Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 19, 1920 · Page 15
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 15

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 19, 1920
Page 15
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DaklaiiD-CTriDunc At GUST 19, 1523. 1, Tho Effects of Opiates THAT INFANTS -are peculiarly susceptible) to opium and in. radons preparations, all of which are narooiio, is well known. Even in th smallest doaee, if continued, tbeee opiates cause change in the f uno tions and growth of the cells Which sa likely to become punu&Dtyit, causing imbecility, mental perversion', a craving far aUxhol or n&rouiics iii later life. Nervous diseases, such as intractable nervous dyspepsia and lark of staving power are S result of dosing with opiates or narcotics to keep children quiet fa their infancy. The rule among physicians is that children should never receive opiates in the smallest doses for mors than a day at a lime, and only then if unavoidable. The administration of Anodynes, Drops, Cordials, Soothing Syrups and other narcotics to children by any but a physician cannot be too strongly decried, and the druggist should not be a party to it. 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One or two teaspoonfuls, will make an abundance of rich, creamy lather, and cleanses the hair and scalp, thoroughly. The lathor rinses put eauily and removes every particle, of dust, dirt, dandruff and excessive oil. The hair dries quickly s'nd evenlyand It lt-ave it fine and silky, bright, fluffy and easy to manage. You can get Mulsifled cocoanut oil shampoo at most any drug store. It it very cheap arfd a .few ounces is enough to las everyone in the family for monthi: Advertisement Used for 70 Years Thru its use Grandmother's youthful appearance has remained until youth has become but a memory. The soft, refined, pearly while appeara-.ee it renders leaves the joy of Beauty wilh you for many years. .'a. I w -ATI ""7 'i in a BstlMssi Isi ai itn 1 " . ifctsUi BERKELEY off ice of The TRIBUNE 2011 Sbattuck Ave. Phone Berkeley 180. SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 19. Reported .disappearing of 110.000 In gold 'bullion from the strong boxes of the China Mall liner Nile, be tween this port and Shanghai, today nuzzled local shipping officials. No trace of the missing "gold, part of a 13,000,000 treasure cargo, waa ois-covered, according to advices to China Mail officials here, despite a rigid investigation following disc.ov. ery of the theft. possibility that an organised gang of thieves Is operating on trans-Pacific "Vessels and at Pacific and Oriental ports is strong, shipping men declare. The loot was contained in a sheathed box which, with other consignments, was under guard in the specie compartments. How the box could have been removed, unless through collusion onithe part of guardH. or during an unwatched stage of the, voyage. Is puzzling local officials. More than $180,000 in currency was brought to light in a search of passengers and the Chinese crew, the moni'jt being carried by them to the Far East tor the premium available. No trace of the stolen gold was found. howeverv , The Nile's treasre included 1.907.-(92 ounces of United States silver bullion. 101,21 ounces of Mexican silver bullion and. 13 boxes of gold coin valued at' 14,000 each, for delivery at Shanghai or Hongkong. Reports to steamship operators recently have indicated that a band with world-wide ramifications is engaged in stealing from cargoes. At Sydney $75,000 worth of gpods were stolen during a period of several months and other ports Buffered in a similar manner, according to reports to London agents. The treasure tanks of a P. and O. liner at Singapore, recently were looted of a vast sum, the robbers ustag an acetylene torch to cut their way into the secret compartment. Death h Sudden for Naval Commander BAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1. Lieut.