The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 20, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1895
Page 7
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f Hfi "WEDNMAf , t fcfe *>, ittfc Hid ftbtf they aWt Speak at all. i ifre ot!j6t terming on the street. »'i sfrtf Cha*li6 ltefS6n about fifteen 1 agd/ 1 Said om. ?* Inquired the othefc "fild ydu epe'&M to hitnP" he teokiftgf" , indeed." TO MAKE YOU 1/AtMH. fcottfrse. «1 shouldn't have thought 8d.'* ^ tfotP" ftsked ine to ffiftrttf him t and I refused," "Gracious, that's the f ery reason he Should be looking well, I should think." last A fteal ¥he Lady Shopper — What? Pay $5 fb* ft lattb like that? It's outrageous and I tton'tjpayit! The Astute fcj&iesman — You forget, madam, that the price has been reduced to 14.99. The Lftd, topper. (teaching for her purse)— Oh, •--• well) then; I'll take It C Approximate. They had quarreled. She was tdder that! a Wet hen. "You're not everybody," she sneered. "No," he rejoined, softly, "but I atn pretty near everybody." She darted a quick, searching glance Into hie Mobile face, and offered no resistance When he moved nearer still. Like a Sieve* The dttief function ol the kidneys Is to sepn- frate from the blood, In Its passage through them, of certain Impurities and watery particles which make their final exit through the bladder. The retention of these, In conse- auence of Inactivity of the kidneys, Is productive of Brlght's disease, dropsy, diabetes, ftlbumlnuria and other maladies with a fatal tendency. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, a highly sanctioned diuretic and blood depurent, Impels the kidneys when Inactive to renew their sifting function, and strain from the vital current Impurities which Infest it and threaten their own existence as organs of the body. Catarrh of the bladder, gravel and retention of the urine are also maladies arrested or averted by this benign promoter, and restorative of organic action. Malaria, rheumatism, constlpa tion, biliousness and dyspepsia also yield to the Bitters, which is also speedily beneficial to the weak and nervous. _ In this world, it is not what we take up, (but what we give up, that makes us rich. I 1,000 BUS. POTATOES PER ACRE. ^ Wonderful yields in potatoes, oats, corn, farm and vegetable seeds.. Cut this out and send 5c postage to the John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wii, for their great seed book and sample of Giant Spurry. _ wnu Make life a ministry of love, and it -will always be worth living. "Hanson'o Magic Corn Salve." Warranted to euro or money refunded. Ask your druggibt for it. 1'rico 15 cents. Thefirst attempt to regulate the price of gas by municipal enactment was in 1318. Heeeman>st;itinpnorlc., w nl» Glycerine. CurtiB Chapped H anils anil Face, Tender or Sore Feet, ChllblalnB. Mies. &c. C. O. Clal'k Co.. New Haven, Ct. The tithes of England amount to $20,250.000 a year. , It the Baby IB unc-jing xe'etb. S» bure and use that old and well-tried remedy, Mns. WKSLOW.'S COOTHIKO SYHUP for Children Teething- J'The world's 1,069,123 miles. telegraph lines aggregate T cannot speak too highly a£;Piso!s_Cure oTi Consumption.— MKB, 'FriAKK MOBBSJ 215 "WY22d St., New York, Oct.;20, 1894. Dost tbou love life, then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of. "A. Onp of Paries' Tea at night move the bowels in the morning." The people of Europe pay their respective governments $50,000,UOO every year taxes on salt. The Chinese lega*" is the largest in Washington. { " Lit tLfe TICKLEfiS PfiBPARED SV f HE FONfc¥ interspersed With Clever Satire oa the tv~eftJknesB6i ol the A%6 —An Opportunity to fee Embraced—love at ft a Mlnnte. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends , to personal ( enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live bet« - ter than others and enjoy life more, with Jess expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the weeds of physical being, will attest '"'the/value, to health of the pure liquid " . principles embraced jii the remedy, Syrup of FJg"» ' ItefexxspUence j s due to its presenting 4o fee Jora', most acceptable, and pleas- a,n.t to the taste,, the refreshing and truly beRefldial properties pf s, perfect la** fttive ; dftftuaUy cleansing the system, ^spelling gq\$a, headftoheB.