The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 27, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1895
Page 1
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VOL XXIV. KOSStTf H OOUHTtf, IOWA, W&fcNESDAt. FEBBUAfc* 27, 1895. NO, 29. THE PlfOPORtlONJS SMALL, A pound of the genuine article, not crushed either, for only Prof, Stalker Says the losis Business Has Beeft Exagger ated, Not More Than Two at Thtee Pef Cent «tf the Cattle lh the State Affected—Dispenses and VeteHtiai'y Fecsi -. At Lust Wednesday morning's Eegistfer contained a column interview with Prof. Stalker in relation to tuberculosis' which, in view of thegreat interest felt in the subject, we reproduce in inaih part: Di 1 . Stalker says that the tuberculosis business has been exaggerated and too much of a scare has been made out bf it, lie does not think that, more than two or three.per cent of the cattle of the state are affected with the disease"But if every one of the diseased animals was buried a hundred feet deep, the cattle of the state would, as a whole, be worth more money. Of course this is a good many.eattle, but the proportion is small. AVe have tested many herds where there Ms not a single an-; iraal affected with the disease. People have been frightened by the reports of' tests showing 50 to 60 per cent of certain herds to be affected. But they, should remember that we are only callr ed in cases where the disease issu ed to exist, as a physician is Calle Patterson & Son uppbs- Bd. It Wuld be just as fair to say that all the With a Full and Cojmplete Line of w - are ^ on e S that handle that WHITE PBAKL .FLOUR, which will give you satisri faction or money refunded. We have, a full line. of Canned and Dried Fruits, JATTERSON & SON, OF GOOD BUTTER OR FKESH EGGS, GALL ON Haleen & Petersbn We have opened a new Grocery Store on East State Street next tp Rink where we have a fine line of Choice Fresh Groceries of all kinds. We solicit' your trade. Butter and Eggs taken in exchange for goods. We sell as cheap as any house in town. Orders taken and goods delivered. HALEEN & PETERSON. Algona, Iowa. Spurbeck,& Lambert, MAKUFAOTUKEKS ANP PEALEBS IN flreain IO"W.A.. .* •' " -We will save-you royuey ou t&e following; Belting of all klncfc-lestuei;, Gnnay »na rub- V b<H'; complete etopko^nglneev's'SuppHes j Qasfipe and JWtng*; Globe Valres;. all kinds ,'.k.gtew tfitJlnga, P«»« an* H«W lutings,,;' Qto »' sn kmds - We Uave ft Iarge * took Ol Oylln " OH ftl>4 QuPiftWMPBBpfiQlJiltyj I"Wg4iSt§PK °JE other goods too numerous to mention, s% a'#£U,, FAQ)W and supply house near Q. & N,'W, Depot, people have the measles, because near ly every person in the family where the pbsician ii called by one case, has tbe disease. And as tolts prevalence noWf it is nothing in tbe nature of an epidemic. The disease has existed for years and we have knw^ivn. of it, only we have only recently obtained a Wst that is sure. •",-•' ' , ' •• u Now as to this"test, I make this offer: If any man tbinks that it is unreliable, I will put up *2 for every dollar's •reprth of value in his herd and will forfeit double the value 1 of any animal that shows tuberculosis by the tuberculin' test" that is not shown by post mortem examination to have tbe disease. Only I want to be able to win the real value of the aniujals .tested that show the test to!' be -correct! There is no doubt whatever about tbe accuracy ,of tbe tnbercuttw tesfcf and" that 1 the. disease is intereoannanicab'le between man and' beast. 'But it is t just, like ev- erfti&fflf tliingrit tfas 'its\Mpg9neiits, who do not understand the; importance of it. But it-will ibe understood after a while, feist as^the -necessity for exterr deis w$i realized. Now there is v ( ery. little of lither, diseasfe in tbe ip the United States; but it has, <:ost an enormous' amount of money to get rid of it. If it bad been taken in time it could have been done forra small -fraction of the cost and trouble'. I believe tbe general government ought to and will take'bQld of the matter and b.elp get rid of the disease in tbe United itajftSi It i§ pretty hard on tbe owners of cattle'now, to'have to stand all the' loss, and I think that they should be .remunerated to some extent, at least. I would be in favor of it, and would be willing to pay my share of tbe'taxes necessary to do it. But, after all,;-'4fc is the best tiling a man can do, if he-has some cattle in bis herd afEect- ed.with tuberculosis, to getridbf them, destroy them at once, because they will affect tbe rest of his cattle. Tbere is no 1 question about tbe contagion of the disease, either, among cattle. One thing, J think which has increased tbe disease, has been that cattle are kept boused, close together, more, thus facilitating the communication of the disease, i" "Who pays tbe 'expense of tbese examinations, ' doctor?" asked the reporter. ''* Tbe state., And I see that it has begn,cbarged that the examinations and to be decreasing father than increasing. The danger of spreading the disease among cattle h small. The eastern papers seem to be united in Un*9 View. Charles E. 1'tttker, of Hol- deh, Massachusetts, sends a communication to the Wocester Gazette, showing that the danger from tuberculosis has been largely exaggerated. His in* vestigations have led him to believe that less of the disease now exists than 10 or 20 years ago and there is no occa<- sioH for any scare. The local ihspep* toffl appointed in the towns