The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 30, 1895 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 30, 1895
Page 7
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^'l*^ jj fff £ "^ 4'^= * -. '—\r 1-5^'' f f '' I . "-jT '- :,'I*"=»"' "'•»/.•><•' -, ttlfc fe^WfillCM ftA, IOWA, WEDNfcSMf* SA$. SO. di busifiess, but they ' B&fc &% all fg&enlble feigns as we tk6fn ift Inift country. Thei* llf SS Wbllld be &8 follows: "Delight* fill ftWs <5f virtue and happiness," »'Teft tftottsSftd happinesses," aM ths lifess ^¥he^ have several Hibttcfesf ftffioftf tneffi this very sensible Bite* "1 ftSfl ttith&ut a smiling fade* tttust US* djsafi ft Shop." Instead of saying fftftt J^il cannot engage ifi business tiithStrti tapital, their motto is, "You tfifist hftve a couple of grains of rice 18 eitcfa a fowl."— Outlook. beefi fetnafkabie s«ecessfnl fiftid the public-spirited taftti, "I got seventy-five hew members for our good roads association." "1 stood outside the grounds just as the Men Were st&f ting home from the races." a Mil Head of Steam Is fathered t>$ that tremendously destructive fehglnfi, malaria, trat on the brakes With iios- tettef'S Stotoach Sitters, Which Will check its "progress and avert disaster. Chills and fever, bilious remittent, dumb agile and ague cake afe Jrfoffifrtly relieved and ultimately cured by this genial sfeeelHc, which is also a comprehensive iainliv ifaedieliie, steedily Useful in 'cases of dysttensia, biliousness, constipation, sick headache, nervousness, rheumatism and neuralgia. Against the hurtful effects of sudden Changes of temperature, exposure in wet Weather ( close application to laborious mental pursuits, and other influences prejudicial to health, it is a most trustworthy safeguard. It fortifies the system against disease, promotes appetite and sleep, and hastens convalescence after debilitating and flesh wasting diseases. .Ihe French piper called La Practician iaysthat 4,847,600,000 people die during each century. 8300 FOR A NAME. This Is the sum AVe hear the Salzer Seed Co. offer for a suitable name for their wonderful new oats. The United States department of agriculture says Salzer's oats is the best of 300 varieties tested, A great many farmers report a test yield of 200 bushels per acre last year, and are sure this can be grown and even more during 1805. One thing we know and that is that Salzer is the largest Farm Seed grower in the'world and sells potatoes at 83- 50 per barrel. Just the kind -that do well in Texas and the great South. Thirty-five packages, earliest vegetables, $1 post paid. Dlf You Will Cut This Out and Send It with lOc postage to the John A. Salzer Seed Co. , LaCrosse, Wis. , you get free his 'mammoth catalogue and a package of above saoo 1'rizo Oats. W.N. U. Renewing a pledge is like renewing a note. It requires bustling all the time. How's This I We' offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure 1 F. J., CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, Ohio. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. WEST & THUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. WAI/DING, KIN^AK & MAHVIN, Wholesale ; Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price 75c s. , • ' ' surfaces of the system. Price 75c per ,toottle,' Sold by, all Druggists." Testimonials t$*ttfiF*i f $*!lh "',•; v 1 ' r; ""• Hall's Family Pills, 25o.' is S #, ft.'; ^ In nearly all the arid land regions artesian wells can oe obtained at a depth of from 800 to 600 feet. In Olden Times People overlooked the importance of permanently beneficial effects and were satisfied with transient action; but now that it is generally known that Syrup of Figs will permanently cure habitjial constipation, well-informed people will not buy other laxatives,; which act for a time, but finally • injure the system. • Age begins on the day that you begin to conceal it. A Gentle Corrective is what you need when your liver becomes inactive. It's what you get when you take Dr, Pierce's Pleasant Pellets; they're free from the violence and the griping' that come with the otdinary pill. The best medical