&nd fevers cnjd peroajientJy, curing cpjjstjpation, en (satisfaction, to millions aim the japprpval of $ie medical sQ it act? QftJhe Kid Bowels without objectionable „ of Ftofe |b gtofr m'Wo JWdfl toWes^bijt it » i man ' * flwfwd by flw California Fjg 'o^onjy, whape. name is printed fl wfage, also the nftjne, Syrup pi - wtU pot fc atoat ' LOV E 'B gentle nurse Is not a fat purse, And poverty worse Than a modern novel— Wheii faith to faith plighted, H e a r t s are not Blighted, Love is not blighted And blooms in a hovel- When love with love meeting ^ Her mamma's not bleating And papa repeating "Young man, what are you worth?" When that time is nigh An infant won't cry As he squints an eye At this fool's club—this Earth. —Truth. Evidently Meant for Commerce. "tto," said Mr. llaicede, "I ain't goin* to pay no $10 for this suit. It's second hand." "Vat?" shouted Mr. Achheimer. "I say it is second hand. Second hand close is them that has been wore, ain't they? An didn't I have to Wear the suit when I tried it on?" ."Vat a pity," said Mr. Achheimer in admiration. "Vat a pity it vas dot you vas prought up to pe a farmer. You got a pizness head dot vas simbly owit of sight."—Indianapolis Journal, The "Worm Turns. "My dear young lady," said the old gentleman at the matinee, leaning forward, "would you object to taking off your hat? I can't sue the stage on account of it." "Certainly not, sir," replied the young lady, removing her hat. Then she spoke in a clear, metallic voice to the young man in front of her. "May I ask you, sir," she said, "to comb your pompadour down? I can't see over it."—Chicago Tribune. A Dark Romance. "How is it, Uncle Mose, that you never married? Ain't you an admirer of the fair sex?" "Oh, yis; I fo't er duel wunce erbout er gal, sah." i "A duel?" "Yes, sah; yeahs and yeahs ago. Sam Johnsing an' myse'f, we bofe lubbed de same gal; we was bofe boun' ter hab dat gal; and do bizness cli- maxated in er duel wid pistils. We bofe wah er trifle narvous, sah, and de bullets went sorter wild, an' nobody was hit but a mewel in de nex' field." "And did you fire again?" -. "No, sah; dat was er worry vallyble mewel an' we bofe got kinder skeart like. ? So we entered into an ainericable derangement." "How did you settle it?' 1 "Sam tuck de gal an' I 'greed ter pay fo' de mewel. As far as lub goes dat cured dis dog ob suckin' aigs. It wah a werry vallyble mewel." A Good Boy's Experience. Little Eegie—I don't b'lieve the lord cares a cent for good boys. Fond Mother—Horrors! What put that idea into your head? Little Regie—He hardly 'ever makes good boys strong enough to lick bad boys.—Good News. Reason for Closing:. Little Boy-—Thanksgiving week our school was .closed from Monday to Saturday, Aunt—Why was that? Little Boy—I guess that was so we'd have something to be thankful for.— Good News, Careful of His Voice. Neighbor—Johnny! Don't you know that your mother has been calling you for the last half hour? Johnny (at play)—Yes'm, I hear her, "Then why don't you answer her? "I'm 'fraid I'll strain my voice so I can't join in the hymns next Sunday. —Good News. One Way to Kegartl It. Afeetat fittofl. Little Brother— It's ejtteer shoes, isn't it? tittle Sistef-^Whfit is? Little Brother— -Whea boys lame, it's 'cause their shoes pinch, but when girls limp it's always 'cause their shoes is so* large they slip up and down. _ Something; in ft Name, Bobby— I wish mamma had given me a different name. Sister— Why? Bobby— I don't believe I'd be blamed for so many things if my name was Algernon or Reginald. A Atatcollne View. Little Dot— What does "height of the ridiculous" mean? Little Dick— The height of the ridiculous is mamma cleaning house again, when she cleaned it from top to \>ol* torn only a year ago. Tli« Bby's Eipetlcftte. Teacher — Can any of you tell me why, flannels are comfortable in winter? ' ' Bright Boy (in new underwear) — It! makes yeh hitch about and xvriggle around, and the exercise keeps yeh Warm. _ Sorry for Bobby. First Boy — I feel sorry for Bobbj Blinkers. He's got a stepmother. Second Boy — Is she strict? First Boy — Awful! She makes him Wear rubbers every time it> rains. Too Promiscuous. Little Girl (pleadingly)— I wish you would save that doll in the window for me until mamma can come and see it. Dealer (genially)— We have hundreds just like it. Little Girl (in disgust)— Then I don't want it. _ A Changing: Opinion. Snaggs— I tell you, Squildig, Dr. Genesis is a fine preacher. You just ought to come and hear once. Squildig — It's only a couple of weeks since you told me that he was no good, and advised me never to enter the church. Snaggs — Yes; but he had preached a sermon an hour long the Sunday before. Last Sunday he preached only twenty-five minutes. — Ex. At the Theater. She — "Wi.iiid you not like to go out and "see s xw.,\ '' He — Why, no; I would not think of it. "But, reallv, I sha'n't object in the least." "How absurd! How can you say such a thing?" "Well, to. tell the truth, I want to see a man myself, and I know he won't come over while you are here." Highest of all ift Leavening JPo-tfefr.