The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 28, 1966 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1966
Page 16
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§-Alflona (Id.) Upper Dei Molnet thuttdfty, April 41, Nlft MA IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING special next week you shouldn't have too much trouble finding it. The people who decide such things have chosen May 1 through 7 to emphasize and commemorate lots of events, products and pastimes. - o* RIGHT OFF THE BAT, GET out your tent to see if it is still waterproof and check your sleeping bags to see if the moths have gotten into them for it is American Camping Week. Camping is really "In" as a family pastime all over the nation and it is especially popular in Florida because people can camp out all year long. I'm In the midst of a campaign to get Father Interested in camping, but so far I have yet to convince him that it has any charms. We visit our friend's campsite and he says, "Why not go fishing or picnicking during the daytime and then come home and sleep in our beds 7" So, I don't think I'll be doing much camping, but a person should have some way of getting away from the everyday routine to keep mentally and emotionally well-adjusted. Which brings us to another Week that is being celebrated right now - Mental Health. - o - MENTAL HEALTH WEEK IS SPONSORED by the National Association for Mental Health, and although I don't have any facts and figures on hand to quote right now, I'm sure it's a very worthy organization. It's difficult for any of us to keep our emotional equilibrium these days, but it seems to me one thing that helps quite a bit is the ability to laugh- preferably at oneself. So, if you have any good jokes, this is the week to tell them for it is American Comedy Week. The trouble with consciously analyzing what it is that makes people laugh is that it usually turns out dreadfully dull and defeats the purpose of comedy. Books and lectures -of this type are usually given by somebody who calls something funny, "youmor". - o- MAY 1 TO MAY 7 IS ALSO National Play Tennis Week. I've always been exactly as athletic as a marshmallow but once I did try to learn tennis. It was at Iowa State College (Iowa State University now) and I got a D in the tennis section of the physical education course. But National Music Week, which is right now, I can go along with. Can't make much of it when anybody else is around, but I can appreciate music. - o - THE LISTING OF SPECIAL WEEKS where I got all this information I'm using asks, "Is there a popular teenage combo in your neighborhood 7" There is, indeed, and they rehearse night and day practically every weekend. But I didn't know that had anything to do with music. The sounds come through all right, but I have trouble sorting out the words. There was this song I thought went, "She's a Muscular Boy", which made about as much sense as any of the pop tunes. Turns out the title is really "She's a Must to Avoid". And the group wasn't singing, "Spy King is My King Again", either. It's "Lightning Is Striking Again", for goodness sakes, Mother. Oh, for the days of the sweet romantic ballad I Like "Flat Foot Floogie With a Floy Floy." - o - AS IF ALL THE FOREGOING AREN'T enough, it's Be Kind to Animals Week, also. My theory is that I've always been nicer to animals than most of them deserved. For example, I've never jumped up on any dog's best nylons and ruined them the way dogs have done to me, nor have I ever had kittens in the middle of the dining room while some cat was entertaining friends as a feline of mine once did. So I talked it over with our dog Gldgit, and we decided that since I've always been pretty good to her, we'll do a switch and she, as an animal, will be kind to me all week 1 - 0"LEADING A DOG'S LIFE" isn't nearly as bad as it is billed, it seems to me. Judging from Gidgit's life, it consists mostly of sitting in what was once the best easy chair in the house, scratching fleas. At mealtime, a little sitting-up-and-begging gets her choice bones with a lot of meat on them and if the fare doesn't suit at home, there's always three neighborhood homes where sympathetic people respond to the desperation in her brown eyes and give her everything from pork chops to T-bone steaks. "Working like a dog" isn't too hard, either. Hardest work our dog does is bark at the paper boy and whine at the door to be let in and let out. - o - • IF YOU DO A BIT OF TRAVELING during the week of May 1 to 7, you'll be in time for the California Strawberry Festival; the Washington Apple