authorities agree that in regulating the bowels wild methods are preferable, l f or every de" raiigeiueiit of the liver, stomach and bowels, these tiny, sugar coated pills "are most effective, They £0 about their work in an easy and natural way. and their good lasts, Own used, they «ve »1 waysin fa- 'vor» Being composed of the choicest, conceit* trated vegetable extracts, they cost much , more than other pills fonucl iu the market, yet from forty to forty* • fow f are put up in each seated glass vial, as gists, at the: price of the ,8," ' MjAfttmifftf dru '^heaner,;ma,4e pj dj??wess, costive , F stomach, joss P{ twigug, Hidlgestiqn, prdys, -. tofijj|uw 4 • "heart-bun?, 1 ' after eaUng-, and, Hvei inier, '-To, S ariflJwgr frsiu aver-eaiimg, T ttiww Wtfe '' Wate.d., ilM^5MUl|e Ui9t may t»« l-ecpm» ^i5 v J»^vw. jrotf-' 1 - K 'Jtotwif&'tot&m tite/m&t tai At & - fafflieln. 4., '.<• • - "fci6**tsft«»" ! ffeete is 6 Cleveland in e&ch of tfc. li&tes, Alabama, Arkansas, Moridft, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Kaneas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Neva* da* New Mexico, New York, North darolina, Ohio, Oregon ( Tennesseei TeMS, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin t and they are printed in cold type without any more distihction for Cleveland t Ohio, than is accorded to six Other money order offices of the same name. The Ohio city was natned fotf Moses Cleveland, the "a" in whose name Was knocked out to accommodate a neWs- papel* with narrow columns. tifatt&e* and t'fenchy Completions, A peachy complexion, like that of a youiig girl. Was possessed by the Marquise de Cfequy even to the close of her long life. She died at the a*e of 98» and for the last forty years lived almost entirely on oranges. She often ate a dozen of them for break* OP PAPfeft. Unfair blserltnlnatlon. Hobbie— 1 notice that in some places the authorities have prohibited trolley parties on account of the noise they make. Lobbie— -That's queer. The authorities never interfere with theater nat'ties. Of Conrga They l)o. "I wonder," said the sentimental boarderess, "if the little birds make any plans for their homes in the spring?" "Of course they do," said the Cheerful Idiot. "Don't they have to make a nest to mate?" The custard pie that the astonished waiter let drop to the floor at this juncture fell on its soft side, and, consequently, was deducted from her week's wages. Wood Pfttfr Mfcfr tfefc Faffttsti Armd* t6t Ifrft* Sftli>t. Nothing of recent years has given & greater incentive to the exercise of the forester's art than the discovery of the method of making paper out of wood pulp. Wood pulp to-day supplies 20,000 weekly and daily periodicals with paper, and each year the tturnbsr increases from ten to twenty per cent, making the demand upon the spruce forests so great as to threaten their extinction unless intelligent efforts are made to preserve them. In Germany, where the manufacture of wood pulp is even greater than in this country, the forester's art is exercised so that the forests steadily keep up the supply, it is to imitate this method of iisittg, but not abusing, the natural spruce forests here that paper makers are trying to buy up the large areas of woodland covered by these trees. In the arts and trades new uses are found for paper every year, so that the demand increases as fast as the production. The records at the patent office in Washington show an astonishing number of uses to which paper is put, and applications • are marie for patents for other queer inventions that never see the light of Mighest of all ift Leavening Power.^Latest U. S. Gov't Report Baking mjjjj^ Mj V^r Work for Others. There are farmers in the northern and eastern states who work for their neighbors a good deal more than for themselves. Their own holdings are small, but they have patent reapers, binders and threshers that they rent, together with their own services and the use of their horses, if necessary, therefor a fixed sum or a percentage of the product. Governed by Circumstances. The Inquiring Boy—How long a time is a jiffy, father? The Perspicacious Parent—It depends on whose jiffy it is, my son. When a woman is dressing and says she'll be ready in a jiffy, it means fro^i fifteen minutes to two hours. A man's jiffy is from one to five minutes.