The Western Sentinel from Winston-Salem, North Carolina on December 15, 1911 · Page 7
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The Western Sentinel from Winston-Salem, North Carolina · Page 7

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1911
Page 7
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commissioners, Sanford nyerly, J. K. oeeded. b'j Charlea Buford, - . Vr"i"e Meeting. l.llmer, P, A. Wilson. T. J. Brown. J. MM WMSXQM WAS YOUNG. 't'k Is now occupied by Joyce Brothers.) . Wanted Law Enforced... An or.Wr waa pjisseU hv the intiird to the fffect that the onlinu no In " AUimtiKh.'C. Hamleu, O. tW. llltt- A report aa made to the row ml c sloner of the first, meet Ing Jut tli. shareholder ot the Wluston Wattc Company and it waa reported that the Water System Aaltated. ... ' V . J-.,'-."..'.- -V -..,. .T . enect at thai time relative t, the sale M' thrt meeting held on May Crh expense of constrnotlon of the ,m- ienercsfng Facs Found n Muncpa Records in Earfy Days of the City., a reaoluUou waa piuuied favor-ing using one half of the Income from ths laxn for the purpose ot eatabllitli-Ing water Works in the city and also vi imuur e strictly enforved and that one third ut the tin iniKied l.v the mayor b pjj to tlw person inform ng the ofileers of any illegal 8a),. f liquor. tent nt that time waa t44.tia6.Bt, - Qat Pipes. On November Slat, lS8!t, permiiv was granted for lay in- the sat oIium iuj lutncnic KCtat 5CKUGGS.) B.uring me organiutuou of one or in the city, the work to "begin ninety mom nro ro)npaule, . "8plnnlno Jennv" Tk' A provision was made later whereby ono-balf of th fine was given the Inforiner. Water Sunoiv. Fetter R. I. Bell.'A. J. Stafford, and m,nal growth and devel against fire. ' days after tho date permission is given and the streets to be replaeeiV in good condition, ' The contract wm A license tax ot 110 was provided for "spinning Jennloa" or flvlna- clr. Fourteenth Administration MnBfnn In thA w. narrow. Flrat Doa Tax. Boundary Ptv.ri l.f the city n ' -- A commltteo of t. una signed on November 83rd. The fourteenth administration la given in the minutes ot May mth, Utury is a mw Fire Deeartmant. 'hf'lt,11ol;ntarr line between Salem and Winston was fixed by a joint committee from the two boards of The first dog tax was ordered April 20th, 1X61. The tax was 25 cents for one dog and fifty cents !or each ad , .he older men m Offsr a Reward, A reward ot lit) waa offered by the to confer with a similar committee rrom balom on July 27th, 1S77. with view to bringing water to ti tun On December lih. 1880. Dr. J. A. I, us touows: Mayor, J, w. Ala. pnugu; commissioners, J. Maslen, Jas; tie foundations oi ine board for the apprehension and con ditional dog. A tax of $1 was provid- Blum was authorised by the board to organise a company ot U man he-tween the ages of 18 and 45 to be uns uom some accessible point am) Lnt ecncration that is a. uray, u. w. Hinshaw P. A Wil son, J. S. White and a. H H, viction ot anyone ateallof the 'city lamps. 1 . J .v, oovuiv esummes or t ih niviini,u ea on nogs running at large. Fourth Administration. L the responsibilities that wmnuBgioners ana the committee Bp-Pointed by the Winston board report ed the matter fixed at the meeting held on December 18tn, 1800. It was reported that it hud h.n r.i,i..A ... A..... .. . ..... James A. Gray was elected aecre- vvm ui mi worn. unown aa tne Winston lire Company. Twtnty.fourth Admlnliin Twerrty-nlnth Adminlatration. The twenty-ninth administration fol .mselves, and to the coming Mayor H. Thomas; Commissioners, Twenty.firtt Admlnlgtratlon uuy ana treasurer. Fira Aimarilm ..... , HumilllSirtlnti wan U that i nw ci....i L future work, but to North Our present excellent fire deimrt- r. a. wuson, j. u. Tavis, n. s. cook, G. H. Renlgar, R. Gray, Simeon White, and D. H. Starbuck. lwuuun me uenerai Assembly of North Carolina to establish the boundary "be- . iuuuwb: .Mayor, A. H. Gorrell; commlssiouprs, J. Bitting, p. a. Wll- lows: iMhyor, T. J. Wilson; commit- , alonera, IX H. Starbuck, A. B, Gorrell, W. w. Wood, J. W. Alapaufh, 8. iA, Ogburn. A. A. Smith, and a H. Hod- viii ima us oegiuning on June 3rd The twenty-fourth administration