Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 26, 1922 · Page 9
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 9

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1922
Page 9
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SATURDAY EVENING 1 Otantl CllfiUM A AUGUST If. 01 0 Arranging FaHPfcns Bi-Wcekly Lunches Are Be Held by Member-sHip CbmmlUeeV " to With the vacation peri-d drawing to a close. Oakland Y. M. C. A. hag finished plana for the fall period. ! The membership department, j under C. E. Mason, secretary, has arranged for bi-weekly luncheons on Mondays. Carlos G. White Is I chairman of the committee which . is rounding up new members and I those who have allowed their, membership to lapse through oversight or neglect. "Bud" Kearns, head of the "Y" physical department, la putting on an intensive campaign of athletics after September ,1. He has arranged, in connection with his assistants Glen Williams and Shirley Enow, to put on the athletic features for an Industrial Festival at Mosswood Park, and to help in the details of the annual Lake Merrltt Marathon "race, in addition to 'the regular program of the association. The calendar of activities now , being developed by th various members of the Oaklund "Y" under the direction of William Cillanders, general secretary, and A. G. Cush-man, executive secretary, follows; August 29 Open house, to which all the young men and boys of the association and their comrades are Invited and which will be under the direction of Fred R. Abbott, Boys' Work Director. September 8 to 10 Boys Week, Friends. SOCIETY OF FRIENDS A Friend's Meeting is held every first day (Sunday) at 11 a. m., In the extension room of the Y. W. C A., Webster St., above 14th St.. Oakland. Congregational m is " ( V . Grace Congregational Church V 71st Avenue, bff East 14th Street.'"""'"""'""""'"""""' CHARLES S, MUNDELL, Minister Residence 1690 69th Ave. Phone Elmhurtt 1648 .10:00 A. M. Church Srhool. 11:00 A. M. Sermon by Psstor: "OUR SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES." 6:45 P. M. Young People's Society. 7:45 P. M.-Sermon by pastor: "SOME LESSONS TO BE LEARNED FROM THE GREAT COAL AND RAILROAD STRIKES." Olivet. Congregational Church Cor. College and Shafter Aves. Harold Govette, Pastor 9:45 A. M. Sunday School. rll:00 A; M.-M.- M.-Davidson . - . 8:00 P. M.-J. C. Palmer '"Residence, 493 Forest Street Unitarian First Unitarian dhuixh 14th Street, three, blocks west of the City Hall. Roman Catholics, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Baptists, Quakers and Unitarians think of Jesus as the greatest spiritual and ethical teacher of the ages. Wfien they try to define the relation of Jesus to Cod and man, they radically differ. Creeds are no more revelations of God, than milestones are living persons. Religion at its best is a life; not a dogma, a .creed or a ritual. The belief in an exclusive plan of salvation has always resulted in bigotry and persecution. There is always a greater truth that remains to be discovered. You are invited to hear the sermon by Rev. Clarence Reed SUNDAY at II A. M., SUBJECT: "reijgious Fanaticism vs. liberal religion" (flfM oA1HI tlltPllf Pastor Chooses Sermon Subject From Road Sign A WARNING on one of the highways of the Northwest suggested the subject for a sermon tomorrow night to Rev. H. A. Van Winkle, pastor of the First Christian church. It reads: "Caution, Yon May MeeV a Fool,", and this is is the theme he hat announced. The evening service becin at 8 o'clock. "Of What Value Is My Religion?" ivill be the mornfng sermon topic. The church quartet will furnish sneoisl tnnsic it