Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 25, 1922 · Page 27
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 27

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 25, 1922
Page 27
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JUNE 23, 1922. I ' ti: r n i M-tlLD ( d FOrt 8 months' Icur beautiful modern 7-rootn home; also sleeping porch; on Laxeshnra ave; coin-fietely furnished; owner leaving Oak. and; reo.ii in, good reference. I'linne oak. t 7 ; . FOOT 1 1 i'uT 1 ; L V D.7 S 7 .; .5i niToc m. bun.: !I Improvements; fnut treea and brrri s; Tat -g lot; i nt ri-as.' to permanent party; nr. K. R. and oafs. FUR. NT. 4-r. house, modern; : rage. il'!' Aiiiy tsta e. Ei4itii t FAIR VIKW ST., 1613 Cozy 3-rw. bungalow, Adult. Criive i;ir I'l RNISH ED cottage, Y'room's "and bath. $25.i Piedmont 811'iJ. GRANT'. 153 Clean 5-room lurn. hung, brkft. nook: gar: 30 in in. I i S. F. ; rent, or Kale. A lambda. GROVE ST.ri)!' Neatly" f urn. S-r' bungalow.: mod- nr. nr ami K. II. Sang v f : n Tv ro a"S'i i'au'. 1 1 1 '. home overlooking lake; l rire gar-den, summer li. Inst., hoi writer; C double garace; roinp'.e'e every rif-lail ; will lea.te. Merr, ."..::!:'. Ipitne-dlate possession , .Moderate p. ADY!th child 2 jrn. wi'l ' rem own honil to party wari'i:, iioiist -keep, r: mod ; 4 ruts, and bkfVt rm.; garace: ncar ln'-d ;un! jj, '. trans. Fruitvale 36 ,4.1. LA W TON' A V lC 5 2 ' S 3 n i c"e" r '; r 1 1.7 furnished or unfurnished, villi garage It desired; beautiful district: convenient loci . r. i o :i ; '. very reasonable, Phone Pied. 7.H1S.I. ) LEE ST., 30.17 Auracrp. e"" if-pmia buns. i'rnp. (urn . f'r Jujv; near fara and train; adults; rets. V.vrk 14liV:, I LOWER V.m nt Vnw; t .r 5 rti:...; on car ttrT T-"H or J i i. I'iiou.; i VniHvalo 1 i'i VV. LER1DA A V IC CS-home; lccne 6 mo I. a K e dir?,-. f nrft. or longer; let.; Htw. SlONTK VIST A AVI". 1 . Furn'is.Kil half of !-rni. Iiiiiik.-iIow. very clean nd (nnnr: separate. Adults. Hi. ried. 577TW. MYKTLH 1ST.. " 132 7-rt, part furnished. Kent $3i llOtii'C, ii. r:nn. and and ar.; 175; lur- i. partly 7:sv. JuJ-.AH lareninnt. Key. t breakfast rontn; (arnarc vill rent Hnfni -nryited, niehed. lion. Vied. S.H". KICE. clean S-r. on::! furn.; yard. $if. I'jcd OC R A X "V IE W 1 1 K 1 V K," near Koute H rm and bl.tt. rm ; Kev lur- nar and rariKe rnd. sn. PIEliCE ARKO vi', 43 frlvately owned and mi' rated eondiiion truantntred: will take; Jinht car in trade. iOoH tlroaJw ay. j Oakland f. .."R i PALMEU AV17.. n.' n-iu, ur unTurn.. $v ' , desired; hot and cold Iras, phone. (1 oe r to -.1 rm., turn. 'i' leaMe if rater llstl'tr-i. 13d ft . 1 blk. to right. I'll. Merntt FERALTA AVE 3 1G7 tl-rnt." hoiic furn. or unfurn. : rniiny porctipa, sardca. Fruit. 10--J. Call' a!lc 2 p. m. I'At.ll' IC AV., Iiti3. ur, Ktitfion i-r cott"f,e, nicely turn., I m'on. tflb. SOCK H I m ; E A t"t r a c t"f ur ti , b u n. marino vlw; will leaso. V. SANT.vnOSA. 'jU Wiasiiinpton lpt. Kurnifilied 5-rm. IhimukIow ; rent 135. fall on Monday and Fee owner. M21 J:.yij'M k!., near t'tdar, Berkeley. SrftvMohKC-!tI-Mod. 8-rm. cot tage.' Lalie 4112',".. TO LEASE 7-rm. home, adults pre. ferred; 4th ave. Hen;h!f; phone Mer. alG from' 10 to 4 fcunelay, or Mr. Keed, Lake. i'Sil. st other times. Flowers, fruit, par-tpe, tHOCSAXU UAKH i Cumii. turn. rm. bung.; bk. nk-: pi.tno; com hi win see, garden: small tjrr.pt',' nr. ' traiaa; rent I51.50. 711 .Nttlsoti afreet, Berkeley. TA Y LOlT T K I '. li A CIO. 2 33 Xoifh rr bt. Pan Faltlo and West SUnny t rma. nr. K. l. and h'. I'. Open aft, fall Oak. Hi".., morn. VPPKH I'lEDMONT. 3 months. Gl and alpif. pcii ; player piiiii"' a washing: marli. 175. 1'ied. 41o WAKEFIELD AVE., 25'.7. nr. 2.1r ave Partly furn. or unfurn, 8-rm Imng; hwd. flrs ; two marsive fin -places; sip. pch.; a: rand View, Iteference required. 1-R.M. hona', rear. 313 ion Hth l-KOOM bungalow, mod.;' ail fur-' nished. nice piano: large Jot. lawn, flower srarden, bearing fruit trtes. I ete.; nica modern home; rent, to ! etty tenant;. adults: only $15. Willi ' board and. loom with tenant If' congenial; near Jtth. at. Phone FruUvaTT. 32.f. j lkU A V K., I on tuir.BiMow n,i rent. 7 rooms; father and daughter to occupy two rooms; rent i hi, Includes phone, pas and elee. Phone McrrittSTS for appuintmetit until 2 pm. IjYfi e'TlT 621 Sunny" com tc-rtabie - film A-roon, f-filtuiie. Ft- llitor. li JlOLi-S TO "V,. . iiiation call L'-. rk. C'.-i'.V l-KOO.M modern bunualo-v with pun j porch: complet Iv (urnii'hed; near i t . , . Key Ji&utu a:.d tai, $ii,rCU wt ii.t Market Kt. , itrrilST.r2t5 lTmrcoUa7iand kitchenette; also fur. rm.; private j home. Lake. 2215. i l-KOOM cotttiire, hsrdwood fionr, electric light, r'raKe; jio, t;:;,-,i Dana at., Oakland. fl;OOMconipli:tfly furn. colia'ee', very sunny, from July to Aus- 6. Fr. traina and p. O. $C5. Apply 003 Franklin. 