followa: Mayor, A. a Gorrell; rora-miaalonere, J. A. White, Sanford By-erly, P. H. Ilanes, P. A. Wilson, R. D. Brown. J. A. Gray. Israel Clement, colored, was also a member of the I at large. (,i.ii.u.8 m me Mam street on the Sou- iu, nen It was ordered that live The hoard passed an order for a large supply of candles to be used at . b. uyony, w. V, llonly, P. W. Dalton, W. E. Hall, T. J. Brown. has smiled on tne city, u Kin. , . lauuers be made, three with hooks, to be used In case of nre. They wer built under the inspection of n mm. worn ooununry line of Winston and thence east and west on and alongside the south side of the street dividing the two towns of Winston and Salem D. H. Rtarbuclc reslimed u he waa weniy.econd Administration The minutes ot the meeting fcu weir meetings; the property tax was Increased to 20 cents on the $100 val tltoral that it should in -view endid efforts that have 'been uoHra. Mr. James A. Gray was elocled aa elected president ot the power contr lay, mlttee from the board and were to uation; an order was passed suppress on May 7th, 1S79, give tho twontv-ser ond ailministratlon as follows: Mnvor m an easterly and westerly dirontinn 0r citizens Many or. uie secretary. "e Kept so aa not to ho exposed to as far as the corporation lines of the Market Houaa. ' 1 A city market houae waa first di played a proimueui. y. . t ommlssloner Byerly resigned and me weainer and not to be loaned ex iuwiis exienaea. it iho e tv in us eaiiy.uajo ing me sale or liquor in less quantities than one barrel; the street force's equipment was reported as follows: 4 shovels, 4 mattocks, 2 scrap A. 11. Gorrell; commissioners, C Hamlet), J. A. Bitting, Sanford Hverlv T. I. Brown, W. n, Glenn. P. a: Wi'ls..,. cept on the order of the board." was siiceeeoeti py t:0l. J. W. Alspaugh. Israel ClemenL colored, dlad whll Take Precaution. Led the Great Divide hut the cussed by the city officials on February 2nd, 1SH6, although it was ionie A meeting was held m TWomho,. Fifteenth Administration. The fifteenth administration fnl. and G. W. Hinshaw. erving as commissioner. ers, 1 crow-bar, and one cart. isly city stanuH muuu-,. m Hie efforts of the splen- time afterwards that tha but dint waa Col. G. W. Hinshaw was elect,! lows: .Mayor. T. T. lksl: riimnii.. erected. 1--.. - , -. r,v, v; Given Pewr, On October 19th. 1SS1. th Wtntn 29th, 1800, for the purpose ot devising ways and means for preventing the spread of a contagions dlsens viat. Fifth Administration. In the minutes of the meeting of cretary. K who stood at the helm and L j.nnv of this great com- tewerag Proposlttan ' At an informal xneetlna of the sloners, Edward Spa ugh. H. (A. Holder, .1. s. White, N. w. Nadine. Water Company was liven exctualva Important Petition. An Important petition was present- Eich is already North Caro- "g in baiem at that time although board held at th mayor's law office B. Watson. J. S. Miller, and A It n, April 11th, 1863,, the firth administration Is given as follows: Mayor H. K, Thomas; commissioners. N. S. Cook. power to lay water mains In Uie streets of the city and to maintain a iniuuin uu iiul siaio me nature rell. isputed commercial cemei , jives promise of 'becoming ot uie disease. People were warned not to visit each other and a neimliv (Hi to this ndiulnlBtratlon asking the ward to call an election for the purpose of voting pWQ ,oiuls tor tho on June SSth, 1S, the) matter ot haW ing a survey of th towns ot Winston and Salem made with a view to establishing a sewer - intern w dis Editor Rewarded. Tim hoard nasseil a resnlnlinr G, H, Renigar, J. , D. Tavls, Edward Spach, J. S. White, Thomas- J. Wil hv date one of t he greatest son and D. JI. StarbncK. of $25 was provided in case any physician attending cases of the "contag thanking G. M. Mathls, ut thnt time editor of tho Western Sentinel, t hank cities. , , " '' ' require column after Hie history of the city in , First Financial .Report. The first financial Tepoit on record ....mi ravine anu Winston railroad and $15,(100 Imnds Tor the Capo Kear and Yadkin Valley Railroad. The petition also stated tlmt ih, cussed. A commit tee waa appointed to investigate the matter and they submitted their