The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 13, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1895
Page 8
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SN is Just What You Sold drily Sit Studley's Drug Store. AUSONA. IOWA, BANCROFT N F. S. NORTON, Dealer in LUMBE AM all Kinds of Building Material. 1 Chicago & ftDrtiuWMStetti Srotttft , IStr'tft fti*ed .408pm wa ....fcofpfn ....8 15am , ..205ptn BANCROFT, F fcfc. 13, 1895 Conducted by J, A* 1395. When in need of Hardware, please call on me and get prices. I aim to keep the best, such as Garland Stoves and Kanges, Baker Barbed Wire, Heath <fe Milligan's Paints, Etc. «J. "VF. NEWS POINTERS, DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCFS Abstracts of Title. i «nr hooks are thoroughly complete. None but experienced abstractors has ever written a wort In them. Our work is done by competent persons, and is guaranteed Good [work will cost you no more than poor. Bring your work to us and you may be «nro you get what you pay for and take no chances. I3F-REAL ESTATE FOANS. FARMS AND WlLD LANDS. 'Opera House Block. HAY & RICE Algona, Iowa. C. L. LUND. ESTABLISHED 1880. J. J. RYAN. (Successors to 0. L. LUND.) Beal Estate Dealers, Algona, Iowa, We wish to announce to the readers ol the REPUBLICAN that we have extraordinary facilities torthe selling of farms and unproved lands In Northern Iowa, and we Invite; everybody «&> wishes to dispose of their property, to call on us at our office In Algona or to correspond. As soon as spring openg we have a large number of customers from the eastern states' who read v to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable prices. We believi in fair lSg and if yoHant to sell your property for what It is worth, dou't wajte any time in listing »_ .__ Vftnvo rflsnfinr.iullv. Iju wlfh us. Yours respectfully, UND & RYAN. Are You Insured? Against Fire or Tornadoes I Is yonr family protected, in case of death, by a life policy in a solid company ? If not, i . JL-A. FRECH, —-^ Of the BANCROFT INSURANCE AGENCY, submits the following companies far your consideration. This is the strongest line of companies in any agency in Kossuth county and does the largest business. All city policies are issued in Bancroft and can be had on short notice. We can do a more careful business because we. devote our time to it. Creamery and threshing machine insurance a specialty. Merchants and Bankers of Des .Moines Anchor of Creston. , Dubuque Fire a)id Marine of Dubuqno. FIRE AND TORNADO CO.S •Hanover of New Yerk. Fire Association of Philadelphia. Northwestern National of Milwaukee. Etockford of Rockfonl. State of Des Moinns. Capital of Dos Moines. The total assetts of the above companies is $366,678,181.08, according to the Auditor's report of Jan. 1,-1894. LIFE COMPANIES. Equitable of New York. Mutual Life of New York. it. M. Itiohuiond, Pres, H. F. Smith, Vice Pros. A. B. Uiehmond, Oastiier O. J. I.euander, Ass't, Gusli. The annual city election Is near at hand. Boys trot out your candidates, for you know the boys always win In this town. The supper at the Baptist church last Tuesday evening netted the ladies aid society about $20. The Dead Shot and Quick Relief Medicine Co. left last Monday for Btirt where they will hold forth for a time. We are sorry to note that J. N. McLaughlin has sold his interest in the jewelry business and is going to Des Moines. Mr. tftley will continue, the business al before. Dr. Walters reports Leon Russell as being much better. The Odd Fellows are making arrangements for two public lectures by Past Grand Master Evans some time during the month of March. Jack Johnston goes to Buffalo Center today and will move his goods over In a week or ten days. For Sale—A nice piece of ground 2 acres with good lesldenco, barn, chicken house and plenty of shade trees and a lawn. Inquire of J. A. Freeh. J. J. Wilkinson was up from Algona the first of