The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 13, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1895
Page 7
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BBK SpOTi. Iftif dfnfikfti'd wftl otice -JHife tifcly thifif tkat can frealiy hurt tfi'y tfaan of nation is sin. Shadows Bats no claws, but they h&tl fHtf nten§d many people to death, if Sdfni people had money efio'iigli th-Sf-WBtd ^eS themselves to deftth, " A jtSBvSS is S than who doe§ some, Inittg tfatt others say cannot be done. >* 'flfS Man who builds a hou^6 t<§lls frh&le* neighborhood something ; fiimSelf. „ are" made rich, hot by what -' fctig trot-Id can give, but by what it !/ gin't take away. I l • If yott want to find , a pleasure * greater thafa making tnoneyj try giv^ ; itog some of it away. When it turns black everywhere 8ise» yoti can find plenty of light by "*. looking Straight up. - , Talking about charity beginning 1 at '' ' home, is one of the ways by which Wfc " o&n let people know that we • notie, the S-ti* tiAd ttitttet Girl Gladden the SroTth Winds—tto# Me t'ffeffeM to jKJss ttfet—At the iPofttftlt fcihlbit— Mot Sara attd ....... Aft ft Hospital Physician—This man seems tfl be half dead, and yet I cannot find 'anything the matter with him. Where id he from? , Ambulance Driver—I got him at the door'of the St. Fashion Assembly hall. ' There is a ball going on there. Physician—Ah, I see. He probably Stepped on a lady's dress and she said, "SirP" . The J'lctura Telegraph. It is reported that M. Bertillon, the inventor of the anthropometrical system of identification adopted by the Paris police, is ondeavofing to revive • the u'se of the picture telegraph. He believes that in rapidly transmitting and disseminating the portraits oi suspected criminals, ( it would be found, of veryjgreat service. A Terrible Visitant. Pain is always a torriblo visitunt, and often domiciles itself with one for life. This inflie- ii ,1 tion is preventable, In cases of rheumatism, by fc? " n timely resort to Hostettors's Stomach Bitters. |l.. which checks the encroachments of this obstinate and dangerous malady at the outset. Ihe term "dangerous" is used advisedly, for rheumatism is always liaWe to attack the vital organs and terminate life. No testimony Is more conclusive and concurrent than that 01 physicians who testify to the excellent effect o) the Bitters in this disease. Persons incurs wetting in rainy or snowy weather, and who are exposed to draughts, should use the Bitters as a preventive of ill effects. Malaria, dyspepsia liver and kidney trouble, nervousness ano debility are also among the ailments to which this popular medicine is adapted. For the to flrmitics.-soroness'and stiffness of the aged it it highly beneficial. , ' Bettor Than a String. 'Mother—Johnny! *On_your way honoi from school stop at the storo and get me i stick of candy and a bar ot soap. Father—What do you want of a stick o. ^Mother—That's so he'll remember tht soup. ^__ winter cotnesi •with iti icy blasts. And the north wind chill with its fleecy enow, In my room so dear I watch you, dear, As j our dainty footsteps come and go, My fur clod Winter Girl. f bough the maid of spring may be divine, And the autumn maiden fair, And the summer gii-1 with flaxen curl; With you they'll ne'er compare, My fur clad winter gltl. When the world is sad in the winter days The earth is white and the sky is gray, And 1 am blue; it rests with you To make us all feel glad and gay, My fur clad winter girl. So, here's to the health of the winter girl! Though the maids of warmer times are With freckles and tan, there's none that can With you, O winter girl, compare. My fur clad winter girl. —Truth. from her Experience, Aftef years of pt actical use and a trial af many brands of baking der (some of which she recommended before becoming acquainted With the great qualities of the Royal), Mafidli Hafland finds the Royal Bakittg Powdef to be greatly superior to all similar preparations, and states that she uses it exclusively, and deems it an act of justice atld a pleasure to recommend it unqualifiedly to American Housewives, The testimony of this gifted authority upon Household Economy coincides with that of millions of housekeepers, many of whom speak from knowledge obtained from a continuous use of Royal Bakittg Powder for a third of a century. ROYAL BAKING POWDER co., ioe WALL ST., NEW-YORK. *a°cli tbe*cOffilni bOottj, For ««*. — A,&2 McGREW 1* frfl* OSLt SPECIALIST , trso *ft*i*sjitt, PRIVATE DISEASES, Disordeisof M1N ONLY Btcfy cnrt ' (Sxjrcriencs. 