17 hT1 7 i 7 -C o 1 1 ii R . 4 nun., (urn,; no children. Call $-12 a. m. I2ND "ST., 725 Cozy collaw in tear, Z rms. with diesa. room and btth. $25, inel. light and water; aduils Newly renovated. I ItMS. nr. cars garage . $1"0 hOw. I 'a k. fnriiacc, 4) MCELV fum. rms. bid bath in unp. sun. 2-family bou..e; Ittc linen, phone, garage, piano, gas., garbage, elec, water, suit 4 adults; (or rent .luly 1st (or i or 3 months. Merritt 2115. 13TU AVE., 260S i-room, lilodurn. suriny cottage. I KOOMS. amon tics; blka. lu J.cars; quiet, secluded; panoramic. View; bdwd. floor.-.; !. b.Ucii.; clean; star.; ' w.-ter; $35; adult only. Mcreltt 23c. 4-ClIuru Xor ..lj;ma;iiL.u.rJiiai;Lr.;.J. eloM to Iran.; Anil . leraeiev. .'- Berk. 4 13 W. XlTH ' AVE.'. 24214-1 win voltage" baih, large screen porch line tor baby; partly furnished 7ffHS T-. 6 3 6 5 -1 o o 1 1 1 "c o 1 1 a g e t o let, owner to board. t",6 44tii st. JlST BT.. 78 2-room cot 'au'efor . bachelor. Apply afier 5 20. I ROOMS and bath, rear cottaer; dulla only";" nr. 'J'-e. h. 1'ied. 'jonS. J0-RM.- house for lease; furn. or unfurn. Lakesied 7114. S4A Mill t. Kl IIMMlll ll UVIIl JULY or Aug. 1, mod. house or flat, a aauits. perio., iras. iit:i. .-.tne BESPONS1PLE party wants fur fiat or cottaga In good neighborhood, eloae to S.' F. trains Either tern-porary or permanent. Keas. tent. Bo 48, Tribune. SI F. J5MALU with piano; nr, 4S25VV. C. Bk. 4 OR T-HOOM nicely turnlshed mod- erti bungalow or bouse tn Upper Piedmont. Ijv rei-.pnnsible party. Address Postofflca Box 222. Santa Barbara, Calit I6f AUT B i t UIOS On tine, ena month, $3 00 BROADWAY. SSOf: store 0x34. $50. COIL 23D AV. atul E , tt',(tv ,bu ') "i. ?A 1 til St.- rhr: 3 new re h t , DESK SPACE or ground tloor wun or .without use or Apriy it's 13th s'.- detn, cheap- 30 -.SICULS. OIIHT.S TO LftOT Continued COLLEGE ami Taft ave., cor, store, t xi-i'lliMit business location. DESK spar-n for rent; Oakland 140. rc-as.; ground HAI.F f..r t store and whole 22. '( p.r'or.dv, ay. window s. J I'! EE EPSON", 1425 Rodin on tun ground door, suitable for sales-rr.oin and housekeeping; 1 block 'ro'iu T.-ift's. Oak. "18. LEASE FOB SAl.Elomn town 1"-catbrn: nr. 15th nt. Box 7f, TriK li.'i;KKT. Sl'.t -Will .bui'ld store on corner to suit tenant. , 10 II I.. Hth and :k'.th ie Stori wnd npartinentu: nett' and btrict-!' modern: hand, (loom, etc.; (or l.,sn or rent on re.isonablo ternn". l-'ied Hovn l"0', Realtors. S2l' K HMi et. TiiOiia Fruit valo 13 IS. JiF.W i:lJ..h;.. posi-esioii it days; ?.",n11; mar Ihhvy. on " 7 t li st ; lor.y: lease; reasonable rent. Apply l.'i.M Franklin s-t.: Oakland 4!Kt3. . Kli'HM"NI ll.chiaor.d orflce Dak- i land Tltim NK. 1 1 5 .M.icdona Id j a'.e.: office ispace for rent, leu-j .imil (o rteady tcnantjf --) liAN' PAf.l.o at J2nil St. tor ; now l.uildinrr. nirtrlly modern and, attractive front; 2 corner store"; ; driveway and back entrance to nil; fiii'i loiMilon here for drugstore; ; for lease on reasonable terms.) Kred .fi. Howe t.'o., Ilcallora, 3310 j V.. lith Bt. I'hone Frultvale 13H. i-'.XAI'l'Y ,"-room tipper flat, close, to I -San Framd'cfi and local trani-por. tat Ion; hardwood tloorsi; g a race J anil iiian'i: rent reasonable. " Maiden rii'llsTNleitl & C'O.r Ileal, Ktte. i;ro:-.Jvay. itkc Hide s liii ;;; , ;, od Inc.; loni: ias-j. l!ol t..n. 47.1 iruli i'l, (Ukalii'l iJJl. It r v i'i il 1 1 1 llii Store. I 234iV il-'.l.l-:;n.Pll AV S.VJt Nr ator TKl.l.iiUAI'H AVI-: Htorea for rtnt, ndiaeent to new F.iiBt F.ay Market. (ia'kl;md's g-igfliitn; market. Apply Mandel i!old wuterC Hi Wild, "l-F'luTKT In heart, of nlioppins: tliot. Kicltwive office for dentist or beauty shop; .elevator Mrvice.. i. a k la n tl 27.'! i. 'W'OOl.'lil' r'l'"" A V K .' 3!HI2 5-r. and , h n. cement biiiicalow. In 4lh Ave. lieiKlnn. Iulwd. lira., cotnyletcly f 'irtilcbed. . 1 2 1i i-OTl. . ltw", Store, f'T grocery and tle.llcaiCKHen' and 5-rm. Cat for rent: pood location; 140. j;. MTU. at l.".tli ave Office e.iuif-ped (or doctor or dentist, J35. I 'a ly, 1 Xiiit 1 1 1 h street. 'T.'."7:, ''' '-'( . t . fh -e dtmce, new bitfinesa district, reasonable. (ink land 2U3I. atll AVU and I- Utii -t. ut coiner .S'ore: (ln location (or tlrucr store or yrocei-tort i. SiKUttivciraloW "irivrr""sT ioittl nr. San i'ublo N.c.dy furn. 4-r. buntalow. truit, (lowers and buries. I'led. 7618. n UhSX: phone, 313 Paiita:ea. jinTIl ST.. .',c,3- r.O'Hl battit. for Hop. rTTir. 4sij Nevv store, nr. 15rointway: I4TH-ST-filt Half atnre. bun illit .KtA .sroia;". i'i-!t'io!. stidius. ivAvmn. I'ESK. inc-it no room. i anted, downtown; be in a Kood location; btmi-nviiianc'-. I'.ox 7.".4I. Tribune. EiiNO LEASE on bid?, (or adult l.nqineFa school: pnace for ,1 ! i. ir" I ciatneH of 25 each. Oak'and 273D AST irrocerv or otner More wn, J liv. rooms, mnnll invest. Croc liny Kii.'