the week on a Life Insurance mission. See the latest policy of Life Insurance. It is incontestable from date and contains no restrictions. J. A. Freeh can show it to you. Tho revival meetings still, continue at the M. E. Church. The State Bank of Bancroft has bought the Bancroft creamery and is now conducting it as a private institution. They agree to pay as much for milk as any surrounding creamery and we see no reason why the farmers of this vicinity should not patronize it. Miss Alma Smith is visiting friends at Austin, Minn. Miss Audell Austin svill make a visit with friends at Austin, Minn., at the close of her term of school at Greenwood. Chris. Freeh was up from Lu Verne last week making a few day's visit with his brother, the writer. Look over the policy of th'e Massachusetts Benefit Life Association. J. A. Freeh can show them to you. Special communication of Progressive LodceA. F. and A. M. next'Saturday night. Work on E. A. degree. Frank Richardson is. a very sick man. He has pneumonia. .Mrs. Dr. Howe received a large*new stock of millinery recently. C. V. Christopher, son-in-law of Dr. and Mrs. Howe, arrived from Mt. Auburn Iowa, this week and is visiting friends here.' BertieHallock tries to play peek a boo,, by hiding behind the name of his Portland correspondent and blaming her for the tirade about the Nebraska sufferers party but it won't go down. Anybody that knows Hallock and his poor grammar and spoiling knows that he wrote the ariiclo referred to and put it in the Port- laud correspondence so as to carry more weight. The Portland correspondent knows more in a minute than Hallock in a lifetime and that is what makes it look silly for the little boy, Bertie, to try to hide behind her name. We, have no reply to make to his lengthy tirade because it contains so many mistakes in grammar and spoiling that it is hard to get .any sense out of it. Poor, poor, Bertie. . ' last week, contained an alleged picture of C. T. Bishop, who is well known but not liketUn this town. Our people will ffeeall the oily gentleman who appeafe'd in btir opefa house about a year ago at the head of an Algbha home talent troupe, afid who used sttch Insulting remarks about Bancroft people that the lights were turned down and all the people of this place filed out. Mr. Bishop is now in jail in Chicago charged with seduction, and we will breathe a fervent amen when we hear of his conviction and sentence—the inore so- 1 verb the sentence the more fervent this amen. * St.- P. ttAGGAftb. HAGGARD A6STRAQ I ©J . "BBAt Oft account of plenty scarcity of news. Our genial assessor, \V. L. Bohfy took his Initiation this week. We predict that his work will he well done. He is as well qualified for that work as is any young man in this town. " - Will Ferguson, sou of I 1 . T. Fefgusofi, broke the small bone of his leg below the knee while riding after the cows, hfs horse falling on him. Ho is doing well. The Boyle concert at Btirt Was a success in spite of thf severe cold. Fifty tickets were sold, and the receipts were ftlco The money goes to the Nebraska suffer ,, Feb. 2.— Prank Newell, out- assessor, was around last week attending to his duties. Ed Chrisehilles is so he can l-e around again. Theo. Haas attended court at Algona last week, Wm. Galllon, of Bancroft, was on our streets last Tuesday. EdChrischilleshassold two hounds Mr. Saunders, of Bancroft. Huskatnp boys were with us Sunday. FARMLOANS. , "•'> •, diflce on Dodge street, Afgo»fc, 16**, MONEY. , , 1 have unlimited tnoney to loan on long or short time. J3. WVItAGGAHD. to New Hardy Rose'Belle Sicbrecht \ HURT. BUKT, Fob, 12.