Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 8, 1922 · Page 9
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 9

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1922
Page 9
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V THURSDAY EVENING .OuuUarJ (.:.,! i:.UI lit. 4 AA tot; 0 I i. ) FIOIIIIlEEBS BCiTllllE 'illiEPJE, DISCUSSED BY- JiSM"Mfat$ ...... i fr5t -wr..- -'TL EXPtBT li l ne Motives Actuating Murder Explained in "Army i of Million Crooks."- A IfpauMful young girl with her . Kan- fturtly cut off by a vandal I as discovered, unconuclou the "ther . morning stretched over a ' vimLjw ledge s If Rome fiend had tried to drag her from her room. Not so Ions ago several- youth, with drawn revolver, Jumped out of an automobile m , front of a Klrl and boy, thrust guns at her escort, dragged the girl into their oar, gagged her, drove to a se-eluded spot and attacked her. More than a year ago the body Aof a young servant girl was found 'on a vacant lot In Piedmont, where she had been murdered for Bome unsolved reason. "Bluebeard" Landru wu executed pot so. long since In Franc for slaying a flock of wives whom lie married for their money. , "Bluebeard" Watson ' recelvet three squares a day In steam-heated quarters at San. Quenln for the same kind bf crime. What sort of criminal commits these fiendish deeds? REASON FOR CRIMES, The answer Is found In "The Army of a Million Crooks," the big August Vollmer serial on crlmlnol-okv, written exclunlvely for The "Will you publish som Informs-, tlon regarding the Leona Heights rifle range Its area, by whom It Is leased, etc.?" - The Leona, Heights rifle range Is leased by the State of California and maintained by the United States Government. It has an area of about 410' acres and Is half a mils from the end of Leona Heights Key Route line. It is used by the 159th infantry, U. S. army- and navy, civilian rifle clubs and California high school cadets. "What are the length, width and depth of the main channels in New York harbor?" , Ambrose channel, the newer and more Important channel, completed in 191. is 88,000 feet in .length, 2000 feet in width and 40 feet deep at low water. The Main Ship- mi ce a d fi m ViUdLUm I Llilid 'IttBSrMl meily used By deep'-di aitght Ves sels. If has a depth of 30 feet at low water and a nominal width of 10Q0 feet, which has decreased In some places to 500 feet; The TRIBUNE Information Bureau will answer all duestlon of a general nature, except school or legal problem's, debates, trade and firni names and queries as to the, time of day.. , , The bureau la open every day except Sunday from 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. ' If answers are desired by mail stamps must be enclosed. Quickest resultscan bo obtained by telephoning to the bureau. If you have any problems of a genera! nature TO solve, ask The TRIBUNE Information Bureau, Lakeside 6000. Oakland TRIBUNE by a TRIBUNB staff writer, the first chapter of which will appear on the magazine page Monday, June 12. . As a matter of fact the human tlend Is the "most easily classified of all the criminal types.. It is much easier to comprehend why-the "fiend" should slay a number of his wives, after you know his psychology, than it. is to see wny a young man or goon nome training, with a fine education and the best of parents, should embezzle funds "Trom a bank, violate a trust or enter into one of the hundreds .of so-called "legitimate bunco games:" DEATH PENALTY AB6XJSHGO. Murder is a horrible thing, whether is Is done en masse, ns in. tlme of war, 09 individually by the thug or gunman. In the United States, however, thu death pnnalty for this crime has been abolished, practically, through the leniency of Judges and Juries. If a husband kills a man who has offended' his wife, .he may bring in a defense of the "unwritten law" and many Juries will acquit him. If a wife kills her husband, she may plead Insanity and ill-treatment" and be sent to an asylum for a few months. The question