Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 29, 1921 · Page 18
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 18

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 29, 1921
Page 18
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Sl'NDAY MORNING 29, 1921. 7 NATIONAL REALTY Naval Base Bound to Come to Alameda 'CALDWELL PLAW 1 Manages Plant Sixty Years N MAXWELL PARK Oakland Get Behind Move to Seekers for Homy Homes Are Finding What They Want ; , Everything Right. Fred J. McCauley and Leon H. Woolsey Open Store On Broadwav. Bring Big Gathering to Pacific Coast 2 T NEW FIRM FOR EXCLUSIVE YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHING CUNVtNTION FOR HOMES POPULAR gPArtBj4sjBJMBMMSB I; a jjM Imbm, -k? SAN FRANCISCO 'I II V?ho will pay for the banquet for California real estate men'to be Riven at the leading hotel in Chicago July IS, the last (lav of th hl- annual Convention of the National Anru. tlon of Heal Estate Hoards? 'To Angeles, representing Southern California realtors, challenged northern (California realtors represented by San Francisco and Oakland. The telegram ,,f defiance to outdo the territory north of the Tehachapl wan read by President Colbert Caldwell at the regular meet ing of the San Francisco Heal Estare ne challenge was Immediately accepted, and in a prompt message. Leslie F. Durks. secretary of the Ran Francisco board, notified President Frank Ryan of the Los Angeles board, that the scrap was on. San Francisco has a bis; reason for Retting up a trainload to the Chicago i -invention'. For the 1!;'2 national convention of the real estate men,"; with 10,000 delegates all eager to viait arid view California, is to be San Francisco's for the asking. Oakland real estate men are sun porting heartily the battle for the biggest attendance at Chicago, and-already President K. Bruce Maiden. F. F. Porter, James J. McKlroy. R. Porter Giles, and at least six others have signified their Intention of going. Ijob Angeles sends word through Vice President Cliff C. C i Tatum to Albert! K. Kern of San Francisco that sixteen southern real-ton already have deposited jr.O each aa an earnest of their good faith in making the trip. The Lo.s Angeles I I?"1'1 lt thoir ma" '" '"' Purchasers of Alameda Acres - WVttOl 1IIUU- M11U JOH1 the special train from San Francisco and Oakland about July 7 or 8. At Salt Lalcc City the California realtors will join the special trains from the -Korthweat where the interstate Realty Federation is making a big fight for reclamation and irrigation In its territory. . In a statement to California real estate men, Fred E. lieed. of Oakland, president of the California State Real Estate Association, urges wvery real estate board to send at Jeaat one delegate to Chicago, saying: "We will all protit by this convention, but more than that our entire .State will be the big gainer from this mm !'? .' i :,. m: IBM .1 OTOTMIHiniH swifiiiiniB m (iiiiiniii iiMiiiainiiMi i ii"- u- i Have No Fear of the Future of That Property. "The fact that there has been a temporary delay In making an appropriation foe- the Alameda naval base doesn't make me hesitate a second in closing on one of these plats in Alameda Acres. That appropriation will bo made all right and the great navy base will be established on the site in due time. The development of the Oakland-Alameda harbor, the extension of which borders Alameda Acres, and the millions vii frr 4- "-om Fpejii on inuusw in ann snip- Prfi the TJ 5 San Francisco next vear. Thilt AI'"'Ia Acres, make thla land means that 10,000 of the livest real '1 ri? h?t,,W2iJS? V.eBn ,value ; nuti iwuiia room. Il rniitsBii for garden truck production and the fact that it Is in the city llmtts of Alameda make it worth more than the prices oxked by the company selling It." That statement, made by a prosperous physician, as he paid cash for an acre plat in Alameda Acres, the Oakland harbor extension frontage of Ray Farm Island, tells the la a work in which the entire 9894 1 fM. " ....,., ,, ,. ,, .7 , I' licensed real estate dealers of Call- fl?!l I. J, actually In a city, are tak- "'ft tiwiu I'ui-ii' ti'ii.ii Kug ne- lng purchased. Those seeking farm Scene in AUtmfda Acres, the garden tract within the city limits of Alameda and embraced in the fast developing harbor and manufacturing zone. One of the beautiful beach stretch, playgrounds for families of investors; a home scene and glimpses of intensive truck garden production on the land are shown. sons who have subscribed and an additional 1785 shares at par, 1100, for cash. estate men in the country will see