The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 6, 1895 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1895
Page 5
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^ lf^^^ M other Records Broken I ^^^^^^ . . .._...,......T...L- f->-?tt' —• •—-".««--J».JA.»»........-i iniiiiirBi lliiniiii d iiiinMJridmlir iM.tifmMir*-^*"''^-*-'*^*'-*—>•"-•---—*-- .-^faa^-n-i.^.—. ...<_ —.. til We haire placed about 400 of our $10, $12, $13 and $15 's Suits and Overcoats, On the first four tables in our store and you can have your choice for .. This comes nearer giving goods away than selling them. This great sale commenced Saturday morning,, Feb. SncL All other goods in our store will be sold at cut rates. You have no idea what this sale means to us, but you will surely appreciate your own savings when you find out that the same goods can't be bought at any other store for less than double the amount. THE NEW ENGLAND always do as they advertise. Strictly One Price, DURDALL & CO.. Balance In handa of County Treasurer, January 1. 1805. Redemption money in hands of Oouty Auditor as per his books PERMANENT SCHOOL FUND. 26 , , Mortgage Notes on hand Contract Notes on hand Oashonhand. ....... TEMPORARY SCHOOL FUND. Cash on hand $8113551 1510D 63 . 8667 65 .$286008 COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT. s , •. . Balance June 1, 1801 Two hundred and fifty-eight persons examined institute Enrollment.... ............. •••• State Warrant ----- ................. • Institute expenses ........ . .$ 4600 058 00 wow BQ Q0| ' 437 38 WARRANT ACCOUNT. County Bridge. ...... Poor • — Insane Soldiers'Relief Domestic Animal.. Outstanding Junel, '94. Ml 01 BO Ul 153 58 Issued. uu 1.1179 08 481)8 07 090 55 145 33 1875 Cancelled. x\> 14203 83 4580 80 000 55 14b 33 1875 Outstanding 1 Jan. 1,'05. . 330 67 20 16 512 84 COUNTY SHERIFF. Fees earned by the sheriff's office for the year as per fee book 8 3758 06 Cash fees received as per book. Leaving amount outstanding unoolleoted. -fsj Salary not; In eluded. ." • .8120566 LOCAL MENTIONS. Yes, we are all going over to'i.Em:- inetsburg, " The, Social Union program comes .Friday night. • ; The Married Folks dance tonight at -Court House^hall. : A , . ^ , Alf'Naudain has b^ea quite sick lately,, but is around again. The:' always popular Social Union • program coipes;;Friday'eveuing/ Revival services are held every night < this,. week except Saturday, at the M. E. church. ' ',.-. Thbse wishing to join the Watterson excursion to Emmetsburg should speak to C. B, Matson. . V"''.'. The fire company are receiving com' pliments on all Sides. Their work bat- urday morning wa» heroic. February first will be celebrated hereafter in the Kay Gilmore family as a '-'birthday occasion, li/'isagirl. • -A large party of invited guests enV joyed- a pleasant evening at liert reck s •" in Union township Friday evening. 1 The preliminary steps looking to the 'submission of the library tax should ' not be neglected! Now is the time to ' Mr. and Mrs. W. H, Conner have rented the Zahlten house in the south 'part o£ town, and will mova in in the Qonrspof a 'few 'days, - The Opera Ijlouse Company bad two good'houses last week, itwasacout- cidence that the pla^s were worthy ot ' tbVpatronage which they won. ' ?l 'HiclJS predicts that we slip 11 have our this moiHh ana,the ' Jots or tolto • who wb«f**ro ' Jots or tolto • who think. this a good guess for Uicks, • • ' s The "unusual severity of t,he weather even miwtausvvwtw i, last Thursday evening . . ,& i failure of the Wwrt Uuiou ' iti vegulap weekly wwt , to llice, the 'abstractors, have a a. in this PW«V, \vhbQ.«t a doub't 1 absolute reljauoe can be. placea W e by this p9pvi}tr Ana> reports that he b, »J tfiH* BW lottda of WW*»ru market this .'• Kpowl^ 'business has bww H»y*»«»t MBn>8 '' sermon will be delivered by Rev. O. A. Stevens, pastor of the Baptist Church. The friends of Melzar Haggard are scill very anxious about -his sickness. It, is now^two weeks since be was taken iWith pneumonia and he is not improving as fa4t as it was hoped. i It is expected that tickets to California will take a $10 rise 'about the 15th 'of this month. About $90 for the round trip' is the present ruling figure. But what's the use of going to California!