Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 3, 1922 · Page 14
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 14

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 3, 1922
Page 14
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Delano Crifcunc JUNE 3, 19:2. IFIB11II FREE VJITH LOT She California Slniviion Company Announces $ New Plan.' sufficient money to make a first payment, many. are delayed In gt-tinK onto their land immediately by their lack of funds 4o buy their building material when liny buy their land. Tills difficulty hus now beea overcome a 11 il purchasers of Lincoln Avenue Quarter Acres can move on their land Justus quickly as ,tncy c.111 buna tneir nuu.se. Aw small cash deposit plus a hammer ami mw Maria a nomp m 1.1.1 k tana. A (itlition.kl rooms can h' added -to the liome wry quickly from the saving in rent liiojnejrjthat this pi. in j lliake.H possible... 1 . " j Fifty dollars' worth, of new build. r In material' trtc. ' . The California .Subdivision Company la givingr free to tMi-h'pur chaser of a Lincoln Avenue Quar ter Acre lot sufficient buMlin -f year, which was not such material to build a small neat wheat season 30 Sacks to the Acre Expected KARNAK Suttir Coimt ), Tune 3. It is estimated y Foreman Sweeney -that the . wheat crop on Tract 34 nf Hotter Fasin Subdivision Xo. 1 will run. well above 30 ,-nehs to. t ne acre. , 4 ma im not '.,.. an(,ifP ihia rwwon the an re.-o.wT yield for Sutter Iiasln land. .nunP;ment that; the famous Hus mu is Bv9 trie recorg ior iasiif,, ,!nr,ph. Yolo county Is now home' This offer of free builditm material is -made ..to quickly dispose of , the few .remain inn ' Viecis 01 trie Lincoln Avenue tract. . . M'Mle many faintii-e may hav The crop on 3 1 is so heavy that it has lodued .-Hid riitUns .will he difficult. Had Mood up jnril harvest, it is I tlioupht tlie'ield would have been iVier: ' ' I i r3 Open ing of the Famous HUSTON FARMS m 10-20-40 Acre Units .Three miles east of Winters on State" Highway to Davis Agricultural Farms.' ' T. SOIL REPORT: Sediment clay loam of extreme depth and. richness with sufficient silt to be easily worked. ( , IRRIGATION: Yolo Water Cmp an y . ditches now on land. Abundant water' for private wells, obtained at easy ., depth and low cost. ELECTRIC POWER: P. G. & E. power furnished at low State, rate. This is ..the best land value fb be had in the 'famous . M Putah Creek Fruit Section. Demonstration Farm on O 3 tract shows an exceptionally strong vine, with heavy i yield of both wine and table grapes. ISllFtiS I The Hen Vho Will Try an Auction LATEST UGH : i-M 7 piinniifiPinn I DUDUIVWIUN x ;r v - iwin soon 10 ES One of the. Finest Properties in Yolo County Placed . . on the Market. Asr Homesites Are Being. Built Upon Boom for a Town Grows. flood ranch property -In a tested Hidrtr.t and in small parcels for intensive cultivation is becoming ion the market In small tracts is of ."f I great interest to those .who want 7, 14 Land Never Produced , M.or5 Wealth at Less Cost Than Right Now siail this con-ov sow von vukk intoiimatiox,- Maps, rrlccH and 15. ioiis on 1II STOX FAHMS, . MAIL THIS TODAY 4 i j WR1TK WITH : PENCIL ".. 1 1 .Til California Suhrth ision Co., 408 SyndUntc lil.Ig. Oakland, Calif. Gentlemen; Please send to rny address without eoxt nr yiblisatinn to me complete information, prices ami full reports on "H LUTON rARAlS." . - . XA.MK. CITY I nm Interentrd in limit on (check the square )u nre inlrrroird In. I CRAI-Ksfl inill'lj il.ltl.K.V I ) IlIHVI(i -M IMj I ' liKTSTMi:ri 1 " V'i 4 CAIJFOHMA SnrPIYISIOX COMPANY 403 Svndi.-alc HI.IKtklan.l. . I 1 to follow the "hack to me soit movement that has assumed such proportions In California. '.. This anpouneement is of .special "interest to easterners who are ex. (pectin!?. to settle in California and 'are lopkinn for small farms in'a proven district. "" . .The Huston Ranch is one of the best known - properties in Yolo county. It is only three miles from Winters, a thriving city, and it faces on the state hlphway. The ranch consists of several, hundred acres, and has been divided into the popular ten,, twenty and forty-acre pints, - The tract is in charge of the California Subdivision. Com-pajiy of this cityrwhose offices are in the Syndicate BulldinK, . and H. I,. Henderson will have personal chari;? of the sale. A demonstra ilon farm located on uhe tract has nroduced ' a Very ! strong vine and ReavjTyield of KraiKs. Kxperts on thiriltrrre' or vine and table grapes cfium that this part of ' the Sacramento Valley will produce several