I California, enjoy her scenic trips for a month orniore, and carry back to the other forty -seven states the wonderful story of California and whv it is tile nner. f..r tin, tiitmn.iMfilii.r-a ' of the nation. "San Francisco and Oakland are faced with the enjoyable task of getting a larger delegation to Chicago than our sister city in the south. It fornia will gladly cooperate. And many of these brokers will do like jp rae doing here, send their sale!' men to Chicago for the good that they may learn for their own real estate business by establishing con tact with and hearing talks of the blest thinkers in the real estate business." Realtors who are planning to at- j tend" the national convention are i urged to hand in their names to 11. j F. Ramaciotti, San Francisco chair- j man; W. M, (iarland, Los Angeles, j chairman; R. Porter Giles, Oaklard chairman; or send them direct to j California Real' Ksttae, Syndicate Building. Oakland. The following real estate boards in i California will participate . in the winning of the 192- convention for. San Francisco: North of Tehachapl 5an Francisco, Colbert Coldweii, president: Oakland. F. Bruce Maiden, president; Fresno, W. W. Stanforth. president: Bakersneld. Charles U Taylor, president: San Jose. Charles F. Crothers, president; Santa itosa. J. T. Summers, president; Richmond, J. Harry Plate, chairman; Santa Cruz, F. M. Garrison, president; Berkeley, W. A. Porter, presidi tf Modesto, A. A. Fields, president; Sacramento, Chris R. Jones, president. So.uth of Tehachapi Riverside, W. E. Stephens, president; Pasadena. Joseph H. Dorn, president; Bong Reach, John G. MunhoIIand. president; Santa Barbara. A. B. Watklna, president; Santa Ana. Everett A. White, chairman; San Diego. Percy H. Goodwin; Glendale, Charles B. Guthrie, president; Bos Angeles, Frarrk Ryan, president; Huntington Park Realty Board: Pomona Realty Board-; San Bernardino, J. . El-dridge; East San Diego, Chas. J. Creller, secretary. WATERFRONT ST DEVELOP j home sites ami people in general who feel that development of the great ; East bay metropolis, now embracing I several cities, will develop land like I that of Alameda Acres, are getting i these acres and half-acres. NAVAL BASE WILL COME. "In the public mind the fact is ! firmly fixed that In time the naval base will be established on the site ! that the naval boards and the con-! gresslonal committee have decided is 1 the best and have accepted," said an Alameda official. "The political fight now going on Is similar to other I political fights that have been waged I over great projects like This. "Thje needs of tho nniioji always win lrt the long run. The necessary Alameda base will lie untangled from the disarmament tight with which it had the bad luck to get mixed and the money to make a start will be voted. Appropriations for development will then come fast." Admiral Hodman's statement concerning the urgent need of the Alameda naval base and the necessity of Congress making the appropriation, will not go unheeded, those who want to see the great lleet maintained In Pacific waters feel assured PROFITABLE PRODUCTS. From naval base to garden peas is a long shot, but the proline production of Alameda Acres makes the land of great value from a footl production standpoint Here Is something that Mayor John 1 Davie said Tuesday night at the California Congress of Mothers and Parent-Teachers' Associations, Oakland Auditorium, In praising the Bos Augelcs boost spirit. PEAS FOR BOS AJVGEDE8. "Why, Ixts Angeles came up here the first of January," ho said, "got a carload of early green pens from Bay Farm island, right in tho limits of Greater Oakland, and shipped Uiem to the Eastern markets labeled Orange county peas.' " Alameda Acres has various varie- . J-Uea.af. vegetables ready for tho mar- Kei, wirce ttvttus 4I1U1UM -iiLau uinui garden land, the truck gardeners ,' there will tell you. No better or more profitable place than one ot mcse i found. - .. Dinuba FraternttMIall Asioclation, which proposes to purchase a site ( and erect a fraternal lia.ll thereon, i h.