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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 24

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 24

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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I 24 FRIDAY EVENING MAY27, 1921 BETTING ODDS FA VOR DEMPSEY TO WIN 'IN: SHORT FIGHT 0 0 JACK AJVD GEORGES ARE PLUGGING AWAY AT THEIR TRAINING WHILE BIG ARENA ARISES EVEN MONEY CHAMPION DEFEATS CARPENTER IN HALE A DOZEN ROUNDS Plays 700 Straight Gamps EVERETT SCOTT, shortstop of "the Boston lied Sox, who on Wednesday last part ui paled in his 700th conweu-live game of baseball--the Boston American playing St. Louis in St. Louis. The Hub pilot started his record June 20, 1916, and lias hot failed to start everylied Sox game since. In hif TOO league games he has been at bat 24.17 times for an average of ,254 and his fielding average is .976 only 116 errors out of 4755 chances.

BROADWAY BILL LIKES DEMPSEY TO TAKE FRENCHMAN'S MEASURE jT Outside of That Angle He Is Quite Sure That Dempsey Can Win he Fight in 1 Round. i By BOH SUAND "Yell gang, we'll hoikt a few right over the l.ur thin evening since the-prohibition enforcement officers went off iuty and this Is Kill Hloa fay Chirped Broadway Kill lam niht hh he saunlered into hi favorite bootlegging joint. Wi'f los than forty days and forty nlghta to tack em an ai we used to brfore Volstead got a toe-hold on J. llarleycorn. and Jt Is going to he like old times to chatter anal) and baaeball with your eye the bar instead of on the "Who do you like in the DemPHey-Carpentior "Tex Rlrkara.

rhlmed the Gallerylte. "That bird got more nerve than oth the lighter. But if you mean who is goin' to win the trouble you got. to sk me harder, like 'will 1 havu If there ia any gent in thia Joint who thinks the Frenchman has a chanc with Jack, lead me to him ana he rani take me for the roll, the old homestead and the contents of the 5aby bank if he guefsca right. 1 can't see how anybody outaide of the four walla of a foolish houe can pick the Frenchman.

By TAD (Written for International News Service) NEW YORK, May 27. The first betting on thfc fistic battle of the century ia even money that Dempuey wina in rounder Take, whatever end of the bet you like and bet as much as you please. This is the news we received from San Francisco, where the odds were made. Harry K. Monahan, the Pacific Coast's biggest betting commissioner, is lay ing the odds and already has quite a bundle of "jack" up on the bout.

He added that should three judges be selected (Tex Rickard says there will) that Dempsey will rule favorite at odds of 2Vs t( course, if you bet that Dempsey wins in six rounds you havte three Georges Puts The Gloves on In His Camp Everybody Wants the French Champion for Sunday Dinner. MANIIASRKT, N. Y. May 27. Breaking out of hil ligliit training schedule Ueorges CarpenUer 'yeBter-day boxed four rounde with his sparring partners and worked almost hour in the gymnasium.

The challenger put in two rounds with Job Jaanette. then worked another and faster two with Joe dans. Carpentier was glvon a chance to iiaa his overhead knockout punch to advantage. However, he was careful not to hit hla opponent too bard. He was on hla toes throughout.

Several score of men and boys, bidden at the rear of the camp, witnessed the workout. Georges punched 'the bag for ten minutes, worked on the mat for ten more, closing with 2lt minutes of shadow-boxing. Jeanelte was faster and in much better shape than In his last bout with Levlnsky. After his workout fieorges received several men and women, all reaidente of the neighborhood, seeking his presence at ijrclr Nuiuiay dinner tables. The oKallenger refused all offers with j' Manager DesiyTmps was In New York today to scure for Georges an automobile llcfise.

The challenger has purchased a new touring car. 1 RECORDS FAVOR "Doping the records of the two fighters seems to me all Jack. nan got to do ia to step to the center, feint and shoot the old right, once Old Betiy landa the whole skv falls down on Cgrpenttcr and the ea and land i A hr hiinoened. and he "i won't be able to make him understand Too Fast for M. Carpentier Fight Was Stopped in the Fifth Rotund to Save Georges.

By J. .1. OtmnKTT. Kermer Werld's Heavyweight Chaa. ptom.

Written epresly for the Interaa tloaal News Mervlre.l (Copyrlgh.t, 1921. by International News Service.) PITTSBURO. May 27. Shortly after he won the French welterweight championship, Oeorges Carpentier ran into his. Second American opponent.