both services. set up, under the supervision of Bob Hutchison. September 11-rCommittee Force Rally. .. September 18 Dormitory men's i feed, directed by E. J. Snyder. - r" Sentemher 19 to 20 Great finan cial men's feed, directed by E. J. Snyder. September 19 to 28Great financial campaign in the city to raise $50,001) to cover-the balance be- tween receipts and expenditures the Y. M. C. A. being Just 70 per cent self-supporting. fruitvam: m. e. " The choir of the Frultvale Methodist Episcopal church, assisted by several local musicians, will give a musical program at the even.' ; service tomorrow, beginning at 8 o'clock. Everyone is invited. "The, Church, Always Facing a Crisis Yet Always Growing! What Is the Latest Crisis?" A sermon by the pastor of The First Congregational Church ' REV. F. J. VAN HORN, at 11 o'clock Sunday morning at Twelfth and Clay streets. El At ?:45 a popular evening service, "REJOICING IN NATURE AND GOD" with moving pictures of wonderful beauty, including a reel showing the proposed "M E M 0 R I A L MOUNTAIN PARK." Shall Oak-land spend a half million to possess it? . . A DOWNTOWN CHURCH FOR THE MULTITUDE ANB MUL-TITUDES LOVE IT1 WELCOME Ml Piedmont 46S3-W Last Call Conference . ' Concluding Services Arranged For Victorious Life Gatherings. Four last call services will be held 1 at the First Presbyterian church tomorrow, as a climax of the Victorious Life Conference which hag been going on there this week. Rev. Robert C. McQullkin and Dr. A. J. Ramsey have been conducting the conference At 11 a. m. the theme will be "The Normal Life and How to Live It"; at 3 p. m. a Christian 'mass meeting will be held In the auditorium at which Dr. Ramaey and Rev. McQullkin will' apeak on "The Christian Life That Says So"; at 6:30 there will be a meeting for young people, at which the subject. "What are the Right Kind of Pleasures for Young People," will be dlBcueeed. ' At the popular evening service, Rev; McQullkin will make his final address on the subject '.'Real Life of Victory, Here and Hereafter." A special musical program, Including Gounod's anthem "Gentle, Etoly Saviour," and "Stalner's Grieve Not the Holy Bplflt." will be offered by the Temple quartet, under the direction of Walter B. Kennedy, organist. In connection with the evening service Dr. Frank M. Silsley, pastor, will give a town talk on" the subject, "The Kind of Men. to Vote for Tuesday." " Danish Lutheran. Our r Savior 8 Danish Lutheran Church. m. Young People's meeting Friday 8 loesi 11 a. m. and 8 p. ra.; S. &v-lO a. p.m ORye Oleen, pastor. S3 E. 20th. Lutheran St Paul s Swedish 10th and Grove Streets. ' Bible School, 10.00 A. M. The pastor will preach at both services. Morning Wot ship (English), 11:00 Evening Worehip (Swedish), 7:45 Trinity Norwegian Lutheran Church 0. T. BRANDRUD, Pastor. Phones Oakland 8004 823 Athens Ave, nr. San Pablo and 25th St. - T Scandinavian services Sunday, August J7th at 11:00 a. m. Sermon topic-: "Our Gifts to the Temple." Special music by the choir. Luther League meeting at the Assembly Hall, 6:30 p. m. Good progsam and refreshments. Confirmation Class every Saturday at 9:30 A. M. Sunday School with graded lessons and Bible Class at 9:45 A. M. CentralLutheran Church Formerly St. Paul's English Lutheran Chnrch. 411 Twenty-eighth Street, between Telegraph Avenue and Broadway. Sunday School;: 9:45 A. M. - Preaching, J1:00 A. M. Sermon Thcmet "IIVING EPISTLES." 