The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 13, 1895 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1895
Page 4
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•f^sr* - ' v *• i trir BY MILTON stARR. One Year, in Six Months... ?hrfte Months l\ Advance $1.50 ". 75 40 AimAHAM LINCOLN. Lacking two months it is now thirty years since the martyrdom ot Abraham Lincoln, and thirty years as well since the end of the war, for the assassination was just five days after the surrender of Lee at Appomattox marked the breaking of the rebel power. On that terrible day Stanton, who stood at his bedside, said as Lincoln expired, " Now he belongs to the ages." Those words were wholly true, and probably beyond the thought of him who uttered them, for while familiar association with Lincoln only deepened the sense of his greatness, instead of dispelling an illusion with which some men deemed great are able to surround themselves, time and distance alone could set in relief his personality and his service to his country and the world. We are able to-day to say that no man has more surely won the pledge ol undying fame. • The fame of Lincoln rests lirst upon his character. With that his countrymen are satisfied. If any man desires to compare Lincoln with other men who are called great, let him read Emerson's estimate of the character of Napoleon. It is impossible to conceive of Lincoln as n towering intellectuality merely. He was as distinguished for his moral equipment as for his intellectual powers. Jlisspeeches, and the leadership he so easily won in what tag. _»11 ~ our Iowa republican convention campaigns, that they hate not been char- acterised by dishonorable methods. They have frequently been "hot," but they have not been corrupt. The fact is that the republicans themselves, whom the Times-Republican pictures as striking the dignified attitude of jurymen in a murder trial, will have their favorite candidates and have their coats off and at Work for them and be just as anxious for their success as are the candidates themselves. .The fact that Jackson was nominated two years ago without asking for the nojfiination and apparently Without Wanting it, ii no criterion for this year. The conditions are wholly different now. There are many strong men who want the nomination and there will be a hard fight to wirt it. TOBBA Wf f^* "• ijqyA, mifi ."• •» fww **- (I tfcff rfl What the Law Prdvidfea ih fc lation to Libraries ttf eftted by Special Tax, is To be a City Library Managed by k City Board—The Tax a Regular thing after First Levied—Would i&riibi- idate All the Libraries. , apt&reM fcrttttaragM laio maWthftUbe forties t°^V s ?tFfc times in later tears, ^.M£MM* friends were absent, but that the? were there themselves. So it trans-' pires that we have to. rely agon verfr slim data with Which to satisfy our natural curiosity. But it seems that just by chance an editor was in the office of a Justice of the Peacfc out at Hawarden a few days ago, when one of those spontaneously engaged cdup* lescame in for an impromptu ceremony, and he as follows: The Justice said: fl An A^erAgfc Ten Ufty& of fol ihfe of 6.4 tJi SfelW "Hats oft in the The running of the town of Lu Verne appears to bo a hard job -if the frequency of resignations signify anything.' . A year or so ago, if the writer's memory is not at fault, there was fi crisis precipitated by the resignation of the mayor, and it was hard to lind a man to fill his place. The statement as usually put forth in the newspaper is intended us praise, if not flattery, but in the case of tho Ln Verne crisis it was the bald, literal fact. At the last meeting of the council that body had three vacancies to fill, that of marshal, to which oflico W. A. Patterson was elected but failed to qualify, and councilman and health physician, both of which o(liens wen; held by Or. Lacy, who absolutely rofnseilto sorvn the city longer in those capacities. The council easily found an alderman and a marshal, but at last accounts thoy were looking for a health oflicer. uprising Besides Dos Moinori has done,the square and liberal thing by the Statu Fair in meeting every demand of the officers. Tho latter asked of the city the pledge that it would take :.'0.000 tickets, the equivalent of a loan There has been soine inquiry as to what the law provides in relation to the expenditure of money voted for library purposes, and by whom the library so created shall be managed. Chapter 42 of the laws of the twenty- fifth general assembly covets the ground of these inquiries? It provides for'the appointment by the mayor, with the consent of the council, of a board of nine bona fide residents of the city» male or female, over 