.l. Oakland Tribune J ' ' PA-4 TI im.i-: ! I'f.Af'E fir keen inileli aoaia and a biirtr-'lor about ,i mos. -vu-a once. 705 SJnJ nt. !( UK VI. ATTENTION. ' Phons Tied 27fi. Tortable gs-r-ipes as low bi $70: new; cash terms; rent $2.50 and $3. 1124 63d sr.. cor. San Pablo UlAOES. 175 up ' "tent $3.50 to $3 Piedmont 'ii- pi5l Go; li st. FACTOP.T bblp. l!';bt; SHOO sq. ft. founurv: equinpt (';'' 2500 su. ft. .Mho factory site, etl. leare build to uit tenants. Cray, .ji I'.acon building. 1NTI1 ST.rir. Tel. RV. -Space ot 45fO r:.! ft. to rent for warehouse or uliop purpoaes; drivewav ocrom-modatlohs. . Apply. V uold" waur. 510 EHli tt. . 1(111 SALE ...'. . On t!rit. one week. $1.00. AdVet'.i.-tnK iriouped by aMlcie as r.itowti by first word A LUMBER .Mlliioti fnet. new. on wharf and yards, tigtiretl delivered anywhere. i I arse or uniall orders; mill wol-k, j doors, windows, frames, built-in lix-! tun s,- French and garage, doors I tniide to order and In stock; com plot gat-ace. 10x16; all new material; rooting- and finished delivered $:.; plumbing fixtures, pipe PlUngs, roofing: paper, eh in fie, wlro net-tin tr. Save, save! Aslt about us. Dolau Wrecking, Mill anil Lumber Co. 214') 11. 14th St., Oakland: Mer. Ul. A- OUALITY PAINTS WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES 46 YEARS Our laraiuee of Satisfaction r 1 ii o J amesAnm oc -co. J72-274 12th tt., Oakland; Oak. 1113 Open Saturday afternoon. AT NEW SINGER STORE Lent a tewing maehino by wgelc or month, " New and used machines aold on ST"t 'r-re"rtf h'y- psvments " - We rs'air all makes; -work' guaranteed! F. R. COX, MGR. 170t San I'ablo ave.. opp. American Theater; pbene I-akeslde J''''3. AA Wrecking lumber; ioO.eou (eet must and will be acid tltJa week; buy truckload, foot or cargo, small or larta lots delivered free to any part; studding joists, rustic flooring. S-iap siilinu, T. and (J. doors, window. !, lor real sacrifice. See owner at job, Esst 14th at, north side, between 22d and 23d axes., Jia at Oakland; phone Merritt 111. ADDINU MACHINES bou ,ht eold. rented and exchangee; all makes-W A Cooley SJ8 12th; Oak. Hid ADDINU machine, sec (itcotffl-st. V hand; reasonable. 375 44th ADDIVO machine, second-hand; reasonable. 375 44th st. ANTIiji'E Sir W. Scott paintT754 7 St. iThlff iiiv,' rTJTu-. lowkr oRAiui INew Lurnber prices U to 1x10 redw., 1000 ft. $19 to $22 U 2nd, 1x8 red. rustic, loot) ft., $32 1x8 etlv. spruce rustic, loco ft., $35 U4 0. T. fiooring. K. d.. looo ft., $20. $35 $40 Good roof ing per roll. $1, $1.25, $1.50. E. L. BLACKMAN CO., Inc. 4221 E ltth ft. Phone Kruiiy 563 LED for Foirt cur. Mil- cet.-$4.50; HUsbtly used. 4155 Bond bt Mel-hose laelgbls. BABY earringt. and white A'ipiv ti I eramele " viTrtsr .slu- BABY ciit. w U-kei, (or eal eheap. Aft. ii att 41. t et. IX' (ill FOR 8 ALU Mist l.l.A.L(ILS',U 1 'Oil SALIO M 11 1;LL A M-.Ol AT 30X11 AM) SAN DOLAN Where You Arc Sure Yon Will Ot What luu Buv; "Honesty" ami Square Dealing Is Our Molto. rresctit locution for the pust ten yenrn. More liuiMing 'material, new .itid K-iond-linnd, thjn any two places oC.our kind arouuci the lay resion. AS VE'ADVERTISK, WE SELL. j ' 'JJWO MILLION FEET OF NEW DIMENSION J.UMEElt Suit-able for Homo UttlMiri;; ptirposiCM, $20.00 Id ?25 (ji) por M. Ctnn-ideto lino of Window, S i.di anil Doors. Ail ir.e! any tpiantity. Fiiccs ato .it least -5 per cent lower than our competitors.. SPECIALS New New New New New IxS V 5-8x4 1x3 T. E'ttr.i. Lath T. i. (J. i i. ei (!. To''.', A Cedar I'. Ecadivl OJlin-,'. , V, (.. Flooring SilillKli'S. We Have a Quantity ot ?Ccw 1-inrli ami 2-inch Pine. DIMENSION No. 3 Bride, CHICKEN lIul'S ICS. elf. COMPLETE LEVE OF 100 New V. u: VMUta Entimel e Euarii'l ll.itli -tubs. Vvlrp. lvv-dijvvn toilet conihiiuilion Se.U, $20.00. SPECIAL IN POULTRY 1NETTING. Cliirkcn Wire, 2-inch nuedi ...... $ .417., jtcr' 100 'square ft. t.'hickeii Wire, l-inch ntesb 1.60 per 101 square ft. 13 Unuse rc-tlippoii IMastcr Wire. ..... 20c cer ' square yard IN UOLL LOTS New N o w New New 'ul Hoard, $40.00 per M. CARPE!NTEPi3 NOT CONNECTED WITH ANY OTHER ADDRESS, ONLY 2936 SAN PABLO AVE., OAKLAND, CALIF. OLAN ON SAN PAULO AVE UNED IN UTAH We do not substitute None better for Stove, Grate, Furnace $13.00 per ton, 1 livered ORDER NOW P. C. Frederickson 1025 Fruilvale Vve. Phone Fruitvale 400. a '. i BABY cnrrl'ice A revefgthle'wlcker baby carriage, A I cqfTdltion; $15. OKI Tyler st. at 1'Sth avf. BILLI Al76 i'A fd'.El '.niTwvkdT Ealko comliinat.oii. good as new. (i.lk. 82. lAl'.V IU' ;Y Slale color, wicker First-class coinhtion. almost 'now sin j-th nt pie. i r is i w. liABY IiukpV. like new; worth $1 sacrifice $25. Phone -Berk 2554W. BABY carriage, rattan, lika new. Call Monday, 42SI Piedmont ave. I A VC A K R IAC K, reeil: ncwT rcaiT enable. 