6:30 P. M, Luther League; 7:45 P. M Thew, "Heaven and Earth Shall Pass Away." Special Music at all services. REV. J. H. BERG. 872 32nd Street Piedmont 4723J Christian jijWLrLTj-uvu-i.i-ij-ini--ii-M-i- -1 Churches of Christ, Scientist Subject August 27, "CHRIST JESUS" 1,, CU,U 1 lTth and Franklin UU, r U . Lakeahore Blvd.. l8t Lhurcn gt8. Reading room " Uinrcn near Twelfth. Open It to 4:S0. excepting Sunday " and holiday . Str, Chnrrfi f. ri,AU 4th n Elm Bti- VJlurcn-r 14th and U ave. 4(1 UtlUrcn a r Talegraplu - r, , j50 ut at., two Reading room open 1 to 4. except- 6th Church biks. east Ing Sundays and holidays. Broadway. Readlti rm open fto 3d Chnrch ?4th st Read! 4:,' Sunda' nd hollday, Ingr room open 1 to 4. excepting m.t. . pU,,MU Harrison bvd. bet Sundays and holiday t" jUurcn--23a and 24th sts SUNDAY SERVICES 11 A. M. and 8 P. M. ,y TESTIMONIAL MEETING. WEDNESDAYS, t P. M. Christian Science Society 121 Filbert at., near 12th st. 3unday Services 11 a. m. Testimonial Meetings, Wednesday, t p. m. SUNDAY SCHOOL :S0 A. M also 11 a. m at First, 8eoond and Seventh churches and Christian Scienoe Society. DOWNTOWN READING ROOMS, 414 Thirteenth St. between Broadway and Franklin, seventh door ot the Perry building. Open dally from 8:30 a. m. tcr 9:00 p. m., Wednesdays until 7:00 p. m., Sundays and holidays, from 1:00 to 6:00 p. m., for reading "only. . Telephone Oakland 2635 ' The seven churches and society are recognised branches of The Mother Church, The First Church of ChriswSclentist. Boston. Mass. International International Bible Students Assn. Odd Fellows' Temple, Eleventh and Franklin Streets Sunday Afternoon, 8:00 o'Clock Speaker - H. A. SCHUMAKER, "WHY JESUS CAME TO EARTH" - S Snnday Evening, 7:45 r" "PARADISE LOST AND RESTORED" ". Speaker - S. VENDLY- NOTICE: Arrangements hsve been perfected for a public discourse every Sunday afternoon at 3 p. m. to serve those who prefer attending at that hour rather than the evening service.' Seats Free No Obligations , No Collections Interdenominational. s1VtslklitsMAM McPherson Interdenominational Follow-Up. Chair Holders' Association . and Bridal Call Subscribers' Meeting, Monday, August 28, 8:00 P. M., v-at Young Women's Christian Association Building. Note change of meeting place. Pomona College Savant to Fill Oaldanct Pulpit Rev. William Ewlng of Pomona College will be the speaker at the morning service tomorrow In Park Congregational church, Berkeley. Dr. Ewlng represents the Congre-gatlonal Home Missionary and Education societies. He (falls for China next month for a tour of the stations of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign - Missions. At the evening service Rev. G. A. Werner, pastor, will use for his theme "The Religion of the Twentieth Century." : , "Arise and Kill" To Be Pastor 8 Topic Rev. W. A. Bchwimiey will apeak on the theme "Arise and Kill" In Calvary Congregational church tomorrow morning. The evening service will be in the nature of a farewell to Miss Maud McGwIgan, -who sails for China, September 2, Miss McGwIgan has been appointed nurse in a hospital at Lint-sing, where Dr. Alma Coolce. who went out from Calvary church two years ago, Is physloian In charge. Miss McGwIgan will speak. Repre-sentatives of the Woman's board, the Edueatipnal society and of Congregationalism, will take part In the service. Regular Services For Scandinavians The Danish-Norwegian Baptist church, Twenty-fifth avenue, near East Fourteenth street, will hold the usual services tomorrow. Rgv. P. Petersen, the pastor, will sik at 11 a. m. and at 8 m on "Our Possessions .v Christ," and "Victory Through Our Lord- Jesus Christ." ' 0 ' Sunday school meets atlO a. m. and at 7 p ra. the Missionary cc . mlttee of the Young People's society will lead the meeting. Lutheran Church C. Arthur Johnson, PaJtor. Science MWWVWW Bible Students. the