Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 23, 1922 · Page 7
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 7

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1922
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY EVENING Delano Cribtmc B f AUGUST 23, vm. Many Social Affairs to Precede Nuptials The home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank 'Walter Thaxter in Berkeley was ma scene or a large at home today, when Miss. Margaret Alice Thaxter, their daughter, who' will become the bride of McKinley Wheeler Saturday, entertained a large number of her fronds before her departure for Merced to make her home. Assisting Miss Thaxter this after-noon to receive were Mrs, Thaxter, her motherland the members of the brldal party Miss Marjorle Williams, Miss Avis Parks, MIbs - Vivian Thaxter, Miss Blanche Rose, , Mlsa Lola, Barron, Miss Ruby Hold, and the Mitres Florence and Vivian Thaxter and Mrs. Balph Robinson, Little Betty Reynolds Brice received the guests at the door, in a quaint little French maid's froch. Tomorrow afternoon Mrs. Ralph A Robinson will be hostess at lunoh-eon at her home in ho..or 6f the bridal party, and Mrs. E. L. lord. Mrs. O. K. Liljegren and Mrs. Harry 1 Harmen, a cousin of the bride-elect who has come from' her home In Los Angeles for the wedding. ' Friday evening a dinner will be given to George Upton of Long Beach, who will be best man at the wedding. The hostess will be Mrs. E. L. Lord who will entertain at her home in Berkeley. ' ; . t . . Mias Elizabeth Bufflngton of Lo An eel eg la a. visitor tn th h v inn. tlon and the house guest f Mr. and jars, xneoctore j?ondexter of Ban Franctaco. a a One of the enjoyable affairs of the mid-summer was tne luncheon flrivan bv Mlnfl TVirnthv TinTo-An . f her home In Oakland in honor of Miss Dorothy Jatho, whose birthday anniversary it was. Among the guests were the Misses Ruth Jatho, Helen Burwell, Myrahelle West and Doris Scoville. O , O ' $ . T LTTNCSEOT? FOR B1UDB-ELEOT. Miss Katherine Maxwell was hostess at luncheon at her home In this city yesterday afternoon, complimenting Miss Elva Ghirardelll, bride-elect of John Welby Dins-more. Places. T r t for Mrs. Robert Gemmell Adams, Mrs. Ward Daw-con, Mrs. Dudley Dexter, Mrs. Jack Okell, Mrs.lfrDonald Lanjont, Mrs, Harry Hush Magee, Mrs. William McCaskey Chapman, Mrs. Burton - Braoe, Mrs. Herbert Hall, Miss Katherine Armstrong, Miss Helen Rodolph, Miss Beatrice Soule and Miss Elva Ghirardelll the honoree. 1 . O tt O f Mrs. William Gardiner was hostess for a score of guesta at a luncheon this afternoon at her home; honoring Miss Marian Hall, a visitor to the bay region from New York. - ' , , The home of Mrs. William Thornton Whlta on Vernnn T-foichta was the scene of a tea tody, whefi" j conrmiuee cnairmen oi tne ijaaiea Relief Society for Market Day met to complete their plans for Septem-ber 16. when the annual Market lairti ' NO COOKING . the Food-Drink! for All Agca. Quick Lunch at florae, Qffice,a4 Fofintains. Ak fir HOJOCS. )r Avoid Imtafemj & Subtlilttsr Wfar(f& For In GINGER MLE; This l the - e' dm for you s - Jim CLICQUOT CLUB GINGER ALE pure spring water, cane sugar, Jamaica ginger, fruit juices and other pure ingredients to make the happy blend you "like. And notonly you they all like iL Buy it by the case from your grocer. If you desire a" change you can get Clicquot Club Sarsaparilla, Birch Beer, or Rodt Beer. ; THB CLICQUOT CLUB .COMPANT (. MUlis, MasaU.y. - ' i.i www i 1 I I II 'I e J i - , ; MISS GEORGIA NORTON tvho is the guest of tka Misses Marcelline and Gertrude Norton of Vernon Heights. Miss Norton is from' Massachusetts. Boye Photo. ' V 1 i i t . i -m . - . j i li i - -y. i i V 1 " - ' 1 k ? i . h " 'f v , 1 M V - VK ; Jfl i rf . j5 v . . . p. ih r ' . v 4 s v' II I - h 1 - . , s : h(u I ' 1 V - - ":, ill h Ml a. ', p I ; . j , - ' 'X.t.v,, , r'.- Day in the city hall piaza will bet neia unaer tne auspices or the society. . .. ft it ft Miss Dorothy Grissim 1 entertaining infor.illy 'at bridge this afternoon at the home of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. John D. Grissim in Piedmont, for more than a score of the younser girla The guest pf honor was Miss Hope Somerset. ft ft ft ' ! sirsrcALE - i-' AND TEA. ' ,Two hundred cards have been sent out by Mrs. Jamei G.-Barry-hill, Br.l and Mrs, Jr. met G. Barry Surveyor of Border With Mexico Dies LONG :. BEACH, Aug. . 