3G17 Grove st. " BICYCLE. lircles cooker. 57U0 Vicente St.. nr. fith St., oaklatid. ULDU. stone "Hubble. ' H r'"vc j o7"i'iivii ors;"i 645 4th f.'t.r st. Cloplon Wrecking! Co. Jill East 14th Street. Merritt 70(1 Prices st,ill cut in all building m;l. lorial; tlooring- $20,25 pur luOO; rustic S25 pjir D'liO; plumhtni;, doora, window saah, elungles. roofing. Pay Hood prices tor old buildings to be wrecked. CHEKR1ES and all other fruits, vegetables and farm products appear under "Farm and Dairy Produce" L'lass 67), following this column in numerical o-der. COUNTEU3. sftoivln. store tixtiircs et, cost to ciose them out; also table suitable (or cute or Test. 2.100 San Pablo. CAM I" BEDS Two ' Four In One," cheap. Call at 1125 7th at., (or demonstration, ''LOTHINO of all descriptions. See "Wianhg Apparel" following 'tlii.-elassitlcat Ion cTbTNL"FVnd vraeirfnr backof Chevrolet. $12. Burbauk 'st-, Alameda. CAK1UAGE, wicker, for sale, leas. 1063 2ist St., Oakland. CUESCENTbicycU $15; coaiTet-brake; good cond. fto.", 10. C3d. p. m. CASH JOElHS'i'lili and lomputinij scale, (UK Washington; Lake. 53K. CA 51 PI Ntfoii tht7M!U '1 r Cull i u morning. 4601 Grove st: DIAMOND ling, l-4 l. sac. 1120 lith ave. n V V' irvr. r ---tVx ELECTRIC popcorn and;f;!,.l,1.H' 'os ft Vhoicsaie prices.' peanut njactitnc, "cti cap. Hione Piedr5885J. PADLO AVENUE BROS recKers .$37.59 per M. , 30 00 pur M. , 00.00 per M, , 4 40 per M. , 7.0 9 per M. .SEIT.M-.LK VOXi EAUN.S Fj:NCE, AVilll.E IT LAS'Tl!, $15.00 pt:r M. PLU3UJLG MATERIAL. J30.00 to $27.30. with Never Split New.riaster I'oard, $45,00 per M. FURNISHED. BROS WRECKERS 29Tn TO COTI! STfci:, OAKLAND. CAU FLOOR and counter cases of all sizes; counters and shelving cheap; cash 'registerivacales. cash draweti-', fllint; cabinets, addinc machines, typewriters, roll and Hat top and typewriting- desks, i swivel chair:', restaurant tables, j chairs, coffee urns, dishes. all kinds ot plain and French bevel i plate mirrors, all Eizes and shapes. I . orue (any; save. Harrv M. Helper. 8.10 Clay st. Oak.J518 ell;Mll'l;E: 5 kou of splendid booics; Si udebaker closed car. 2S25 - Helen st. Very rea . - FLO !.' Ti sack'sTlarge"-! OfTlba.. deliv'-ered, $ldoj;en. Piedmont 6582 W. H I Vm t., 15x25, wool. Mer. 36lil. UAHOMN 1 1 OS 10, 2"iO.0tui ""tV"'t. "nil uses; belOnKe all sizes; enenp. 514 Webster st very CiO-CAHT and I I it. high chair, cheap. s 1 1 t res.e utrsr. 2 renovated hair mat-. cheap. 3221 Filbert. HOUSEHOLD linen. Pied. 271SW. I. C course In mechanical engin- cerlns; Box 72SJ, Oakland Trib. I N I 'IAN HAS K E T S-A f i ii e" o 1 1 ec -lion for sale, l'bono Ala. 3S1W. H'E lot' l-:s. crocl 1 7 Mi st. Ki 'DA Iv- .li'Ufc; -Post card size; new P. P.. iclow wholesale. P. 3605.J. ; LOT of KliiRle and double block I pulleys, st 1 1 Fizes; 1000 of fiO watt j lOdiron Mazda lamps, 30c; all ! kinds sashes, doors, frames, par. I t it ions, desks, filing cabinets, ! " typewriting deslat, " standinir j desks, chairs, etc. Harry M. I 'Ucrger, 8"H .Clay f.t. Oak. 0518. LUMBER and door lists figured, de"-i. livered anyv.Jjere; not in price . combinai ion. SWIFT & CO, 1232 I -!7th aenue. ?!elrose. s -siTi'T ill OSS N":f obT" f at her. yea rs ! of coaifort : catup or l-.ome. 8"2 27th j st. uak. 33 1 1. Stonigteii & Son, ! Matlress Works. MA.NUKE. lino und tine iiuraery slock. 2!ie6 Ellsworth st. dry. 5uo nack; Ashbv Nursery Berkeley 147. MANUIIE rotted; dry. fine, rich; 50c sack. Henas Warehouse. Berk. 60. .WO AT i ill LNOEH '(Hobartl and'eof-fee mill, cheap. 654 22d st. MA N V E. etc. F. T r i n Tda'fi." P. "26 111. New Roilers, Guar., $9.60 Lg. siso copper, $13.50; g-w. heaters, cent, trays, $7.50; earthen toilets, $20. 407 7th-Franklin sts. L 5484. OAKLAND WRECKINgT MILL AND LUMBER CO. I.iiten! . Wo have just bought -5ii0.in.iii ft. of N'o t and clear, pine and rwri. at a sacrifice, and Ihat's Just how we are eotnir to sell It, e want you to compare the price and prude of lumber with others. If we can't save you money no one ca n . We have our own mill and cabinet shop, which enables us to give you the lowest prices on all mill work, as kitchen cahinets. window and door frames, medicine cabinets, sash and windows. Also a larpe stock of used lumber of every description; doors, windows, lath, Mooring, ccilinsr.' rustic, ahlplap, paints, and plumbing" e.f all kinds. -'2770 Sail Pablo Ave. - GEO. RISCmiULLER ol TDOO if 'M AO AZ1N E A ro yotTlii -I crested In dos, linnting. fishing;? Send for free copy illustrated outdoor magazine. Eportsman'g i.'iirest, in. Cincinnati. 01U5AN, orchestral, good piece fur. nltnre; cheap, 832 Chestnut st. PAINTS . OUTSIDE. VHITE. ..$t.9S gnl. FLAT WALL FINISH 2 35 gal FLOOR PAINT 2.40 gal. WHITE EN A MEL. . . ,1.0" g'-.. SHINGLE STAIN ... 1.13 gal. CALCIMINE, 5 LBS., 40c PLUMBING SUPPLIES GEM ENT TRAYS .,.,.,.