745-W. StracJc Typewriter Co.. 502i Jefferson and Sheet Metal Furnace Repatrlnpr. Titvwork. Hardware KBIECHBA.UM. & DEWEIN 219 Dlvlfllon St. Phono 774 COSTS IS PICt DAMA&E CASE FIVE TIMES JURY'S AWAED Bv The Associated Press. Red Wing, Minn.—Sometimes justice comes high for Goodhue county. Recently it cost the county more than $150 in Jury fees and other charges to have a final determination of the important question whether, George Mann should pay Edward Dahling $30 or $35 for the pi« Mann ran down and killed with his automobile. Mann was ordered to pay $30, saving $5 from the award originally granted Dahling in a lower court. Approximately 430 students took college work by correspondence from the University of North Dakota during 1931. Brittany's Jobless May Spur Revival Ot Lacemaking Art By The Associated Press. Rennes, France. — Brenton unem j ployed women are being urged to review the ancient Brenton lace-work and hand embroidery art, which has almost died in the last quarter century. In 1899, there were 30,000 women in Brittany who earned their livng at the family fireside by making laces and embroidery. Their art was much appreciated in Paris, New York and London'. i Machines killed the industry, but now that unemployment is stealing] its way into, the country of these faithful folk they are thinking of go- Ing back to the old hand ways. TOWBOAT CARRIES SUGAR Mother, Daughter Banquet Is Held At Salem, Iowa Special To Salem, la,, March 22. The mother FROM INLAND LOUISIANA Bv The Associated Press, Memphis, Tenn.~A new trail in Mississippi river history was carved the middle of March when the J. N. Pharr, IRO-foot oil-burning steel hull -towboat, brought 600 tons of sugar direct from the heart of the Louisiana sugar district to Memphis. The 12,000 sacks of sugar were unloaded at Memphis after the Pharr had negotiated the entire distance from Franklin, La., without the aid of another towboat. Shippers hailed the achievement as the opening of a new all-water trade route to the Memphis market. Shoals. and bends of the bayous of inland Louisiana have been navigable by small craft for years, but the Pharr was the first boat to convey a cargo the entire distance to Memphis. and Daughter Supper was held at the Congregational church sponsored by the Salem Women's club. The following toast, program was given with AHss Ethel Stevens acting as toastmistress: Appreciation of Mother, Esther Stanley; Appreciation of Daughters, Mrs. C. Stanley; A Modern Girl's Appreciation of Home, Georgia Frary; Mothers and Daughters Contributing .to the Community— Mrs. L. A. Widdifield. After the toast program the following program was given: Reading; 'Daddy Doc" by Margaret Masden; Violin solo, Martha Montgomery; reading, "Ma at the Basketball Game," by Dorothy Brenizer; Duet, Margaret Brown and Laulla Stanley. Play, "The Miraculous Cure of Hi- Wever Residents Dies At Keithsburg Special To Keithsb- rg, IlL, March 22. — Mrs Lydia Elzina Brown died at her home in Keithsburg Saturday March 19, af ter an illness of about four weeks. Lydia Elzina Knox was the daughtei of Asa and Elmira Knox, pioneer set JUt • I r»/i fr tiers in Mercer county. Married 50 Years s he was born Oct 24, 1851 and hei j entire life was lived in this county ex i cept one year spent in Iowa. In January 1869 she was married to' To this union were Special To The Hawk-Eyc. Wever, la., March 22.