The Macon News from Macon, Georgia on August 17, 1977 · 9
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The Macon News from Macon, Georgia · 9

Macon, Georgia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 17, 1977
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THE MACON NEWS Wed Aug 17 1977 Family World B SECTION Psychic's a 'Little Weird' — And Proud Of It By RICHARD KREISMAN Macau Naars WMtar Mrs Anna Billion one-time bartender sometime secretary psychic healer and housewife doesn't want to be misunderstood She knows she's a “little weird" she says giggling slightly and she’s proud of it It's hard to tell what Anna Billion will do or say from one minute to the next She's Just as liable to change subjects in mid-sentence as she is to talk on about her “powers" and her book The book describes her own special system to “release untapped brain cells and bring the happy vibrant life you've always wanted" Mrs Billon is an animated woman Conversing freely and fast her huge deep brown eyes peer out behind heavy face makeup Her tinted blonde hair puffed up like a small balloon is held back by a colorful scarf Born on Cherry Street 43 years ago above her father's barber shop supply store Anna is convinced she had her first psychic experience when she was 5 years old She says she clearly remembers “feeling different” and from then on she knew she was gifted with powers of ESP psychic perception and telekinesis “I DIDN'T know I had any kind of psychic powers for years although I knew there was something different about me" she says “When I was 25 a woman laid her baby in my arms and I Just felt In me that something was wrong” As it turned out the baby had a birth defect correctable by surgery says Anna BllUon with a smile The mother asked Anna's advice and she told her to go ahead with the operation Today the baby is a grown man healthy and happy she says “Being psychic was part of my personality but for years I treated it like a hobby I realized what I had and I started teaching my friends and family” Anna says She's convinced that everybody has some kind of psychic power and that it’s only a matter of “bringing them out” The woman who ran a school called Psychics Unlimited in Tampa Fla hopes that someday the power of the mind as die calls it will be taught in grammar schools along with reading writing and arithmetic “I am not a witch and I do not have a coven" die says emphatically “What I practice and preach is not 'When the needle reaches your stomad imagine a fish and a gray doughnut and then threatT the needle through them and out of your body the occult which people associate with evil but a science that people can learn to help themselves and their health" THE NAME Anna has given to her new psychic science is Zarronics By using emotive images and symbols she says you can do everything from cure arthritis to dissolve clouds Those images range from the simple to die bizarre To cure weight problems she says til you have to do is concentrate picture a needle and then thread it through your mind “When the needle reaches your stomach Imagine a fish and a gray doughnut and then thread the needle through them and out of your body" she says seriously Some of her ideas however have caused Anna personal problems Growing up her family refused to take her apparitions and powers seriously she says Married seven times Anna says the men in her life thought she was "cuckoo” “I started out in all my marriages not telling my husbands the extent of my power but eventually I stood up for what I believed in and they could never quite understand that" she says “My present husband accepts me and my ideas although he doesn’t really believe -In it totally” MBS BILLION says she would like to set up a school in Macon to teach her techniques but It Is illegal according to city laws She added that there are no organized psychic groups in Macon but more and more people are becoming Interested “Wherever I go when people find out I’m psychic they start asking me all sorts of questions particularly the younger people” she says “I tell them they all have psychic power It's like having a television set In your living room and never turning it on It works but you Just don't use it" fArs Billion Works on Principles of Zarronics Her New Psychic Science Anna says it's possible for her to use her psychic “Just think" she says “If people used their pow-powers for evil purposes (“to zap my enemies") but ers we could have an Aquarian age People would be she’s convinced the world would be a better place if more creative and they would live to be 150 years humanity used their psychic powers in unison old and would be in perfect health all their lives” Mother Wants Only One DEAR ABBY: My 24-year-old daughter' has made a decision that is breaking my heart I honestly wonder if she's in her right mind At 16 she married because she was pregnant and now she has seven children The last two are identical twin girls 'born only five days ago She and her husband have decided to keep one of the twins and give the other up for adoption Abby can you believe this? Their reason is so terrible that - I'm almost ashamed to tell you One of the twins was born with a club fool nd a cleft palate The other twin is perfect Both are beautiful and otherwise healthy They want- to keep the perfect one and give the other one away The Dear Abby Abigail Van tuttn thought of separating those twin babies makes me sick I've tried to tell my daughter that the club foot and deft palate can be corrected with surgery but she says that six children are all they can afford I offered to take the defective baby but she says it would create problems to have her in the family She’s already contacted' an adoption agency and a childless couple is waiting to adopt the twin Can you help me? Please hurry HEARTSICK GRANNY DEAR GRANNY: Urge your daughter to see a psychiatrist She could be disturbed or suffering from a temporary depression from which she would recover Should he go through with the adoption it will not be final for a year Perhaps shell regain her senses by that time but if so what a cruel ordeal for the adoptive parental DEAR ABBY: This letter is in response to HATES' HUNTING If he doesn't want to go hunting he doesn’t have to but is he willing to help foot the hill to save' wildlife? Hunters contribute about $230 million annually to preserve wildlife (Also sport hunting has never endangered a species) Sadly there are slob hunters who drink while hunting and “shoot everything that moves" Fortunately they are a small minority which is growing smaller because in many states there are mandatory safety courses for- hunters under age 18 or 24 As for hunters killing others (or themselves) by' mistake in 1076 there were nearly 100000 deer hunters In New Mexico but only six