report Inly 1st 18WL ing mm for his Interest in Hie town ious disease" visited other families without "changing his clothes.". of Winston ami it wns ordered thai C,e task ot chronicling the ,t of live community from was submitted April inth, 1863 by May Col. j, v. Ludlow waa appointed to Administration Appointed: The ninth city administration was or Thomas as follows: cash received tltioners believed Unit graded schools would ho of great value, til tllrt IL'llttk tno board buy him "a pair of breeches and a gourd and relieve him from previous treasurer. II 411.63 io a city must necessarily ,n in the morn important iiihko a survey ana no mane ni re port on September lt, 186, ! appoitited by Major General Daniel and colored citizens of WliiHton nm of poll tax." Tho resolution goes on to nay, "It Is the opinion of the Imnrd waier works system. " - Flra Alarm. During this administration, the eity was divided Into four lire wards to that Urea could be located more easily. The hell was sounded rapidly when a .fire occurred and then tho number of Hie ward was sounded. Fire Apparatua. The decision to purchase the flrat U France lire engine and 1,000 feet of hose and two lumn reels was reached at the meeting held on February tlt, although It wna some time after this that (he apparatus was received. The mutter of securing a book and ladder wagon was firm dlncitsa-ed on July Kith, 1SS2. The first fire engine house was lo- lose that effect the entire taxes collected, $135.35; dw,' $i!2 42'; total, $347.46. ..-.,--. i im "oaru wns askeU to call an lect- ;. Eiootrie Light. On March 7th, 1887, the committee life. -": uiai everytning lie does '.prospers. A destitute soldier's oard bill was Sixteenth Administration. city records throw light on the early days of Winston paid by the : commissioners and his The minutes of the meetiliK held mi stage fare to Pilot Mountain on the kh interesting and instruct- Juno 7th, 1S7.1. i;iv,. Hie Hevt'iit.xuitli 22nd of April, 1803. apiwlnted by the board reported that they found that they preferred right Ing the town of Winston with elc trie lights rather than with gas amf a committee was appointed to invest llgate, A resolution was adopted im March 2Mb. 1H87, that the ctty take 40 aately, the city records are oity administration as follows: .Mavor City Ordinances. w. Kickies, Commander of Military District No, 2, with headquarters at Charleston, 3. C, The order is still preserved and Is as follows: . . (Extract) August 22nd, ISO". Headquarters Second Military District, Charleston, S. C. Special Order No. 13a. VII. The following appointnw-nis of civil officers are hereby announced: Mid state of preservation T. . AlspiiiiRli; commissioner!!, p. a. - The city ordinances existing at that Bate of the incorporation of Wilson, .1. Maslen, (i, 1 Miller. T. I time were first published on April "5th f Winston to in present Vaughn, J. A. Gray, and It '. Bv use.;;. harit at $itM each of 'the itoek o( uii ior vmiug on a tax or 20 Cents un the $liiu valuation and 00 cents on the poll for graded schouls. Signers of Petition. Quite a number of tho progressive citizens who signed GiIb petition are still living and playing nn Imimrtant mvrt lu the development or North Carolina's best city. The following gentlemen signed tho petition: Messrs, i. J. Reynolds, G. L. Beck, C. J. Or-burn, J, W, Hanes, Preston Roan T. U Vaughn. ,1. K. G tinier, B. K, Uiuies, R. Gray, E, L, Hego, P. II, Hanes, It. A. Barrow, George T.. b'omit,, Jamos At, Gray, li. H. Mosely, J. W, Reed, The first one provided a penalty for oatao on Liberty at reot nnd was a num. Street Work. le. only the more important tue wiimton oieetrmi ugnt and ttn tlvo Powett CoDipany.f. f In be touched on in this ar- The administration decided to raise two-story, tirieif, tin-roof building. ? Twenty.fifth Adminlatration. The twenly-tirih administration was A franchise waa granted the com being necessarily a great Military lJost of : Greensboro, North 500 for the purpose ff "repairing, Im utine matters placed on proving, exteudlng, laying out and pany tu operate street car on ' tha' street of the city on t April ft'Mhl' which, although ' they aa follows: