Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 17, 1966 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1966
Page 4
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"INK /it By MAHUN INMAN Outstanding amotft frty\ mill iffo week „..,„„»..„,„„ colored post card frontf flty MeM^llc* Vl'nVWeWfrdta Ttfsifn, Mchigan. She'mentions vfcrtiitfg With ti$ f«ettfHttii¥ve1 whit? taker who was state chairnta'n: of MMlgari Htm Bureau wottfr eti when 1 held a similar post in lo^a. The card is a copy f rota an AVery original ell painting depleting the favorlf* pd»m and philosophy of A. O Kettunen, a former Michigan State 4-H Club Leader. The original picture Jiangs in the lobby of Kamp-K.tt, the Michigan 4-H Leader Training Center, at Tustin, Michigan." i: The.picture is .titled, "baddy£ TMfcfei." A,heaVy blue- grayvcloudedisky hovers over the Seep itohfttCSriofy making [the red barn and silo a pink like color and empKi'siMSjthe deep blue;,of JDaddy arid little son's denims as they" Je u Jffc-the hdjise porch to make their way to the barn, Mtfle son'carefully stepping into paddy's tracks. ' \ : ^DADDY'S TRACKS" ' Yea;, last, night; it snow a heap... On the level two feet deep... .Daylight timeor just before ... My boys, us yell, me go too ... 1 say, ;snew too deep for you ... Right quick he answer back ... Den his Mother pat his head ... "Gude boy, GUI," was all she said ... But I know the think lots more ..." When we start to do dem chore ... Little boys walk everyday ... Where the old man leads the way ... " Betttr walk straight like a crack ... , ' When boy i step In "Daddy's Tracks." Remember, just a few weeks ago I shared with you^information I had read concerning getting fresh water from salt water which is one of our world problems." Well' the sea is, also a resource area for salt itself, without which man cannot live. ' •• ' ' ' ' '' ' './'-. • a' ' ' An ever-increasing number of water purification plants costing millions of dollars are being built to handle the world's critical fresh water shortage. ' Yet the very substance these stations are designed to eliminate — salt — is being extracted , from the ocean at the same time/by Installations of a different sort. i ••„->'• * „, Actually, salt, one of the world's most common compounds — and one man cannot live without — may be obtained In a, variety of ways. Mining for salt and solar evaporation are the most common and around the edges of San Francisco Bay are the largest solar salt "farms" in the. United States. Here the evaporation methods of the ancients have been" refined and improved to such an extent that more than a million tons of this valuable mineral are harvested annually. • I; , The article in the October 1 issue, of Science News gojes on to say that Indians produced Hie first salt in the San Francisco Bay area. Do. try. to read, this article called, "The Salt Seekers." You will be sure to find a copy In your library. Ask your librarian. She will help you. ' Inventions have always fascinated me and when I hear of some gadget being patented, simple yet so clever and .hfelp- ful I wonder why I can't think of something equally helpful. A patent has been granted to Joseph A. Geiger of Washington, D. C., who has devised a rip-open method that works on many different sizes and shapes , of. canned products. Sounds most helpful. Hope I see it soon. Another interesting patent granted , is this one. Cattle chewing on the electric cables for connecting geophones in seismographic surveys cause thousands of .dollars of damage each year. Dr. Lyle D. Goodhue and Roger F. Kleirischmidt of Bartlesville, Okla,, earned a patent for their cattle repellant, the chemical N, N, 1,- l-tetramethyl-2-butyny- lamine. They