-Commander Benjamin Grady Barthalow, in command ef the receiving ship Intrepid at Mare Island, died suddenly last night at his apartment at 599 O'Farrell street, of acute indigestion. Uarthlow, 42, was single and a native of Ohio. He was made a lieutenant commander July 1, 1913. Careless wen let their nd steal upon them nnatvares and unprovided. Day in and day out Diamond Cord Tires deliver their full value of service They are the sure, short cut to long, low-cost motoring comfort Put them to the test onyour Car, and it will he Diamonds forever after BANTA CRUZ, Aug. 19. Appropriation bills enacted Into state Jaws in California, in 1921, may provide for between $70,000,000 and $75,000.-000 for the blennium beginning Jul; 21. 1921, John 8. Chambers, state controller, declared In an address here today at the convention of the State Association of County Assessors. The next legislature, he aaid. will be ssked to appropriate approximately $20,000,000 in excess of the total appropriated b the 1919 legislature for the present ,llentiium. The last budget, in round numbers, totalled $47,000,000, Chambers as-serted. In addition, the legislature passed bills -appropriating approximately $18, 000. 000. he added.' and the governor signed, ef the measures, bills appropriating $10,000,000, half of which was notuvai(able during the present fiscal year. . 'In other words, the grand total for use this biennium is about $52,-000.600," Chamber continued. "Sfet this huge total Is likely to be exceeded by many millions. It is not probable the next budget Itself will be compullud te ri(iosimA iepodi-tures exceeding those of the last budget by from $12,000,000 to $18,000,-000. to which must be added such individual appropriation bills by the Individual legislators as will be approved by the governor. In short, the grand total of appropriation bills enacted into law next "year moy run between $70,000,000 and $7!.000.00 for the next bienntum, and including similar bills parsed In 1919 but not available until the coming fiscal period." ' support of'the echools cannot be cut. We can fave through doing away with unnecessary ualts of the government Consolidating functions under logacila heads will bring about not only economy but Increased efficiency. HAD CHANCE ONCK 'During the last legislature such an opportunity was given In the re- Lions of Bay Install New Stockton Club Fireman Injured in Auto Mishap Representatives of the Oaklandj F. W. Albers. 22,'1S1 Fifty-first Llous left at noon in autos for Stock- avenue, a member of the Oakland ton to assist (in Installing the new tlre department, today Is nursing ln-Stockton club, which- has Just re- juries to hi right thlglr, received celved Its charter. Charles II. Wood, when he was struck by an autojno- Jesse Robinson. Ben b Phapro, Cari bile last"night"at Third avenue and I Anderson, Mel Anderson, leruy .sst Twelttn street, hollowing treat- Goodrich, Francis II. Woodward, Harry W. Hartman, George arnoi K, Morris Maxor, Albert Harris, Cluiie Goodwin. Rose Uttlefield, W. A. Daley, Kverett Dowdel and Hush Brunk, president of the Perkeley Lions, made the trip. The Stockton installation was to be held at the Hotel Clark and forty-five charter leinbera were to be initiated. ine ment at the Emergency hospital bers was a hie to go home.' Al port or tne efficiency ana economy "'""- u - "..... !.B.Pn.-,. iiiuua it' p ..vitf . ;- j L.ob Angeles, can joe, o.tniunr., committee, which provided for a par-i tial reorganization in other words. lierkeley. land. Kan Francisco and Oak- C(D)IHJi2)''T0KES rfUU.MUFsL ( GRANFIELD-B ASTON TIRE AND SUPPLY CO. Oakland Store 3329 Broadway f San Francisco Stores 1410 Van Ness Ave 1623 Market St. nrprvns nv 11 i.'rrmv ' ,, . , ". . . .. the people who Chambers explained that on the , humaBltaririnlsm jaie. vi certain ineasnrea 4u " u " Hiph t f ' But " it on oy me people m uvomf- "v-pends, to a certain extent, the nature of the items to be included in the budget and the measures to Je considered by the legislature. "Should the University of California initiative. Calling for the direct taxation of general property. to pro vide it witn a revenue or about . 