Fanaticism In Religian To Be Subject Last of Se4ies of Sermons on Present Crisis to be Delivered1. "Religious Fanaticism vs. Liberal Religion" will be the subject of the sermon by Rev, Clarenpe Reed tomorrow at 11 a. m. In the First. Unitarian church. This will be the last of the series of sermons by Rev. Reed on the present crisis In religion. Arrangements have been made to have published for fre6 distribution his sermon on "The Fanaticism of the Second Coming." Next Sunday Rev. Reed will speak further in regard to the dan-1 gers that Ik thinks threatens not only the church, but also the prog, ress of civilization through the spreading of the belief in the second coming of Christ, the effort to restrict freedom of utterance in the pulpit, and the practice of prayer healing. , He Is strongly convinced that the belief In exclusive salvation inevi tably leads to fanaticism and bigotry. He will trace the development of persecution In the different branches of the Christian church, and then show that religious toleration Is not the child of Protestant dogmatism, but ofthe spirit of rational-Ism which has emphasized the right of private Judgment. Endeavor Society Seats Of ficers Th Christian Endeavor society of Faith Chapol installed new officers for the coming six months at a special service last Sunday evening. Those Installed were: : " President, J. Walter Lundgren; vice preldent, James Hurry; secre tary, Nora Vilen; ' asurer, Eleanor Prlchard. . Following . the installation the new president called a meeting ot the executive committee to take up the queation of the budget for the coming term. Spiritualist. FRUITVALE SPIKITUAL CHURCH, ihui meets every Sunday z:so p. m Carpenters' bell, cor. E. 12th and' Frultvale ave., entrance on E. 12th st. Rev. Jennie North-graves, pastor, 1625 22d ave. V. C. Amaden, president. Address, Geo, Hawes. Messages, lira. North, graves. Mra. Evans, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Salmon. . Healing services 2 p. m. by Dr. C. W. Grote. All welcome. Spiritual Aid and Mission 2407 San Pablo, ' Sunday 8 p. m. Sermon" by P. H. de Bruyna ; Messages by Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Amanda Smith, Mr. Stltt and Mra Fedor. 1 Good Mualc. Alt Welcome. Spiritualist Spiritual Church of Light and Truth Inc. Meets Every Sunday, 8:00 P. M. I. 0. 0. F. BUILDING, 11TH and FRANKLIN STS. x MRS. MOON, Pastor 'Address and messages by Rev. Max Hoffman and pastor. Healing 7:30, Dr. Moon snd Mrs. Nicoli. Solo by Mrs. Bolts. Trinity Spiritual Church 529 Twelfth Street, Sciofs Hall. REV. F. K. BROWN, Minister. Affiliated With the California and National Spiritual Association Sunday, August 27th, 8 o'clock, open forum circle service. All message bearers and speakers are welcomed. Cood music " Rose Hyams, S. Cowell, F. K. Brown and other Trinity church workers. Seating 7:30 p. m. The ptiblic cordially invited and always welcome. First Spiritual Science Church OF OAKLAND, INC Rev. A. NE MODE, Pastor. REV. L. ZIMMERMAN, Assistant Pastor Sunday services, 8:00. P. M, inghny Lind Hall No. 1, 2229 Telegraph venue. Address by Rev. A. Ne ntode.. Subject, "Our Gifts, Charity snd Tolerance." Solo by Mr. Leon Stem. Messages, blindfolded ballot and flowers. Reading by Mrs. A No Mode and Mrs. L. Zimmerman. A heart welcome to all. ... Christian and Missionary Alliance AMsaVs'asJsssaaiAA . TEMPTATION ; This subject interests every one of us, for we are all tempted. To those that endure temptation Jesus is going to give a Gmvn of Life Have you been enduring? If you are tempted beyond human endurance may be we can help you. "Hear Moon speak upon this important