Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 17, 1966 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1966
Page 6
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A-ALOOMA (tewi) AOVAMCI MONDAY, OCT. If, 1*4 .. THE OLD .GOAT is taking a inighty dim view of the current television offerings, and the new shows are mostly old warmed-up steals that weren't any good in the .first place. appoint was the Biggest ; dis- Garry Moore Cheer leaders f roi Seitral to eliiic at Ames LMW lUtk •— ' Sentral Cheerleaders went to Ames Oct. 8 to Cheerleaders clinic. The girls Were accompanied by Mr. Rice, Mindpal at Sentral, and Mike jee, Who with Mr. Rice attended die football game with Kansas. Cheerleaders who attended the clinic were Candace Vaudt, Mary Dawn Eldrldge; Paula Weiner and Delana Votteler. Pam Kauffman, also a unable to go. cheerleader, was mow. Kerby gives the Old Goat a pain with his posturing that isn't funny, and Garry seems a bit confused as to what the show Is all about. The show misses Carol Burnett who gave is the humorous touch that made it popular until she left the.cast to go on her own as a star. She was smart in not .getting over^exposed and in her special the trther night was pleasing and funny. But too much repetition would kill her off and she's smart enough to know it. The same applies to Jim Naibor's show-pleasing but shouldn't be repeated week after week. V *, * * .WHEN SOME DAME is introduced as e "song stylist" the Old Goat beets it fast for the kitchen and is getting fat es these denies murder a song. The Old Goat figures it'll be three .minutes .for the 'first crime end another three for the second offense and then • minute for the commercial. That gives time enough to got quite a bit of fat around the middle. When these female yellers come out in a long . fight skirt and the v orchestra goes off beat the Old Goat knows whet's coming and he isn't about to listen to it. • '."•. ; # f,' ; ;-> : f •-,;;'. ^-IT WAS FUNNY to a newspaperman to see a show about a fellow who bought a paper ant went out to run it and made an instant success almost. Someone who never was in a newspaper office wrote the script and it was fuller of holes than a swiss cheese. Particularly a screamer was this mechanical part of four-page paper coming off single-page press. Only on tele vision could that happen. The same is probably 'true of any other celling' — the scenes have durned little similarity to what actually goes on. WHEN THOSE MALE danc. ers come on the Old Goat feels like throwing up they, ere so nauseating. These female dancers seem to have a rule they must have • men prancing around when they do their stuff. Maybe it's because they can't stand the competition of a girl chorus! When e male dancer has a male chorus that's the end as fer es the Old Goat is concerned. The Old Goat would put lace on their bloomers end kick them out of the theater. *#'•*'. THERE IS A DISTURBING thing about the melodious Lawrence Welk show, and that is the fa,ct it is sponsored by the stuff that is supposed to make the old feel young. The Old Goat is getting along and likes the Welk show because the music is good, played in harmony, the singers act like they enjoy their work, and the eye is pleased except wihen Lawrence appears—but that's soon over. Maybe the Old Goat should show his appreciation by lapping up the stuff. The disturbing fact is the show is aimed evidently at fogeys who have seen a lot of winters and quite a few summers, * # * CUTEST COMMERCIAL is the one by Dodge with the girl getting .in trouble all the tinie but coming out of it smiling 'and wanting "you" for the rebellion. Makes the Old Goat's buried younger rebellious instincts stir a bit. Silliest is the joker who reads off the football scores printed in bold letters'as if'you can't read. And a close second is the interview sillies with .players and the annoimcer hogging the spotlight while the band and majorettes perform hidden by'-iheir ugly mugs. Lousiest are those for .toothjunk, patent medicines such as headache tablets, and of course the biggest criminals of all—the pitches for the washing dope. Tft® 014 Goat juj* can't imagine 3 woman being convinced by such silly sfijyff. Women just can't &e tort dumb. Best w§y to watcfb any game is with tjte sound turned, " " missing that inane* the announcers. The Wayne Lynches and Leon jeitzenauers and Jeana, Clear Lake, were Sunday guests at Laurenz Geitzenauer's. The John risches were Sunday guests al- '' ' so. • ••'•..•'• . .."'