21 years of age, who shall have full charge of the library. The terms of these trustees are fixed at two years and the terms of one third of them expire each year. They are to elect a president and secretary and employ such persons as fyiey may see lit to have change of the library as Well as adopt rules, for its government in all respects, and on the first day of August in each year determine the amount to be appropriated for library purposes for the coming year, one mill being the maximum permitted, certifying the same to the iity council, who shall include it in their annual levy. When the tax is voted it seems to involve an annual levy for the purpose regularly thereafter. The monej received for library purposes is kept as a separate fund by the treasurer and paid out upon the order 6f tho board of trustees, signed by its secre- presence of the court" All beinjr covered he proceeded- t "Hold up your right hand. You, John Mattkin, do you solemnly swear to the f best of yer knowledge ah' belief, that yer take this woman to have an' to hold for yourself, yer heirs, execryters, adnaitt* istraters. assigns, for yer and their use fortver?" "I do," answered the groom promptly, "ton, Alice Evans, take this yer man for husband, to have and to hold forever, an' you do most solemnly swear that yer lawfully seized in fee simple an' free from all. encumbrance, an* have good right to sell,bar The Lowest is Twehty*four JBegrets Below— Sotne Interesting Gotttpatisons of temperatures. Mr* 0. P. i'ettibone, the : aiitlibriMd wheather observer at Algoiia, gives the BtePuuMcAtt some figure's showitig the indications of the thermometer for the first ten days of the present moh'th. He gives iis for each day the lowest and also the mean or average temperature as follows: if* . with th6 bfftn, , the lighter colorejd WM . find there Is not so maeb . the protein element as theft ia twice. Sti btif .the" DTfin sells the lowestbji "the market tot. Ourfeeofue, we think, celved when they t>ay. away tip. nice looking light ddiofed ""' more starch bran has the looks ftttd the less it is Wgrth fbl ittg th6 milkitlg CdWSi feed What will make */«. twuws* ..«•*•» --.... ,» n — _-- ^ ,j . |i- gain au' convey to said grantee, his heirs, administrators, an' ass<gttftf" "I —t do," said the bride doubtfully. "Wall, that air's worth a dollar and a half." Are we married?" asked the bride. "Ves, know all men by these presents, that I, being in good health and of sound mind and disposition, in consideration of a dollar'n fifty cents to me in hand well and truly paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do, and by these presents have declared you man an' wife during good ^ You the easeifl'; milk, for, tthile easeib does fldt high as fat; the cow cab only makwst as she is fed to make casfeifl. • '- Lowest. ,.,—24'... ... —8.,.. ...—18.... ,..—20.... ...—10 . 1. 2.', 3! 4. 5. (i —"> 7....—21 o - on . ,,',*,...' <K!!!. — a!,. • •<••• 10....—14 ....••• The lowest 'temperature Average. —8 ...—1.5 . behaviour or until by this court." otherwise ordered was essentially a moral againsl slavery attest this, such a man as Lincoln, Napoleon was a monster. Men may work up an admiration for Napoleon, and even an enthusiasm, but when we come to Lincoln they can do that and more, for to the end of time men will not cease to revere and love him. When we estimate the services of Lincoln we find his name linked with the greatest, the most auspicious events of tho nineteenth century. The fame of Lincoln.will endure as long as the memory of those events endures. Apply to his work the measure of greatness which Christ gave to the -\vorld, "He that is greatest of all is the servant of all." and it suffers no abatement; it is in fact only by so estimating it that we most highly honor Lincoln. Lincoln had his own estimate ot the importance of that work, consummated under his leadership. He put his estimate upon it in bis Gettysburg oration and in many of his public utterances. He told his old neighbors at Springfield that the task imposed upon him was greater than that which weighed upon Washington. There is one thing in regard to Lincoln which strikes us with especial wonder. Coming of what might be called a "poor white trash" ancestry, and from an early environment almost beyond civilization, nobody ever felt called upon to cite these facts as an excuse for or an explanation of any failures or limitations of his. When the wild Kentucky weed blossomed into the most perfect flower of statesmanship it was a new wonder among many which our political life has brought forth, and the greatest wonder of -its kind. The tender feeling with which he is regarded is due in large measure