The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 30, 1895 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1895
Page 8
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IOWA, *•"" '•' % "• •* •> . ,"2 wfck , J * VE J J * ' f "* ' "** - ' • ^ i * i-" "" s f 4 * \ * *>- T^'^ * H, ^ ,<•£ •5^4 i^L. i l ir' 1 ? ! u jt j 3J * ttfe-v v --'• ' / •": -. •-•. ••• ;•'': -\>.? A*^* i.^-j.-^J., .,,™_,^_._„.._,»< Tie.,.,, Am^jL^^-l^U-*-Urt6-tojJi*BJ^—t.o^.Si-J.iJ.. V^,. . /._, . -_. . . . . r .. ... . . .H *..[,. ,V*t.^.... . . .. . *""!. . - ..i.JUiWfcf.l I .. fflittS J.Ctt21-L. Lt OWATILLA Is Just What You Need, Sold Only at Stud ley's Drug Store. ALGONA, IOWA. _ ...._ F. S. NORTON, Dealer in And all Kinds of Building Material ©_ Chicago & NORTH Mixed 9 way 43tim fassenger 4 ospm Koi-tli*Wii8tfcrfr SOtmt MUCft .6 6t{>:« •way freight....8 ISafn rnssettgfcr .. ..205pm BANCROFT, IOWA, JAK. so, Conducted by J» A. When in need of Hardware, please call on me and get prices. I aim to keep the best, Btich as Garland Stoves and Ranges, Baker Barbed Wire, Heath & Milligan's Paints, Etc. ' l Our Abstract Books are complete up to date, and reliable. They, an outlay of thousands of dollars and were prepared by ! "> l ff W' sfractor Our natrons may there ore feel certain of getting reliable abbti nets. Our work l"miarantecclaiid wo furnish abstracts as cheap as frrcsponsiblc and incompetent persons who have no books, though the county dons not pay •us a salary, clerk hire, office j out or even furnish us stationer} . 1?A"RMS AND WILD LAND FOR SALE .................. MONEY CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOR FARM LOANS, And furnished immediately upon application. HAY & RICE Opera Houso Block. (Successors to C. L. LUND.) with us. :**mmamm*z***m*<Bti*aKm*w Against Fire or Tornadoes« Is your family protected, in'case of death, by .1 life policy in a solid company? If not, J. A, FRECH,- r ——^ Of the BANCROFT INSURANCE AGENCY, submits the following companies for your consideration. This is the strongest line of companies in any agency in Kos- autli county and does the largest business. All city policies are issued in Bancroft and can be had on short notice. We can do a more careful business because we devote our time to it. Creamery and threshing machine insurance a specialty. Merchants and Bankers of Dos Moines Anchor of Croston. Dubuqno Fire and Marine of Dnbnqno. LIFE COMPANIES. NEWS POINTERS. The Seneca co-operative croamory find contents burnt to tho ground last Saturday morning at 1:30 o'clock. The fire was first discovered by Fred Anclersoii.mariag- 1 «r of the Seneca store, and when discovered tho whole building was in fiamos. Tho outfit will bo a total loss which will be about §5,000, Including machinery, books, records, papers and?1,000 worth of butter. Tho insurance altogether amounted to $3,350, in the Dutauquo Fire and Marine Insurance Co. A meeting has already boon held and a committee arpolntcd to put up A no>v building. Wo predict that tho now creamery will bo the finest one in Kossuih county or any surrounding county. No cause is known for tho firo and no one can guess how it started. Everyone feels sorry for the loss of tho croamory but wo presume they will havo so much finer outfit tluvt it will purtly make up for the loss of tho old one. Marshal Whalon has boon clown with rheumatism during the past week but h now up und around again. Frank Davis acted as Marshall and night, watch (Hiring Mr. Whalctrs disability. 15. S. Strcator was In Bancroft yesterday onrouto to Alinneaplis. Loon Russell has boon very ill with La Grippe and bronchitis during tho past week. Bancroft Lodge, No. 517,1. O. G. T., elected officers at their last meeting as follows: C. T., Caroline Wesley; V. T. Mr.?. C. A. Hotellintc; Chap., Emma Smith; Scc'y., Jas. V. Coleman; F. Sec'y.. Frank Winter; Trcas., Grace Littloficld; Guard, Lois Gray: Sent., II. W. Olglo. The lodge horn expect to entertain the District lodge some time in February. Revival meeting are going on at tho M. E. church with Mrs. Ellis, tho evangelist, In charge. The congregations havo boon good, considering the woalhcr, and the meetings arc quite successful. Miss Hilda Stonson Is reported as being quite sick. She has boon confined to Jibbed for several days. Her many friends hope for a speedy recovery. . N. E. and Essie Sheridan and Mrs: J. L. Johnson wont to Rock Valley, Iowa, last Monday to attend "the funeral of .Mrs. P. A. Gummings, their sister. Many Han- croft friends are acquainted with Mr.