The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 3, 1966 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1966
Page 5
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AI0dna, (la.) Upp«r DM Moln«* May 3, 1966 April 21 - A lovely morning and 1 am expecting Sadie Hopkins to call me and Invite me to go canoeing in the one she won at the Sportarama I 1 am not much of a water fowl and have been in a row boat but twice. Once I had a ride on our "Lady Norwood" steamer that plied the waters of the Des Moines River north of town when it was a good size river. It took people to a park up the river about two miles where they picnicked and the band played. I was too young to remember much about the festivities, but I've been told uncle "Pat" Cady led the band and everybody had fun. Probably a horse shoe game, maybe some foot races - but I do remember where the landing was by the bridge and some slippery elm trees which grew there and dad and mother took some of the bark, or whatever it was that was chewed by youngsters. * * * Twice I had rowboat rides and I was aflutter all the while I was on the water. Terra fir ma never looked so good as when I set foot on it. Sure, I've waded a little, being so daring as to go ankle deep. My folks never needed to worry about me trying to swim the English channel nor advise, me "hang your clothes on a hickory limb but don't go near the water." It might have been different if we had the municipal pool in my youth. * * * No, I'm not afraid of water if if s in a bath tub or lavatory. In proof of which I've just had a shampoo, complete bath, complete change of bedding, mattress turned, plastic cover washed, mattress reversed, bedstand washed, and this isn't to prove my acceptability to society, ifs to show you the excellent care and observance of sanitation and cleanliness practiced here rigidly. We are very proud of the high rating given the institute by state Examiners. Frequently I have heard callers say "My! Everything is so clean." So, to quote the well known Mae West, "Come up and see us sometime." * * * Speaking of the voluptuous blonde, my cousin Melvin Henderson saw her at the Los Angeles County Fair one time. She was in her expensive car, looking lovely of course, but Melvin said he was surprised at her being small in stature. ., * * * The longer I live, the more changes I see. I can remember years ago a girlie-girl show at the Kossuth county fair being banned and closed , yet we now have Go-Go girls, a display of feminine charms (?) which I feel certain go farther than the side show of long ago. * * * I am a crossword fan, except the money one in the Register. I don't even'look at it anymore. A few years ago I came within two words of being a "winnah," I figure the Cowles are wallowing in wealth now and why should I contribute more by getting another subscriber to win the high stakes. But I do enjoy the big one in the Sunday T. V. magazine section, They are just difficult enough to be intriguing, but last week's was a dilly. A dilly to the point that after hours of concentration and conference with Kitty Phillips and Mrs. Rueb, I laid it aside and will wait till Sunday to see wherein I fell down on a few words. I lost track of the magazine so phoned Laurie Prew and she sent the daughter over with just the puzzle as the daily has the programs. Not only did I get the puzzle, I got a plate of very good cookies. * * * The first birthday party was given at the new home April 19. Margaret Thompson and Mable Samson were the honorees. * * * I was so worried about Maggie Pannkuk, I phoned her the other evening to see if she was all right. It is just a month since her husband Clarence died and I hadn't heard from her, and neither had relatives here. She said she was well physically, but so sick at heart she hadn't written to anyone and was trying to adjust to the new circumstances. I know just how she feels. It is so depressing to dispose of garments - and I have kept a few of mother's things - I just couldn't give up everything, and when I saw dad's pipe and glasses the other day when I had occasion to go through some things, it just makes one sick with yearning for the happy days forever gone. * * * Fve been hearing a couple of men across the hall mentioning wedding days. Wednesday used to be the popular day and now Saturday seems to be the favored day. Well, it all adds up nicely. No work Saturday afternoons anymore and it gives the newlyweds a chance to slip away for a honeymoon till Monday A. M. * * * Two of our gals over here are having touches of arthritis. Polly Rosensteil has a heel that is acting up and Olive Herbst a knee. Well, I sympathize with both of you and am glad both are better. I hope they never get to the