to the fact that his memory is with us of the north bound up with that of those others, nearer but not dearer to us, who gave up their lives for the Union. The man who struck him down did not do so because of any personal enmity, but because he represented,or incarnated, the Union cause. If is for this reason that the feeling is wholly justified. His blood it was which, mingling with .that which had leaped out from the hearts of patriotic men in four years of holy war, finally and forever sealed the covenant by which liberty and union were made the heritage of his countrymen. ofSlO.OOO. The prospects of the fair are immensely enhanced by this action of the business men ot the capital city. THE COUNTY POOR FARM. Is it a Poor Ear^rn in Fact as Well as in Name? A Farmer Wants a Statement of Income and Expenses—An Experimental Use of the Farm Suggested. The science of chemistry is only about ii ft y years old, and yet it is occasion of surprise that a constituentof the air which we breathe has eluded the analysis of tho scientific world up to the present time. The newly discovered constituent is ara- fron or lazy gas. It is given the latter name because of its nature, and not because Jt is responsible for tho inertia which holds down a good share of the human breed. Public sentiment against ex-Qucon L1I- iuakalina was brought todhe climax by the publication of correspondence proving her intention to decapitate the members of the Dole government the moment 'that her expected restoration to the throne^ by President Cleveland should bo accomplished. But now the Ilawaian government has decided that those participatinjr in the late attempt at revolution shall hang, and likely tho dusky queen will be one of the number, as she is at present being tried for treason. They are a bloodthirsty combination out there. This is the interesting situation according to the ever-truthful Marshalltown Times-Republican: "At the present rate the 'bar' clause with its restrictions regarding hours, screens, tables, etc., will soon be not a serious matter but laughingstock. The bar clause 'restrictions' are a nullity in nine places out of ten and the area of nullification steadily expands. There will be hardly anything the 'rigid restrictions' Nebraska license law. The bar clause regulations are as generally nullified and defied as the tax part ol the law is strictly enforced. Tho contrast between tho two parts grows plainer and stronger every day." Tho smart solons who went back on prohibition because it •'could not be enforced" will get a pointei from the above statement of fact. tary and countersigned by the mayor. The board makes a report annually, on the 30th of June, of the condition of the treasury and of its operations. It is thus to be understood that the vot- inc of the tax means that the library which it is intended to create shall be a city library, conducted by city officials. It is understood, of course, that the present library will be donated and also become city property, under, the city management. The managers of the library are in fact among the most active supporters of the tax. As was said in these columns some weeks ago, it is also understood that the Monday Club library would go in with it, and lius we should have a substantial nu- leus for a library which might be made within a short time, .a creditable aud eneficial institution. A TIMELY INQUIRY. To the Editor: There is much dis- left in a year of copied from the Tho democratic administration has go another hard whack from tho overwhelm ly democratic house of representatives That body by a majority of twenty-seven refusing to pass administration currency bill number two to a third reading. Con gross failing him, Cleveland sent to Con gress on Friday a special message an nouncing that he had negotiated a $02,000,000 loan of coin bonds at tho extraordinary rate of 4 per cent, and to run for thirty years. THE LAW FOB TIIE LADIES. Some of our lady readers are disturb- d because somebody who probably lever read the law said there was Joubt as to their lawful right to vote on the library tax. For their encouragement we quote the law in full: vSec. 1. That in any election hereafter icldin any city, incorporated town or school district for the purpose of, issuing cussiou going on among farmers in regard to the expenses at the poor farm and the management thereof. I believe it will not be out of place to make a few remarks through your excellent paper and suggest to our Honorable Board of Supervisors that an annual statement of income and expenditures be made public, so we may know how much of a benefit the poor farm is to Kossuth county. In my old borne county in Illinois the poor farm