—Now York Press. To California In a Tourist Sleeper. The Burlington Route's Personally Conducted Excursions to the Pacific Coast are. just the thing for people of moderate means. Cheap—respectable—comfortable —expeditious. From Chicago every Wednesday evening; from Omaha every Thursday morning. Through to San Francisco 'and Los Angeles without change. Experienced Excursion Managers /and uniformed ; Pullman porters in charge. Second class,-tickets "accepted. Cars aie carpeted and upholstered arid have spring stats and backs, mattresses, blankets; curtains, pillows, towels, etc. Only $6.00 from Chicago and $5.00 from Omaha for a double berth, wide enough and big enough for two. The route is over the "Scenic Line of the World," through Denver^ Salt Lake City and Sacramento. All the wonderful canons and peaks of the Rocky Mountains are passed during the day. If you are going west, you should arrange to join one of these excursions. You can do so at Burlington, Fairfleld, Ottumwa, Albia, Osceola, Af ton or Omaha. Write for information and illustrated excursion folder, J. FBAJS'CIS, Gen'l Pass'r Agent', Burlington Route, Omaha, Neb. Elephant skins are tanned to make oar- pets. They never wear out, but a're expensive. California Excursions. Pullman tourist sleeping-car excursions to California and Pacific coast joints leave Chicago every Saturday and Kansas City every Sunday via Santa Fe route. Ticket rate from Chicago, $47.50; from Kansas City, $85, Sleeping-car rate from Chicago, $6 per double berth; from Kansas City, $5 per double berth. Everything furnished except meals. The ''excursions are personally conducted by experienced excursion managers, who accompany parties to destination, For excursion folder containing full particulars, map folder and time table of the Santa Fe route and reserving of sleeping-car berths address S. Af. Osgood, Qen, Agt. A,, T, & S, F. R. R., Savory House, Des Moines, Iowa. 'In 1S91 7,035 miles of railroad went receivers' hapds— more than that in into \\ M0^N§U8jt JrWF ^P "^ $5ifMCMi fflft^w VJ&Jwi fcjjvtv* 11}; fcirft^ffllwftyS' ft*£fcli 5MJ& "yirliSrwJs* yvJuctljGf L a»"f ilasatjWi >°v'"»larger $$%$9 t »9 ft gently - &»eU«5W3WFel»to* catliaui^ llww JUUe H V'lWl^^'JH'.eqiiaJea, -' ' WabasH Excursion February 5th. Ou February 5th the "Banper Route',' will sell Home-seekers' tickets at one first- class tare for the round trip to points in Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, Sou,th Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Northern Georgia, and Louisiana. Tickets good to return any ' time in twenty to thirty days from date of sale, Stop-overs Bljowed 'on ftl} tho above mentioned tiolws south of the Ohio river, < Fgr further • Information oftll on pr address, SEPLY, Commercial Agent, 880 street, Peg Molnes, Snglsnd, gets its water just h,as'l&ou,9an.d.s of Rpj-ea of the flnejji farming land in tj^Kor Ipj' you or anybody else with a ' are, just right, Fanps w m cost TMi.' To find out If you want, esk &M. Oe SftBtft ?e Route,, Des ft* frse go. py Q{ 4'h.e Conventional The notification comrhittee remained standing. "Madame," said the chairman, bowing low, "we have the honor to inform you of your nomination to the highest office in the gift of the people." , The emancipated woman cleared her throat. "Gentlemen," she replied, speaking extemporaneously, "I regret the necessity Which compels me to decline the honor you offer mo. I haven't a thing to wear." Not That Sort. Johnny—What did you have for dinner at Vojur house? Tommy—Had a goose. Johnny— ulce eating? Tommy—It wasn't the kind of a goose tbat you can eat. It was that young Siiipsey that keeps running to out* house thinking sister IS an is in love with him, when she ain't. Probably a Fake. the matter with Freddy Cigar boxes are made of paper and. flavored with cedar oil to give the impression that they are manufactured of cedar. Medals are pressad out of paper