subject Sunday evening at 7:30. Large young people's chorus choir. Come and help swell it. Bring McPherson song books. If you play an instrument, bring it with you and join our orchestra. We preach the four square gospel Sunday School atlO o'clock. Morning worship at 11:00 o'clock. Openyir at 6:45. Tuesday evening prayer meeting and tarrying for the baptism with the Holy Ghost Wednesday evening divine healing. At this meeting opportunity is given to.those ho have difficulties to ask questions that they may be helped. v Christian and Missionary Alliance Twenty-first Street, between San Pablo Ave, and Brush St R. II. MOON, Pastor PIEDMONT 6209 I Unique Plan For Service By Baptists Ypung People Attracted by Program for Evening With Music The service at the First Baptist church tomorraw night Is designed to be unique and interesting, There will be an "Illuminated Window" of Christ and a little child, arranged by the Roger Williams League. The Illumination will be in full colors: royal purple, scarlet, yellows, greens with crystal white halo. In connection with this part of the service, the quartet will sing, "Whisperings "of Jesus." Following this. Rev. E. A. Frldell will continue in his series of evening ser mons especially adapted for young men, his toplo this time being, "A Toung Man's Home." Rev. Frldell was pleased with the large attend, ance of young people last Sunday evening and Urges all to come this time. Miss Ruth Hall Crandall will sing, "O ReBt in the Lord," and there will also be a soprano and i contralto duet by Eileen Almstead Piggott and Miss Crandall, entitled, "Forever With the Lord." In the morning at 11 o'clock, Rev. Frldell will preach on "The Utility of Visions," and Hugh J. Williams will sing one of his best tenor soioa, "Behold, O Lord." On Monday evening, ths Bible School officers and teachers will gather for their first meetlngr following the summer vacation. A 'supper 'will be served in the ban quet room of the church at b:so o'clock -after which "stunts" will be given by the different departments. Conferences and business will be held afterwards preparatory to "Rally Day" on Sunday, September 17, and "Promotion Day" September 24. As the new Sunday School year opens on October 1st, new arrangements are being planned for some of the departments which will prove beneficial to the whole school in general. Thursday evening, the choir will reconvene with renewed strength and enthusiasm after the vacation to begin rehearsals for another yeti-of work, under the able leadership of Charles Lloyd. All interested in vocal music are invited to become Spiritualist i i ll oi ijuiiiiuai viiuii.il. xuu. Holds church services In the Golden Went Hall, Pacific Bidg., ltth and Jefferson ste., Sunday I P. M. Address by Rev. I M. Saxon of S. F. Messages by Mrs. Brown, Dr. Cook and ethers. Solo by Mra Oeddes. : Tuesday. S P. M., messagea only, by local workers. Cordial welcome to all. REV. E. R. COOK, D. D Pastor, At his Study, 1 to 4 P, M. Daily, 1421 Grove at., Oaklnnd. V United Brethren In Conference On Last Quarter Strong Financial Basis Shown in Reports; Delegate Chosen. , : The fourth quarterly conference ot the First United Brethren church was held Mondav cventner. Dr. H. A. Dowllng of Pasadena, presided. Reports Indicated a strong financial basis for the remainder of the vear. Thomas Wil son was elected a delegate to the annual conference, which Will be held in Los Angelerf beginning September 6. Mrs. N. M. Gripe was elected alternate. - "A Revival In Fundamentals" will be the theme of an address bv the pastor, Rev. Milton C. Luts, tomorrow morning. At 7:30 n. m. his