—Sam Reed was up from Algona putting in a new separator in the creamery. VV. 11. Wilder came down from Lcdyard Monday night to attend the United Workmen lodge. Rev. Haun commenced revival meetings at the M. E. Church Monday night. Miss Laura Richards is getting better after a severe attack of pneumonia, Mr. Wightman is suffering from rheumatism. CRESCO. Beats all how the- mercury is settling down these days. Mr. Albert Bush is not enjoying v«ry good health this winter. Mrs. J. E. Boattio and little daughter Neva, of Whittemore, spent the fore part of last week with the J.. W. Curtis family. Everybody go and see Geo. Hackman's arrangements. Mr. Wells Curtis, of Bristol;. Wis., is here visiting his brother J. W.. Ortle Bush has commenced assessing. Some contemptible sneak thieves broke into Mrs. Ayers chicken house and stole twenty-five or thirty chickens one night last week. It is rumored that Mr. Tasler will: abandon the Busa farm in the spring. Mr. John Sabin"has rented the Nycuin farm, for the coming season. Mr. Peter Bowen is still quite weak. His son Wm. was obliged to.leave him and go back to Iowa City to finish his medical course there; . All is comparatively quiet on the four mile this cold weather. . Wonder, what the attraction is down Pronounced by authorities ns the best ever introduced. .", ...... READY FOR SALE, Reliable Agents may apply with References to SIEBEEOHT & WADLEY, _ flew York Pity * W.L. DOUGLAS 0 Llf^F IS THE BEST. SHUt NO SQUEAKING. *5.COftDOVAN, FRENCH&ENAMEUEDCALF. .' __„. 0, CALL, - ^ WAL tas¥A*la Aftb AOdvttAVf ttff&Wti tfof Information in regard to iafldt iff , ,, Northwestern fown, write to hlftii. ' thorlbgtoti street. Algtfnft, t<W»i . $ 3.5P POLICED SOLES. OKO, E. CtAfctefi* CtlAfc. A,tJOttfcN6tm, CLARKE & COHKNOTO , ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ALGONA * ..... .IOWA, GEO, JEt GLOUD, ,;, (Successor to W. B. Quartdn) Attorney and Oounselor at Law, , IOWA. -I' Ofllco.ovor Kossuth County State Bauk. SULLIVAN Jk MoMAHON, ATTORNEYS- AT- LAW. Postofflce BlocK. ALGOXA, lowA, A^rf>kitijnt » •••— - *2.*I7^BOYS'SCHOOlSflOE3, • LADIES' so*2.HZB,., cni .SEND FOR CATALOGUE ,W«U' DOUGLAS, BROCKTON, MASS. Vo« can Bave^oney bg^cUa.tuB W. *. Because we are tfie largest manufacturers of «d uarautee B.V. SWEATING. ATVORNxi AT Money to l»an. < Algona, iow». .1. L. JJONAB. H. H. BONAR «fe FELLOWS, A TTORNE 78 AT LA W I Oollootions will-,receivejwompt attetitloiiw Booms 8 and.O, Algona State Bank Bl'dg. ran Wesley^ Iowa. farmers' & Traders' Savings Bank BANCROFT, IOWA. •i i ,v<.«mnvat..<i under the laws of the State of Iowa. None but home capital Invei ted. Author? , N. K. Sheridan, M»yh«j,().'E. Mallory, .f. N. Blieritlan. A. B. Hichmenc.. R.'F.. Smith. Sanme.l GONE TO BE AN A change in the land, Loan, and Insurance Agency, Established 1881. A large list of wild lands for sale. Improved farms and village property for sale or rent. Farm loans on long time and low rates pi interest. Offices at Bancroft and Swea City, Iowa. ' . " R. M. RICHMOND, CALL AT THE OFFICE OF ANGEL. A change in the proprietorship of the City Barber Shop took place .Tuesday, wherein J. B. Johnston, of Bancroft, acquired possession of the llxtures and good will of the late proprietor, P. J.. Johnson. The now proprietor comes highly recommended as a first-class workman and citizen, and stops into a, good business, thanks to the energy and enterprise of his predecessor. Ho will remove hero with his family next week and The Tribune extends to him and his the hearty welcome accorded all good citizens who locate in Buffalo Center. Pete will continue, to officiate at the old chair in tho future as in the past, although in the rolo now of an employe. Ho extends his thanks to all who have patronized him in tho past and hopes they will continue with his successor,—Buffalo Center Tribune, We arc sorry to lose Jack and his estimable wife from our midst, but presume it Is best for him to seek a place where he can go inte business for himself. During his nearly two year's stay here he has won a host of warm friends who will be sorry to see him go. As a workman the Buffalo Con tor people will find him to equal the best and they can bo assured of a flrs'tcjass barber shop. south? Will JLiiey 1 s making regular trips every Friday. .i.u .that : ;directiPn,. looking,after live stock, probably: ,A'twm!. Mr. John BPweu, who hals been at the bedside of his brother Pe,ter',.for five; wkejis,. left for his home in Muscatine, Monday. Mr. McCauliy, who, bought the'Dr.. Morse five-aero farm, has his house' and barn completed and is moving in today. One of ye scribes has been, busy helping the afflicted tho past five weeks.,, . BUFFALO FORK. BUFFALO FOKK, Feb. 10;.