He was matched with Dixie, Kid, the colored boxer. He had been taking a vacation at Trouvllle and claims he was not in condition for the fight, which was stopped in the fifth round to save Georges from a terrific heating. Always optimistic, Carpentier's friends refused to take the setback handed him by Dixie Kid seriously and their faith in him was upheld' when he made a chopping block of Sid Burns, then an English idol, in his first appearance in a London ring. Shortly afterward ha met and defeated Young Josephs. This bout was also held in London and the British critics began to concede that Carpentier was no flash in the pan.

Tt was not until late In 1911 and in 1912. however, that the French champion began to assimilate a number of hard earned lesBons in the American style of boxing. In December, 1911, Harry Lewis, always a great boxer, and In his day one of the sturdiest of middle-weights, crossed the Atlantic to seek glory. Kventually Carpentier, who wow had entered middleweight ranks, was matched with the American fighter, though not before he had knocked out Jim Sullivan. British middleweight champion, in two rounds at Afonte Carlo.

Paris was on the 'qui vive over the Lewls-Carpentrer match. Oeorges' friends had come to learn, through following him on his upward climb, that they could always expect him to make a great fight. And they were not disappointed. At the end of 20 rounds Carpentier, who had fought like a master ring-man, was awarded- thai decision. Lewis admitted that bis youthful opponent was "some ringster." but.

thought he should have had no worse than a draw. The victory over Harry Iowis made something of a national hero of Carpentier and he now took the pleasant plunge into the realm of fat purses for the first time. UK AT LOCAL CHAMPS. Following the Lewis fight he toured France, meeting and beating many local champions and cashing in on his fame. In April, 1912.

was matched with George OuntTier, an American colored fighter, who had met such men as Hony Caponl, Jack Blackburn. Harry Lewis. Jewel Smith and Seaman filiouhi Dempsey knock Carpentief out, you win. Should Carpentier foul Dempsey bc fore the sixth, you win. Should Descaoips jump Into the rinitf before the sixth to save his man from, further" punishment, you win.

1 Htiould the police otdr the bout stopped, you win. Hhould the referee stop the because It is Ifoo one-sided, you win-Should Carpentier quit, you win. Should Carpentier break an arm and retire, you win. There are people who think that Dempsey jhas gone back. They will certainly take the Carpentier end of such a bet.

And those who feel that the Frenchman is too fast will-also bet that way. There are others who figuri Dempsey to win in a punch. They are the daffy followers that every champion has. Maybe they aro right. Last night we met a prominent book-maker who.

will make book on the tight. He has made out his card and offers the following: Ten to one Dempsey doesn't win in one round. Kight to one Dempsey doesn't win in two rounds. Si to one Dempsey doesn't win in three rounds. Four to one Dempsey doesn't win In four rounds.

Two to one Dempsey doesn't Win in five rounds. Kven money Dempsey doesn't win ill si the good old ISoys de Belong. You can't lell me one gooa man me frenchman ever licked, but 1 can tell you pome second raters that have licked him. That's what I think about the brawl." "Maybe you got the right dope at replied Broadway Bill, but then you are figuring on straight dope and not taktn' the angles Into con-aideration. When a couple of little four-roundera get ready to mix you can pull out the old form chart and guess pretty close who ia goin' to win and how long the tight will last, but you cun'lV ever tell what will happen when there, Is half a million dollars and the championship at stake.

If I remember right you doped Dempsey to knock BUI Rrennun stiff In a round, and it took him a down to flatten the Harp." Did it ever occur, to you." added Bill, "what these moving pictures would be worth if Cat pen! ier makes a good or did yoi( ever ponder over what they would do with the films it Dempsey hooked the foreigner In the first round? 4 or tour things in your-favor. 800 Tickets For BigFi ishi Sold Across the Bay JERSEY CITY. May Cheaper tests or none for the Demptcy-Carpentier boot' will be the lot of the ring enthusiast who has delayed ordering tickets. All fifty-dollar reservations for the Jersey City bat-lie, July 2 have been sold, Promoter Tex Rickard announced today. The box office reeeipts today totaled $374,264.

One thousand tirkcts have been sent to various points on the Pacific Coast and two blocks of 800 each have been disposed of at Leg Angeles and San Francisco, Rirkard declared. Parsons. Gunther was clever and a very tough man, and Descsmps hesitated to match Carpentier with him. It was Georges' insistence in the end that resulted in thia match being made. Like many of Carpentier's earlier fights, the Gunther bout went the limit.