of the "best varieties of grapes to bo had In the state. The all-important proidem of, irrigation is welf taken care- of at Huston Farms from the. ditches of the Yolo Water Company. If the buyer prefers his own well, abundant water may be obtained at an easy depth, and pumping cost is loss than in most sections. Unlimited outlets for the mar keting f crops are easily reu,ohedJ by'rail and highway, as the Hustoh Farms are but a- three hours' ride j by train or automobile from Oak- hind, and but an hour's drive from Sacranj'ento by auto stage. . Complete .soil and crop rcpts have been prepared for prospective purchasers by the 'California Subdivision Company, owners and developers of Huston Farms, and are furnished- free to those interested in farm lands in this section of the state, by .addressing the office. In Oakland. , - ' Kings County Dairy Industry The T.ur.erne -Oeam and Buttr Company of Hanford, Kings county, stepped into first place among ( the creameries of California with a total gross business of Jl,;6a,-104.55 for the year 1921. Dairymen of the county received approximately Si, 400,000 of this total as their direct earnings. The cream-erv output totaled 3,518,125 pounds -rpjioitgh to huttcit' 112,iSO,000 slices' of hrsad, or a slice for every man, woman and child in the United' States. Kings county stands in fifth place among California counties in butter production, and the industry is rapidly growing. W. II. BARRY and CHARLES S. AVSTIN of the firm of Barry & Austin, uho are going to try a regular old-fashioned auction in cleaning up Toler Heights on June 10. The absolute liquidation sale,: of Toler Heights on June 0 ;is attracting wide, attention fronwOnrk-land buyers because of the fact thiat It .is to be a real auction sale, something that has not been tried in this uection ,for many ymrs. Aitctioa sales were extremely popular at one time and are now-used extensively In the JAt, but the young and active rflfrtate salesman has supplanteiVhatype of sale, until Harry & Austrn,"ame to California andrftartjui to oper ate. . Harry & Austin haveVabsolute confidence in their method f oper ation. TlU'y have established offices in the American National Hank building on. California stfet in San Francisco and they are operating from that place. These op?ra- tlons have been ,very successful. arid ht,& in.lil.J hit. 1 J . ... .1 snn inet,eo r,.n7n.T,T. -H'-ert. Using the old adage that San Francisco peninsula, onern;i,tn -omot. . in,... Pacific Grove and several Jn the northwest. In every one of these cases the clean-up of the tract was complete. Buyers are hoping for big baN gains and operators are watching for little chunks of property that they 'may be able to turn over (julckly. ' . The very novelty of the operation is attracting widespread attention and a big crowd is assured. The sale will be held Saturday, June 10, and Sunday next will be "Inspection Day.;iM,EMB!8Ctte buyers are Invited to visit the tract, and :wlll be shown over the property. No sales will be made, however,- until June 10. . R. A. Khapp Extends Line Of. Operations 1 - r " it picn CONVENTIONS nrrsiicKGiiKR' nt'vs. R. J. Gaffney of Los Angelea, formerly of Pittsburgh, has purchased 140, acres of bearing orange groveS to add to hiB previous holdings; The deal was made through A. J. Wilkins & Company and makes Uaffney one of the largest individ-ualirowers lit Tulare county. - .Mir.O PLANTING l. rilOfiHFSS. KAHNA1C (Sutter County), June S.-IMantiiig of the milo inai.e crop on Suiter I'.as'm Company lands is now In pro!--rv here. W (fill in Sunday, June 4, at N If you wish to see Oakland and the most -beautiful part of the east bay region you -must come to Lakemont : "" the most beautiful ' and highly -developed residence park in Oakland , Lakemont is only one of the many sue- cessful subdivisions we Have placed upon . . . the market. Piedmont Park, the last tract 'V offered by us, was sold in one week--. THE GREATEST RECORD EVER MADE BY AN OAKLAND REAL ESTATE FIRM "WcmIso facile you to call ol our - . big ncLC offices when in Oakland jred t ii) eo, 417 15th Streei, near, Franklin, Oakland. California Phohes-Lakeside 243 and Lakeside 1196 '. I -, A- I ! X A series oflmportant conventions having to do with agriculture has been arranged by Director G. II. Hecke as follows: (1) Convention of California County Horticultural .Commissioners, My 29-30. ' (2) County Horticultural Commissioners and Nurserymen, June 1. (3) Federal Horticultural Board May 31. ' (4) Conventlon Western Plant Quarantine Board, June 1-2. " , (5) , W'estern Directors of Departments of Agriculture, May 29-30. - .