consists of a little over 200 acres, and the income from all sources was over $4,000, leaving a handsome surplus after a high-salaried overseer and other help were paid. ,Nowit seems to me our pooL-;.farm;couldbaso conducted,as to yield a revenue after paying for the labor performed in carrying it on. Then I believe it might be made, in a small way, an. experimental farm and be made to demonstrate that crops can be raised far above the now produced in the county, ,...:.. —1.8 r was 24 de- BreeB U beiow"/ero, a'nd the average for the ten days was G.4 beloWi' The mean temperature was not above zei'0 any day. A comparison with the nvst ten days of February, 1893, shows for the latter a mean temperature at the zero point, while for the same period of 1894 it was 19 above. Mr. Pettibone says the weather this February was the coldest for the time that be ever saw. As to the month of January, the mean temperature this year was 12 above, as against 14.8 above in 1894, and 8.7 above in 1893. , , , It will be noticed that the lowest indications do not correspond with reported indications of thermometers generall v about town, but the latter, on the other hand, did not come anywhere near agreeing with one another. The average thermometer is only approximately correct, whereas the one upon which Mr. Pettibone relies for his data was tested by the state bureau and may be regarded as wholly reli- a The manner in which the average temperature for 24 hours is obtained is. by setting down the indications at 7 aim. and 2 p.m., doubling that at9 p. rn., adding the whole and dividing by four. It has been determined by painstaking ' observation that this method gives, as near as it can be obtained, the average temperature for 24 hours. For the convenience of subscribers Whose place of doing bttsi- ness is ifl some other town in thtt cdtitt- ty than Algotta, an arrangement has been made by the publisher wheffcby payments, on subscription to the pager may be made aC any one of the follow" ing named banks: BANCROFT— Farmers* afld Traders 5 Havings Bank. , BURT— The Btirt Bank. WHiTTEMORE — Whittemore State Bank. WESLEY— Wesley State Bank. LEDYARD— State Bank of Ledyard. GERM ANI A— State Bank of Germania. SWEA CITY— Swea City Bank, • ELMORE— Elmore Exchange Bank. , Subscribers paying for the year in advance can avail" themselves of 'our lowest clubbing rates, given herewith. Thia arrangement is made with a view to accommodating any who may find it more convenient to pay their subscription at their home bank. All business Coming through these banks will be given prompt attention. RELIEF CORPS MEETING. The W. E. C. will meet Thursday, Feb. 14, at 2 o'clock p. m. sharp, to accommodate those wishing to" go to Emmetsburg. MARY E. TAYixm, > President. average and also WILL im A LIVELY CAMPAIGN, A recent editorial in the" Marshall- to.wp. Times-Bepublicau would lead the trusting reader, to believe that all political precedent is going to be reversed at'the coming republican state convention, for it says that "the republicans of Iowa Will resent any' attempt to work a boom for any particular wan for goVernQr. They expect and are giaxBoget and read complimentary notices of all of the candidates for the governorship, but detection of any deliberate forestalling by quiet work will prove, a boomerang, both Uvthe candi- da^e aud his hired man. In other words the republicans of Iowa are ajl of age, capable of Judging of the merits of any man for that position without advice from interested parties." The very strong probability is, nevertheless, that the coming contest for the governorship will be hotily contested and that every candidate who b,opes to win will use the usual methods of securing sup- One of tho most valuable little' papers to & boy or girl who is interested in thestudy ef electricity is the Detroit Electrical Student. It costs only *1 a year and is worth many times that to a boy or girl,'or to any one wishing to familiarize himself with the simple and elementary facts of electricity and the application of that agent to tho uses of daily life. It is better than Trilby. •' • .' ' : Prof. James Wjlson, of the Iowa Agricultural Collegs, and J. C. Baker, of Em- There will be "qvjiet work.," as well as ope« woi% &»<! WQJ& with motsburg, have been appointed by Gov. Jackson to represent this state on a joint commission of. tho states Qf Minnesota, Nebraska and North and South Dakota to deal with -the Russian thistle pest. These commissioners are to meet tomorrow atSt Paul to devise methods of protection and to recommend legislation in regard thereto to tho legislatures of the several states The next meeting of the will be held at Esthorvillo next August, and tlu