In twenty rounds Gunther gave Carpentier one of the most stubborn fights he had ever had and the French lad was fortunate to have kept out of harm's way and earned the decision. Some months later, at Nice, this pair met a second time and Georges proved that be had learned much by giving Gunther a decisive whipping in fifteen rounds. The popularity of American boxers in France at this time lured Willie Lewis and others to cross the pond and it was in the few months following his last bout with Gunther that Georges proved to Willie Lewis. Papkke and Klaus -that he bad fighting heart. CAN'T TRANSPORTsTHE PICTURES.

fit 5 YOI'XnSTOWNr. May was Kverntt Scott Day here, yesterday, when practically the wholo town turned out to do honor to tho Hoston lied Sx shortstop, who has beaten the world's record for taking part in consecutive games. Scott bus 'n 4" yt. 1" yy ii "For instance, if Dempsey should hang one on Georges' kisser In the opening chukkcr, thev wouldn't even go to the trouble and expense, of developing the films. They wouldn't be worth a thin dime.

If Jack beats up the European champion and knocks him silly in half dozen rounds few people in the grand and glorious state of New Jersey might be interested enough in the pictures to pay to see 'em. but a majority of the citl-rens of that state will be at the ringside and witness the scrap first-hand. Tou know they can't transport fight pictures, and New JersTy would be a far as thev could get. Of course they could ship Out a few reels on the Q. T.

an' show 'em at snolers ond things, but they couldn't get any dough with them outside of N. .1. "But did ou ever give a (bought to what these pictures would be France and other F.utopean countries if the AVonderful, the Magnificent Oeorges Mioulii cruise the American champion around the rlrig atwl give him right good Count It In millions, ho, and count the million in good American dollars, not francs. And if the fight was close they could come right back a few months later and draw another million-dollar house, more or less. Jack Moore Kayoed by Jimmy Cline SAN BERNARDINO, Cal, May 27.

Jimmy Cline of Pomona knocked out Jack Moore of Los Angeles I31 the second round of their scheduled four-round contest last The are welterweights. In the semi-finals Bert Trtjihey, welterweight of Santa "Barbara, knocked out Tommy Daly In-the first round. Bill Mascott to Box Pal Moore Tonight PORTLAND, May 27. Pal Moore, Memphis bantamweight will meet Billy Mascott of Portland tonight in the ten-round main event of a boxing program, which will alsa-include a ten-round match between Kddie Mahoney, formerly of San Francisco, and Bobby Harper of Seattle, lightweights. MONTANA NINE WIS MISSOULA, 'Mont, May 27.

The University of Montana staged a Datting rally in the seventh inning of yesterday's game here and defeated the University of Idaho team, 4 to 3. PORTLAND, Or. Pal Moore, Memphis bantamweight, and Billy Mascott," of Portland, meet tonieh't in a 10-round bout. 1 FOR Who'll Win? DK.S MOINES. May Jack; Reddy.

manager of Billy Miske: i "After having seen Liernpeey in action several times and having seen Carpentier, I am convinced Dempsey will win in six rounds. Carpentier is clever and one of the fastest I have seen. Dempsey also is fast and carries a wallop that will wear the Frenchman down. Carpentier is a. quick thinker and has a number of puzzling blows, but when Dempsey hits him a couple of times he will ba through It should be a great fight while it lasts." FRENCH CRAZY ABOUT CARPENTIER.

I "There wouldn't have to tic any suggestion of a 'frame' or anything1 Ilka that to get swell -set-f pi turcAlL Jark would have to do would be to step around for a few rounds figuring -his opponent and trying him out. Carpentier might get In few good belts on his own account whjle Jack was trjin' out his footwork, but If you remember Bill Brennan cracked the champion sonic nmn's-size clouts without even fencing I Dempsey, mid Carpentier Is not going to do him any more harmi "-The French are simply wild over their idol, and they would pay top i price to pee plciurea showing him holding his own with the world's champion, heavy eight. "But I figure the light the same as you do on dope and If the guy who Invented moving noctures had devoted hl time to some other subject I would lay the toll on Dem pt-ey to cop itihide three minutes." THE CHAMPION. thoroughly until they are back on I Washington School of Alameda Takes Class Baseball Title The championship ay the Sixth Grnde League of the Alameda City Schools was won by Washington A Sixth when Ilalght school was de-leated in the, finals ld-u. Thirteen elasf room teams were entered In this league.

