The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 6, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1895
Page 8
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SNOWATILLA Is Just What You Need* Sold Only at Studiey's Drug Store. ' ALQONA. IOWA. _ BANCROFT NEWS. F, S. NORTON, Dealer in LUMBER And all Kinds of Building Material. & ft or th* Western ...S1lWn .'.".4 08t>m Mi*ed B 2ML&8!***'—f OSpfrt IOWA, FEB. 8, 1895 Conducted by J» A. 4895, When in need of Hardware, please call on me and get prices, I aim to keep the best, such as Garland Stoves and Ranges, Baker Barbed Wire, Heath & Milligan's Paints, Etc. JT. NEWS POINTERS, Will Grover caine up ffota Portland yes* terday to attend the wolf hunt; We have not heard how the hunt came out at this writing. S. P. Hartshorn is on the sick list. Little Leon Russell has been a very sick boy during the past week but is sottie bet* ter at present. Mrs. Ellis, the Evangelist at the M. E. church, was taken ill with heart tfotible last Sunday, but was able to take part in teore man for &. they wefe a filce* lot. Mr. Cronin, who has lived on th6 ft. M. faylef place so long, will inove to Alfona. Mr. McCain morea there. Jtobt. teasoh, who purchased the CJhas. Sarchett place, will toove on soon. A. t). bilsborough goes to the Slagle place, east of town. Alex McArthur's horses hate all beefi with distemper, but are not dangerously. BURT, titiBT, Jan. 5.—Hurt property is still changing hands. Thomas Naiina and Frank Paine have bought Gfoh Bros.' meat market, f hey will take possession at once. The officers of the Burt Creamery met and hired Mr. Dry ver, at one time butter^ makef at Whittemofe, to take charge. Our Jew merchant leaves us March 1st. The building will be used for a millinery store. DON'T TAKE ANY CHANCFS Abstracts of Title. sure you get what you pay for and take no chances. J^-REAL ESTATE FQANS, FARMS AND WiLD LANDS. HAY & RICE Opera House Block. (Successors to 0. L. LUND.) Real Estate Dealers, Algona, Iowa, Are You Insured? Against Fire or Tornadoes ? Is your family protected, in case of death, by a life policy in a solid company ? If not, JL A. FRECH,-— ———*«^ Of the BANCROFT INSURANCE AGENCY, submits tlie following companies for your consideration. This is the strongest line of companies in any agency in Kossuth county and does the largest business. All city (policies are issued in Bancroft and can be had on short notice. We can do a more careful business because we devote our time'to it. Creamery and threshing machine insurance a specialty. tho meeting Monday evening. WANTED—A couple of Rose Cotnb Lejf* horn roosters. Write to box 355, Bancroft Iowa. Tho Sons of Veterans' entertainment at the Opera House Saturday evening was a grand success and the largest audience was out that we have seen for some time a 25c. entertainment. Among tho fine features were: Tho dumb bell exercises by a number of little girls in pink and blue and the tableaux which were very flne,os- pecially tho last one. The receipts were about$15, and besides all members of the O. A. R. and their wives wore admitted free. Prod Purdy will have a public auction of his stock, machinery and household goods at his place on February 18th. We understand ho, is going to California. Sorry to lose Fred some. W. W. Alcorn moves into tho Alex Carpenter house west of the track today and S. N. Qoodspecd will move into rooms in the Noeling building east of the Phoenix. That's right Mr. Alcorn, como over and live in the best part of town. TheU. D. M. administered a rich brown roast to our depot agent last week. The I. 0. O. F. Lodge has purchased, a new $150 outfit of regalia. Dr. Howe preached two very able sermons at the Baptist church last Sabbath. About 35 friends of Mr. and Mrs. Chris. Nelson, sontheastof town, came in on that worthy couple last Friday evening and helped them celebrate their tin wedding. A splendid time was had and many beautiful presents were given the worthy couple. . .Bertie Hallock again shows the size of his mental caiiber by trying to throw dis- credtypn a party held at Jay Groyer's ^ week or so ago, f »r the benefit of. the Nebraska sufferers. It will do no hurm. ever, as everyone knows Hallock so well that they will overlook the matter, as ho seems to know no better. There will be a concert at Marble's hall tomorrow night, given by Prof. Boyle, the proceeds of which are to go to the Nebf as* ka sufferers. FENTON. FENTON, Feb. 5.— Nearly all the farmers have hired their help in readiness for the coming season. John Hable started for Clear Lake with his pony last Friday. He Intends to stay there two or more weeits. TheFenton creamery receives about 3,000 to 4,000 pounds of milk from Setwca patrons every other day. FIRE AND TORNADO CO.S "Hanover of New York. Fire Association of Phi.ladelpma. Northwestern National of .'Mil Eockford of Rockford." State of DesMoines. •Capital of DCS Monies, Merchants and Bankers of Des Moines Anchor of Crestori. Dubuque Fire and Marine of Dubuque. LIFE COMPANIES. Equitable of New York. Mutual Life of New York. PLUM CREEK. Jan. 37. 