000,000 a year, be approved by the voters, the Ktite Treasury would be relieved of what it has been contributing biennially, plus the continuous increases that come every two years," Chambers said. "This would release that much more. money for other State purposes. "But the measure is not likely to pass. First, it exempts from this proposed taxation the property of the public utilities, such as railroads and power companies, and places nil the burden on (he property of corporations not public utilities, and on the property of Tom, Dick and Harry, Likewise, It mSkes the university very much of a kingdom within a kingdom 'an Independent ornuninit-tlon free of legislative control.1! It should be explained In passing that the State government derives the bulk of Its revenue from the taxation of corporations, while .general property Is left to the counties and cities. "The universlty-is a great and fast-growing institution and it requires more money to Junction properly, but It has taken a very unwise way in which to obtain needed revenue. The failure of the measure to pass will mean an additional drain on the State Treasury of about $1,000,000 a year. , The university muat' have more' money. . J SCHOOL KALAUIKS 1 "The school people also have an f Initiative measure before the people ; which call tor $L', 500. 000 u year,' or i $3,000,000 a biennium, that "the j teachers nfay be better paid, and j which should be passed, although its proponents have failed to say in what manner the money shall be raised. They do not, as do the university e-gents, call for a tax on general property, but merely plan to have the people Issue a mandate, leaving the solution of the problem to the legislature. "Among the other w demands, Increases and requirements for the .coming biennium are the following: Equalization and Increasing salaries of normal school teachers, $l,500iJ 000: orphan and half-orphan aid, $1,000,000; extra highway interest on the State, should the initiative meas ure exempting counties pass, $3,000.- f"" 000; appropriations of 19l5 available I' thueh-comine biennium. $3 500.- 000; probable conservative increase in cost of maintaining. institutions, com- .missipna and offices and the units of State goernment, $3,400,000; Los Angeles storm control project, $3;000,- -000, but to extend over several years, and probable Institutional deficiency to meet this year's necessities, $500,-000. - , . "This gies s, total of $19,500,000. assuming the unlerslty inltiatle will fail -and not Including the Los Angeles project,' or lndiidual bills by legislators. MORE TTI.'LV REVENUE "From present indications, from $10,000,000 to $15,000,000 will he required in excess of an estimated surplus and reenue of $60,000,000 as aallable for the coming biennium on the assumption that the budget and other appropriations in 1821 will total from $7,0000.000 to $75,000,-000. "How Is this money to be raised? Various means are suggested, such as a State.tax on general property not leled since 1910; dn other words, an; additional loear burden; anr Increase' on ths tax rates on corporations; an Income tax and a co-partnership tax- Some een has had the temerity to suggest more economy and greater efficiency In the management of the State goernment. The reorganization of the State goernment through consolidation and simplification could be made to sae $1,000,000 a year. It shrould be done. This sum compared to the huge total may appear small, but it is large and if not saed now will grow and grow until soon the waste will be $2.00,00,000 a year. 'U' must bs remembered that earing can only be applied to the machinery of the State government proper. Bnndedw indebtedness. ready IncuVred, must be Daid and s.1 the Interest in the mexntlmo end the U 1 which laid the foundation on which later could be built 'the superstruc-. ture.. But though the committee had been "Married by the governor, who frankly admitted waste prevailed,; neither he nor the legislature put into effect the very wbe recommend- I atinnn nf thin renfrf. ' . i "It is sincerely to be hoped, even" though delayed, that the" coming legislature will either see this great reform put into successful effect as In Illinois, Idaho and Nebraska,-or, at least, that a real start will be made, s was attempted in 1919. "For the fiscal year endfhg June 30, 1920, I drew warrants In a total sum of $61,908,139.73, by rar the prn:itpat pi nonri if nr A In Calif orniA'S ' mxa m unit firi imiicreHttoll. history, being $11, 226, 706. 