-ts been given permission to issue 350 shares of its capital stock, par I value $50, in exchange for certain real property, and to sell 1160 eharea .it iar for cash or for promissory , notes. Sacramento Properties Corporation, principal place of business of which is Sacramento, has been given permission to sell and issue certain of its capital stock. The company was organized to engage in the real estate business. Under tho permit the company is authorized to issue I 50 shares in exchange for cash heretofore advanced and USS shares in exchange for certain property heretofore transferred. Iwmimmuasmsg . IHHH9Bh5 What has developed into onepf the most popular real estate projects Oakland has seen in many years is the wholesale home-building program now in progress In Maxwell Park. The tlrst unit of ten homes in ' one builder's plan for flfry-four bun-I galows Is almost done and the sec- ond had' been started and buyors are appearing In all cases before the house is done and in many cases even before it is started. The plan of F., R. Caldwell, sales l manager for the Maxwell Park Co., j Is to sell these homes In course Of I construction, offering a general plan I of building and arrangement but permitting buyers to select interior I decorations, fixtures and finish and i allowing them to make reasonable , changes In floor plane. This plan, I which gives the purchaser freedom t . i-i. a,., ..(. r v. . . n a I r I iiuiii IIADUHIC uriniia uuiimuib $ construction ami mo aavaniage ui ti i the wholesale building costs, allows full opportunity for the exercise of taste, originality and individuality in completing the homes. The homes which are sold on terms at a price impossible to individual builders because of the quantity construction, arc all different Inside and out, although there is a general roor-plan prevailing through- t out. it is known as tne caiaweu plan" and is declared by those who t have already bought homes In Max- i ( well Park to be the very acme of ! i modern home-construction. There , j are large living and dining rooms i with hardwood floors and built-in i features, three bedrooms, one glassed I in to be used us a sleeping porch if desired, a cabinet kitchen with spe-' eial breakfast nicho and bathroom with magneslte floor, built-in bath j tub and recessed shower. Barge, well lighted closets, dressing table recess In at least one bedroom, hood f- stove, glass doorknobs and ; drawer pulls, dainty lighting fixtures ! and modern type electric wiring 1 throughout, beautiful wallpapers, modern finish and fireplace in living room are niceties of construction that are unusual in homes selling at tne price asked. Sidewalks, fences and garage driveways are included in the , purchase price. These features, coupled with the f.o t that the homes are built in .Maxwell Park, Oakland's most beautiful home tract, are responsible for the popularity of the homes. Max well Park has a view of the. hills and a marine panorama of the San Francisco Bay region. In East ; i i 'akland's "warm belt," It la free ; ' from wind and fog. Improvements j ! Including go-foot streets and 5-foot i ! sidewalks are being rushed. Curbs and gutters are in already. Schools i and local and transbay transporta tion are near at hand. : , , DAVID HALE FANNING, head of the Royal Worcester Corset Company, who is celebrating his sixtieth anniversary as president and manager of that company. David Hale Fanning celebrated in Worcester, Mass., during the past week, the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the Royal Worcester Corset Company, and his sixtieth anniversary as president, and manager of that institution. Bcpresenta-tlves of that company from all over the world gathered in Worcester to attend this event, which was a picturesque one in the history of American industry. A number of representatives went from California. Fully one thousand visitors attended the celebration, many of them not connected with the Institution, but who called to express their personal regard for the well known manufacturer. tied J. McCauley and Beon H. Woolsey, under the firm name of Mc-C uiey & Woolsey, have opened f) new young men's clothes shop I 1542 Broadway, where they will cater to the young men of special tastes. The formal opening took place yesterday and the new firm has takep its place in the business world of Oakland. The new store has been fitted up with excellent taste and a splendid line of ready-to-wear clothing has been installed. The fixtures and the line of goods are in keeping, both up to the mlnf. Two of the best known lines of nationalyeadvertlsed clothes have been taken over by the new firm, the "Stratford" and the I "Fitform" line, which will meet the demands of the most exacting. The two partners are well known in Oakland. Fred J. McCauley has had large experience in men's fur-n'shlngs, and was the buyer for Ballard & Anderson for years, Ieon H. Woolsey is an ex-service man, who saw hard fighting in the ranks of Hie A. E. F. in all of the big battles of FraWjC. from Chateau Thiery to the ArgtSuie. He is an Oaklander, and educated In tho Oakland schools nd