8 years Iti OfnAHft. i Book Frea. 14th <fe Pnf ii , McELREES* , SWINE OP CARDULj Why He Raved. Gus De Smith— California is a perfect paradise. I'm an enthusiast on the subject of California. I dream of California at nights. I could write poems about its grand scenery. Pete Amsterdam— Were you ever there? Da Smith— No, but the girl I am going to marry has most of her money invested in California mining stock. She Was Prudent.. He seized her slim white fingers in an ecstasy of adoration. "I could die •Ah!" he murmured, for you!" A perceptible pallor overspread her countenance. "Goodness!" she said, "I hope you won't think of such a thing till'we are married and I have the right to inherit."—Indianapolis Journal It the .Baby is cussing *' Bo mire and use that old and well-tried jxjmedy, Mns, WpwcoWs SOOTHINO SVBUP for Children Teething, Men,' like books, have at each end a "blank leaf—childhood and old age. - '' - - " Coe'a CongU Balaam .",- ' IB the oldest and host. It will break up a Cold qulckv '/!•>. er than anything else, ii Is always reliable, arylt, ;>/>'A, V A mam has to, blow himself, as a rule, * - * before he can wet bis whistle, j I '"A'Oup of Parts' Te a at night move {the bowels in tbe morning."' . Never begin a journey until breakfast been eaten. Her HI can Insinuation. The lady was making some remarks about the'kind of clothes some othei ladies at churcli had on. "The finest garment a woman can wear," said her husband,, "is the mantle of charity." "Yes," she snapped, "and it's about the only one some husbands want their 'wives to wear."—Mercury. A Slight Correction. "My friend," said the head waiter at the hotel, as he tapped significantly on the shoulder of a man who was. making his exit from the dining room. "I have dropped on to your little game. This is the ninth- time, you have eaten dinner here with out'paying. 'V , / "Sir?" exclaimed the man, drawing himself up witu offended dignity, and looking the presumptuous official sternly in the eyes, "you are mistaken; it't> the fifteenth'"—Sunday Mercury. Government Gold. It is contrary to law. for a private individual to buy gold from the mines of Transvaal. The entire products of 'the mines must be sold to the Dutch government at in'ites fixed by statute and any person found with uncoined gold in his possession is liable to severe punishment. This somewhat singular law is being enforced rigidly, and quite a number of well-to-do people have been sent to prison for violating its provisions. When It Shines. Dealer—Here, madam, is a banquet lamp which will delight you if properly attended. We call it the "After-Dinuor- SpeakerLamp." . , ^ Lady—Why do you give it that queer Dealer— It's so brilliant when it's full. There is more Catarrh in this section of the country than all other diseases put together, and until the last few years was supposed to be incurable. For a great many years doctors pronounced it a local disease, and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly failing to cure with local treatment, pronounced it incurable, bci- ence has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Oheney & Co.. Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional cure on the market. It is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. it acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred dollars for any case it fails to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. |5pSold by Druggists, 75c. Hall's Family Pills, 25c. Can't Catch. It Mrs. Parvenoo—And. what does youi husband do? Mrs. Heavyplate—He chases silver. •Mrs. Parveuoo—So does mine, but he never seems to be able to catch it. Canada is an Indian "collection of huts." word meaning ON THE ROAD to recovery, the * young woman who ' is taking Doctor Pierce's • Favorite Prescription, In .^ maidenhood, wo- ^nianhood, wifehood"~a™<3^ motherhood the"* 4 ^tjr_e- scription " is" a^ supporting tonic and nervine that's peculiarly adapted to her needs, regulating, strengthening and cur,,/ ing the derangements w j of the sex. > Why is it n owe their beauty to Dr. mte Prescription? Because beauty^of >f*iH\a»d facV radiate from the common <&»%-Vneattu, \TJie best bodily condition teswis from good food, fresh air andIhcerrise ccYpled with the judicious use Cheered Her Up. "Have you heard from your sister •lately?" "Oh, yes; I had a letter from the poor child only the other day." "How is she coming on?" "Why, the truth is, she is dreadfully bad off. Three of her children are down with the measles and the mumps. Her husband has been investigated by the Lexow committee and is a fugitive. She, herself, >fell downstairs arid in- •JMced her spine. Besides, her rent is unpaia-and she is about .to be dispossessed. fsn'k-.ikjshocking!" "It is, indeedrbut^of course, you did all you could to cheer her up?" "Oh, yes, certainly. I sent