25 more; Gas distends the stomac-h and than that of the year before, or a 22 .causes that full, oppre .sive. burning nereent Inrrmm In tiflv months : feeling sometimes known as hearl-pertent increase in twelve monins. while the uctd irritates nud tn- and a 230 percent increase in ton . Jithe delicate lining of the years. All this, plus the part we play; Blomach. The trouble lies entirMy In In hetplng'to support the Federal and the excess development or secretion local governments apd the staggering; of acid. ' cost of living. -' To stop or prevent "tins souring ot The purpose of government Is to the food contents of the stomach a nd advance and protect the welfare of 1 ?. 'uJr'" ?e! ." a"' L XT r compose it and , , ,aieii maanesla'. a Rood anil ef- should not be tost, fertivs corrector f acid stomach. STOMACH TROUBLES ARE DUE TO ACIDITY Tells Saf Certain, Speedy Relief For Acid ludigrtiou So-called stomach troubles, such as Indigestion, ks. sourness, stomachache and Inability to retain food nr in probably nine cases out of ten. simply evidence that excessive secretion of acid is taklUMT place in the stomach. causinK the formation of. I Wa$ Bald for 17 Yearf should be remem- .berednfTHit: even meritorious projects must wait upon the pocketbook, to crowd matters often entails greater evils In the end than those it is proposed to eliminate. It is well to remember in considering this unfortunate class, or that, this frill 'or that tad, that the taxpayers themselves, i under present riaycondltions, consli-! tute a very unfortunate class indeed. : mid that the time has arrived for i those in charge c-f governmental activities to give profound thought to . their welfare." uhould be taken in a quarter or a glass of hot or cold water after eatin or whenever gas. sournexs or acidity Is felt. This sweetens the stomach and neutralizes the acidity In a few momi-nts and is a perfectly harmless sod inexpensive remedy to use. . An antiiicld, such na blsuraied magnesia which can bo obtained from any drusrgist In either powdwc or 'ablet form enables the stomach to do Us worli properly without the aid of Brti-' tieiul dlfiestents. Magnesia conies in several forms, so be certain to ask for and take only liintiraled Magnesia, which is especially prepared for the shove purpotov Advert inement. 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If ther would use ordinary mercollied wax Instead of cosmetics they would have healthy i complexions, unis remarKaoie sun-sta'nes actually absorbs a bad skin, also unelosmtn the pores. Result; The fresher, younrer umler-ekin Is permll'eil lo nreatne ano to snow it- i self. The exquisite new complexion- arrsdvally peeps out. one free f:m any- appearanre of artlflrlsHty. Ob- ( tain an ounce of mercollaed wax from t your drua-xist and try tt. Apply , nlgblly like cold cream for a week or two. washing It off mornlniss. To remove wrinkles, Hera s a mar-yelously sffecllv treatment, which also snta naturally and harmlessly; Iiolve an ooncs of powdered nmo- I llts In a half-p'nt wllch hnnel and usa 1 m waak lelian. Advsrtlssmant Reaotrfnlly 4lreaei1. Mndemly esolortes Tenia and fxttsfea. Boaln, riablat. Bath-Ins TramplnS. Good anto road from Slat Kl,m.s.f. A.ldr..s SEI.SON L. JALTKJl, Proo . Emerald bay P. .. Lake Tahoa. Csl.. r Ptca-Judab U. eiaeo. 672 Usrktt St.. Baa Frse- SUMMIT HOTEL Amrnds tni rt.i BUnsat stlo oa bs a P. .nl l.lnrola butiwayj alrika seenerTj sm4 k,l. and f!hlie: freab stilt sd er, vl, 1 fT'trt I v', Pr.. Of -er P O PIERCE ARROW STAGE 4,nn Sa-ramenlo 10 46 A. M. and Placerrllls 1 on P. H; dally, conctI wltb (tin rrsn-rlc4-aarramanto Elcvtrfe irain leavlns Kay Bunts rerry 7 20 A. U. for LAKS IAHOE, eonitneaclng fistnrday, Mar Sl'nd. "tpa at iaclfie Huuae, Klverton, Krurs, stnwrterrj snd Pbllllps besnrt oa ths Amrrltaa Ulrr. Racranieut Otflre, -4 Sltth Ht. psoas, Mala 47. ' A. U RifrnRnsns, Pl.ArFRvit.t.B. Tlcktts. PKCK -Jt'lMll. 8TJ Markvt atret, at . K R"it rrf , THK KHOVK Bilf ntls eaat of Tallac, Pally ateamar, mall snd sxprens. lnK-dlaranrs pbons, snd trlrsratth. Dally into ataics fr'm HarrameTttn snd Caraon ity. Kt on ap'HIcstloa. TUB GKOVK. Tallac, l.ak Tah.. ("al "CISCO" Flseer Co, Cms tf Ine moat homsMks sstsis In tbs Sisrraa. Elatlin snoo ft., H mils from Stats Ail's Road; official A. A. A. fill-Inf. II. M.. 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