of murder. Its causes nnd the types who commit this crime, is discussed exhaustively In "The Army of a Million Crooks." ::,:: " . There are five motives actuating this rnpltnl rrime. Thff TTUIUTN'R Tentative Plans for the fireproof Oakland museuih' to. hotise the Snow African game cpllectlon wero Inspected, yesterday by the Oakland Teachers' Association' at Technical High school, us presented by I.and-Architect Howard' Gllkey, who acted, as .draftsman for the preliminary plans. ' The building, as now iumv-. n,ui h. aiinut 250 feei lent? by 60 feet in width. TheJr.o.rji. will be seml-circuiar, wiui i,-r, Thn wines will db rec tangular and in the center of the structure -will be a large qumt-rangle. The structure will ba ,.ade-tjf brick or concrete. ,; The building win nave io"r tlons, the front, sides and rear constituting the sections. Alonj, the front will be three big circular exhibit places, inside, where the larger animal groupings can be kept. Explorer Snow has 68 groups In all. The three largest will be in these center circles, while the rest will be along the walls. - The middle spaces will be given over to birds' eggs arid various other minor collections. The general 'design of the building wlfl be Italian Renaissance. JAPANESE BABES ARE ADDICTS TO ICE CREAM HABIT "IRVIN'GTON, June - 8. There FtUl is hope that the younger generation of Japanese may assimilate American customs, ac-cordifc to Raymond Pond, During the past few weeks the - Japanese, children of Irvingfon have discovered what delightful confections are the American ice wam cones and. so addicted have they becomo to eating the Cones that two-thirds' of the ice cream cones sold here to children are to the Japanese, . v Word of the delicious American confection, has been communicated even to the smallest of the brown-skinned kiddies and piloted by a large child, able to lisp a few words of English, they each day visit one of the lco cream and candy shops to gorge themselves to the limit serial story tells wht these motives are. Most people have vregarded homicides with horror; jGjer with understanding. After reJtning the chapters on this subject the student will begin to see. why murders nrr done r Tmm K $0 c 13th Street Bm2z? Oakland anUp 2-Day Sale of All Odds and Ends . in the Coat, Suit and Sports Depts. Priced at A and less than V2 the former prices Dark Wool skirts Values up to $16.50 Prunella cloth, Iweed, trelaine, some with plaid stripes, others plain, Fringe and plain bottoms. . Fine for vacation wear. , 7 White Sm Skirts 'Values up lo $16.50 S B ff 11.75 File crepes with satin stripes and cross stripes odds and ends in other wash silks. Wonderful skirts for the money: White Wool Skirts Values up lo $16.50 : 1 in Broadcloth, serge, basket weave and Canton crepe models with both plain and fringe bottoms. Excellent values. 'Hiking and Golf Outfits " Knickers, Cape, Dress Formerly Sold as High as $35.00 $ 13 .75 Complete Jumper Dress slit at sides, well-tailored knickers and cape ,.the ideal outfit for hiking or golf. Striped and plain modeb in .popular colors. 'All Wool Oxford Coats- Nobby Models for Sport Wear Formerly Sold For $29.7S ttffL - Jr w Patch pockets, bells swagger, college models that jive a trim appearance to the figure, The colors are gray, tan and brown. ... Twill Dresses SmallSizes Only Regularly priced to$49.50 Several different styles in Dresses for street and business wear. Reduced way low for quick clearance. - "Jumper Dresses; Wnix Capes Complete Popular girlish colors such as gray, green, rose, tan and. fuchsia. Exceptional values."