Mayor, p. A, Wilson; commissioners, P, H. Hnnes. James issT. (Note. The franchise wii opening up the street of the City.' Tax Report. fcteady development Of the Martin. J. H. Masten. Hainiud 11. changed to the MouUiern ttln-et Hall Carolina, Forsyth County, Town of Winston; Mayor T. T. Best. Commissioners D. H, Starbuck ' J. S. White, J. D. Tavis, Benjamin paugh, Jacob Tise, W. E. Axsom, and X. W. Nading. ime to time, are neveTtne- Smith, John Tls, J, W. Weed and J. The first record of a tax report as lit general public Interest. way Company by the following admlii tstratlon at the request Ot th Win! . Gray, Mr. Gray waa acaln lot. beginning of the city,., the ed secretary. I rar as tne value or property is concerned Is found in the minutes of the meeting held on June 2lt,' IS73. when ton Electric Light and Motive I'owet Compnny. Tho proposed rout ot the1 car-Hue wan named,) - " " J Sewer System, j A commltteo was appointed on the : "The civil officers hereby appointed, will, before entering upon their duties. Is have taken great inter-et Improvement and at in-roughout the records,, the jie city have to be extend- a report was submitted showing the 1 Hill of March. Insx for the nurnnae! Thirtieth Adminlatration, r The nilnuti's of Ui meet lug held : 'alee and subscribe before a Justice of the peace, notary public or other per of coufefrlng with a similar commit to care for the increasing This is true also as to son-authorized by law to administer tee from tho Hnlont commissioners with n vlet of trying to devise a sew- May 6th, IBS?, give the thirtieth nd-ministration a followar Mayor,' h:is. Ithford, oonimlHalonera. li. H. rtiar-, value of real and personal property In the town to bo $100,000,75 polls, and 85 subject to the road tax. Hog Law Prevails. On Juno 19th, 1874, a report was submitted showing the outcome of the proposed hog law which showed that Ion of the corporate limits or swm for both communities. the spirit of progress may carrying a lighted lamp or caudle, cigar or pipe Into a barn or outbuilding In the city; the fourth one provided a penalty for flying kites in the streets. A provision was made in the ordinance regulating the liquor traffic; In the city ; whereby It could be prescribed for medicinal purposes by "sober physicians." Aid Confederates. On the 21st or July, 1803, In view of tihe Confederate soldiers returning home, a committee from the Winston Commissioners was appointed to con-fer with a similar committee from Salem to devise means for caring for sick and crippled Boldlers returning home. Arrangements were made with Emanuel Fisher Whereby he was to furnish meals to- them for $1 each. ' Sixth Administration. From the minutes of the meeting held April 8th, 1864, the sixth city administration Is shown as follows: Mayor, H, K. Thomas, commissioners, N. g. Cook, G.H. Renigar, Edward Spach, J. S. White, T. J. Wilson, I). H. Star-buck and J. D. Tavls. Smallpox Scare. ' The first smallpox scare came about April 15th, 1804, this disease having appeared about S miles west of the city. No one with or exposed to the buck, .1?. A. Wilson, A, M. tKirrell,, J. W. Alspaugh. IV W. Halley. and San-1 torn year to year. Twentyalxth Adminlatration, The twenty-sixth adminlatration waa frown is Named, . .t ford Hyorly.i , aa follows: Mayor, Hon.; J. 0, Bux was named at the session the law prevailed by a vote of f4 for D. 11. Warwick died while serving Mature held in 1860-61 by ton; MUinnlHKlonera, p, A. Wilson, 1, II, Hanes, K. II, Hinlth. J. II. MaiHten. on int. uuuin Mini wnn phi vnuvvi wjr Hon of the following act oaths, the oath of office prescribed In the Act of Congress passed 2nd July, 1802, for all persons appointed to of-3ce under the United States Government. ' "The commanding officer of the Military Post of Greensboro, N. C, Is charged with the execution of this order. By command of Major General D. E. Sickles; J. W. CLOUS, Capt. 38th U. S. Infantry. A. D. C. and A. A. A. G J. Wilson. . ' 1 Rloht to Extend. On October ISth, 188T, th nieh- G. I,. Miller, Hiuiford liyerly ami J, A. Gray. ,Mr. Gray waanmilu elected as secretary. n,. a. rural, j. ii. wiocRton, t, U, Miller. J. C, Tise, R. D. Gorrell, V. O. Thompson, p. )r. .loyner, W. A. Borrv, I). FranUln, 