Blossom Festival; the Florida Folk Festival ; and the Ozark Antique show. Better be careful to behave yourself, though, because May 1 is Law Day, U, S. A. by presidential proclamation. That's to foster deeper respect for the law, encourage responsible citizenship and emphasize rule of law vs. rule of force. - o - 'MAY 6 IS THE BIRTHDAY OF the first postage stamp - Penny Black of Great Britain. Promote phitaley then, too, and it might be well to check your mail for cancelled commemoratives to give to your church group. They send them someplace and buy a lot of milk for starving children with them. And if these special days and weeks coming all at once get you down, take heart 1 May 7 begins Let's Go Fishing Week 1 - o - THE MAIL RECENTLY HAS BEEN very good. Have had some Ian mail from people I've never met and June Mawdsley sent a picture taken down here when they visited us two years ago. I was pleased to see June, Roscoe and Ella Lewis Clemmons on it and was also startled to see how much our vines and plantings have grown since that time. Sister Mid wrote that Mrs. Kalar had called her to say the column on "April" was read on N. B. C. progvam Monitor. I was thrilled about that and thankful for Mrs. Kalar's thoughtfulness. Wish I had been listening.. - o - SEVERAL PEOPLE AREN'T GOING to wait to have celebrations for during the week of April 24 through April 30 birthdays include Vaughn Rising, Judy Dutton, Vera Graham, Timothy Groen, Walter Woods, Dick Pratt, Ivadell Christian, Frances Deal, Delores / Mawdsley, Ernie Yungeberg, Sandra Plott, Elizabeth Harmon, Joel Harris, Linda Plummer, Steve Voyles, Kim Troutman, Johanna Erickson, Jimmy Gerdis, Sadie Mawdsley, Beth Miller, Tom Macumber, Merle Teeter, Jan Schneider, Mary Miller, Werner Struecker, Shirley Ricklefs and Roland Nagel. Wedding anniversaries are Mr. and Mrs. Nels J. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Arend, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hobson and Mr. and Mrs. Werner Struecker. - o - THIS WEEK'S RECIPE K for Springtime Fruit Pie. 1 qt. fresh strawberries 1-1 lb., 14 oz. can pineapple chunks, drained 1 cup flour, divided 1 cup sugar Unbaked 10-Inch pastry shell 2 tbsp. lemon juice 2 tbsp. butter, softened 2 tbsp. firmly packed brown sugar 1/4 tsp. cinnamon Combine fruit, sugar and 1/2 cup flour; mix lightly. Let stand 30 minutes. Turn into pastry shell. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Combine butter, brown sugar and cinnamon ; blend. Add remaining 1/2 cup flour; mix well. Sprinkle over fruit mixture. Bake about 1 hour in 425 degree oven. GRACE inMnmnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyill Notes Of Servicemen AMARILLO, TEX. - Airman Third Class Thomas J. Studer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Studer of R. R. 1 Algona, has been graduated at Amarillo AFB, Tex., from the training course for U. S. Air Force matereil specialists. Airman Studer, a graduate of Garrigan high school, is returning to his Iowa Air National Guard unit at Sargent Bluff. - o - VIETNAM, April 16 - Marine Staff Serjeant Bernard E. Burnett, son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Burnett of Route 1, Algona is in the Vietnam combat zone with the 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division in Chu Lai, Vietnam. His battalion provides combat support for Marine divisions and provides the landing force with weapons capable of destroying major fortifications and defeating heavy armored units. The 1st Tank Battalion holds a vital role in the defense of Chu Lai, Vietnam, home of the 1st Marine Division and elements of the 3rd Marine Air Wing. F.B.L. Election Newly elected officers for the Future Business Leaders of America include Darla Carr, Presi- ident; Linda Pfeffer, Vice President; Diane Allen, Secretary; Nancy Elmore, Treasurer; Alberta Pergande, Historian; Rose Mino, Reporter. "Look, you've got your arithmetic homework and I've got mine, ao how about It—you want to switch?" Recent Bride Is Honored At Burt Shower BURT - Mrs. John Mason, nee Jean Stevens, was honored with a post-nuptial miscellaneous shower at the Burt Methodist church Wednesday night. Mrs. Dennis Meister registered the guests. A short program was presented and announced by Mrs. Ray Westling. Included on the program were vocal and piano numbers by Mrs. Roscoe .Mawdsley, Jr.; a reading, "Teaching Jean to Drive" by Mrs. Larry Holding; and games directed by Mrs. Roland Lavrenz. Assisting Jean in opening and displaying her gifts were her sister, Mrs. Bernadlne Opheim, and Mrs. Dennis Meister, Dawn and John