The winners from-the four grammar svhnols meet in the semi-tinals nt Wiishlnstnn and McK inley Park Tuesila a t'l ernoon. Haisrht eliminated I iK anil Washington pained the right lo compete in the finals by 6-5 victory over Porter selnnd. Hoys on the winning team who will be given block Wi Ivnn Lewis, pitcher: Kddie Kigone. catcher; Howard Nelson, first base; Raymond Pinxi. second base; Mario alle, third base Cos-1 1-1 lo.

shortstop; Carl Johnson, left I eld; Halo Stefsnl. centertield; Henry Soussa. right field; Jock Sansvme. Semi-finals in the seventh gtade league, played this week resulted as' follows; Httigltt 4. Porter Washing ten 6.

Lincoln 4 Finals in tl(e s.venih grade'wlll be played at'leriioon ar McKinley Carl! while the eighth grade will play l-'ri-(iay ii i ernuon. r.gel her ta etasses Heiinis bcr-n euiu eyt ing in the three luisehxll during no natM five weeks American Players "Are Rounding Into Form PARIS. May t'TtHy The Associated Press 1 Will ia T. Tihlen It --V clones ill rorne li'iiud priieiiee 111 ll(Hlll'S against Andre Gobett. a Frepoli I'lavcr.

and .1. I Jones of the team, in preparation for lite ecimnicneejnrnt Saturday of tilay1, in. the worlds hard i t'lMii rnatehew. Ti'den was in' lino form. With lux par'iner won; t'hi- Iitv; s' i.

7 hut lost he Heconil ret, on ir.g weakening'' ton-ant i I '1 Til.leii played set 'in singles i ..1 it vrnol.l giving i i i i orm 7 sain I YOUNG MEN W.D.McNlCOLL Cyp BOB ROPER MAY JOIN THE CHAMPION'S CAMP "A Perfect Fit for Every Man McCAULEY WOOLSEY Announce The Opening of Their Clothes Shop Bv SU rlltrn for II played In more than 700 successive contests and he Is ntill in the game every day. The Sox defeated a local semi-pro nine 7 to 4. but that did not mean anything as the citizenry simply turned out to cheer for Scott. MERCER 1 ttenatilt and he took a good pasting. vvttii Renault.

Dempsey did consld erahle intlghfing. But he and Larry But he and I vicious swings exchanged hooks. and. )enipsey Treats Sparring -Mates Very Roughly Drws Not Try to Sak Ilia Hired Help. By IICSRT I 1 nlird I'm, stuff OrreiBAndeat.

SEW May 27. No two heavyweights for a chamnionshln I. v.n down to hnndline of sparring fiartners and -Car- lo not agree.i i i'emp-ey oiaiiln them and beats! "V- arpenti.r treats 'em gently. I'cimvv- hasn't been doing a lot, so far. Yet two or hm human punching bag, Jack w' alio iflord and Leo Hauck, have pulled k.s.

lArry Willlama. third, is out to leave. Demi.Rev I elaitn hi pin'l ff.l 'he he-pulls hla punchea In iiKiiuiiK oouivi mm gei ine correct, timing and direction he muat hit hard. Carpentier claims he can get results, without putting all hla energy Into a blow. tins Wilson, the Frenchman's trainer, says Carpentier has never hurl a snarrlng partner since be tiarf been truinitiK: him.

the log Frenchman, who is working out wnli the cbujleniier. i-ays the blown liiu l-fllni't lint s. aw Minn as puts one cr, that hurts, he lets up a little bit." siii.l. 1 I'onstant render writes in to aak ua i of there Is any other player aside IJuth on ihe New York team of! the American League. We haaten to answer there are, hut tney are rueie-ly draped about the "Babe," t- IntrrnatlORsI Service.) etTT Mav 27.

I aptam Hob Roper arrived from ATLANTIC 111. I New York today lo "look around," as Replacements for Jack Dempsey jlp it. Hoper has not been pn-army of spurring partners are euming I but if he cares to join the up rapidlv now and as long the v( Itenuisev receivers, he will be weather permits work in the open ir eieoine. Jack Kearns says the re- are mi at Airport the champion win non that Harrv Greb Is coming. on 1s "feci eight or ten ruiui'ls daily lor the news in lilin.

enieriainment of visitors are, "We do not bar anybody though," flocking in here for the holiday. I. earn. "The more the merrier, Miittin Hurke. a lanky heavyweight Thev ean't come too tough for the big from New Orleans, blew yester- day while ivnipscy in the midst I The ediiiinpion bis first x-' of liis boxing program.

