Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois on April 16, 1993 · Page 18
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Southern Illinoisan from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 18

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1993
Page 18
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Southern Illinoisan, Friday, April 16, 1993 : I1 THRIVE OK W Tm&N A f IT THIS MORNING BECMSt '(OUR MON PUT LESS JUU OM vow toast mn MtsraoM' Television Tonight I TURNC OM PEOPLE CHWGE Complete listings in Sunday's TV Week APRIL 16 PRIME TIME FRIDAY M5L reran. ChMTI Ent Tonight Roseanne Family Matters Step by Step Getting By Where I 2020 News Hardcopy NJgh&ine Uvt Whoop! Goldberg WSL Arnold. Newt Wheel of Fortune Golden Palace Dudley Designing Good Advice Bodies of Evidence News (:35) Night Court (5) Dark Justice Women KFVS KMOV Ntws Married Golden Palace Dudley Designing Women Good Bodies of Evidence News :35)Love (:05) Dark Justice Advice Connection News Roseanne Secret Service A con man uses his charms to defraud women; counter Movie: Perry Mason: The Case of the Glass Coffin (Drama, 1 991; Perry Mason defends a flamboyant showman accused of murdering his wife during an ilusion act. ft Bun. News (:35) Tonight Show With Jay Leno Actress Ellen (:35) Late Night HAVE VOU SEEN Jackie takes V AIM NEW FERN? WPSD charge. Barton. feit badges. (R) Comedian Eric kSe. KSDK News Wheel of Secret Service Movie: Perry Mason: The Case of the Glass News (:35) Tonight Show With Jay Leno Fortune Coffin :35)Rush umbaugh MacNeHlehrer NewsHour D.CWeek Wall Street WeekJm Colics. Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Celebration A star- Nightly Business Report MacNeiiLehrer studded concert tribute celebrating the 30th anniversary of the songwriter's debut album. Charlie NewsHour Rose WSIU ( " 1 J 1 -fBRlPLV J . I MISSING? )PP?PFENty I WIN ! htlUi- OFTH& CONNie IS READS' To flNDTrfcpoiice. FIRST WD TH1NK1N& I UWKOR HONES... . 1 IL. I OH7 1 STANDI Cf Cw f-X lisp2 13 58 nacres? GpocB-piE? ltt?py Stamps yiffo (V) W 9 r-k (JfT HOMf. ? . OUT 17 : 7 ; PIP ANYONE I PiPM T CALL UJM1LE KNOW VOU I U)A5 OUT? L WERE OUT A5 SOON A6 i'm tmirk-five, I THINK I'LL LEAVE HOME.. well,wdcall ME! did anyone Ywmy u)ould ANYONE ( mOV CALL ME WHILE ANYONE j I CH1N0EO MY MIND THIS. unit annr,uT 1 1 U 0 UVVV 11 I 1 THIS LAST DECEMBER.. Y7 VS. WELL, TVE HflO rude FiMflMciflt flw)flKENlM&, AND NO LONGER FEEL Wb CRITICAL TO LIFE. . OWNED IT FOR FOUR MONTHS J I NEVER USED tTf I A3EUER TOUCHED IT f I DO'T WWT IT f PLEASE TAKE IT BACK? VJHfl Mfl;T TflF IT RACY f f 24 HOURS AFTER TAX OflY, C MO JHE RETURNS '.J ( STMT P0URIM& IW. ' . ) O attention All employees ) WHILE I WAS OUT SOMEBODY VA5 USING ) ANP SOMEBODY WAS SITTING IN MY CHAIR. IT'S STILL WARM.' I THE BOSS SOUNDS ) lof LIKE PAPA EAR A ) ii I WANT TO SE GOLDILOCKS 0UMSTEAD IN MY Of PICE IMMEDIATELY OK, 5o MAYBE ANDY, I UP WOH THi5 I MEAN, THAT MAYBE BuT 'CAFTAtN 6CX3FBALL" CoMiC STRlP.' READ1N6 STRiP MADE TODAY'S DS KD5 ToDAY CALL THtS HAS 60TJEK KiNDA So VCAPTA'N Goof BALL" oK ME LAU6H WoOLD UKE DON'T EVEN A HUNCH 5TuPiD OVER THE WHAT?' SUNDAYS WAS ONE oF THE MY HEAD OFF A CHANCE To READ BUT- ' YEARS. So WHAT? H16HUGHT5 of MY CHiLD- WHEN I WAS LA06H1HEIR NEWSPAPERS H00D You CAMT VoTI A KiD. HEAD5 OFE rr L ' nct:j! 'r v, grx 1 irWiihyniiWH --3 1 wmwm - 1 -2 "v, ,y a" "993BilKean Inr D'ST. &y Cocs Synd "Are these the kind with or without grapenuts in them?" He had seen Tanzania, and most of Mozambique was already behind him. There was no mistake. Chippy had done what most chimps only dream about: He had caught the Perfect Vine. KETC KBSI WCEE WTCT KPLR MacNeilLthrer NewsHour Full House Green Acres Murphy Brown Newhart (4:00) Praise the Lord Who's the Roseanne Boss? D.C.Week WaPSL Wk. America's Most Wanted A man goes psycho on a third date. Medicine 8t the Crossroads Sightings Sightings Medicine at the Crossroads Bus. Report Great Performances Major League Baseball a Louis Cardinals at San Diego Padres (L) NBA Basketball Chicago Buds at Milwaukee Bucks (L) TCT Today Laveme Tripp Family Ever Increasing Faith With Frederick K. Price Movie: Armed and Dangerous (Comedy, 1986) J. Candy, Levy. PG 13 News News MASH Praise the Lord Star Trek: The Next Generation Pjcardsduty and emotions conflict. Infatuation Major League Baseball St. Louis Cardinals at San Diego Padres (L) CBS's 'Dudley' may be a big dud By John Martin CBS's "Dudley," premiering at 7:30, in its first few minutes makes fun of alcoholism and sexual misconduct. Where does television get off making the basis for laughs a drunken congressman (who's charged with having sex with a 17-year-old) who pinches the posterior of a cocktail waitress? Dudley Moore's American series TV debut gets better after the initial recklessness, but his dry British wit may not inspire laughter from many viewers. Moore plays Dudley Bristol, a successful New York City composer-lounge performer whose