--, Cummings, as she has visited relatives bore several times arid made many friends. Tho. .Pleasant 'Valley .Presbyterian church, of Seneca, has filed articles of incorporation. Bancroft Lodge No. 544 has become a. corporate body, having recontly filed articles of incorporation. Rev. Laidlcy is conducting rovjyal meetings in a school house south of town and largo audiences are attending the meetings. C. C.Thompson had a law suit I'M Ctor- ping some wood. It was a hard hit. but all's AVv;ll that ends well. The boys have had another hunt, en* tnrifig a cotton tail rabbit. Sundry school each Sabbath at S p. m. Prayer meeting every Wednesday oven- ing. "BtJRT. limit, .Tan. 20.—Perry McDonald and .lohn ICerr go to Minneapolis today to attend the lumberman's convention. Harry Dalscl will retire from his position in the creamery and take np his abode as a farmer. We understand he rents Alt Nafus* farm for the coming year. Frank Allen is taking Mr. Lincoln ITall's place in the.drugstore, Mr. Hall going on a short vacation to Lake City. Chas Schy vcr is slowly recovering from a severe attack of grip pneumonia. Prof. Boyle will give a concert Friday evening cf next week. Tho proceeds will go to Nebraska suffers. The quarterly conference of the M. E. church met at Buffalo Fork, Jan. Sti. she was turning fort rid. Luckily She " <,. injured, but as much cannot bo ?aid of ue cutter. The runners were bndly demolished. „ A correspondent of ihu Burt Monitor reports a sermon preached by a Bancroft preacher from the tc.U ''The Idngdom of heaven is like unto a treasure hid in a field wnich was well handled.'' man township last week. Equitable of New York. Mutual Life of Now York. FIRE AND TORNADO CO.S Hanover of Hew Yark. . Fire Association of Philadelphia. Northwestern National of MUwsniki-i 1 . Roekford of Enckforcl. State of DCS Moines. .Capital of Dos Molnes. -The total assetts of the above companies is $366,678,181.08, according to the Auditor's report of Jan. 1,3894. _, u-r-i^-^-i ........i .-•^•rriirTrrMnti.nn«reMfyr«nBI-'T«-^7' 1 " m ' t **''^^ R. M. Hiehmonii, BANCROFT, IOWA. ormmiieri undc r Uto i MAYS of the State o£ Iowa. None but home capital mvei Uul. A uthor- '•«.iul SBOW KorclKii ami domestic exchange nought and sold, and a general bunking BBS ira&crt. special attention Riven to collections. Insurance written. BtciunslUp t Jncorporatei'l cap tickets to and fvon> DlttKllTOBS-U, Uiclmioiut. N. 1C. RichmOHfl. B. P. SjiiltJ). , Mayne.O. JL M.iDory. •!• N. Slmritlan. Land, Loan, and Insurance Agency, 1881. A large list of wild lands Cor sale, improved f iirms und vlll««c .property- for eale or rent. Farm loans on long time and low rates of interest. Offices at Bancroft and S won City, Towa. f*, m, GALL AT THE OFFICE OF LAND AND TOWN LOT am Loans R. M, RICHMOND The hog cholera is still rugimr in this vicinity. Misses Maybelle.Ettu und Alice Johnson have boon visiting friend;* at Swr-u City, la,, during the past week. Milton Miller has boon down with pneumonia about a week. Alfred Graham has boon on the sick list during the past week. Allison for President. The proof reader was sick again when ho got to tho Bancroft News last week. We judge from tho mistakes therein found. Deputies W. J. B run son and R, I. Brayton raided tho Gormanla booze joint again last Monday and secured two barrels of bottled boor and a jug of wine. Tho worthy proprietor was not captured but tho beer was brought to Bancroft by Deputy Brayton and shipped to Algona to be properly tested and spilled according to the statute in such casos made and provided, Why didn't they leave it In Bancroft? It could havo boon vory easily spilled hern and the freight would haxo been saved. Keep your property and life insured, for you don't know when you may loan them, J. A. Froch can furnish you tho Insurance. Tho Sous of Viitorans will have a. grand entertainment at Jefferson Hall next Saturday evening. It will be given by local talent and plenty time and money have been spent and it will bo a success. The proceeds are to go towards furnishing arms for camp No, 20 of this place. Everybody should go. , HEBRON. IlfiijRON, January 89.