Vindicator says "the now opera house wil bo a.n excellent place in which to hold th meetings." Istherville has become a large and thriving'town within the pas few years, Al. Adams, of the IlumboW Independent, is tho new president of th association. r $o settle -the question whether groun hog day counts the Inter Oisean has made ' any bonds for municipal or school pur- noses, or for tho purpose of borrowing money, or for tho purpose of increasing the tax levy, the right of any citizen to vote shall not be denied or abridged on account of sex, and women may vote at such elections the same as men, under tho same restrictions and qualih'eations. THE VOTE TO SUBMIT. Action of the City Council Submitting to Vote the Library Tax Question. ALGONA, Iowa, Feb. 9, '95.—The City Council met in special session upon call of the Mayor, to consider the question of submitting fit the coming annual election a proposition to levy a tax for library purposes. Mayor Call in the chair. Present- Aldermen Vesper, Garfleld, Pettibone, Cordingley, Magnusson and Hutchins. Absent—Aldermen Wadsworth and Nicoulin. A petition of the citizens of Algona vaspresented and read asking that he council submit to the vote of the )eople at the coming municipal elec- ion a proposition for the city to avail tself of the provisions of the Code elative to the establishment of public ibraries. The following resolution wasoffered: llesolved, That the question of levy- ng a tax of one mill on the dollar for jbrary purposes under the provisions of the Cocle be submitted to the voters of Algona'at the election to be Marj3h4th, 1895. Carried unanimously, . Moved and seconded that the Coua* il adjourn, Carried. A. A. CAPL, Mayor. CHAS. A. ConisNOUR, City Clerk. UW1I IJHJ*-!. V*V'WV* *.- -- ./ I show that we can grow successfully all kinds of grains and grasses adapted to this latitude fully as well as farther east. . ' , . ,. For instance, clover, the king ot forage crops, is said to be a success in this county. Thetfarm might exemplify the best mode of corn culture, also of small erain: in fact, we might have the farm produce maximum crops under a successful and skilled foreman, and show, in fact, that farming pays PERSONAL MENTION. Mrs. J. B. Winkel and her daughter, Mrs. Miller, left for the hitter's home, at Stratford on. Friday. Mrs. Winkel will visit her son at Galva before returning. . • L H. Mayne, of the Emmetsburg Reporter, was in Algona on Friday to meet his sister, who came down from Bancroft and returned with him to Emmetsburg. -,-. .^ •.K,:.U:V:,.;p;l;A^ S "X." Way, "'of" tl'ie'" Wesley 'State Bank, was a visitor in Algona yesterday. F M. Whitman reached home Friday morning after a tpur of Louisiana; Texas and Oklahoma on mail route business for Call and Cowles. Mike Weisbrod was doing business j in town yesterday afternoon. Mrs. C. D. Creed is quite sick. Andy llobinsou, of Britt, was in Algona yesterday. , The Lu Verne News says that Guy Tavlor was down from the "hub" on some legal business the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lee and daughter Ethel, are visiting at the home, ol her parents, Mr. and Mrs, G. H. Lam- bee at 1 I fully believe the farm can be made to pay, but it must be under the management of a man who knows his business, and who can be held-responsible for any mismanagement. He should render quarterly or semi-annual statements to the board for their approval, and recommend any changes he may desire, which should be approved if within bounds. Show the people that the farm can be made profitable and a benefit to the county, and by all nieans issue an annual statement of income and expense, and let the people know what of rights they should know, A FAUMEII. son. London Layer Baisins are away down. By the box at Walker Bros.—tf MONEY. I have unlimited money to loan on long or short time. Archie Ilutchinson arrived home Friday from Louisiana fqr • a stay of two or three weeks. He reports good progress in opening up the ryje plantation. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Spear {eft for California on Thursday, going by the Sante Fe route. They expect to return in a couple of .months by way of Salt Lake. THING TO FEED CATTLE. Prof. Tames Wilson, of the Agricultural' College, Replies to Mr. Lund's Question. Being greatly interested in the feeding of both dairy cows and beet cattle, running a large farm hero, I iind it from year to year more and more necessary to understand tho proportionate value of the different fodders and grain usually fed on our Iowa farms based upon sciontuic oo- servatlons and researches, and hence MUST HAVE THE BEAN SUPPER. The following resolution, passed bv the G. A. K. boys, is handed t>us for