* Advertised letters: Mr. Mervin Av- e.ry, Jack;Blark, Hartwig Clausen, Mr. .W. Douglass, Mr. Albert Falaway.,Mrs. AnnaB, Gaffney, Rev,Alfred Martin, O. H. McCaffrey, Mrs. Melinda Olson. About one hundred friends arid admirers of Rev. Davidson paid him a visit at the parsonage Thursday night- Refreshments were served, and in all respects the occasion was a pleasant one. Rev. A. V. Gorrell has received a call from Christ church, Waterloo, a large and influential church, but after due consideration has declined it. There is a demand from,various quarters for Uis services, D, A. Haggard will preside tomorrow at an auction sale of Lmrses, cattle, hogs, chickens, farm machinery, corn, hay, and miscellaneous articles for J, A. Foster, at his place some four miles southwest of Burt. If Hicks is a good prophet we shall have four storms this month, on the 9th, the J3th, the 24th and the 28th, Some of Hicks' prophecies' have been fulfilled, and we shall not at present haaard a conjecture ,as to probabilities-' The Aigona merchants report a tip top trade this season, They do not complain, The fact is, by the way, Aigona has got some or the best nw chants and - some of the best stores m the S,tate, j?rof, Boyle, the popular singing teacher, is holding concerts in the coun* try school houses and towns. P« was hilled fur the Rice sphool house last night, art} fop Burt Thursday mpht, 1'jw Professor js making a great SUQ- cess, , • , Peter Bowen shows no very perceptj-- bleimprovement, -Thenature or his, malady is still largely'awystery to his phy&jcians, but |t wouW.^eem that Jits kraii)-sustained gome injury at the tjroe of .his fau, *,gjs miort wan& brought two dollars and two otbers brought $6. The fact is to be noted, however, 'that they were poor horses and in poor condition. Really nobody wanted the animals. Leo Peugnet has had the management of the Opera House during the sickness of Manager Haggard, and has acquitted himself with credit. "The Girl I 'Left Behind Me," last Friday night had one of the largest audiences ever in the Opera House. The G. A. R. and W. R. C. will observe Washington's birthday with a program and flag drill at the opera house beginning at 7 o'clock, p. m. At 9 o'clock those wishing to dance will repair to the court house, where the Colonial Ball will open with the grand march. An extended program later. The special services at the Baptist Church under the lead of Elder Carroll were concluded Friday evening. They were counted very successful. The Methodist revival services began Monday night. Special services are announced to come off soon at the Congregational church. Weitgenant Bros. have sold put their hardwaie stock to a gentleman from Worthington, Minn., and the invoice is now progressing, preparatory, to its removal to that point. These gentlemen have not determined their future plans. They are good men and we should be very glad to see them remain with us. It is understood that Mr. Cooper's gospel temperance meetings, will open either on the third> ; or the tenth of March. All' other arrangements for public meetings should be made with this appointment in view, for Mr. Cooper is a speaker whom everybody wants to 1 hear. He comes here from Mason City. '•: .].', A, t. Peterson returned, Saturday evening, from Des Moines, where he attended the annual convention of Iowa photographers. He reports tl-a; there were present about eighty repi e sentatives of the craft who give their attention to securing the shadow 'ere the substance fades, mainly from the larger towns and cities of the State. He says it was a profitable meeting. The next lecture in the course given ay the Baptist ladies will be by Dr. Strickland, of Sioux City, on the 19th, his subject being, "Grant, From a Southern Standpoint." Dr, Strickland was a Major in the Confederate army, and so is in a position to speak from a southern standpoint. He is a very able. orator, and those who have heard lim, look for the best lecture that has been heard in Aigona for years. Sam Clark, editor and congressman- elect, said at the Nevada editorial meeting that there was but one nationally conspicuous great editor remaining—Henry Watterson. We think he was mistaken, as there is Dana of the N, Y> Sun, But we can see ; and hear Watterson at Emmetsbia'g, Thursday njghfc'of nfixt week. Watterson Js not only a great editor and a celebrity, but be js a great orator, It is likely that a large delegation from Aigona will attend, ^ho/names of J. W. Wa'dswortb, of the first ward, Dr. Garfleld of the second, ana Justice F. M« Taylor of the fourth, are favorably mentioned toi the mayoralty, while the suggestion of H<fr, Vesper in that connection Jws. a support which, amounts to » decided compliment, It is settled that Call, will pat accept a reflection, go opt of all the good, m,en nanyji and, to be nam§4 ft PUepesspr; wjU VVWVW»A>VVWy/V>AW/VWWV.^^ Wmimi£Mis$Wkt n o* Can atiflna] OhweU and Society, bei Deoture room. Monday afternoon, ld Queers wewwf slewed. Tl fr ?7»W RegMtair. Shwls, Beavers @ Sxtra Beavers, Very flne Beavers, , Velvet Beavers, All Wool double, $3.50, worth $4.50 4,50. worth 6 00 5 50,.worth 7.50 . 