The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 13, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1895
Page 5
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flats*'' %>jrs."& .iit/tio wj uww D66n Quite '•'<- sfefclftfoty but is no* better. 1 ' ^Uw ftttiefcft all thftt balmy Decem- fiftd JStiuaty weather was for- W fc £•«••'? t j.uo fSBttblicans tfrill meet in conven- Mdtt fdflne nomitiation of a city ticket oft the" 2isfc. t5l^teh .Htitchins' little boy has nearly teeoveted from his attack of pHeumonia. tfstfcet iCichols married Win. i'etider attd Miss Maggie Hoche at Whitemore dfl Tuesday of last week. Special gospel meetings are an- fioutieed for etety tslght except Saturday this Week, at the M. E. Church. tf. W.Dingley has a large and fine stock 6f valentines displayed. Tomorrow will be the proper time to use them- ?t?liat noble; band of women, the Al- gofia Relief Corps, will meet at G. A. ft. Hall, tomorrow afternoon, .at 2 O'clock. tfhe district Christian Endeavor con* V^tttiort is to be held in Algdna next June. The last convention was m Ft. Dodge. Mrs. Dr, Garfield, though on the . rdad to recovery, is reported not to be gaining strength as rapidly as might be wished. It is estimated that the census 'now being taken by the assessors will show a population in Kossuth county of fully 20 S 000 people. A sleighing party of Algona young people went out to. Senator Chubb's last Saturday night and spent a very pleasant evening. The ladies of the A. L. A. will meet with Mrs. L: II. Smith, on Friday next at 3 o'clock. Readings by Mrs. C. A. Ingham and Miss Jessamine Jones. Advertised Letters: W. A. Dickey, Wm. II. Hunt, Mrs. Minnie Krienke-, Mrs. Eliza' Kroffb, Mrs. Bertha Hester, Dr. C.B. Stuhl, Miss Lizzie Sheilton. ' That storm foretold by Bro. Hicks for Saturday, was a corker. It was a record-breaker all over the world, except Kossuth county. We did not feel 'itbere. ^ The .Congregational supper, which was to have come off to-moirow evening has been postponed. There were too many other social demands lor the evening. There is already much speculation in regard to >ho\v many women will - vote, now that they are invited to do so. We know of one bet that there will not be fifty. . Friday's Des Moines Register says: Ex-Sheriff Jack Graham, of Kossuth county, one of the most entertaining romaricors in Iowa, was in town yesterday. . Hyman & Arenberg have closed out their stock in the Cowlfes block. Mr. Hyman goes, today, to the.west part ot this state, from where he'will return to Fort Dodge. ^ ' » Melzar '"Haggard is getting along ., ,nicMy,,thi9 week, arid his compete ,,re. 'covery from, >a very serious attack or pn'e'umonia will be very pleasing to his * numerous friends.' .' , Already are)the candidates for hcm- •iVorstiiMtlie home'oratorical contest be- v "- ing selected in the AlgonaHigh School. The contest, it is understpod^willcome ,' off early in April. The house of Henry Koch, south of the fair ground, was totally destroyed by fire this morning. Most of the contents were saved. It was quite a good house and was insured. Up to last night there had been but one marriage license issued inFeb- ' ' ruary. Whether marriage is decided a - failure or n9t, the result is a serious * falling off in the business. •. , A five-year old boy down, on McGre- • gor street is reported to have taken 1 the edge ,off his appetite by lunching on a^east cake. He is expected to be a sure' enough, early riser. The First Baptist Church of Mason ^City, was, destroyed by fire Friday "tight".' The loss was$12,000, and the ' mturancewas only for, $3,500. It was ^"finest church-in the city. - , JVW, 'Wadsworth left for Union Grow,\Wisconsin, on Saturday, to yisit'fnsiparents, His mother 1 was 75 years'old otf that,day. Mr. Wadsworth ^wUlU^absent about a week, P/ Ai'jSaggard froze his face quite badly last Thursday morning going out to the 'Jas. Foster sale, The thermometer registered 28 degrees below that morning* when he staged out. , '"'--'' way to spell it is ^bstract-e-r-s. ibstract-o-r-s in the Hay & 'tastf week. It'was the REFTO- mistake. v Hay &Rice do not -SS/ny mistakes, They say so,,,,, <.< ,..*,<^,—'_- (to provider sepav* the purpose of re- igtfieVUbrary vote. The dignity i^daen'jnwst be maintained, They '" to the women's once. I s '!" thegciP-Jpti'Week»afl'd'tiadto'give u. T?"' • wf W'APWtatjjwnfo; for .Sunday, Re L ,M&a$epow>4 bettes Pn Monday,bus was r> ^'-'-'-itobeout. '•, *,"•-• ^, svle, repres'e.ntiftg the *- •—eat, will vpreaoirnji clvurah Sun.4a: y ime tbeannuft ffifcm&m<v*wto**.... aft ave , / f Itftot abWt ti«e td drop the •rrouiiet hog stiptstitlotl? Would it ftot §Tjttsl as wfell to not mefttiott it at all hereafter? If Wtflwto serious S; thinks that it signifies anything as to the duration of cold weather whether the sun Shine* or not on the second of February, will he please raise his hand. Of course nobody believes in any such nonsense. . The carpenters are finishing up the work on Mt-rbtt Skenck's new