$ 7.S0 30-iiAL. BOILERS 9.50 W. E. LOW DOWN TOILETS 21. SO 0x30 SINKS : 6.00 BLACK SHEET IRON , . ,3to aq. ft. 1). J. CANTY 951 16th St. Osktf 6957 Open- until 7 p. m. PEARLS Peaittiful Ork-ntal pearls, direr t trutn Iti.. t ittimt-F.ic Of !(! I, ,...-4i. irrer. I'll tu 4.0 it. 1 vj-iucu coppor; never used, Call Monday. S3t Blandlna eve., Ala, Phone Ala, $12. W 1(111 SI.K MIHI t.LI.ANr.Ol S 'on I in lied PAINT, WALL PAPER Wall Paper ........ 7 H: C roll and tip Houae Paint, all colors. ...$'.! 50 fral Whitu and Ivory Enamel.. 3.00 gal -'hint-io oiain hi .15 u il Porch and Step Paint 3.00 k1 Present this ad at stora and get 5 difieount Onler hv teleoOone. SMALLEY PAINT CO. 112 lith at phone' Lakeside 8769 It A bios Long din la lice, lo ml- peak inur radios, Jl'iel, cornpleta and ! Installed'. aolil elsewhere for j $2i'0; 'eoticeitd. el.'., can bo beard i over a larye room, For patiioii- j larn write The Allen Equipment j 'o. ?,i Turk st.. r'an Francisco IllANiiE (Universal Hteel), coal. wood, k.is combination; guaran- ted; top and bottom and gas ovtln. .!: l.'th kt., evenings. UE.STAUltANT equipped, including titeim table, pas ran;je, diaiies. I. Klein 413. J 3i h at. '"' ltEieiailEiiATOi;, Century, J53, Kood as now. for .-'."'. Phone Ala. 3IU1. RADIO batterv, for sale, Cv, Sea; $lu. ' 112J -12tli ave. " ' ' SEWINU'M ACfi LNE SaT'E. . We havo bousht stock from Uarkeley tirm; will rlost out: 'j n'K. prices; White Itotary $10 to $35; SltiKer, $10 to $35; oilier KOOfl ma-ehhies, $5 to $8. All guaranteed regardless of price. We are In the low rent district where cash talks. W. T. Davis, 4 123 E. lith Bt. SEW I NO fu.H'Hl.NE rvril .1 C,.'. " JI 1 ni utii vr I k' fitif.9 "jsV- 1 .u,r. .MAKES SOLD RENTED OH Hi-- PAIRED. l.'SEI) MACHINES. $H I P prpcAll bargains, easy tt;rms jLflLLO Kebiill; Dayioti Angldile Toledo scales. 332 i',ith St.. Oak land, op.i gasoline station, be tween Harrison and Webster A 1 1 1 roln ""HI play boxes Monterey beach for Phone Pied- morit 544 SHOWCASES 3 2 counters, refrigerator. lii2X Union St.; Alameda 2.1(i'.IJ, foK'iioom. ;iAEi-:- i Hall's Hate, 32x52: ti-lncii wall: firo proof: very cheap if taken now. 2300 San Pablo. SCALES Fairbanks pintf rm scales, new: loon l,ti., S24.75; 500 His.. $21.50. 2300 San Pablo. SEWfNCJ machine, latest Singer; must sell. Call Sumly or evenings, 60S 25th at JL ' SHOWCASES 2 6-ft counter, plate, Klass: lino finality; very cheap. 23111) San Pablo. SEW MACH.. Singer; Hth st. $10. 3520 tl. SHOW canes. 2 Hat, t Penuimau ave; rear. fancy. Car J 3G0G SAFE, medium-sized; bargain at SGO. Phone, Oakland l.'.'.H. SAFE, Herman, nied. size. .Mer. 30(11. TO RENT OR FOR SALE For Camp or House, Cots, Eods, Pads, Tents, new and used. Parish Furniture Co. ,7-553 12TU ST., OP. OPU'UEL'M. TI KES CLOSE OUT 30x3 '.-j. $7.50; 31x4, $10 CO; 33x4, $12; 31x4. 31x4'L., $15; these tires are factory firsts but earVy no guarantee. D. .1. 'arity.",.t5t l'l.th st. Oakland 61)57. TOYS 5000 small coasters and Itiddv cars; wholesale and retail. Harrv M. Berger, Su'J Clay St. Oak. C51S. 'rENTnew, 12'xl2', 6' wall, hip roof, heavy duck, roped. Call 315 Howling- blvd., San Leandro; phone S. L. 178 W. . TIKES put on while, you wait; baby buggies, go-carls and everything at lowest prices. 230 SanPablo. TRUNlcrwardrobe, near hew: owner will sell 1 K ,. Merntt 2507. TENT lonTaTmy-wall; 9x12. I'houe Elmhurst 421. TllUNKS Cv"" the" factory. Universal Trunk Fartory230 S. P-av: TYPlfwhlTEKT L. ."!. Smith. 20-inch; fine condition. Pied. S410J. T ii N T7i 1 hTI nH0a.T$ !"- 420 2jh ACUU.M cleaners. Royals. all makes, sold $25 up; teims $1.00 down: $1.25 week: elec. washer.. $50 up. Elec. Hkpg. Sfop. 1C24 Telegraph. Oakland 74J r "vTxCUU'UM cleaner, eoad condition, $20. Box 7301, OaklrJi'l Tribune VaCUBM clean r. iarge size, good condition; suitablo for iarge home or apartment touse. Phone i' S114. Vfp:iClPKDK. lafgu'tiiae. Kim. 630. WHE'ELS.Iust arrived, the new disc wheels for coasters, scooters, wagons,, from 4", to 12 inches In diameter. ;30uan Pablo, ... W HEELS." V, H E E LS. WI1 Ii Eli-All sizes: come and look them over. 2100 San I'ablo. WHEEL goods of all descrin., for children; low priced. 2300 Sail Pab'o. WAS HI NO machine; water power; good: J II. 5n. 523 llobart st.' WN'bwThades, iM'e up. 3550 E. 14th. AA-Clothing Bought $7 50 and up for gents' suits. Jewelry, guns, etc. Call any time OoJden West Clothing Co. 4SS 7th St. Phone Lakeside 4)85 AZrOTIIINtyVvANTEi) WE PAY 55 TO $30 FOIt MEN'S srm; noon piucios on jikx'S SHOES. LADIES' CLOTHIN'i. WILL CALL; GIVE YOU A SQUARE DEAI-. K14 WASH.; OAK. 6733; LAKE. 1217. BOOKS liOUOHT AT HARDY'S. 915 Bdwy.; I-ake. 7559. nrifll'C of all kinds. a uacnu uouaj Bids. Ph. Merritt pfe BUTT EH KIST popcorn machine; good. Phone Piedmont 7764.T. DIAMONDS OLD GOLD AND SILVER BOUGHT IL LOEIS. Manufacturing Jeweler 4fi7 I3trt at room "' -;;- SmlTfdvft PN'AP-S HOTS "v? ' 5.00 KACIL Kodak prints needed by 25,000 publishers. Make vacations pay. We teach you how and where to sell. Write WALHAMORK IN.