and then coated with a preparation to make them resemble either silver or bronze. Similarly cornices, panels and friezes are molded out of the paper pulp, and both interior and exterior architectural effects are obtained at a relatively low cost by this method. The manufacture of car wheels out of paper is an old story. It is probably the good results obtained with them that suggested the idea of coating iron-clad men-of-war with paper. Inventors are now working on the problem of finding a preparation either of compressed paper or of compressed ramie that will form a bulletproof coating for war vessels. The car wheels and steam pipes made of paper admit of being molded and formed to suit any purpose, airl it is suggested that by using paper for coating armor plate the surface could be formed like fish scales with tiny overlapping plates. The surfac2 could be made rough or smooth, and besides giving more strength to the steel armor the paper coating would protect the metal from corrosion. Another queer use to which paper promises to be put is in the manufacture of telegraph poles. The paper poles are hollow, and are made from paper pulp, and then coated with silicate of potash to preserve them. Electric conduits in successful use are made out of. paper pulp, and also steam and water pipes of great strength and durability. Paper roof-, in'gf' material is so common that it Is unnecessary to mention it, and also paper pails, basins and. pans. , Undertakers are using cheap coffins pressed out of paper pulp. When polished and stained such coffins are almost as handsome as those of wood. They last longer in the ground than coffins of wood or metal, and they can be hermetically sealed better than ' the heavy metal coffins. ' Paper boats are generally looked upon as playthings for very small children, but large, commodious, staunch boats are now manufactured out of paper pulp. They can resist the water and are lighter than wooden or metal boats. Lead pencils and cigar holders made of paper are in daily use, and even carpets and mattresses are manufactured in a limited way out of paper. The jnattresses are made of paper pulp and ordinary sponge, with springs imbedded in the composition. Artificial straws for drinking iced beverages, which are superior to the natural straw, are being placed on the market, and so is a peculiar cloth paper for printing bank notes on. Fate, Long she stood at the window ani mused, The rays of the setting sun entangled themselves in her Titian hair or surrounded her glorious height of five feet eight with an aureate halo. Proud, queenly, limbed like a goddess, she was indeed a magnificent specimen of femininity, "Strange," she muttered, And then a soft, self-pitying,' half happy smile fluted across hey face like a gleam of AprU sunshine, t'Stp^ngQ," she said again, "to think that j, who only six short months ago was the quarter back of the Emancipated Maidens,' fooibali eleven, should have ' lost my heart to a man whose collar is a size \ half smaller than wm< But }s fate. And I love him." Carelessly picking up a f oi'ty-pouud h,9ll', she topped it out of the window and ft$poss. the lot an,d' -then "What's Bowls?" .Teddy—He says he's got the toothache, but I don't believe him. "Why don't you?" Teddy—'Cause he's standin' right in front of a dentist's ofllce. The Nic-aritgim Canal. The project of the Nicaragua canal has been debated in the U. S. senate very vigorously. One thing 1 should be remembered about that climate, it is death to almost every foreigner who goes there, and laborers especially succumb. It is said that itlie Panama railroad cost a life for every tie. What an idea of fains and aches is in this sentence. It is mostly due to carelessness. Every laborer provided with St. Jacobs Oil would be armed against these troubles. Men's muscles there arc cramped with rheumatic pain and they ache all over. That's just the condition where this sovereign remedy can do its best work. The fearful malady is very much .like the break-bone fever in certain parts of America. The Atlantic ocean takes, its name from Mouut Atlas. Coe'o Cougli nnlsam Is the oldost ami best. It will break up a rold quicker than any thin? else, .'els always reliable. 