8,50, worth 12 00 2 50, worth 3.50 All Wool, double Wis.,4.00, worth 6.00 All Wool, double, Wisconsin, "A" grade 5.00, worth 7.50 All Wool, double, Wisconsin, Standard 6.00 worth 8.50 l^Do not go cold when you can buy good reliable goods like Wisconsin Shawls and Davenport Blankets at about one-third off. One lot all wool undershirts at 75c. eachV Cheap at $1.00. We still have a few at $10, worth $15 to $25; also afc $7.50, worth $10 to $13 50. Twenty Children's Cloaks at $1 each, and up". Davenport Eureka Brand Davenport Standard Brand Tacotna Brand Melrose Brand El Paso, all wool Dakota, all wool scarlet — > Comet, all wool white Afew choice white One all blankets will be closed out in this .2&225 20» 375250 2.5ft-. wool sale. We have decided to close out our mitten stock consisting of Men's, Boys' warm mittens. We have no room for them; every pair is a bargain. This cold weather you will want them. A big drive in Men's Winter Shirts at $1, real value $1.50, to close out this lot soon. We also sell the best overall for 50c, sold in the county. Our old 8oc all wo.ol dress gonda, 54P inches wide; we have sold ihoiisanda of yards at the above price; a few to close with others at 50c per yard; New goods each day in Prints, hams, Lawns, Ducks, Pongees, t e The society of Christian JSndeavor had charge of the services at the Congregational church 'Sunday evening, ind a very inspiring service it was. This society was organized in 1885, in the old church, then on the present schobl house grounds, and has been a great success, It now has 30 active and 20 associate u^embei's, and its Sunday evening meetings are largely attended. Miss Nellie Durant is the president. When the Aigona society was organized there were but 10,000 members of the organization in the United States, and only 200 local societies. Now the society is international and has upwards of a million members. At the convention in Cleveland last year there were 35,000 delegates. . HE DIED TOO SOON. Joacjiim Holtz Wins His Case in the Su- •preme Court Ten Days After His Death—$1,400 in Costs Involved, When Joachim Holtz, whose decease was announced in the REPUBLICAN last week, was last in Aigona, which was but.two days prior to hi death, he said the only thing that worried him was his case jn the supreme courp, His increasing feebleness warned him of the approach of the dread destroyer, and his case was all that disturbed him, This case grew out of a controversy which he ha d with John Peter* son, an Emmet county farmer, about the delivery o f a l°t of steers bought of the farmer by Mr. Holtz,, Peterson claimed that the steers were to he de» livered at his own place, while, Holt?; claimed they were to be delivered at his farm in Fsnton, The dispute in- vo'lve,4'b"t about 880, but both men were sts^bprn, and the case went into the c,ou4ie» where in several trials Holts wag beaten, The case, has now been rieq^ed oy the court ojj a quea* tion qtjastruction given, by juage. Parr, w^^instrHiotea tjie. a»»7 Wwt; in a specific agreement t]i§ * defen4ant Pfter ? the Judge has Foundry and Machine Shop, MULLICA& OHNSTEDT, Props. Wo do repairing of all kinds. Iron and brass castings and boiler work done o*».< short notice. Pipe and pipe fittings and brass goods of all kinds in stock. Wo ant here to stay. Shop east of Rutherford House. orders promptly attended. ' MULLIOA & OHNSTEDT, Algous*, low**.. W, -P ' 1 i •*„ "k^i RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. At its last meeting the James C, Taylor Post adopted the following resolution on the death of Capt. L. M. B, Smith: Whereas, The Supreme Commander has called Comrade L, M. B. Smith to "Fame's eternal camping ground"; Resolved, That we will keep his memory green by trying to emulate his many virtues, PERSONAL MENTION. . Mr, and Mrs- S, 0, Spear expect to start tor California in a few days, Mrs, J. B, WinUel and her daughter, Mrs, Miller, weut to JSmmetsburg yesterday to visit friends. Samuel Mayne, of Bancroft, R, M, Richmond,'of Swea City, and Jacob VarJand, of Buffalo Center, were doing business in Aigona Wednesday, Mr, and Mrs.Harvey Ingham attend,ed the, editorial convention at Nevada last weeH, and then went on to Omaha to visit relatives, , R.oy Wilbur, an old AJgona boy, who has he,en in. Southern California, tor the pa§t tgm or five years, is expected hQBje,ahyut the first of March j&ey, Rwbfcrt Bjjgnell, was a vteHor in Algoua MonUay. e a with hi* new home, aud m'ay well be, « Marian Hedriofe went to " ? are very popular musicians in tin's & tjon of the state. Mr. and Mrs, Hiram Norton arur .Vfr~. and Mrs, Geo, S. Angus, of Bun, <h «ve~ '. down to Rob't Henderson's in HIK-IV- ,dale township on Wednesday 1'iiiM H«M<|,, old fashoned visit, returning iu»i»o »>» Friday, Mrs. Betsy Norton, thf uuub- er of Hiram Norton, makes In-r not with Mr, and Mrs, Henderson, su« eighty-nine years of age, and is (mj< ing good health, • '.'•"Vw ' ^JllV ( First MONEY TO LOAN ON •) 2nd nif > w« (Collalenil , GEO. C. CA, A good 8-room- house for if nt (»i- or more years, Centrally local mi • 2w • • ' 0, L. ku WT "i ' T - AH persons having clothing 1 Uwoaw;, ^ for the relief of the n»?et|y jjrn- i%in<'st7 *•'ed to leave if with Mrs; Setch«Uytfl''hei*'' <^* store, as early as con.venintt -'.•}». ' „" ,'y • | Mince Meat ana Pie H,ud,8on,'s., Wnmake a Cloud to •ji^M2i \vsm»M^M$ ejf, Prww^Mls-jisSi

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