—The L. M.. S. will meet this week, Saturday, with Mrs. W. A, Cliipman. Ernest Butterfield spent Saturday and Sunday with his sister, Mrs. W. J. Davison. "'' '•• '' ' ' ' " "" , . Mrs. O'Ha'ra has been sick for some time but i^ now improving. Mr. Irwin Stott is visiting at his. uncle J. W. Stott's. ' ' Charlie Phelps has moved to in Buffalo Fork. Will Stahl; of Bancroft, spent Sunday with friends in this vicinity. •'•'•' JimStowd is hauling lumber oh to his farm in Buffalo Fork, The patrons of the Buffalo Fork creamery uro sawing ice and filling the ice house. BROWNELL.i'k ALLKED, Algona. NOTICE TO GRAHERS.' ~Notice is hereby given that the board of supervisors of Kossuth county will receive sealed proposals at the offlce'Of the county Auditor till the first Monday in April, :1895, for all grading, to he done by said bounty during the year 1895. The county to be divided jaito two districts, all of the territory north of township ninety-seven (97) to be district No. 1. All of that territory south of the north Kneof township ninety-seven (97) 'to be .district No. 2. ' ' All bids are to be made in 'the following manner: Separate bids are to be filed for for each district; ' • ' All side work* including, dirt moved within 100 feet of the grade, at a given price 'per cubic yar.d. All earth moved over 100 feet at a given price per cubic yard for each additional 100 feet.. All earth to be measured in;,; the .pit or 'excavation, and <all!. earth to be taken from DANSON <fe BUTLER. LAW, LOAJV3 JtJfD LAJVD, . Ool1ectloris*a Speciality. ? Ofllce lu GardnerCowle^ new bulldtufe Aljcoua. . Iowa.. •S. S. SESSIONS. ' , ' , ATTORNEY AT>, LAW, j ;< Loans aud Insurance. Special attention given~ to collections of 'all kinds. • < Office over Uhrischllles' store. 'Algona, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN ANt> SURQEOS, Ofllee on State street, Algona, IOWA. VAVfU VtVUlWU) MIU v* **t *. »ii*i wi~*'< nv w vv**»w>« *••* v»u pits designated by the engineer in charge. ;Any bidder may bid' 611 work in one or M. J. KENEF1CK, M. P. Oltlce over Taylor's store.'' i i * Ajgonu, * | J. M. .PBIIMB, Office., ^over (Seeder's both districts. The board reserving .-the right to reject, any or all bid*; ;•>;•. ••. F; D. CALKINS; • •:. '• Auditor. Dated Algona Feb;l'l, 1805. -• ORIGINAL MTICt l^NION. Tiios. Sarchott has returned from his visit. He did not go on to Ohio, 'but stopped to see His aged mother in Floyd county, and finding her very low did not caro to go on any farther. .Mrs. Strickler and Mrs. Taft, who have been sick with pneumonia, are on the road to recovery, The entertainment given at the Schenck school house was'well attended and was a very, creditable one. With a few excep ;ions the scholars.were all quite small, Will Strickler closes his school In th'e P N, Sarchett district on Feb. 33nd with ap pvopriate Washington exorcises, Max Dau is expected home from Wiscon 1 sin this week. Oscar Naudaln will move on his favm recently purchased of Brahm Wa,tkin.s soon. Tliey will be a good addition to neighborhood, s LAND AND TOWN LOT GO. State of Iowa, Kossuth County, District Court, March term. 1895. E. S. Ellsworth and L. E. Jones against David Freeman, Olive Freeman, Phoenix In• su'rance Co., Bradley & Nicoullu, and W. M. Stewart. •• ' • To David Freeman, Olive Freeman, Phoenix Insurance Company, W. M. Stewart and Bradley & Nicoulm defend-: ants. You" are hereby notified