is now making himself an important part in the Oakland business world. Stage Line Orders by R. R. Com. O. I McKIearnan, who carries the United States mail between Por-terville and Springville. Tulare county, has been authorized by the Railroad Commission to carry passengers and light freight. He will serve the towns of Worth, Clavicle and Success as intermediates. Drayage Service Corporation has been authorized by the Railroad Commission to take over the auto transfer business conducted by M. A. Casenave between San Francisco and Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley and other transbay cities. Casenave operated, as the American Storage and TrarVsfer Company. R. E. Murray and E. G. Wilson have lost the permit to operate an auto service for the transportation of certified milk from Tinim's dairy, Dixon, Solano county, to Alameda. They abandoned service without permission of tWb Railroad Commission and the commission today ordered that the permit bo revoked. Star Auto Stage Company, which operates between Oakland and Stockton, Stockton and .Sacramento and Stockton and Mefcetl, has asked from the Railroad Commission au thority to put into effect a higher schedule of charges. The company claims that the recent 1 5 per cent increase granted by the commission , perpetuated many inequalities and iniquities and that the proposed new schedule smoothes them out. The Star Company also filed an application for authority to issue stock at the price of $75 a share to pay for equipment purchased for the company by its president, W. E. Travis. On request of P. O. Stein the Railroad Commission has dismissed his application for a permit to operate an auto service between Salinas and San Buis Obispo and between King City and Paso Robles. Pickwick Stages, Northern Divis ion. Inc., having meet a satisraciory form of agreement securing tne pay-mont of certificates it riroDOSes to issue the Railroad Commission has authorized the execution ot til agreement. The agreement secures the navment of J30.000 of 8 per ct serial equipment trust certificates. BBMRKR1NO BEGINS. Dumber mills in various lumber districts are starting operations for the summer. INOFSTRIAD TRACKAGE. A spur track at grajje across Stockton street irKjJlAlty of Bodi Is to be constructed "By the Southern Pacific, according to the terms of a permit granted the company by the Railroad Commission. i ' Declaring that the desl nt ot Oakland's greatness lies In the .development of her water transportaUon facilities and that the burden of tax- Uon must be shifted from real j estate and property to other sources. I Walter O. Manual of the Central National Bank, in an address before1 the sales force of the Fred K. Reed Company, inc. Tuesday morning i gave out some vital thoughts gath-; ered during his 47 years' resident this city. sjjnuaajiii JB jitni. strategic- point or for a home lores can be ! , 1 , i Corporation Permits j The following permits have been Issued by E. C. Bellows. State Corporation Commissioner, to corporations In the Fast bay District: 1 American Insulex Company has location ror an immense waterfront been given permission to sell "500 -and her watvrf rout- tmret be ..-- shares of Ua .ptetenred. .. ain'al stock :-.velop4 tOhe' highest degree , U slie .t r for Cuh NO. i net 80 per is to prosper and grow and take rent. The permit requires that 6000 her place a-s one of the foremost : shares issued to C. C. Newkirk shall cJtlns of the world." Jie said "tub- b .i,.r,ttH ,. i,ia ... in ,..-,. sleepy town, Ifnown and enjoyvQ as " ii-wuti iiatt! iu nve. in oraer i ur, P i;rD.a ., .,,., i,, to cave use for BUCh a WaterfjOnt insulating material knOWn SJ Insulex we must tlrst have the industries and ! and an asbestos fireproof compound to hsjre the industries we nyist ha. H lesser taxation against property and I Kingsburg Dehydrated Products place it against those who receive ! Co . organized In Kinehnr e.r Uu "."" w fways remain u.tg . The . on.i.anv was organized lor the k"nown and enjoyvQ as nnrnoas ie nianiifactm-inir urn! nellm ' huge ir;rome? own no property and axe allolfd to enjoy all the privileges without having to help pay the bill." Mr. Manual's solirf.ion .of this g-eat problem of taxation is to have the property owners organize, study j constructed a plant their problems and then go after j same. legislation that will correct this rois-Ht and place the harden where it belongs. His talk was one of a series to be given by Oakland's prominent business men to the sales forces of the Fred E. Reed Company each Tuesday morning. purpose of dehydrating, drying and