3. II. Nejson, ti. II. Smith, K. D. Crutchllehl, W. V. llowmnn, H. W. Folta, C, V. Sussdorf, W. P. Henley, N, W. Nailing, Martin (Irogan, W. H. Carter, Jr., O. C. Smith, J. A. Reed, John 11, Stockton, and J. G. Stockton. i Tha Outcome, , Tho election was discussed but no ictlon taken, Itor, on May 20th, two separate, petitions were submitted us to railroads and still later the board agreed to "stand pat" until after a public meeting of the citizens of Wln-alon could bo held, Bonds Are Voted. On July llth, 1X79, bonds In the hiiiii of $20,000 were voted to ntd In the construction of the C. F, & Y. V. Uu I road. Mayor Gorrell was author-led to make tho subscription and ho itiendcd a meeting of the board of directors held in Greensboro on August 14th, 187$,, but the directors would not receive the subscription,.' (Note. Thoso bonds were later do-clared null and void,) First Police Chief. Mr. Henry C. Wooters was elected 15th, 1851. Be it enacted by . the bmbly of the State of mond and Danville Kailroail waa Victory for Schools. : At the meetltig held Mn Tth. ISM. Ina, ana It is hereby enact- uthorlty of the same, -that granted permission t to extend Uielr road through the corporate limit ot the city running north. , On March 10th. 1888. Mr. 0. M. Haw- , ho Judges of election reported aa follows In the election held for graded le counLy town of Forsyth ! be styled and known by schools and for graded school build Official: ,., , , t t , , . ... ....... , if "Winston." ings; for graded schools, 413; for He It further enacted, graded school buildings, 400; registered vote 7R Majority for schools and I records belonging to the and 31 against. Seventeenth Administration. The seventeenth administration fol lows: Mayor T. T. Best; commission-r,rs, D. H. Slnrbuek, S. W. Fornhen, W". II. White, R. A. Barrow, T, ,1. Brown, C. B. Watson and Jacob Tise. Property Increases. By July 17th, 1S74, the value of real and personal . property and solvent credits in the town of Winston amounted to $278,055. , Railroad Extension, On December Mih, 1874, the Richmond and Danville railroad waB granted permission to extend Us railroad track across S'hallowford street. Streets Extended. During this administration, quite a number of the city's most Important streets, which at this time constitute the principal arteries of traffic" in this foray th shall be deposited scnooi punning. mill, oi npnnguoiu, viio, waa cuueu . on by the mayor and he e'tlalned ' the plan of dividing the city Into town block and numbering th building. Action on th matter wa postponed ' a the city did not have th money to do tho work. u:,,jh i..---M' J. W. CLOUS, Capt. 38th U. S. Infantry, A. D. C. and A. A. A. G. Road Tax Imposed. The first road tax was imposed nt the meeting held on August :;otli 1-807, when a tax ot $1 was levied on ! hmi-e nf lh mnii4 rr'tv In tho rpan.Htr jtffio ' disease was allowed to enter WMnBton Salaries In Vogue. The following salaries were In rogue ied to them by tie justices under Pena1ty .of forfeiting $500 and hty, ... ,- - me same penalty was provided tor Rn it rtw : it,i.Li ! anyone convicted of taking any one on June 6th, 1883; Mayor, $200 and fees; secretary and troaaurer, $300; chtef-of-pollce, $15 per month; policeman, $40 per month; constable, 5 per all male persons between the ages of fcceBses, civil and" criminal : w,,n the disease in a vehicle. said county shall run In The head of eacn famiIy wa,urS- cent of taxes actually collected and 18 and 45 years. . Tenth Administration. The minutes of the session, held on April Hth, 1SGS gives the tenth city foes 'in mayor s court, r- . P said town and he made preto, t Administration. as the first chief-ot-pollee on June 20th, 1879, and his salary fixed at $300 per year, The city had officers prior to this time ot course but no mention Is made ot the office of chief of police prior to this administration. Twenty-seventh Administration. The twenty-seventh administration administration as follows: Mayor T. J. Best: commissioners, J. D. Tavls, city administration was waa as follows: Mayor. Hon. J. C. city, were ordered extended. Huxon; commissioner, 1'. il, Hanes, wve from April 1st, 1859 I