assigned rights to Phillips Petroleum Company, Bartlesville. ; , A method for treating money with a scent so that any thief stealing it can be easily traced by the odor was granted a patent by the U. S. Patent Office. The method is now being used by banks and loan associations in Atlanta and surrounding Georgia communities. Police dogs in Atlanta are being trained to follow one of the diftinct scents, and. plans are being made to train dogs from other cities to do likewise. torwlih— ttose Mari^ Johnson, daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnson, Corwith, and ,Robert Bosch, son of Mr. and.Mrs. Julius Bosch of Allendale, Mich., were united in marriage Friday, Oct. 7. at 8 o'clock in the Allendale Rfelorrii (thflroh; friends of the bride were her attendants. The groom was attended by his two brothers, dressed in black tux-••-•• "- ' ' • Following IHe cerfemony a reception was held in the church parlors ( with Mr. and Mrs. David Bosch as hosts.' , '.';>• •;;", , : '' ' . ••• '^". 'Arier ajitrip to /.Canada they will live at 577 Michigan St., Allendale, Mich. ,v /..,. Mrs. Ralph Johnson, Mary and Loretta and 'Mrs. Ethel Morris, Corwith, attended the wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Jurgensen spent the weekend with' Mr. and Mrs. Lu Verne Thompson ait Blue River, Wis; Mr. and Mrs., Robert -Welter and family of Mason City visited Sunday at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Weiter. ,,.....,-.,. :,. • Mrs. R.C-s Welter visited her sister, 1 Mrs. Lydia Huber at the rest home in Buffalo Center on Wednesday. ;Mr. andl Mrs. Pefrie DeGroote aiid-Mr.-!dnd Mrs. R. C. Welter wer<B Sunday evening guests at the Robert DeGroote home in honor of the birthday of David DeGroote. : ; ,The American Legion Auxiliary met 6h Tuesday v evening at the .home of Mrs. C. V. 'Robinson; with Mrs. ,.Ray Perkin and Mrs. FranK Rock wood assisting. Mrs. R. C. .Weljter presided in the t Saturday . evening dinner •guests St the Karl Wilhite Wife Wefe Mr, and Mfs, WillDunlap and Mr. and Mr^ Glen Schneider of Algofia, Mr. and .Mrs, James Voakel and Mrs. L'arena Smith Of Katiawha and Mrs, Mora Gbfdo'ri otfititt.., , Jamfes^Vrildhdufe was , Sunday frdtfi the/Mercy fttfspltel, Mason City, following treatment, Rev, and Mrs. Paul Lut2 spent a few days with their son and family, Rev. and Mrs. Fredrick Lutz; Webster,-S.-D. ' Mrs. James Murray of Ames spent Wednesday with her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs.VWil' liamiErcbttari; Mr. arid e Anderson and Mike, Mrs. Marion Nail"and Mary; Beth,'y.spent;; Sunday jMth Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson and Jane Nail in DCS Mointfs. A reception and shower honor- iftg'Li andiMrS^Tom Mflllins; Sunday^ afternoon in absence of the president. Names were taken for the birthday calendar. A new member is .Mrs. Gerald Holms. Next meeting will be at the h'ome of Mrs. liafe Ox- A group of relatives Mends had a shower Saturday in the Catholic rectory for Mary Sue.;Devine, .who will be "married soon. v, Mr. and Mrs. William Wood spent a few days with his .brother and wife, Mr.' arid,-Mrs; Bon Wood at Whiting. . Steven Dawson, who attends the University of Iowa, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. LaVoy Dawson. -; The Lloyd Strqups and Tom, Hampton, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pederspn of Humboldt andvMr. and Mrs. Elniar * Maar visited Sunday afternoon with 'Mrs. Viola Brown. '; Mr. ahd Mrs. Gail Slack 'and family of Des Moines spent" the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Maw. S, UNA" met 1 Oct. 13 at Jerry's Cafe with Mrs. C. B. Robinsin, Mrs. Elmer ^Trenary and. ;Mrs. Robert. Trenary as hostesses;! Jerie Lynn and Pam Wagner