-" Both eape"and jumper included at this price. Silk Dresses A - Small Sizes Only $1 Q.7S Values up to $39.50 Navy blue, tan and brown models artfully trimmed with beads' and embroidery. Many different models. TWEED SUltSBROKEN LOTS Values up lo $35.00 $ 13 .75 You'll need one to wear on your vacation and these are exceptional values. Orchid, rose, tan and other wanted colors. Broken lots greatly reduced. - TwEFD.pwD Sport Coats IV.' up to $49.50 Swagger models in tailored sport styles. Different sizes an assortment of odd coats taken from the regular stock and reduced. ' " i ' . ' " ' - ' . Tweed Capes All Silk Lined Values up io $35.00 Black and white tweedy checked models in green, purple and tan. Beautifully lined with silk, Wool Jersey Coats For Sport Wear All colors in short jersey coats Norfolk and plainer numbers to wear with separate skirts and light ' dresses. 'Fibre Sweaters . Tuxedo Fronts All fcolors, attractive irregular weaves, snug, sleeves and tuxedo fronts. Sweaters that look like a great deal more. f One Baby in Seven At Capital Japanese SACRAMENTO. Junn ft :-Rti. tistics made - public by the cltv bOai'd Of health Show ttmt nno. seventh of all children born in Sac ramento last month were Jaoa- nese, -. Out of a total of 175 births diir. illg the' month." 25 wnra Jnnanesa The Japanese birth rate'is far iri excess of that of any other rate, ina-nonra Announcer!-. hoods nw FOR GH SUES SACRAMENTO, Juno S.'An- nouhcement was' -made today b the State Board of. Forestry that the "Save-the'-Redwoods" bill, passed by the last Legislature at the instance of' Governor Stephens, is now In "actual 'operation In, the Humboldt Redwood Park, now the property of the state ami ready for summer campers and tourists. The forestry department secured 2200 acres of California's famous "valley of the Giants" country at an expenditure of 1280,000, according to Assistant State Forester Solon II. Williams.' In response to a nation-wide appeal to save the redwoods Governor Stephens sponsored a bill anproprloting $300,000 for th.o purchase, of virgin redwoods along the South Fork of the Eei river and adjacent to the State highway In Humboldt anrJLMendo-cino counties. - , Three Counties Join to Keep Peach Day 'MARYSV1LLE, June 8. Provision for an annual Peach day tor this district, was made yesterday with the formation of the Cali fornia Peach Day association by residents of Sutter, Yuba and Butte counties in a meeting at Yuba City, A three'day Celebration is being planned for June, 1323. A gen eral' Committee of fifteen , was chosen to handle the arrange ments. -.'--' - . - JUST SCATTER IN THE STOVE OR FURNACE " ! AT VOUB GBOCCR HABOWARE OR COAL DEALER CAIXFD TO PASADEN A JOB. WASHINGTON,- June 8. r. Richard C. Tollman, director of the fixed nitrogen laboratory ' of the Department of Agriculture, has resigned to accept the chair of physical chemistry and mathematical phyMcs'at the California Institute- "r ip.rnnowyy, rasar-iena, unnr. ......ifn .HUH 1 A-B-C 'OSCILLATOR The greatest waihin ma chine ltie ever offered, $105)0 caih. A fall 6-sheet ie, heavy copper tub, hanrlspme cabinef; ill working Dart en closed; ' truiet running. Don't h a wishing Wa-tWne buy one. -HOOVER suction"! CLEANER It BEATS as it STEEI'3 si it CLEANS Saves health and strengtli Saei strength snrj pro-tones life of Js carpets and HOLSLWIVE3 .Phone Oakland 22 for . FREE home demonstration 0 $1 Down $1 a Week IMUMuM Utb and Wasblngton. Oakland $1 DOWN $1 WEEK XL 13th Streets athtnttn VUmUlU An Unparalleled TT-TT a Jem W mm- The Millinery Sensation of the Year Dress Hats Sport Hats Street hats Tremendous Values Offered '' ' s H ji 'A J .V' - - .il'i -.-.- H I . ; i The Sale Price I i'f '-UifV t . V.' New Models Specially Purchased More Expensive Hats Drastically Reduced We have reduced dozens of hats from our regular stock and added great special purchases to make this a great millinery event that all women will appreciate. Scores of wanted styles and colors featured. Tremendous ues offered Be here when the store opens at 9 o'clock. ' Garden Flats I 11 A . Sport Hals .$,.75 ' " !" ;,i " , Every type of hat has been added to this great event hats for every dress occasion, hats for every sport occasion. All are unusual,0 all are exceptional values. A Gerwin millinery-event iri -whklHyou'U-want- to- participate r T "far -mm Trimmed 7js i

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