Whiskey iviedloln, ' :8teer clear etwhlkr a 4,mdl cine," It i true that .whiskey kill germ, but it kills folks', too. It weaken th tissues ot th body and low. er the genera) power ot resistance 1 to disease. ", H ' 'y'- " s Whiskey or brandy may be used advantageously once in a while, in dire emergenoles, but In general those wbo us them under th belief that they bare medlolnal Tlr-tue are th won 'for th us of them. The Hook and Rye" erstem of therapeutic is out of date, Exchange. ' Jacob Tise, J. S. White, 'Henjanun Spach, AVm. Axsom, N. W. Nading and D. H. Starbuck. The First Weighers. Messrs. Clark and Ford were elect Secretary's Salary. Honorable Cyrus B, Watson was K. J. Keynoida, J. il. Maston, O. i I Miller, 8. . Smith, B. Byerly. and J. 1'ow, as roilows: ni. Barrow. city secretary under tnls administra ed as the first welgh-mastors of the city on August llth, IK?, and their re A. Gray. Mr. Gray waa elected secretary. , ' -.1. Penalty Provided. On April lh, 1868, a penalty or $2 was provided in cases whore any Iners-R. Gray, H. A. Hol-pise, Henry Renigar, N. L. Gorrell and J. tf- As Mayor Buxton had doubled to tion and his salary was nxea at ?-o per year. r Eighteenth Administration. The eighteenth city administration was as follows: Mayor, J. W. Als-paugh, commissioners, T. J. Brown, t T Wilson. R. 'A:. Barrow. J. M. Gro- one allowed a hog to run on tne streets of the Town of Winston without Its having a ring in its nose. i-w Adopted. ' make Uie race for State tienalor in ibis Senatorial district, he resigned on November 1st, 1884,- and was succeeded by S. H. Binlth. h of the cltv were adonted p9, and F. L. Gorrell was Eleventh Administration. The minutes of August 7th, 1868 give With th Coming of Mlddl At There la a letting down in tb pLysk the first city secretary, define the dutien of tho gan, P. II. Joyncr, J, Reed and S. H. the eleventh city administration as muneration was to be five cents tor each weigh except for empty wagon. City Aids Sufferers. Commissioners T, J. Brown and J. a Gilmer were appointed as a committee to solicit subscriptions for the Morehcad and Beaufort sufferers In response to a telegram from Governor Jarvis asking that the town of Winston aid them. The sum of $02 was raised and forwarded to the sufferers. ..'-' '' '.; Lamp-Lighters' 8alary. The salary of John Leach was fixed Commissioner J. H. Masten died. Twenty-eighth Administration. The twenty-eighth administration prence to public .matters followa; Mayor 8. H. Smith: commis fellows: Mayor, Jacob Tise; commissioners, N. S. Cook, T. T. Best, Robt. Gray. J. C. Miller, M. J. Bodenhamer, and painful kidney and bladder ail ment and urinary ; tm-iularlttea. , Foley Kidney rill are a plnld rer was renuired in s-ive sioners, S. A. Ogburn, R, B. Kerner, Clmrlea Buford. D, A. Reed, B. J. She p. Hodgin. First Public Nulsanc. The first record ot a public nuisance in the city appears in the minutes of the meeting held oti June 21st, 1875, when a sow and four shouts and four declared to be a public nui and D. H. Starbuck. ! the amount coming in-n was made to elect a paid, w, j. Spauifti, and trank Harris. ;'. '" : : ., ....... ' regulating and strengtnening me.ii-clne at such tlme.,Try then). S,, O'Hanlon. - the members of his family. Taxes Increased. On 'Alprll 30th, 1S64, the taxes were raised. The poll tax was fixed at $5; property tax, 25 cents on. the $100 valuation and dog tax, i. It was ordered that the corporation taxes of the city of Winston be collected in tho new Issue of Confederate Treasury notes or In the old issue of less denomination than $5 on ac-coun tof the greatly depreciated value of other Confederate money. Seventh Administration i -The minutes of the meeting held on April 4th, 1863 give the seventh city administration as follows: Mayor, X. Thomas J. Wilson; commissioners: Messrs. N. S. Cook, G. H. Renigar, J. D. Tavls, S. W. Ferabee, J. S. White, Edward Spach and D. H. Starbuck. Penalty Provided. ; Beginning with the fourth of April 1805, a penalty of $100 was provided for storing liquor anywhere in Winston or within a mile of the city although two gallons might be kept on hand for "family use." , - Serve as Guard. On May 9th 1865, an