. ., •" Mrs. Jack Quinn had her birthday club Wednesday alter noon 'or Mrs. Frank Flaig's birthday. )ther guests were Mrs. Jim Long, Mary Genrich, Ruth Krue- ;er, Mrs. Henry Schrbeder, Mrs. Frank Flaig. They played hearts, and Mrs. Ruth Krueger won ilgh, Mrs. Frank Flaig low, and Mrs. Ruth Krueger travel. The Quinns,' Lone Rock, had as guests Sunday the Charles Juinns, Bancroft, and Tom juinns, Honolulu, Hawaii. Tom Quinn, who lives in Hawaii and works for an airline there, was visiting his brothers and other relatives in the area. They returned home Monday. Mrs. Maude Blanchard returned Tuesday from St. Ann hospital where she has been hospitalized two wete for a heart condition. Her daughter, Mrs. John Sories, Laurens, has been +tMMW>t&JWW*M^^ Tuttdcy th* Marirt* Recruit' ing officer from Mason City came and gave an inspiring talk and film on Viet Nam.. The film explained in detail why We are fighting in Viet Nam and showed some actual fighting, One scene dealt with the bombing of the American Embassy in Saigon. He left behind many impressive thoughts — and cracked some students the halls mov- her for a few days. The Andrew Thomsons, Lone Rock, are Visiting their son the Kenneth Thomsons, Creston. They will stay with the grandchildren), while Mrs. Kenneth Thomsen•'•goes' to Omaha, Neb., to a foot'specialist. The Howard McChesneys, Van Nuys, Calif.; came Monday to Mrs: Evelyn Baring's for an extended visit. They will visit the Pettit family and other relatives in the area. . . 'The Roy Jensens and Willis Cottons left Oct. 7 for a few days with friends the Ernest Jensens, Hackensack, Minn. They spent some time in Minneapolis. The Earliest Jensens are former Lone Rock resdents. The three couples then went for a drive over to; 'Grand Marais on the shore of Lake , Superior and down the lake shore drive to Duluth. They returned home Tuesday. They also observed wedding < anniversaries of the Willis Cottons and the Earnest Jensens. The Lorenz Gcitzenauers and Brian and Kenneth Joneses and Carol went to Ft. Dodge Friday to the Ft. Dodge Community college homecoming game with Worthirigton, Minn. Mark Geitzenauer, son of the Lorenz Geit- — AHS — Lest Friday at the pep meet* ing we had a gym full of mummies. Would you believe half a gym? How about 95 per cent of the boys not singing the school song! — AHS — . If you were in the school last week and saw walking around ing their lips but an unintelligible sound came out, don't get shook. They were probably learning their 19 lines of Old English for Mrs. Kelley. — AHS — Phyl Moulton brought the Pep club meeting underway Tuesday after school by discussing Dad's Night. This is the night at one of the home football games when the fathers of the football players are recognized. Committees werei set up to get the field ready and the invitations sent out to the fathers. The .members were also reminded to bring their money for the pep buses to Webster City, so they can all be sure to be there to back the Bulldogs to their second victory of the season! _ AHS — Monday, Phyl Moulton, Gregg Powell, Jeff Allen, Miriam Kau- soh and Sutira Soi Pet journey- Bulldog Tales by Cathy Chrltehllles to take her along it's okay. You don't have to have a high school student in your family to do this. For more information and the place to contact Sutira, call the James Dodds residence, 5-3962. ••••••••••••••••••••••M Joe Mrs. Sylvester Wagner ft*:lt. Shirley ftrcte hwte*MS are Hat«l Laraon and Elizabeth KMitt*dy_ and meet* at the T*t* prtgrirh ii by Weing iftd Jenny Rieb- ML Call, Fulfill, tpecial tij^Cook. Jankc At 7i90 p.m. with hm« D*m Profram U by Wan- tale* Hawcott and Esther Hilton, and roll call is Act*. Gladys Circle hoBUcB are Mary Sarchet and Ivy Simmons, with program »ee»»eeeeeeeeee»ee»«»»«e The Paul Erpeldings, Eldon and Peter, spent Sunday in Sioux City with Sister M. Letitia O.S.F. at Briar Cliff college and with Sister M. Eleanor O.S.F. at St. Anthony's Home. Sister Mi Letitia is the daughter of the Erpel- dings. Mrs. Harold- Reding entered St. Joseph's Mercy hospital in Fort Dodge , Thursday ;for surgery Friday. Mrs: Dale 'Chicoine, R. N., Jefferson, S. DJ,; will be with her mother and Jielp care for her. • ' If- . •. • Nicki McGuire, son of the. Luke McGuires, Burt, spent tine weekend with the Orville |Wagners and Barbara. fS ' Friends from here attended a pre-nuptial shower Sunday afternoon in Sacred Heart parish hall in Livermore for Roberta O'Donnell, bridento-be of Robert Lenertz. She is the daughter of the Robert O'Donnells, Forest City, and he is the son of the AMn Lenertzes, Livermore. They were married Saturday at 10 o'clock in St. James Catholic church, Forest City. McMullen and Edith Chipman, roll call, Heap, and special by Myrtle Zwiefel. The program tor all circles is "Dialogue With Muslin". Oct. 28 is National Day of Prayer with service* at Good Mope church. HONOR PAST OFFICERS At Eastern Star Oct. 11 there were eleven Past Matrons and four Past Patrons honored, each receiving a gift. The Justin Andersons, Lebanon, Mo., were guests. Officers in an appropriate ceremony presented gifts to Anne Frances, the new daugh ter of Rev. M. C. .DaVies'. Tne Associate Matron, Shirley Amesbury, Titorika, will attend Grand Chapter Oct. 25, 26, 27 at Cedar Rapids, as delegate from Kossuth Chapter. AT CONFERENCE Supt. Bruce Cranston attended conference Oct. 12 for school superintendents