23.r Funeral services wiJKbe bold, tomorrow for General Alpheus P. Hanson, famous surveyor, chosen by the federal government' to es tablish the line between California and Lower California, who died Monday night after a brief illness. General Hanson was born In Keokuk, la., September 7, 1856. He came to California in the early seventies. For thirty -four year's ha waa in - the federal services" As a surveyor, working in California; Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona. ixth a oav ' Ginger Ale J1 mimmmm ones 1 ml hill, Jr., for a musicale at the.home of the former August 30. The guests of honor will be Mrs. Joseph P. Bingaman of Pittsburg, a sister of Mrs. Berryhill, Sr., and Mrs. Lu-oia.: Dunham, vocalist. Mrs. Dunham is an instructor In the Institute of MusIcaLArt in New York. ft . ft ft - In honor of Miss Kathleen Kinney, bride-elect of Phill E. Bradley, and Miss Margaret Geary, fiancee of Res Linforth, a tea will, & given September 1,. when the Misses Belie and Seta Stewart will be hostesBes at. the Robert Stew-art home on Warrlnnr street Extradition Sought For S house Partner " Armed with extradition papers Inspector Lou Agnew is on his way to San Antonio, Texas, today to return w. L, Chyborne here , in an effort to secure information concerning the mysterious murder of Edwin A. Shouse on August 12. rr Clayborne.'a former business associate, of Shouso in tha automobile business,, is said by the police ti hive . definite information of t,he movements of the dead man dl-reetrr before his death. ' ShousB's body was found in a deserted ravine hi Albany. Clayborna will be brought hanic to Oakland, on the specific chargeJ on grana .larceny in connection with the theft of a machine . owned by Arthur Moore in 1919. T.hat Clay borne was also associated with Shouse in bootlegging is the announced belief of the police. Wife Shoots Spouse After Quarrel, Claim ' James Wilson, colored, Is at the emergency hospital Buffering from a gunahot wound in right thigh, received, he claims, .during a quarrel lst evening with his wife, Mrs. Colleen Wilson. The fight started when .Wilson refused, to allow his wife to go out. The police say she went into the bedroom, took a revolver out of the dresser drawer and fired five shots at her husband, only one of which struck him. He took the empty revolver away from her. The shooting took place at the counle's home. 11 Rr,i, street. They are both being held I .: ' v " 'u.uici niveau-pation. Da You Want Fresh Milk? ' Valley serviced gets , milk to you hourfreeh- ' er than most ordr milk. Start taking o- morrow. ' Certified Milk ' If YOU Wish I if Y i If 1 E URGES DIVORCE its Before a joint meeting of the Oakland Realty Board, the Lions Club and the Bui.ldersV Exchange today, Fred G, Atheorn, western counsel fqr the Unlpn Pacific Railroad company, tirered that the separation decree of the UnlQd States Supreme court in the Central Pacific-Southern Taclflccast beupheld and executed at it stands. Hla address was in reply to that delivered before the Realty Board by James N. Gillptt, who represented the Southern Pacific in its efforts to defeat the carrying out of the court's mandate. The separation of the Central (Paclflo. from Southern ," Pacific operating control, said Athearn, and the entry Into this territory or the Union Pacific, would mean the greatest possible stimulation to the development of the San Fwncisco bay region. ''Oakland is a pivotal point," he said,, "and probably would benefit more than other city in- the whole State of California as the result of active railroad competition between the principal continental routes having terminals on the Eastbay shore. Here is a great stretch of waterfront, capable of being utilized In the upbuilding of a great city, and what may soon become, and what certainly ought soon to become, one of the great maritime ports of the world. It has been lying undeveloped for too long a period." . EXTRADITION" REFUSED. . LOS ANGELES, Aug. 23. Governor William D. Stephens today refused to sign papers for the tx-tradition of Estol Emmons, alleged bandit queen, arrested here, for Eugeue, Ore., avthoritles. MOTHERS' CLUB TO DANCE. The Mothers' Club of the Friclc Sehool Parent-Tracher Association will hold its mbnthly dance August 2ft at the Frlck school' auditorium. Lux leaves ; Just 1. 1! o te d pan, A tinglt Pm. . ; t Am 44 dish- awjAutff ' the i'hcs for OF G -(- ! , j .' ..! .'.i.J.i I ...'.'.)'.' l. 'I' " Gone mm A meetlns at which St. Andrew's Episcopal church parish will be organized fully, win be' held tomorrow afternoon, Right Rev. Ed-ward L. Parsons, coadjutor Bishop of. the Dipoese pf California, will preside. Rev. Edward F. Gee. dean of Oakland convocation; F. M. Lee, treasurer of the diooese and Rev. A. L, Mitchell, reotor of the new parish, will take part In the organization. St. Andrew's recently completed the erection of a new'urch building at Madera andFleming avenues. Further notices In regard to service Sunday will be announced following the completion of parish organisations. Baptist School r Will Open Monday Opening exercises of the Berkeley Baptist rivinity school will be held Monday evening at 7:45. Among the speakers will be Rerl E. A. Frldell, assistant pastor of the First Baptist church of Oakland, and Rev, E. A. Hanley, pastor of the First Baptist church of Berkeley. MISSIONARY MEETING. An executive meeting' of the Woman's Home Missionary Soeioty of the First Methodist Episcopal church, was held at the home of Mrs. John Stephens, wife of the 'pastor, Monday afternoon.' that 4 your china spotlessly clean and does it .