The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 28, 1966 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1966
Page 13
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Mftrry-Ge-Round *y Drow Ptarion WASHINGTON - Sen. Thomas Dodd, D-Conn., came up this week with an idea which can revolutionize the American way of life. In response to charges that he had pocketed for his personal use the proceeds from testimonial dinners to raise campaign funds, Dodd had his aides leak out an alibi that these dinners were not to raise campaign funds, but to help out his personal finances. Incidentally, Vice Chairman Wallace Bennett, R-Utah, of the Senate Ethics Committee and Sen. John Sherman Cooper, R.-Ky., both said that Dodd had not given such information to the • committee, which is making an investigation of Dodd's activities. They learned about his explanation from newspapers. Some of those who attended those dinners did not understand they were making contributions to Dodd's personal expenses, among them Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey. Nor did various other Democratic bigwigs. And Hartford newspapers which carried accounts of those dinners publicized them before and after as dinners to raise campaign funds for the Senator, not as personal money - raising devices. The law is very clear that when campaign funds are diverted to the personal use of a candidate they must be reported as income and taxes paid on them. Internal Revenue so far is ducking on this one - it's indicated that interviewing people who bought tickets to those dinners to find out whether they knew they were actually buying tickets to help Dodd to pay his personal bills would be too much of a job for Internal Revenue's staff of investigators. In any event, if what is being called "Dodd's law" prevails, the possibilities are dazzling to behold. Walter Ridder of the Ridder newspapers has suggested that he stage a testimonial dinner for the writers of this column, to raise thousands of dollars to help pay our personal bills. In turn, we would stage a similar dinner for Walter Ridder's personal benefit. If this idea catches on, "personal expense" dinners could spread like wildfire - every reader of this column might stage one to help pay his bills, and if the dinners were clearly for this purpose, they would not be taxable income to the recipient. There's the danger, of course, that anyone less powerful than Sen. Dodd might not get away with it. - o - -TEN GALLON HATS— Those ten-gallon Texas hats that President Johnson has been handing out to distinguished visitors don't come from Texas at all but from Tennessee. Dozens of cowboy hats have been given to the President by the Hat Corporation of America, which ships them direct to the LBJ ranch from its plant in Winchester, Term. —VIET NAM DANGERS— A team of experts from the White House, State Department and Defense Department, assigned to evaluate the recent political turmoil in South Viet Nam, has produced a secret 15-page contingency paper listing the various possibilities facing the United States. The team reports that a Buddhist government will probably be elected In mid- August. This is expected to be more independent of American control but is not expected to ask that the U. S. pull out. But it is also possible that militant Buddhists won't be satisfied to wait five months to throw out Premier Ky*s government. There is powerful opposition in central Viet Nam to continuing Ky In power even in a caretaker government. At the same time there is also danger that army officers, who are more than 50 percent Catholic, will stage another revolt to prevent the Buddhists from Fen/on Gift Honored What will it cost to control foxtail and weeds in your corn? $1 an acre for chemicals. That's right. Just $1 an acre for the chemicals that will kill or stunt the growth of the weeds and grasses competing with your corn. They're part of the Dow Leaf-Lifter Program that can increase your yield up to 10$-. Begin the program when your corn is between 8" and 12" high, but not over 20". Simply mount a Dow Leaf-Lifter unit on your tractor or cultivator before spraying. It flicks up the corn leaves as it's pulled along, directing the spray on the weeds and grasses. Within two weeks after spraying, the weeds and grasses are stunted or dying- while your corn thrives on. Without competition, Ask your Dow Farm Chemicals supplier for the details on the Leaf-Lifter Program. And the chemicals that go with it - DOWPON® herbicide for controlling giant and common foxtails or pigeon grass, and either ESTERON® 99, ESTERON 99® Concentrate or FORMULA 40® weed killers for controlling' broad- leaved weeds such as pigweed and cocklebur. Remember, all the help and information you want is free, and all the chemicals you need cost just $1 an acre. The Dow Chemical Company, Agricultural & Industrial Bioproducts Sales, Midland, Michigan. Miss Northern Iowa of 1965, Miss Marilyn Alt, recently completed resident - training at Professional Business Institute in Minneapolis as a medical assistant-receptionist. She Is now working with Dr. H. Friedman, a noted ophthalmologist, in Minneapolis. Marilyn i s the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Alt of Fenton. taking over. These officers already are grumbling over Ky*s concessions to the Buddhists. If they do revolt, it could lead to open civil war between the Catholics and the Buddhists with the United States caught unhappily in between, The United States approves the August elections, but during the interim wants to keep Premier Ky in power. And President Johnson's present inclination is to accept the results of the election whatever the new government decides about U. S. aid. However, if the new government should ask American troops to withdraw - always a possibility - the secret report urges that serious consideration be given to having the United States inspire another military coup to overthrow the newly elected government. This can be done very easily in a country like South Viet Nam. - o - —JACKIE'S ALLOWANCE— Real reason for Jackie Kennedy's suggestion that her $50,000-a-year office allowance be cut to $30,000 is that she 'learned that the Budget Bureau ' has received a flood of protests against her getting any office allowance at all. She is the first President's widow in history to