—Tho weather is cold, the mercury going down to as below zoro. Mr. Goto, of tho John IIi|l Lumber Company, of Elmore, has sold his farm of over 800 Ceres'to a thrifty looking gentleman who proposes to till some of our soil. By tho way, he also took unto himself a wife to shure his profits and losses. Wo wish them much joy. Wo understand there waa a real estate transaction before J usticu „ Peters, Mr. Louis SpHtt being in the (Joal. Go ahead | boys. Hebron is bound to keep time to the J tune of progress.. JiJr. John Nftn&el and M>s> M.a.vy A Rictiavdson wero xuiitofl in marriage a the home of the bride's parents on tho 37th, A largo mim,her of the reJ^Vlv scsn.t and a goo4 time wa,s ^ijo, Wish thepi a*long, a happy an<j life. FEMTON. KKJUXLV, .'Ian, 39.—Mr. Lowis liable gave a s-'ociiil party at his homo last week, which was attended by quite a lo.nje number. Quite a number of the patrons of tho Seneca croamory havo brought their milk to Fonton on account of tho burning of the former. Miss RcMeChrischilles In sick. Quito a number of our folks havo bad colds. Joachim Holla, an old resident of Fonton township and an ox-supervisor, died nt Whittcmoro last Saturday. lie was a well known citizen and loaves many relatives and friends. UNION. UNION. Jan. 38.—A pleasant surprise was given Grandpa, and Grandma- Bailey at the residence of their son, W. II. During tho evening, J. B. Hoflua, in his always pleasant manner, presented them In behalf of tho Sunday Sohool, a beautiful arm chair as a tokon of appreciation .for their help in tho school. Max Dan Is visiting with relatives in Wisconsin. The social at tho residence of W. W. Annis was vory largely attended, tho house being filled to overflowing, and a pleasant time, is reported. A goodly number of UnionHos attended the A. O. U. \V. supper Friday evening. All reported a good time and a splendid supper. Bert Miner has a brother visiting him. Mrs. D. D.Kinyon received an invitation to attend tho golden wedding of her parents, on Now Years, at Sycamore, 111. but was unable to attend. Judging from the accounts received, it was a vory enjoyable occasion, a largo number behig pros out, and many very valuable presents being received. .We see C. Bysm, of Union, was booked for a, paper at the A. O. U. W. last Friday Wo hear that at"the literary at tho Scotch school house many were unable to get in the. house, the, attendance being so large. It is well reported by tho REPUBLICAN. Mr. and Mrs. C. Dau gave a vory pleasant party last Wednesday to a number of their many friends. ON OUR Here is the unkind cut which the'itum- boltlt Republican gives this paper and others which issue on Wednesday; The Independent will issue Thursdays, instead of Wednesdays, hereafter. The change is a gcrod one, as Wednesday is too early a day in the week to get all the news. The Livorroore Gazette, says [.h-M 15. G. Hough has moved to Pcoria. lllinov.". nnd gone into- the jewelry business. Interest in the proposed literary contest between the Algona and Etnmetsbvcrg schools has entirely disappeared from t&e I alter tow n. Sonaier Funk reports that his Spirit Lake Normal School had sixty-three students lust term,- and that a larger attendance is (.'spi-cted at the term soon to begin- In a fervent article the Emmctsburg Reporter brings out Col. E. S. Ormsby, of that place-, for governor. GKO/O. « KA L m jvi tii AN$ A asm A vr .. K. CfcATtfcfl,. CLARICE & ORIGINAL NOTICE. State of Iowa, Kossuth County, District Court, March term, JS'Ja. K S. Ellsworth and L. E. .1 onos against Z. A. Freeman, Ollvo Froemun. I'uoonix Insurance Co., Uraclloy & 'Nicoulin. and W. M. Stewart.. To 'A. A. Froenian. Olive Freomaji, Phoenix Insurance Company, W. M. Stewart ami