Opheim. Mrs. Gene Huling, Britt, presided at the coffee service. Jean Stevens became the bride of John Mason, New Carlisle, Ind., April 16. Hostesses were Frances Smith, Florence Koestler, Virgle Smith, Linda Meister, fhelmft Meister, June Presthus, Arlane Marlow, Anita Marlow, Emma Moore, Vivian Dutton, Ethel Smith, Mary Weber, Maty Geb- kin, Rose McGuire, Toots Hoppus, Hilma Carlson, Ethel Dremmel, Esther Millet, Marian Westling, Mary Rasmussen, Gloria Presthus, Esther Shipler, Beulah Dundas, Ruth Trunkhill, Edith Tleman, Pamela Holding, Marjorie Lavrenz and Leona Lovstad. - o - W. S. C. S. SESSION Spencer district W. S. C. S/ officer's responsibility training school was held at the Swea City Methodist church Tuesday. W. S. C. S. officers conducted the various classes. Among the district officers conducting the sessions were Mrs. Dean Andrews and Mrs. Walter Camp* ney, Burt. Other Burt officers attending were Mesdames Merlin Davies, Kenneth Sarchet, Glenn Teeter, John Spear, Cecil Long, S. R, Parsons, Gladys Hawcott, Robert Sarchet, Merle Schwletert, Bob Lovstad, J. L. Miller, Ed Larson, Harvey Larson and Delbert Schaeller, - o - Evelyn Cherland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E, J. Cherland, Burt, has signed a contract to teach in the Anoka, Minn, school system during the 1966-67school year. Miss Cherland, 1962 graduate of Burt high school, will graduate with a degree In elementary education from Augustana College, Sioux Falls, So. Dakota. Walter Steward was taken by ambulance to St. Ann hospital early Tuesday for medical care. Mrs. Earl Meier was rushed to the University hospital, Iowa City, early Sunday where she is receiving medical care and will undergo surgery. Mrs. Bernadine Opheim took her daughter, Dawn, to Iowa City Friday for a medical check-up. Meat Variety There are more than 200 cuti of meat from which to choose. The homemaker may find shopping economy by getting acquainted with some she has never tried. HUGE SALE GROUP! STYLES AND SIZES FOR ALL MEN AND YOUNG MEN! HURRY FOR THESE EXCITING SAVINGS! $38 Limited time onlyl All from regular stock, all sharply reduced! Wool sharkskins, all wool worsteds and Imported fabrics In year 'round weights. The newest styles, colors, weaves. 3-but> ton center and side vent styles with plain trousers. Short, Regular, Long, No Payment Due 'til June on Charge Purchases Made Now! lilllllllllllllllllJIHLIIIIIlllllllUIIIIII Vehicle Soles In County Hit 17, Post Week New car and truck sales to county residents during the past week totaled 17, according to registration figures from the office of County Treasurer Rosella Volgt. Here are the owners: Chevrolet * C. H. Beck, Fenton, pickup; Kossuth Motor, Algona, pickup; R. A, Johnson, Bancroft; R. E. and Novella Budlong, Tl- tonka, pickup; Marjorie M. Nurre, Bancroft; W. G. Ander- s6n, West Bend; K. H. Johnson, Algona; Barbara A. Bartlett, Algona; D. G. Preston, Swea City. Ford - G. J. McVay, Algona, truck; J. R. Givens, fitonka; L. R. or Bonnie Larson, Armstrong; C. J. Strohn, Algona. Dodge - S. L. Loss, Algona. Olds - J. M. Schutter, Algona; J. B. Winkel, Algona. Pontiac - Lewis Bosma, Buffalo Center. Stll Despite drippy weather, Algona's annual Pet Parade was considered a success here Saturday as 216 bicycle licenses were sold and 148 dogs and two cats received Inoculations for rabies. Dog licenses were also • sold at the city hall and courthouse. In Water Show Pamela Henderson of Algona will participate as a member of the Seals Club annual water show at the University of Iowa, this weekend, April 29-30. There are 34 members in the program. Miss Henderson is a freshman, Merit Scholarships Merit scholarship awards for the University of Iowa went to 35 Iowa students last week. Named among them were Margaret Schutter of Algona, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. John Schutter, Candice Elliott of Swea City, Carole Smidt of Titonka, and Karen Nellis of West Bend. The scholarships are valued at from $100 to $340 for tuition. the modem way to heat your home is electric heat _... .• Today more than 1 1 /2 million Americans enjoy the modern wonders of electric home heat ... the best way to heat your home. Ask you electrical contractor for facts on modern electric heat or ask... ( Algona Municipal Utilities Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. All Accounts Fully Insured to $10,000 Save From The 15th — Earn From The 1st SINCE 1917 —ALGONA, IOWA All Savings Accounts insured up to $10,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C.

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