residence in Union township, Which is going to be one of the most complete and handsomest farm residences in the county. The furnace Was put in last week, it is pleasant to see Mr. Sckenck building such a house. He is one of the thriftiest and one of the worthiest men in KosSUth. The city council held a special meeting on Saturday evening, for the purpose of acting upon the proposition to submit to the voters at the coming city election the questionof levying a one mill tax for the benefit of the library. There was little opposition to the submission, and the voters, including the wotrieii, will vote on the question at the city election, The lecture on Gen. Grant, which was to have been given ufider the auspices of the Baptist ladies on the t9th instant, by Rev. Dr: Strickland, of Rioux City, has been postponed on account of the illness of the lecturer, who is suffering from an attack of rheumatism. The lecture will come off as soon as Dr. Strickland is well again, and due notice will be given the public. There was a large neighborhood social gathering at -the residence of Arthur Gilmour in Union township last Friday«ight. The old folks, the young folks and the little children were on hand, and so varied was the order ot the occasion that everyone enjoyed himself according to his own inclinations, not excepting the young people, who had a quiet little dance in one room. It was three in the morning before everybody was ready to go home. Clerk Grose turned into the county treasury on Monday the fees of his of- flce for the month ending February 9, amounting to $80. The board put this official on a $1,300 salary on the 9th ot January. The emoluments of the or- fice are about the same, without regard to whether the fees of the oflice or the salary provided by the Code in lieu thereof rules, but the work is greater, in the former case. A coasting "bob" about' fourteen feet long, with an elegantly upholstered seat, was an object of interest and admiration to the boys in front ot McGregor's last week. It was the work of Eddie Leasing, one of the most ingenious and promising young mechanics of Algona. It is said that its potential speed down a long hill is equal to the best that the democratic party ever made. The Emmetsburg people are making no effort at present to sell tickets to their Henry Waterson lecture in neighboring towns. They have had the hardest kind of a time to save up seats enough for outsiders, to go around without crowding themselves out. The Emmetsburg people would easily have filled Music Hall. We must own. that Emmetsburg is at the'front in; the enterprise it is displaying in this direction; It has been suggested that a public meeting be called to consider the wisdom of voting the library tax. There is good reason for such a meeting. There are two sides to the question to be voted on, and if a mass meeting were held no doubt both sides might be presented^ in a way that would give the voters a more perfect understanding of it than they now have. The "town meeting" idea has always been a good one. In discussion we shall get illumination. It will interest some to know that the.present rate of taxation in the incorporated town is 57.7 mills. This is, we are told, the highest rate of taxation the city has ever known, and it is presumed it is but temporary, and is caused by the unusual expenditures for water works in the past few years. The water tax is 10 mills, the municipal ten mills, teachers 14 mills, contingent 5 mills, school house 6 mills, .and the balance is general levy, amounting to 12.7 mills. Hon. Henry Wattersou, the famous editor of the Louis"ille Courier Journal, is announced to lecture at th« Music Hall in Eqomettsburg, la., on Feb. 14th, on "Money and Morals," his most noted lecture, This affords arare opportunity for the people of this city to hear the celebrated orator. Parties desiring to attend can leave here on the afternoon train and after the lecture leave Emmetsburg at 11:05, thus returning the same night. --We urgently advise our people to embrace tnis opportunity. It has finally been settled that we are to celebrate the-glories of the Father of his Country with tho annual "bean supper." It is undoubted that the "bean supper" has a very warm place in the hearts of bis countrymen, and that it is not to be superseded, at least not this year. <The fact is, probably, that the ladies are wholly to blame for the popularity of the "bean supper, - skilled cooks would have "setup er which the G. A. R. "boys" .,„-,.„ bare voted unanimously to dispense wiUj. The -Couriei- : .»