of the com* tttOftweatth have found less than two pet cent of suspicious animals, 5000 in roWtid numbers. These have been test* ed with tuberculin and 800 found diseased, although a large part are so ailing as to make detection impossible by physical examination', Were the hu* man face half as healthy the doctors Wotild need to change their profession or starve. Mr. Parker charges that cattle have been picked up by wide awake men at $3 to $7 per head for the purpose of unloading them on the commission at $15 to $20 a head. For these reasons the tuberculin test should be abandoned. He says the farmers are not antagonistic to the teachings of science, but in spite of the teachings of science statistics show that consumption is on the decrease. Consistency ought to show a raging epidemic from tho Disease. Let "science stride on ap,ace and the farmers will bring up the rear with common sense. ;,•'!.. ' .^.,._.-,,. J _ - Lr . 'REPUBLICAN MANAGERS TALK. TImes-RopublicanIs Washington correspondence: Chairman Blythe, of the Republican state central committde,and Gib "Hay there, • -^r DID YOU KNOW WE KEPT * • « * * Groceries— ( CANNED GOODS. 1 DtttED FRUITS. f FLOUR. Queensware- Glassware- < WHITE AND / DECORATED. \ TABLE SETS. ) WATER SETS. Agents for WHITE SWAK FLOUR.. LANGDON & HUDSON, C, J), Smith, f HE FIR5T: NATIONAL SANK, are'beipg made for the sake of the fees' there are to be made thereby. All the fees tha.t can be earned amount to $8,OQO pey year, the regular state appropriation for the support of tbe oinee, fdr all purposes, including salaries, expenses and everything. There are ten deputy veteripariaps ip the state> BO you see how much that amounts to, The appropriation, is, of course, not sufiBcieRt this year to pay the legitimate expenses of fUUpg the extraocdipary the local The of health tq noti- that there is disease, or >fjiat is suposeato be di^ase, in the and th§o the Pray, of Webster City, arrived in ' Wash- Tuesday and spent tho week in this city. I went to tliemarble room of tho senate with thorn, accompanied by Joe Morgan, prl- yato Secretary of Senator Allison, and while Morgan was upon tho floor of tho senate for the purpose of informing the senator that tho distinguished republican wc»e awaiting his pleasure, Senator Hill, of New York, passed through the the room. PAVE J1II.1/8 FIGIITIXG QUALITIES. Mr. Pray said: " There goes Dave 11111. He is a democrat, but ho is a fighting politician of a positive character, and 1 admire him for that." <Mr. IHythe said: " Yes, ov«ry politician respects Senator Hill for his deter- •nftued characteristics and. fighting^.quail; ties.' ^thjjjk hd has a groat-manyfeiiub' 1 Jfcafi jidnifjcp.^ on account of, fUg. positjypi ' A frjpSfl. thereupon, -walked -across:.'the room-fl^l'toid Senator Hill thait a • -£0iip'le of Iowa republicans had "spoklen In a'VOry' complimentary inanncr,of him-and would like to meet Mia', and he y immediately xjame forward and was.,'in trod need to. them. They expressed to. him the .same sentiments that had been uttered before,! ,!ind.Senator Hill said: , '• Yes, T am a positive politician. 1 be 1 - lievc when the democrats arc in power they ought to control affairs, and when the republicans are in power they ought to have absolute control. If I were president,,! would never remove a republican if charges were presented against him, affecting his moral character. I think that tho mere fact that ho is • a republican is charge enough to cause the appointment of a democrat in his place. However, I would never vote to confirm any man to a postmastership who received his appointment after having preferred charges against his predecessor." After a brief and friendly chat Senator lliil returned to the senate chamber, and tho two distinguished Iowa men expressed their gratification at having the pleasure of meeting with him and talking with him. flUBEBNATOUIAk CANUIUATRS j.'0» IOWA, Mr. Pray said: "I believe that John Kamrar is tho best man yet mentioned for tho nomination of the governorship of Iowa on the republican ticket, and I be- jievo that he will secure the. nomination. He is a man who is a republican all the year around and ia never whining' 'for of' fico of any character. His pandidacy has been brought about by his friends and he has consented to it. I believe hjs nomination and election will not only be creditable to the republican party but to the entire state pf Iowa," , . ' ChairRjan'Blythe says; "J have «o par' ticular can,djd,ato for the governorship, but I aw wy positive In my determina'- tion to QPBpse the aapdWacy of MeFar,' land, ThMis neither a private, perwal nor state secret,' I bave not yet fmnounc* ed. for whoW I sUftH h§ in this matter, but I certainly iym qppgsed to **"'*"•''""* " 13 ear This in Mind tliat ET JJJ The Druggist, Has Just I^eceivccl the Largest arid " Stock of .. For the Spring Trade, 1 -•evpiTsIiowri , in and that tho prices will be low considering'{lie- quality and patterns. The stock comprises tlie latest aucl prettiest designs ever offered to the' •trade, and un inspection ''cannot l>ut satisfy the- most pjuticuliir buyers. State Street. Opp. Algona State- Band. It Will Pay You. TO CALL ON This Week. ALGONA, IOWA, rates t» pavUes.Fwo K.B.Snewtw, Win, IK :<JP6B TO (JEWS, tb»t the tawr<i FUENITURE! WINDOW 8HADE6! PICTURE FRAMES! * 5 »• - • ' t •„ We Uave in sk>«te lome new BOOK RACKS * mm <> <> jfe >;%|

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