- STITL'TE. LAFAYETTE BLDG., PHILADELPHIA, PA. WATER" TANK WANTED Rot 7852. Tribune. (14 ItOVI'K 4VI) ACCKH KOII SUE. CANOE 18-foot Kponson: suitable for motor or sail. T. L. Bacon, 1163 79th ave. . EVENT, CD E MOTOR, outboard reversible: used twice; $75. T. t Paeon. Municipal boathouse. 0 ;lrrflw p P"?,5T'7"3 - .i ' An toou FQH u.t:, DRILL PRESS No. 7, ball bearing Champion, Berk, f3J. n I.-.V11IVR. 9 HP Union Marine, with V.r.rt. inn' new i only $90'. 2085 Clinton, Alameda. GAS ENGINE. I'i hp. used little; bargain. 3103 Arkansas St., Oak-lTtHE, 3150. 1538 Fountain at.. Al. MOTOlt generator set (or battery recharging. Fruitvale 3299W. -O.iTtC 3-nlvase. 1120 r.p.m : a. c. Westinghouse motor, switches and wire; x8 Chicago pneumatic air compressor. 3iix"2 air receiver. connections: (orrce and anvil; 10 ton stiff leg derrick, with wrench, 1 u.t.e .-.V if yott tell them eo. -It lit The-l'UiliLNE, MM fr'ttH S4 4I.K- HKI KnAMilll'lil-HIH 14I.K, MISf 'KM. t KI !4 SY MON' WRECKERS 2065 San Pablo Avenue Phone Oakland 2645 NOW WRECKING THE PERALTA PUBLIC SCHOOL: ON ALCATRAZ NEAR TELEGRAPH, OAKLAND. THOUSANDS OF FEET OF CLEAR RUSTIC PINE CEIL-i ING AND FLOOR JOICE WILL BE SOLD ON THE JOB AND AT OUR YARDS. A CHANCE TO BUY WINDOWS, COMPLETE WITH FRAME AND TRIM VERY CHEAP. NOTE 'THESE LOW PRICES ON BUILDING MATERIAL ' 700,000 ft. new 1-in. and 2-in. Redwood No. 2, SIS. . . .$30 500,000 ft. 2x3, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x12 .$13 and up, 250,000 ft. lxl, 1x6 pine and rdw. clg. .$25 and up ! 300,000 ft. 1x8-10-12 new pine boards, SIS ....... . .$26 1 175,000 ft. No. 1 dear pine rustic '....., ,$60! Carload wall board, all sizes s . . .$10 per M Schumacher plaster board, all sizes. .$38 per M Best grade Star A Star Tedar and rwd. shingles. New panel garage doors with sash in upper. ...... .$17.50 Roofing paper, 1, 2, 3-ply, from . . . . $1.25 up . 500 gals, ready mixed paint, at .$1.25 gallon! 6000 sash and windows, all sizes, from $1.00 up Low down white toilet with never split seat $20 New white enamel bathtubs, all sizes. '. . . . . . .$27.50 each4 Full line of plumbing goods, trays, sinks, pipe, etc. ' 1 Simplex time clock, 4000 time cards and board. 1 Harding Bros, night watchman's clock and 5 stations. 5 2,2-gal. firc exlingufsliers, all like new, suitable for factory or mill. - " Our Alameda yard, on Webster street one block from bridge, is fully slocked with all of the above material; equipped with modern mill machinery; can turn out sur face stock on short notice. Telephone Lakeside 252 C'Jr-OtSl. EULU'MEVI FOIt SALE j ALL i MAKES guaranteed rebuilt. 35', to 75 below Mfgs' prices Terms If desired. "All makes" rented. Late model 4 Underwood No. 10 Remington, No. 8 L. C Smith and Noiseless, 3 mis., $7 50. Free Eastbay delivery Wholesale Typewriter Co Inc., 530 Market st SL F. Garfield HO. LI LI, 1 .( M ACH1 NIKI ilo ttFislieri and desk- in excellent condition lor sale at a bargain price. See it. Office, ij-ezzanine floor. BR EC-NEK'S, i lay at 15th. Oakland. COME TO the DESK EXCHANGE We buy and sell Parish Furniture Co. ? 557.55a 12TH ST., OP ORPHEUM. COUNTER and To!edo8caTes. 4134 Opal st. near 42d. FLOOR and counter cases of all ttizes-. counters and shelving; . cheap; cash registers; scales; cash drawers; filinc; cabinets; adding machines: typewriters; roll and flat top and typewriting desks; swivel chairs; restaurant tables; ehaiis; coffee urna; dishes; ail kinds of plain and French bevel plate mirror.-; all sizes ard shapes. Come enrlv. Save. Harry M. Border 8il3a;'lav r-t, Oakland (1518. TYPEWRITERS All makes sold. HO up rented, spec rates to students; expert repair wor.f dealers Remington Port Oakland Typ-writer li-sch., 436 15lh st. Ok f2 1 . ItlE DESK STORK buys and sel.s JTTP lJ i l4 used office furn filS Hth I. L'VDEIUVOOD. practically new, $52.50: also typewriter table. $14 41st st., near Grove. BATHING - SUIT Wool. P. 6612J. COATrOrbTndo eloHi, siae .".S-: new; reasonable. Ber.-tfAley 59 95W. D10IOSS, beaded georgette; dark blue; 40 bust. $20; mink fur cape $65; child' rose broad cloth coat, 6 yr., $7 (cost $25); all good condition. Piedmont 7456. DRESS suit, gentleman; lady's browa coat, suit sweater, silk rain ' coat. Call Mon. Berk. 2603. DRESSES and other articles; O No. 1; reas : give phone No. Box 7337. FLU New white; silk quilt; satin pumps, small size. Pied. 9333.T, LADY'S unit, pize 38,. 2 pairs of ptimps, size. 3',j; cheap. 2-101, cor. Maybvlle and Porterst. ijA DHCS' khaki extra pr. trous. and leiigings, $3.00. 