curing grapes, fruits and vegetables, has permission to issue 75 snares to persons who have -liertofore subscribed and to.se! 1 shares at par, iuu. tor casn. The comn.mv has nd equipped the Dinuba Improvement end Investment Company, organized for. the purpoetj of purchasing a site in Dinuba and to construct thereon a building for hotel purposes, is per- mmra to sen x 1 snares to per- A home doesn 't come by whistling for it DO something Your dream of a home of your own may be MADE to come true select your homesite in Level lots, rich soil, for as little as - $250 $1 down $a week. No interest, no taxes till 1922. Free deed. Perfect title. Under such terms you can soon own your lot and be ready to -build. And Hollywood certainly is a delightful place for a home a park-like section on Oakland's eastern edge, between Broadmoor and the Hellman estate, with many of the lots covered with full-bearing fjit trees. Come out today or tomorrow Agent at the tent office daily To reach -Holly wood S. P. Ferry lo Oakland pier, then U'allf east to tent office at Stanley From San Francisco Ta!(c Melrose train to 1 05th Ave. Ave. From Oakland 7 al(c Last 14th St. car marked San Leandro or Hayward direct to Stanley Ave. Walk north on Stanley to office. Motor out East 1 4th St. to Stanley Ave, then north on Stanley to office. Main office: Stanley and Bancroft Aves. Branch Office: E. 1 4th Street and Broadmoor Boulevard B&ed & Bancroft ' 1206 Broadway, Oakland Homes at Wholesale in MAXWELL Park Work is being rushed in Maxwell Park on a building program of over 1 00 modern 6-room bungalows, models of design and arrangement. Of the present unit of thirteen, nine have been sold already, though some are still in course of construction. Whether you own a home or desire to buy one you will enjoy inspecting these beautiful bungalows. " Visit Maxwell Park Today or Tomorrow (a holiday) Inspect the homes being built Buyers have seized on the opportunity of fered to purchase "homes in construction," the builders offering a general type of building but permitting the buyer to select his own fixtures, interior decoration, wall coverings, woodwork or finish and make changes in the floor plan if he so desires. By this plan the buyer is enabled to see the substantial construction of his home from the beginning, to exercise his own tastes in decoration and equipment while relinquishing the irksome details of superintending and directing the building itself. Maxwell Park itself Is the choicest home MaxweH Park homes all have large living and dining-rooms, containing modern built-in features, three sunshiny bedrooms with one bedroom fully glassed-in for use as a sleeping porch, a cabinet kitchen with a cosy breakfast nook, a beautiful bathroom with magmesite floor, built-in bathtub and recessed shower. Living-room and dining-room have hardwood floors. Glass door knobs and drawer-pulls, exquisitely dainty lighting fixtures, beautiful wall papers. French windows, living-room fireplace, large well-lighted closets, hooded stove location and a dressing-table recess in one bedroom are a few of the attractive features that distinguish these homes. Sidewalks, fences and garage driveway are Included. Built under a wholescde program, these homes arte sold at wholesale prices, far below what they would cost individual builders, $5700 to $5950, on easy terms. property in all East Oakland, being in the "warm belt" with wonderful scenic attractions, including a marine view over San Francisco Bay. Improvements are being rushed: curbs and gutters are already in; sixty-foot paved streets are being laid and five-foot sidewalks will be installed. Schools of all grades, two local street car lines and Southern Pacific and Key Route transbay service are at hand. The Fifty-fifth avenue car line will be built into the center of the tract. Suitable building restrictions are m force. I tots range from 40x100 feet and np at $700 to $1400 on easy terms of $10 down and further payments of $5, $3 or $2 a week, according to the lot chosen. No Interest or taxes until January 1, 1922. Visit Maxwell Park Today or Tomorrow ( a holiday ) FROM SAN FRANCISCO Melrose train at Southern Pacific Mole to Seminary Ave. Then 4 blocks northwest to property. FROM OAKLAND No. 7 car (65th Ave. line) to 66th Ave. Then northwest 2 blocks to Sales Office, ,2601 Cole St., corner of Brookdale Ave., on -the property. BY AUTO On Foothill Boulevard to 6 5th Ave. Out 55th to Brookdale and then 2 blocks west to Sales Office. MAXWELL! PARK CO. F. R. Caldwell, Sales Manager

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