her a beautiful New Year's card by the very next mail." ___^ His Preference. Vy'tUere' be headache, pain in the back, .j»ear|ug.down senSatious, or general de- biH£y, o? if there a nervous disturbance, .neryjms prostration,>md sleeplessness, the U prescription " reac\es\tlie origin of the trouble and corrects \\,,\ It dispels aches and pajjis, corrects dis$a\ements and cures eat^rrhai inflammation oftthe lining mem- fer&ue,&! falling of the wowb, tilceration, jr* p^ularitjea.aud, kindred nkjadies, /-' /tiF4kWNQ Op YQMB," ""- 1 FRANK CAIJ. -^ CTwMc£,/y.j Cwrites! "I deem it| my*Ayty to express niv tu'de to yffNbr having beejUU,e wefiw • Proyitoee, pf Kb«»b7"P«ft»u«t >)e JQ-, walk. My puh|^8 were Pf tlje ors A Pertinent Paragraph. "Our country if right, should be kept rMit; if wrong, should be put right," is D a political maxim which paraphrased applies to other conditions of life, thus: our health if right, should be kept right; if wrong, should be put right, especially in-bodily ailments, such as pains and aches, which St. Jacobs Oil. promptly -cures. f~ .Many ^ out of work should heed to give it a chance to cure and it will give them a chance to go to work cured. Another adage is: he doeth best who doeth well." Well, of course, you want to be well from all sorts of aches, and the best thing to do is to use the great remedy. He who does so is doing well indeed. The opal is the only gem which cannot he counterfeited. Its delicate tints cannot be reproduced. __ • i.OOO BUS. POTATOES PBll ACKK. Wonderful yields in potatoes, oats, corn, farm and vegetable seeds. Out this out and 'send 5c postage to the John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse Wis , for their great seed book and sample of Giant Spurry. ___ __ wnu Australia means "south," and the land now known by that name was formerly Bailed New Holland. ' JJlopathlo Physicians Cure any acute disease in one treatment (cure or no pay), chronic in a few. Write for free advice, DK. Joim SHELBY, Sheeley Block, Omaha, 1 Neb, This advertisement will be changed monthly. _ _ We know a man who is not fn straightened circumstances »nd ft who wants to be. He's a hunch back. . / _ Sugar Beet Culture In Nebraska, If you want to know all about it, the price of suitable land, the qpst of production and the i-ofit tjiere is in it, write to P, S. Eustib, General Passen* ger Agent, 0, B. & Q. B. R-, Chicago,, In eastern Bengal a will cannot be made in favor o| a map, and the property descends thrqujfo the wpnyn. CHOICE NONSENSE. Quericils—How did such a place ever get the reputation of being a great health resort? Cynicus—Two or three prominent men died thsre. "Did Ulidcens give you a- tip on the race?" "Yes." "Did you come out ahead?" "I did." "How much?' 1 "What I would have bet if I had .paid any attention to it." First Man—That woman used to be my wife. Second Man—Site's mine now, sir. First Man — Well, you needn't get huffy about it. You'll have a chance to get buck at some other fellow. ; Good morning, Uncle Charles. Did you sleep well? I'm afraid your bed "was rather hard and uneven, V) U t_" "Oh, it was all right, thank you. I got up now and then during the night and rested a bit, j'ou know." Patron, pushing his cup away— You've made a mistake, waiter. I tiidn't order tea; I ordered coffee. Waiter, examining tho beverage— coffee, sir. Patron—Well, if that's coffee, bring- me a cup of tea. •\Vife-Tho price of the clock was 510, but I got a discount, so it only cost me S3. Husband—Yes, but you could have got the same thing at Bee/Ae's for $"i. Wife—That may be, but then Bcczle wouldn't have taken off anything. A mean man invited the village preacher to dine with him, but placed before the preacher only a dish of greens and corn oread. "Will you ^ say grace, parson?" asked the host. "I will," replied the parson. "Lord, make us thankful for greens and corn bread'aud put it 'into the heart of our brother to raise hogs next year!" PER SQUARE WP nre rolling Plain Oah-anlml Iron Hooflnfr from IVorld'B Fair IJullcHiiKs at above pi-Ice, anJ 82.ISO for omiKnte.1 Galvanized Iron, suod as new. We have on hand fi(l,ooo Bqunres, alao all kinds of Lumber and other BuIliliiiK Material. ECAUO MOUSK WRECKING CO.. lOO.'i H. Hnlfto I f't,. <(> blocks ninth Union Ktnrk Yni-'l"'. 60,0(10 ncre^.of choice western Iowa Lands for slllo ltl Monona ci.unty two to five miles from i ailrosul. 1'rlcc i'JO to 835 per acre, uci-orrtinpvo location and Improvements. Wrlt-atciwre. 