publicatioq: llesolved,-'by James C. Taylor Post, in regular session, that we disapprove of the program outlined by conference committee for Washington's birthday, and that we still favor a bean supper. By order of Commander D- D. DODGE. A. W.' PATTERSON, Acting Adg't. WILL RUN A SPECIAL COACH. A postal card from Eev. Bobt. Bagr uell, of Emmetsburg, saysi . coach has .cast ining, so TjuaT.aawhc), de^ro"ib*h6ar 1 W^ttcr9&nVcaln--d6 .., out much? discomfort orijoss of time. Tiosc .attending should notify G. B. Matsonwho v can reserve the seats. We look for a,. Dig t crowd. , .Yours, > < ROBT. UAGNELT* ^ L > Olives by the pint, quart, or gallon^ at Langdon & Hudson's. ; , (First mortgages MONET TO LOAN ON \ 2nd mortgages,, ! • ( Collateral. ; GEO. C. CALL.. . . T* A good 8-room house for rent for one or more years. Centrally located. r. 2w C. L. LTQNI). That lOc table of canned goods is the attraction at Walker Bros.—18tf RELIEF SUPPLIES. All persons having clothing to spare ' for the relief of the needy are reque$- ed to leave it with Mrs. Setchell, at her store, as early as convenint. By order of the 'Copt,/ Mince Meat and Pie Preparation,^ Langdon & Hudson's. - * WE make .a specialty of collections Cloud & Haggard. - ;". White comb honey at Langdon'.^ ^ Hudson's, JUSTICE COURT WEDPINQS. How They Are Solemnized—Do Jus* tices Taylor and Clarke Follow the j Hawarden Form? ' No doubt a great many persons have been curious to know how- people are married by a Justice of the Peace, It has got to be quite the thing for coup* Jes from the country to drive jnto town, visit the post office, do their usual aVirmniner. ffO to the Office Of JuptUje HOBSES TAKEN UP, Taken up by undersigned, Jan. 20, span stray horses; one bay horse, blacK mane and tail, 9 years old, 900 pounds, shod in front, and one dark, bay mare, white face and white fore legs, white brand U F. D.," on left front .shoulder, 800 pounds, FRED D, DOIJJVBR, - Dlmore, Minn, , Two miles south of Elmore, in.Kos- suth county, Iowa. l j '* u 30 Ibs sugar for $1 at Walker Bros,-tf HOME-MADE The W. H. M, S, will sell fresh home made baking at Brownell's .shoe store Saturday afternoons and evenings.18-4 Chase & ^anborn's famous Boston Coffees and Seal Brand Tea for sale only by .Walker Bros— 18tf would greatly value a table giving; sueh information for tho purposes- mentioned. information for tho purposes- If you are in possession of such tables may I ask you to sohd mo one, and ir not, will you Uiudly advise mo where one can be obtained, At present I am greatly in See that line of canned goods at the 'Opera House Grocery., ' ^/. Bock salt for stock at Langdon ] Hudson's. . - ; /'t, ' Go to the Opera House Gro<jer'y rf an|. see what ten cents will do. •,+ ^\^ , Syrup by the gallon, 25c at.Lan^ji & Hudson's. "•' 'Y, , "I 4 for tbQ ye^ra froin 187? r^rffowVhlchitflnasthat the ground log was right cloven years -" , of] twelve. ;oto the office Olafle pi- Taylor, emerge therefrom a few wjowtea^ater and then go home roamed, The Justice is alwyB >tiiten to"urniB? and so has no time to not*' t:y Weif rienfls to b* PR hand, ^he S?wKwfBW»Wrt«9flSy A del cans of the Court House CONVENTION, ate convention of the republ}' city of Algona wijl bo heldat ouse Thursday, February 81, at?! dates 3V» *f-»V^f""T-Tir^J •^ TS -!----» Jjj' place in nomination oaiwh 3 voteu for at the egming city The respective wards will 1 -~— repVesbntatiou as follows: first " votes, second 5 votes, third 3 votes, ave doubt how to feed my dairy cows, ground .wheat, wheat, bran and middlings 6r a mixture of corn and oats ground. As far as my beef cattle are concerned, I am not much wiser. Corn is 35 cents here, oats 34 and wheat 40 to 45 cents per bushel. Wheat bran about $13 and middlings $15 per ton, c - ^- LlJND ' Algona, Iowa. For milk you must feed what'is most like milk in its constituents, as the cow can not cbapge the constituents of her food but only transfer them to Ugr body, Milk is rich in protein and has a nutritive ratio of U4, one partp| P.oi> tein to four ot. starchy matter, and what is fed to wake it must have »U tbatusfpund in m«fc m uV' Wbegt bran has a ratio sinyter-to milk, wheat ground is not wortli as mHoh to you be, cause if bontains wore starch, -and your corn fodaer has plenty o£ starch in it, Porn is stiUJpore starchy an4 js not a gopd feeder milk" w..# tendency to wake fat ratbej Middlings are pot sp-g ,, |hey aw row, A.11 kinds of Silverware, ," •Repairing i ,DQDQ%$'',mm MEflTMflRKET, ket, 1 shaU rujf tt ift> ,5 votes. j. W. WA«SWQ«TH J. the. teu orinH buy flftOi «w ttfa yfty lafWw is Io ift»eu W Oaf ^ th§nj a s,aje reed. *pur OAUION..BB09,,"

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