**Latest tr. S. Got'f Repof! Lovo M'lnuto. LHP?" 0 £0? B i r i.'ai6 r 'ip«^ • \\mf1 i JJf yow flw'cf AfishejJ ^ , it "Is there quite enough around you?" inquired in plain alarm, As the slender yacht flew on at lightning speed. ''Yes, I think there is," she murmured as she felt his circling arm, "There is really more around me than I need." _ _ —Truth. He Was an Expert. The girl with a pompon in her hat met the girl in the mink cape. "I'll wager anything," said the pompon, "that Charley Hawes proposed to you last night, " "H — h — how do you know?" hesitated the raink cape, with a blush. "Oh, a little bird told me so." "Well, I don't care who told you," said the mink cape, desperately; "It was just too loyely for anything, and he did it beautifully and didn't get a bit embarrassed." "Of course, of course," admitted the pompon, spitefully, "And why shouldn't he do it nicely? He was practicing on girls all summer. "—-Detroit Free Press. Noboay Helped JJlip, A story of Scotch honesty comes from Punflee. A small boy had. taken j,he prize for , a» exceptionally ' weU drawa map. After the examination, the teacher, a little doubtful, a,sked. the lad: ' "Who, helped you with this map, " ir." v »QW, tell we the trv^h, ypw hrpther help ypu,?" w»i, gaged jaji the . in, feer- • vl ^•M» l^ gS»A • PISO'S CURE f r OR .»..,,^Lll.>l^vl.4rfJiMil^j.VUL J •Jh*r>*d'*,1tlV.'-W-.. in. Kellc of l'ftSAni»in. Half a dozen churches in New York bear uron their spires or weather vanes the figure of a cock, though doubtless without any intent on the part of the builders to preserve ah ancient superstition. As an inn sign the cock goes back to days before the Christian era, but the bird became invested with a sort of sacredhoss among Christians after he had announced the apostacy of Peter. One legend has it that Christ was born at cock-crow, and the bird was invested in the middle ages with a super-- stitious halo of sacredness.-—New York Sun. 8100 Reward, 8100. The readers of this paper -will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure itt all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh beiug a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, ntid giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doiug its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it fails to cure. Send for list of Testimonials. V.ddress, F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo.O. {SF"Sold by Druggists, 75c. Hall's Family Pills, 25c. _ A greater number of secret societies exist in China than any other part of the world. HOW I MADE 81.SOO W By not sowing Salzer's seeds! That is what.a jolly farmer said as he entered our sanctum. How is that? Why, says he, Salzer's seeds not only grow but they produce enormously. Had I planted a few acres more of his oats, wheat, corn, potatoes, grass and clover seeds, I would have had to double the capacity of my barns; that would have cost me $1,200. It is a fact that if you want big,rousing farm, grass and vegetable crops, you must sow Salzer's seeds. If You Will Cut Thle Out anil Send It with 7c postage to the John A. Salzer Seed company, La Crosse, Wis., you will get free a sample of Grass and Clover Mixture and their plant and seed book, wnu Orchids are becoming cheaper in Paris. The cut flowers cau be had now for one or two francs apiece. „ Cold Facts About Hot Springs, Arkansas. This is the most famous health and pleasure resort on the continent, and at the present time the season is at its height. For tbe entertainment of guests, a running meet has been arranged for. at the race track, as well as base ball games and foot ball games between professional clubs at the park. There is also good shooting in the mountains and splendid fishing in the streams. In addition to the wonderful hot water, there are beautiful drives laid out to the numerous other springs and resorts in the adjoining hills. This 1 great sanitarium can be reached direct from St. Louis by daily through Pullman Buffet Sleeping Cars via-the Iron Mountain Route, which connects with all lines from the