The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 6, 1895 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1895
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Opera House Grocery, ALGOSA. KOSSUftt nOtJNTY, IOWA,',VE»NK8DA¥. fEBSOAttt 6,1396. NO. 19. THE COUNTY CREAMERIES. They Did & Great Business in 1894, and the Good Work is Just Beginning, A ftumbet of Creameries Give Interest* ingFigUres-The Cooperative Cream* ety is a Money Makel. > is Ysn» ft i i Si£" Deck! Patterson & Son /. jfejfe^j^^'C,-;'; f^-^^^^^^f? ""alEancy Groceries, Flour and Feed. that we are the ones that handle that WHITE ^BABL-FLOUR, which will give you satisfaction f or money refunded. We have a lull line of Canned and Dried Fruits. IR.lJf MEED OF GOOD BUTTER < OR FRESH EGGS, CALL ON 'ATTERSOH & SON, fJ BML Haleen & Peterson. We have opened a new Grocery Store on East State Street next to Rink where we have a fine line of Choice Fresh Groceries of all kmds.^ We solicit your trade, Butter and, Eggs taken in exchange for goods, We sell as cheap as any house in t6wn, Orders taken and goods delivered. HALEEN & PETERSON. Iowa. 7fT.rr« , • > r 'i * „* '" %.£. ^ 1 " ' i Jv '". Spurbeck & Lambert, MANUPAOTUJIEBS ANP DEALERS IN Creier? "'fyWe will save yow money on tue following: u^i'i.l noivinl'afa utnnlr nf HncrlnHBl-'s SimnlieS : fr! Belting pf all kinds—leather, Gandy and rub* «»«8«PPJy »>°Ms e new 9. tf ff, W , Ferguson^ c, j), Smith, NATIONAL BANK, For the past few Weeks the LICAN has been receiving reports from Kossuth county creameries, and with the idea that a collective showing would be of greater interest and value than scattered reports, they have been withheld for publication together. The reports below give some idea of the importance which the creamery industry is assuming among us. There is no doubt but these institutions are recognized at the present time as great money-makers as well as work savers to the farmer and his family. Some of these creameries are 'private, but the most of them are co-operative. The co-operative creamery nnswera the demand of the farmers usually, but in their absence the private creamery is a great boon. It is probably not out ol! the way to estimate that the amount of money earned by the average dairy herd is doubled by the creamery as now conducted, as against the old fashioned manufacture of butter, every man for himself, by setting, skimming, churning and working. The machine which has revolutionized the dairy business is tne cream separator. Kossuth has Always been a leading dairy county, and last season, in spite of .the drouth, her dairy industry forged ahead and probably took first place .for quantity of butter produced. A gentlemen who knows the dairy business of Iowa as well, probably, as any other man in it, gives this as his opinion. We at least have shown that our farmers are awake and alive to the opportunities to be found in the new methods of manufacture and the advantages of co-operation which mean so much for the future. No farmer should be.satisfied, until he secures for himself the benefits of a creamery. We give below report's'4'rom' the larger nun> ber of creamejies-'lo the county^:. .-, ^ • V " '&,', 1,0163:* ROCK CllBA'MERY., \ 'The following is a statement of the above named creamery, beginning operation April 26 1894, up to Dec. 31st. 1894, Milk received 624669IDS',' • Butter sold -. 19.520 " • •• " to patrons 3.001 " Averagetewt 3.76 Average price paid to pacyons ; for butter-iat per ID. 191-2 eta. , >A. KKIBNKB. WIIITTEMORE ' Creamery statistics at hand sliow orf- ly the receipts,' from December first, 1898, to December first, 1894, amounting to $31,'641.45, and the payments amounting to $30,710.19. This indicates a very large business done, and we should have liked a fuller report. SENECA CREAMERY. Ain't milk received, pounds... ....3,985,020 Am't butter made, pounds 178 972 Am't butter shipped, pounds 164.948 Am't butter retailed at creamery ....... 14.024 Reo-d for butter shipped...,.,......,. S33.2I5.B3 Bec'd for butter at creamery ........ 2,846.04 Total » $30,16067 Am't paid on milk checks 27,936.40 Paid for three new separators, one steam pump, crean vat and but- levworker 1,113.09 Running expenses—such as coal, suit, tbbs, oil, freight, hauling, salaries. Insurance, taxes, Interest, butter helper, etc 3,91269 Paid to stockholders 511,33 Ten PI v cent, from outsiders ,..., 668 41 Kulance on hand in bank '.,. 252.80 Due from stockholders 22300 Average price puld lor milk 771-2 cents per hundred, JM. JJSNSON, Secretary, \ LOTTS CREEK FIGURES. Following is the statement of F, L. Ranney, secretary of the iMts Creek creamery, showing the business of 1894: The creamery has handled 1,000,000 'pounds more milk than in 1893,-'d9jn# a $26,000 business, The highest-price paid was $1,30 for 100 pounds of milk; lowest price, 52 cents. Total amount of milk, 3,080,413 pounds^ Total, amount of butter, 132,224 pounds, Tins gives an average of 4-03 pounds of butter to 100 of roilk, the average price frying 83c'fQr the 04%. ' „. RR1 ,, TQtiU regejpts fop batter ,.,,, ?36,88l 31 Expenses'of running,.., ,, Total fa? Patrons . Coat of making, pev pound. which an average of 88 cents pet hundred Waa paid. The receipts for butter were $5,205.63. AlobNA, Mtroti Schenck, secretary of the Algona Co-OperatiVe Creamery Company, reports for the year from December 1, 1893. to Nov. 30, 1894, the receipt of 961,495 pounds of