Urndloy & Nicoulin defendants.. You are hereby notified that a petition of tho plaintiff in the above entitled action, is now on iile In tho office of tbo clerk' of said court claiming of you tho sum of On« Hundred Thirty-live (§135) dollars, with interest at the rato of eight per cent, per annum from the Stith day of October A. D. 18'Jti, loss Eleven and sixty ono-hnn- dretlu dollars paid, and Fifteen dollars as attorney's foes heroin as money due from the defendants, Z. A. Freeman and Olive Freeman, and as witnessed by tlioir promissory note made to plaintiffs by said- c\e- fonclunts Freeman for. said sum of One Hundred Thirly-livo ($130) dollars, also asking tho foreclosure of a mortgage made by said defendants, Z. A. Freeman and Olive Freeman to the payment of said note upon the N E.fractional quarter of • Section Seven (7) Township One Hundred (100) Rungo Thirty (30) west of 5th P. M. in Kossuth County, Iowa. That no.personal claim is made against the defendants, Phoonix Insurance Company, Bradley '& Nicoulin and. \V. M. Stewart, but asking tlxat their cla.imod liens bw declared junior to plaintiff's nnrtguge hereid, and unless you appear Lnoreto and defend on or before noon of the st'cotid day of tho rust March torni: of said district court, to be •begun, and -holdaii at the court house in Algona, in siiid county, on the 4th clay of Maa'ch,,1895, default will bo entered against yon and judgment rendered thoroon. '•''' 4w ' J. C. RAYMOND,. Philntilf's Attorney, Guardian's Notice of filial Report In the-matter of th« ''estate of Gotl'rk'd Ruch,' a person of unsound mind. To all the heirs or creditors of the above named estate: You are hereby notified that on or before the first clay of March, 1805, said guardian will file with the Clerk of tho District Court of Kossnth County, Iowa, his report, and ask lo be discharged; and you arc further notified that all objections thereto must bo filed with said Clerk on or before tho first clay of said term of said court, wliiih will convene and be holcton at Algoua., in Kossuth County, Iowa, on M. r. n A OG'Ann. Successors lo JOSES & SSfffrr. FARM (I J>oi!(jo street. For tfifof ntion in regard to lafcds Ift North tvfstp,i-)ilo*n, Write to Hint* strfirtt Algirfm, totttt OMAg. A. COtti&SOtttt* TTORXtiYS 'A T L<1 «", ALGOiVA OLOTJB, CSSOr tO W. H. Attorney and Counselor at Law, ALOOWA, IOWA. Oflico ovcs'ICossuth County Stjilo llunh, SULLIVAN & MoMAHON, I'iwlnfllco •)fi.V. 8WETTING. A T¥OKKISY A T 7,4 W t Mon&y toinan. • • AlKotm. low*. ,r. t,. WQKAK. It. II. KBLLOWS. BONAE & FELLOWS, ATTOnN-E7S AT LAW Collections will receive urompt ntttmtlbti. Itooms 8 and 9, A-lg-onuStiito lianto Kl'dg. ' Branch office nt ' Wesioy, Iowa. ALGllXAr IOWA' DANSON & BUTLER. LAW, LOAJVS AMD Collections a Specialty. Offleo in (isirdnerOowlt'a-iiow tiulWiun fowa. S. S. SESSIONS. .' • ATTORNEY AT LMF, l.uHti.s and insurance. Spoefttl iittvnMtvti filv«•l^ lo collections of all kuids. over ohriscnllles' store. Aljioim, Iowa. L. K. GA.RFIEM), M. on State sir«Kt, Algona, low*. M. J. K.BN.EF10K, M. B. Olllciv uv(?r Taylor's, store. , THE COUNTY AT LARGE. The Wesley Reporter says In regard to lint J. M. PRIDED Office over .-(Joeder's- , the 32th day of March, 1895, or said report will bo approved and said Guardian dis- pd. w«eye, ,JjO| t ho U. D. M.'s correspondent's report in regard to gambling being a common thing in that town: We think said correspondent was a trifle premature in his accusations und the picture considerably overdrawn. It is easy to make charges but quite another thing to prove them. Even if it was true it shows poor judgement to circulate it in outside papers. Therojs possibly less gambling going on in Wesley than any town within a hundred miles radius. ThwWosley Reporter of the S5lh-says: Yesterday morning about 4 o'clock John 'McMahan started from Jacob Rodlnger's place four miles west.of town for his homo near Sexton, antl about 0 o'clock appeared at tho home of Andrew Immcrfall with a largo cut In his head, but how it happened ho could give no partiaulars as he was .In u. semi-conscious condition, He was taken home and medical aid