'Irylt. A civil tongue will revolver wouldn't. protect us when a Piso's Cure cured me of a Throat and Lung trouble of three years' standing. —15. CADS-, Huntington, Ihd., Nov. 12, 1894. Home is a great health resort for a fast young man. ' If the Baby is t!tt:;ing-i-eeth. Be sure and use that old and well-tried remedy, MBS. • Wisrsiow's SOOTHING SVKUP for Children Teething- Some people want to go to heaven just to avoid their dead enemies. "A. Cup ofParks' Ten atm'ghtmove the bowels in the morning." • The great trouble in life seems to be that we can't keep our ambitions pinned down to our salaries. We need more preaching that will keep sinners from going to sleep in church. France grows and consumes more wheat than any other country in Europe. He Knew. There is a vast difference between & learned man and an ignoramus. For instance, when Fogg asked l)im- dahead how it was that birds could fly, Dundahead could onJy reply: " 'Cause they can." But when Kutchins was asked the same question, he settled his head in his collar, pursed up his lips, and delivered himself thus: "The secret of the bird's flight is due entirely to the fact that the bird possesses the power to sustain itself in and to propel itself through the air." Fogg very truely remarks that the solution sesms easy enough after it is found, but none but a wise man would have discovered it."—Boston Transcript. He Knew His Limit. The tramp had applied at the kitchen door of a house in New England, and a slim, maid had appeared. Maid, ourtly—What do you want? Tramp, in his politest manner— Something to eat, please. Maid—I'll have to see the landlady. Tramp, interrupting—Excuse me; but is this a boarding house? Maid—Of course it is. Trtwnp—Then I desire to withdraw my request. I ain't very strong, and a feed, of hashed beef would about, kill me. Extend my compliments and regrets to the landlady (then he bowed himself out).—Truth. Antiseptic. "Why," he demanded, desperately, •'are you so chilJy?" "I must needs," rejoined the princess, some what argumentatively, "preserve my composure." The knight laughed in a harsh, crepitant laugh "The cold storage process," he murmured, "will preserve anything. Summoning her slaves she bade- them put him out.—Detroit Tribune L'nndvUable. "Papa," said the earnest young woman, "I feel that I ought to learn some useful occupation. I'm tired of being a useless expense to you." "Not much you won't," responded the parent. "My creditors would think I was almost broke,and be down on me all at once." Domestic Infelicity. ... Husband—Darling, is there anything I can do for you? Wife—Yes, love; give me a one-cent stamp. I want to send one of yorjr photographs to a friend—"second class mail matter," you know.—Truth. W. TV. U.—O M.--11V« No,,,4 , : When answering advertisements .kinaly mention this paper. •'"''.' Other remedies ST. JACOBS OIL Will cure Sprains, Bruises, and a, Backache FOR A WHOLE YEAR, -AND- The Weekly Send A special contract enables us to offer THE NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, the leading family weekly of the United States, with the OMAHA WEEKLY BEE for only 9O Cents, l° ss money than is charged for any other single weekly paper in the country, THE OMAHA WEEKLY BEK is the leading 1 paper in the western country and is too well known to need a special description, THE NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE tea National Family Paper and gives the general news of the United States, It gives the events of foreign lands in a nutshell. Its "Agricultural " department has no superior,. Its " Market Reports" are recognized authority. '.Separate departments for "The Family Circle," "Cur Young Folks," a» d "Science and Mechanics," its "Home and Society" command the admiration of wives and daughters, Its gen- eral'political news, editorials and discussions are compre- bviUiant and exhaustive, OentS f°r both papers to THE OMAHA WEEKLY BEE, ceni Pawns tor 10 cents, these patterns retail in fashion bazaars «Sdl Si ores for twenty-five