|fe8: "What 1 is the matter with a youngrwan, fov mayor/ jTow^th0ve is BwYfly'JoKtai Geo, 0. Call, Thos, ?, Qookes JuUus • Iteise is pianfiiM m chafes ifi tfn post office soon as the weather will .r—-"-:, --•: intends to remote the brick wall and put in a stairway between the pogtr office room aftd his shop. The entire upstairs will be Converted into suitable office rooms. A new plate glass front Will be put in both fronts and the building will otherwise be improved and made to look like a new block. The second floor will then make desirable business offices and he will have no trouble in renting them. One or two suites are already spoken for. Des Moihes Register: Mrs. Harvey ingham, of Algona, is spending the week with her mother on west beventh street. This is Mrs, Ingham's second visit to Des Moihes since her marriage Nov. 23, and the former one having been only for a day the fact that she iexpects to remain several days at this time adds to the delight of her many friends, who ktt.eW and loved her when she was Miss Hepburn. Mr. Ineham has also been in the city, he and Mrs. Ingham having. come down to Des Moines after and from the recent editorial convention at Nevada, which both attended. Last October Emmetc Lee brought a load of wheat to the/ Jones & Stacy mill for his brother-in-law, Gavin Barrick, to be ground, taking the usua ticket. A short time later Lee called at the.mill. presenting the ticket asked for the cash for the wheat in lieu of the flour. Mr. Stacy paid the money after satisfying himself it was all right, but subsequently Mr. Barrick called tor the flour. When Lee's game was found out Mr. Stacy had him arrested for obtaining money by falfe pretences, and his hearing came off on Friday last before Justice E. II. Clarke. He put in no defense at that time but asked to haveliis bond made as light as it could be. He was accordingly bound over to the district court to meet the charge. S. C. Spear did a very commendable thing in tendering a supper to the members of the fire company and vol- untiers who assisted so heroically in fighting the Blackford fire. The affair came off at the Valentine restaurant on Wednesday evening. This estat* lishes a precedent which should be honored invariably on such occasions. The fire boys stop at no exertion to save property, and they frequently ruin clothing or injure their health. They are especially liable to accidents, and even loss of life, and their services are whollv without reward. A community which" omits to suitably recognize Such a body of men does not deserve to be served by them. ' We are glad that this tardy expression of appreciation and good will has been accorded. Mrs L. M. Ilorton has received a letter from Mrs. Belle McKenzie, of Oregon, better known to early settlers in Algona as Miss Belle Mills, telling of a singular disaster which betel the little town which her husband was building up on the Columbia river. The river rose to an unprecedentBcl height and overflowed the valley. Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie took refuge in the upper story of the mill,aud when the river rose so as to threaten their safety they were rescued and taken to the. mils. When the waters subsided the town was' found to be totally destroyed, and largely covered up with mud. Anne apricot grove belonging to Mr. McKenzie was covered to the tips ot the branches by a deposit of sand. Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie will go to California. Rev. A. V. Gorrell has received a call from St. Mark's parish at Ft. Dodge, one of the largest and most important parishes in the state, with one ot the largest and best equipped church buildings in the west, and on the advice of archdeacon McElroy of Waverly, he has accepted the call. He was^down to the Fort to see the vestry the first of the week and was much pleased with what he saw. He will take charge of his new work on Sunday next. His closing meeting in Algona will be held on Friday evening, at 7 o'clock. Rev.. Gorrell's work here has been marked bv great success in the upbuilding of the congregation, and the best wishes of his flock and of the people of Algona in general will be his as he goes to his new field. His place here will be filled as speedily as possible, but no announcement of services for next Sunday are yet made. The Inter Ocean has something in regard to rice, rice product, rice prices and the rice tariff which Algona people feel interested in, due to the tact that their mayor and leading citizen is the owner of 3,300 acres of rice land in Louisiana, The Inter Ocean says that while the sugar industry of Louisiana has been ruined by the repeal of the McKinley bounty, the rice industry of of the same state is protected by an 80 per cent, tariff imposed bj[ the Wilson bill. It also tells something in regard to the profits of rice growing down there. It says that the rice crop is produced at about the same expense as is the wheat crop of the north, and that the returns from the rice plantation per acre are about what we should realize on wheat at $2 per bushel. The returns are $20 to $50 per acre at present prices, which are said to be 60 per cent, higher than in 1892 and 20 per cent, in excess of 1893, • Editor Mayne, of Emmetsburg, was called on to do some lively work as a good Samaritan last Friday, When Be got off the Milwaukee tram at Algona Ijestepped into the depot amp* and while there he. saw a thinly wan start off for