milk, with a butter output of 34,890 pounds. The amount received for butter was $8,059.66. The average price paid for milk was 76 cents per 100. This Creamery is managed by J?eter Larson as well as any creamery in the county, and for the quantity of milk handled, the showing is as satisfactory. There are certain expenses which are not increased nor diminished by the volume of business done, and consequently the cost pet- pound for making is less in the creameries. doing a heavy business. This creamery is entitled to a much' larger patronage than it gets. Abstracts of Title, OFFICE OVER ALQVNA STATE MtfR e§tate, Loans, and Insurance, BUHT. The Burt MoUitor gives a very interesting report of the creamery .of that place for the year 1894, which shows that the receipts were over $28,000. and that there was an increase in the business over Uio previous year of 40 per cent. The croa.uiery took in 3.207,781 pounds of milk, from which' it turned out 137,154 pounds of butter, for which 19£ cents per pound was received. The average price paid per cwt. of milk was 74 cents, the highest price being 9o cents for the months of January, September, November and December^ and the lowest 55 cents for May. The cost of ranking the butter was 2| cents per pound. This is a co-operative creamery, and it pays for milk on the 20th of each month for the month preceding. The increase of 40 per cent. iti the business of this creamery is in sharp contrast with what is reported for the state of Iowa at large. Secretary Fowler, of the State Agricultural Society, showing a falling off of 20.000,-' 000 pounds of dairy products during the year. The diminution is doubtless to be laid to the drouth, the worst effects of which this county escaped. The Monitor estimates that the receipts of the Buffalo F,o.rk, Fenton and Lone llock cre.Htneries 'for 1894 amounted to about $32,000. G-. S. Angns was reelected president of the Burt creamery, and Fred J. Beane secretary. It Will Pay You TO CALL ON 1PWWP.1,T, Tie 8J.ce Mm, This Week. ALGONA, IOWA. Do You Bathe ? i • , MONEY. - I ti&J'B' unlimited money to loan on long or eh'drt'time. W IPWAt HOESES TAKEIMJP. '**•' .' Taken up" by undersigned, Jan. 20, span stray, horses: "one bay horse, black mane and tail, 9 years old, 900 pounds, shod in front; and one dark bay mare, white face and white fore legs, white brand "F. D., 1 !' on left-front shoulder, 800 pounds. FRED D. DOLLIVER, Elmore, Minn. Two miles south of Elmore, in Kossuth county, Iowa. 19-20 ORIGINAL NOTICE. State of Iowa, Kossuth County, District Court, March term, 1895. E. S. Ellsworth and L. E. Jones against David Freeman, Olive Freeman, Phoenix Insurance Co., Bradley & Nicoulin, and W. M. Stewart. To David Freeman, Olive Freeman, Phoenix Insurance Company, W. M. Stewart and Bradley & Nicoulin defendants, You are hereby notified that a petition of the plaintiff in the above entitled action is now on nle in the office of the clerk of said court claiming of you the sum of Ono Hundred Thirty-five ($135) dollars, with interest at the rate of eight per cent, per annum from the 36th day of October A. D. 1898, less Eleven and sixty one-nnn- dreths dollars paid, and Fifteen dollars as attorney's 'fees herein as money due from the defendants, David Ifreeman and Olive Freeman, and as witnessed by their promissory note made to plaintiffs by said defendants Freeman for said sura of One Hundred Thirty-five ($135) dollars, also asking the foreclosure of a mortgage made by said defendants,' David Freeman, and Olive Freeman to secure the payment of said note upon the N E fractional quarter of Section Seven (7) Township One. Hundred (100) Range Thirty (30) west of 5th P. M, in Kossuth County, Iowa. That no personal claim is made against the defendants, Phoe'nix Insurance Company, Bradley & Nicoulin and W, M, Stewart, but asking that their claimed liens'be declared junior to plaintiff's mortgage hereid, and unless you appear thereto and dejeud an or before noon of the second d»y of the next March term of said district court, to be begun and holden Ask your doctor if you need to in winter, and he will tell you, yes, if you wish to be healthy. You don't bathe because you have no bath tub and your room is cold. We have on hand two Self-Heating Bath Tubs which we will close out at cost, because we do not wish to carry them, in stock. Along with them we will sell you an Oil Heater to heat your bed room or any other room in'-your house. We have two Wheeler & Wilson Sewing- Machines—will sell at cost, because wo are not in the sewing, machine business. \ .- *#*S9&&tf^ cost. You can afford to buy one jaow if 'you need oiienext winter.-, Gome and sea them. o, M. DOXSEE. WINKIE'S OLD STANDr v S 733 64 83,883 87 Total fo? Patrons, " >at of making, ne T p,,™.,,,.,,-,. ... The stockholders were, paid a dm- pep ce,nti. 4n March, and a 1 _ __ -1 •' J-_'J A.L. Ifm J«J '151 JSKS :,P- fW w tho spurt house iu , county, on the 4th day of March, 1895, de fault will be entered against you aud jydgjcpeuji rendered ^hereou |w ' * ' • ' FURNITURE pfol»fftr» Attorney. i n ^fl^'s Notice of Final Report, Jn flwfc&ttw'Qf the estate orQptfried ..-u „•—?qn'of unsounfl mlna, To all creditors of the above nam^d .,„„„. ipr i» are beveby-rnotified that:on or hefor^Ke first day of garob, 1895,.sa.W guardtan^w}!} flle wltU tUe. Olerk Bistriof Court of Kpssut ^ ^ ^ ->«*,.> m^ t ;jf3> ;»

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