- All of the various state and Federal officials interested have accepted 'and 100 per cent'attendance Is expected. Montclafr, the new town site In the" upper Piedmont hills, will become a shopping center for a .2500-acre'tract soon to be populated by a prosperous community of residents. It Is estimated by city ..plan, ning experts. It is pointed out that marketing conditions in the congested "business district of Oakland -are compelling thousands of housewives to seek tfcelr neighborhood shopping-centers. This has caused the development of trade ceneters on Piedmont avenue In the vicinity of the Fortieth street station of the Key Sys" tent and oh College avenue at sev eral points where all of the neces-i slties for the maintenance of the home-can be secured. ;' These district shopping centers are growing throughout the entire Eastbay region, it is- shown. - At the same time property values in these residential business dis tricts are soaring, real estate men Food. Expert For Oakland Bailey Kay Leuch, the man who originated the formula for honey and lemon salad-dressing, the formula for banana omelette and many other delicacies that are now in national use, nd who founded and built UP an advertising agency in Chicago and another in San Francisco, has joined the Curtis-Bauiii Advertising Agency and will take charge of the special department devoted to food products. Leach has a series of twenty-one lectures beginning with the , biological aspect ' of food and going into every phase of dietetics, both ancient and modern, which he has delivered all over the country. "California, produces more food products than any other state In the Union," declared Leach yesterday, "and as such, the state will develop, from an advertising standpoint, into one of the principal states In the Union. . The time has arrived when people should be educated to the dietetic value of the various foods' that are offered, the. kind of food combinations conducive to health and the combinations to bu' avoided. There are many foods which have not been properly presented. Thia is a newer aspect of the advertisbaL business. I am convinced that within a few years.the general public will secure as liberal education along the line of food products- from newspaper advertising as It does from the domestic science courses. CALTFORXIA HOMEY. Beekeepers in California do well,. In 1921 the honey production was approximately 10,000,0?0 pounds, which brought the producers about 13. 000. 000. " history repeats itself In Increasttig land values as the better homes are built further and further Into the suburbs, it is claimed that Mont-clalr as a town has come Into its own as ah Investment opportunity. A continuation of Piedmont and In natural territory, more fascinating even than the hill city that is known throughout the. United States, Montclalr is only forty-one minutes to San Francisco by the San Francisco-Sacramento electric line and eleven minutes by automobile to the heart of Oakland. . - To enable the homeseeker to visit Montclair in comfort, the street iar company provides enclosed busses that nieet all Key System trains and" street cars at Fortieth and Piedmont etatiSn.1 These busses proceed direct to Montclair. According to officers of the company, sales of country estates front one-quarter of an acre to one acre have totaled to . date more than J250.000. During the last two months $55,000 worth of villa sites in MontcIalr: have been taken up, they say.--" IN HONOR OF THE NATIONAL CONVENTION - - Ol-' REALTORS We have postponed for one week the Opening Sale of California's High Mountain Peaks At least sixty mountains in California, rise more than 13,00'O .feet above sea level, Dut they stand amid a wealth of mountain scenery so rich and varied that they are not Considered sufficiently noteworthy to be named, according to the United States Geological Survey, Department of the Interior. Yet if any one of these unnamed mountain peaks were in the eastern part of the United States it would be visited annually by millions of people. But California has seventy additional ' mountain-'- -peaks more than 13,000 feet high. that have been named, or 130. In all, as well as a dozen that rise above 14,000 feet. M0NT0M1R- ' v - . The Great Demand This Spring For Property in the Montclair District Has Made It Necessary to Open This Beautiful, New Addition. . A Few Reasons Why You Should Buy in Montclair Vista: , 1 It Is the elosest property lnl Montclair to the Piedmont ' ' shopping center. Only a flve-mlnute drive. ' ;2 It is only 12 minutes' drive to Oakland City Hall and IS minutes orr the cars and bus. ' 3. It is only a 6-cent fare to Montclair from anywhere In Oakland. Get a transfer to the Montclair bus at Fortieth and Piedmont' avenue. ' 4 It Is closer to the FeTry building In San Francisco than '.; Fruitvale only a 43-minute trip. J The hohiesites are all exceptionally large, -being equal to . about four ordinary lots,. 