be given one. In fact, not even our ex-presidents were permitted one until four years ago when Congress voted to provide $25,000 a year to ex-Presidents Eisenhower and Truman. Other ex - Presidents and their widows had to take care of their own office expenses, even though much of the work was connected with their former White House tenures. Even with the cut suggested herself, of course, Mrs. Kennedy will be .getting more than either Truman or Eisenhower. - o - —AGRICULTURE'S ANGUISH— President Johnson's campaign to make housewives more cost- conscious has got his Agriculture Department in trouble. The Department prepared a special folder, called "Shopping Sense," to advise housewives on how to stretch the food dollar. The folder recommended substituting dry milk for fresh milk and margarine for butter. This produced howls of outrage from dairy farmers. Now the meat "producers are protesting a suggestion that housewives substitute beans, cheese and eggs for meat; also poultry and fish for red meat. Anguished Agriculture officials, instead of deleting the shopping suggestions, have decided to leave the name of the Agriculture Department off the pamphlet. They want the President's Consumers Committee to take the blame for the folder. - o - —DRAFT-DEFERRED BEAUS— President Johnson isn't too happy over the draft status of the young men his daughters have chosen as their escorts or future husbands. Pat Nugent, engaged to Luci Johnson, gets out of the Wisconsin National Guard this spring, will then be draft deferred. George Hamilton, the Hollywood actor and Lynda's boyfriend, has been given a 3-A classification because he claims he is the sole support of his mother. It happens that his mother has had four husbands and still has three sons, and she lives in one of the most luxurious mansions in Hollywood, built originally by Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. It does take plenty of money to keep up a showplace - but LBJ knows a lot of people will find it hard to understand a draft deferment for Lynda's toy- friend for such a reason. —WHAT WAS ACCOMPLISHED-Now that Juan Bosch appears once again on his way to election as president of the Dominican Republic, some diplomats are remarking this is where the United States came in. What, they ask, did U. S, intervention in that country accomplish? If the balloting in June is conducted honestly, and if nobody interferes with the vote count or challenges the outcome by force, Bosch will almost certainly repeat - or top his 1962 victory! This is what the de facto Dominican regime which ousted Bosch in September 1963 set out to undo. And the landing of U. S. Marines was interpreted in Latin America as aimed at preventing Bosch's return from Puerto Rico. Officially the Marines were landed to protect American lives and property. But, as soon as the first contingent of Marines was ashore, wily General Antonio Imbert went to work on U. S. Ambassador Tapley Bennett and convinced him to persuade President Johnson that another Cuba was in the making. So a massive build up of U.S. forces in the island republic began, eventually reaching some 22,500 men plus a formidable lot of armament. When we tried to get other Latin American republics to support the intervention, five - Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Uruguay and Ecuador flatly balked. A few others Thursday, April 28, t966 Algeria (la.) Upper DM M0ift««-$ PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW FOR MOTHER'S DAY A RING MOTHER, FOR GRANDMOTHER with BIRTHSTOHES of children,.. husband and wife... or grandchildren _ WILTGEN JEWELERS ALGONA LAST DAYS The Most Fabulous Furniture Sale STOREWIDE STOCK Now In Progress A History Maker Up to 70% OFF! BJUSTROM FURNITURE CO. gave grudging lip service. In the end, only five nations actually sent troops to take part in the so-called inter-American peacekeeping force which still has 9,000 foreign soldiers - 94 percent of them North American - on Dominican soil. - o Four of those countries are currently ruled by dictatorships or non - democratic regimes. The fifth, little Costa Rica, sent a grand total of 21 national policeman. As direct result, the Costa Rican party In power was defeated last month. In College Revue The Marycrest College drama department at Davenport wfll present a humorous revoe, "Slings and Arrows," In the college auditorium at 8:15 p. ffi. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 29-May 1. One of the members of the cast is Elaine Bruch, daughter of Mrs. M. L. Bruch, 512 South Jerome, Algona, a sophomore majoring in elementary education at Mary crest College. Dntt Darkens Dust on light bulbs, lampshades and diffusing bowls can cut down light as much as SO per cent NOW IN MINNEAPOLIS Nationally Famous HYATT lOO Where Old-World Innkeepini Hospitality It Rtwed l-MTUhini! >nii CM.T im.i|!incil. I \cr\thing >ou expect is pttnuUM lor \oiir complete enjoyment and comfort at iIK- M NV llx.iit I oil.L-c hute Oeeoriilor-Dcsigneil l.iixiirs Koomv Kinc-Si/e HeiK. Individually Room( ontrolled •Ammul .is you like it" Temperature. l>irect-l)i.ilinK telephones. Newest IV und Radio. Excellent l-ood. C'olfee Shop. KcMauranl. Cocktail Lounge, Nonhwesi'i l-ineii Auiom.ilic Howling (32 lanes). Billiard I online. Near Shopping Centers. Sports Attractions and Theaters. Minutes to Dow ntimn - |-asil\ Accessible to International Airport and Metropolitan Stadium. Tot Rinrtllloni, Win. Writ, or Phont 612 544 JM1 er ConUct Your Niirtit Hyitt Lod|«. Hfitl Child Molll, of Hyatt H«IM Httfl. HYATT 10046 th« HYATT LODGE 8625 Wiyuti Bl.d. (Hwy. 12) | Minnnpolli, Minn. 55426 •crotl from CtNtftU MILIS M»IN orricts FREE (o' Coiof B'OchufC <li<t I thmji to Do jnd Se< "i MmnMtoin " /.OORtSS. ILL'lr- .StATC . I ST RONG CHURCHES . . Make Strong Communities t "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus." — Philippians 2:5 Have you ever given thought to the expression which points out that "what you think you are"? Think happy thoughts and your attitude toward life is certain to be brighter and cheerful. Look for gloom and you will find it. It follows that our life becomes enriched when we turn our thoughts to God, when we keep in mind the high example of the dedicated life of Christ upon earth. Keep God in your life, every day. 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