spent the weekend with their sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Dale ; Leslie r :afc-[Au^urn, Mr ./and By Susan Elbert and Rao Ann Kollasch — GMS — Pro-Homecoming activities on Oct.' 7 Included a skit .by the seniors ahd a bonfire that sent hopes soaring for another Bear Victory. Mr.' Pat Dougherty, former coach and teacher at GHS, delighted Bear fans 'with a few words' of wisdom, and praise. It looks as though they paid off, for on Oct. 8 GHS flew over Emmetsburg Catholic 48-13! Halftime brought the crowning of queen Pat Loebig and king Bill Reding. Their court included Jim Youngwirth, Becky Lickteig, Dick Muller, Pat McGuire, Gene Lickteig'and Janette Miller. Pat and Bill reigned over a festive dance in the gym to top off a super Homecoming for GHS. ' MONDAY, OCT. - ABVANCI i;, 19*4 Auuttt, gdVeffinietit .»..„,. B ....-~~ f- whether fllicliai attacks, or •ti*4fA«iAl l*t A^.^ M _M^ * ^ natural aisasters, „, mjgi . ,1' "Has anyone hiard the Ned Piper?" Girls screamed and boys laughed as a mouse scampered Up the halls last Week. It's doubtful who WM more afraid— the girts or the nioUsel -OH5- Tuesday night, October '11, band members,traveled" to Port Dodge St Edmond's to hear we U. S. Air Force Band conducted by Mr. Ktfl Kfog. Other entertainment and points of interest included the Sih'ging Sergeants and the Air Force Art Exhibit. — GHS — Students were selling tickets for the annual tiHS Carnival on Sunday, October 16. A smorgasbord was offered " with games and prizes awarded. .Student council members set out last Wednesday night on a special (Selling expedition With the motto "Alf work together." ley Sr. . Howard Nims of St. ,Cloiid, ._-!•- _ • . ; _ i *. Minn., spent the weekend with' his parents, -Mr. and Mrs. Vern Nims. ; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vanhelton and family were Sunday dinner guests at the Mac Wood home in Prairie iV ,du Ohien, Wi Mrr and Mrs. u Albert *Fish arid boys visited Friday evening with Mrs., Skip Fish and her mother, Mrs. Wilma Kuhlmann at Algo' : ' "' ..... " " na. A radar tornado alarm recently earned a patent. The alarm system is based on the fact that within the radar beam, particles whirling in the tornado's twisting •funnel will be moving both toward and away frpm the funnel radar with speed of 50 meters per second or higher. Dr. Atlas, the inventor, assigned the rights to this patent to the government through the Secretary of the Air Force. , \ ' . /•..i^u •• ••'•••.•• ' •'•'••• -' ; ;-.v..:..kA I../-*,.;,:.; *.-., .• ^v? |fet'%;fTalie a little time out of the mad rush oflife, to meiid |i»f|uarrel ;,;••••'•• •.. .. .• ' v •" . ! ^ '•<;; 4.;;•.;':••' ; "'- (• • • | Setfc out a forgotten friend ., •., <,;.'/*' H f H >:'; ^< i'; iv i ••- <^ % Wrlte v i love letter . . ; Share some treasure . , , Gift e soft answer . . . Encourage youth .... Apologize if you were wrong ... Try to understand ... flout envy , , . . Examine your demands on others . . . Think first of someone else , , , Laugh a little . , , laugh a little more Teke pleasure in the beauty end wonder of th« *erth . , , Speak your love . . .Speak it again , , . Speak it still once again ... Express your gratitude ... Go to Church ... These are simple things; you have heard them all before; but their influence has never been measured. ••»»+eeeee»««»»»»«eee«M Sexton Sy NELL OPHEIM The Robert Meyers and PtiiUp, of Faribault, Minn., joined her parents the Wilbur Andersons, of Paton, at Leo Thomsen's recently for a weekend visit. Oct. 9 the Frank Lights, Callendar, and Eldon Owens and Joyce, of Jefferson, joined them for the Mrs. Joe Mergen was taken to t; Ann hospital test week Monay i|t§? coliipsing in church that morning. She was in