order was pass-to forfeit $1 for each failure to perform duty aa night watch or guard within the corporate limits of Winston assigned by the officers ot Winston and the police force organized for the purpose of protection against the "unlawful acts and depredations of thieves, robbers and murderers." was to forfeit $1 for each failure to perform such duty. Mnvor Smith resigned and waa mm- inually and when nffnnwR at $0.f0 per month for lighting add sance by tho hoard by "being habitually on the streets and rooting and dam K to him if he refused to uw he miehl be fined fill p before the board of aging same. ' nie owner oi u ihk was given throe days In which to abate the nuisance. Nineteenth Administration The minutes of the meeting held J ,.:JW .'' ' t. ""i f , .la UMf -' :ir' nr.o 'Mr-ma ixpninenini tmtmww9$ yv , lit ceni and led her (hevlnit: Hn theory tult.i attending the lights of the town. Thank Salem Peopit. Tho commissioners tendered the' thanks to the tinlom citizens and their lire department for their gallant conduct in coming to the rescue of Uie town during the tire which consumed j. part of the buildings west of the court house gipiaie. The board went on to nay that their conduct, "merited I he commendation und gratitude of all our citizens" and It was ordered (hat the repairs to 8alem' enrlue MM th J . Ciilii I natter wmi tne cow mm o wi . on May Uli, JS7(i, give tne nineteenth administration as follows: (a Tha iv-ttions of di",ettlon and Doarithmeot net ..... .i in 1 1 ,t tulculation. " , ! ". ' ' ' ' farmer that would try oc ' s. . . Found Drunk. ' 'M paBaea whereby any n the corporation limits mder the influence of llq-e committed until sober t less than 15 nor more . ...... , , . ., If Calaboose.'' ' ' ' ' alaboose in the city was Jii Paid for by the com- the 31st of May, 1859. mmitteemen. - :J nany a farmer feeds IT " " cn inrwnment Mayor, D. P. Mast; commissioners, v. C Miller A. B. Gorrell, O. Hamleii, O. C. Smith, P. N. Dalton, N. T. Wat kins and I). H. Starbuck. Twentieth Administration. The twentieth administration was Jmoet as wall Ml anaer- ttlf ri-girdtWof dige itioe tn.l nutrition.- He miglit In for all the limid he cH out of liin food. Tha I ull is that the etomaelt and their hose be paid by the town I nutrition ore Impaired ' ' Jrrn.,"rt,f-lf" il'iM action Cli I'lO Orfenj l)f difostluli I and (he man iuffer the mleri oi d)iipi and Jlfa efuaiee of pryoul.,", as follows: Mayor, Martin urogan. of Winston. Two Resign. Two members of this board resign ed. Commissioner Wilson resigned P?a was thn flrat man and was succeeded by Capt. J. h. Gil ' committee of one to mer while Commissioner Glenn was street work and the commissioners, 3. n. Allen, tamuin Hv-rlv T. I.. Vaugl.n. G. h. Miller. VV. Goolsby, T. Pegram and J. C. Hon. .1. C. Buxton was elected cit secretary. BcfM Strtet Work. Durius H 'is udmiriifitrailon the pro ,i.., r,f -e n l..vel( pment began to Eighth Administration. The eighth administration began on Anril ftih. 18G0 and was as follows: .niuee was annnlnto.1 succeeded by Mr. James A. Gray Wanted Pottoffice. " To ttrenith.n tha Homa.t; mtorfbt activity of roe " ';"; i of dlit.tlnn mail nv :rttlotmuil re up tha ?;"-.-1 '" en Dp. Pl.rea'a Golden Mtjttal WaooreiT. It la 4 i:i!tni remtdy, mad haa tin eouttdanea at pbralelamm aw- f uc.l c tho praise ct ttiofsanda btmled y It , , . . U the trictet tcti.o "Oolde.V id'ical Diwovery,'J temperanoe wedl. cine. It contains neither intoxicSee)Wnie1s s tro-.a opium, cocaino and other dacrjue dru(. All ingredienUi pnnted tm I it utid wrenper, , ' ... , I D-m't let a dcreler delude yoo 'or lee own profit. There I no medicine lor e'.omach, liver end blood "it i (,'-.'" "(ioldee Medical Diecovety, , At the meeting held February 9th, Fine Increased. On August 7th, 1808, the board passed an order Increasing the fine from &0 cents .to $1 whore commissioners failed to attend the regular meetings when they were notified of such meetings. . Mayor's Remuneration. : The first record of any remuneration paid to the mayor of Winston appears in the minutes of January 12th, 1S69. when the board exempted Mayor Tise rom paving his corporation tav amounting to $0 for his services as mayor. Twelfth Administration. The minutes of January 12th, 1S09, cives the twelfth administration as follows with the number of votes mch received: Mayor, Jacob Tise, 13; commissioners: R. Gray, 4S: W B. Axsom. 