1021 Arlington av. OVEHCOAT. late style, fine condition; $17 50. PlionePled.2466W. SQt IRREL-coat. I want to exch. my full-length Siberian squirrel coat (or a large, dark (ur throw. Pied. 4101W. . SUIT, lady's navy blue; man tailored; size 36; line condition. T'ied. 8389. o,n-trinKBY, 'ro9?jS.- .VJJj- WANTED A combination saw table or Universal wood worker. What have you? Berk. 9174W. RADIO Radio Battery Recharging $0 cents per battery; recharging ticKets, 5 recharges (or $3,60. Badia batteries from $10 to $15. Dana Battery Co. 419 23d Street. - Oakland 5183 RADIO $4 50 verio coupler; all new; wniie tney e." sets cheap. Alameda 2063W. Cill-Oli'IalHl One line, one week' $1.00. Advertising grouped 'by article Always Cheaper at United 4 FLOORS FURNITURE AT CN EQUALED VALUES "We give "We Give Green, IfiiifedfMfure&i Xiil.3-5-7 CLAY ST. COK. 8TH. OPEN SAT. EVE. TILL 9 P. M. " AUCTtON' OF FURNITURE. BE SURE AND SAVE Oils adv.; an especially select assortment of desirable home fitrnlsh-incs will be offered at public auction next Thursday, 11 s. tn at 487 siavs you real money. Come and see W. 11, E4ard & Sens, $87 iuth at, BROS. -1101 SEHOLIl GDS. FOn SALE Continued AT the Oakland Bug Works Monday. June 26. Don't forget rugs, runners, also 18x20 rug. green, $20. Just look at these bargains: Large ..'mahogany dresser, large plate mirror, $25; tj-pc. mahogany parlor suite. $30; this is a snap. 1 F. O. buffett, $17.50; new lee box, $13.75; 4 library tallies. $5, $8. $3, $10; 3 beautiful dressejrs, $14.50. $16.50; 1 6-drawer chiffonier, $25.00: some buy; Imported rattan and wicker furniture; some are brand new; less than wholesale price: 2 baby cribs,' $4.25, $1,150; 2 almost new trunks, $6.5i, $7.50; close out on tents 8x8. new, $D.OO; 9x12, $14.50. Theso are high grade tents and waterproof. 2 cupboards, $8.00, $U.O0: 1 lino sanitary couch, $5; 1 solid oak dining table, square, a beauty, with 5 chairs solid oak; will seat 12 people, only $22.50; small iron .stoves (or camping, $8.50 up; cook stoves cheap; new Simmons beds les3 than wholesale price; 1 fine gas range. $14.50; another only $30.00. Why pay $9t.t)0 for new one. Other Items too numerous to mention. Monday will be bargain day on everything, so all come; everything will be reduced. Take any car out E. 14th St. and get oft at 10th ave.; walk over west 1 block, 957 U. lath St.. cor. Pith ave. ALL o( 6-rm. home. inc. bedroom suites, walnut and Ivory; beam, Queen Ann walnut (oblong), dining table, 6 chairs; library table; rugs; floor lamp; 3-pc. Chesterfield sot (pillow arm), blue velour. plaver piano, etc.; whole or jiarl. 1200 East 2Sth at. A 3-pc, cane, livinir room suite; gen. mahogany and Baker veiour; spe cially priced at 14j. rj'-- 5 31-r, 3 3 8th St.. bet Wash Bnd Clay. A buffet: rockers; chairs; iron beds and springs; sanitary couch; comb, gas-coal range; email wood beater; gas heaters. Fruitvale 1988W. A New 2d-hd. (urn. cheap. 1300 E. 11th st. BABY CRIBS Complete with mattress $9.75. Open Sunday 9-13. -H. W. Diamond, 2563 San I'ablo. Oakland 4699. MED ROOM set. massive oak; dining set. carpets, porch furniture, comb bookcase, used; good condition Security Warehouse 6th and Mkt BED I v. ; dr. table; cheft'orobe; box spring mattresses for twin and i bed; also pads for Same; never used; sacrifice. 854 62nd street. BEDROOM suite ivory, 12,, pes.; carved twin beds; triple mirror dresser; vanity table; cost $750; sacrifice $250. Pi-ed. 629,1. BED BOOM set (ivoi-y) for sale; bed, desk, dresser, 2 grass rugs, cheap. Lakeside . 554S. BEDS "California" wall beds solvo the Bleeping problem: apt. or home. 324.75 up. 163 13th st.. 1186 BRASS bed with box mattress, $20. Call Sunday 293S E. 16th st. BEDS ECONOMY Wall Bed.. $8 up. 632 13th st. Phono Oakland 6746 BABY carriage, large gray wicker; like new. Ftvl. 1988W.- BKFST. SETS 42" tbl., 4 chrs.; $23 Merr. 131. 1727 E, I2thst. Newsom, BED. child's beautitul white: less than- & price. Merritt 4451. BOOK cases, tables, desks ler, tiling cabinets. 4H2 cliifton-24th st. BUFFET fumed oak; 60-in. Call f,.,lu V ! lf.'ih airwt ' BED Child's white enamel, nearly new; half price. Pied. 5884W: CONGOLEUM kitchen rug, 3-burner gas range, 5-burner coal-wood range, kitchen table, 2 chairs; cheap. 1233 38th ave. . . CARPET Stair; 19 yds.; little worn; serviceable; 220 volt vac. cleaner; cheap. 135 Athol ave. Merritt 179. CARPETS, nearly new; Monarch maleable range, gas, wood and coal comb., nearly new. 600 Lake Park ave. Oak. 4300. CARPET and rug. 3027 Harper at. Phone Berkeley 92.14M. Dining Room Suites We . are overstocked in Dining-Rooni Furniture and offer many suites at less than auction prices. YOU CAN DO BETTER AT THE ASHBY. , COR, ADELINE AND ALCATRAZ, .SOUTH BERKELEY. lA - W m. llOlsEHOLO KOK ALIJ Continued . et '-. . :'--g'Hslibg. l lmrm.m ,,i,f A BIG HOME FURNISHING sroUE LOCATED OUT OP THE HIGH Rfcl.Vf DISTRICT. WE SAVE ON RENT You Save on Price "You Can Do Better at the Ashby Cor Adullno and Alcatra. Berkeley. CHAIRS, 2 largo imporledTlatTtia ratan, at $12.50 ea. These are bar- .gains. 