subject will be "Souls in Pawn." Weekday meetings each Friday af ternoon are well attended, the paa-4or says. Girls Corner Club Hears of L. A. Work Mra A. Bush and Rev. Robert C. McQullkin were the spe-' ers at the Girls' Corner Club meeting on Tuesday evening. Mrs. Bush's talk was of her Corner Club, that of Los Angeles, and Rev. McQullkin spoke on 'Xivlng Water." After Miss Clarice Melvln, president, sang "Does Jesus Care?" Mra Bush taught the girls a Corner Club song which she has written, and also sang several, comic songs. Because Mrs. P. Q. Rothrock and Mrs. J. G. Ludlow, general chairman and treas'irJr.respectlvely, have resigned, Mra Herbert T. Eaton and Mrs. Belle Buttler have been elected to substitute In their places uptil the first of the year. Last nleht Mra. E. J. fMintnn club mother, gavs a party at her 1650 Twenty-eighth avenue home which the Oakland and Berkeley Corner Club girls attended. Bishop of Hawaii to Speak in St. Paul's Right Rev. J. D. La Mothe, Bishop of Hawaii, who la visiting At the hnm nf 1. mnA xra r r. McCandless of Piedmont," wlli speak in St, Paul's Episcopal church tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. Bishop La Mothe la on his way to the Triennial convention of he .ap'ocupai cnurcn in foruana loyal members of this organisation. a -surprise- wm do awaKing the people at the close of this first rehearsal. The mid-week prayer meetings are creating much interest and many are . participating In them. Last week the toplo under discussion was the First Chapter f Luke. This coming Wednesday night the subject, is" "My Favorite Thought from the Second Chapter of Luke." All are asked to come prepared to tak part. Ministers Endorse Congress Candidate Notice hdVfi hnen ment nut the Ministerial Union, of which Rev. Frank M. Silsley is president. announcing that at the last meeting of the association David 011-phant was endorsed for the poal-tlon of United Btates Congressman. Spiritualist FIRST Lihartv Tnr1nnnrin ci-i. ual church, 2229 Telegraph ave., ttev. D. a Baker, pastor, holds servicea Sundayt and Tuesdays. Sunday, August J6, pastor will give short address. Most of time will be devoted to messages. Message bearers will be Rev. Lottie B. Smith and Mr. MpAiplne. Come and hear celebrated medium, Mr. Louis Ballard. Healing class 7 p. m. All welcome. Spiritual Truth Church 629 TWELFTH ST. Sunday J:J0 P. M. Setmon "THH PASS KEY." Solos, Healing, Messages. ' MRS. McMILLHIN, Minuter Congregational. Pilgrim Congregational Cor. 8th Ave. and E. 15th St. Sunday School, 9:45 a. m. u. L-Preaching service, 11 a. m. Kev. Arthur E. Paterson will preach. C E. at 6:30 p. m. All welcome. Congregational. Plymouth Church . CHARLES lTkLOSS, Minister 11:00 A. M.' "THE WORLD'S HUNGER" TiJO P. M. "MORAL BALLAST Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 16th and Magnolia Sts. 9:45 Sunday school. Preaching Service, 11 a. m. and 7:45 d. m. xoung Peoples Society. Wednes- aay. 7:45 p. m. J. O. V H1TB, presldsnt. Phone Berkeley 1194J. Latter Day Saints. "MORMONS" Church of Jesus Christ ot Latter-day Salnta Services In Porter hall, 1 IS OroVe st Sunday school at 10 a m. Preaching services at T:00 p. m. Benediction ; Is Saidjfor Nejv Oiiu'cli Bishop Parsons Speaks in Celebration of Comple- ......tion. of. St.. Andrews,. ...... A service of benedictloA cf the new St. Andrew's Episcopal church, , Madera and Fleming avenues, was said by Risrht Rev. E. L. Parsons., Bishop Coadjutor of the dloecese of California, yesterday afternoon, at' a preliminary meeting of the m(m; bers of the pariah. Bishop Parson! stated how the selling of the old St. Andrew's property and