1895. The Jay Grover oyster supper netted §30 for the Nebraska sufferers, and ,the Ladies' Aid and Mite Society Social $15,45 more, besides S15's worth of goods. .Daniel Rico is having a visit from a neice. Charley Miller, the Burt merchant, attended our singing school Saturday last. Saturday evening, while the singing school was progressing, Altwegg's teain^ got loose and ran away, and when A. M. Jasporson.found them one was lying on its. side, and had lain there long enough to thaw away all the snow on the ground. They were found about twenty rods east of the school house. HEBRON. HEBRON, Feb. 4.—Hebron people are keeping very quiet at present, with tho temperature running down to 38 degrees below zero. R.A.Richardson had bus! ness for the township at the Hub city of the county last week. Superintendent B. F. Reed was visiting schools in our township last week. Assessor S. E. Hart has received his book and is prepared to commence the task of assessing tho township, which is no small job. The school in district number 3, .taught by Mrs. Julia A. Hill, will be out in three weeks. There is talk of another month, as tho schoolla.a,success. • THE COUNTY AT LARGE. Whittemore has.had another death from diphtheria, that of a son'of J. A. Maohei- son, aged eleven years. The Burt ! contributors'to the Nebraska relief fund have been denied free transportation and so the goods{U at Burt. Lu Verne people are beginning to' hope that the diphtheria is 'about stamped out in that locality. It has been a terrible scourge. ? ..: •;. The far-famed^Tank'-Kee" IsjtO tell the people of Lu 1 Verne what he knows of China and the Chinese in thre.e nights, beginning nextJ^ohday. : , ; '.'.'.-,.,. . ..-[ Jacob Wolfe bought 240 acres west of Lu Verne, says the News, for $8,000. It was the Alex McGlaughlin farm'. That was nt the rate of $33.33 per" aero. G>0. W. Manna, tb.6 1m VetWfi bUftkef, is also something bf a gfahfeft ^f"he Kews 5 rfefmrta thai he recently sold IWB c"w1ead9 o! fat steers Iti ft bufteh, ftftd be fa9 got ste'ef s left. Swea City Hef&ld: fceti tX Wliilan>S has purchased the lumber ftr hte hottse south of town, aiid" the c&fJjeKtefa arfl fratning the building: Petefsott ' ftfos< have the contract. T'he Lit Verne News makes thd suggest* ioti to the Algona news'papef brethren that' " they sttve the valuable space they are Using in,telliiig how to edit a newspapefj and tell us what they know about the business at th<3 next meeting." , Ghas. A. E, Nellis, better known as "dene,"son of C, K» jtfellis, of Whittetoofti, died on the SCth.ult Of meningitis ftftef aH illness of seven or eight days, We was about twenty years of age and was a great help- to his family, who have the sympathy of all who know theft. The funeral was conducted by Rev. Hotchkiss and was from the Baptist church. Craig Calkins, of Btirt, and Miss Frances Yager, daughter of Mrs. Delia 1ifager,of Whittemore, were marrfed at tlie home o'f the latter last Wednesday afternoon. Young Calkins will run the farm, 4 failles west of Burt, and Mr. Calkins will "take the road" fora buggy company in the spring. The couple have many friends- in the country who will congratulate them upon their happy union. The Whittemore Champion tells how some of the youngsters of that lively burg essayed to play a practical joke: ''These cold days when time hangs heavily upon the hands of some of our lads there have been some attempts at practical joking. A large fire cracker was wrapped up.; to resemble an anarchist bomb and dropped into Herman Rantzow's shoe store. The ALG6NA, IOWA -..'- .»jfaHfea iOMi-.iwt-VJ T * •*»**-, " A, B, dLAKM cfe 00, 9ASM LOANS* , Office oti Dodge street, Algdna, •/•/'Si o. CALL, iHnfdrmtiofiiflfelafdtd tSftdi fi tf ortn wftfttern t6#k, write M him,. fhof Jngton stfe*fc, * •-••" **• ORO. B. OtAfiKB, OliASi CLARICES COMMON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ALQOtfA .*•.«.. E OLOtjD, (Successor to W, B, Quartern) Attorney and Couiufeldr at Law, ALCANA, IOWA. Office ovot Kossuth County State fcatrk, SULLIVAN & MoMAHOB, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW* I'ostofflce BlocK, AtaoKA, lowA. fuse only burned slightly and the perpet- a dose; B.Y.S WETTING. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Money to loan. Algona, tral or narrowly escaped getting from the fire extinguisher." Tho Whittemore Champion says that, "Grandpa" Rawson celebrated his eighty- second birthday anniversary on Tuesday of last week. A number of friends participated in a birthday dinner, and the- young folks had their turn in the evening. Mr. Pern Rawson<is one of the most interesting and youngest old men whom it is our pleasure to know. He is a New. England man and has among his relics files of old New England newspapers. He is the father of ex-supervisor Rawson, of Lotts Creek. It is reported from Hebron township that jack rabbits 'ore so plenty as to have become a great nuisance, If they are not considerably thinned they will threaten the coming corn crop. Next to this nuisance come the Sunday hunting parties bent upon bagging, them. The latter have become i» regular thing.and trpops of'men, boys and does overrun the prairies every Sunday, to the .great annoyance of'the Sabbath observing portion of the community., which is by no means small. Complaint is madei that hunting parttea howfand yell around the places of meeting, seemingly with the sole purpose of disturbing the services. It. would be a better thing for the whole community to join iri a general hunt on days mutually agreed on. • •. - . •• •.,- • : -_>_ J, L. BONAR. H..H. PEtLOWS. BONAR &, FEEXOWS, , ., AT TORN E 78 AT LAW Ulolleotlons will receive prompt attention".. j Rooms 8 and 9 r Algona State Bank Bl'dg. I Brunch office at ^^ , ..^^>>s Wesley. Iowa. jtL&OJTA, 10JTJL- DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, L&AJfS AND Algona. Collections a Specialty. Office In WurdnerOowles-new building, low*. S.S,-SESSIONS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Loans and Insurance. Special attention given -to collections of all kinds; Office over Uhrlschtlles' store. Algona, Iowa* L. K. GrARFIELD, M. P., PH7S1C1AJX AND 8VRQEON, . Office on State street, t Algona, low*. M.J.KENEFlCK,mi). - Olllce over Taylor's store. Ajgona, ,, lovirft. We Wish to Call Attention To Our Complete Line of The total assetts of tlie above companies is $366,678,181.08, according to the Auditor's report of Jan. 1,1894. Blank Books, J. M. PBIPE, M. D. Office over Goeder's Alg&na, Clouting Store: Iowa DB: L. A. SHEETZ, ' AND STATIONER, . Prescriptions Blled. Deals In paints, oils,. '.;. '...' books. -perfumeries, etc. ' '' Oor. State and .Thorington sts. Alcona.Iowa^, _ __ .-.-••- _ ( _ . C. B. PAUL, M. D.,, WHITTEMORE - - - - IOWA,, Eegulav Office hours s to 12 a, in,, 2 to o p. m v Over 'Wioljler's Furniture store, ..:'" Residence north of track. ••a. M. Richmond, .Pres. B. F. Smith, Vice Pres. A. B. Uichmoml, 0. J. Lenander, Ass't, Oash. Traders' Savings Bank -d. N. E. Sheridan, A. B. niobmena, C. P. Smith. Samuel -Mayn«i«.K.Manovy,J.N. Sheridan. ,, . - : . Loan, and Insurance Agency, > R ,OHMONP. CALL AT THE OFFICE OF uAND AND TOWN LOT CO. ' insurance and Farm loans UNION. ', Feb. 4.—Mr. Schirmer, ol'south- west Union, is doing a large amount of dehorning cattle all over Union. Old Mrs. Strickler is very sick with pneumonia at the home of her son Will. Mrs. Delia Laird is meeting with good success at the Bachelor school house as teacher. She is one of Kossuth's best teachers. The many friends of Mrs. Andrew Barr will be pleased to learn she is getting along nicely from the operation performed last week by Drs. Trlbon and Stull. The Doctors say she is possessed of tho right kind of grit to get right along. And among her friends, and she has many, and neighbors it is very gratifying to know that she will be all right again in a short time. T. M. Bilsboroughis at present the most inquisitive man In Union. Perhaps it would be well to add that he is our asses* sor, and when ho calls upon you he will only ask you 263 questions, The man who has rented the Holcomb place is moving hay, etc. We understand his family will not move until March 1st, He moves from the J. B. Jones farm, Thomas Sarchett has packed his' grip aad hied himself away to his birth-place in Ohio for a visit, Mrs, G, L. Carroll has had an attack pf the grippe, also Helen, butb^ are better. now. We wonder if as many editors will om}t to state that Saturday, Feb. 3nd, was ground as omjit reading '. sermons. For fear that the editor RjspxrjjLioAN will omit it, which is gether "out of the character',' for supji' ft prst class pap*r» we will venture to say that Saturday, Feb. 3, was ground bog 4ay, and that he saw his "gadder," The amount of cyclone timber Jaeipg piled up ftt Joe Thompson's fs simply jm.; mouse. Mrs, Frlnk, who went tQ Kansas jj n comber tQ visit a brpther, also to • her health, is ^F^F^r^r^r^r^T^r^r^r^r^r^r^r^^^ ^ Memorandums, Pocket Books, / oc DENTIST A. L. BIST, D. D, S, Local anaesthetic for deadening pain in gums-when extracting teeth. Etc We have an immense line of these goods, also OFFICE SUPPLIES, Those wishing anything in this line would do well to give us a call, F. W. Dingley. THE DRUGGIST, E. S. GLAS1ER, D. DENTAL ROOMS Over |he Algona State Bank, SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO THE NATURAL TEETH, The beat of modern anaesthetics w.^ to make all operations,as painless ag pop- sjble, Do You Want B. E, SAYEBS, D, V, M,, Good Things R, M. RICHMOND. Qhow Qhpyy Qwten 9Uv Bulk Olives To Eat?

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