the North- pot. She Jjad no covering i or eai's ,a'rjd little fop hep banW, : w'&ije a big' .valise which she M -TeVWt^ ttie lattey.busy.' It was cpi4e§t day for 10Q ,ye,ars, and the pwSn was ewe to be badly fro- "lefore reaching her destination load, The editor an-oft time, and all 'ftoo S6 IMftfc,«fc join ifl the ball. The pforeeeda, alof f With' those of the Sflbp«r f can g6 to tin general charity fund, Which is already low, and there can be afi exemplification of the charity which "blesses him that gives and him thattakes," as well as that other, and equally blessed charity which "suffereth long and is kind." This all presupposes that the flag day exercises shall be in the Opera House 5ft the afternoon. The exercises of last year under this head Were so success- 1 ful and so much enjoyed thatthere should be no omission this year or hereafter. The afternoon is the time for these exercisps, for only in the *day time can there be a full attendance of the children and the flag procession, which the writer has set down as the most inspiring sight that Algona has ever witnessed. * A very large audience gathered at the Congregational church Sunday morning, the occasion being a union memorial service in honor of Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday anniversary is February 12th. There were probably very few present who were previously aware of the illness of Rev. Stevens which prevented him from delivering the address which was assigned to him^ but it happened that Rev. Davidson was the only minister in the pulpit, Rev. Kennedy being called into the country to attend a funeral. Though the knowledge that he would be expected to deliver the address came to Rev. Davidson only Saturday noort, he entered the pulpit fully prepared for the difficult duty, one requiring an intimate knowledge of historical facts as a first requisite, and delivered a sermon of an hour and a half to an intensely interested congregation. No higher proof of his great ability was ever given by this gifted preacher. The music by the choir was appropriate to the occasion and was very finely rendered. At the close the congregation sang "America." The observance of the day was a great success. New Goods! Abstracts of -Tlth, OFFICE OVER ALQoNA STATE RANK Real festate, and Insuf-afiee Foundry and Machine Shop, MULUCA& OHNSTEDT, Props. We do repairing of all kinds. Iron and braa.s castings and bdiler work done on short notice. Pipo and pipe fittings and brass ^oods of all kinds tn stock. Wo are here to slay. Shop east of Rutherford House. ——**-•• orders promptly attended. MtrLLiCA & OHNSTE1XT, Atgrotta, Iow». Pocket Knives T TKTIL MARCH ISf, WJB U will place on sale a good substantial,, .two-bladed pocket knife, fully wart-anted, at \ This is an opportunity to get a good strong knife at a small cost, After Marcli 1st you will pay 60c for it—the regular price. Come in and look over our Pocket Knives,. Scissors and Razors. We have Swedish Razors-the best in the Market. Try our High Grade Winter Lubricating Oil. It don't Freeze. \ , M, DOXSEEL WINKIE'S OLD STAND.- her d fbetwo parted rn* When ^hey ot wowiw'aewFB- were site ofthe. he, p he had re We are receiving new Spring and Summer Goods each day in all lines. Many of our custom e r s when we show them our new Spring Goods, cbngra tul ate us on the fact that we are in a position to show new goods first Tliey know the choicest of the season is to be had early; they appreciate the fact and are buying Zephyr Ginghams, Swivell Silks, Dimnity, lawns Pongee, Corea, Madras, Lucknow, Zephyrs, Brilliants, Dotted Swiss, etc., as if it were mid-summer. Tho fact is, we have so few old to sell not in a position to -•te like if) " fo fy 5AHTA CIAU5. b^t apd SANTA C1AUS SOAP i*'* • i * fl ' £ ^ *<i \1 X ,*! say much about th^m but we have Without change of cars. All meals served in dining cars. Palace drawing-room sleeping .cars and tourist sleepers are run through to San Francisco without change, with annex sleeping cars to Los Anr geles, leaving Chicago daily via THE North - Western Line Variable rout tourist tickets, to California andi the health and pleasure resorts of the south, on sale at VERY LOW RATES. Detailed information can be obtained upon application to Agent. ^.CHICAGO & NORTH --WESTERN R'Y. , , p< U-iss THE INTER OCEAN -IS THE- Most Popular Republican Newspaper of the West ^,, m And Has the Hargest Circulation. • • '•" ,f! BY MAIL DAILY (withoHt Sunday) $$,oo j$, „ ^ , i1tt ^ DAILY (with Sunday) ,,. $Ma' P?F ye»r ^ ' ' ; «\, *jj& The Weekly Inter Ocean | $1,00, V,F PER YEAS \Wl'==r". « ^ \ , ,i ',-" V JAS • 'VH.-^i . " <;' > ^© '' i ». The Weekly Inter Ocean2^i t i|p| AS' A : f AlftllY PAPBR IS NOT EXCEUEP •• -•'" !i|SisMjaBfi!i!&a( l JSsrs6.<»«i« l »« 11 " ill "- r »' tsWfaBzr.llSSias ." HIHBr || I IS *»"'-"* ';ii : )f^Q.WTi6.Aax_iir'. «af fr '^W;V<**\*"'-':', c . l \ r Tai»p|.lWs^»'t dMMj -*• sfr*.*>' * ',, IT ;4":^ ; '%>'»'»• J Mf^f',^! SkiRfciV^'*

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