that a petition of the plaintiff in the above" entitled act- Ion is now on file in' the office of the clerk of said court claiming of you the sum" of One Hundred Thirty-five ,($135) .dollars, with interest at the rate of eight per cent v per annum from the 80th. d.ay of 0" toDer A. D. 1892, less Eleven aiid^ixty.oue-hnn- dreths dollars paid, and FJ&een.dollars as attorney's fees herein as inonoy due from the defendants, Da.yid Freeman and plive Freeman, an4a#'wltnessed -by their prom- s'sory npte'fiiade to plaintiffs^ by . said de- 'endants Freeman for said sum of One Hundred Thirty-five' ($135) dollars, also asking the foreclosure" of a mortgage made by said.defendants, David and Olive Freeman ',to-,securo the pa'y- nont of said note upon' ; the N E fractional uarter'of Section Seven (7) Township >ne Hundred (lom Range Thirty (30) west ^f 5th P. M. in Kossuth County, Iowa. That no personal claim is made against th'e defendants, Phoenix Insurance Company) Bradley & Nicoulin and.W, M. Stewart, but asking that their claimed [lens be declared junior to plaintiff's mortgage hereid, 'and 1 unless you appeal- thereto and defend on or before' nopn- of the second <}ay of .the next M^reh term of said district court, to be begun and hplden at the court house in' Algona, in said county, on the 4th day of March, J895, default-will bo ehtered figainsj^ypu anil judgment rendered thereon. •" " \ 4w . ,. ,J> CVJfeA.YMOW, : -• Plaintiff's Attorney. Prescriptions filled. books, perfumeries Oor. State and Tnorington BIS. DK. L. A. ,§HEETZ, , ; ..', DRUQQ18T AND STATIONER,, Deals In palnts,"Oll Ateona.Iowa. G. B. PAUL, M. 0., WHITTEMORE - A •;.;Regular Office hours 8 to 12 a, in,, oep^ / Over Wichler'a Furniture store, . , •, Bjfsidenceuo'rtlr'of track. **! D, Local anaesthetic for deadening pain gums when' extracting teeth ,'\ • •. | ,,,, E. S. GLASIER, BV V D ? S,_ DENTAL ROOMS m Or of inswap and Fan Loam ',' ' !.-.., R. M. RIOHIV10ND, GRANT TOWNSHIP •.Register; Married at the residence oi Mr. 'and Mrs. L. B. Sutherlarid, of Crran township, on the 6tU of February, 1895 Mj 1 , Frank Speicher and Miss Ada Alrae^ da Sutherland, Kov. W. F. Laidley pfficla ,ting. This worthy young couple §ta,rtj out iu life with bright prospects .for tUe f«* ture, intelligent, jjidustrious and ambitious to build one more model hpnjo on Jpvvfv'8 rich prairies in glorious north Kps; sijth. Tho Register extends cougratula tjons and joins Iheir many friends iij ' wishes for their coming days.. , PLUM CRKBK, , REW, Feb. 9.—Tho co,nper,t .at Bice's school hpuse was a fizzle on, account of the blizzard, Miss Minnie Miller, from BurUs spending the week at home. • , - Ne4 Benschoter was down from Chain fcakes visiting his brother Grant- Fra.nk Peidrich and Fred Nebble, S»tttr4ay night with H'. Warner. a cold, bleak nor'wester- to face-Sun* Guardian's Mice <jf Final Report, • In the matter of the estate of Gotfried Ruch, a person of unsound mind- To al the heirs dr creditors of tne above named estate; You are hereby notified that on or before the first dtiy of March, J895, said guardian will file with tho Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth Cpunty. Iowa, his Deport, and ask to be discharged; and you are" further-notified ttiat ail D&jection thereto must be filed wjtli said Clerk on r before the first da.y.,of said terra of sa court, wbiih will ponvene and be hr™' at AlgPRfti in Kpssuth Countyi low themh day pf March, 1805, o»- said will be anj)rQve4 a,nd, said Guardi _T. «. «.«_r><3 nTi r\ l-i in 1-ii-vtiH o \\t\\/\n Bnn The best oj? inodern to make all-operations Bible. •• - A PBYSW EBr-Offlce . west H. Warmer, on Saturday, hft«le4 of tbe flrsf hog of JUs Qwn"r^lsi»s fi'OWipJgg/ HP It vya's Bigbiee^ japnths «!& jyejgh^ ""*' " ' ' 'i .,^' Notice is hereby give signed has been aj~'-' n ~J -^ ~ T7\.»*vrt.t 4- »i y f\' >, v J!»' !tf ''.

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