oxygen al day Monday. Mr. Mergen has been a patient in a Mason City hospital two week but is able <xt sit up. P^ffiontas, were" i we«k ago Sjiturday visitors at tJie Cla- ire Hovey home. Mrs. Roger Arndorfer and daughter were brought home from the hospital Thursday where the baby was born Oct. 2. She was named Sandra Ann and ites, a brother Steven. The Claire Hoveys, Carol and Jimmy, and the James Zauggs a,n$ Ajigeja, Algoi^, went to' Mason Cjty Opt. 9 U> attend open house of practical rim-sing Division of the North Iowa /irea Community College. A sister of Mr§. Hovey, Mrs. Garnet I*ick- ard, Mason City, is one of the members of the class. The; Frjnfc Pruismanns receiv ed word Oct. 9 of the death of their infant granddaughter in Lovejaqd, Cftlo, She was born on Sunday to the Marion Aibjerts. Thei^e.is a son Ronnie. Mrs..'Alberts is the Priusmajm's, da'ugh ter, Arlene. a'ftij Joibjany, Bwrt, spe«t a ? wee$ end with Mrs. Nell Opheim, Mr. and Mrs. Terry Johnson of Sunnyvale, Calif;, are parents of a 6 Ib. 13 oz. daughter born Saturday, Oct. 8th. She is "named Cindy Lee. Mrs. Charles Mortimer and Mrs. Rile'y' were Friday afternoon coffee guests of Mrs. John Oxley. Sunday evening supper, guests at the John Mullins home were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mullins and family of "Clear Lake, Mr. and Mrs, David Pals and girls of Cedar Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith and family of Clear Lake, Mr. and Mrs; Melyin Larsen of Ariies, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mullins and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Shipman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Chambers and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Chambers, Mr. and Mrs, Hpw'ard Mullins ahd '• Charlotte. The dinner, was in honor of Lt. and Mrs, Thomas Mullins who left Tuesday for Cherry Point; N. C. . •• Mrs. Albert Johnson was a Friday caller in Mason City. George Gray spent the weekend in Des Moines with his children. Mr. and Mrs. John Oxley were Sunday evening supper guests at the Lewis Schjeuger home in Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Krebs took her mother, Mrs, W. D. McCutcheon to Des Moines Wednesday where she flew to Denver, Colo-, for a visit with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. John Adams Sr. attended a wedding Friday at Qwatwna, Minn. • Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Larson of Rossville, HI, were Wednesday evening guests at the Earl Wil- Mrs. Cfene Wagner went sifter them Sunday. " , Mike Williams, who attends the University of Iowa, spent the weekend with his parents,' Mr. and Mrs. Lee Williams. • ;' '• .,Mr. -and Mrs. Wilu'am ErdiriiK and Mr. arid Mrs. Lee Will^ims were Friday supper, ; guests ;,of Mr. arid Mrs. Lloyd Pletchjsr near Kanawha. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Norman KlattfOl Wate'ryiUe, Minn., arid- Kenneth Klatt of Morristown, Minn., camej Suriday to get their motHer', Mts. Irene Pitts who has .been visiting at the 'Warren Mclntire home. Sunday afterripon -they were all visitors ait the' Lee Williams home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tretton of Rockford were also •Sunday visitors. . - , ' Mr. arid Mrs. George'Read of Scottsbluff, Neb., spent Thursday to Monday at the,Carrol Uban home. On Saturday artd Siinday they were sightseeing in and around Maquoketta. Mrs. Albert Fish and sons visited Wednesday and Thursday with Mr, and Mrs. Jack Niewald in Fort Dodge. Mrs. F. F.