crutches stage, but if they ever do and want instructions, I am just the one who can give them. * * * One time, I decided it was high time I learned to cut out garments and was making myself two smocks. Mother, was an experienced seamstress and years ago it was quite an honor to go to a sort of school and learn the dressmaking trade. Mother and Howard Platt's mother Emma learned at the same time under Mrs. Orr, When I decided to make the smocks, mother offered to cut them out for me. She didn't quite trust me to do it right but I was going to prove I was smart enough to read the directions and have one of these "do it yourself' deals. All went well until I went to cut out the second sleeve of one of the garments. There was no way I could get it out except to match it under the arm, and since the material was easily matched, I put in this necessary piece. J never did tell mother about it. It would bother her I knew, and since we were having the laundry sent out and I was doing the ironing as she was getting too frail to do it, and the flat work was sent back ready to put away. That's the only secret 1 ever had from her. She wouldn't have said "I told you so" - she wasn't that kind, but I didn't want her to fret about that "patch". All of this makes me sound like a very ambitious person, and I was once upon a time, but believe me, I've lost it and I hate to even sew on a button. And bless you - I don't have to if I don't want to - we have our garments mended and taken care of, but I am not as bad as I sound. I DO my own mending if it doesn't require a sewing machine, and I DO sew on buttons, except on one dress. It has buttons of metal that cut the threads so quickly I've out-smarted them and use a small safety pin on the under side through the little knobs one would sew through. Gal, it works beautifully I Try it. * * * Again I am sorry to have to mention the death of a friend, Leona (Mrs. Clarence Macumber), a nurse here until her health made her resign. She was a lovely person and all of us over here loved her. She knew her time was limited, but she met it like a soldier - never a word of complaint. 1 am so glad I had several phone talks with her while she was able. God bless. * * * I had a nice visit with Beulah Richardson when she brought me a planter with two violets from Mrs. Catherine Fisch. They are beauties, and so hardy looking. She has kept me supplied for a number of years and-the other day I asked her what to do with one that seemed sick. She said it was old and since she doesn't drive, she'd send me some new ones. Beulah is a "violeter", too, and both of them know just what to do and how to give them plant food, etc. I am going to invest in some one of these days when I can get up town and do some shopping. * * * I had heard rumors of the engagement of Elfreda Kilian and William Sengbusch and it was verified by a list of licenses in the UDM . I called her to offer congratulations and bestwishes. I met her when she was cooking at Good Samaritan, and what a good one she was. She suffered a broken wrist and had to quit as she couldn't handle the heavy pots and kettles here. How we hated to lose her, but what a lucky man her husband is t Poor little King, the pony won by Mrs. Harley Hanson of Burt and which she turned over to her two young sons, came to a sad end recently. He strangled himself. Got tangled in a rope somehow and couldn't figure out how to released himself. Of course, some tears were shed and even Mom , who wanted the TV in place of a pony, is sympathetic. A short life, but a happy one for I am sure he received tender, loving care and bountiful feed. * * * I received my second copy of "Southern Living." While I have no confirmation of my suspicions, I think I am safe in saying "thank you" to a friend GIFT FROM HARRISON'S ttg P..OJUU1 8 B,B.fl.g.B_BJia.gJJLttJLfl.a aggflUgggggg OOP an a 0 n . NEWEST STYLES LADIES PURSES g REG. $1.98 REG. $2.98 1.47 2.27 a 99o B 9 o a a a a B a a B a a a a a n qjj) BJ BJMIJ> Kodel Ladies Slips FANCY LACE TRIM $A33 REG. $2.98 B a g a a a g.aj> a g a a.a.p a.9,B,a i e..a_o.9_Bjm.ajL9,B. BRACH'S 20 VARIETY CHOCOLATES 1LB. BOX I g g g g g g 9 0 P B 0 0 0 0 0 0 P 800 0 0 p fl 0 pj^oj LAWN CHAIR fttt (WOODEN ARMS) Chaise Lounge $6.66 (WOODEN ARMS) BUY BOTH FOR $9.66 B g g g.9JULgJL9JL8JllJlgJLBJULgJLg.g SEAMLESS MESH NYLONS NEW SPRING SHADES 3 Pr. 31 H.B .9-g.g.g 88998888880 9 9 flp fl LUGGAGE 21" - 24" OR TRAIN CASE COMPLETE SELECTION OF YOUR CHOICE fl a S 9 g,,P B g g B,C B P B 8 B B BJLQJ» 8 8 080 MOTHER'S DAY GREETING CARDS FROM 5c to $1.00 JLg-g.g,g.l» BJ-B-B m.Jjm.t.MJ.>JUL9 «J>.8 B BE 8 8 fltt g 9 t C g o o o o Q o o o o o o o o fl fl ft ( fl 9,9 ison's

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