of Northwest pwa at Morningside College, Sioux City. Supt. Cranston will also attend the ISEA meeting in Des Moines, school board ed to Ames, Iowa for the stu dent council state conference. During the day there were discussion groups held. Such topics as "How to Improve School Spirit," "Financing Student Council Projects," and "School- Community Relations" were discussed. Sutira listened in on the exchange student meeting also. We sent down the following people for candidates for state council offices: Jeff Allen, treasurer; Miriam Kausch, secretary; and Gregg "Powell, president. None of the three obtained their respective office. •••» — AHS — Get to know Sutira Soi Pet, our American Field Service student, by asking her into your home. She is anxiously awaiting the meeting of more American people. She is able to come any time and can stay over night. II you're planning a trip and want zenauers, attends college there and is on the football squad. E. Zimmerman, .''.'•--. ... ..,••:•;•' Burt, teacher, dies su Burt —- Eugene Zimmermar on his birthday Saturday, 6ct 15, .would have been 53, "but difec suddenly Oct. 7, at Shelby where he was voc. ag teacher Funeral services were'held Oct 11 at Rapid City, S. "D., their former home. He is survived by his wife, who teaches remedial reading at Bancroft, school, and 2<X;22. The members i are in vited to a county board meeting at Algona Oct. 18: ATTEND FUNERAL Mrs. Merwyn Cunningham and daughter, Mrs. Richard Trunk- Mil, attended the funeral of Heed Voigt, son of the Robert Voigts, in Layton, Utah, who was killed in an auto accident. He wtft* A nephew of MM. Cunning- tern and grandson of Robert SERVf 574MIAU The Blue Mound turkey supper Oct. 12 at Burt MethodtM church Was Well attended With 574 meals served. Sixteen roast' ed turkeys were purchased/. Marine Lt. David Christensen left Oct. 11 for. ..Ytttrta, Where he will be stationed. the Burt Woman's Club "Pack & Tote" cook out at Call Park Monday was well attended. Games included "Password" and each guest told how he met his wife. The Kent Ryersons, Des Moines, were weekend guests for the Frank Ryersons birthdays, Richard, son of the Fred Gefr kens, sophomore at Ames, has been elected secMreas. at Vance House at Knapp Hall in Ame«. Wallace Hawcott and Kenneth Halvorson attended a district postal meeting at Hampton Oct. 12. Speaker vvas B.C. 1 Courtney, St. Louis region inspector. The Justin Andersons, Lebanon, Mo. came Friday to visit the Raymond Westlings. Guests Sunday were the Andersons, Mrs. Otto Westling, Arthur Issacson, Stratford, the Oscar West- lings, Port Dodge, the Val Gene Westlings and the Larry West- lings. Mrs. Justin Anderson is a sister of Mrs. Otto Westling and Mr. Isaacson 'is their brother. They attended the &0th birthday of Henry Kubly at LuVerrie Sunday. The same group were guests Oct. 16,at Oscar- Westling's, in Fort Dodge. Postpoued U & I Circle will meet at Cunningham Cafe Oct. 17 with Elsie and Neoma Junkermeier hostesses. Roll call is a disiplay of fancy work. The program is the extension lesson by Neoma Junkermeier.. U.P.W. wil meet at Burt Presbyterian church Oct. 19. The fall fte«byt«rtai m* held Oct li v «t Clarion, •"W attending McWJiottef, Thelma Hilda Oross, Leoria Olfford, Ruth Lolig. idlA fieckef. CUANING SPECIAL DRESS $' 10 WITH 8 LB, LOAD OF DRY CLEANING :H WITHl-feijl; LOAD OF DRY CLEANING Those are good;qualify, vinyl Garment Bags with diagonal zipper«-for quick access. Join pur long list of satisfied cuslpmeri ..'.. and save not pennias - but dollars! RAYMOND A PEGGY REID, Owners REID'S l& DRY CLEANING VILLAGE See your gas company or appliance dealer; pick the modern gas water heater you want during the Great Autumn Sale on gas ap-: pliances. With a new gas water heater you ; get instant hot water arid you get plenty of it. You also get a bargain buy on your new gas water heater right now. Shop where you see the Great Autumn Sale displays. Gas makes the big difference.{Costs less, too,) two daughters: One daughter is employed in the welfare office in Kansas City, Mo., and the other daughter is a senior in college at Rapid City, S. D. The Zimmermans live in the Clara Marlow house in Burt. CIRCLES TO MEET Circles of the WSCS will meet you can't see it,.. you don't smell it. you don't Mirjt,.. but what a wonderful warm fooling you got from efficient electric heat! electric heat is invisible! Clean, modern electric heat saves you money on maintaining, redecorating . . , provides even comfort throughout your home. Today, more than 2,000,000 homes are fully heated the modern way—electrically! There's an electric heating system designed for you: baseboard units .., radiant ceiling heat.,, heat purnp ... wall panel... or central sy§temt Uim the joys pf total electric living frprn Algona Municipal Utilities NORTH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. 10 EAST STATE STREET - AL80NA

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