2S; N. S. Cook, 23: H"0 . Siddall, 27; T. J. Wilson. 2,; .1 C. Miller, 20; P. A. Wilson, 25. Our First Census. On motion of Commissioner R. Gray made at the meeting held June -Isi. 1809 it was ordered that the mayor ,e appointed to take the census of the town of Winston in order that he might obtain the number of inhao itants. ... Mavor Tise submitted his report on Julv 1st, 1SC9. and It was found that Winston then had 400 Inhabitants. Thirteenth Adm.Wistrat.on. The minutes of January 11th, give the thirteenth administration .if Allows: Mayor, Jacob Tise; t"" sloners. II. A. Siddall. T. J. B. A. Pfohl. J. S. White. S H. Hod gin, Wnv K. Axsom and R Extension of Limits. The mayor presented an act of h-legislature at the meeting of the com missioneni b.ld on June 1.''. whereby the town boundaries wr extended and also prohibiting the sa of Fpirituons liquor and the p-nting np ot billiard tables or ten pin . - 1880, Col. J. W. Alspuugh presented a Mayor. T, T. Best; commissioners, N. S. Cook, G. II. Renigar, J. V. Tavis, Calvin Miller S S. White, D. H. Star- ho orinuflv rnrsidered. It Is learn petition asking tor a posiomce duiiu ing for this city, and also for u t . ted Slates Court. A copy was for ed thnt i!'1"1 as sorrowed for three months for lh j urpoee of working? streets ami :: engimer was consult 1 A. Holder, N. C. Cook, f'gar. .. . . . J" Administration f administration fol-I' t wllson; Commis-t- Renigar, N. S. Cook. R. A. J, Stafford, and F. f'hey were elected Aprll f fity officials helng F at that time. . f ' are Named. warded to Ool. It F. Armfleld, M. C, buck and Thomas J- Vv'ihon. Circus Tax Fixe a. On April 9th, 1806, the first license tax on "circuses and equestrian performances" was fixed at $10 and a li and a copy sent to each representa tive to Congress from North Caro ed with a view to get a mean !- of the city. lina. cense tax of $5 was required for oth (.Sole. No copy of this petition Is Station House. On l hi I Sili f June, 1S77, a rum- 5l6lvM: now extant. ( Bond Isiua Carries, iniilee aB auiiionxeu iu er inows. ' Might Fine Aldermen. ' All order was passed on April 2Sth. 1KB6 pmDOTrerinjr the mayor to fine .. ..noun .KI1 B fflTf1- wu -- . i uniucu "ay. I860, those rnnnlnff An (lection was held during this M aei lor uie kiumou - - eo was also apiwinted to ask the Pt il hpinv 1 1 1 il pi voiiqu iuv HDIC r .r salem and those members of the board of commission- , i T.rit tho i ltv land near Col. administration Tor tin. purpose or ?J111V or Z ZLe ofllng on Issuing bond. In the sum of extension of a era fifty cents for falling to auena ti mopilnn of the board, provid'-d ', mavor- $ t '.. to aid in th nu west. First, 8econd, on up to Sevrnifh trot t I I I , . railroad from Danville via Winston- ft Tax Lv iuch members had fceen notiUed of offico , n I. n Hi,. .Salem to some point on the Atlantic, Ix. !.PVy was made on Mav the meeting. Fire !ntpectlon, '.. VJ. ,ZLr at "rii ' h and Main IVuhHssee and Ohio Railroad. The southeast corner o , f' "d , ,h.t,(in rarriel. Th. were at this lOlloWg- T nf n P'n the ages of IS and sireeis. ira - ' . . ...7 time 5'J7 registered voiers, 411 votes lielug iollel, m!S for the measure and S'2i f2 and the lana cost "aves and a Ux of e lluo valuation of real committee was also appointed to Although a are commlUce was appointed at the first meeting of the commissioner! in 1S59, the first record of a general fin? inspection ordered In ih .K vs inap! on April 0ih. 11 against it. Twenty-third Adminlatration. Adminictntian The twenty-third adminlhiration was Hammond's Atlas and The Sehtitiel$iJO sell the old calaboose. (Note. The property on which the station house was situated was sold some time ago for $i,(K). The build- Istiminlstratlon fniw.- iRfifi when a committee a appoint as follows: 'Major, A. B. .orrU; a tV flin nremlses of cltiiens to see it ttey were properly protected foot, F. L. Gorrell, Peter - t:: .4. '"-if Xtii. .

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