hunting accidents Involving guns! (No fatalities) LL IN NM 'A Creek Is Not a Stream ' By MIKE WEBB anew Non Wrttar The line at the bottom of the sign read “Real Live Indians” and for a few days it stayed on the roadside advertising the Macon Tourist Center and its Creek Indian employes Then after the Indians protested quietly (but bullet holes mysteriously appeared In the sign some say) the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce realized its mistake and changed the sign This was one incident that left the Creeks with a distaste for the chamber of commerce which had - invited them to move to Macon in the spring of 1972 Some occurrences were minor in nature although irritating Some were perhaps the result of overzealousness on the part of chamber officials Other Incidents however were broader and more serious in scope reflecting efforts on the part of the chamber the Creeks felt to showcase them Simply put the Creeks felt they were stereotyped They were viewed by the people of Macon as tribal — the “group" who came down from Oklahoma in 1972 — and in many instances small children were terrified for fear that the “Injuns" would “scalp them” THE CREEKS naturally are sensitive about their image Gerald Harjo a Creek who accepted the chamber’s Invitation went to Mercer and is now a local Indian artist and teacher at Central High School continually tries to correct the situation If Harjo is reading an historical work about the Creeks he will circle inaccuracies and write notes in the margins explaining where the author went wrong Too he is sensitive to the feelings of the Creek elders living in Oklahoma “Calling a young Indian a ‘chief Is like calling a young black man a nigger” he said “What you're doing is you’re not putting the person down that you're calling 'chief' you're putting down the older people 1 could never be (the) chief (of the Creek Nation) I have good Intentions of running for chief when I get older But right now I could never amount to a chief" This la the fourth of a five-part aerlea on file return of the Creek Indiana from Oklahoma to their ancestral lands In Middle Georgia The aerlea concludes Thursday In The Macon News GERALD is perhaps the most culturally oriented of the Creeks now living in Macon (he says he la a fullblood a member of the Bird Clan and that Creek customs have been passed down to him by way of oral tradition) Yet the others are conscious of their heritage and anxious to inform visitors to Oc-mulgee’s Indian mounds that a Creek is not a “stream" However there are still gaps in the Indians’ knowledge of their ancestry Ben Checotah and Agnes “Pinkie" Webster for example are not as informed about Creek ways as Gerald due to a pervading influence of Christian theology on their ancestors Ben's grandfathers were Methodist preachers and disapproved of the Creek Stomp Dance a ceremonial rite Ben began going to the dances when he was 13 years old he says but his actions were frowned upon Pinkie who says she is Vi Seminole and Creek also had Methodist preachers in her lineage and never really had a chance to learn Creek oral tradition But it does not stop her from rebuking elitist tourists' Once when Pinkie was working on the ground of Ocmulgee Na- Pleats See CREEKS 2B ACTION UNI mIvm gnbluiw cuts red tape yets m iwtn imrestigetes complaints and stands up lor your nyhtt CaN 745-92)1 between naan and 8 am or writ to Action bno lex 4167 Macon Ga 31208 State question at problem and free name and telephone number Don't send any valuable documents Help me get some results from s claim I sent to Aetna Life A Casualty In February Aetna sent me a draft of the amount it would pay the doctor but at the end of March the amount had not been deducted Then Aetna sent me a copy of the canceled check to show it had paid I have written several letters since then but heard nothing Can you1 help? — KD Byron Yes The fault was with your doctor according to Aetna His office did not apply the check from Aetna to the proper account The inkur-ance company issued a replacement check and contacted the doctor's office The records now are straight and your troubles are over Sometimes when my husband takes an antacid for heartburn he has some uncomfortable side effects He's going to ask his doctor about it Do antacids have certain side effects? — FP Macon Yes A Food and Drug Administration study revealed that certain ingredients in antacids require further testing to determine their safety and effectiveness Antacids that cause constipation or act as laxatives must have warnings on their labels Antacids with high amounts of magnesium or potassium generally should not be used by those with kidney disease Antacids with sodium should be avoided by those on salt-restricted diets Antacids with lactose are harmful to those allergic to milk You can get a free guide to the use of antacids Send your request on a postcard to: Consumer Information Center Pueblo Colo 81009 Curvature of Spine Concealed by Slouch By JO-ANNE BYRNE ST PAUL Minn (UPI) — Your teenager's slouch may be aggravating but it could be serious — concealing a disorder of the spine called scoliosis Approximately 20 million Americans have some form of scoliosis If detected in early stages this lateral curvature of the back can be treated and corrected “Fifty-five out of 1000 people have scoliosis" said Dr Robert Winter Gillette Children's Hospital medical education director “Three out of 1000 need treatment “This is what we are finding in the Minnesota school screening program and it can be extended to the general population” Normally the spine curves in and out In scoliosis it also bends from side to side It’s a disorder usually found during the beginning of the teen years A common sign is a high shoulder or hip or the upper back may be more prominent on one side Bad posture habits among teenagers may camouflage the problem Sometimes the first Indication that something is wrong is when it becomes obvious clothing doesn’t fit properly Parents who have watched their children's growth carefully through the early years find that in the teens modesty and a strong sense of privacy don't lend themselves to easy observation of the child “It is important to detect scoliosis early so that the curve can be treated by a brace ahd surgery can be avoided- most of the time" Winter said “Also if we detect it early it is possible to avoid disability” Scoliosis is about eight times more common in girls than it Is In boys And there is a tendency for it to run in families - If you want to check for the disorder have your child bend forward with his arms extended and hands touching Any deformity of the spine will be accentuated In that position The study is funded by the Medical Education Research Account at Gillette

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