the erection of the new church, marked h atep' forward In the advancement of the church, and predicted a bright future for the new church. ' Rev. Edgar F. Gee, dean of Oaki land convention, who was Instru mental In the selection and pur-, cnse or the ground upon which ths temporary church stands, and who' has superintended Its construction also gave a brief tallc. F. AL Lee., treasurer of the diocese, reported on the finances In connection with the new property. His repoit was followed by brief remarks from Rev. A. L. Mitchell, rector of the' new parish. " Services will begin In the new church tomorrow fcnd will be held' each Sunday , at 4 p. m., and on Thursday mornings at 19 o'clock-with the celebration of the Hory Eucharist Dean Gee will officiate" at the first celebration next Thursday. Ml At a later date a Sunday school will be formed. The auditorium of the new, church will seat 120 persons. Some-of the furniture from the old. church at Twelfth and Magnolia streets has been installed In the new building. The building Is constructed in seventeen sections so that It can be taken down and removed In a short time. WELSH PRESBYTERIAX. Rev. Thomas E. Oliver of Fresno, will preach In the Welsh Presbyter-Ian church her tomorrow. The morning sermon will e In Welsh . and In the evening Rev. Oliver wilt1 speak In English, Sunday school la held at 10 a. m. Episcopal. ST. PAUL'S Nr. Grand Ave. and Monteclto. Grand Ave. or Lakeshore cars. Kev. Alexander Allen, rector. ' SUNDAT 8:00 a m. Holy Communion 11:00 a. m. Morning prayer, ' The Rt. Rsv. J. D. La Mothe will preach. ' WEDNESDAY 10:00 a. m. Holy Communion, with intercessions for the sick. Good Samaritan Church Ninth and Oak Streets Rev. A. L. Mitchell in charge. 8:00 a, m Holy Communion. -9:45 a. m.-Ohurch School 11:00 a. m. Morning Service. St. Andrew's Church Madera and Fleming ave. Maxwell Tract. . ' , Evening Prayer 4 p. m. , Holy Communion Every Thursday 10 a, ra. ST. PETER'S ROCKRIDOB Lawton Ave. and Broadway , . , College Ave. cars ' Rev. Edgar F. Gee, Rector, 9:00 Holy Eucharist. in:lS Church Schook 11:15 Divine Service and Sermon. 4:80 p. m. Vesoer servloe. TUESDAY 1:00 Holy Communion. -THURSDAY 9:00 Holy Communion. . ST. JOHN'S n EIGHTH AND GROVE REV. JOHN BARRETT Rector . , 8:00 a. nv Low MaM 10:00 a. m. Church School. 11:00 a m High mass and ser. mon. 7:45 p. m. Vespers and addresa Wednesday. Friday and Saturday, masses at 7:30 a. m. Friday, 7:45 p. m. Solemn VeS-. pers. St. Mark's Parish Rev. W. R. H. Hodgkln. Rector KIP MEMORIAL (St. Mark's) Bancroft Way and Ellsworth. Rerlcelev. ' SUNDAY SERVICES- 4 Church School,. :f; Mormn Prayer. 11:00: sveoilng, 7:3; Holy Communion, every Sun.,' T:30 a. m.: first Suiu. 11 a, m. All Souls SprucBtreets ; . REV. R. M. TRELEASB. Vicar. Church School. 9:S0 a. m-l' Morning Prayer, 11:00 a m.: Holy Communion every Sun.,' 7:20 a. m. second Sun.. 11 a. m. St. Clement's Bivd'-Rnsseu REV. P. A MARTYR. Vicar. Church School. 9:45 a m.: Morning Prayer, 11:00 a. m. Holy Communion, every Sun. 7:80 a m.; first Sun.. 11 a. m 1 TRINITY CHURCH ' 89th st. and Telegraph avenu. Rev. Lloyd B. Thomas. Recto j Service, 7:80 and .11, a m i 1:48 p. m. Church School. 9:45 a. nw LToly Innocents Chape! 54th and Slialtuck Ave. Rev. Geo. K. Weaganf, Vicai Services same as above. Church of the Advent (Episcopal Ev 16'i and 12th ave. Services 8 and 11 a. m. and 1:80 p. ra. , Sunday School, 9:45. Rev. Isaao Dawson, Reatot 1 ALL SAINTS' Plvniouth St Rev. W. A. MacCLKAN. M, A Ch. sent. 10 a, m. Morn. rvlc'( 1st Sun. 8: 3d-Cth Sun. It. Ser-vioes 8rt-4th Sun. T: 0 p. m

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