-Fett accpmpanied her, and visited at the John Artier home. Mr. and'Mrs, John Adams Sr. spent Saturday arid Sunday at Leon at'the Ralph Bettis home. This year, GHS ties chosen a comedy, JUST DUCKY,,as the school play. ;Parts were given by. Sister Mary Michael to Bob' Nichols, Sue Nelson, Karen Winkel, Glen Elbert, Jeanne 'Milder, Elose Studer, Janice Thul, Steve Walker, Jim Bristow, Jerry Bormann, Mike Bray and Kiathy.Pla- foe. The date;.of presentation is Oct. 30 and Nov. 1. — GHS — Representing GHS in the State Quartette Contest, Oct! 29 at Icar Lake are Barb Winkel, ftuth McEnroe, Dianne Bode, Bonnie Dahlhauser, Tim Thill, John Forbes, John Hamilton and Bill Obreoht. » — GHS — Faculty members are attending Civil Defense Adult Education' courses at GHS on Wednesday nights. Sponsored by State Department of Public Instruction, these courses hope to enable them to teach the courses in high school or to adults all Advertise in the Advance Largest PAID circulation ALGONA ENDS TUESDAY I IMPORTANT! NO ONE UNDER 1« .WILL BE ADMITTED UNLESS j ACCOMPANIED BY HIS PARENT WED, Thra SAT. OCT. 19-20.21-22 SEVEN atfaln. MACNIFICENT again! BEFORE J reaswva The day you received your diamond—remember the glow.in your eyes, the happy thought that this is forever? And indeed it is, for your diamond today has the same beauty that it did then. Perhaps your setting, however, is not keeping pace with current fashion, Let us show you how: your .original diamond can be made more meaningful with a modern mounting. Stop in soon and discuss this special service with our trained gemologist and designer. KAYNAR Rusk Drug and Jewelry Algona SXPERT PRINTING AT THE ADVANCE iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii MOBILE COLOR MOVIE MONT eries GH-596 ibe (overall dlag.) , 180«q. In. picture COLOR TV •.French Provincial consolette on rdll-around casters • Super-powerful New Vista VHP, Solid State UHF tuners • Glare-proof rectangular RCA Hl-LlTECqlorTube • RCA Automatic Color Purifier "cancels" magnetic distortions S RadioS TV * %'^WK-I i Weh vv horSe A "TIGHT MONEY",situatiori in the country h&s seriouslyVestrictiBd- the,amOunt of hinds avaibbie' f "' K«Vrip lAati<°.Rut th\s association ALGONA i fcan help*y.ou follow'tttfdigh; On your desir* f tojbave^ hom^of \vour,.,crwn. Reasonable-W rates, terais .tailored to your budget. Cotne,^- 'talk' to a«home'financing specialist today. /> ' ' % ' , • ^ ' •'?* ,',•>" «•",;' Current -\ : I Dividend '0 Rate Home Federal Savings & loan Assn. Ail Accounts Fully Insured to $10,000 Save from the 15th—Earn from the 1st SINCE 1917 — ALGONA, IOWA All Savings Accounts insured up to $10,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation of Washington, D. C. A SNACK TOFITA GLASS! School bells are now ringing, bringing with them the need for energy -building shacks. Nothing perks op, peps up and tastes half as good «, a tall, tempting glasi of rich milk. Get ready for hom»fronvschool appetites. Call your dairy for delivery of fresh milk and wholesome milk products. ' m APVANCi NOTICE! CHRISTMAS EVERGREENS • DIRECT FROM PACIFIC NORTHWEST TO YOU Neighbor: ' •'.,•* **W. be calling on you asking if you would like to place vour to Dear Neighbor: The gjit> SeQutsi of packs |9 and 70 \yill be helping these Cub^Scput Packj earn money they need for their activities.^This^advance that this Cyb \yili be wpyking to support his Pack, not asking for contribiitiQfts. We plan to deliver the greens about December 9th - Hfh, fresh from W.asMngton Stute Thev havo K quality in the past; ia?ny customers depend on owr annual sale for their decorations. The items fm. f n of "- ti-ated by brochures and will cost; v . - *.* « *w? mm for sa ie vui be ^ *l.# for HOUY |?,OJ foir a OfCOiATQR KIT D-SO f«r i WREATH fee W|wra you This project has tfef approval af tfee Scout Council, If you miss being contacted, byt \ybuld jjk« to o d

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