-...'. ' YOU wouldn't use a strong, alkaline soap Don't use it on your hands. They are most delicate silk to harsh soap. , Lux ..contains no would harm your skin. Three times a day you can wash dishes in the gentle Lux suds without ruining your hands. Women themselves discovered this use for Lux. Women who for years had been getting such satisfaction from Lux for silkixand woolens tried it for washing dishes. Thousands of letters have come in to us saying that Lux suds leave your china beautifully clean and at no cost to your hands, and asking usvwhy we. never mentioned it. Start today using Lux for your dishes. Lever Bros. Co., Cambridge, Mass. 1 1 'r 1 1 iii! Luiilii: Throngs Attend Conference Series Large congregations are attending the Victorious Life conference now being conducted at the First Presbyterian church, according to Rev. Frank M. Sflsley, pastor. Meetings areheldat:30 andj:30 p. m., each day. The conference will close next Sunday. Young people of Alameda eounty are Invited to special services tomorrow and Friday nights at :J0, Rev. R. C. McQuilln and D '. A, J. Ramsay are conducting the meetings. , - . LEAGUE TO MEET. The Christian Citizens' League will meet tomorrow evening in Broolyn Presbyterian church. Captain Frank Ebert will te the speaker. The public is invited. Professor Honored While Abroad, NEW YORK, Aug, 7 3 Dr. J. Y. Krueger of Midland College, Fremont, Nebraska, who has Just arrived in New .York after a summer of study in Germany, enjoys the distinction of having been nominated and elected president of his college while on his trip abroad. Dr. Krueger mad Investigations of church condlions in Germany at the instance of the National Lutheran Council, and states that everywhere there is evident among the communicants a feeling of the need of friendship and moral sup-portffrom other nations. MANY WOO SURVIVOR. BREST. Mile. Suzanne Loubet, who was saved from the liner Egypt disaster, has received scores of marriage proposals by wall. - times three free alkalior anyother ingredient that raw i.'!ll'!ii I ii i ! imp; FOR WASHING DISHES ELECTRIC SIGH 10 BOOST COMING SHEET! CHU1E Goat Island" Illumination Feature of International Meet in Oakland."" A gigantic electric sign, jajwnc-ing the International Health and Safety Exposition, to be held at the Oakland Auditorium November 17 to 26, will be erected on Goat Island, for all commuters and other travelers to behold. Plans for the huge sign, the largest ever erected on the island were announced today by the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, which Is in charge of the show. During the week it was learned that the famous Japanese exhibit of oral hygiene will be a feature of the 'show. This comprises twenty four wax models and as many of papier mache, in addition, to numerous charts and pictures: There will be English speaking Japanese dentists to explain and lecture upon it. The farmer will have his inning with a large area of space devoted to all aspects of the production of food. In this the University of California will play a prominent part, showing what sci ence nas done. The transportation ccmpanles will exhibit the latest devices for the protection of human life on swift moving . trains. The Boy SoouU of the world will compete for honors in many original stunts. The work of the psychiatrist in delving into the mysteries of the criminal mfhd will have Its place. Sclentlflo regulation of trafflo will be explained. Jars - a day r " not redden or coarsen hatids '.-.' on your fine siiks. as sensitive as the '. Vaudeville Shaw To Entertain Elks Member! of Oakland Lodge of Elks will be entertained by a special vaudeville program at the close of the business sesnion of the lodge tomorrow nlsht. The talent will be supplied by Lester Fountain and William Daul of the State Theater. The theater also will provide special music for the occnslon. cantilever bhoe sass Do You Really Know Comfort? Many women who have accustomed themselves to htgh heels and pointed toes say, "Oh, my shoes are perfectly. , comfortable!" As a matter of fact they have forgotten what real comfort is. And ' they do not realize that the penalties of unnatural footwear may be felt in other parts of the body than tho - feet. The Cantilever Shoe pro vides such normal, absolute east that discomfort and fatigue become as foreign to the feet as to ; the hands. . Not only are the lines natural and the heels built for perfect bal- ' ance and support, but Cantilevers have a flexible arch which permit the foot to bend freely. This gives strengthening exercise to the muscles and eliminates any possibil ity of weak arches. Expert FlttlB Always - Cantilever Shoe Stores, Inc. Rooms 201-205 Henslurw Bid?. ita M jBroaflwajv Oaklaaa ROOM! 250 A 283. PHElAK BLDG. Arcade FIoot-Sm Praaclaea Wirt! Ot&9tu PfH. Urn for Bmk1f ' Lux learts yourgltstwtrt spirt-ling without 4 (MOT ef soapy Urn yon sum lustrous, j cmna spotlessly clots. ( .1 c- J V- 1

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