east, north and west at the magnificent new union station. Descriptive and illustrated pamphlets containing all information (rnai eel free)'on application to company's agents, or H. C. TOWN&KND, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. The ruling dynnsty of Japan has been in power since long before tbe Christian era. Tli'e Wabasli Line Will, on February 12th, sell excursion tickets to the following named points at one first-class fare, plus two dollars, for the round trip: To points in Southern Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma Territory, Indian Territory, Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah and Colorado. Everybody should avail themselves of this- excellent opportunity and take a short trip into the southern part of our beautiful country. HOKACB SEB.LY, Commercial Agent, 220 'Fourth street, Des Homes, la. Many pairs of sandals have been recovered at Pompeii. The soles are fastened •with nails, Home-Seekers' Excursion. The Chicago Great Western Railway will sell excursion tickets to western and southwestern points February 12, March 5 and April 2,1805, at one regular nrst-class fare plus $3.00 for the round trip. Tickets good returning twenty (20) days from date of sale. Further information regarding stopovers, etc., will be given on application to any ticket {igent of this company, or • F, H, LOKD, G, P. & T. A., Chicago, 111, SPECIMENS FOR MuSEUWtS. Mr. Nunnally, an old citizen of Clarke county, Georgia, has a pair oi suspenders buc kles he has worn for fifty-six years. Probably the most extraordinary journal in the world is published weekly at Athens. It is written entirely in versa, e ven to the advertisements. Miss Ellen Ti ckle of Heno, Butler county, Ohio, is said to be the smallest full- developed woman now living. She is thirty-one years old and weighs but twenty- eight pounds. in excavating the Roman villa at Djrenth, Kent, a pane of Window glass has been discovered, the first found in England. It is broken, but the pieces show that its size was nine inches by twelve. The Milwaukee museum has recently been the recipient of a collection of Corean musical instruments. They were given by Miss Elizabeth Plankinton, Who collected these interesting and valuable instruments during a recent trip through Corea. Tha collection consists of twenty-one musical instruments, one quiver of bamboo and five very fine mats. Henry G. Bryant, leader of the Peary auxiliary relief expedition, has deposited in the Pennsylvania university library a valuable collection from the northernmost inhabitants of the world, the North Greenland Esquimaux. This collection includes a skin canoe, or kynk, a sledge with walrus tusks for runners, kommatilt, and a skin tent, tafik. These will be put in the new museum. In the tent will be placed a figure group of the natives, surrounded by thoir implements of household and chase. The Greater Mystery. & Hicks— So Sinderburn has solv :he great mystery ! Wicks— I didn't hear of his death. Hicks— Who said he was dead? 1 referred to the fact that he has discovered that a man cannot live on $2,000 a year and spend ^5,000, and keep out of debt. s cent nun lor 10 Genii, These patterns retailln fashloA ba/aftrs nM stores for twenty-five to forty cents each, tmt in order to Increase the demand among Straflw- ers we oner them to the lady readers 01 ' tins taper for th'e remarkably low prteq W only 1O Cfentfe Efteh. Postage one cent extfa. J The patterns are all of the very latest N6w York styles, and are unequaied for Style accuracy of fit, simplicity and econom*. For twenty- four years these patterns have been used the country over. Full descriptions and directions —as the number of yflfds of material required, the number and names of the different pieces in the pattern, how to cut and fit and put the gar- mfctit together— are sent with each pattern, with a picture of the garment to Co by. These patterns are complete in every particular, there being a separate pattern for every Single piece of the dress. Your order will bo filled the same day it is received. . „ , . . Order patterns by number and give Size la Every patternguaranteed to be nerfect. THEY ARE GfcOtTfi i'S*TtW»« . To get get BUST and BREAST measure. Wit the tnpe measure ALL of the way around the body, over the dress close under the arms. Price of each pattern, 1O Cents, when ordered on coupon printed below. . Postage one cent extra oh EACH pattern. LADIES' ORGAN-PIPE SKIHT WITH THREH COUKTS. PHttern No. C2«9 Is cut in live sizes, viz.: 22. 