151 E. i)8tliet., nr. Hopkins. CI 1 EST EBFfEM) veto ur; 3 - p iecV," t fluff. rusSjj.-hean. Pied. 7153J. DINING set. gcnulno walnut. Queen ahh, muioerry veiour cnester-tield set: davenport and child's metal -rlb, 1540 Adeline. Apt. J. DINING ROOM" SET,"solld oZk lumedsfiniiih, good as new. enameled bed, fine mattress and springs, at sacrifice for quick sale. Phono Piedmont 6351. Desks Special WE ABE CLOSING OUT DESKS. ''HESE DESKS ARE ALL QUARTERED OAK AND AT PRICES AS LOW AS SECOND-HAND. l&MIuMftireO). 801-3-6-7 CLAY 8T.. COR. $TH. II DINING table, 4 chairs.. "saniTaTy i! couch, rug, dresser, center table, range; all good cond. 3009B Grove i Court, Berk. ,ij D'AVE.NPORTrkldtiey, Century "die." ji tionary, vashln chine; sacrD I flee. Berk. 5653.T. I; DINING table, roundTTDIn., aolld i mahogany; it (t. extension; cheap. i 1584 Webster. Oak.' 8070. j DINING RllTsiCT. dark oak, W. snij ! M $50. Alameda 2228J. j DIN. set, W. M7Ti'b. tab.. everT it stuffed rocker, rugs, cheap. $941 IS Racine wt,,ift Tel., at 68th St. fi DINING room eet, fumed oak; rsas. fi 4742 Walnut Ave. Leona car. ''ECONOMY" WALL BEDS J $8,00 AND BP Sij Demonstration at 632 13th st. i Oak. 5746; night phono Lake. 4ft07. , j EXCHANGE DEPT. Iron Beds ..$ 4.00 ..$ .oo ..$ $ no ..$ $.50 ..$28.50 ..$18.50 .,$60 00 ..$19,50 ..$17.50 ..$14.60 Music Cabinet Oak Writing Desk F. O. Morris Chair Pullman Davenport....... F. O. Settee 3-Pce. I. V. B. Suite Maple Dresser Oak Dresser Com. Desk and Bookcase. t-Pce. Tarlor Set .$23.50 Wtt ADtUXB ana ALCATRAZ." SOU'TH BERKELEY. F I" RN I S3 HI NG 8 of a Havenscourt home, Including beautiful walnut and ivory bedroom suites, period, dining, living rm. furniture; massive 3-pc. Chesterfield suite, mulberry veiour. Will sell in part or asjvhole. 2247 Havenscourt blvd. FCRNITCFB for dining and living room in W.M. design. Ivorv bed room suite, 3-pc. Chesterfield set, leather rocker, phonograph, prac. new. not junk, but good usable furniture in fine condition; aell ruHsonable. 1301 Pacific ave., Ala. V I T RN IT U B tTi - room flaiT"joThni ( Webater; new Edison, piano snd sewing machine ! goes; all for $1000 caBh or terms: going away; flat for rent. Lakeside 6149. J-'URNITl'HE, ,rugs and household goods for modern bungalow, complete. All practically new. Leaving town. See owner Sunday a. m. or Monday. 3776 Shaff er ave. F I ' ft V I Til P li! I Atntnm m 'M? ' and 6 cliairs.'couch, rug 9x13, hall hat rack, refrigerator, china closet, library table,-small hall rqg. L Lake. 2450, FUHNITUHKof '-rrn.' IncomT '," sell or will trade for second hand Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge.. - Must be late model in good condition. - 1728 West St. Fl'RNffL'BEof a modern Crocker Highland home for sale, includ ing urapes, linoleum, gas SVves, iuuson, etc. Phone Lake. SO. F CRN! ACRE New and used:' soTl at cost; quitting business. 1910 K. 11th st.: Merritt 2333. FURN. of 6-rm. bungalow (or sale, cheap: in Lake dist.; can be rent. for$35. 542 Chetwood St., Oak. FURNITURE- Queen Ann dltiTnir rm. set; American walnut, t Myrtle s' FUlLNiTUlllTore room flat for sale ; cheap, 2H5 13th street. j FURNITURE of 5 rooms, flat for rent.- 841 Athens ave. FURN. 6-r. flat, comp., curt., drapes, linen, dishes 1223 Magnolia st. FURN. -of 7-rtu. house; owner leav-ingBent flat cheip. Oak. 6847. FURNITURE 5rooms, 2 bedroom sets j-eas. 60 Frisbie St. FURNITURE, completefor 4 rms. 1713 W, 13th et. FURNITURE o( 6 rms.; good bar-Kaa, 1644 B, 32d St. G car, FBBX.-8 -rehouse; cheap. 5f7 41 St. FCBN. 4 rnis.Tcheap.2Tu llthv7 XJ .GOOD fi cooofi LOW BE NT, LOW OVERHEAD MAKES LOW PRICES. New Imported Grass Rocker or Chair.' - Special $7.50 this .week - Sish ISniturs G gt)7-e69 i.TH ST;,-OI6RPH ECM. GAS ranges, beds, springs and mattresses; remaining stock of the East Bry Mattress Co. Ash-by Mattress Co., 2006 Ashby Ave. Stows: 3-burner ovmi hrnil-.- almost new; saniitiry couch, mattress, single bed. spring mattress; Jl.'10 JT 1 " 5505 Fremont. GAS RANGE Chirk Jewel; ifniuiii oven; perfect condition; must aell 2.oday.3129 College. Pled, 9199W. GAS range. Spark; good condition $20. 581 Sycamore street. Linoleum Linoleum 200 yards mere heatvy print 45q per yard. Open Sundays 9-12. H. v, Diamond, 2563 San Pablo, opp. 2$th. "1 OakUnd4699. ' LIBRARY' set. 3-piece, genuine - leather; good aB -new lJit I enamel crrb. harHlv iiha if ta Phone Fruitvale 1251J, and' call at 231,1 East 24th st. y LIVING room set; overstuffed 3 lilece liv.. Simmon b,l -Ia.. - siau; reasonuhie. Apt, (or renfT LIVING. dinin4 kitchen furn. "fer sale; very rt-as. JS43 JSrd gve.

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