1'mver & Wil- scy, 411) N. Y. Llfn I'1'I'B- Oinnha. ^eb. For Female Diseases. FOR A WHOLE YEAR, The Klso 6f Loa Angele*. The San Franciscans are apprehensive that the commercial supremacy of their city will ere long be challenged by the city of Los Angeles, wliFch is growing rabidly. In the first nine months of last year over 'JOO buildings were put up therefor more than have been put up in San Francisco in any recent year. Los Angeles has also taken away a good deal of the trade of San Francisco. A New York agency reports that hotels in the United States during the past year have been swindled out of S22, by bill jumpers. . One of my children hud from the nose. . cians prescribed "««»i- out benefit. After using Ely's Cream Balm u short time the disease was cured.— A. 0, Gary, Cornina, N. Y. A special contract enables us to offer THE NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, the leading family weekly of the United States, with the OMAHA WEEKLY BEE for only 9Q CJentS, less money than is charged for any other single weekly paper in the country. TUK OMAHA WEEKLY BEE is the leading paper in tho western country and is too well known to need a special dcryjiiption. THE NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE isa National Family Paper and gives the general news of the United States. It gives the events of foreign lands in a ,. nutshell. Its "'Agricultural " dn^rtment has no superior. Its "Market Reports" ni« recognized authority. Separate departments for "The Family Circle," "Our Young Folks," and "Science and Mechanics." Its "Home and Society" columns command the admiration of wives and daughters. Its general political news, editorials and discussions are comprehensive, brilliant and exhaustive. Bend 9O Cents for totn papers to THE.OMAHA WEEKLY BEE, TIEUST quiolTly absorbeU and gives relief at once. A pavtlcle is applied into enolj nostril ami is agree- aWi? ] J rlce 50 cent s at Druggies or by nwll. 3L7 BBOTJHEBS, 56 Warren St., Kew York. WALTER BAKER &C07 The Largest Manufacturers of PURE, HIGH CRADfe COCOAS AND CHOCOLATES On this Continent, Ji»ve received HIGHEST AWARDS from &• great Industrial and Food EXPOSITIONS In «• •-• Favorite > i.~ iytan^g V *'An4 did you nevey kiss a Jif! jnistlefoe?" M-\V0}], no,- H'^ pleasanter to-JUss her Wabatm Excursion to ApKunsas and , On February 1!? the Wabftsh Line will excursion tickets to all pqints in Arfc»'osas a.n4 Texas and Lafce Charles, La,, ttt one fore for Wie round trip plus two dollars, gppd. returning witUiu twenty days frpm Hate of sale. Tor further jntprmatten ca}i on Horace S^ely, Cop'J Agent, Des Moines, _ If there be any truer nwsure of » than by what he does, it must be byj he gives, ^ ........ ; Cough. Pleo's Pure is a £"# fr. Y-, ' Whoppin suppef ui rewe Aye., BypQlUyn, Mr, tbe A quarl Qt wheat 1st Prize—A Kimball Piano, VA^E. $350.00 2d Prize—A Bridgeport Organ, 100.00 3d Prize--A Fine Bicycle, 4th Prize—A Diamond Pin or Ring, ,- 5th Prize—A Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine, 6th Prize—A Trip Ticket, Om^ha to Denver AND RETURN* 7th Prize—Cash, - - 8th Prize—Cash, - - - 9th Prize—Cash, - - , - 10th Prize—Cash, 7^.00 60.00 50.00 25.00 10.00 7.00 5.00 3.00 10 Prizes-Total Value, - S685.00 •——-^—^•.^•^•i The above prizes are offered to those who construct or form tke> largest number of words out of the letters found in the prize word the P u tch V tocesa. tl>cr iHpg or pl"»» ^y»/t*Tf - v sBM9£&'ML«*i lute Their delicious isnciA***-**- 0 *- vww<» »• *.«—-. pm wl w<vul, w4 (wrtl^wWw °« e w»« * <"*' 6QU9 BY PROPERS EVERYWHERE. WALTER BAKER&CJUJORCHESTER, MASS. IVIO N E'Y To loan, np d§)ay,- on improv?4 city or farm prswrty, on easy payment plan, Send fer p?rtj?ul»rs. Inter-State ©avings and Uoan Association, EDUCATIO PNPER THE first prly-e will be won by the list, Uie socona by the nest . , largest list »nd so on to tlie tenth. Second— E&ohnersor i must send to his or her list Before the or>a of ^ebvuavy, 180^. Third— The list of words must bo written I ink plalnlv, tvnd roust be sinned Dy the pr VWP ed Dy neigh hbors , , , Fourth— Any English word found Jn the dictionary o»n be used if U is cgmp- sed of Jotters that «P« cpututned i» the word e catJon. butthero mas'* be no duplicates, twice in one word, but of' course, way in other words, Bixtli—Bach contestant fflWSt >t>e or b< conje a subscriber to the QmaM Wes* World*Herald for oneyew, anr? raustsw, his dpllur to pay for h|s subscrjpftSB Wit his list of "«"!«•Ai|D i*3l' W* IT^f-^f* s ', Seventh—Every contestant -whose contains as many as ten carreefward receive a pprtfq}io coj»tfti»jBK toBfl «„„«„- ,.--^ p.rreo.fworaa will,; inlBB tkftfid ew.4-5 ry of te p^ajig, ; v . - ln case t\v$» pv wore pjflm fixclttniations nor flumes of people PJJ placpg ^ §ft»e iPWer must not fee Qm&lm Weekly WorW-H?r»W to cQiaag^ IQ ...,_, ...w, to »8WS

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