24,20, 28 and 30 inches waist measure. The fashlouable sUirt is no longer to match the waist, but often in direct contrast to it. These Independent skirts arc in many varieties and uro mado of various materials. We here give one of the most stylish skirts now worn, which has the additional merit of being very generally becoming. The gored iront and sides flare modlshly at the foot, being faced deeply with hair cloth. The throe godets in back uro lined throughout with the hair oloth and tacked at the seams to a band of elastic underneath which holds them in position. Iho center godet is cut straight in the middle and falls on each side something like a box plait with rounded edges. The top tits smoothly in front and over the hips, while the back Is arranged in small plaits. The placket is formed underneath the center plait. Rock or other varieties of crepon. velvet, gro- de-Londres. peuu do-toie. moire and satin antique, besides silk and wool mixtures of every fashionable kind are used for these handsome skirts. The retail price of pattern is SO cents. Four-tenths of tbe working expenses an electrio light plant are for coal. of ItMHBAUUl SICK HEADACHE, BILIOUSNESS, CONSTIPATION, INDIGESTION, DYSPEPSIA, POOnTAPPETITEr and all derangements of^ the Stomach, Liver and Bowels. Of all druggists. V ONCE USED 'r*« \ ALWAYS IN FAVOR., YOUNG SPIRITS, a vigorous body and robust strength follow good health. But all fail when the vital powers are weakened. Nervous debility and loss of nianly power result from bad habits, contracted by the young through ignorance of their ruinous consequences. Low spirits, melancholia, impaired memory, morose or irritable temper, fear of impending calamity and a thousand and one deiangements of body and mind, result from such pernicious practices. All these are permanently cured by improved methods of treatuient without the patient leaving home, A medical treatise written in plam but chaste language, treating of the nature, symptoms aud curability of such diseases, sent securely sealed in a plain envelope, on receipt of this notice, with 10 cents in stamps, for postage, Address, WORLD'S PISPEN. SARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, Buffalo, N.Y, Patents, Trade-Marks, Examination an4 AavJce «s to PatentabiUtyot Invention, Send for " Inventors' Guide, or How Jo Qe| P *atent.» PAT8W35 OTASOtt*, WABgiHWOH, C. 0, CURES PAINS Of MAN'S,' ** *-$"/*• tM '• " A OiV tfttfc of .two LADIES' WAIST WITH Box PLAITS LAI*. On, Pattern No. 6298 is cut in nvo sizes, viz,-: 32, 34, 26, 38 and 40 inches bust measure. Nile preen broadcloth Is here charmingly combined with emerald velvet. The waist la one of the latest modes and will frequently ap- , near on the street after heavy wraps are laid aside. The adjustment is glove lltting and closes in center front under the V shaped vest of velvet. The box plaits are foimed separately .and sewed on with Invisible stitclies, the velvet V in center back being laid on bottVEen the plaits. The vest is sewed to the right front under the plait and is finished on the left side to close under the left plait. Pointed revors stand out stylishly from under the box plait in front. Full Rigot sleeves droop fashionably to the eltow, the lower portion fitting the arm closely. Stock collar and belt to match of velvet with Irredescent buckles, Many stylish combinations will be suggested by the mode, which can be carried out in any oi the fashionable silk, woolen or mixed fabrics. It can be all of one material and anv preferred mode of decoration can be appropriately used. The retail price of pattern is 25 cents. In ordering, give No ...... , of patterns' 1 wanted Bust. . . , , . and Waist ...... meas- 1 ure. Either of these patterns will be sent 1 to any address upon receipt of 10 cents in 1 silver or stamps" when this coupon Is eo- 1 closed with order »nd one cent foi- postage, with your address. ; Address COUPON PATTERN CO., xx7 took Box "M7, New York, WELL MACHINERY Illustrated catalogue 3h< £§"H^ > ^iS&*,--* BENT FRXK, Have been tested and all warranted, • Slow City engine A Iron Works, WELL ^ In order, tP'intrpdwee, our' 1 l Standard, Npvels to the |jyJjhVe.wj[l| Clt fora short timjMeryiWs following boo.k? JP.ftpfl eo 'receipt >*^J of I£Q ' 2 book to Uood Print Csntury Cook Uncle Tom's Cabin m Hl.lA,' &fif : - f%,%!' "rSwrfpTs '.T • ' r»W&/,> *, 's 4 y^s VAJ- *> ?C?JP Vfl VW'" $!•%

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