—W. Edgar j ^ Beebe and Miss Arietta E. Liddlo! David A. Brown, were married March 22, 1882, at the! born 16 children, eight boy s and eight home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. j girls. Her husband and five children Wm. Liddle, west of Wever, by the j preceded her in death. Rev. Dr. George Stewart of Ft Madi- Those who live to mourn her pass- son and celebrated their golden wed-; i ng are R OSG Kilsey of Washington, la., ding with a family dinner at their j William Brown of New Boston, 111., home, one mile north of Wever. JMina Knox of Gilchrist, HI., Glen A reception at the nearby home of i Brown of Elizas, Clint, Dan, Clem, their son, Charles, was given in the ciive, Louis, Earl and a sister Mrs. Fern Robbing, all of Keithsburg and one brother Van Knox of Keithsburg. There are 68 grand children, 40 great grandchildren. Funeral services will ! be held Tuesday, March 22 at 1 p. m. at the Christian church. Rev. Leslie J. Ross preaching and burial will be in Brick cemetery near Joy, 111. ram Pendegrass:" Hiram Pendegrass, Mrs. Electa Hallowell; Sarah, his wife Mrs. Anna Kendall; Dr. Brentley, Mrs. Mary Tyner. An exceptionally large attendance made a success of the evening. Grace Trueblood Surprised. A group of friends surprised Grace Trueblood on her eightheetnth birthday. Games and contests were en- Joyed and refreshments were served. The following guests enjoyed the occasion: Fern Brown, Harold Harshbarger, Charles Davis, Erma Smith, Hoyt Montgomery, Martha Montgomery, Wealy Cooper, Doren McDowell, Violet, McDowell, Erma Elmore, Helen Cooper, Marjorie Cooper, Robert Graham, Mary Newby, Rev Glover, Arlo Foss, Margaret Beery, Otto Ensminger, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Friend, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Stringer, FranJs Trueblood, afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Beebe lived in Des Moines county or a short time but for over 48 years have resided on the present home place. They have 4 children, Warren of Ottumwa; Mrs. Ethel Hazen of Denmark; Charles of Wever and Ray of Washington, D. C., and 13 grandchildren. All were present but the son Ray, and one grandson, who is attending college in Washington, D. C. Many friends paid their respects during the afternoon. Three of the wedding guests, Mrs. Sarah Andrews, Mrs. Jessie kiddle and Miss Mary Uddle are still living. ^^Nx^^>»^vy^--^X^^^X^-^^%>^>-^^-*^^^^^^^^^w*-^~ w ' and family, Mr. and Mrs. Newt Trueblood and the guest of honor, Grace Trueblood. Glenwood Stanley, Dorothy Savage, Marjorie Hunting, Lucille Davis of and Leona .Thompson of Oskaloosa spent the week-end with friends and relatives in Salem. Everett Almond, Donald Savage. Ed. Brown, and Myra. Middltown, students at Penn college, visited with friends and relatives in Salem. The Jesse Rouge family has returned from Missouri &nd moved to the Elbert Holliday farm west of Salem. "TELEPHONE SECRETARY" AIDS OHIO BUSINESS MEN Bv The Associated Press, Bucyrus, O. — Want a secretary? Just call central. If you live in Bucyrus, Shelby, Delphos, Van Wort or Tiro life is made easy. The telephone operator will perform any of the following services: Remind you of that important conference, wake you up in jhe morning, get a taxi at the door when you want it, gives you the time, ascertain ad* dresses, time of train departures, deliver messages to persons absent from the city, deliver messages to persons whose line is busy, or give you the stock quotatoons. A fee of ten cents is charged for most of the services. Free courses in agricultural subjects are to be offered to teachers in the province of Quebec during th« summer vacation. DON'T LET YOUR CUSTOMERS GO ELSEWHERE —folks buy where they get the best prices. Burlington stores have always had the lowest prices, but that isn't enough. The stores must let the folks know what they have, and the only way to do it is thru advertising:. Don't let trade that should come to Burlington, go to other cities. Keep advertising in The Hawk-Eye. Bring that trade here, : MUGGS McGINNIS IF AT FIRST YOU DONT SUCCEED- By WALLY BISHOP STAY HERGL. :M GoiKT itt AND Tte) ONCE. fAORG. "T^'^EXa- SoMETWN' OFFM *OOOK* PER "T'EAT*! Sfv.^ i*** <scsr .T*i I^L. =^>t>u cXnV WAN/SE BREAD .OR CAKE . OR. 8AMAMAS ORCANbV- »OR A MEVCl? KXSCJT RiO CFt MUCH Tt> EAT IK ONE DAY'» * tor EVeM A U.' HUMK £>«= Pie? AW. HAVE >>MTL! EVEN? s? sE •4fi ,;y-;-;v;y~*-x> jfflg

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