to forty cents each, out in order to Increase the demand atoong strafe*era we offer them to the lady readers of. tbft paper for the remarkably low price of only 10 Cent* Each. Postage one cent eitrft. The patterns are all of the very Iat6» New York styles, and are tineo.naled for style fteeu- racy of fit, simplicity nnd econom*. For twenw- four years these patterns hate befen ,nsed t»« Country over. Full descriptions aftd directions —as the number of yards of material required, the number and names of the different pieces in the pattern, how to cut and fit and put the. garment together—are sent with each pattern, with a picture of the garment to gO- by. These patterns are complete in every partictiiaf, thero being a separate pattern for every Single piece of the dress. Your order Will be filled the same gn<n j-t ia VPppiVGd Order patterns'by ntimbe* and five size in Inches. Every pattern guaranteed tdbe tfttEY AKB OI.OVE fld To pet get BUST and BREAST measure, put the tape measure ALL of the Wfty around the body, over the dress close under the arms. Ftice of each pattetn, 10 cent*, when ordered on coupon printed below. Postage one cent extra on EACH pattern. Gim/s DRESS. Pattern No. CSCSMs cut In .nixes, viz.: 8. 10 nnd iSycnrs. Marine blue velvet and fancy French plaid Bertte is here stylishly combined. A simulated yoke of velvet covers the upper portions of the litted lody. Lack und front. The full front and 1 nek Is shirred and placed on In pointed out- , line. Stylish bretelles are graduated to points, nnd fu]]'Kracefuly from the shoulders to the •waifct line, iront and Duck. A swnuniK collar nl velvet finishes the neck and the closing is in center back. Double puffs are stylishly arranged over fitted sleeves faced to the elbow with velvet. The full round faKirt Is gathered at the lop and sewed to the lower edge of waist. The mode is desirable for dresses either of silk or woolen fabric and can be suitably developed In various combinations of colors or material. One material alone can be used, variety being given by decoration of braid, gimp, ribbon, velvet, insertion or.lace. The retail price of pat tern Is 25 cents. LADIES' NORFOLK BASQUE. Pattern No. 8381 is cut in five sizes, viz,: 32, 34, 30, 38 and 40 • inches bust measure. . . The Norfolk jacket is as popular today ns it was in its first season. It has ' the merits of being very generally becoming, easily adjusted, comfortable and stylish looking, besides being available for .nearly all sorts of fabric. As heyj represented made of vicuna in u sort of heather mix- lure. it forms part of a dressy toilet for general wear, shopping or visiting, etc. The tox plaits formed in the fronts and tack, the under hides being stitched together to a few inches lelow the waist line. Under arm goros fit the bides smoothly and the basque can be made over the body lining lilted with double darts, or that portion can be omitted if so preferred The closing is invisible in center front under the middle plait, but buttons and 'button hoksa can be used if debired. Tl-e fashionable turnover collar is in latest mode and the, belt of cloth fastens with a dull gilt 'buckle. Any of ' the seasonable woolen materials will make up. btyljshly by ihe mode. Serge, cheviot, in plalu or mixed varieties, homespun ladiesoloth, prune flannel, A plain finish is all that is necoB" S °The,retail price of this pattern is 25 cents." ^ , 1 In ordering, give No ....... of patterns wanted Bust ...... and Waist ...... metis- ure. Either of these patterns will be sent to any address upon receipt of 1Q cents in' silver or stamps when this coupon i£ enclosed with order und one cent for postage, with your address, i Address COUPON PATTERN CO., xx4 Lock Pox 747, New York. •The WINE OP DOUGLAS intrpdyqe ogr line of Npve|§ tQ the put/lie we vyill for a shprt time, send on§ er all followl|i,g tiipbk'g- FREE Qn receipt of 1?9>-'|§tiimps, accepted) f?r 'packing teft-JibfttiK ^Wr^j^iI^|f^l8|tV?: 4 t ift+tti^Bf-ttMla^iJtTfiKa^.hfera Tf J$e»»|ttfl«<l HlHfc sip]j£ tr&gsdjftft ' lay stai'jng with £yej| jnjp

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