6 The soil is "splendid for garden, fruit trees.' etc ' 7 Montclair Vista Is restricted. No temporary placei allowed. 8 The prices range frtfm $750 to $1250 a homesite, ' 9 Easy terms. No Interest or taxes until Julx 1923. 10 Price includes macadam streets, city water, electricity and telephones. . . TO REACH MONTCLAIR VISTA take the Piedmont avenue "A" car, transfer at the 40th trcet Piedmont Key lUiute depot to the Oakland Traction Company. Montclair bus or drive out riexlmnnt avenue, then Morago , Road, to Montclair, turn north on Edltbstreet to tract office. Realty Syndicate Co., Realtors 1440 BROADWAY Phone Lakeside 1600. f The office Is open until 8 P. M. every day and all day Sunday. RALPH A.. KXAPP, an actkt realtor, and director of ih Oakland Real Eflate Board. Ralph A. Rnapp, one of the directors of the Oakland Real Estate Board and one 'of the most active In- the arrangements, for. the East-! bay reception tomorrow, has been extending his line of business operations. . Knapp developed in the East Oakland section and has been one of the, most ardent boosters for that district. Knapp' has recently established new offices in East Oakland and has taken an interest In down town properties. In his listing Knapp. has been careful to take only properties of a good grade and at a proper appraisal, such as a rerent offering of flats on Grove street at a bargain price for income property. 1 , 100 Cars for First Cutting 6f Hay MADPOfK (Sutter County), June 3. The Sutter Basin Com pany has ordered-from the South ern Pacific Company 100 cars to carry to market the first cutting of alfalfa hay. on- its new 1000-acre field. The hay has all been cut and 1 now being baled. The first cutting' ran nearly two tonsf hay to the acre and It is estimated that the seasons' yield will be well above .flvft,:tun&l. This is a remarkable showing, considering the fact that this is first-year alfalfa, planted only last fall. Sec. ond year alfalfa In gutter Ba,sin has averaged nearly ten tons to the acre, . The hay hR been sold to San Francisco firm. . Tle Sutter Basin Company's field of alfalfa hi said to be the largest .California.. r.ITTI.pi COUNTRY HOMES. Kn the. Ftynnltnnnl Apr Cnnni.u LllU:m?liejpn the Lands of the iee i.MHifl i uaywara. -jwj svp. dlcate Hldg. 'Phone Oakland 7821 or take Free Auto Stage at Jith and Broadway next Pu"nday at 10 a. m., 1 p. m. and 2:30 p. m.- Advertise-ment. , FREEWith Your Bigevel Acre The liiigeet Talue offered in the history of Oakland land nales. Your opportunity, to be forever free of the landlord. Your chance to eet on the rich Lincoln avenue garden soil with enough lumher to throw ub your own little home FREE. -Few minutes' walk to Hopkins' car. chools, stores. Everything there now. V'.- No lncrease-in Prices Same Easy ..Terms THE ORIGINAL BARGAIN PRICES PLUS THE NEJf' LUMBER FREE. J No Ambitious Man or Woman Need Pay Rent NOW and that's not all G0-Fruitvale Avei Acreage BIG FRUIT-BEARING ACRES ONLY $650! ' HILL PIECES, FOR CHICKENS, ONLY $193! -: -$1.00 DOWN, $1.00 A WEEK ON THIS! Every Parcel of the Dimond Properties Ordered Sold. No Reservations. 2 Days Only 2 Days Only. SATURDAY SUNDAY JUNE 3rd, 4th t... i - j'vf m a m f ummin wVirt wont a farm in Oakland. Remember Nolliine is held back. Every piece w 'thrown on the -market with' ownerVcotumand '-.lo--wILat..oncejregardlew -of the tacrifice. SPECIAL AUTOS TO BE ON HAND FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE IN INSPECTING PROPERTIES. FOLLOw THESE DIRECTIONS; Tske Hopkins itreet'csr (toing East or Fruitvale svenne rsr going north, get . off either rsr at eorner of Fruitvale avenue and Hoplim, then walk north (toward hills) 3-short blocks. By motor, out E. 14th to Fruitvale avenue, then np Fruitvale direct ta tale. " . f CALIFORNIA SUBDIVISION CO. 40R vTn4frwfRTflg ' : -J.44Q Broadway Phone Oak. 6474 --11440,8 tpadvay rr- 4tm mA n. VIVm Tttur hls-Ktut niiportanuy to "CD ulee t mmnrne rlaht In t hear of tskl.nU at Bnliearil-ol cpn.llons ! term., t ome, come, If jinly to ee thre. nonderful values. r 4. si y

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