life is turned upside down when his ex-wife (Joanna Cassidy) and troubled teen-age son (Harley Cross) move from California to the Big Apple to try to straighten out junior's bent toward juvenile delinquency. In the supporting roles there's good news and bad news. Max Wright ("ALF") is at his timid and discombobulated best as Dudley's manager. But in another of television's demeaning roles for minorities, Lupe Ontiveros plays Dudley's housekeeper a woman who speaks no English and serves only burritos three meals a day. Pretty funny, huh? : The setting for a father-son recon ciliation raises suspicion that the relationship angle could quickly grow tiresome. "Dudley" may be a dud. The series replaces "Major Dad," which gets a rest before returning to the schedule at a later date. Highlights "The Golden Palace," CBS at 7: Don't overlook this promising episode with guest star Ned Beatty as Blanche's (Rue McClanahan) older, mentally retarded brother Tad. When he arrives at the hotel for a surprise visit Blanche is embarrassed. But everyone else is charmed by Tad who falls madly in love with Rose (Betty White). "Getting By," ABC at 8: Marcus (Merlin Santana) sets up a potentially dangerous practical joke and when caught lets his straight-laced brother Darren (Deon Richmond) take the fall. "Perry Mason: The Case of the Glass Coffin" (1991), NBC at 8: Peter Scolari plays a flamboyant magician who accidentally (maybe) kills his beautiful assistant while performing a high-risk illusion. Repeat. Parents' pick "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" (1964), FAM at 7: Kids love Don Knotts in this fanciful Disney comedy. The reed-thin comic plays a ner-dy Fish lover whose ultimate dream is fulfilled when he becomes a fish himself. In the animated portion of the film he helps the Navy guard against Nazi submarines. Cable calls "High Heels" (1991), MAX at 7: From writer-director Pedro Almodo-var ("Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down") comes this uproarious comedy about a spiteful woman (Victoria Abril) who marries her mother's former lover. "Premiere Party," MTV at 9: The music-video channel goes to the premiere party for "Who's the Man?" a new movie described as a "hip-hop thriller comedy." Performing at the party, which takes place at New York City's Roseland, are Naughty By Nature, House of Pain, Mary J. Blige, Jodeci and Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth. (The movie features appearances by Doctor Dre and Ed Lover, hosts of MTV's "Yo! MTV Raps.") Talk time "Arsenio Hall," Fox at 11:30: Singers Peter Cetera, Keith Washington and Christopher Williams. Repeat. "Tonight," NBC at 10:35: Actress Ellen Barkin, singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, comedian Jeff Stilson. "Late Night With David Letter-man," NBC at 11:35 p.m.: Actor-comedian Eric Idle. Horoscope Advice By Jeane Dixon HAPPY BIRTHDAY! IN THE NEXT YEAR OF YOUR LIFE: Showing greater confidence in your talents will lead to higher profits and new professional prestige. Beginning this summer, look for allies who share your long-range goals. By next fall, key associates are willing to carry a larger share of the load. Money remains tight, but if you make a good case for a raise, you will probably get it. Instead of try ing to "reform" your romantic partner, concentrate on loved one's good points. A vacation for two works wonders. CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DATE: basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, comedian Charlie Chaplin, singer Edie Adams, actress Ellen Barkin. ARIES (March 21-ApriI 19): As you reach out to people at a distance, your optimism about the future increases. A financial situation shows improvement. Do not waste time reveling in your good fortune. Redouble your efforts! TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Someone may be expecting too much of you. Speak up! Protect your position and reputation. Finish old projects rather than launching new ones. A change of residence sounds alluring. Check it out. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Quick thinking and a good head for business serve you well today. Record your creative ideas on paper and write important letters without further delay. Take a long look at your motivations. CANCER (June 2I-July 22): Something that started out as opposition could boomerang in your favor. Be practical. Overcome a tendency to speak your mind without regard for the consequences. Avoid rushing a relationship. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Give your mate or partner more than one option or you could lose out completely. Profits come from utilizing skills you learned while moonlighting. Search for a misplaced item. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): News of a raise or promotion gives you cause for celebration. Adopt a positive attitude toward a difficult personal problem. Loved ones will follow your example. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): A certain amount of confusion is likely. Postpone making major decisions until up-to-date information is available. Mend any differences you may have with your coworkers. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Do not let sentiment cloud your good judgment. Someone who formerly sympathized with you may do a complete' turn-about. Go about your work as if nothing has happened. Eat sensiblv and exercise. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Your standing at work improves, thanks to increased interaction with higher-ups. Out-of-town business events also assist you. Your social life slips into high gear. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): A partner's hasty decision could cause problems. Curb spending. An exercise workout will get the juices flowing tonight. It can be fun to pal around with co-workers if you avoid talking shop. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Opportunity is still knocking. A friend's offer of help gives you a much-needed boost. Mastering new skills will move you closer to a business goal. There is nothing to worry about. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Fulfill an obligation and you will then be free to play. Enjoy the positive changes stirring within you. Improved health and work habits will give you new energy. (For your personalized daily Jeane Dixon horoscope, based on your own date of birth, call 1-900-988-7788. Your phone company w ill bill you 95 cents a minute.) oop? Woman's parents can't stand her 'Mr. Right;' she seeks advice Dear Ann: Eve been seeing "Charlie" for over a year and our relationship is fantastic. We get along beautifully and have a great deal in common. This man gives me love, support, understanding and companionship. Charlie is the man I have been waiting for all my life. There is, however, a problem. My parents hate him. My mother struggles to be civil to him, and my father won't allow Charlie's name to be mentioned in the house. I am beside myself trying to work this out and am having very little success. When holidays come around, Charlie is never included. This puts me in an awkward position because when I don't attend these functions, I hurt my family. Charlie's family is wonderful to me, and they enjoy having me around. I plan to marry this terrific man, but I'm terrified about what the wedding will be like under these circumstances. My parents need to know how much they are hurting me and the person I love. Please give me some advice. In the Middle in Montreal Dear Montreal: You give no hint as to why your family is so opposed to Charlie. Are you 16 and is Charlie 58? Has Charlie been married four times and fathered several children? Does he have a prison record? Is he abusive? A boozer? All you say is that you are crazy about him. I need to know why your parents are so chilly about the relationship before I support it. Give leftovers to homeless Dear Ann: I want to share with your readers a small kindness that really impressed me. It's a little thing that can make a big difference to someone who is hungry. When I go to a restaurant with "Mary," she always asks the waitress or waiter to put the leftover food (including bread) in a doggie bag. On the way home, she stops by a neighborhood populated with homeless folks and leaves the bag on top of a u - Ann Landers mailbox or a newspaper stand for a homeless person to find and enjoy. It's a simple act, but a great way to share with those less fortunate. We would both be so pleased if you published this letter and started a "food-sharing" movement. Please, Ann, do it. L.R., Boston, Mass. Dear Boston: What a fine idea! Here's your letter and I hope all the folks ho dine out will follow your example. I'm going to do it from now on. How many women have been 'Babe?' Dear Ann: I don't think my new husband is very sensitive to my feelings. He insists on calling me "Babe" instead of using my real name. He calls me Babe when he phones from his office. He refers to me as Babe in conversations with others, and I'm Babe when we're in bed. "Jay" has been married before three times. I often wonder if he called his other wives Babe as well. Every time he calls me "Babe," I have the feeling that he can't remember my name, or I wonder if it's because he doesn't want to get mixed up and call me by the name of one of his ex-wives. I've asked him several times to please call me "Jane" but it hasn't done one bit of good. What do you make of this, Ann? Am I super sensitive or what? Should I keep harping on this or shut up? Babe No. 4 in Virginia Dear Babe No. 4: You might as well shut up, because this guy is going to keep on calling you Babe, whatever the reason. My best hunch is that it's a term of endearment, so accept it as such. I've had letters from women whose husbands have called them a lot worse.

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