summoned, but as ho is yet unconscious it eannot bede- ermlned just how bad his injuries are. think, he was struck by a freight rain, while others are of tho opinion he as waylaid by some unknown person. It s also rumoeed that-ho'wasrobbod of \bout S30. One of the things in connection with the icwspaper reports of the swindling operations of Dr. Heflin is that his Initials are lyen as ,P, P., whereas our Kossuth county man Is known -hero as F. C. Now comes the Swca City Herald and says; Nearly every paper picked up of late has sontaincd an account of a man by the lame of Heflin, who had worked a confi- denco game on a" Illinois man, selling him an alleged drug store located at JSJdo- ra, Iowa, and getting $350 on the sale, Jt says that tho man is now in jail and giving his former residence at this plape. And no\y it transpires that the Dr. JJefiin formerly of thi* place is not in jail but at Keokuk, iowa, and b>s written to this place stating that fact, The Whittcmore Champion Urtygs the news that Philip Dowelllw has bought an interest {n the stove of his son Alex at Says thp Swea City Jlwaid; John JStag. 4ohl was i» yesterday to tftfee advantage pf cm 1 cheap p]u,bbiiu£ rates, a^c) whU° here reported J>he ftrrival of % gh'l at his lipuso last charged'rind his bonds released. BERNEARD RUCH,. 17-20 Guardian. Executrix Notice. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed and has qualified as Executrix of the estate of Jacob H. Jacobs, late of Kossnth. county, iDwa, do- ceased. All nersons in any manner indebted to said estate will make immediate payment lo. the undersigned; and those having claims against the said estate will file thorn with the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, asprovided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance. Dated this 18th day of January, A, D., 1895. INGER JACOBS, Executrix. Store. fowa AXJJ BTA TLONBR, filled. Deals In pitliua, ouu, 'books, perlunierics, etc. Our. BUtte and Thorington at*. Aluoaa.Iowa. '*f T *• ^ L. A. C. B. PAUL, M. D., WHITTBXORS. - - - Kogular Oflico hours 's to 12 a, in.. d Wicliler's Kunilture store, Residence uurtb of IOWA, ?n «DENTIST» , A. L. BIST, D. D, S ; Local imuQsUictic for cteaclmilrig pftln \i\ gums when extracting teeth. ' - tj E. S. GLASIER, D. D, 3." ' TAX-SALB NOTICE, To Geo, Wood & Co, and Samuel Hosier: You are hereby notified that on the 7th day of December, 1891, the following described real estate, situated in the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa, Lot two (S) in block forty (40) in the town .ot Algona, was sold by the treasurer of said county to A. D, Clarke, who is now tho lawful holder of the certificate of purchase thereof. That the right of redemption will expire and a deed for said land bo made unless redemtioii from such sale be made within ninety day.s from the completed service of thjs notice, Dated this 9th day of November A 18U4, A- *>• Over the Algoua State BanK, TO , 8i>ECtAi* ATTENTION TUB NATUR The best of modern ft»aQSthetic,9 to make all operations as pai?jle§s a$, ° |h ' n - D. TAX SAIB TO Francis D. Holley and Shields &Cook; you are hereby notified that on the 7tlt day of December, 1891, the following described real estate, sitnated in tlw county of Kossuth and state of Iowa, Lots Five, Six and Seven in block Two Hundred and Sixty'soy en in Call's addition to Algona was sold by tho treasurer of said comity to A. D. Clarke, who is now the lawful holder of th> certificate of purchase thereof, That the right of redemption will expire and a deed for said land be made unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety; days from ~ ploted service of this notice, Dated this flth day of November \r\A A Ti l ' l. A U K.K, BAYERS, Iff 9 WfBp t ^1*W]MSw|W *tf& t— "r-'igf'f'i* Manufnct>urj)r of ind'^eiaiojr^,^ toness ani flarpessV A- P. TAX SALE KOTld mm uw faJtojyJoir Wf « in the. count J894. L iyouuwyw, }-8vi| 1 I j-eal estate, sitttal ^"^-ftfA^ .stw/to ^^ „ ?sftf Jap' S5 jBartftjw'v, tjaTif&I^epalP &mte*rt. j**fs * <&, t.-" $A^t&:l&::L{i^.^"i'A'A- k. ' >.**** i>,.n

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