I ow nsoiit jn Hie open veterrtav. thev regard Burke as a possible con i I shadow boxed and then took 'tender for the title some tli Tliiuiull for two lather slow e'xMcl to learn a lot by boxing rounds. Larry Williams followed A new and exclusive men and young men's Clothes Shop. "Mac" and "Woolsey," who formerly served you at Ballard Anderson's, have opened this clothes shop with a stock of the smartest clothing in Oakland. It comprises advance styles and patterns that other stores will not shqw until next fall.

DEL MONTH. May 27 Del Monte Ko. 1 courpe Is in exetiient condition for Decoration Day Tournament. The Bw third hole is now one of the best 2-shot holes on the coast. The short nftli is also a very interesting Jigg'-r shot on an undulating green.

The seventh Is now a 2-shot hole with lolfc of natural hazards for l.adiy placed 'drives. The grass tees are like pulling green and the fairwavs are in excellent condition for Saturday's medal qualifying round. The 3th green is I lia only one not in perfect shape but it will be all right for the tournament. Brassie shots through' the fairway usually carry lurlher than the ilrlm from the lee here most players err by teeing their. ball too Already number iT enthusiasts have arrived and are (letting in practice.

Application t.r reservation 'tiom earner plavers are being received daily flayers may qualify ti; p. ni on s'd ttirdiiy. The Caelfle Stales Taper Trade As- aociaiion during its i oi im Del Munle lh bidding tournament today. I'etwcen 3 41 players from all over have entered. Frank Stratford.

ami a st ho recently refeated Dr O- H. Waller in a handicap event at Sequnyuii is one of the iisekrnarkers with Hi of handicap. George Tompkins has '1 24-. Gii John-I a f' ot he local pia yfjs. nt r-d.

tVrhat11 hn it is am row on tht'ir i Ht. Andrews in fn Ship, Vr ii! flMi! 'W mil-, h. with 1 imv si of our California piori! victory lor iip i oilip. i -tii. iv i i.

lllMire MISSOULA. Mort Vnivcreity of Montana beat I'na ersity t.f Idaho at baseball yesterfav 4 to 3. 'n-r ataging a batting rally in the -enth inning. 35 and up yCTT iF Tir i You may Garters by titer that want A Chicago IH-nipsvy here, ami tew ine ChiimnioneMmve ot ine real-opposition be needs. Itttrke reported ith a tender ear alio may noi Bian for several days.

work Barricade Surrounds the Dempsey Camp atlas-Tic citv. n. I'enipsey, like Georges n-tier, is well barricaded from thousands of cur.l oil's tight fans ho range. Harriers are encountered iH The tract of lfie. acres in which the en nip i located is bounded by a fene.

ten feet high and to reach Ihe eastern fence the inlet, tne pony ot water, nearly a quarter of a nfile wide, has I lo be crossed. liempsey. is on view to spectators each afternoon at 3 o'clock, when lie; i I alr.erv side. ji li ndica of in game, icr.ii del.mer! -tilin. I Mrs Hjurstedt Mallory do- feated sincl.

ki. 7- Sigournev 6-3. in two sets yJ other times 'the only f.ersons. rnOT'' see him are newspaper "crgent conditions than pemjw "ce a.nd Jeorges -Carpentier. IV invite iou lb pa) us a "get acquainted" visit.

TTna Martin Burke Takes I tlr'H i LarrV Williams IiaCe att ivtii- riTV -v- tv ATLANTIC CITY. Ma -T. 1 vvith tne return ot fair weather, Ja.g Iiempaey got back to real work to day after several days of rather light i I ii i nf i 'heavy- weight, will take hia first fling at the champion. He Joined the sparring staff yesterday mid hia arrival whs very timely, an Larry Williams, the r.rldyeiioni heavyweight, was about to leave. 1 Mrs.

Strangfer Takes Fall Out of Hubby VI reading: note- Mrs S.i Lewis recently tonli full out tier tornur tyit-band. I A. V. Morton, In San Krancisco civil court. WALLA.

WAtXA. Wh Will, amette InWeretty baseball lean we abut out by Whitman Untvtr-aily terdaj, elx to nothing. i i i i i i i ii. wfcar your first pair of Paria chance but you'll buy Paris byhoice. So do most men who sure-aot service, comfort and value.

STEIN COMPANY Mahn Now York Oakland. Calif. ,542 PITFORM (i'ijr I tie a lip buy Paris today remember they've been MSxw.rj..o fit. mwm ihrsv iiohr il.

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